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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The New Generations of Scientists in the USA Are Building Lost Cultures

Have you noticed that new technologies appear in the USA but that the appearance of new sciences is declining? Since there is a reason for everything, there is a reason for the declining science. I conclude that this decline came with the removal of God from our nation by the federal government. This removal was made possible when the Supreme Court removed the Declaration of Independence from the founding body of US laws. With this removal, the Supreme Court became the root cause of the declining US field of science. This root cause has many effects. For instance, without new energy sciences, the price of gasoline is rising with nothing to limit this rise. But, I ask deeper questions. For instance, I ask, ‘Are foreign nations under God separating themselves quietly from the USA?'

The Supreme Court action to remove God from the US government has caused the rise of atheism, primarily in the field of science. This rise of atheism should have been expected because the federal government cannot give money to godly research projects after the Supreme Court removed God from the federal government. Thus, federally funded research has been flowing primarily to godless scientific projects. Here is the cause of increased atheism. I say that this flow of federal money was high enough to eliminate all poverty in the USA. But, what has been produced by this flow of money? It has produced three useless atheistic theories. These three theories have created three new atheistic cultures of scientists. Clearly, concerned Americans must begin to ask their federal politicians some big questions. I never believed that the US government would be able to transform the question, --- what is rational under God --- into a political system of irrationalities such as ‘what is political right’ and ‘what is political wrong. But, it did.

The three useless US theories are as follows: (1) evolutionary theory, (2) big bang theory, and (3) string theory. Evolution theory came from Charles Darwin in 1859. The modern version of the big bang theory came from George Gamow and colleagues in the 1940s, and (3) string theories came in the 1980s from Michael Green of Queen Mary College, London, and John Schwarz of the California Institute of Technology.

Interestingly, all three theories, which have been very costly to the taxpayers, have never been proved and no proofs are even expected. So, the development of these three theories has the effect of adding three new religions to the USA. Isn’t it time to eliminate the flow of taxpayer funds to atheistic research projects? My scientific proof of God says that atheism will never produce any provable theory. So, why should the US government fund research projects that will never be proven?

These theories have side effects because they are also creating three new US subcultures. Don’t subcultures divide a nation? Unfortunately, the minds of the people of a new subculture become closed. When this happens, such people do not even want to hear new ideas. Subcultures can thus decrease the production of new sciences. This human behavior is dangerous for any nation because a closed-minded person is no different from the mind of a smoker who cannot quit. I have been experiencing the negative effects of a subculture of close- minded evolutionists. They do not want to hear about any newness that would expose the falsity of evolutionary theory. So, they do not want to hear about my scientific proof of God. This proof shows that the above three theories are false.

Government action must be taken immediately to correct this wasteful flow of taxpayer money. Or is the USA for sale as the pic signifies?


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