Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, August 31, 2012

17. Being Reborn After Death Has Problems

In yesterday's blog, I say that people are reborn after they die. But I also say that people are reborn again and again because God and the universe are unified and have no end.

On the other hand, the major religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, say that people have only one life in the universe. These religions say that just and unjust people will rise from the dead and be resurrected by God.  Since God is one, infinite, and unnumbered. I say that resurrection is unreal and that human life in the universe is continuous and endless.

In the USA, the Declaration of Independence says that 'all Men are created equal.' I say that these symbols mean that God gave the same rights to all people.  So, when God gives people new lives after their deaths, all  nations must provide all people the equal rights that God gave them.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

16. Developing a World Language.

At 9000 B.C., counting tokens appeared among people.  At 5000 B.C., these people added symbols to the tokens.  With the addition of symbols to the counting tokens, the things in the universe were given a 'quantity' and 'quality' With the addition of qualities to things, writing began with the hieroglyphics in Egypt. Since each symbol needed a meaning, many different languages began to appear  These different languages led to different theories about God and the universe.  Since these different languages led to wars, it is time develop one world language.

To order to develop a world language, in my last blog, I distinguished God and the universe by identifying the living and nonliving things of the universe. Since all living and nonliving things are finite things, they came from a different or infinite thing, which I call God. In order to develop a world language, atheism must now be removed from every national language.

Unfortunately, many people do not distinguish God from the universe and its things. For example, after Americans were freed from England, the People of the USA say that they are free.  But what is the meaning of the symbol 'free'? In God, the symbol 'free' means absolute (or greatest). In humans, the symbol 'free' means non-absolute  (or variable). In order to build a world language, we must agree that human freedom comes from God through the determinations of godly laws by national governments..

Jesus used many new symbols and their meanings to teach.  With his symbols, Jesus also distinguished God and the universe.  For instance, in the New Testament at Matt. 5:18-19, Jesus tells us that 'least and great' kingdoms of heaven exis. Such teaching tell us that Jesus was a scientist.  Thus, when a person looks upwardly at the evening sky, this person sees only one of these many kingdoms of heaven. Thus, God has no heaven because we are reborn after we die. Our rebirth gives us a new body.  Since God created the best of all worlds, our birth place is determined by an active God.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

15. God's Intelligent Design is a Continuum

In my new book (click) , "A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God,"I say that God is the greatest being who made a single and natural universe. In his Parmenides Dialogue, Plato tells us that God did make a natural universe because God would not exist without creatures and non-living things. Since atheists say that universes can exist without a God,  I must reject atheism because the Intelligent Design of God must be a Continuum that never ends. This Continuum is made with the indivisibles and divisibles that I am presenting yesterday.

Today, I say again that these divisibles are made from the indivisibles. But today, I also say that the divisibles are nonliving things and living things.  Both things have unlimited existences but have limited lives.  Nonliving things thus have limited lives because they can rust, wear out, fall apart, decay to heat energy, etc. Living things have limited lives because they can die, become a seed, be reborn, get a new body, start a new life, etc.

Since living things think and nonliving thing do not think, we must care for living things and we must 'make more and better' nonliving things.We must thus study and identify the Continuum that God made.

Monday, August 27, 2012

14. Why We Much Search For God's Indivisibles and Divisibles

In yesterday's blog, I say that God creates many different indivisible things first.  God creates them with His inexhaustible attributes. God's creation continues by connecting each different indivisible thing (like you) to all other different indivisibles. With this connection, God has made many divisible things, which forms a universe that never ends. Divisibles are indivisibles that receives a body, loses this body. and are reborn.

In this two-step creation, God created a single universe hat has immortal indivisibles and mortal divisibles.  Thus, the universe is 'in' God and God is 'in' the universe. These two innesses was taught by Jesus at John 14:20. On page 5 of my new book on "A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of an active God," I show that the symbol 'in' means that functional relations exist among God and the universe and that  functional relations exist among the indivisibles and divisibles that God made.

