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Monday, December 28, 2009

Divisibles Made By God, I (and a World of Finite Indivisibles and Divisibles)

In my blogs dated 11/28/89, 12/30/09, and 12.1/09, I discuss how attributes of our infinite God can be connected logically to the attributes of the finite things that God created in the universe we live. One example is the attribute indivisible of God . This attribute of God can be connected logically to the attribute divisible, which is found in every finite thing that scientists investigate in the universe. Since other attributes of God can be connected to other attributes of finite thing in the universe, I can explains how God creates all things we find in the universe. Let me show how God created all humans us and all other things. This is my pic of God.

To create things in the universe, an infinite God must first contract his own indivisibility, which means that God is a whole that has no parts. To contract his own indivisibility, God adds the concepts finitude and plurality to the intelligent design of the universe. This contraction process thus form an infinite number of different and purposive finite indivisibles. Like God, these finite indivisibles also do not have any any parts. So, the first things that God creates are an infinite number of different finite indivisible things. One group of these different indivisible things is 'all human souls.'

When these finite indivisibles are created, God connects each finite indivisible to all other finite indivisibles. These connections embody each finite indivisibles so that each finite indivisible becomes a unique finite divisible and is thus able to function for all finite indivisibles in different ways. By embodying each finite indivisible, a single universe has been created by God. As seen, the universe is not a container. Instead, the universe an infinite number of different finite things that are functionally relates to each other. Essentially, the universe is filled with independent functional things that are dependent on each other. Here, we see an another pair of opposites that guide our holistic universe. Since all embodied things are divisible, they have an an infinite number of parts. These embodied things can thus be sensed because they have phenomena.

At this time, my thoughts about the creation is generalized. For instance, when all finite indivisibles become functionally related to each other, they must be energized. This energy might be created by God by contracting his own impulse function to an infinite number of finite impulse energies. These finite energy impulses would give natural motions to each embodied finite indivisible. These motions satisfy Einstein's famous equation (E =MC2). Thus, each embodied finite indivisible holds an infinity number of harmonious vibrations. Each embodied finite indivisible is thus a geometrical object that consumes space and exists in time because the their position in the universe changes continually in natural way.

I expect that my theory of God and the creation will change the field of medical care throughout the world.


  • At 7:11 AM, Anonymous VG said…

    Do you suppose the energy that you speak of, would otherwise be called "spirit" by Christians, Indians, and those who believe in a creator even from different perspectives?

    Isn't "spirit" = to "energy"? Are these not one and the same to you?

    Just a thought to expound on if you care to do so.

  • At 1:36 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    Response to VG,

    What you are reading is material that is going beyond what I presented in my book on "The Fist Scientific Proof of God."

    Since my work is now focused on the intelligent design of God, I say that all created things are finite indivisibles that have been embodied and were energized by God when God gives them motion. All of these finite indivisibles are really immortal spirits.

    So I would agree with you that aall spirits are energetic things.



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