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Monday, September 29, 2008

More on Theological Science* and Atom Smashers

Last evening, ‘60 Minutes’ interviewed scientists at the CERN atom smasher site in Europe. According to the interview, the promotion of the false ideas of the field of physics is still growing. Yet, if God exists, as I have proven scientifically in my book, another U.S. government bail out will be needed to transform the schools of physical and life sciences in every college and university into theological science. This transformation is not possible until many new books and new professors are developed.

Obviously, the Western world is approaching the end of a historical period that can no longer sustain itself. So, the people of the USA and its government must accept many drastic changes in the future before a permanent culture can be stabilized.

In the interview, a physicist stated that CERN’s atom smasher will show that physicists will be able to transport a person from one nation to another nation only by transporting the protons of that person. This statement is evidence that degrees of insanity have taken seed in the minds of the physicists in the Western world. Theological science will argue against this kind of thinking saying that physical particles will never be free of an organized structure.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

More on Theological Science* and the U.S. Financial System

I have been preparing for the fall and winter and had little time to do any blogging. So, I will get back regularly soon because I have much to teach.

The current bail out of financial systems by the national government disturbs me because the US economic system is deeply flawed for a nation under God. These flaws are ideas that have been installed in the United States by habits, by ideas that are formed by poorly constructed symbolic languages, or by atheists.

I became interest in economics in the 1960s when I learned that the people who work in real estate was passing many more important workers from the standpoint of money. As an engineer, who produces useful things for people, I could not understand why real estate workers are making enough money to live in castles when an engineer cannot afford that kind of life. After research, I found that the output of a modern economy is produced by capital, labor, and technology. Then, when I conducted research on the founders of the United States, I found that the founders decided to build the USA on the social contract theory of England’s John Locke.

In Locke’s theory, a citizen requires properties such as homes and land. But, must a citizen own land? In my studies, I learned that England’s governors of New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia did not distribute land unless something was added to it. Thus, homes, businesses, parks, etc. must be added to the land of the USA. These wise governors eliminated land speculators and thus eliminated inflation in their economies.

The US founders were not wise on the subject of land. Today, the US government is also not wise on the subject of land. To make the US government wiser, I say that all of today’s troubled financial systems should not be bailed out if the system is involved in the field of real estate. Bail out money should care for those people who must seek new employment when land ownership is eliminated in the USA by Amendment to the Constitution.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Theological Science* and the U.S. Financial System

The US government is considering the bailout of the US financial system. Again, the taxpayers must come to the aid of those people who work in the US lasses-faire monetary system. People who promote this financial system believe that money causes all motions in the life of humans. I reject this belief because human Spirits cause all motions in the life of humans.

Currently, the US government reasons that this financial system must be saved in order to save the ‘free market economy.’ I do not believe that any free market economy should be saved in a godly nation because this kind of economy is atheistic and is inconsistent with any nation under God. Any person who has studied my blogs on theological science will agree with me.

The people of the USA must reject the free market economy in the USA. This does not mean that people should give up human freedom and become a socialistic nation. Many different economies exist in between the political extremes of ‘democracy’ and ‘socialism.’ Our economists and the US Congress are just not seeking these other economies.

The US Congress should not fear regulation of the US financial system. Instead, it must regulate this system hard. With hard regulation, money will reveal its measurable quality, as well its countable quantity. As I say in my book, every real thing in God’s created work has quantity and quality. With quality and quantity, the thing we call ‘money’ becomes scientific and become a means, rather than the end, of the US economy.

Wake up politicians and economists.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Theological Science* and the Conclusion of an Independent Voter

An independent voter has a powerful tool if he or she uses the truths of theological science. Theological science tells the voter that the Democratic and the Republican parties do not seek help from God on many decisions. So, as an independent voter, I had to determine which of these two parties are likely to change the USA significantly on the subject of God.