Since these functional relations are very difficult to find and understand, every child on this planet must receive a godly and scientific education, must be cared for by a godly home, mother, and father, and must be cared for a democratic nation. Any nation must change if it does not treat every child this way.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

13. More On the Question About the Chicken vs. the Egg

In my blog yesterday, I said that the chicken came before the egg because God is active and makes all indivisible things first. After these indivisibles are made by God, He can connect the indivisibles in different ways so that the best universe will be made. So, each indivisible thing (or a chicken) must be found  'in' all other indivisibles.  Jesus taught this very complex 'inness' at John 14:20. 

After God connects the immortal indivisibles, He  makes all divisible things, which form the universe.  All divisibles are mortal and wear out at different times. (Thus, we must die but will be reborn again, and again, again, .....) Thus, time is not an absolute concept. Nor is time a mathematical zero (t= 0). Time is a relational tool that humans made to study the divisibles.  We must study the divisibles.  The changing divisibles teach us the truths about God's Design of the universe.  God added change to all divisibles because God is absolute and never changes. God thus distinguished our thoughts from His thoughts. In the New Testament at Rom. 1:20, Paul urges us to study the divisibles and the universe.

My study of the chicken and egg as a divisible tells me that the chicken and the universe never come to an end.  My study tells me that the universe has no end. My study tells me that tha chickens will live forever and will be reborn after death, like we are born again and again.  The world's mathematical physicists say that we have one life and that the universe dies. I say that they are wrong.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

12. What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg

The question, what came first, the chicken or the egg, has been raised by many people.  This question has never been answered because this question must be proven scientifically and has never been proven scientifically. (click)

In this blog, I prove the chicken and egg question scientifically.  My answer to the chicken and egg  is found in my last blog. My last blog says that the chicken comes before the egg.  The chicken comes before the eggs because God creates all immortal indivisible things before He creates any mortal divisible things.

All things that God create thus begin as immortal indivisibles. All of these indivisibles things can be modeled as geometrical points.  These indivisibles form the dark matter of the universe and can be thought as existing on the smallest point of a pin.  These indivisibles can be studied in the Monadology of Gottfried Leibniz (click) and the Idiota de Mente of Nicholas of Cusa.(click)

When God creates the universe, He brings all indivisibles together. In the field of science, this togetherness is known as the 'functional-related indivisibles.' Since some of these indivisibles,  chickens, humans, dogs, etc., were given sensual abilities, the universe can be sensed by chickens, humans, dogs, etc.

So, after God created the universe, today's human sensual indivisbles could sense that 'each indivisible thing is in each other indivisible thing';  that all indivisibles are functionally related to each other; that God gave all indivisible things a 'least motion of action'; that the universe has n-dimensions; and that the universe had no beginning and has no end.

Friday, August 10, 2012

1 I. Is Our Universe 3-Dimensional? Or Is Our Universe N-Dimensional?

Many physical scientists and naturalists say that the universe began when time was zero (t = 0) and a Big Bang physical thing exploded, cooled in a three dimensional space (x,y, and z),  and formed this universe. Since this universe has no God, this universe will come to an end when its higher energies are exhausted and has only heat energy.  In this universe, naturalists say that humans evolved from apes and have only one life. Many religions teach this dying universe but say that they will receive another life in heaven with an inactive God.

I say that God has no heaven.  I also reject the above universe. Instead, I offer a different universe and a God that is inactive and active.

Since God is omniscient, He made an Intelligent Design for the universe I study. Since God is also omnipotent, my different universe cannot end because God cannot be exhausted. Since thes omniscience of God creates the best of all universes, the Intelligent Design unfolds all indivisibles orderly and simultaneously in a n-dimensional  universe. When God sets them into a least action, bodies om into existence, become functional, and grow.based on the laws of God's Intelligent Design of Indivisibles.

Since this different universe never ends, humans never die.  At death, people only receive new bodies.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

10. God and the Universe form a Continuum That Has No End

In the first book I made (The First Scientific Proof of God), I looked at the dark evening sky and saw many suns, which are stars that might have invisible planets.  Since all these stars and planets are limited in size, the suns and planets are finite, I concluded that the attributes of all of these finite  bodies must have come from the attributes of an infinite thing.  This infinite thin is God. 

