Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, November 30, 2013

339. God and the Universe Have been Found

I found the truths about God and the universe recently.  But these truths will be found only in one nation. I will reveal this nation soon in my next book.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

338.Living Correctly

The people of China say that Li is the Grand Void. This means that God is an immense space and contains all particular essences. This space leaves nothing empty. This space was developed thoroughly by  Confucius. Thus, Chinese say that God is everywhere and everything is in God. All of my books agree with China's Grand Void. So, the Chinese  and I must reject most physical scientists, Isaac Newton, and all atheists.

Physical scientists and atheists are quiet about their rejection of God.  They challenged my first book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God' for more than a year. I never heard them again. A debate between Gottfried Leibniz and Isaac Newton on the meaning of 'space' was also avoided by the empiricists of England. (click)  But,when 'space' was united with 'time' by physical scientists, these godless scientists say that the universe had a beginning and will have an end.

I have rejected the godless universe of the physical scientists in all of my books because I found that all created souls became functionally related and were moved by the least action of of God. But Gottfried Leibniz also rejected the space that was defined by the physical scientists and the atheists.  To Leibniz, space is not a substance, which has parts. Thus, Leibniz says that space orders all things that coexist. Thus, all things  depend on God every moment.  So, Leibniz says that the universe has a pre-established harmony.

If physical scientists, atheists, and other Americans do not become godly, I say that very big wars will come into existence before the sun darkens, as Jesus spoke at Matt. 24. Since God is absolutely perfect, I say that our heaven and earth is always perfect even when the sun darkens. So, we must learn how to live correctly rather than learning how to live only on wealth.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

337. China and Many Other Nations Are Far Apart

Continuing my discussion of the God of China, Leibniz says that China's God (Li)is pure, motionless, rarefied, and without body or shape. From Li comes virtues such as piety, justice, religion, prudence, and faith. Li is thus the sole cause that always moves Heaven in uniform motion and gives stability to the earth.

Accordingly, China does not accept the Big Bang theory. Nor does China accept the billiard ball universe of Albert Einstein, the physical atoms of England, the materialism of the USA and Russia, and the deism and religion of Judaism and Islam. Outside of China, Li agrees mostly with Christianity.

In China, the Supreme is called the Supreme Unity because as the number series. Unity is the basis but is not a number series. So, the Supreme Unity cannot be divided into parts. Yet, all finite things in the universe can be divided. This is where U.S. mathematicians become confused because they do not understand the differences between the uncountable infinities that God makes and the countable infinities that we make. I accepted God only after I concluded that the word 'not' will not move my mind to God.  I had to use the 'not-not finite' in order to find God. I still lose God with bad words when I say wrongly that God's perfection does not exist in our world..  The truth is that God has made a perfect universe.

Unless physical scientists and mathematicians do not begin to hunt for  God, the gap between China and the USA will continue to grow. To bring China and the USA together, the U.S. Congress must sit down and think deeply about this world of God. My books will open their minds.

Monday, November 25, 2013

336. Spirits and Bodies

Gottfried Leibniz's initial response to Christianity's inquire about China was on the subject of spiritual substances. Leibniz said that the Chinese recognized spirits and viewed them as separated and were apart from matter.

My books say that spirits are infinite in number and exist in dark matter. This form of matter is seen by our astronauts when they go into space. I also say that a Spirit becomes an Angel when God causes a functional relation between the Spirit and the sexual activity of a male and female human. If a relation develops, the Spirit is given a body. Since only God is bodiless, Leibniz says that a Spirit is never entirely stripped of all of its matter. I agree because I say that body death will cause the Spirit to fall into the dark matter.

I conclude that the God of the people of China is very similar to the God I develop in my three books. The God of China also agrees with Leibniz's writings on Christianity. The  physical science in the USA, England, Russia, etc. is mostly atheistic and is not like China, my science, Leibniz's. science or the thoughts of Ben Franklin's immortal souls.  So, the politics of the USA will not work well with China.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

335. Fixing the USA With the God of China, Christianity, and Gottfried Leibniz

My study of the 'Discourse of the Natural Theology of the Chinese' by Gottfried Leibniz says that the God of China is 'Li' and moves the Heaven in a uniform motion forever. Thus, the Chinese God is identical to the God of Anaxagoras, Plato, and Jesus. When he saw this identity, Leibniz wrote the 'Monadology' in 1714 and then died in 1716.

