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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXI (U.S. science has become a science of atheism.)

The founders of the USA did not declare their independence only because they rejected the arbitrary laws made by England’s Parliament. They also rejected the British science, which is known as empiricism. The rejection of empiricism by our founders is presented in the Declaration of Independence, as the phrase ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

This phrase was applied by our founders before 1776 because Ben Franklin’s visits to Europe brought home a new science that was developed in Germany and France by Leibniz and his association with Descartes, et al. But Leibniz, Descartes, et al would never admit that they are rationalists because they did not oppose British empiricism. They merely viewed sense-experience as an inferior kind of knowledge. The new science requires metaphysical reasoning and seeks two forms of knowledge. One form seeks natural laws with logical thinking. The other form seeks ‘moral laws of God’ with dialectical thinking. Nonliving things will thus contain logical necessities. On the other hand, living things will not contain logical necessities because they are free.

This new science did not develop in the USA because our lawyers say, and the U.S. Supreme Court rule, that the Declaration of Independence is only an authority to go to war against England, if England opens a war. As I continue to say on my website, the Declaration of Independence has many other authorities.

The above Supreme Court ruling has a huge impact because it turned the USA into a godless nation where arbitrary laws are appearing frequently. This ruling has also turned science in the USA into British empiricism, which is a godless science promoted by atheists.

To me, remaking America will not be possible unless the Supreme Court changes its ruling on the Declaration of Independence so that a godly science can be applied. Further, I believe that the struggles between the Democrats and Republicans exist only because the other authorities in the Declaration of Independence were never considered by our self-government.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXX (A free market economy and its end)

In the USA, the Democrats and Republicans say that a free market economy is the true economy of a free nation. But what is a free nation? This question is answered by the popular statement ‘Man is freed by laws.’ This statement means that the freedom of the people of a free nation is not absolute but varies with the laws made by the self-government of a free nation. In the USA, the free market economy is determined by the laws made by its national government.

So, in 2009, when Barack Obama became the U.S. President and had to face an economic depression and rising unemployment, the national government acted to stimulate the economy by law. Like President Hoover, some legislators went against this spending action as if a free market economy will recover this depression without the help of the national government. Such legislators showed their ignorance.

If a self-government learns how to make more and more godly laws, a free market economy will slowly decrease and approach zero because these godly laws will change contingent economic activities to necessary economic activities. This means that economic ‘wants’ will slowly become economic ‘necessities.’ This change must take place because a free market economy has an end and a free nation also has an end. These ends occur when human life can no longer exist on planet earth because the sun darkens. This warning was taught by Jesus Christ in the Bible in Ch. 24 of Matthew.

Thus, the purpose of a free market economy is not to build the monetary wealth of a handful of people in the USA or to build power over international economics by free traders. A free market economy must build an economy that sends more and more children through our colleges and universities so that our legislators make more godly laws.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXIX (A self-government and a free market economy)

Most U.S. citizens do not know the self-government that the founders created because they don’t know John Locke’s social contract theory. This lack of knowledge explains why many of our economists and politicians believe that a free market economy is the true economy of a free nation. Yet, last evening, in his speech to Congress, President Obama disagreed with this belief because the free market economy of the USA has failed and must be saved. So, a free market economy must depend on a savior. Plato would say that this savior is derived from a higher idea. But what is this higher idea? Do we even know it?

Using dialectical thinking, the concepts ‘knowing’ and ‘not knowing’ coexist. This means that we can know some things but cannot know other things. For instance, we cannot know God other than He exists. Nor can we know that we lived before or that we will live after death. In his book "On Learned Ignorance,’ in Bk.II, Ch. 2, Nicholas of Cusa identifies many unknowns. Since a free market economy fails, it must be an unknown and can be organized only with guesses. Thus, Herbert Hoover thought wrongly when he said that a free market economy will recover from the economic depression in the 1930s. Thus, a free market economy cannot predict itself because the future on Man is an unknown.

The higher idea or savior of a free market economy is a self-government, which is a government of, by, and for its people. To build a self-government in the USA, the founders applied the social contract theory of John Locke. Like a business, Locke’s social contract theory has two parties, ‘Society’ and ‘Government.’ Society was defined by our founders in the Declaration of Independence. Then they defined Government, as a self-government, in the Constitution.

Clearly, the continuous demand for a ‘limited government’ by the Republican party is irrational. Last evening, the response to Obama’s speech by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindel was also irrational. Society must rule over Government in a free nation because the Society must save itself, not only against economic failures, but also to secure all rights that God gave to every human being.

Obviously, President’s Obama’s concern of education in his speech was very important.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXVIII (Regenerating cells)

In 1994, I retired from the U.S. Department of Justice. There, I worked on the nation’s crime problem. In the late 1980s, I developed a new theory on the cause of crime. This theory says that flawed symbolic languages create the mind of criminals.

