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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Human Mind - Two Different views, III

The two views of the human mind distinguish the materialists from the spiritualists, nonbelievers from believers, and the Big Bang universe from Leibniz's created monads. These two views also distinguish the mechanistic wholes of atheists from the wholes made by God.. In this blog, I focus on these two different wholes. The pic is a whole of a living thing made by God.

Atheists say that a mechanistic whole is equal to the sum of its parts. Its parts are thus countable. For instance, take you home computer apart. You will be able to count the number of parts. But each part is a smaller whole that can be divided into smaller parts. Atheists are smashing the proton into smaller and smaller parts in hopes of finding an indivisible physical thing that has no parts. If such a thing is found, the Big Bang universe would be correct. Humans would not have souls because God would not exist.

On ther other hand, God-made wholes called monads. like God, the monads have no parts. God also makes wholes that have functional parts. These functional parts are all functionally related indivisible monads. Since these indivisible monads are infinite in number, they are not countable.

In Ch. 6, p. of 'Galileo Galilei, His Life and Work' by R. J. Seeger Galileo tells us that a geometrical line can be extended only with an infinite number of empty spaces and that gold is made up of an infinite number of indivisible parts. The monads thus seem to function much like geometrical points and the real numbers in mathematics

For those scientists who accept God, I conclude that scientific progress will successful with research on monads and investigating those monadic functional relations that man is able to know. I say this because God's personal active functions seem to be are hidden and cannot be known, as Nicholas of Cusa taught.


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