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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Divisibles Made By God, III (and the Vibrations of Divisibles)

When God creates an infinite number of finite indivisibles and connects each finite indivisible to all other finite indivisibles, Anaxagoras, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, Kant, Hegel, et al would say ' each thing is in each thing.' However, this saying of these great thinkers do not mean that things are inside other things. Thus, none of God's created things are containers. The saying 'each thing is in each thing''received it real meaning only after modern science developed 'functional relations.' Today, this saying means that God and all created things are related functionally and thus have unique purposes. So God and all created things form a continuum and one very complex world.

In Bk. III, Ch.1 of "On Learned Ignorance," Nicholas of Cusa says that this continuum contains genera, species, and actual divisible things are numbered so that no created thing can be equal to another thing. So, one created thing can be greater or less than any other created thing. Since God is absolute maximum and absolute minimum, created things must exist between a finite maximum and finite minimum and cannot become God. Here is proof that Jesus Christ or any other prophet cannot become God. Nor can created things reach an absolute maximum or absolute minimum is genera or species. So, the ancestral theory in evolutionary theory is false.

Since the function of each created thing affects all other things and all created things are in motion, orderly and harmonious vibrations will be found associated with all created things. For instance, drop a stone in a lake and watch the waves appear in the water. Here we see that waves are associated with every created thing. These waves were noticed by Louis de Broglie.. (click) So the things that God created is a Symphony." That such music exist is the focus of a book on The Symphony of Life' by Donald Hatch Andrews. This out-of-print book should be republished by a good publisher.


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