Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, January 01, 2010

Divisibles Made By God, IV (and a Timeless Universe)

Beyond proving that God exists and identifying six pair of opposites that help to determine God's intelligent design of the universe, in this blog I want to make my mind think about God's intelligent design so that I can develop a deeper and more complex theory about God's intelligent design.

I begin by saying that when God connects all finite indivisibles, God causes them to move and in different directions. I believe that this cause is an infinite number of timeless impulses of energy that God produces and give to all indivisibles that have just been embodied. These moving bodies are all finite things that God chose to create.

I can give you a an example of what my mind is thinking abouts in deeper level of God'a intelligent design of the universe. For example, in God's complex creation of our world, I view God as sitting at a piano and striking an infinite number of different keys all at once. When these key impulses occur, all finite indivisibles develop in infinite number of different lawful vibrations that are harmonious. So I conclude that God functions by giving musical vibrations to every embodied finite indivisible so they can function lawfully with these harmonious vibrations. However, each embodied indivisibles cannot receive the same musical vibrations because Leibniz says that the perception of each finite indivisible is different. So, the musical vibration in each finite thing will be different.

Obviously the creation is a very complex process. It is so complex that man will never know this complex process exactly. But it should be clear that God is active in this complex process and can intervene into this complex process. This does not mean that God has a clock that we should find. The events of a best of all universes requires no timing mechanism when it has a God.


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