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Saturday, June 30, 2007

A George Shollenberger Report on the USA As an Indivisible Nation Under God

This report shows the degeneration of the USA from an ‘indivisible nation under God’ to a ‘divisible nation of rulers without God.’ This degeneration occurred in about 90 years after its founding in 1776.

The USA did begin in 1776 as ‘an indivisible nation under God.’ This beginning was guided by the work of England’s John Locke on the theory of ‘social contracts’ in 1690. His work on social contracts is found in ‘The Second Treatise of Government’(See The Liberal Arts Press, 1952, Editor, Thomas P. Peardon). Let me show you how this indivisible nation under God was founded and guided by Locke’s social contract.

Locke’s social contract has two contracts. (See Introduction, p. xvi, of the Second Treatise and National Archives Publication No. 70-13). One contract, society, was instituted with the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Locke calls this society a civil society and distinguished from a political society. The second contract, government, was instituted with the Articles of Confederation on July 9, 1778. Then, to create a more perfect union and strengthen the national government, government was instituted again with the Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787.

With Locke’s dual social contract, the indivisibility of the USA became a reality because the two contracts of the social contract were united into one body of common laws and judicature. See Section 87. So, the founding of the USA created a togetherness among ‘the people’ who want to be governed and govern themselves by giving government some of their rights. But, this beauty changed because a major judicial error was thus made by not bringing the Declaration of Independence into the body of common laws. Without the Declaration of Independence, the indivisibility of the ‘society’ and ‘government’ was broken. The impact of this error was great because it simultaneously (1) destroyed the indivisibility of the USA and (2) removed God from government.

However, in time the impact of this error would grow. This growth can be seen in two of the four conspicuous features found in Locke’s social contract. (See Introduction, pp. xv-xvi). The first two features are of interest to all US citizens today. One feature is to preserve natural freedom as much as possible. Men surrender only the right of enforcing the laws of nature. This means that the laws of nature’s God, which are moral laws defined by the Declaration of Independence, must remain with society (the people). Since the people can act only through representatives, the laws of nature’s God can be determined only by Congress. But, how can Congress identify laws of nature’s God when God was removed from government?

The second feature excludes rulers from government. A ‘trust’ must be established so that government acts solely for the common good of society. However, both the trust and common good were lost. Further, rulers, who primarily have their own interests, entered into the affairs of government after the assassination of Lincoln. With Lincoln’s death the US economy was changed from the American System of economy to British System of economy (laissez-faire).

I do not believe that the judicial error and its cause of degenerating the USA were planned by any person or persons. I also believe that the error was never corrected because the field of law conceives all laws as a result of‘some authority. So, the field of law apparently recognized the US society as an ‘authority.’ However, this field did not recognize society as ’one of two parts of a whole.’ This error must be corrected before the USA falls too far apart and causes another Civil War.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Plato’s Proof of God

The writings of Plato (427-347 B.C.) are becoming of increasing interest to people in the Western world. Interestingly, Western Christians had lost Plato for about 1700 years and had to recover his writings from the Eastern Christians during the Italian Renaissance. Today, the Republic is the most popular writing of Plato because it deals with ‘society’ and ‘government,’ the two primary components of the social contract theory of England’s John Locke’s. His theory was used by the founders to define the US society (with the Declaration of Independence) the US government (with the Constitution). Plato’s Parmenides and Timaeus are popular to theologians and scientists who deal with God and the universe. Plato’s Parmenides is the focus of this blog and focuses on the symbol ‘one.’ In the field of theology, ‘one’ is viewed as an attribute of God. And in the field of physics, ‘one’ is viewed as an attribute of the universe.

Plato begins his analysis of ‘one’ at 137c. There, he says that if there is a ‘one,’ it will not be ‘many.’ Thus, ‘one’ cannot have any parts or be a whole. Without parts, ‘one’ cannot have a beginning, middle, or end. Without a beginning or end, ‘one’ is without limits. Without any limits, ‘one’ has no shape and is not either round or straight. Thus, it cannot be in another thing or in itself. He shows that ‘one’ is neither at rest nor in motion. He also shows, that ‘one’ cannot be the same as another thing or be other than itself and the ‘one’ cannot be like or unlike another or be like or unlike itself. Showing that ‘one’ cannot be younger or older than itself or another, Plato says that ‘one’ has no time and does not occupy any stretch of time. Therefore, at 141c, Plato says, the ‘one’ in no sense is. Here, he merely means that our senses cannot know the reality of ‘one.’ Below, Plato shows how the ‘eye of our mind’ can know the reality of ‘one.’

To find the reality of ‘one,’ the eye of mind must be used. Plato uses the eye of his mind to develop a hypothesis about ‘one.’ To create this hypothesis, Plato asserts that "one is" (at 142b). He restarts the analysis of ‘one’ and completes the analysis (at 160b). There, he concludes saying, ‘if there is a ‘one’, the ‘one’ is both all things and nothing.’ So, the eye of his mind has found new knowledge that our senses could not. Plato seeks more knowledge by developing a second hypothesis by asserting that ‘one is not’ (in 160b). Plato completes this analysis (at 166b) saying, "if there is no one, there is nothing at all." So, if God is ‘one,’ Plato has shown that God exists. H also shows that without one, nothing, exists, including God.

Plato shows clearly that atheism is a false belief. Thus, atheists must prove the rights they are claiming in the USA, which is a nation under God. Further, the causes of the failures of science today can be explained by the tendency for scientists' claimed rights under atheism. Plato also shows that the removal of God from the US government is a major judicial and political error. Government in the USA must also prove their rights to support atheism.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Gap Between God and All Created Things

Despite today’s knowledge we have of an infinite gap between God and man, Religion creates weird theologies, and scientists create weird cosmic and atomic theories, and biologies hang onto Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Below, I discuss this gap, which has been discussed by me in Part IIb of my book, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.

Mathematicians and scientists from Galileo through the 1960s accepted an infinite God even though they could not determine God’s infinity. However, in the 1970s, mathematicians and scientists refused to accept scriptures as a proof of God. This refusal, the new mathematicians and scientists either dropped their faith in the Western world God or accepted the God of the Far East. With this refusal, the new mathematicians and scientists would accept only the mathematical infinite, which is also known as the 'bad infinity.'. For example, the set of integers (1, 2, 3, ...etc.) Is a mathematical infinite because it has no highest integer and is thus incomplete and imperfect.

Why did personalities from Galileo through the 1960s accept an infinite God? The answer is in the 15th century work of Nicholas of Cusa. Nicholas tells us that every inquiry into the unknown proceeds by means of a comparative relation. Accordingly, the concept ‘finite’ is necessary to develop knowledge. But, the necessity of the concept ‘finite’ has the following consequences --- that the infinite. qua infinite, is unknown, that the absolute truth is incomprehensible, and the absolute maximum (means not greater) in incomprehensible. The reason Galileo, et al had faith is because the completed infinite is God’s infinity and cannot be known.

Although, God is not knowable, God can be recognized because an unbridgeable gap exists in between ‘what is really finite’(things in the universe) and ‘what is really infinite’(God). Seeing God is possible with the eye of the mind. For instance, when a finite physical body is divided, the parts approach the absolute minimum on an asymptotic path, the division is never completed because the gap cannot be crossed. Only the eye of humans can recognize this gap.