Unfortunately, in 1992, a blockage developed in the blood that flows to my brain through my left carotid artery. This blockage damaged my brain where I develop and store symbols, which organize our minds so that we can talk and write letters, books, etc. My speech therapist told me that I became passive. In two years, I recovered my brain damage by becoming positive and playing a computer game. My positive goal in this game was to win and to win faster and faster. I assumed that this game would rebuild the symbolic language in my brain. At first, I could not write a two-sentence business letter. All I could do is sweat. As I played the game, I noticed that my sentences were getting shorter and shorter, I concluded that my positive thinking and game winning caused my brain to develop new brain cells. I do not know where these cells grew in my brain. These new cells recovered my linguistic ability. The names of people are difficult to recover.

Yesterday, I learned about a research project on the ‘regenerating of cells.’ (Click) This research project seems to be consistent with my use of Gottfried Leibniz’s monads. I call these monads ‘ spiritual atoms.’ These atoms are the basic matter out of which all things are created by God. Some of these spiritual atoms are dominating. The dominating spiritual atoms contain a basic organizing principle for each thing that God creates. Since some of these spiritual atoms might be forming cells, spiritual atoms are also forming complex body parts such as a heart, an ear, a finger, etc.

Beyond its alignment to the recovery of my brain, the project on regenerating cells is also consistent with my second scientific proof of God. (See my blog dated 11/18/08.) In this blog, I say that all God-made things contain an uncountable number of parts. Regenerating big things in our body from small different cells of spiritual atoms seems to be the way to create a new medical care system and rebuild America. With this new view of human life, atheism and evolutionary theory must be dropped.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXVII (The rights that a self-government must secure.)

Americans are not thinking properly when they fight for civil rights and States rights. A civil culture has no rights. Nor do the States in the USA have rights. Only humans have rights. Rights are given to humans by God because he only gives humans the ability to distinguish ‘what is right’ from ‘what is wrong.’ Thus, when a nation uses a self-government, all rights of that nation’s people must be secured by this self-government.

The founding documents of the USA identify some rights that every U.S. citizen has received from God in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Unfortunately, U.S. lawyers say that the Declaration of Independence is not a law. But they are wrong because the Declaration of Independence has many other rights beyond the right to go to war with England. Some of these other rights are equal rights and unalienable rights. Equal and unalienable rights are the essentials that God gave to Man. Beyond these essentials, God also gave Man non essentials (or contingencies) so we can make free choices. In the Constitution, more rights are identified. They are in the Bill of Rights that were added on December 15, 1791.

The founders also generalized our rights in the Declaration of Independence. They did this with the phrase ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’ This phrase has two laws, which give us the right to search for truths and falsities through science and the right to search for rights and wrongs through a theology. To develop this great phrase, I began to unify theology and science on this website. I call this unification ‘theological science.’

If one asks our national government for information on its efforts to secure the people of the USA, an answer will not be received because our national-government does not operate as our founders hoped. Obviously, this is why the U.S. civil rights movement emerged. Thus, if the people of the USA want to rebuild America, our national government must become a true self-government. Certainly, the national government should not be limited, as republicans recommend during every election.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXVI (A self-government and the self-knowledge of Jesus Christ)

I conclude that the founders of the USA were very familiar with the writings of Jesus Christ because most of them were Christians. Since Jesus Christ taught self-knowledge, I conclude that the founding documents would mandate a self-government, which is derived from self-knowledge. I also conclude that our founders knew that God and Jesus Christ are different beings and that Jesus Christ and God do not form an identity, as Christians say. Thus, in the Constitution the founders had to prohibit the national government from establishing any religion.

In my blog yesterday, I say that the Democrats and Republicans lack knowledge of a self-government. I said this because they don’t speak about self-knowledge in their debates and the laws they make. So in this blog, I discuss some self-knowledge hoping that people study the self-knowledge that Jesus taught thoroughly.

Since a father and son are two different beings, Jesus called himself ‘Son’ and called God ‘Father.’ Thus, the self-knowledge of Jesus accepts a monotheistic God and the self-knowledge of Abraham. So, the self-knowledge of Abraham and Jesus say that two distinct worlds exist. One is the infinite (or higher) world of God whereas the second world is the finite (or lower) world of all creatures. Using my self-knowledge, I prove these two worlds in my book (The First Scientific Proof of God). With my self-knowledge, in my book I also prove that these two worlds are connected logically.

The self-knowledge of Jesus teaches life after death for all creatures. Since all creatures are finite and God is infinite, creatures cannot appear in the higher world and God cannot appear in the lower world. So, after death, all creatures gain a new life somewhere in the lower world. Here is the importance of developing a self-government in every nation and on all planets. Otherwise, a person who developed a godly life might be reborn in a culture that is developing evilness.

The self-knowledge of Jesus also teaches the origin of evilness. My self-knowledge confirms this teaching in my same book. Evilness originates in the flawed symbolic languages that we develop so we can communicate with each other and develop so that we can build our self-knowledge. Flawed symbolic languages create evil minds and a poor level of self-knowledge.