When Leibniz died, he was so out of favor with England that neither George I, nor any fellow courtier other than his personal secretary, attended the funeral. Even though Leibniz was a life member of the Royal Society and the Berlin Academy of Sciences, these organizations did not honor his passing. Thus, Leibniz's grave went unmarked for more than 50 years. But the angels of God can go to work on fallen leaders such as Leibniz.

For example, did Ben Franklin help to mark Leibniz's grave in 1766? In Ben autobiography, I see that Ben went to Germany in 1766. In June 14 through August 13, Ben became a member of the Royal Society of Sciences at Gottingen. As a member of this Society, Ben learned about Leibniz's writings on the immorality of the human soul. Ben also learned some doubts about the divinity of Jesus. Thus, when the U.S. Declaration of Independence (DOI) was made in 1776, Ben made sure that the God of China, the God of Christianity, and the thoughts of Leibniz, Ben's thoughts would lead the new Americans into a God that cannot be found in England. So, the separation of America from England was caused by China, Leibniz, Christianity, and Ben..

Unfortunately, this 1776 action was stopped after the assassination of Lincoln. It was stopped by a group of Americans. Some of these Americans are keen investors. Others are people who say that the DOI has no laws. In many blogs, I have said that the DOI has scientific and government laws. Senator Rockefeller is one person who says that the DOI has no laws. The coding of laws by lawyers might also be saying that the DOI has no laws. When the DOI was interpreted incorrectly, the USA lost its God. With the loss of God, human freedom becomes absolute and ugly. It is time to bring God back to America and fix it with the God of China, Christianity, and Leibniz. With my three books, the USA can change quickly.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

334. The Binary Math of the Chinise

I am currently studying the 'Discourse on the Natural Theology of the Chinese.' This theology was written by Gottfried Leibniz and became a Monograph of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy. No. 4 at the University Press of Hawaii.

My major interest at this time is China's binary mathematics.  I used this binary math for the first time in the field of telemetry in Baltimore in the early 1960s. This binary math would replace many analog systems with digital math.  With my binary math telemetry system, John Glenn would be launched and float around the earth safely. In about 15 years, my binary math telemetry system would find its way into Microsoft Corp., the work of Bill Gates, and many computer systems.

Leibniz says that the binary math of China was developed 4500 years ago. During this ancient period, the binary math would be used by China to develop theological and scientific truths. I conclude that Leibniz learned  about the life of humans in China. So, I say that Leibniz's Monadology and Leibniz's history of China must be studied by many intelligent American so that China and the USA can be compared.

Based on Leibniz's study of China, I say that many people of the USA have lost God completely. I am also saying that the God of the people of China is the God that I have found scientifically.

Friday, November 22, 2013

333. U.S. Astronomers Are Incorrect

In my newspaper today, I am told by astronomers that a 'Monster' cosmic blast zipped harmlessly by Earth. They say that it was the biggest and brightest cosmic explosion ever witnessed. The article said, 'Had it been closer, Earth would have been toast. 'The only bigger display astronomers know of was the Big Bang and no one was around to witness that.

These U.S. astronomers are atheists, godless, and are trying to weaken the minds of humans who believe in God.

The proof of God by me says that all things in the universe are finite and come from God. Thus. finite things can be sensed better and better as time passes but can never be sensed completed. My dialectical mind says that all sensed things originate only from an infinite God, who is one and cannot be sensed or reasoned. Thus, the Big Bang, which was never sensed, never existed because, if it had existed, God had to be its origin.

So, the minds of these astronomers and the astronomers of NASA are incorrect about the universe and its creation by God. These astronomers are misleading the people of many nations.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

332. China and Its Yin Yang Principles

China was a major civilization in 3000 B.C. Three major periods developed as follows (1) the sage kings lasted through the 19th century B.C.; (2) Confucius and his successors lasted from 6th through the 3rd century B.C.; and (3) the modern period of the Non-Confucianism, with its criticism of Buddhism, began in the 11th century A.D..

So, when Gottfried Leibniz studied China in the late years of the 17th century, he found that the God and universe of the Chinese was identical to the God and universe, which was proposed by Anaxagoras in 500 B.C., confirmed by Plato, and was taught first by Jesus

But the Chinese went further than other nations on science. China moved forward with the yin and yang principles. For example, the yin principle denotes female, passivity, receiving, descent, darkness, valleys, earth, etc.. And the yang principle denotes male, active, giving, ascending, light, mountains, sun, etc.. Two lines (__ ___) is the sign of female. And one line (____) is the sign of male.

