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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why USA Relations With China Must Eliminate Christianity

Today's relations between China and the USA can be maintained only if the thoughts of the people of China are understood. To understand the Chinese people, I use Gottfried Leibniz's monograph on the 'Discourse on the Natural Theology of the Chinese ).' This is the 4th Monograph of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy at the University of Hawaii. The 1977 translators are Henry Rosemont, Jr. and Daniel J. Cook.

To Leibniz, intelligence in China has developed in three era -- (1) the era of the sage kings (29th through the 12th centuries, B,C.); (2) the era of Confucius (6th through the 3rd centuries, B.C.); and (3) the neo-Confucianism and its criticism of Buddhism and Taoism(beginning in the 11th century), A.D.) Leibniz's monograph was based on data from the 13th century journals of Marco Polo and his brothers and from five Catholic Church missionaries. A major missionary was Claudio Grimaldi (1638-1712. He had scientific skills and met Leibniz in Rome in 1689. Six years after this meeting, Leibniz would finalize his New System and monadology that would destroy the materialism of Isaac Newton.

Based on the data from the missionaries, Leibniz concluded that the mathematics and philosophy are consistent with the Western world. One difference is dialectical thinking. Yin and Yang guide much of Chinese dialectical thinking. My work is thus consistent with the Chinese because all opposites (opposing concepts) guide my dialectical thinking, my website, and my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' So, Leibniz warns nations against not making friends with China. He says, '... when the Chinese will have learnt from us what they wish to know they will close their doors to us.' Isn't China copying many of our thoughts free today?

The relational problem between the USA and China today is very clear. Christians are not wanted in China. China has a God but has no Son of God, as Christians have. One will also find no Son of God in the New System and monadology of Leibniz. Thus, Leibniz did not agree with those missionaries who thought that Christianity should be imposed onto the people in China. If the USA wants to become friends with the Chinese, Christianity must be removed from the talks.

I agree with Leibniz about the non-existence of a Son of God. I say that the Christian Son of God is a false teaching. My research continues to conclude that Jesus Christ was murdered even though he was one of our greatest scientist and moralist. In the future, more great humans will appear.


  • At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, George:

    Have you been to the mall today?
    Many good sales are on, so lets roll!!!

  • At 7:16 AM, Anonymous VG said…

    This information alone, does not support the lack of Christ's existence.

    I would need more evidence on the conception of Christ, his "resurrection" after death. Shouldn't that be a place to start to dismantle the Christian faith?

  • At 1:59 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Response to VG,

    I hope to reform Christianity so that the Muslims stop their terrorism. To reform, I will try to focus theor worship on God,focus their scientific and moral thoughts on the teachings of Jesus rather than on the body of Jesus, and focus their thoughts on the faith of reincarnation.

    No one can prove that they have been reincarnated. So faith in reincarnation requires faith.

    Jesus was a created thing and was reincarnated many times. But no one could prove a new existence of Jesus. Accordingly, the second coming of Jesus could be proven.

    Christianity must reform. If they do not reform, new U.S. laws would be needed to limit the teachings of Christianity.



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