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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love and Its Origin

Love is a widely accepted concept among humans and is sensed among the lower animals and plants. But love has been a difficult concept to define. (click) Further, the origin of love has never been proven by believers in God or by materialists, who say that living things come from nonliving things. In this blog, I will show that love is a relativistic concept. I will also prove its origin.

I say that love is a variable that can grow or fade away. Thus, the true meaning of love never becomes maximum or minimum for people who believe in God and know that God is both absolute maximum and absolute minimum. So love comes in degrees or fades away in degrees. However,when a person says 'I love you,' the meaning of love will be raised to the absolute maximum. This saying cannot be understood exactly because it can raise a question in the mind of the other person. Lifting concepts upwardly so they express absolute maximums, show us that the English language can develop serious communication problems among humans. Other love statements should be developed so that exact truths are expressed.

In materialism, love must have its origin in a Big Bang explosion of a physical particle. I ask materialists to prove this origin. In spiritualism, love must come from God. I prove this origin below.

All things in the universe have their origin in God. So love must have its origin also in God. However, since God is one, God can create only by contracting His essence in a orderly manner to produce the best universe. In my book, I say that God contracts His One, Equality, Union, Infinite, and Indivisible attributes. By using logic, these attributes of God become the following attributes in the universe: many, inequalities, relations, finites, and divisibles. In my website, I added the logical attributes, Independence (God) and dependence (universe). I apply this logic to Gottfried Leibniz's New Science and Monadology that destroys Newton's billiard ball universe. When I considered the concept 'love,' I concluded that God included love in things in the universe when He embodied all monads. But this love is not found in all monads. Love seems to be found only in independent living things that are dependent on each other in nations. In the Bible, love is expressed as 'brotherly love.'

Unless materialists can prove that love has other origins, all nations should reform so that all people will depend each other.


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