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Friday, June 30, 2006

Restudying the Field of Education

In the Western world, education became formal with scriptures such as the Old Testament. This education can be viewed as how- to, vocational, or practical teachings. Education became more formal in Greece with the writings of Plato and Aristotle. They focused on God and on the human mind. Following Plato and Aristotle, the highest level of human education on the subject of God appears through the teachings of Jesus Christ. Christ's method of teaching was unique and the content of His teachings was divine. Following the divine education of Christ, the education in the Western world was limited primarily to the teachings of the Christian schools. These schools were generalized and became known as Scholasticism. The early scholastic teachers recognized the need to solve many philosophical problems such faith and reason, reality and nominalism, will and intellect, and the provability of the existence of God. However, Scholasticism made a major error when it adopted Aristotle’s logical science as its method of thought. This error was detected in the 14th century, when the Italian Renaissance emerged. During the Renaissance, Aristotle’s science was challenged and Scholasticism began to fall. After this fall, the accepted method of thinking and the content of education was based primarily on the scientific method of proof. This method led to 'modern science' and those specific sciences we find in schools today.

However, the initial development of the scientific method of proof was limited by the physical sciences. This limit allows a scientist to apply the scientific method only to subjects of the universe. This limit caused many physical scientists to become atheists almost immediately. I argue that this limit is a major cause of atheism and its rise today. In ‘The First Scientific Proof on God,’ I overcome this limit and extend the scientific method to subjects of God. By eliminating this limit, God and the universe become eternal partners and panentheism is confirmed. Change is now necessary at all levels of education.

Using the initial version of the scientific method, the physical sciences developed many new technologies. Unfortunately, this success lured the nonphysical sciences (e.g., sociology, psychology, biology, medical science, political science, etc.) to the limited version of the scientific method. Even some theologians and religions followed the tunes of the physical scientists. Today, the tunes of the physical scientists will be found in the many biased and unproven teachings of the media and our elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. The unproven and biased teachings of evolution theory is only one example.

Clearly, the educational systems throughout the world are in deep trouble. This means that humans are not getting the education they need to advance human life. In ‘The First Scientific Proof of God,’ I begin to fix some of the problems that I found in these systems.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Restudying the Field of Medical Care

The First Scientific Proof of God shows that a major portion of the work in the field of medical care is inconsistent with God. On the other hand, the work of alternative medicine is becoming consistent with God and the holistic things He created. The inconsistent medical work was originated in the field of physics and those atheistic physicists who say that life is originated among the nonliving things. These non-living things are called physical things or mechanisms.

Although the inconsistent work in the field of medical care can be called a practice of atheism, some medical therapies are very successful because a medical therapy can be almost totally mechanical. For instance, open-heart surgery is a highly successful and highly mechanical therapy. But, many other medical therapies are neither mechanical nor successful. Examples are cancer, mental illness, and AIDS.

The field of medical care must be restudied but not only because of its inconsistency with the first scientific proof of God. Restudy is required also because many medical therapies are essentially unsuccessful or introduce undesirable side effects in the patient. The field of medical care might argue that the development of alternative medicine will satisfy my requirement for a restudy of the field of medical care. I disagree with this argument because the current effort to extract alternative medicine therapies from other nations in the Far East is not consistent with the kind of God that I discovered when I was developing the ‘first scientific proof of God' world. Instead, I argue that the alternative medicine program of the National Institutes of Health will not produce the fundamental ideas that would be produced by a basic restudy of the medical care system, which must be independent of mechanical thought.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Restudying the Field of Economics

Planet earth can be viewed as a life-supporting spacecraft that has been made either by God or by the nature of the Big Bang theory. Our astronomers know that earth will die as it and the other planets are absorbed by the sun as nuclear fuel. Jesus Christ confirms this knowledge at Matt.24:29 of the Bible. There, Jesus says that the sun dies when it darkens, the moon lost its light, and the positions of the evening stars change. At Matt. 24: 36, he also says that only God knows exactly when our solar system ends. But, at Matt. 24:39-51, Jesus says that the Son of man will come to save people from this death. But, He says that only people who have developed godly thoughts and behaviors are to be saved from thel death experience of 'weeping and gnashing of teeth.'

What does Jesus mean by distinguishing those people who are saved and those who will weep and gnash their teeth? 'With this blog, I offer a new speculation on this question.

Since human life is eternal, I conclude that people, who avoid these bad experiences of the death of a planet, develop godly thoughts and behaviors continually, elevate themselves continually to a higher life form on the path to Heaven perhaps on another planet, and continually avoid the kind of life that exists on a planet that is being absorbed by the sun. This kind of life would seem to develop new radiation diseases. I conclude that people who experience weeping and gnashing of teeth are eternal and thus are not hated and destroyed by God. Accordingly, I conclude that these people are not developing godly attributes and choose to live ungodly on the path to Hell continually. Based on this speculation, both reincarnation and resurrection seem to be possible to explain the after-life of humans. Resurrection would provide one an after-life on another planet whereas reincarnation would provide one an after-life on the same planet.