In my books, I develop many yin/yang opposing concepts with dialectical thinking. So, I expect China to move into the future faster than the USA and other nations. I don't expect the USA to move forward at all because most U.S. politicians do not seek knowledge of God or the universe. Their minds do not use scientific thinking.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

331. Natural Social Relations Are Unknown

While China, Russia, and the USA seem to becoming the first large nations of a true and active God, they are not seeking natural social relations of the Little Gods other than relations of varying levels of wealth.

When a very wealthy person dies, our minds are not able to know that this person has been given a new body by God. Nor can our minds determine that our souls have become wealthy or has became poor.

So, I say that natural social relations are still unknown by all nations.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

320. Response to Billionaises

On Sunday, the '60 minutes' program spoke to billionaires. (click) These billionaires said that they wanted to turn over a large amount of their wealth to useful projects.  But the billionaires feared that projects might fail.

A project that will not fail is my third book on a new active God and a new science of the endless universe that God created.  This book can change the future life of all people on this planet. This change will happen because new truths of God and the universe have been found.  Furthermore, this new change will also produce other important projects that become necessary from this change.

George D. Shollenberger

329. A CommonThought of Hegel and Lenin

In the 'Reader In Marxist Philosophy,' Lenin writes about Hegel and says 'Logic and the theory of knowledge must be derived from the development of all physical and intellectual [natural and spiritual] life.' I conclude that these words of Lenin seem to say that intellectual life is natural and spiritual. 

I say that Lenin meant that 'the natural intellectual life is all 'infrastructure', which is functionally related to the spiritual intellectual life.' 

Accordingly, the natural intellectual life forms an infrastructure, such as planets, suns, and the bodies of humans. And the spiritual intellectual life is only the souls of all humans.

If my interpretations of Lenin are correct, Russia, China, and the USA would becoming the first large nations under a true and active God.

Monday, November 18, 2013

328. The Goodness or Badness of Socialism

In my blog yesterday, I say that two groups of many people see Einstein's universe as coming to an end. One group says that the universe only has  mechanical things.  The other group says that the universe has mechanical things and living- social things. So, if the living-social things are eliminated, only mechanical things exist and all people can say that the universe is materialism.
Today many people reject socialism because they believe that their freedom will be lost. Marx, Hegel, and Lenin solve this loss by giving humans intelligence and a spiritual life.  This spiritual life is called socialism and is currently being defined by nations.  On the other hand, many Americans are rejecting socialism in order to save their freedom by their minds. This freedom is secured with a military.
Since I say that the universe does not end, the goodness or badness of socialism will be found only in God. My blogs will help you. But concepts. such as socialism, should not be sold before its meaning can be defined through the acts of God.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

327. My Third Book

My third book will become available soon. My third book is very new because it is different than physical scientists. social scientists, all religious leaders, political parties, and atheists.

My third book says that scriptures are not coming from God because we cannot know God.  If God is one and is not finite, we know that God unites all opposites. For example, many different opposites are taught in schools by teachers. And God creates the universe with many opposites. Since this universe is seen in the evening sky, we also know that God is active and never rests. Thus, we know that the universe is continuous, never comes to an end, and will exist forever. It is with God's activities that humans are able to develop new understandings of God forever. It is with dialectical thinking that we find cause/effect relations and learn the way God is making the universe.

Accordingly, I must reject Albert Einstein's general theory of the universe because he said that the universe has a beginning and end. In the Parmenides dialogue, Plato shows that the oneness of God always has 'other' things like us. Thus, God and universe is one.

Many people follow Einstein. But these people split and form two different groups.  The first  group says that all things in the universe are mechanical or nonliving things. The second group says that nonliving and living things coexist and form social relations. In these two groups, logic guides the first group whereas logic and dialectics guide the second group.

My third book says that these two groups are ungodly because economists do not include God's activities into their thoughts. In the USA. economists have brought the opposites rich/poor into the universe in which God made all humans equal. And in Europe, economists have brought the opposites bourgeois/proletarian into the universe.  My third book says that all nations, all families, all Little Gods. all animals, and all plants can be made very equal. Since God gives us a new body after we die, it is not natural to make these economic opposites.