In Figure IV.1, p. 222 of my book, I show how an electrical engineer distinguishes real things in the universe from objects of our minds, and from God. In this figure, the S-plane has real and imaginary numbers. God is not on the S-plane but limits it at the center point and at the circumference line of the S-plane. The center point is a limiting zero-point. It is thus a spiritual thing. The circumference is a geometrical line that limits the S-plane. The engineer can add mathematical infinities and zero-points anywhere in the S-plane in order to change the reality of the thing being created.

Without a spiritual world and the gap between God and all finite things, the engineer could not create. The recent failures of the field of physics is proof that physicists do not recognize this gap. So, it is time for the new mathematicians and scientists to recognize this gap.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Falsifying My Scientific Proof of God

I found the following words in my Encyclopaedia Britannica: 2006: CD

"As has been conceded by all competent philosophers of science and even by the greatest scientist- philosophers of the century --- Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schröödinger, and others --- there is no straight logical path, no standard recipe, by which to move from the data of observation and arrive at scientific theories (of their origin)."

So, let me present the path I used to prove the existence of God.

God is verified ontologically by Nicholas if Cusa by negating all positives in the universe. With negation, any positive become not finite or infinite. These infinities are beings in our minds. However, since all finite things are realities in the universe and have not been destroyed, they must have their origin in a higher being. This higher being is God. With a second negation, we can identify God as the coincidence of infinite and finite and that all opposites coincide in God. Nicholas also shows that absolute maximum and absolute minimum coincide in God. The implication is that maximums and minimums are relative in the universe. Another implication is that the opposites found in the universe are relative rather than absolutely different. In the universe all opposites are thus functional relations not logical relations.

The pic of Karl Popper provides a way to manage scientific theories when 'all things' are being considered and cannot be verified. His way is known as falsification. My proof of God cannot be verified scientifically because 'all finite things' cannot be counted. But, this proof is scientific because it can be falsified by four independent theories: (1) by proving that the Big Bang theory is true or by proving that the Big Bang theory is not a logical contradiction; (2) by proving Darwin's evolution theory, (3) by proving that the Yang-Mills physical particle theory, which is 'asymptotic freedom" for physical particles, is false, and (4) by proving that all zero-points fields are physical.

To falsify my proof of God the Big Bang scientists must prove the origin of the exploding particle; Darwinists must prove that life originates in physical matter; physicists must prove that Yang-Mills 'asymptotic freedom' is not asymptotic; and physicists must find a true physical atom.

Since I conclude that these falsifying theories will never be proven, I conclude that it is time for all nations in the world and atheists to 'bite the bullet' on the subject of God.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Mystery of Sequiturs and Non Sequiturs

I searched for the concept sequitur (and non sequitur) in my Britannica 2006 CD. My search brought no response. Nor did I find it when I searched on 'philosophy of logic.' Does anyone have a book title for me?

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Theory of Reincarnation

Reincarnation, which is also called transmigration or metempsychosis, involves the rebirth of the soul in one or more times. Souls are found in humans, animals, and some vegetables. Reincarnation is popular in Asian religions, some Middle Eastern religions, Manichaeism, Gnosticism, and today’s religions such as theosophy.

In primitive religions, the soul leaves through the mouth or nose. In southern Africa, the soul stays near the grave and then seeks a new resting place in a human, mammalian, or reptilian body Ancient Greeks believe that a preexistenting soul survives bodily death and is reincarnated in a human or other mammalian body, eventually receiving release from the cycle of birth and death and regaining its former pure state. Plato believed in an immortal soul that participates in frequent incarnations. Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism originated in India and believed in reincarnation. They believe in karma, the law of cause and effect. What one does in life has effect in the next life. By increasing good deeds the soul is freed from disciplines. Since truth liberates, they believe that a soul can escape from the wheel of birth and rebirth by being absorbed by God or losing all desires. Religions in the Western world do not believe in reincarnation. Instead, they believe that one has only one life on earth after which eternal life is given to them by God either in Heaven or Hell. This highly irrational belief is being dropped by many people in the Western world.

New knowledge today on a monotheistic God transforms the theory of reincarnation radically. In my book, one learns that soul (1) is a spiritual atom, (2)is always related to an infinite number of other souls (3) is never liberated from all of its body parts, (4) is never disconnected from any other soul, (5) can be absorbed or negated only by God, and (6) can never prove its preexistence because its infinity is forever changing and without a root cause. In this new theory of reincarnation there is no karma. Although souls might live together in one life, these souls will not know anything about their previous togetherness. Thus, honor must replace love when a person passes on.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Personal and Social Responsibilities to God

Since we are beginning to know God through science as well as scriptures, our role and responsibilities to God are becoming clearer. For instance, when we knew God only through scriptures, many people were taught to fear God and have faith. The objective of these students was to live morally so that God would judge them properly and reward them with an eternal life in Paradise. Based on this teaching, planet earth was viewed as a school for souls. This school taught the way to earn an eternal life in Paradise.

Today, this old teaching is changing because modern science shows that a monotheistic God and the creation were always together and will always be together. This togetherness forms a single world in which God and the creation exist forever. Thus, eternal life is no longer earned by humans because eternal life is an attribute of all humans. This attribute is known as reincarnation. Jesus Christ teaches reincarnation at John 3.3, ... Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. He is saying that the kingdom of God can be seen by our minds if we are reincarnated endlessly.

At John 14:12, Jesus Christ tells says, ... we will do the work He did and do greater work than He did. With these words, Jesus is saying that our knowledge grows endlessly. Science is the path to truth. It is the only path to knowledge. Since all knowledge is hidden initially, Jesus is really telling us that we have personal and social responsibilities to God because only the human specie is able to build knowledge about the kingdom of God. Personal and social responsibilities to God deal only with the production of knowledge of God’s kingdom. Accordingly, atheists, suicide bombers, criminals, the makers of ghettos, drug users, hoarders, landowners, warmongers, terrorists, etc. are thus irresponsible to God. Furthe, the limited resources mentioned by some people are currently hidden from our minds. Only new knowledge will find new resources.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Going Beyond Science and Theology and into Politics

As I said in yesterday’s blog, my book is much more that the proof of God. Thus, I discuss many subjects, including the political system of the USA. With respect to politics, the assassination of Lincoln again becomes the point of departure to understand the nature of significant US political changes after 1776. In the June 19, 2007 blog, I discuss the future of the USA. I also showed that Lincoln’s assassination marks the loss of the Union, the loss of God, and the loss of a self-sufficient nation. These losses bring forth England’s laissez-faire economy, which is a ‘one against all’ economy, a godless/arbitrary government, a godless/arbitrary political system, and arbitrary State’s rights. The Republic and its mottos and music was gone. Ben Franklin knew that we had to hold the Republic. But, we didn’t. So, today the USA is falling away, away and away with no certain security.

While I recommend courses of action in my book to return the USA to the founding documents in the long range, in this blog I want to recommend an immediate course of action for the upcoming election. Since both the Democratic and Republican parties have policies that are inconsistent with God and the Union. Thus, I will remain at the conservative and liberal levels of politics. At this level, I expect my recommendations to cause a political shift toward the Union. Clearly, political science is indeed a science. However, without God as the standard for measurement in every field of thought, only pseudosciences could be found.