When Galileo studied the bodies of the universe, he found that all these bodies form a Continuum, which is a continuous quantity of bodies that are built from an infinite number of indivisibles.  These indivisibles of Nicholas of Cusa, Galileo, and Leibniz are dark bodies that form the dark matter of our skies.  This dark matter is seen by every astronauts when they ride a spacecraft above our blue sky.

God creates all indivisibles by contracting those  attributes that are found in God's Intelligent Design of the universe.  For example, God  contracted His 'one' in order to make  'many' indivisibles. Indivisibles receive life when they receive a 'body of indivisibles.'  Thus, indivisibles are immortal but never return to God because God has no Heaven. Heavens exist only in the umverse.

Since God is the absolute minimum, only God exists below the dark matter.  So, nothingness and vacuums do not exist, as atheistic scientists say. Since God is also the absolute maximum, the universe always existed and only changes.

All nations throughtout the world are ignorant of real life.  The leaders must get rid of this ignorance and make changes.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

9. Teaching Students and Children Wrongly

To prove that God does not exist and to prove that the universe will end, physical scientists  must identify all things in the universe, identify all parts of the things in the universe, and predict the motions of all things and their parts. If Galileo was alive today, he would say that these two proofs are impossible.  He says that these proofs are impossible because, in the First Day of his book, Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences, Galileo tell us that all things in the universe are built up of an infinite number of indivisibles. An infinite number of parts of anything cannot be known. In my new book, the knowledge of  indivisibles is expanded.

If a physical scientist rejects God and teaches college students that the universe will come to an end, this scientist could be viewed as a criminal in the USA because the USA is a nation under God.  And, if parents reject God and teach their children that the universe will come to an end, the parents could also be viewed as criminals in the USA.

I have proven scientifically that God exists.  My proof was not based the scientific proof of prediction.  Nor was my proof based on the universe that Galileo  identifying above.Instead, my proof is based on the most precise coexisting opposite symbols that I could find --- finite and infinite. These precise symbols are developing new ways to produce scientific proofs. If someone finds a more perfect proof of God's existence, I will accept it.

It is time for physical scientists to open their minds wider.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

8. Atheists Do Not Understand the Human Mind

In the 7th blog on my new book, I show that the human mind can rise above the perceptions and facts of the human mind.  The mind of the atheistic scientists are unable to do this. In order to rise above these atheistic perceptions and facts, I use coexisting opposites such as 'unity/diversity.'  I use coexisting opposites because I proved earlier  that God and Universe coexist and had no beginning and have no end.

However, atheistic scientists say that they can rise above perceptions and facts of their minds by 'conceiving.'  But their minds are forced to 'conceive' with logic, which forces them to reject God.  To rise above logic, I use coexisting opposites, such as unity/diversity because God and the universe are connected by opposing concepts that coexist. For instance,  I proved that all finite things are originated and connected by God and His infinity.

Many philosophers say that their minds rise above perceptions.  Thus, if these philosophers do not speak of the human mind as perceiving facts, these philosophers can be called  metaphysicians because he or she has risen above logic in order to understand God and the universe.  Some examples of these metaphysicians are presented below.

For instance, Plato says that the human mind is very powerful because humans can find higher and higher ideas. In Phaedo, Plato also says that the human mind is immortal and rises above the facts of perception by asking good questions. In his 'Monadology,' Gottfried Leibniz says that the mind can rise above logic and perception if sufficient reasoning is used.  In his 'The Critique of Pure Reasoning.'  Immanuel Kant says that human knowledge is not limited to Aristotle's logic.  And in a more recent book on 'Philosophy in a New Key,' Susanne Langer says that 'sense-data are primarily symbolic.'  Her statement was in response to the 1920 linguists, who spoke of the 'tyranny of words.'

Thus, when the early religions said that scriptures are the words of God, the world stopped, logic took control of human life, the human minds were viewed as mechanisms, and the wars for wealth and power began. We must correct this worldwide problem.

Monday, August 06, 2012

7 All Scriptures Are Made by Man

When the Old Testament, New Testament, and  Qur'an were written, these three scriptures were written with three different language.  The Old Testament was made with symbols of the cultural language of Judaism.  The New Testament was made with symbols of the cultural language of Christianity.  And the Qur'an was made with symbols of the cultural language of Islam.  Since the languages Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are different, a perfect scripture cannot exist.  Since no perfect scripture exists, scriptures are not the words of God.