Finally, my third books also says  that dialectical thinking leads to true and false concepts and  right and wrong concepts. So the religious leaders must expand their teachings to science and morals. Political parties must also develop dialectical thinking. But atheism is in trouble because God exists and will act forever.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

326. Dishonest Statements

My blog yesterday shows that the U.S. will develop socialism eventually and that social relations will be developed by the Little Gods of a panentheistic God. So,many statements which say that President Obama is Marxist are turning into dishonest statements..

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

325. Souls and Socialism.

The following statement is repeated often on the Internet. This statement is untrue

"Barrack Hussein Obama is determined to turn America into a Marxist-socialist society. We all need to pull together or watch the demise of a free democratic society. We need to seek the truth and take action for it will keep us FREE. Our biggest enemy is not China, Russia, North Korea, or Iran."

These words are made by a person who does not seem to have a God, is a sensual thinker, and does not know the history of the monads and socialism. Note. The monads are known today as souls.

The Marxist-socialist society originated in China's Yin-Yang empirical/rational science and China;s moderate socialism. [Note. Moderate means average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree.]  Gottfried Leibniz studied China's God and science for the Vatican and found that China and Christianity have the same God and builds China with the moderation of Yin-Yang concepts. The Yin-Yang science and socialism of China was brought to Germany by Gottfried Leibniz, where Leibniz expanded China's science and socialism with an popular paper called 'Monadology.'

At Leibniz's time, England was developing the science of empiricism and rejected rationalism,   When Ben Franklin learned about the work of Leibniz, Ben brought Leibniz's science and socialism to America. Thus, Ben caused  the separation of America from England.

Karl Marx developed Leibniz's monads and socialism for Germany.  And Hegel developed German Idealism based on Leibniz's monads and socialism.  Then, Lenin used Hegel's work to build the monads and socialism of Leibniz in Russia.

If the USA rejects the monads and socialism of Leibniz, many people of the USA will again become slaves. Unfortunately, the people of  the USA are not learning about moderation.  Their teachers only talk about 'money.' Furthermore, the statement about Obama is incorrect because the development of socialism is well beyond the period of Marx.


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

324. Making a Nation More Perfect.

My third book on a panentheistic God and God's endless universe could be available in the next two months. My book will say that the knowledge of an endless universe cannot be completed. Thus, incompleteness (click) will be found in any new program for all citizens in every nation.  This is why the U.S. founders said that the government must form a more perfect union.

So, the U.S. Congress work is very clear on all new service programs such as Obama care. These problems will be solved only by functionally related mathematics.  Obama care has problems because only a finite number insurance companies exist for all U.S. citizens. To make a more perfect Obama care system, Congress must go to work to make functional related insurance companies. These different companies must learn the needed care of each patient..

If governments do not develop programs with functional related programs, the development of programs will follow the ignorance of scriptures but will also create absolute freedom in the mind of every human. Only God's freedom is absolute.

Monday, November 11, 2013

323. The History of My First Book, My Second Book, and My Third Book

To conduct more research on God and the universe, I started to develop blogs on Google on June 9, 2006 after my first book, The Fist Scientific Proof of God, was published by AuthorHouse. Thist book proved the existence of God. The physical scientists and atheists debated my proof of God but failed because science cannot prove nonexistent things. On June 2010, my proof of God’s existence was gaining support and was published by Scientific God Journal in Volume 1 Issue 4.

I continued research after making my first book and started to learn more about God and the Universe. Since my first book informed me that God cannot be known. I concluded that God must be one. If God is one, I conclude that God has no parts, like the parts we have. So, I distinguished God from us and all other created things. When I learned that God is one and cannot be known, I concluded that God is unknown but must act because God created the universe. So, although we cannot develop knowledge of God, I found that we can develop knowledge of the acts of God.

With science, I can say that God is ‘inactive and unknowable.’ I also say that God is ‘active and knowable.’ With these four scientific concepts. I am able to understand God better. Technically, these four concept use dialectical opposites (or both/and opposites) rather than logical opposites (or either/or opposites). This way of understanding God led to my second book, ‘A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design of An Active God.' It was published by AuthorHouse in June 2012.

However, my second book will also say that Abraham rejected pantheism, developed monotheism, and said that God is one. But my second book will also show that the Old Testament was being challenged by Greeks after Anaxagoras said that God and the universe is one. Thus, the Greeks were saying that God and the universe had no beginning and has no end. Further, in his Parmenides dialogue, Plato was also saying that ‘one thing’ always has ‘other things.’ Furthermore, when I researched the Old and New Testaments, I learned that the Old Testament teaches deism. On the other hand, the New Testament and the teachings of Jesus are aligned to the Greek panentheism rather than deism. So, I conclude that the Jews had Jesus killed after he came home from Greece to teach panentheism.