Since the conservative party is more consistent with God and the liberal party is more consistent with atheism, the voter can cause the US political system to move toward the Union only through the conservative party. Thus, if a voter follows the liberal party, the voter can cause the US political system to move toward atheism. Thus, I am suggesting that US citizens vote for the Republican candidate this election and other elections until the Union and a single political party exist.

The long range recommendations in my book will rid the conservative party of any inconsistencies that it might have now with God. Under God, there is no need for a two-party political system. So, nothing lost if the liberal party degenerates. For this reason, I believe that a major portion of the liberal party could move to the conservative party after reading my book. If so, only real atheists will remain in the liberal party. The 2008 election could be a surprise and a landslide for the conservative party. Fortunately, I believe that a political shift away from atheism will reduce and eliminate terrorism because the terrorists are followers of a monotheistic God.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Don’t Blame the Blue Collars for Today’s USA and World Troubles, I

Yesterday’s blog, ‘A True History Never Told Before,’ does not end in a happy way because future events in the USA and the rest of the world are troubling and growing. But, we can’t blame these troubles and growth on the Blue Collars. The White Collars, whose education is expected to lead all nations and solve their troubling situations, must accept the blame for today’s US and world troubles. There must be sound reasons for this unhappiness. What our these reasons? Below, I present one reason why the White Collars are creating troubles for the USA.

History tells us that human troubles appear when new uncertainties appear in a culture. With new uncertainties the security of people decreases. For instance, the fast change in crime rates in the US in the late 1960s removed people off of the streets and in their homes where they can watch the best TV programs. In response to this crime rise, in 1968, the White Collars created a new federal crime fighting agency, the Law Enforcement and Assistance Administration. Now, look forward and to a new and worldwide crime — terrorism. In the USA, terrorism began in NYC on 9/11/01. In response to terrorism in 2003, the White Collars created another new crime fighting federal agency, the Homeland Security Department.

Now shift your thoughts for a moment. In June 9, 2006, my book was published based on a proof of God. In July 2006, atheists started an effort to destroy my book, its proof, and my character. For eleven months, they continued their atheistic effort by challenging me on my website. Not satisfied, in May 2007, five atheists expanded this atheistic effort by submitting negative reviews on my book on These reviews are not even scientific and are by non scientists. They didn’t even read the book and its contents. Instead, they focused their criticism on one page in the book (my proof of God). Then, they criticized the way I wrote the book. Don’t we have free speech anymore? Their reviews were political, for atheism, rather than scientific.

My book is much more than a proof of God. No atheist that I know can understand the depth of this book. Even if an atheist reads it, most of them will not understand the scientific and theological contents of the book. However, in my book one will also find solutions to both the crime and terrorism problems. The efforts of atheists against me are thus hiding solutions to today’s world problems. I discovered these solutions after I retired. But, after this discovery, I began new research. In this research I studied the teachings of Jesus Christ to determine how well my proof of God aligns to His teachings. I found that His teachings are aligned perfectly to my theory of God. But, I also found that He teaches the same crime solutions that I present in my book. This research revealed many other ideas that are found in my book. So, the atheists are blocking the flow of many ideas to Americans.

Today’s atheists are White Collars. Should we investigate them to insure that they love the USA? Or do we allow them to continue to destroy our solutions and the developing USA idea structure?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A True History Never Told Before

This true history is a drama. Kenneth Burke would say that life is a series of dramas. And Shakespeare would say that life is play within a play. Burke uses five analytical factors that form a grammar of the motives of people. I am not an expert on Burke’s analytical method. So, I hope a Burkean might look at this drama. The five factors are as follows: (1) acts (what is done), (2) scenes (when or where is the act done), (3) actors (who did it), (4) means (how the people did it), and (5) purposes (why a person acts).

Act I. The drama begins on July 4, 1776 when the American colonists built a new and governed society. This new society would be based on the two-party, social contract of England’s John Locke. The founders defined one party as the new society with the Declaration of Independence. And, the founders defined the other party as the new government with the Constitution. Then, something went wrong after the Lincoln assassination because the Constitution became a permanent part of the US body of laws whereas the Declaration of Independence became a part of these laws only through the Lincoln Administration. The Supreme Court must explain this unusual truth to ‘the people’ immediately. The founding documents clearly tell us that the USA was going to develop a self-sufficient Union under God. However, even though 98% of the USA citizens are believers today, a self-sufficient Union under God was never developed by the government after the Lincoln assassination. It seems that Supreme Court allowed the purpose of the USA to be changed by private interests without approval of ‘the people’ of the new society.

Act II. During the first presidency of George Washington, the colonists begin to build a self-sufficient Union. Alexander Hamilton and the Federalists began to develop manufactures with the funding help of the federal government. The First and Second National Bank (1791-1811) and (1816 - 1836) are created to support this funding. But, Patrick Henry and the Anti-Federalists, which were led by John Adams, opposed a strong national government because the manufactures were making a rich class of industrialists. So, the Anti-Federalists began to promote States’ rights. They gave the States rights by amending the Constitution with the Bill of Rights in 1791. However, under God, only humans have rights. Man cannot give rights to creations made by man. All States’ rights are violating the ‘Laws of Nature’s God.’ These laws are identified in the Declaration of Independence.‘ Then, in 1801, Thomas Jefferson becomes president. He thought that the new society should build a nation of farmers. Further, the free traders in the new society wanted to build a trading nation as England did with ships. From 1809 to 1829, Presidents Madison, Monroe, and John Q. Adams and his VP, John C. Calhoun, continued to support nationalism and the idea of a self-sufficient Union.

Act III. In the 1820s, the 1776 discussion of the founders on slavery would become public. The Southern producers of cotton for England’ textile industry needed low-cost labor and wanted to make slavery legal. As the VP under Andrew ‘Old Hickory’ Jackson (1829-1837), John C. Calhoun lost his interest in nationalism and was expressing his new interest, on States’ rights. Calhoun rationalized slavery as a property right of humans under God. However, in the run for the 1861 presidency, Abe Lincoln viewed the Declaration of Independence as a part of the body of US law and concluded that God created all men equal. Calhoun died in 1850. But, the 1857 Dred Scott Decision of the Supreme Court also rationalized slavery by reinterpreting the statement --- that all men are created equal --- in the Declaration of Independence. In order to win the 1861 presidency, Charles Darwin’s book on the Origin of the Species was rushed from England to the Southern States in 1859. Fortunately, Lincoln won the 1861 presidency. To save the Union and the Declaration of Independence, Lincoln prepared the Emancipation Proclamation. It made slavery illegal. He also opened the third National Bank in 1863 to standardize the nation’s banks. After the Civil War, Lincoln reconstructed and industrialized the South. He was assassinated in 1865.

Act IV. After the presidency of the Unionist, Andrew Johnson (1865-1869), the Republican party took control of the White House until 1885. Then, the Republicans and Democrats played see saw for control of the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Today, these political parties still play see saw with the life of Americans. But, after the Lincoln Administration, the Union and the idea of a self-sufficient nation under God died away. However, these deaths would cause the USA to return to England’s arbitrary and godless government and England’s laissez-faire economy. In other words, history must show that the US Revolutionary War became a purposeless event.