Last evening I watched the TV program known as ‘60 Minutes.’ This program interviewed the two presidential candidates for the US government this year. As a result of these interviews, I concluded that John McCain and Sarah Palin will not change the Republican party or the US government significantly on the subject of God. However, I concluded that Barack Obana and Joe Biden will make very significant changes to the Democratic party and the US government on the subject of God.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Theological Science* and Money v. Talent

When Warren Burger was the Chairman of the Constitution of the Bicentennial, he said, ‘For 200 years this Constitution’s ordered liberty has unleashed the energies and talents of people to create a good life.’ (underline added)

The meaning of ‘talent’ is taught by Jesus Christ in the Bible at Chapter 25 of Matthew. There, Jesus teaches the difference between ‘talent’ and ‘money.’ He teaches that all humans receive a talent from God. However, this received talent by a newly born child is only potential. Thus, the received potential talent must be developed by every new child into an actual talent. So, every child is free to choose a specific talent and develop it.

Unfortunately, some humans do not choose a talent at all. And some humans choose a talent but do not develop it. In general, humans, who become happy, have chosen and developed one or more talents.
Jesus also teaches that humans did not receive ‘money’ from God. But some humans do choose money as their talent. When a person develops money as talent, that person develops a talent called usury. A person who chooses usury is called a ‘lender’ of money. The lender receives a larger amount of money than was lent.

The US government created usury when Congress transferred its mandate to coin Money and regulate the Value to lenders. This unconstitutional act of Congress led the USA away from developing the true human economy. This violation of the Constitution led to the ugly and highly unstable US economy.

Currently, the US government expects to bail out lenders who lent too much money that cannot be repaid. Since taxpayers must pay for this bail out, the spiral of the US economy will fall downwardly on the geometrical cone. This is a human disaster!!!!

It is time to change the US economy as Jesus Christ taught. Based on my theological science, the talents of the people who operate the US stable/unstable economy are irrational and ungodly.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Theological Science* and Economics 101

In yesterday’s blog, I showed that only three forms of economies are possible. I also showed that only one of these possible economies is true. The true one is an economy that grows continually. Yes, other economic forms have existed in the past before man found that God gave him freedom and before the USA was founded in1776. But, people in many nations are still not free today.

The founding of free nations is based on the social contract theories offered by Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. The founding of the USA was based on Locke’s theory which has two parties of the contract, ‘Society’ and ‘Government.’ The Declaration of Independence defines Society and the Constitution defines ‘Government.’

However, as time passed, these founding documents were violated by people and factions who gained and used power. For instance, Society was denied by lawyers; God was not considered in Government operations; the originalities of the founding documents were denied; the Union became divided; the Supreme Court became a second legislative branch of Government; a rich class developed; and a laissez-faire economy developed.

The power gains of people and factions in the USA thus caused the creation of the ‘stable economy’ rather than the 'growth economy.' The life in such an economy is limited because the natural resources on any planet are limited.

Obviously, the true economy is the only rational economy. It is the only economy of humans. The continuing debates today between the Democratic and Republican parties in the USA are thus silly and often confused. And the continued support by ‘Government’’ of unstable companies is not rational.

Some members of the rich class and other intelligent persons are beginning to recognize the flaws in a randomly stabilized economy. Other rich people and many poor people say that ‘this is the way the world works.’ They are wrong.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Theological Science* and Economics

In yesterday’s blog, I say that the true economy in any nation will be found in the symbolic world of the Spirit and will obey the Laws of Nature’s God. But, I also said that this true economy was already found by Lyndon LaRouche many years ago.

Since LaRouche’s true economy was never considered by the US government, the past and recent failures of the US economy were expected. The rejection of the true economy and today’s economic failures are caused primarily by economists and other people who do not believe in God. But, these economic failures are supported by today’s arbitrary national government, its Congress that creates arbitrary laws, and its Supreme Court that reject the original founding documents. When are the people of the USA going to wake up?