Currently, the US economy is inconsistent with this teachings of Jesus Christ and my scientific proof of God. How did the US economy become inconsistent with God? I can explain this inconsistency. The US government began as a government of believing people, by believing people, and for believing people. This beginning is confirmed by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutions of all of the States. However, in time, the US government transformed itself into a government of, by, and for both believers and nonbelievers. This illegal transformation was made possible by the US Supreme Court because it (1) does not consider the US Declaration of Independence as a ‘law of the USA’ and (2) separates State and God. This illegal transformation has led to a laissez-faire US economy, which is inconsistent with God.

In the restudying of the US field of economics, the US Supreme Court and the US economy must be changed. The US Supreme Court must be changed so that the Declaration of Independence becomes the highest law of the USA. Such a highest law must also exist in all nations. The economy of all nations must be changed so that the present economy of a nation reflects the national goals and priorities of each nation.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Restudying the Field of Religion

In my previous blog entry, I said that I believe that all fields of thought must be restudied so that Aristotle's logical science could be removed from them. Essentially, restudying a field of thought means 'going back to basics..' In the previous blog, I also said that three fields of thought -- political science, economic science, and medical science require immediate attention. They need immediate attention because they are major forces that are leading humans onto the path to Hell. On this path, the human mind does not develop properly because people do not think and act consistently with God.

I distinguish the path of Hell from the path of Heaven in Part IV of "The First Scientific Proof of God." These two paths do not lead humans to two physical places in the universe. Heaven and Hell are two mental states of our minds. These two states are chosen freely by people in free nations. Thus, each person chooses either path of life by developing the mind either properly and consistent with God or improperly and inconsistent with God.

In "The First Scientific Proof of God," I already started the restudy of the field of religion. In Part I, I focus on the human mind and its relations with the quality of the symbolic languages we create. Then, in Part IIa, I show how Nicholas of Cusa destroyed the logical science of Plato's student, Aristotle. Of interest to historians, Cusa's destruction of Aristotle's logical science was followed closely by the development of three new problems for the Roman Church: (1) the growing strength of modern science, (2) the weakening of the infallibility teaching of the Church, and (3) the new warring activities of the Muslims.

In Part IIb. I show that the Christian Trinity is scientific. There, I also show that many teachings of Christ are scientific but have not been taught as scientific teachings by Christianity. Clearly, when one compares ancient science with modern science, one learns why the fields of theology and science are separated today. Yet, these two fields of thought are united naturally in the intelligent design of God. I show this unity in a later blog.

In Parts IIc, I brought science into the problem of God and man communications. In Part IV, I brought science into politics, government, and human rights. So, my restudy of the field of religion is underway.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The 'Scientific Method'' and the First Scientific Proof of God

My research that led to ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ shows that, after the death of Christ, the scientific teachings of Christ were not taught for 14 centuries because Christians decided to use Aristotle’s science, rather than Plato’s science, in these teachings. This decision was just another religious error. These errors can be reduced but not eliminated. This specific error delayed, for 1400 years, the developments of man’s mind and understanding of nature. Such an error must be avoided because errors cause human freedom to degenerate. Freedom can rise only if people do not allow any field of thought to become hegomonic..

This specific religious error was detected in the 14th century after Plato’s writings were rediscovered and the Italian Renaissance was initiated Unfortunately, Aristotle’s logical science, rather than Plato’s science, would dominate the Western world until the time of Newton in the 17th century. The independent development of Plato’s science by some scientists and their rejection of Aristotle’s science would take three more centuries because the Roman Church was opposed to any science independent of its religious teachings.

By 1400, the Ockhamites of Paris University had rejected Aristotle’s logical science and were working with logicians at Oxford, England. And, the Ockhamites in Paris also shifted their interests to the activities of the Averroists of Padua University in Italy where one would find the writings of Nicholas of Cusa ,Leonardo the notebooks of Da Vinci, and connections the interaction between Copernicus and Kepler. Eventually, Galileo would teach at the University of Padua where Aristotelian physics would be destroyed.

By 16th century, the new science was found. This new science has two arms of a scientific proof: One arm is the discovery arm and identifies the ‘effects’ (or positive empirical data). The other arm is the ‘cause; and explains rationally the discovered effects. The new science became known as the ‘scientific method’. This method replaced Aristotle’s logic science because logic is only a tool for furthering new sciences. Logic deals only with contingent truths whereas all new sciences deal with necessary truths.

To apply the scientific method to God and His creation, two more steps are needed. One step must view God as the single cause so that all things in the universe can be viewed as the effects of the cause. The second step must view God as a determinate infinite and must view all things in the universe as finite things. A search of Google for scientific proofs of God will produce many claims of scientific proofs of God. But these proofs are not true proofs of God.

Based on this religious error, I believe that all fields of thoughts worldwide must be restudied so that Aristotle’s science can be removed from them. I believe that these restudies must begin with the most troublesome fields of thought --- political science, economic science, and medical science.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Amazon Comment on 'A History of Mechanics.'

I have commented on the book titled 'A History of Mechanics' by Rene Dugas. My comment deals primarily with the concept of 'impetus,' which is the actualized motion that is given to a moving thing by a motive agency. Since the motive agency is unmoving and must exist as long as the moving thing exists, the Big in the Big Bang theory is an illusion. Only an infinite God, who is unmoving, can be the motive agency.

Sunday, June 11, 2006 comments

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Friday, June 09, 2006

The First Scientific Proof of God