After Lincoln’s death, a permanent rich class and poor class began to develop. The first rich class was formed by the so-called ‘Big Families.’ (Astors, Morgans, Rockefellers, etc.). This rich class sought wealth in industries and the natural resources, such iron, steel, coal, oil, etc. The ‘gold standard’ of the1870s and the 1913 central bankers of the Federal Reserve System helped to make the rich class. A middle class would not appear until WWII ended and the GI Bill of Rights would educate many Americans. However, the poor class would lead to new and undesirable human behaviors. For instance, going West for gold met the gunslingers. And in the 1920s, the first organized criminal activity emerged. By 1929, the second economic depression appeared. But, WWII was only a decade away.

Act V. WWII required the USA to build a ‘gun economy.’After the war economists concluded that WWII doubled the US economy in five years. They say that this gun economy doubled the living standards. But, what did this doubling produce. By 2005 (60 years), the life of an American moved from the life presented by the Little Rascals, who enjoyed to smell the apple pies on the window of homes in the 1930s to the life to day of mature children, many who have no purpose in life. Some of them have become child molesters and rapists. Others are filling our prisons, stealing credit card and scamming seniors. Today, we hear of depleting oil, high pump prices, high home costs, school murders, and Internet pornography. And we always seem to be in some war. We had a cold war, a Korean war, a Viet Nam war, an Afghanistan war, and terrorism. Now we are involved in an Iraq war where suicide bombers murder people daily. Are we losing our world leadership fast after WWII?

The GI Bill of Rights produced new talents, new cars, and new music to American life in the 1950s. Then, in the 1960s, the life of Americans changes drastically. They experience the great space program and the landing on the moon. But, a drug problem developed, a very high crime rate developed, and CEOs, who serve the rich class and their children, are now part of the rich class. This accelerated growth of the rich class has already destroyed the meaning of money. Money has become both the end and the means. Today, the rich class is again destroying the middle class who had been built by the GI Bill of Rights.

In the 1970s, Americans experience new events such as high divorce rates, family busts, double-digit inflation, crack cocaine, and a resigning president. But, the 1980s, our sciences began to fail because God has been removed from the USA. Atheism is trying to influence intellectual groups and public educational system. It is also shaping the MINDSETS of the liberal movement and Hollywood.

Act VI. Where is this drama going? No American can answer this question. However, Americans can answer this question if they return to God, begin to build a self-sufficient nation under a monotheistic God, and develop peace treaties with all other nations who do believe in God. In my book, I prove scientifically the existence of God. I believe that our founders knew that someone would find God eventually. I show that a monotheistic God is slightly different from some of Western world religions teachings. But, these differences are minor. More importantly, all Western world religions can now unify with ease. This unification, as my book shows, will make life beautiful in the whole Western world. If the path of this drama is not changed, irrationalities will grow and new wars will be certain. These wars could b very ugly.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Amazon Can No Longer Protect an Author and a Book from the World's Atheists

In the month of May 2007, four atheists decided to stop the propagation of my book by submitting book reviews to Amazon. Without even reading the book, these atheists fabricated lies upon lies about me and the book. Amazon looked at their reviews and said that they do not meet Amazon guidelines. So, Amazon removed all four reviews. But, all but one of these atheists resubmitted their same reviews and their reviews reappeared on Amazon. Such resubmissions are now possible because Amazon's costs of checking reviews against their guidelines became too high. So, an author must be aware of this Amazon problem.

One atheist did not resubmit his review after Amazon removed it. Clearly, this atheist respected Amazon's decision to remove it. But, three reviewers, had no respect for Amazon's decision and resubmitted. The atheists who resbmitted are Darby Bask, utahrc, and bookjunky. As seen, only one of four of these theists have respect for US business decisions. Interestingly, the three disrespectable reviewers and Klooster have no intellectual abilities to even read my book. I thus conclude that atheism is a very troublesome belief system for any nation because some atheists are aggressive and disrespectful and are thus dangerous. The effort of these US atheists against me and my book is not healthy, in general, for the USA. As seen, atheists also tend to form conspiracies and thus do not respect the freedom of speech that the US Constitution gives us.

I do not know whether any of these reviewers are terrorists. But, this experience of mine informs me that the USA should not open world trade freely without making sure that the US security is maintained. Amazon's book review process has lost the security needed by authors. Amazon has thus become vulnerable to atheism and terrorism.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Some Thoughts and Acts of Atheists Are Dangerous

Yesterday, I gave an award to the atheists for adding the useless symbols, sequitur and non-sequitur, to the dictionary. I conclude that they would not have made this addition were they aware of two significant historical events. I discuss these events in my book. The first event was the work of Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) and his failure to unify the ‘facts’ of the empiricists and the ‘reasoning’ of the rationalists. The second event would discover the way to unify facts and reasoning beginning in the 1920s. After Kant, the field of philosophy was silent for 220 years.

The 1923-1939 findings are recorded by Susanne K. Langer in her book on ‘Philosophy in a New Key.’ The contributing personalities are as follows: The Meaning of Meaning by C. K. Odgen and I. A. Richards (1923); Symbolism and Truth by Ralph Munroe Eaton (1925); The Philosophy of Symbolic Forms by Ernst Cassirer (3 vol., USA version,1955); Language, Truth and Logic by A. J. Ayer (1936); Symbol and Existenz der Wissenschaft by H. Noack (1936); The Logical Syntax of Language by Rudolf Carnap (1935); Philosophy and Logical Syntax by Rudolf Carnap (1935); Meaning and Change by Gustav Stern (1931) Symbolism: Its Meaning and Effects by A. N. Whitehead (1927); Foundations of the Theory of Signs by Charles W. Morris (1938); Seele als Ausserung by Paul Helwig (1936); Lapensee concrete: essaisur le symbolisme intellectuel by A. Spairer (1927); Zeichen, die Fundamente des Wissens by R Gatchenberger (1932); and Language and Reality:The Philosophy of Language and the Principles of Symbolism by Wilbur M. Urban (1939).

I conclude that WWII has added about 90 more years to those 220 years that silenced the field of philosophy. However, WWII also silenced the books above because these books are currently collecting dust in our libraries. This dust prevents the development of symbols and their use in our languages. In my book, I discuss symbols and the 1920 discovery in hopes of cleaning the dust off of these books. So, when five atheists entered negative reviews on my scientific proof of God on Amazon’s Internet book store, they will also stop me from urging the USA to develop symbols. These five atheists didn’t even read my book beyond the proof of God. In my book, I show that all sciences will come to an undesirable end if symbols are not developed. The failures of many sciences today are caused by the lack of development of symbolic talk languages and symbolic science languages. The failures we are seeing today in science are really signs of undesirable future human conflicts, wars, diseases, etc.

Atheistic thoughts and acts can be dangerous. Thus, all atheists must think more deeply about the negatives that they wish to bring to the USA and the world.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Prices of My Book at Three Internet Book Stores

authorhouse (click)
hardcover: $18.95
paperback: $14.95

Barnes&Noble (click)
hardcover: $27.95 ($22.36 member)
paperback: $22.95 (20.65 member)

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The George Shollenberger Award

My wife suggested that an award be given to those who add the most useless words to our dictionaries. I thought about that for about a second and said, "Great idea."
So let it be known to all on this website that I award all atheists with "The George Shollenberger Award" for adding the most useless words, sequitur and non-sequitur, to our dictionaries.