The world of humans contains only models of things. Such models are made with word statements or geometrical/mathematic statements. Today, the models of all economies are well known. For instance, the growing, or true, economy is modeled with a spiral that is winding upwardly from the vortex on the surface of a geometrical cone. Then, a falling economy is modeled with a spiral that is winding downwardly on the surface of a cone. It is headed to its death In the middle of these two very different economies is the stable economy. It is modeled with a spiral that is winding around a geometrical cylinder. Thus economy is neither growing nor failing but has the potential to grow or fall.

The US economists promote the stable economy. To achieve such an economy, economists try to stabilize the money supply and minimize its inflation. But this stabilization is not possible over long periods because the money supply can be increased or decreased in many uncontrolled ways. Unless the money supply is regulated, an economy can become highly unstable. Both the Democratic and Republican parties seek the stable economy but use different ways to stabilize it.

The true economy stabilizes only humans. To stabilize the life of all humans, the true economy changes money to become a means rather than end. With this simple change, the USA would become a goal-oriented nation. Goals stabilize the life of all US citizens and will make the USA a very beautiful nation.

Just like every goal-seeking human is very healthy, the USA will become more healthy with the true economy. Unfortunately, some US citizens gained enough power to steer the US economy away from God and the true economy. Yet God gave us an example of the true economy in a lower animal, the Spiral pomplius. See pic.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Theological Science* and Ernst Cassirer’s Symbolic World, VII

Cassirer’s world of symbols is a world only for humans. Thus, lower animals and nonliving things will not be found in the world of humans. This world is rather new and will not be understood by atheists and those religions that depend only on a new life in Heaven. All fields of art are familiar with this new world because they are accustomed to working with appearances and play. Scientists, who are not atheists, will understand it. And linguists will understand it they work daily with symbolic languages.

Unfortunately, today’s economists do not understand this new world because they believe that all economies obey the Laws of Nature and do not obey Laws of Nature’s God. For instance, in the 1930s, the Hoover Administration thought that the depression was natural and that the laws of Nature would stop the depression. This Administration was wrong. Since the laws of a natural economy have never been found, today’s economies usually obey the arbitrary laws made by powerful and political people. Such people often rely on professors at Harvard University, Stanford University, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Does an economy for the world of humans exist, that is, one that obeys the Laws of God’s Nature? I believe such an economy exists. It was found by Lyndon LaRouche years ago. But, his economic ideas were never considered because the ‘boat of good life for some people would be rocked.'

Isn’t it time to look deeper at some of the ideas that are moving between people today? Further, materialistic and atheistic ideas will not fit the new world of humans.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Theological Science* and Ernst Cassirer, VI

In his writing on the concepts of Spirit and Life, Cassirer says that all lower animals respond immediately to their senses but that humans respond only mediately to their senses. I agree with Cassirer. This is why I reject Darwin’s theory of evolution and say that this theory must be removed from all US educational systems.

When all humans are distinguished from all lower animals, one finds agreement with some religions. For instance, Christians speak of God but also speak of the Son of God. They say that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. However, I noticed that Jesus Christ spoke of the Son of man twice in Ch. 24 of Matthew. His word seems to say that all humans and he are the Son of man and that all humans are Sons of God. So the separation of humans from the lower animals agrees with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

In my book, I say that the teachings of Jesus Christ are of a divine origin because many of his teachings are ‘new ideas.’ My book defines a new idea as a turbulent idea that reveals many new consistent ideas and is an idea that has never been heard before by man. However, more evidence is needed if one wants to prove scientifically that God must appear in our world and did as Jesus Christ.

The mediation process of humans is the time we take to reflect about the things we sense. Our reflections are complex because we express intuitions with symbols that must have a meaning. But our reflections are twofold. First, we can reflect on the world in which we live to develop knowledge of its Laws of Nature. These laws guide our daily lives. Second, we can also reflect on the other world that God made for us. This world is guided by Laws of God’s Nature. The founders of the USA say in the Declaration of Independence that two different worlds are guided by Laws fo Nature and Nature's God .

