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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Human Mind - Two Different Views, IV

If God exists, it is clear that the human mind is not epiphenomena of brain. Instead, the human mind must be a Leibniz monad. When embodied, the human mind is a Leibnizian monad that perceives and can unify and understand perceptions. So, when a Leibnizian human mind is embodied, the brain functions as an organ for the mind. Although we cannot count these Leibnizian minds, God knows them and everything you do.

What happens when a Leibnizian human mind is embodied? In his book on 'Idiota de Mente (The Layman:About Mind), Abaris Books, (Thanslation by Clyde Lee Miller), Nicholas of Cusa says that, when embodied, the human mind becomes the human soul. As a soul, mind functions by measuring and conceiving things with symbols. So, the development of good symbolic languages in a nation will determine exactly the degree of goodness and progress of that nation.

In most nations and in the USA, the continued development of good national symbolic languages have not been occurring (for forty decades in the USA) because many U.S. human souls are measuring and conceiving things wrongly. This development is based on the wrong belief --- that mind is epiphenomena of the brain. So, unless the U.S. change the way they think, the future of the USA does not look good.

The human mind is formed from our national symbolic language. Thus, if our national language becomes worse, our minds get worse. Since feedback exists in the relations between mind and language, good languages will cause people to spiral upwardly whereas bad languages will cause people to spiral downwardly. Since God creates all monads and knows all monads, God knows each person's thoughts and behaviors. So, life after death seems to have only two possible paths --- upwardly or downwardly. I believe that Jesus teaches this human pattern of thought and behavior at Matt. 10:34 and uses the word 'sword.'


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