Sequiturs and Non-Sequiturs Are Concepts of Atheism, Not God, III

I am coming to the conclusion that the use of the concepts, sequiturs and non-sequiturs, is limited to atheism. This means that 98% of the people of the USA does not use these concepts. More specifically, they seem to be used on the atheistic theory of Darwin’s evolution and that theory of artificial intelligence that attempts to create a human machine. This attempt is atheistic and aligns to Darwin’s evolution. I came to this conclusion after a few atheists played words with me on the concept that many people call MINDSET.

Atheists believe that they do not have a soul. But, I believe that all people have souls. The souls are perceiving spiritual atoms, which I use in my new and modern creation theory. When our souls receive a body, the body forms many organs for the body, including a brain. And when a soul is born, the MINDSET must begin and develop. Let me present my own theory of the MINDSET.

The initial step of the MINDSET development occurs when the soul perceives Mother. However, to conceive Mother, the soul must have the organs to develop the MINDSET. The soul’s ability to perceive, and the ability of the body’s organs to develop the MINDSET, can distinguish and unify the different facial gestalten (or wholeness) that Mother expresses in her face. With Mother’s smile, for instance, the baby learns to smile back to Mother. This unity and the Mother’s gestalten differences form the beginning and growth of the MINDSET. Then, when a person dies, almost all of the MINDSET and almost all of the body becomes disconnected from the soul. Only a soul-seeding body remains and awaits for its 2nd, 3rd, 4th ... etc. reincarnation, perhaps to a higher stage of consciousness.

Now, I ask. How can any person believe that a mechanical robot is able to gain the intelligence of a human being? My answer is, only if that person is an atheist who does not know God.

Sequiturs and Non-Sequiturs Are Concepts of Atheism, Not God, II

I received this joke in an email yesterday. It is funny but also presents weaknesses in the use of talk languages and the use of sequiturs. In this joke, a talk language uses sequiturs. What caused this joke in Jim’s last statement, the talk language or the sequiturs? The answer is the sequiturs.

The Joke
Two old farmers, Jim and Bob, are sitting at their favorite bar, drinking beer. Jim turns to Bob and says, "You know, I'm tired of going through life without an education. Tomorrow I think I'll go to the community college and sign up for some classes." Bob thinks it's a good idea, and the two leave.
The next day, Jim goes down to the college and meets the Dean of Admissions, who signs him up for the four basic classes: Math, English, history, and Logic.
"Logic?" Jim says. "What's that?
"The Dean says, "I'll give you an example. Do you own a weed eater?"
Jim says,"Yeah."
The Dean says,"Then logically speaking, because you own a weed eater, I think that ; you would have a yard."
Jim says, "That's true, I do have a yard."
The Dean says, "I'm not done," the Dean says. "Because you have a yard, I think logically that you would have a house."
Jim says,"Yes, I do have a house."
The Dean says, "And because you have a house, I think that you might logically have a family." Jim says,"Yes, I have a family."
The Dean says, "I'm not done yet. Because you have a family, then logically you must have a wife. And because you have a wife, then logic tells me you must be heterosexual." Jim says,"I am heterosexual. That's amazing, you were able to find out all of that because I have a weed eater."
Excited to take the class now, Jim shakes the Dean's hand and leaves to go meet Bob at the bar.
He tells Bob about his classes, how he is signed up for Math, English, History, and Logic. "Logic?" Bob says, "What's that?"
Jim says, "I'll give you an example. Do you have a weed eater?"
Bob says, "No.
Jim says, "Then you're homosexual."

Sequiturs and Non-Sequiturs Are Concepts of Atheism, Not God, I

I reviewed some books that I purchased since 1970 on the geometry of life. A popular book was "The Geometry of Art and Life " by Matila Ghyka, Dover Publications, 1977. This book is about Plato’s aesthetics on the beauty, harmony and proportion of all living things. Plato’s aesthetics are seen in the architecture of buildings throughout Europe. Plato’s aesthetics also applies to cosmology in that his famous five nested solids were used by Kepler to identify the harmonious orbits of the first five planets of our solar system. But, our cosmologists don’t seem to be interested in the geometry of the other planets.

As seen in the book of Professor Ghyka, curved lines, not straight lines, dominate Plato’s beauty. These curves are seen in the great work of Leonardo Da Vinci. Unfortunately, when a US business person makes a building, and must make it at the lowest cost, that person is forced to use straight lines. This form of economy destroys the beauty that was possible in a town or city. Modern economies do not build beautiful towns and cities. Instead, our towns and cities are ugly and ungodly.

Books on the geometry of life should be found in every family’s library for the children to read and study and get to know God better. Other books on the geometry of life are as follows:

Thompson, D'arcy, (1966) "On Growth and Form;" Cambridge University Press;
Hambridge, Jay, (1967)"The Elements of Dynamic Symmetry;" Dover Publications ;
Huntley, H.E.,(1970) "The Divine Proportion;" Dover Publications;
Stevens, Peter S., (1974) "Patterns in Nature;" Little, Brown & Co.;
Murchie, Guy, (1978) "The Seven Mysteries of Life;" Houghton Mifflin;
Cook, Theodore A., (1979) "The Curves of Life;" Dover Publications;
Williams, Robert, (1979) "The Geometrical Foundation of Natural Structure;" Dover Publications.

No sequiturs and non-sequiturs will be found in any of these books. The pic is of Plato. He is pointing to God.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

US Science is Either Stalled or Failing: A Major Problem for the US Government

Before I retired in 1994 from the US Department of Justice, I had a call from a man in California. He would also retire soon. We talked about the new scientists. He said that they are very different morally and lacked purposes of life other than earning as much money as they can. Today, I do notice on this website that many US scientists are atheists.

Apparently, the US field of science is becoming atheistic. This change is detected if one reviews the history of modern science following the Renaissance. Until the later decades of the 20th century in the USA, the modern scientists were believers in God. Using God in every project, they found hundreds of laws of physics and chemistry. The same can be said about the US field of mathematics who had been believers and produced the great 19th century progress in the field of mathematics.

My research informs me that the beliefs of scientists and mathematics began to turn toward atheism around the early years of the 1970s when President Nixon was pressured to reduce funding of the space program. This reduction put many scientists and mathematicians out of work. Because the physicists were not finding the physical atoms of the universe, it was also about 37 years ago that the field of physics announced its ‘standard model,’ a model that would organize the atom smashing findings of particle physicists into quarks. This realm of quarks is what a philosopher of science calls ‘the infinitely small.’ The infinitely small contains those low-mass organizations that satisfy our every day, physical needs for life on a planet. These organizations obey the hundreds of physical laws that I mentioned above. But, only some physicists and mathematicians are working on this standard model.

Instead of working on the standard model, some astrophysicists and their mathematical friends ‘went for the gold.’ This gold is expected to be found in the realm of thought known as cosmology, which a philosopher of science calls ‘the infinitely large.’ The gold is the ‘ultimate equation’ that explains a godless universe. The gold is sought by two projects. One is the Big Bang theory and the other is the string and superstring theories.