In his paper on the dualism of Spirit and Life, Cassirer says nothing about the end or purpose of Life or about conquering the Laws of Nature. Instead, he speaks of retreating into the world or unreality, into the world of appearance and of play, where the world of reality can be conquered. So, he speaks of the aesthetic education of Federich Schiller (1759-1805) who was the poet of the American colonists. Cassirer saw Schiller’s work as the most fundamental writings on modern anthropology.

Isn’t it time to build a real world in the United States and all other nations?

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Theological Science* and Ernst Cassirer, V

On page 6 of my book, I present a scientific proof of God. This proof begins with ‘all finite things,’ which exist in our world. Using Plato’s negative, I say that all finite things come from an infinite thing. This infinite thing is God who unifies all opposites. In this proof, the concepts ‘finite’ and ‘infinite’ are shown to coexist. The infinite world of God is thus connected to our finite world logically. So, what-is-in-God’s-world must be denied in our world and what-is-in-our-world must be denied in God’s world.

In Part IV of my book, I use spiritual atoms to unify and connect God’s world to our finite world. When spiritual atoms are embodied, all finite things are formed. My spiritual atoms are equivalent to the Spirits of Cassirer. And when spiritual atoms are embodied, these embodiments form Life and the infrastructure of Life.

Cassirer connects the concept of ‘Spirit’ to the concept of ‘Life’ the same way I connect God’s world to our world. Like the logical relation between God’s world and our finite world, what-is-posited in the world of Spirit must be denied in the world of Life and what-is-posited in Life must be denied in the world of Spirit.

The energy of God and all finite things and the energy of Spirit and Life can now be seen clearly. I can thus say that the energy of all finite things and Life must be defined as physical energy. Cassirer says that Spirit has no physical energy. But he says that Spirit has some kind of energy. He refers to Spirit’s energy as ‘formative energy.’ I believe that God also has ‘formative energy.

Cassirer says that the formative energy of Spirit is actual but only in Spirit. In Spirit, formative energy is used to create a world of images. These images are created in Spirit by reflecting on sensual observations and using symbols and their meanings. Unlike the lower animals, Spirit does not act immediately to sensual observations. I believe that the formative energy of God creates all of the images that Spirit is able to conceive.

Based on the above discussion, the basic nature of man is still unknown by our religions, scientists, logicians, atheists, and governments.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Theological Science* and Ernst Cassirer, IV

When he was Chairman of the Commission on the Bicentennial of the US Constitution, Warren Burger said, "For 200 years this Constitution’s ordered liberty has established the energies and talents of people to create a good life." Such a statement is more proof that the US Supreme Court never understood the phrase ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God’ in the Declaration of Independence. Also, the Court does not seem to understand dialectical thinking.

On pages 857-880 of ‘The Philosophy of Ernst Cassirer,’ a book of The Library of Living Philosophers, Cassirer writes about the free life of spirits. But, he does not place human spirits with those lower animals and nonliving things that will produce effects only from causes of the Laws of Nature. Human spirits are free and can live in other worlds as well as in the organic world of the lower animals and nonliving things. So, the ‘eye of Cassirer’s mind’ sees Spirit and Life as a permanent war. Today, this war is called the mind-body relation.

If Spirits in the USA seek the Laws of Nature through science and seek the Laws of Nature’s God through rational reason, these Spirits would be in harmony with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. However, if the energies and talents of these Spirits produce only a good life, the Spirits could be in disharmony with these founding documents. The good life that Burger speaks about is too vague. Such a life must be defined precisely by the Supreme Court. As some judges say, the Supreme Court must open a permanent Socratic dialogue with the representatives of the people. Further, the three branches of the US government must begin to work together rather than concentrating on the development of political power. This change should be of interest to the two US presidential candidates.

