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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ignorance and Negatives Are Destroying the USA and Increasing Its Crime Rate

Here, I argue that the Declaration of Independence is being misused by the US government. I also argue that this misuse exists primarily by the fields of law and politics and those lawyers and politicians who seek a career in government. Other people have told government that the Declaration is a founding document. But, government continues to be non responsive to ‘the people.’

This ‘don’t care’ behavior of the US government comes partly from the wrong assumption that the three branches of government are independent and thus have absolute power. This assumption is not true because no absolutes of any kind will be found under God. The people and its government is under God as stated directly in the Declaration and indirectly in words of the Constitution’s preamble — in order to form a more perfect union. Forming a more perfect union cannot be measured without the benchmarks of a perfect God. The founders were correct to build a nation under God because I have proven scientifically that God exists. So, the atheists and evolutionists are misleading people worldwide.i

Only God is absolute and has no oppositions. No absolute beings can exist anywhere in our world, including in any government. Thus, only relations can exist among the beings that exist in a created world. Since an unchanging God creates a world of things that are continuously in motion, all relations among created things must be functional. So, the three branches of the US government are functionally related. Some of these functional relations were included in the Constitution. So, the three branches of government are functions, rather than powers, and these branches must learn how to work together functionally.

The functional relations found in government originate in the social contract theory of John Locke. In this theory, all functional relations come from the freedom of ‘the people.’ ‘The people,’ who Locke identifies as ‘society,’ was formed by the Declaration. ‘The people’ becomes the first party of the social contract. The other party of this social contract is identified as ‘government’ by Locke and was formed by making the Constitution. Locke’s ‘government’ is thus formed when the ‘society’ gives some of its freedom to the ‘government.’ Thus, a self-governing society was constructed. It was made with a government of, by, and for ‘the people.’ It is thus wrong to say that government governs people. It is truer to say that society governs itself. The development of a self-government under God was the new political idea of the founders of the USA. But, this new political idea was destroyed by a small faction if the USA --- ignorant lawyers and politicians, who do not know God. But, what they have done is to create a another new crime in the crime category called 'white-collar crime.' So, out-smart this crime as the pic shows.


  • At 12:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    George - you left out a few significant points. First, this "godless" government is fully populated with people who claim to be godly people. The president thinks he was elected based on God's will. I think the very fact that "godly" people are the ones destroying the country in the exact way to describe destroys your own argument that "God is what's missing here". I think the governments outlandish belief in god is the real problem - NOT the solution. We need to get god OUT of government, not more integrated. That will only lead to more supidity and mistakes, as history clearly points out.

  • At 4:46 PM, Blogger George Shollenberger said…

    I agree with moch of what you are saying about the way things turned out in this nation after the assasination of Lincoln.

    It is people's lack of belief in science that has weakened government. If the theory of God is added to government, as the Declaration of Independence requires, government could practice only those scientific statements about God that are proven by science. This way religions will not be able to interfer with government as the Constitution requires.

    Going beyond the proof of God's existence will be the second big step forward toward a correct government and a correct nation.


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