After finding my scientific proof of God, I learned that God is not being included in the standard model, the Big Bang theory, the string and superstring theories, and the ultimate equation. Without God, I conclude that these new modern scientists and their projects will fail. This means that useful productions of a whole generation of scientists will be lost.

In time, I learned that this atheistic work in the field of physics is funded primarily by the US government. I also learned that these projects would not be published if God was considered by the project personnel. This is when I began to study the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, and the social contract theory of John Locke. This contract theory guided the founding of the USA. In this study I found that the US Supreme court made a very big error with respect to the Declaration of Independence. The error is that the Court includes the Constitution in US body of US laws but not the Declaration of independence. By excluding the Declaration of Independence in the US body of laws, I concluded that the early Supreme Court either did not read Locke’s social contract theory or misinterpreted this theory. This error has major ramifications because it removes both God and religion from the US government when only religion has been denied by the founding documents.

The negative effects of this Supreme court error are expanding rapidly because government-funded projects in science are either stalled or failing. Today, there is little good news in the field of science. The stalled science projects are found in the life sciences. For instance, improvements in the fields of economics and medical care (cancer, etc.) are not coming. I conclude that the life sciences must separate from the physical sciences immediately. The failing sciences are the standard model, the Big Bang theory, the string and superstring theories, and the ultimate equation.

The longer this Supreme Court error exists, the more new US problems will emerge and the less security US citizens will possess.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Prices of My Book at Three Internet Book Stores

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The Negatives of Friedrich Hegel

In my June 5, 2007 blog, I discuss my scientific proof of God. In this proof I use the double negation, which reveals God. Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was a dialectician and follower of Plato, who was the first dialectician. Hegel’s work appears in the book titled, Hegel: The Essential Writings by Frederick G. Weiss. On p. 8, we see how Hegel uses Plato’s negatives. Hegel uses three negatives. Since all finite things have positivity and negativity, these oppositions struggle with each other in all things. Since this struggle occurs also in our bodies, one must manage the struggles, which we are able to manage, in order to maintain good health. So, take heed medical researchers.

Hegel’s first negativity is the negativity found in every thing in the universe. His second negativity is a process of canceling or abrogating the first negativity. This process reveals the second negativity with its positivity. Since the second negativity is a new positive thing that must be given a meaning. Weiss says that Hegel speaks of ‘absolute negativity.’ This absolute negativity, which is Hegel’s third negativity, is also a new positive thing. The third negation is thus God, who unifies all negative and positive things. Together, the second and third negation is called the ‘double negation’ or the ‘negation of negation.’ The double negation, who is God, is self-affirming. My scientific proof of God is consistent with Hegel’s dialectical thoughts.

Hegel also says, ‘The finite is not, i.e., is not the truth, but merely a transition and emergence to something higher. On p. 11, we see that Hegel denies the ultimate or universal validity of the principles of formal logic. Karl Marx rejected Hegel’s double negative because he rejected God. But, Marx does use the ‘negation of negation’ by saying that Nature negates its own negative. His use of negation of negation leads to his concept of ‘development.’ Mark’s concept of development led the Marxists to change Russia politically to the Soviet Union, industrialism, and socialism.

The negation of negation can also be applied to human life. For instance, to stop smoking, a person can negate all thoughts that are promoting a smoking habit. If they are negated, a new person with new positives and negatives will emerge. So the double negative is found everywhere in life. It even finds God.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Nature and Power of a Monotheistic God

All finite things in the universe cannot be originated by themselves or by the single finite energy source proposed by the Big Bang physicists. My scientific proof of God shows that an infinite thing is the one and only origin of all finite things. With this proof, one can learn three new truths. One truth is that God is one and thus monotheistic. The second truth is that God’s infinity is completed and thus determinate. The third truth is that this God cannot be exhausted.

Accordingly, God’s infinity is absolute. Thus, God’s infinity is not the highest transfinite number identified by Georg Cantor. Nor is God’s infinity identical to the mathematical infinities we find in the universe. In the universe, we will find only ‘finite infinities. All finite infinities are uncompleted and are thus indeterminate. An example of a finite infinity is the mathematical set of integers --- 1, 2, 3, ... etc. This finite infinity is uncompleted because it has no highest integer. But, the truths above tell us that God’s infinity is only one attribute of God. Since God is a completed infinity, God must have an infinite number of essential attributes. So, the nature of a monotheistic God is clearly seen as the greatest self-organizing thing that our minds can ever conceive. Thus, other gods do not exist.

One can now conclude that God has no oppositions. So, when we think about the symbols, infinite and finite, we immediately conclude that God unifies them and all other opposing symbols. We can also conclude that God and His universe form a single world and that a single scientific language will lead to all truths. Accordingly, a mediating world does not exist in between God and the universe. Thus, devils, demons, Satan, angels, ... etc. are nonexistences.

Further, the oneness of God and the universe tells us that God and the universe had no beginning and has no end because they have always been together and always will be together. With these new truths about God and the universe, the love of God replaces the fear of God and a second life in a Heaven or Hell becomes a myth. As seen above, the nature and power of a monotheistic are very different compared to what we have learned.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sequiturs and Non-Sequiturs

If you are a life scientist and a person tells you that you use too many non-sequiturs in your writings, walk away from this person because this person’s ignorance of the reality of life is showing. Atheists charge me continually with using too many non-sequiturs in my book. The chargers are made mostly by atheists who do not understand the true reality of life. Instead, they understand the false reality of life because they believe that our physical scientists will prove that life originates in those nonliving things that form a purely physical universe. Well, the physical scientists have not produced this proof. In fact, attempts to produce this proof have failed. More recently, the physicist’s string theories have failed. And, I would bet heavily that the physicist’s Big Bang theory will fail next. What is wrong with the field of physical science? This field spends lots of taxpayer money but is not effective.

A relation between nonliving things and living things has never been found by the physical scientists. I argue that such a relation will never be found because living things possess different degrees of knowing whereas nonliving things have no ability to know. In my book, I use knowing to distinguish living things from nonliving things. Their differences allow me to say that nonliving things function as an infrastructure for life. Thus, there is a togetherness between nonliving and living things. But, there is no relation between them. Gottfried Leibniz called this togetherness ‘a preestablished harmony.’ This togetherness becomes clearer in my book.

While waiting for physicists to prove a relation between nonliving and living things, the atheistic life scientists make the assumption that life is a machine. This living machine is a reduced version of the physical universe. As a reduced machine, atheists expect us to believe that human life is explained by laws of physics. Based on these laws, atheists demand that we use sequiturs to explain life. A sequitur means ‘a conclusion that follows from an inference.’ Using scientific words, a sequitur means ‘cause is followed by effects’ or ‘ effects are followed by a cause.’ A sequitur is thus a circular argument that is used to explain a machine or a nonliving thing. If one could go inside any machine, one could not find its initial cause or its last effect. As seen, sequiturs are used by God and engineers only to make machines.

Physicists have not been able to make living things because only God can make living things. Since, living things are not machines, they cannot be explained with sequiturs. Living things must be explained by non-circular arguments and non-sequiturs. They reveal the different functions or purposes that God gave to all living things. Life is thus filled with non-sequiturs and non-circular arguments because living things are not machines. In the real life of humans, a human cause cannot predict its effects. Nor can human effects be explained by a root cause.