The concepts, Spirit and Life, form a permanent pair of opposites for my theological science. But logicians and atheists would say, ‘you can’t do that’ and would reject the coexistence of these opposing concepts. And they would charge Cassirer with using non sequiturs. It is time to correct the thoughts of our scientists, logicians, and atheists on many subjects including the spiritual world.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Theological Science* and Ernst Cassirer, III

Cassirer was a dialectician and followed the positivism of Plato. This is why intelligent people in the advanced nations are showing deep interest in the works of Ernst Cassirer. To recognize this interest of people, see the listing of his writings on (Click)

Because Cassirer brought his thoughts into the USA long ago (in 1942), I ask, ‘Why are US citizens and the institutions of the USA not using or considering the thoughts of Cassirer?’ I conclude that Cassirer’s thoughts should be active in the minds of our presidents, judges, and representatives by this time. Once a person understands Cassirer’s work, that person will conclude that the US government and the US science are aging rather than developing. My thoughts say that the dialectical thinking of Cassirer is being blocked in the USA by some religions, all atheists, most physical and life scientists, and all logicians, naturalists, evolutionists, and naturalists.

How can any US citizen block the thoughts of Cassirer when he unified the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. These two laws were included in the Declaration of Independence by the founding fathers of the USA. He showed us this unification after he and his family rejected Hitler and left Germany. After living in England and Sweden, they came to the USA in the summer of 1942. He died suddenly in April 1945. Thus, in less that three years, this Jewish man showed Americans how to use the Laws fo Nature and the Laws of Nature’s God, how to stop wars, and how to build a real world peace. But US scientists, US religions, and the US government still do not understand these two laws. Nor do they understand the contents of the Declaration of Independence.

When unified, these two laws give US citizens their real freedom, gives US citizens a really representative democracy, and gives US citizens the really basic principle of change. Only with dialectical thinking can a democracy be promoted worldwide with success.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Theological Science* and Ernst Cassirer, II

After presenting a scientific proof of the existence of God in Part I of my book, I turn to the subject of knowledge and our bodily tools of knowing, the brain and vocal tract. Without these tools, the consciousness of our Spirits could not exist. After introducing Ernst Cassirer and his historical research on mythical cultures, I discuss how Plato and Aristotle formalized the different ways of knowing. At the end of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance began, modern science emerged. But after empiricism and rationalism could not be unified by Kant and Newton’s Universe had to be rejected by Einstein, knowledge became a confused subject.

Of importance in the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa concluded, with ancients, that we can approach divine matters only through symbols. On p. 39, of my book I report that Cassirer and many other linguists discovered, in the 1920s, that scientific matters can be approached also only through symbols. But, the 1920 discovery was not found until1941 by Susanne Langer. (See page 21 of Langer’s book --- Philosophy in a New Key. ) As of 1941, we thus knew that our brains and vocal tracts use symbols to develop the consciousness and the world of every human.

Obviously, symbols have many implications. For instance, the symbolic world of a criminal and an uneducated person is very different from a godly and educated person, Further, we are not animals who obey all laws of biology. Only dogs, birds, etc. obey all of them. While we need physical energy to move from place to place, we hold a symbolic form of energy in our thoughts and use them at will. So, the world in which we live is very different from the physical world taught or proposed by parents, religious leaders, physical scientists, life scientists, and atheists.

Every nation in the world is suffering from ignorance of the 1920 discovery. At this time the US government must act immediately to correct this awful error. Only the works of Ernst Cassirer and Susanne Langer are needed to retrain US government workers and US school teachers. Other nations are urged to retrain their people also. Modern scientists might also study Cassirer’s book --- Determinism and Indeterminism.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Theological Science and Ernst Cassirer, I

Today’s events, such as the CERN atom smashing, the Middle East wars, the Islamic suicide bombing, the poor-rich economies, and the diminishing sources of energy, are proofs that the minds of the people of the Western world are no longer developing. Instead of developing, Western nations are falling backwardly only to eventually become equivalent to past mythical cultures that existed thousands of years ago. The great historian, Ernst Cassirer, would say that this fall is the result of the inability of man to rise above the conscious level of ‘archaic logic,’ a form of logic that unifies ‘thought’ and ‘language’ and closes the mind. Jesus Christ’s teachings on mind warned such a fall.