Accordingly, wars among different nations and crimes among different religions should never occur because nations and religions are not perfect and can never be perfected. These words mean that God and the universe had no beginning and has no end. Jews, Christians, and Muslims must question their religious teachings.

Since God and the universe has no end, humans never die.  They only get a new body when their body wears out.  What happens when a child is born?  A child begins a new life and immediately tries to perceive the environment. Soon, Mother's different moods are detected. The different moods are known as gestalt en.  The world's atheistic scientists do not understand the gestalt because they view humans as machines and are stuck in logical thinking and physical mathematics. When we perceive, our mind is not only seeking facts. Our mind has a pair of coexisting opposites called 'unity and diversity.' With senses, our mind can perceive the environment.  With symbols, our mind can unify perceptions.

On 60 Minutes last evening, CBS/TV presented a human problem on the subject of  'face blindness.'  (click)  When a child perceives Mother, the child can never know Mother perfectly because human knowledge cannot be completed and all symbols cannot be found.  This explains why God and the universe have no end.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

6. All Scriptures Are Flawed

As I said yesterday, symbols were added to the numbered tokens so that the quantity and quality of idols could be known, produced, and sold to people who accepted idolatry. These symbols were simple to define because the idols only had to be named.   However, when man began to write in 5000 BCE and Abraham developed monotheism and rejected idolatry, the symbols became difficult because every symbol had to be given a different and precise meaning about God and His creation.

Then, when scriptures appeared, the meaning of the symbols in the scriptures were not precise enough to build a single world religion. So, when scriptures appeared, many different religions came into existence with the same belief --- that scriptures  are the words of God. This belief solved the problems of the symbols found in these different religions.  But  this belief did not solve the meanings of the symbols found in the numerous sciences that exist today. Nor did this belief ever solve the problem of crime, wars, terrorism, poverty, cancer, etc.

To destroy all crimes, wars, terrorism, poverty, cancer, etc, we must build one science and one religion. We must build them with symbols that become more and more precises, as time passes and move us into newer futures.  This is why I am slowly unifying the fields of science and religion in my new book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent of An Active God.'

Thursday, August 02, 2012

5. By Adding Symbols to Tokens, Idolatry is Born

When man added symbols to the tokens in 5000 B.C. , all things in the universe could now be defined qualitatively as well quantitatively. With this addition, all things in the universe would be different.  This is why no two identical things will ever be found in the universe.  But this new view of things in the universe led to idolatry and a new theory of God.

In the new theory of God, people concluded that God had to destroy himself in order to create the universe and its things.  With the belief that God destroyed himself, all things in the universe were viewed as godly things.

After idolatry grew and time passed, people learned that some things in the universe are not good.  Examples of evil things are the  Devils, Satan, and killers.

Abraham was born in the city of Ur in Babylonia in the year 1948 BCE. His father was a merchant of idols. Abraham questioned his father and  believed that the universe was the work of a Creator.  Abraham led to monotheism. In my book, I show that monotheism has a God and a Universe.  Both had no beginning and have no end.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

4. Tokens Cannot Complete the Knowledge of God or the Universe

In my last blog, I discussed the history of how man developed the human mind with tokens.  These tokens lifted the thinking of man to  higher levels of human life, which allowed humans to exchange things among each other. The first tokens defined the quantity of things.  Later, the quality of things were also defined. Today, quantitative and qualitative tokens exist so that people can buy an automobile, a quart of milk, a 12 volt battery, etc.  Will the tokens ever disappear?  My answer is 'never' because I say that the universe has no end.  I say this statement because the knowledge of the universe will never  be completeded.  I also say this statement because a creater God is eternal and is active in the universe He created.

Since the atheists are unable to prove that God does not exist, they had to reject God by finding reasons that prove that the universe does come to an end. Tioday, the major proof of an eternal universe is Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem. (click)  This proof is saying that the tokens and symbols can never be completed. So, man will always be searchingg for future lives.

Based on my knowledge of an eternal universe, it is clear that all people on this planet will always be searching for new tokens so that a single world language will develop and bring all nations together as common friends.