As seen, a self-government and the self-knowledge of its people are partners that guide the future of man. But in the USA, the today’s debates between the Democrats and Republicans are often simple, irrational, and ugly.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXV (Many Democrats and Republicans lack knowledge of a self-government)

Today, I read in the newspaper that a handful of republican governors is turning against the economic stimulus signed into law by President Obama. These governors are from Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alaska, and South Carolina. This thinking is opposed to a self-government. But President Obama’s economic stimulus is developing a self-government.

After listening the words of republicans against Obama, it is clear that republican can destroy our self-government. First, one must recognize our Union and its highest parts, which are self-government and ‘the people.’ Both the Democrats and Republicans don’t realize that free enterprises and free traders cannot guide the development a Union. They don’t seem to know that all States are only territories and thus have no rights. Only humans have rights that can be shared with a self-government. They don’t seem to know that a self-government must secure ‘the people’ in all rightful ways because ‘the people’ gave some rights to the national government. They must always be forming a more perfect Union according to the Constitution, but never seem to care about that law. They don’t seem to know that evolutionary theory is false and that this falsity must be removed from our high schools? Republicans seem to think that building another Hooverville will solve today’s depression. (click) Further, Alaska’s Sarah Palin doesn’t seem to know that a Born Again Christian can lead people only into Hell.

Today, most republicans want to limit our national government in general and limit the functions of a self-government. These limitations were clear in the messages of John McCain and Sarah Palin prior to the presidential voting. These limitations tell me that the republicans do not know that our national government is the first modern self-government, after such a government was sought by Jews, Athenians, and Alexander the Great.

Unfortunately, Democrats and Republicans believe that a free market economy can build our nation alone. However, this economy is currently distributing the nation’s wealth unusually. Today, only 10% of the U.S. households own two–thirds of our nation’s wealth whereas 90% of the U.S. households hold only one-third. This unusual distribution began to develop only after Abe Lincoln was assassinated. I conclude that a free nation cannot be built alone with a free market economy.

Since I do not believe that a free market economy can build our nation alone, I voted for President Obama. I conclude that he will build a self-government that can build our nation as well as a free market. Fortunately, the Democrats seem to want to learn about a self-government from President Obama. But Republicans do not seem to be interested in a self-government and the founding documents.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXIV (More words on Socialism)

I conclude that many people of the USA do not know the concept ‘socialism. Most people know it as the socialism of the Soviet Union, which was installed based on the writings of Karl Marx of Germany in the 19th century. This form of socialism has a government that is sovereign.

Installing socialism in the USA is very different because its government is not sovereign. Then, where is sovereign in the USA? The people of the USA are sovereign and express themselves through representatives. Yet, many people today in the USA, including many elected representatives, say that the national government is sovereign. They must be retrained because they are violating the founding documents.

The government of the USA is a self-government. This means that it is formed by people of, by, and for the USA. This is the self government that the Jews sought thousands of years ago. But the Jewish self government had to wait for the development of ‘social contract’ theories (between a People and its Government) by Thomas Hobbes (1558-1679), John Locke (1632-1704), and Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1717-1778). So, like a business contract, two parties are needed in any social contract involving a self government.

Our founders selected the social contract of John Locke for the USA. Yet today, many elected people believe that the Constitution controls the national government and that the national government is sovereign. Such people are wrong.

The socialism found in the USA is real and lawful. However, since many elected people believe that the national government is sovereign, they believe that the U.S. socialism would be like Marx’s socialism. They are wrong.

When a person is elected or employed by the national government, that person must recognize that they are serving the people of the USA. Serving people does not mean that a member of the national government has gained power. People who seek power in the national government don’t understand the founding documents and must be dismissed immediately.

It is clear that President Obama knows the founding of the USA because of his socialism. But the Democratic and Republican parties do not understand the founding documents. I call American's socialism a 'social democracy' in orer to distinguish the USA from Marsist socialism.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXIII (Trickle-down Stimulus v. Trickle-up Stimulus)

The stimulus economics of President Obama is separating the Democrats and Republicans more than ever before. I believe that this separation is becoming wider because the Republicans must defend the economic failures of George W. Bush, his father, and Reagan. This defense is tougher because the economic stimulus of the Clinton administration was a success.

These republican failures can be blamed on a stimulus called the trickle-down stimulus. On the other hand, the success of Clinton is given to a stimulus called the trickle-up stimulus. It is also called the Keynesian economy and was used by President Roosevelt and will be used again by President Obama.

The trickle-down stimulus reduces the taxes of businesses and industry. With no strings attached, the performance of this stimulus depends on how business and industry use their increased profits. The past failures produced by the trickle-down stimulus indicate that this ‘no-strings-attached’ stimulus helps business and industry buy new land, increase salaries and bonuses, etc. But it is not a very effective job-creating stimulus.

The trickle-up stimulus is a job-creating stimulus with strings attached. A attaching strings means that a stimulus has known purposes. Thus, President Obama’s trickle-up stimulus has the purpose of putting people to work on building new infrastructures, such as new schools, new highways, new bridges, new energy to reduce our dependence on oil, etc.