Theological science can recognize the great work of Cassirer, the teaching of Jesus Christ on mind, and the particular and root cause of the Western world human problems.

Theological science concludes that the fields of science, atheism, and logic are particular causes of this fall. They cause this fall because they limit the development of man’s consciousness to archaic logic (sensual data and logic). With this limit, they cannot develop any metaphysical knowledge about things in themselves!!!!

In the 1920s, Cassirer and other Western world linguists concluded that sensual data are primarily symbolic. It is clear to theological science that most scientists, atheists, and logicians have never heard of the 3 Vol. Book by Cassirer on "The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms." Nor have most of them heard of "The Philosophy of Ernst Cassirer" produced by The Library of Living Philosophers.

Unfortunately, these scientists, atheists, and logicians help to form the new ‘me generation,’ which began in the 1970s. Today, this destructive generation has become godless. Its godless myths control many Hollywood activities and TV entertainment. And its members have little interest in the history of great thinkers such as Ernst Cassirer. It seems clear that this new generation is the root cause of today’s wars and those Western world human problems I mentioned above.

When will our colleges and universities begin to teach the truths about our symbolic languages, their relations to our minds, and the development of consciousness beyond empirical data and logic?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Theological Science* and a Report of the Atheistic Atom Smasher at CERN

Today, AP reports about the 17-mile tunnel atom smasher of the European Organization for Nuclear Research. This smasher is expected to come closer to re-enacting the Big Bang, the theory that a colossal explosion created the universe. The Big Bank theory requires that God does not exist, that Nature created man, that man is a purely physical thing, that man’s freedom is a physical effect as a result of a physical cause and is thus unreal, and that man does not think. As a nation under God, how can the US government support such a ridiculous scientific experiment when it has many other national problems?

The world’s physicists are developing scientific theories that contain contradictions. The Big Bang has a contradiction. With theological science and in my book (The First Scientific Proof of God), I say that the origin of all finite things must be an infinite thing or God. The Big Bang is not an infinite thing.

Biologists and physicists lack knowledge about their own minds. For instance, they are unaware that their mind is a thing. It thus has a ‘nature’ like all other things have. The nature of the human mind is consciousness. A hidden form of consciousness was found by Helen Keller when her teacher spelled the symbol ‘ w-a-t-e-r’ on her right arm while her left arm was sensing the water flowing from a water pump. The teacher lifted Helen’s mind to a new form of consciousness above her consciousness of the sensual data of her left arm.

Biologists and physicists must lift their minds upwardly — above sensual data and logic. Obviously, the time dimension is blocking the development of the minds of many humans.
* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with thoughts about God.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

UFOs Over Russia

In August, objects, like UFOs, were observed in the sky over Russia. (click)

I conclude that the work of UFO’s is one form of miracles that a perfect God uses to intervene in the best created world. This best world was created when God decided to give all creatures independence. I assume that God gives the greatest ‘potential’ intelligence to that species that will receive the greatest independence. Since I believe that man received the greatest intelligent abilities from God, the ‘actual’ level of independence man develops will depend on the intelligence level that man has achieved at any time.

History indicates that cultures can develop problems when too few people are developing the potential intelligence of their minds. History has shown that intelligent cultures of the past have been destroyed eventually by armies of ignorant people. Examples are the Atlantis culture in Europe and the Inca culture in South America. Thus, I wonder whether the Russian UFOs are investigating the intellectual level of all cultures on planet earth.