Today, humans speak mostly about deism, theism, and atheism. But soon after I made my second book, I began to conduct research on a panentheistic God and His universe that has no end. After eighteen months of research, I produced hundreds of blogs and will make a third book. This book will change every nation and every Little God.

I unify science with theology and capitalism with socialism. As the founder of ‘The Panenthistic Church of Jesus,’ I say that this church will become the greatest scientific and moral teaching organization in the world.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

322. Learning God and His Universe

Today, the minds of humans worldwide are divided by empiricism and rationalism.  Because of this division, the leaders of nations and their military men no longer know what to do, how to function, or how to coexist without wars. If change does not occur, life will become very dull, strange, or undesirable.

To tear apart the tight controls of empiricism and rationalism, I say that scientists and religions must open their minds to learn the panentheistic God and the endless life of the universe.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

321. Empirical Thinking and Reasoning

The U.S. Declaration of Independence says that ‘all Men are created equal.’ But our minds are not equal because some humans have become empiricists whereas other humans have become empiricists/rationalists. The pure empiricists say that experiences of the senses produce facts and become the only source of knowledge. On the other hand, empiricists and rationalists say that the exercise of reason (rather than experience, authority, or spiritual revelation) provides the primary basis for the expansion of human knowledge.

Thus, the empiricists also say that knowledge can be completed because the universe comes to an end. So, some religions follow empiricism because they expect to go to Heaven after death. However, rationalists also say that knowledge can not-be-completed because God is eternal and created a universe that has no end. So,other religions follow rationalism because they expect to be reborn by God after death.

The two theories cannot be true. So it is time for all humans to polish their minds to find the only theory above.

Friday, November 08, 2013

320. Atheism Is Guiding the U.S. Senate

Yesterday, the U.S. Senate OK's gay rights bill banning discrimination. This new right violates the panentheisic God because God creates all souls and gives each soul a body only through a male and female process. This U.S. Senate OK indicates that most Senators do not know the acts of God and the scientific laws in the Declaration of Independence.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

319. My Research and NASA's' Space Work Are Coming Together

Seven years ago, I proved scientifically that God does exist. Slowly, this new proof is being accepted widely. Eighteen months ago, I went deeper into this new God and confirmed scientifically that this God is panentheistic and created a universe, which has no end.

For this last eighteen months, I also learned how this panentheistic God works and how this universe  works. I am in agreement with the recent findings of NASA's work with Kepler' spacecraft. Our timing might be good because I am now working fast to record my latest blogs on this new God and His very different universe.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

318. All Humans Will Live Forever

My today's newspaper reports from NASA that 'planet earth may have company.'  As I  said in my first book, God exists and is making a universe that has no end. We are here forever.  Jesus taught Matthew this endless universe in the New Testament at Matt.5:19.  When will humans and religions wake up?

Monday, November 04, 2013

317.All Humns Must Learn the Panentheistic God

While the USA, Russia, and other nations have nuclear power, their fission power is dirty and is causing unnatural health problems in the bodies of humans, animals, and plants. So, I say that nations must turn their thoughts and science to a panentheistic God so that all humans learn that the power of all nations must become equal with democracies.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

316.The Obamacare System

The Obamacare system in the USA is now joining other nations, which are also making health care systems. Since the Obamacare system will care for all Americans, as time passes, such systems will form more perfect or more equal nations. As other new systems develop for all humans, the Little Gods of God will be preparing to leave this planet when our sun begins to darken. Jesus warned us about the death of our sun in the New Testament in Chapter 24.

Friday, November 01, 2013

315 The Differnce Betwem the USA and Russia

Under God, all Little Gods are different.  This might explain why Edward Snowden is now living in Russia. I conclude that he went there because he sees the real difference between Russia's democracy and the U.S. democracy. Russian's democracy is following the work of Jesus, Galileo, Leibniz,  Marx, Hegel, Lenin and the oneness of capitalism and socialism whereas the U.S. democracy is following the pure capitalism,  in which money has a 'beginning and end' and has no natural social relations. Since all humans are reborn after death, Russia will lure most of the 'big thinkers.'