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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

915. The Nineteenth Summary About Benjamin Franklin

Humans Must Seek Truths
When Benjamin Franklin was dying in 1790, on March 9 he added new divine truths to the Chronology of his Autobiography. One important truth is that all human souls are immoral. This truth means that humans must seek truths forever because God is perfect, creates a continuous universe, and frees all humans. At this time, many humans are not seeking many truths. So, the USA and all nations must increase their knowledge of truths about God and His creation

On Jesus, As A Human
In his Autobiography Ben also doubted the divinity of Jesus because God is one, has no parts, but is creating many finite things. However, Jesus taught immoral humans because he learned his own ignorance. For instance, at Matt. 5:19 of the New Testament, Jesus said that 'least' and 'great' commandments teach learnings. Further, in Chapter One of Nicholas of Cusa On Learned Ignorance' (click), we learn that the 'infinite' is unknown because it escapes all comparative relations with respect to all finite things of the universe.

God's One And Infinity
Yet, some humans said that God created idols, built a universe, and the universe will end. However, Abraham rejected all of the idols and said that God is one. Then, many other humans presented new thoughts. I proved God in my first book, The First Scientific Proof OF God, on Page 6. In my first book, I say that all finite things originate from an infinite thing. In the Sophist Dialogue at 257b, Plato said that some contraries are not always logically related because some contraries are related differently. In the New Testament of John 14:20, Jesus says, 'At that day, you shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you. Jesus was saying that the word 'in' relates God's One and Infinite to all things in the universe. Thus, I have increased the theory of my first theory of God. Since the universe is expanding. God's one and His infinity will never end. So ,the greatest lives of humans must be found. Two pictures below present finite things which are not infinite.  Accordingly, we must develop transfinite ideas that Georg Cantor was developing.

The 'one People' And Equality Of Humans
On the problems of immoral humans, on June, 1776,  Ben Franklin said that all American humans are equal  On that day, The Declaration of Independence was being reviewed by the States. In the first sentence of the DOI, Ben said that 'the people' must be changed to 'one People.' I believe that this change meant that all 'one People of America will become united under one God.' The American committee agreed and changed the DOI that Ben suggested. Thus, I conclude that atheism was not authorized in the USA by the DOI. So, Ben's change should have applied to all nations. But, the U.S. Government said that the DOI has no laws. But, the DOI does have  laws. In his Second Treatise, John Locke says that a democracy has a Society and a Government and  Government is  not the power of a democracy. (click) Thus, the U.S. Congress, the U.S. Presidents, and the U.S. Supreme Courts have made a major error in the USA. Further, I say that all people of the USA must become a religion under God. If these errors are corrected, the immortal humans will be reduced greatly.

The Characters Of Benjamin Franklin Other Humans
When Benjamin Franklin left Boston and went to Philadelphia in 1723, he opened a library in which many divine truths will be found. As his library grew, by 1766 Ben developed a character and personality. With his character, Ben became a transcendentalist, which is a philosophical movement that seeks visionary ideas of God and God's infinity. The recent book on Benjamin Franklin In American Thought And Culture 1790-1990 says that 'We All Unite To Honor Him.' Thus, Ben's character and philosophy have gone deeper into our ignorance and closer to our truths. When Ben died, many humans followed Ben's advances. One follower was Lyman Beecher, a minister. In 1803, he organized a moral society and urged State laws against immorality. But, for 240 years, the Society of the USA was never developed and the Government laws against immortality were only increasing.

The U.S. Government Destroys The Declaration of Independence
The Society of the USA was not developed because the U.S. Congress and the Supreme Court say that The Declaration of Independence has no laws. Congress and the Court are thus wrong. Further, the laws against immortality have always been increasing because the U.S. Government and many other humans do not understand God,  Government must learn God's existence, God's one, and God's maximum infinity is also a minimum.. Accordingly, the immorality of U.S. humans and other nations must be reduced greatly.

Souls and Bodies
In my third book, I concluded that chickens existed before any eggs were developed. Thus, I conclude that God knew the sequence of all things that would be created by God. So, after all non-living things were created by God, the souls and bodies of all living things would be created by God. Thus, I say that soul-bodies come together for 'periods of time' and die. This separation occurs when a person dies and a human soul will become related to a new and different body during the sexual relations of a Man and a Woman.  Thus, it is also time to stop aborting children.

Families Cannot Make Races
When a person dies, that person will be reborn immediately in an unknown family. Since families cannot form any races, a child cannot be reborn and said that the child is an American  Indian or  is  some other race. Thus, all nations must become equal. When a family is developing, the Man will continue his work until retirement. However, some Women will develop families until the children are grown. The DOI says that all Men are created equal . Since Men and Women are free, some Women will not develop families and will become equal to the Men who work. Thus, unemployment system is a concept that is ungodly and must be eliminated.

After the U.S. landed on the moon in 1969, President Nixon proposed to increase the equalities of Americans by unifying socialism and capitalism properly. For instance, Nixon would say that all human diets will be improved by expanding the protein of pigs. Nixon also suggested a four-day work week throughout the USA. Nixon would also terminate all highway trucks in America. Instead,  underground tubes would be used to move all required things. And, Nixon would place all electricity  and all water underground. Unfortunately, the increasing equalities of Americans was never put into action.

I say that the republicans and democrats have never tried to unify the socialism and capitalism because they have no knowledge of God and the universe. For example, they do not know that they will be reborn after they die. When one is reborn, a republican or democrat might be reborn in Africa, North Korea, China or in some other nation. Further, since a man is reborn immediately after he dies, this man will no longer know his child, his wife, or his friend. Nor will this man know that he gave large inheritances to his family. Thus, it is clear that all Men and Woman should never develop inequities. Since this reborn system is now known, the life of Jesus is normal. Thus,  no Son of God exists in Christianity.

The Word 'Mechanistic'
The word 'mechanistic' is presented as (1) relating to theories that explain phenomena in purely physical or deterministic terms, (2) mechanistic interpretation of nature, and (3) determines by physical processes alone: and (3) insists that animals are entirely mechanistic. The true meaning must be found so that cancer can be solved.

The Continuous Universe
The universe will never end because God is infinite and has no reason to bring the universe to an end. Thus, I say that wars, terrorism, inheritance, competition, and other unwanted behaviors must be destroyed so that all humans on this planet can become equal. To continue wars, terrorism, inheritance, competition, and other unwanted behaviors is to only become an atheist and inform God to terminate their souls. So, the statements of atheists can be removed from the USA and other nations.

The U.S. Voting In 2017 A new person will become the U.S. President in 2017. So, there is time to discuss the equalities of all Americans.

My books about God and the Universe are in agreement with the work of Gottfried Leibniz:

1. The First Scientific Proof of God (2006), 271 pages, (click)
2. A New and Modern Holy Bible (2012), 189 pages.
3. God And His Coexistent Relations To The Universe. (2014), 429 page.