The presence of UFOs seems rational because I conclude that man’s mind on planet earth is not developing properly. So, I believe that the minds of earth people are stuck at the level of logical thinking. Beyond logical thinking, some earth people have developed analogical thinking and dialectical thinking. But, too few people are developing such advanced methods of thinking. My blogging efforts show that logicians are promoting logic today in all life sciences. The social conflicts, wars, and use of drugs today are a sign that the human mind is degenerating on planet earth.
God does not need to change the laws of nature when he intervenes.

Interventions of God are needed by God only when man does not develop the moral laws of God. Interestingly, the founders of the US mandated the ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’ The people of the USA are developing the scientific Laws of Nature but are not developing the moral Laws of Nature’s God. To God, the USA might have lost its spirit of world leadership.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Theological Science,* the Language of God, and Miracles. III

The development of the DNA Code by Francis Collins (under President Clinton) can be compared with the development of the fingerprint and voiceprint systems. These systems developed for law enforcement work. When I was a member of the research staff of the National Institute of Justice, US Department of Justice, the FBI developed a minutia fingerprint system, which extended the Henry System, and I evaluated the voiceprint system.

Unfortunately, the fingerprint system and the voiceprint system cannot prove exactly the origin of the print of fingers or the print of voices. Both systems are error-prone because no thing in the universe can be reduced to its physical origin. So, the use of data from these systems without other data explains why innocent people can be imprisoned.

The DNA Code represents all DNA of the human species. This code, which is extracted from the cell of the human body, represents the hereditary code of life. However, any cell in our bodies is just another thing in the universe. Thus, no cell can be reduced to its physical origin. So, like the fingerprint and voiceprint system, the DNA Code is error-prone that cannot be removed. The DNA code is thus misguiding our medical care system and is also misguiding our children’s education by teaching Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

After I retired, I wondered why law enforcement tools cannot be perfected. I found this answer when I proved that the origin of all finite things is an infinite thing, which we call God. This proof is found in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God.’

In a nation under God, the current law enforcement tools must be changed. Instead of merely ‘proving crimes,’ justice must ‘prevent crimes.’ This means that new law enforcement tools are needed. These new tools must focus on the human mind and its flaws. With these new tools, law enforcement and school teachers will become unified. But, these new tools already exist because these tools can be equated to the Laws of Nature (or sciences) and the Laws of Nature’s God (or morals). The US founders have placed these two laws in the Declaration of Independence. Doesn’t the US government read the founding document anymore?

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Theological Science,* the Language of God, and Miracles. II

In this blog I expand my thoughts on the DNA Code. The claim by Dr. Francis Collins that the DNA Code is the language of God can be questioned because believers in God, such as Collins, have not developed thoughts that are consistent with a monotheistic God. For instance, if one observes things in the universe and concludes that all of these things are finite, then this person must conclude that their origin must be an infinite thing.

Thus, if man develops a symbolic language to define all proteins, then this symbolic language belongs to man and does not belong to God. This is consistent only with a monotheistic God who creates ‘images’ of himself. Thus, when one defines any protein with a symbolic language and assumes that this symbolic language is part of God, this person is supporting atheism because atheists say that the universe is the sum of its parts.
Further, no created images of God are identical. So, proteins can be similar but never identical. So, the DNA code can be questioned.

Atheists have rejected God because they do not want to deal with the complexity of God’s creation. But, many believers in God also do not want to deal with the complexity of God’s creation. Instead of dealing with the complexity of the universe, these believers pray for a savior and a life in Heaven after death. The rejection of God and the idea of Heaven have become man’s greatest errors.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Theological Science,* the Language of God, and Miracles, I

Dr. Donald Ryles, the blogger of the Paranormal Page (click) tells us that Dr. Francis S. Collins, the author of ‘The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief, ‘ will republish his 2006 book again in September 2008.

