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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Need to Develop a Single World Language

Years ago, I was studying the Preamble of the US Constitution and typed the phrase . . . ‘in Order to form a more perfect Union, ... I used my old WordPerfect computer program and did a spell check on this phrase. Then, I went to make a grammar check with the Grammatik program. It rejected the term, more perfect, saying that the word ‘perfect’ is absolute. I checked with the grammar books used in schools and it agreed with Grammatik’s rejection. However, in my newer WordPerfect computer program, Grammatik was revised so that it approves the use of the term, more perfect. It also approves terms such as more true, more false, more green, more right, and more wrong. Apparently, the founders of the USA used this term correctly. And, it seems as though the English language is being changed, at least by our computer grammarians.

Now, look at the term, absolute, in a collegiate dictionary. It has many definitions. For instance, absolute has the following meanings: 1a) free from imperfection; 1b) free or relative free from mixture; 1c) outright; unmitigated; 2) being, governed by, or characteristic of a ruler or authority completely free from constitutional or other restraint; 3a) standing apart from a normal or usual syntactical relation with other words, or sentence elements; 3b standing alone without a modified substantive (pronoun); 3c) having no object in the particular construction under consideration though normally transitive; 4) having no restriction, exception or qualification; 5) positive, unquestionable. 6a) independent of arbitrary standards of measurement; 6b) relating to or derived in the simplest manner from the fundamental units of length, mass, and scale. 7) fundamental, ultimate. 8) perfectly embodying the nature of a thing; 9) being self-sufficient and free of external references or relationships.10) measuring or representing the distance from an aircraft to the ground or water beneath. As seen, the word ‘absolute’ has many meanings.

The use of symbolic languages to find new truths is the only way that man can increase his knowledge. But, if one uses symbols, which have many meanings, finding truths become a very difficult job. So, the English language must be changed if our scientists are to find new truths about the universe, about man, etc.

Many people say that we cannot know God. Only a few people will disagree with this statement. Yet, the same people will say:t God is absolute; God is great; God is all-knowing; God is all-powerful; etc. So, the term, God, also has many meanings. So, the English language must also be changed if our theologians are to find the truths about God.

Obviously, all wars can be prevented merely by correcting the languages of all nations. But, this is possible only if a single world language is developed. The pic suggests the people throughout the world work together.


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