In the USA, 2% of the people are atheists and 98% of the people are believers that God created everything. As long as the 98% of the people remain silent, the atheists will maintain their wrong political demands and will maintain their wrong scientific demands. With these demands, the development of human life will suffer. For instance, problems such as cancer, diabetes etc. will not be solved. Isn’t it time to tell the atheists that their political and scientific demands are ‘not even wrong?’ We now know that such demands are ‘completely wrong.’

Saturday, June 09, 2007

My Response to Ben Jammin (Isaac): See Amazon Customer Discussion on Scientific Proofs of God; In Sam Harris’ Book, "A Letter to a Christian Nation"

This dialogue will show you that the USA is becoming more and more godless because the Declaration of Independence was removed from the body of US laws by the US Supreme Court. This illegal action of the Court hides God from all US citizens and hides the important phrase 'Laws of Nature and Naure''s God' from our scientists. These laws have been hidden to the mind of Ben Jammin (Isaac). The dialogue begins below.

From: Ben Jammin (Isaac),

Well George. Since you are a scientist now, in your own make-believe world, I shall also join into your make-believe world. I think I am going to be God. Seems like a pretty sweet job to me. As my first order of business, I think I should make it clear to you that I don't exist. Now, since you are a scientist, it is your job to prove that I am not God. Notice, since you are a scientist, it is not my duty to perform any act that proves that I am God, since that would obviously not be science. Go to it, Mr. Researcher.

From: George Shollenberger, Author of "The first Scientific proof of God"

I have been a scientist for 57 years and am still working as a scientist because a real scientist does not retire.

It is obvious that you have not read my book and its proof of God. This is why your words are silly and irrational. You can get my book at Amazon. Its title is "The First Scientific Proof of God."

In my book, I say that God creates everything in the universe. Thus, when a scientist finds anything in the universe and studies it, the study is not incomplete unless that scientist has also explained its origin (or cause). Thus, a real scientist does not merely explain phenomena with a law of nature. A real scientist knows that all laws of nature must also have an origin. The origin of all laws of nature is God, who is the designer of the universe. Thus, evolutionists are wrong to say that Nature is the origin of all laws of nature. Physicists are also wrong to say that a single ultimate physical law governs the universe.

You are not God because you are not the origin (or cause) of all things in the universe. To be the origin of all things, you must be infinite. One cannot say, "a finite thing can be the origin of itself and all other finite things." This is a contradiction. This is why the Big bang theory is false. Since you are a finite thing and are not an infinite thing, you cannot be God.

The problem with your thinking is that you are thinking only about one half of the world. This half is our finite world. But do not think about the other half, which is God’s infinite world. You think wrongly because your mind is governed by logical reasoning and cannot see a higher world in which opposites, infinite and finite, coexist. You mind is thus stuck with "either/or" reasoning because you have not developed the "both/and" reasoning. God gave every human the potential to develop both forms of reasoning.

My book also proves that God proves his own existence. He proves his existence by appearing in our finite world. My book shows that God appeared in our world as Jesus Christ. Accordingly, God exists in an infinite world and finite world simultaneously. The ancient people did not understand that Christ did not die on the Cross. He only passed on. Many modern people know that they live after death because they know that the origin of their spirit is God and can be destroyed only by God.

God is also the origin of all scientists. God can measure the mind of any scientist because he made the minds of all humans. Thus, every day you (and all other people) are informing God of your mind’s status. Your words tell me that your mind is becoming increasingly irrational as each day passes. In other words, each day your mind is moving your spirit farther and farther away from God.

I am trying to save your mind. But only you can do that.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Some of Today’s Change Agents

The world is undergoing changes today. Some of these changes are major changes and are being promoted by major change agents. One example is the expansion of Islam and its major change agent is a Muslim known as Osama Bin Laden, Major changes are also occurring in the fields of science, theology, and religion. Below, I identify the ongoing changes in these fields and some of the new agents who are promoting change.

Three scientific theories are failing. We can expect drastic changes in the fields of physics and biology soon. One theory is the godless Big Bang theory proposed by the field of physics. It is opposed by many scientists and the LaRouche Group (see their writings). One new US change agent is the astrophysicist, Bernard Haisch. See his book, "The God Theory." The second theory is the superstring theory proposed by mathematicians and particle physics who decided to align themselves to the relativism and religions of the Far East. This theory is opposed by an increasing number of US mathematicians and physicists. One new US change agent is the mathematical physicist, Peter Woit. See his book, "Not Even Wrong." The third failure is the godless evolution theory proposed by the biologist, Charles Darwin. It is opposed by many religions and the US Discovery Institute. One new change agent is the biologist, Michael Behe. See his book, "Darwin’s Black Box."

The field of theology, which is the study of God, has become very weak with respect to methodology. But, its methods will change drastically soon. No longer can a theologian expect a second coming of God, the judgment of people by Jesus Christ, and the end of the world. The negative theology of Nicholas of Cusa will soon dominate all theological studies. Its change agents for Germany, Japan, the USA, and other catholic nations are led by the US American Cusanus Society (ACS). The ACS, which is aligned to the Catholic Church, is producing many new books about Nicholas. I discuss many of Nicholas’ thoughts in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God.

The glue that kept different religions together in the Western world is almost gone. The glue that still remains is Jesus Christ, fundamentalism, reformists, New Age, the Catholic Church, and the TV religions. The new change agents in this field are those people who are developing scientific proofs of God. General and particular scientific proofs are appearing. My proof is general and uses all phenomena in the universe whereas the other proofs use particular phenomena in the universe. Examples of particular phenomena are the human brain and the photon.

This blog on changes is important to teachers and parents who must make educational decisions for children.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Scientific Proof of God Causes Change in the Field of Religion, I

Until a scientific proof of God was found, believers in God had to depend on scriptures to guide their thoughts and behaviors. In the Western world, religious leaders also taught that scriptures are the inspired words of God. The scientific proof of God challenges this teaching because God exists alone in a higher world. This higher world distinguishes God completely from those things that God creates in our finite world. Accordingly, a physical gap separates God from all finite things. Unfortunately, this gap prevents God from guiding the physical fingers of people who make scriptures.

Although we cannot bridge this gap, God must bridge it in order to create finite things. We know that God crosses this gap because we see finite things everywhere. In my book, I show that God can cross this gap if He unfolds an infinite set of indivisible spirits. These spirits are the true atoms found by Gottfried Leibniz. These spirits combine and form an infinite set of bodies such as humans, suns, trees, dogs, water, etc. This is why we see finite things everywhere.

However, since God gives independence (or freedom) to all living things, God must also bridge this gap from time to time in order to guide the progress of the godly Kingdom He created in our finite world. By using one of the above infinite number of spirits, God can cross this gap. This is a special spirit. So, when God makes this crossing, this special spirit becomes a human being and is called the Son of God. The Son of God is thus a divine human being. The birth of Jesus is no longera mystery. I conclude that the teachings of Jesus Christ were the teachings of the Son of God. This was a difficult conclusion to make, as my book shows. For this reason, I argue that the sayings of Jesus in the New Testament are divine. No other religions, other than Christianity and Hinduism, can make this tough argument. Clearly, God’s Intelligent Design of the creation demonstrates that God exists and that the scientific proof of God is true.