Republicans say that Roosevelt’s stimulus was not successful. Some people say that Roosevelt started the war against Japan to produce more businesses and jobs. Other people say our war with Japan was started by US free traders, who were squeezing Japan out of the world market. Today, President Obama sent Mrs. Clinton to Japan.

The current fights between the Democrats and the Republicans are childish and must be eliminated somehow. My suggestion is to develop their minds so they will understand God.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXII (Securing the Language of Unites States of America)

When I became employed by the U.S. Department of Justice, it was not long before I learned that the word God cannot be used in any letter or report. In time, I learned that this silly policy exists only because many people equate the word, God, to the word, Religion. Isn’t it time to distinguish these two words, give them their true meaning, and allow people to use them freely anywhere? If these words are properly defined and other words in our national language are also properly defined, won’t our national language become more perfect and be secured?

Now, if the national government proposes a project to secure the national language of the United States, is this proposal a social program, as Republicans are saying after they lost the White House in 2009? Would such a program turn the USA into socialism? Not at all because the USA did not turn into socialism after public education was installed throughout the USA. Nor did the USA turn into socialism after public reservoirs, public sewage, public airports, public hospitals, public parks, public telephones, public electricity, public highways, public bridges, etc. were installed throughout the USA. These public programs only improved the life of all citizens and secured them better.

The fear of socialism by the Republican party is being fabricated by their closed minds. Republicans must get out of the box of social programs and begin to see them as advancements for all of our citizens. Otherwise, the Republican party security of the United Stares will be quickly recognized as trash.

The stimulus proposal of President Obama is an advancement in the life for all USA citizens. It will also reduce the big depression that the republicans left for him. So, this stimulus is not socialism, as republicans say. They are angry because they lost the White House and many seats in Congress. But, anger is an evil human behavior because it does not come from God.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXI (Securing the Unites States of America)

Yesterday, I said that the Democratic and Republican parties will eventually fail. In this blog, I identify a major error for each failure. Both errors originate in those citizens who are elected and work in the national government and do not consider God in their deliberations. Since the national government is a government of, by, and for the people, the national government is self governing and begins after Society agrees to give some of its rights to it. With these human rights, this self government must secure the Society and all of its members.

President Bush practiced the Republican error. This error says that the national government provides only ‘justice’ and ‘defense.’ Justice is provided so that the life of business is secured with fairness. And defense is provided so that the life in Society is secured militarily against foreign enemies. Obviously, this republican error limits the size of the national government. If all rights given to the national government originate from God through the humans who live in Society, then Man can never know all of the rights that he received from God. Without this knowledge, the national government can never be limited. Thus, if government is limited, then the Republican party rejects God.

The Democratic error deals with the law on abortion. This error says that abortion is a choice. The Supreme Court makes rulings in favor of this law. However, the Declaration of Independent says that all Men are created equal. If God created Man and all Men are created equally, then all human life must be continued after conception, but only if the continuation is possible. Since the determination of continuation can be known only scientifically, the choice of abortion is not a free human choice. Choice of abortion can be determined only by medical science.

Unless the ideologies of the Democratic and Republican party are changed so their ideologies are consistent with God, both of these parties will eventually fail. I identified many inconsistences with God. See my blogs from 12/26/08 through 1/18/09.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XX (Remaking America is possible with long term goals, which are consistent with God)

Although God, and the world in which he exists, are incomprehensible, the act of God, to create us and the world in which we exist, can reveal the thoughts of God by developing knowledge about the things he created. This idea is no different from the way a human being reveals thoughts to us when they act. This idea was also taught by St. Paul in the Bible at Rom. 1:20. Thus, Democrats and Republicans reveal their thoughts when they speak about, or vote on, a new possible law.

I notice that the members of the three branches of the U.S. government never speak of a new possible moral law and its consistency with God’s thoughts. And I notice that our scientists also never speak of a new ‘law of nature’ and its consistency with God’s thoughts. I notice the same kind of behavior on TV and in books, newspapers, and Email. When I noticed these ugly behaviors of these citizens, I concluded that the ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God ‘ in the Declaration of Independence are never read or used by our national Government, many scientists, and many other people.

So, when I hear a failure of an economy, a science, a marriage, a family, a business, a religion, etc., I know immediately what produced this failure, the absence of God in the thoughts of the involved people.

With my excellent view of God ever since 2006, I conclude that the Democratic and Republican parties will fail because they say that political rights and wrongs exist. Such rights are arbitrary because they originate in humans rather than the ‘Laws of Nature’s God,’ which the founders mandated in the Declaration of Independence.

These two political parties can be expected to fail because the U.S. government is not securing the people. The rights that U/S. Citizens gave to the national government is a failure. Further, I believe that the Republican party will fail first because its increasing monetary greed reduces the security of most U.S. citizens.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XIX (Remaking America with independent voters)

As I said in my last blog, the Democrats and Republicans are the latest political parties that have developed considerable political power. Since the ideologies of these two parties are very different and their ideologies are also different from the founder’s ideology, remaking America would be difficult and slow unless changes occur. But this slow pace can be changed only if the minds of the Democrats and Republicans are opened to the reality of the Declaration of Independence.

