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Friday, January 08, 2010

Divisibles Made By God, V (The Symphony of Life)

In Part I, Ch.5 of my book, I discuss the infinitely large (the cosmos) and the infinitely small (the atoms). Blaise Pascal viewed the infinitely large and infinitely small as mysteries and something man can admire. The physical scientists are investigating these mysteries. At this time, they say that a Big Bang explosion created the cosmos. On atoms, they expect to find physical atoms in atom smashers. Gottfried Leibniz says that the atom is not physical. In his New Science (against Newton) we find true atoms. He calls them monads in his paper on "Monadology." Donald H. Andrews, who passed on, would also say that the atoms of the universe are not physical. The atoms of the universe are thus the finite indivisibles which form all divisibles.

Scientists throughout the world must give Donald H. Andrews' 1966 book on "The Symphony of Life" a new life. A professor in chemistry at John Hopkins University, Andrews gave the 'electron' a new reality after France's Louis de Broglie proposed that the electron has a wavelike behavior and Davison and Germer proved that an electron has waves and does not move around its nucleus like a planet moves around its sun. The pic above is the view of materialists and atheists whereas spiritualists reject this view. Andrews shows that the electron vibrates like a rubber ball bounces up and down. Andrew also says that the vibrations of the electron produces music. So, all chemicals are singing chemicals.

Chemicals are created things that function for all things we find in the universe. So the things in the universe are continually vibrating ans singing. Your body is thus filled with complex music. However, the vibrations in bodies are are unseen and unheard. We can grasp this music by expanding our ability to perceive better, for instance, by improving our ability to feel.


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