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Monday, December 21, 2009

Reincarnation Is Consistent With a Monotheistic God

Materialists and theists believe that life after death does not exist. This belief is consistence with the death of all things in the universe. Thus, when a physical thing dies, such as a rain gutter, it rusts, falls apart, and does not receive a new life.

Western religious teachings about life after death has been very stable for many years. This teaching says that one can earn an eternal life after death with God by having faith in God and/or by doing good works. But this teaching was challenged after Copernicus and Galileo showed that the stars in the evening sky move. For many years religions were told that God does not exist among the stars. But this ancient teaching hasn't changed. No matter where God exists, Western religions still teach that an eternal life with God exists.

On page 6 of my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God," I show that the origin of all finite thing in the universe must be an infinite thing. Since God is incomprehensible, when seeking this origin, I discovered that one of God's attributes is 'infinite.' With this proof about God, I discovered that finite things cannot exist in God's world. So the religious teaching of an eternal life after death with Go is false because God's infinity is logically opposed to our finitude.

Leibniz's monads can be created or destroyed only by God. Consistency means that a person's life continues after death. This continuation is known as reincarnation. So, I suggest the study of Leibniz's "Monadology."


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