Since neither of these two parties practice the founding ideology of the USA, as an open-minded person, I had to reject both ideologies and become an independent voter long ago. But I concluded that President Obama is not a centrist, a person who stands on the fence in between the Democrats and Republicans. Instead, I conclude that Obama’s ideology is aligned to the founding ideology of our founders. Thus, if more and more U.S. citizens step out of the current democratic and republican ideological boxes, more citizens will become independent voters. I conclude that only independent voters will be able to remake America with ease and at a faster pace.

Every U.S. citizens must eventually become an independent voter because God exists. This is why the founding ideology says that the USA is a nation under God. God is authorized in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution.

But the Democrats and the Republicans do not practice God because all three branches of the U.S. government wrongly equate ‘God’ to ‘Religion.’ These two symbols have very different meanings. Accordingly, all branches of the U.S. government must accept the statement, ‘God is not Religion.’ This statement became real when Abraham rejected idolatry and said, ‘God is one.’ Since 2006, I have developed two scientific proofs of Abraham’s monotheistic God.

On the other hand, Religion is a plurality of theories about God. Many different religions exist because they have different theories about God. While the plurality of religions might approach a single religion, a plurality of religions can never become one or God because the oneness of God is incomprehensive.

Remaking America and developing world peace will never occur unless God is found everywhere, even in all three branches of the U.S. government. Thus, there is no place for atheism in any nation that accepts the founding documents of the USA.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XVIII (Correcting the Three Branches of the U.S. Government)

Remaking America is an important proposal of President Obama because the three branches of the U.S. government have never functioned as the founders expected and as the founding documents require. The dysfunctions of the three branches developed when different ideologies developed by the new and more permanent political parties, which have sought national power through the national government.

These political powers began to grow only after Lincoln was assassinated, when the national government turned away from the ideology of the founders, and when the Declaration of Independence was viewed by lawyers only as an authority of war. In my blog 2/08/09, I show that the Declaration of Independence is a higher idea than war and includes many other authorities. I view the Declaration as the highest law of the USA.

These political powers grew when the two parts of the Union, Society and Government, were destroyed even though our founders installed John Locke’s social contract theory over the social contract theories of Hobbes and Rousseau. By killing the U.S. social contract, the national government became sovereign and the States were given Rights, even though a State is only a territory. In Locke’s contract theory, human Rights are given to the national government in exchange for securing the people. But the security given to U.S. citizens by the national government differs for these political parties.

By destroying Locke’s social contract in the USA, the future security of the USA becomes an unknown, the social contracts among citizens no longer exist. Without a social contract, the US economy develops ‘free market economy. This economy increases human greed develops an irrational rich class, develops a crime culture, develops a drug culture, develops economic depressions, and loses its international leadership.

Guesses will not explain today’s banking and industry bailouts and today’s depression. One might look in a mirror for some answers. But a person does not study the history of America and do not become aware of the failures of many fields of thought today, a person must be satisfied with a life in the unknown, a life that is not on the good side of human life.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XVII (The minds of the GOP are expressing flawed symbols and ideas)

Many Americans are unaware of the 1920 discovery of symbols in the field of language. I believe that many democrats and republicans are unaware of this discovery because they do not use symbols properly. For instance, when President Obama made his stimulation proposal, congressional republicans called his Democratic Party proposal ‘pork.’ Further, last evening, the republican, Sean Hannity of Fox News, called Obama’s proposal ‘socialism.’

The meanings of the symbols ‘pork’ and ‘socialism’ are unique to politics and are understood mostly by Congress and the press. Unfortunately, most citizens do not know the meaning of the symbols ‘pork’ and ‘socialism.’ After listening to republican statements, I conclude that ‘pork’ is equated to ‘spending’ by government. Republicans also say that spending negates the possibilities of tax reductions. So, republicans expect their taxes to be lowered even when an economic depression exists. Republicans expect such tax reductions because they believe that an economic depression is self-recovering based on ‘laws of Nature.’ But such a belief can be held only by an atheist.

On the meaning of socialism, the republican TV commentator, Sean Hannity, seems to equate the ‘pork’ in President’s Obama’s proposal to ‘socialism.’ But his education is listed as a ‘high school graduate.’ (Click) Hannity’s understanding of socialism is probably limited to the socialism of Karl Marx. However, socialism has other meanings, as I show in my blog dated 1/30/09.

Republicans don’t seem to understand that social programs are a sign of progress of a nation. For instance, social programs, such as sewage systems, reservoirs, education systems, roads and bridges, fire departments, police, landing on the moon, etc., would not exist today. I conclude that Hannity does not understand the aesthetic and natural development of a nation such as the USA. As a catholic, I recommend Jesus’ thoughts in the Bible at Matthew, Ch. 24.