I read Collins’ 2006 book. As the head of President’s Clinton’s Human Genome Project, his book is about the DNA Code, which he says is the Language of God. With this saying Collins accepts Darwin’s evolution theory. Since Collins believes that God exists, he also believes in miracles.
Theological science would not accept the idea that the DNA Code is God’s language because a monotheistic God in one and infinite and has no parts. Without parts, how can a finite language such as the DNA Code be the whole and only wisdom of God.

Theological science accepts a one and infinite God. By accepting this God, all created things are finite. In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I show that God creates finite things by unfolding an infinite number of indivisible spiritual atoms, which can be called Spirits or Souls. To form visible finite things, the spiritual atoms will relate to each other spiritually. This spiritual relation occurs before the dominate spiritual atoms begin to be are embodied. These embodiments define genera, species, and individuals. So, Darwin’s biological evolution must be rejected.

Since a monotheistic God is incomprehensive, nothing can be known about God other than his existence. In my book above, I prove scientifically that God exists. Thus, we cannot know God’s wisdom beyond knowing God’s creation and its creatures. Thus, miracles are possible. One miracle is God’s creation out of nothing. However, by studying the creatures that God created, we can increase our opinions about God. But, since we cannot know everything about all creatures, our opinions about God will never be perfected.

It is time for all people of the world to unify as God wants. The continuation of poverty, sickness, wars, hoarding, evils, etc. must stop.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Theological Science,* Wars, and the Eternal Life of Souls

Today, in The Journal, the general newspaper of Martinsburg, WV, carried the weekly syndicated writing of Charles Reese of Orlando, FL. In his article, Rerse’s opening says that our ‘Generations discover sin for the first time.’ With this opening, Reese is saying that war cannot be the first step in the process of any war. Instead, he says that diplomacy must become the first-step in any warring process.

I agree with Reese but offered advice to him on the subject of life after death. This advice is offered to my letter to Mr. Reese below.

My Letter to Mr. Charles Reese
Dear Mr. Reese:
I enjoyed your article on "Generations discover sin for the first time." I believe that my book on "The First Scientific Proof of God’ and my website could help you talk more about the subject of life after death.
In my book and on my website, I use the work of Gottfried Leibniz quite often. When I describe God’s creation in my book, I use the work that Leibniz describes in a Bobbs-Merril/Library book titled ‘Monadology.’ However, I refer to his monad as a ‘spiritual atom.’ The term ‘spiritual atom’ is a scientific name of the fundamental stuff that is used by God to create all embodied things. A spiritual atom is identical with the names, Spirit and Soul, which are used by many religions.

So, you are correct to say that the Soul is no longer related to the dead ‘body’ after death. But what happens with the Soul after death? I answer this question by saying that all Souls are immortal and become related instantly to a new body. This body is forming based on the specific organizing principle of each different Soul. So, life in God’s creation is a continuous process. So, I show that life never ends. This is consistent with God, who has no end.

Religions do not like what I am saying. But I am a scientist and hold on tightly to scientific thinking. But my studies of Jesus Christ indicate that Jesus would agree with my work.

Sincerely yours,
George Shollenberger

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Theological Science* and the Destructive Judicial Branch of the US Government

I hope that you had lots of fun duringn the Labor Day holiday.

My last blog on the subject of theological science and the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God shows that the judicial branch of the US government, the Supreme Court, is highly destructive because it has authorized women to murder their conceived children. Perhaps, this authorization came about because some religions speak of the life of a child in the womb of a woman as consisting of tri-minsters. But, theological science rejects the concept of tri-minsters because the concept of a new human occurs in an instant after which the development of a child is based on a natural law that man has not yet identified. With the theological science, which is a science under a monotheistic God, the teachings of religions and the rulings of the US Supreme Court are inconstant with a monotheistic God.

It is clear that the division of the Union into believers and non believers by citizens and the US Supreme Court is increasing confusion in the minds of ‘the people’ of the USA.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with thoughts about God.