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Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Human Mind - Two Different Views, II

When five atheists submitted Amazon reviews of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, their reviews told potential buyers that my brain is confused because I do not produce normal mental epiphenomena in my brain. For instance, one of these atheists said 'George Shollenberger manages to break the record of the number of non-sequiturs per page and to present it as a proof of the existence of God. So be warned: this book lacks everything that is commonly considered to be essential to any proof: logic, scientific rigor and common sense."

Such words can come only from different atheistic persons such as logicians, evolutionists, medical doctors, psychologists, materialists, etc. Such atheists believe that all human are machines, which are known only with logical reasoning. Thus, they believe that human behaviors can be predicted. These atheists also expect to produce artificial humans since they also believe that humans come from nonliving things. But predictions mean that humans are not free and are not independent things. The rejection of God is thus normal for the atheist. But atheists have a deep mental problem. Their minds are ignorant of symbolic languages. For instance, they are ignorant of Plato's negative, which allowed me to already find six attributes of God that connects God to the universe logically where He functions.

This ignorance is also noticed when an natheist says that all symbol have exact meanings. However, exact meanings of symbols can be found only in the physical sciences where the meanings of symbols are determined by proven physical laws. This is why physical laws are widely accepted. However, only theoretical laws have been found among living things. To find and prove laws among living things might not not be possible if man is free and independent and if God is able to intervene into all things.

Readers can be thankful that my book has been filled with non sequiturs. With my words, humans are free and independent My words also prove that God exists and intervenes.


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