Every symbol must be given their most precise meanings in any developing nation. The proposal of President Obama seems to be beyond thoughts of the GOP.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XVI (How Lawyers Destroyed the U.S. Declaration of Independence)

When a person closes his or her mind, new thoughts cannot enter that person’s mind and that person becomes a slave to a fixed set of ideas or ideologies. This is how U.S. lawyers have destroyed the U.S. Declaration of Independence and turned many U.S. citizens away from God. Since I keep my mind wide open to new ideas at all times, I continue to find new thoughts about God and new thoughts about our universe.

Our lawyers say that the Declaration of Independence has one authority. This authority gives the USA the authority to go to war against England, if England goes to war against the USA. However, the Declaration of Independence document was not named the ‘Declaration of War’ by the founders. The name of the Declaration of Independence is the name of a different idea, which is higher than the idea of war.

Science is man’s only field of thought in which truths can be sought with a method of proof. No other field of thought has developed a method of proof. So, at this point in time, only the mind of the scientist remains wide opens. In science, naming a thing is the first step. Once named, the relation between that thing and other things are sought.

Our lawyers did not distinguish the ideas we name ‘independence’ and ‘war.’ Had they distinguished them, they would have concluded that war originates from independence and that independence is a higher idea than war. So, the U.S. Declaration of Independence has an authority to go to war but also has other authorities.

I notice that these other authorities will be found in the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence. However, I also notice that these other authorities originate from a highest authority. This highest authority is named God by people throughout the world. Thus, the first two paragraphs define a ‘whole’ that has ‘parts.‘ All authorities are thus parts of a whole. Beyond the authority of war, some other authorities are identified as follows: one-people; separate and equal; Laws of Nature and Nature’ God; self-evident truths; all Men are created equal; Creator; unalienable Rights; Governments that secure these Rights; Power from the Consent of the Governed; the Rights of the people to alter or abolish Government; initiate a new Government; ... etc.

I believe that our lawyers have interpreted the Declaration of Independence terribly. I also believe that their error has changed the USA drastically, compared to the founding documents, and has also turned many U.S. citizens away from God. Since the people can alter or abolish Government, the Declaration of Independence is the highest law in the body of U.S. laws. Thus, sovereignty lies with ‘the people’ not Government.

Further, the security of ‘the people’ by Government thus goes well beyond military enemies of the USA. Security against unclean water, diseases, sicknesses like cancer, and economic depressions are only samples of non military security requirements.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XV (More on how Republicans and Democrats think)

The human mind begins to develop in the womb of Mother. Even though the development of the mind occurs earlier, most people say that they can’t remember this development before age four. I remember when I developed my first word, which occurred long before age four. For instance, I spoke to myself when I was developing my first word. Soon, I spoke this word loud to my parents and they were excited. Many years later, I developed a new idea and spoke it to myself before I told a friend that ‘all scriptures are man-made.’ My mental experiences indicate that the minds of humans develop by making words and using these words to develop ideas.

At various times, I developed some important ideas. For instance, I concluded that evolution and its learning theory are false and that God and his created Spirits form a single world. My mental experiences told me that my mind is ‘open’ and exists ‘outside’ of many different boxes. My mental experiences also told me that the words and ideas that I develop ‘close’ my mind and exist inside with the many different boxes I create. Eventually, I conclude the human mind can work two different ways, as ‘opened’ or ‘closed.’

When our minds are not developed properly, our mind closes and exists in the boxes and the development of new words and new ideas end. This end tells us why closed-minded people do not listen to the new words and ideas of other people.

For instance, President Herbert Hoover’s mind was closed during the depression in the 1930s. As a mechanical engineer, he thought that human economies are governed by a ‘law of nature,’ just as the law that says that water boils at 212 degrees. Today, the mechanical mind of Hoover will be found in many physical scientists, many life scientists, many economists, many bankers, many criminals, many business owners, etc. These minds are closed to the idea of God’s existence.The close-mindedness of our scientists is a serious national problem because science is failing.

The mind of many politicians exists among the boxes that their Father and Mother developed. These politicians act as if they were actually born as a democrat or republican, just as republicans believe that all criminals are born.

Close-minded politicians develop many ideas called ideologies. Their minds exist among these ideas and can’t be opened. Their close mindedness is usually due to the lack of using science in the development of words.

Close-mindedness is found in the field of religion and every other field of thought. It is time for all human to open their minds.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XIV (How Republicans and Democrats think)

The congressional debates over the economic stimulus proposed by President Obama reveals the way current Democrats and Republicans have developed and use their minds. From 1991-1994, I worked at the National Institute of Justice (NIH), U.S. Department of Justice. During this period, I was able to observe the behaviors of those Democrats and Republicans who became the Director when a new president entered the White House. If a new democratic or republican president entered the White House, a new Director was named.

Changing Directors will always cause NIJ to change its research projects because republican Directors assume that the cause of crime is ‘internal’ to the criminal, whereas democratic Directors assume that the cause of crime is ‘external’ to the criminal. Thus, republicans say that criminals should be caught and put into prison. Then, the keys should be thrown away. But democrats say that criminals should be corrected. Since these different views of crime form a pair of ‘excluded middle opposites,’ only one party is expressing the truth.

In the 1980s, I concluded that democratic view of crime is true . This finding occurred during Reagan’s administration. I concluded that all crime originates in the flawed symbolic languages we use and develops man’s mind. After George Bush became president, Dr. Robert Heath of Houston University agreed with my conclusion. But the University’s grant application was misinterpreted by a private sector peer review group. Here a major finding in the U.S. government was not understood by the private sector. Thus, the negative attitude of republicans about the poor performances of the U.S. government is wrong. Soon, I retired. Then, during my continued research, I learned that the writings of Jesus Christ confirmed my conclusion that flawed symbolic languages are the cause of crime. Jesus Christ is thus on the side of Democrats on the cause of crime.

As an independent voter, I cannot become a member of the Democratic or Republican party because both have turned away from the God that I worship.

However, the view of crime by republicans has a deeper cause. I’ll discuss this cause tomorrow.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XIII (Are the big banks and corporations in the USA becoming dysfunctional?)

Yesterday, President Obama limited, to $500,000, the salary people get from banks, which have received bailout money from the U.S. government. Before this limit was announced, some banking personnel could receive a 25 million-dollar salary. These big salaries were also given to some big automobile manufactures who received bailout money from the U.S. government. Thus, U.S. citizens can ask, ‘Are the big banks and corporations in the USA becoming dysfunctional?

When I worked on the space program in Baltimore at the Martin Marietta Corporation, I received an increase in salary because I led the development of new electronic devices that are digital rather than analog. These digital devices led to the development of big corporations such as Intel and Microsoft and the development of digital home TVs.

The development of these electrical devices lured me into another corporation in Rockville, MD. There, I received an increased salary and stock to develop nineteen ground stations that received data from space. After they were, I was lured to a Philadelphia corporation, which had been acquired recently by a United Aircraft, the world’s largest producer of airplane engines. At the acquired corporation, I became a key person with an increased salary. Since I became a diabetic at Baltimore and had to control it precisely or die, I decided to join the U.S. Department of Justice on the nation’s crime problem. Although a person might produce many successes for the government, a person’s salary can be increases much slower in government compared to increases found in private sector businesses.

Compared to my small incremental salary histories, the salary increases and bonuses in the private sector have become irrational. Obviously, this irrationality has a cause. I conclude that this irrationality is driven by human greed, which is a behavior that has turned a person away from God.
The behavior of turning away from God has a negative impact because Nature cannot destroy what God created. Death is thus an illusion. Thus, all people ‘pass on.’ Every human must thus ask, ‘ To what do I pass onto?’ For instance, I should ask, 'As an American, can I be reborn in Africa, Russia, Iran, China, on another planet, etc.?'

The action President Obama took yesterday to limit bonuses is a small action compared to the action that God will take on you when you pass on.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XII (Republicans Are Rejecting President Obama’s Stimulation)

President Obama’s stimulation proposal is not well understood by most U.S. citizens. Since they lack this understanding, they do not understand why the Republicans want to adjust and even reject Obama’s proposal.

Obama’s stimulation is like the 1993 stimulation of President Clinton. It is also like the 1933 stimulation of President Roosevelt. The Roosevelt stimulation overcame the 1929 depression for Republican President Herbert Hoover, who expected Nature to recover the depression. Then, President Clinton had to overcome the huge national debts left by Republicans President Reagan and George Bush. Finally, Obama’s stimulation is expected to overcome the recession and huge national debts left by Republican President George W. Bush.

Presidents Roosevelt and Clinton were successful because money trickles up through ‘employed and unemployed labor.’ Presidents Hoover, Reagan, and the Bushes were unsuccessful partly because they expected money to trickle down through the tax cuts given to ‘business owners.’ History indicates that the trickle-up system is known to create many new jobs whereas the trickle-down system has never been demonstrated.

I conclude that the Republicans have failed also because they act like atheists and expect Nature (science books) to guide the economy of humans. The expectation of the Republicans implies that God is being rejected and that Republicans are supporting atheism. On the other hand, Roosevelt, Clinton, and Obama think differently about the U.S. economy. They view our economy as something made by man (that is, the people). Thus, they do not expect Nature to make and correct an economy. Thus, Roosevelt, Clinton, and Obama perform as highly active Spirits, who respect God.

The development of man places huge responsibilities on those people who must lead others. As an independent voter, I do not see many such leaders in the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XI (The U.S. Economy Is Filled With Too Many Unknowns)

Today, economists are guiding the economic life of the people in every nation. Yet, the colleges and universities throughout the world have no predictive economic science to teach students. Accordingly, the minds of economists are filled only with ‘unknowns.’ So, all economists are like the past dictators who made man slaves. All free nations thus have a common and major problem. My work in science might explain how this problem became a reality.

In 1947, I graduated from high school with a love for mathematics and with honors in basketball from the State of Pennsylvania. Like other boys, I enlisted in the Army Security Agency to gain GI Rights to attend college. Unfortunately, President Truman eliminated the Bill a month after I enlisted. So, after I was discharged and went to college for a year, I had to move to Philadelphia where I could begin night school. After nine years, I received a degree in science from Johns Hopkins University (JHU) while working at Martin Marietta Corp. on the Cold War and JFK’s moon-landing project.

Night school has benefits because science is always making big advances and JHU filled my mind with very advanced mathematics in electrical engineering. I became nationally known when I shifted the field of telemetry from analog into digital. This shift eventually created new corporations such as Intel and Microsoft and the new digital TV today.

My science and technology(S&T) work continued to grow after President Nixon slowed down the space program and increased funding to solve domestic problems. I was hired by the Nixon Administration to help solve the rising crime problem. In 1971, I had a $3.2 million research budget. My S&T work continued until President Carter won the White House. Under Carter, our social work expanded and my S&T work decreased. Because social science is taught with statistics and because I knew mathematics, in 1977 I was asked to measure the performance of our research program. This measurement was important because inflation was rising under President Ford and would rise to a double digit under Carter.

The measurement of a government agency would become my first research work on economics where ‘supply’ is tangible (e.g., countable money) and the ‘demand’ is intangible (uncountable services). Interestingly, in the 1970s, the number of U.S. service businesses was increasing faster than the number of product businesses. So, in the 1970s, our politicians knew that the quality of the U.S. economy was changing. But the politicians did not take any action in response to this economic change. I found that the performance of our agency must be measured relativistically, the same way that Einstein viewed space.

So, I conclude that debates between the Democrats and Republicans on economics have been wasted ever since the 1970s. So, the legislative branch of the U.S. government is currently dysfunctional. Today, this problem seems to exist in many other nations.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea X (Creating Degenerated Cultures Within a Developing Nation)

A developing nation can create degenerated cultures when resources for the nation changes. For example, when the supply of coal increased in the early 1800s in the USA, the demand for wood decreased. Then, when the supply of oil increased in WWII, the demand for coal decreased.

A degenerated culture was not created when the coal supply increased because families father chopped and stocked wood. But a degenerated culture was created when oil increased and the demand for coal decreased.

I was born in a coal region of Pennsylvania. Our fathers dug for coal and moved it from the mountains to people far away. As long as the demand for coal existed, many men died to keep distant families warm. But such deaths produced many prostitutes, low income families, and uneducated children. Then, when the demand for coal diminished, whole towns of people degenerated morally and economically. These degenerated towns still exist today. This human situation in the USA is the result of an immoral economy known as a free market economy.

In the examples above, the concepts, supply and demand, are used to explain how U.S. free market economists view human life. This is a major error in the thoughts of these economists. The truth is that these concepts apply only to the lower animals. A popular example is the supply/demand of the wolf and caribou who live in the same region in harmony.

Evolutionary theory, which is false, is being applied to humans wrongly by our economists. Many people in the coal regions of USA are thus being treated unfairly by the economists who accept Darwinism and reject God. I believe that people in many other regions of the USA are also being treated unfairly by these atheistic economists. The free market economy has been ill-defined by these economists.

A roundup of editorial comments will be found in my town newspaper. One says, ‘Reduce the size of government.’ This specific comment is from Republicans. Obviously, they do not understand our nation’s problems.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea IX (Developing a Nation)

As I showed in my blog yesterday, a nation can either develop or degenerate. Accordingly, a nation has no political middle or center where a citizen can sit without choosing God or atheism. These two paths of thought tell us how God views the freedom he gave us.

However, the development of the USA is confused today as it was when the Constitution was forming and the Federalists and Anti-Federalists were debating and could agree only enough to sign the Constitution. These debates continued today and increased immediately after President Obama won the White House. Fearing the past socialism of the Soviet Union, Republicans seek to amend the Constitution to make free enterprise a permanent right. But U.S. confusions are not abnormal. Our confusion, for instance, will also be found in today’s Russian Federation.

I conclude that today’s reservoirs and sewage systems were eventually needed. And I know that going to the moon revealed an unbelievable number of new technologies for our businesses, industries, hospitals, etc. Further, I represented the U.S. Department of Justice at the White House to discuss President Nixon’s social initiatives in 1971. I was impressed, for instance, to hear about increasing pig protein in the American diet, making a four-day workweek, and managing the underground, which included high speed tunneling systems. I conclude that social programs are necessary. For instance, having all trees trimmed in all neighborhoods should be a government program and should not be a private service only for the rich. Trimming trees would not be done by government. Trimming would be done by private tree trimmers under contract to government. A free market economy cannot serve social programs. The only question for the U.S. government is --- what social project should be funded?

In the early years of our nation, the debates were primarily between farmers and commercial oligarchies. Today, such debates are no longer because government’s agricultural agency was effective and reduced the need for farmers from 70% to 2%. After one generation, a government agency can be expected to become very effective. To create opposites and to unify ‘the people’ and the national government, the national government should increase to 50% of the U.S. population. The current GOP calls for government limits is not well thought about now that we know that we must eventually transport many people to a new planet after this planet begins to fall into our sun.

After some thought, I concluded that all levels of government require a Department of Nation Building. This department should be part of Congress so that politicians stop their stupid debates about pork.