The spiritual atoms cannot be destroyed by any natural force. Thus, death must be redefined. Thus, people who believe only in one life here on earth should reconsider their thoughts. Further, people who believe that they have no work responsibilities to God should also reconsider their thoughts.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Particle Physicists Are Zeroing-in on the Spiritual Atoms of My Modern Creation Theory

I am reading a few books on the history of research conducted by particle physicists. They smash atoms and their parts to see what is inside them. Of interest to me is their research on smashing the proton, which is in the nucleus of atoms. In this research an electron is accelerated to a high speed and is then allowed to hit a proton. This speed transfers the momentum of the electron to the proton. This transfer of momentum breaks the proton and scatters its particles.

When interpreting what was seen, the particle physicists concluded that the proton is not structure less but instead has point-like constituents. (A point-like constituent is like a geometrical point.) These constituents of the proton are said to behave like free particles and interact only weakly. As this interaction strength becomes smaller and smaller, the particles behave as if they are moving freely. The name of this increasing freedom is called ‘asymptotic freedom.

Now, allow me to add God, God’s Intelligent Design, and my new and modern creation theory to this particle research effort. First, I add my scientific proof of God to this research. Next, I add Gottfried Leibniz’s true atoms, which I call spiritual atoms, to this research. They are one in God. Now, let God be a creator-God. As creator, the oneness of the spiritual atoms becomes a manyness of different and related spiritual atoms. They establish the oneness of the universe, the equality of the universe, and the unity of the universe. The oneness, equality, and union give the universe its TRINITARIAN nature. Now, allow God to energize and design the universe with different, functional, and divisible bodies.

The particle physicists will never see the spiritual atoms because they are true and indivisible points. But, the deeper they go, the more they will learn about the universe and its different and functional bodies. Since our knowledge of the bodies can never be completed, the US government must become godly and must expand this particle research continuously. But, government must require that living bodies be included in this research before a nickel is given to this research program.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Scientific Proof of God

I believe that the first reviews of my book are produced either by logicians, atheists or pseudo-scientists. Accordingly, I argue that these reviewes are not produced by real scientists. Let me prove this point by adding the words below from Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2006 (search with 'logical positivism'):

"As has been conceded by all competent philosophers of science and even by the greatest scientist- philosophers of the century --- Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Erwin Schröödinger, and others --- there is no straight logical path, no standard recipe, by which to move from the data of observation and arrive at scientific theories." Below and without a logical path, I arrive to a theory of God's attributes and God from data of observation in the universe.

My scientific proof of God uses the two-step scientific method, which is used by the personalities mentioned above. Using this method, I identify 'data of observation' (in step 1). Then, in step 2, I identify the two theories that explain the data of observation. The data of observation is 'all finite things’ in the universe. One theory says, 'all finite things must be originated by an infinite thing.' The second theory says, ‘God exists above all infinite things and all finite things. I also show that the statement --- ‘a finite thing (e.g, the Big Bang exploding particle) can be the origin of all finite things’ ---’ is false and a contradiction.

I do not believe that atheists and logicians have ever used Plato's negative (Sophist, 257). This is why they do not understand my book or my proof of God. Plato's negative turns our mind upwardly toward higher and positive ideas such as God. With Plato's negative, our mind thus turns any finite thing into a not finite thing. (Today, the two words, not finite, are written with one word --- infinite.) But, the single word, infinite, does not apply to the mathematical infinities such as 1, 2, 3, ...etc. Mathematical infinities should be called ‘finite infinities. Since all things in the universe are finite, any finite thing in the universe must have the same originating thing. But, this originating infinite thing is only an attribute of God. To find God, one must use the double negative of Plato. With the double negative, God's existence is found to be beyond all infinite things and all finite things The double negation is a key to finding truths about a monotheistic God.

As seen, the thoughts of logicians, atheists and pseud0-scientists are lost in some logical world that blocks any understanding of my book. I believe that their very strange world of logic explains why evolutionists are not finding proofs in Darwin's evolutionary theory..

Monday, June 04, 2007

The USA is Dividing in Many New and Different Ways

If one views the USA as a set of different fields of thought and investigates each field of thought, one will learn that the people in each field are divided in some way. Under God, this division is natural because God gave us independence and the ability to develop brotherly love. However, these divisions are no longer natural because they are not developing the harmony needed to produce brotherly love. So, in these different fields of thought, we find considerable disharmony and many opposing, rather than unifying, thoughts. The pic reflects the changind days and years ahead of us.

For instance, the field of medicine is now divided two ways, into regular medicine and alternative medicine. These two different doctors do not talk at all. The field of politics is divided two-ways, into Democrats and Republicans. These two parties prefer to fight rather than talk. The field of religion is divided so many ways. Instead of unifying people under God, religious leaders are selling any form of religion using one-way conversations with TV audiences. Interestingly, the field of criminology is also divided two ways, into either ‘corrections’ or ‘prisons.’ The latter way throws away all of the prison’s keys. Criminologists do not talk to people. Instead they argue with each other at national meetings.

The field of science is also divided two ways, into the godless sciences and the godly sciences. This division was not visible when the US astronauts landed on the moon. However, the division became visible in the 1970s, when the US government ‘pulled the plug on science projects’ and when double digit inflation emerged. This irrational government action led to the suicide or unnatural deaths of many good scientists and engineers. Then, came the new generations of ‘atheistic’ scientists and ‘me’ scientists. Both are godless scientists. With these godless scientists, the field of science became divided economically. For instance, a believing scientist cannot get taxpayer funds from the federal government for a faith-based or God-based scientific project. But, a non believing scientist can get taxpayer funds for a godless-scientific project from the federal government. Arbitrariness and atheism, not God, are guiding the US government

It is clear that the USA was founded in 1776 as a nation under God. But, today the USA is being transformed into a godless nation. How can this be true when 98% of the people of the USA believe in God? Some theories are very wrong in the USA. On these theories, the famous German physicist, Wolfgang Pauli, would say that they are ‘ganz falsch.’ This means that the US government theories are ‘not even wrong’ because they are completely wrong. I argue that US scientific theories are also completely wrong. They are the string theories, the Big Bang theory, and Darwin’s evolutionary theory.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rejecting Two Religious Teachings

My discovery of a scientific proof of God increases our knowledge of a monotheistic God. However, this modern knowledge causes one to reject some current religious teachings. Here, I identify two religious teachings that are inconsistent with our new and modern knowledge of a monotheistic God.

The first religious teaching is the belief that the universe is apocalyptic and comes to an end. In theology, this belief is known as eschatology and is concerned with the final events of the history of the world or of mankind. Associated with this belief is the belief in Heaven and Hell, which is inconsistent with a modern motheistic God. Also, associated with this belief is the belief that we should fear God. This is inconsistent with the love of a modern monotheistic God. I conclude that the origins of the associated belief in fear was developed by ancient religious leaders who, after the death of Jesus Christ, became faith builders and were thus ‘seekers of followers.’ Yet, the end of the world and the end of mankind are not taught by Jesus anywhere in the New Testament. Jesus actually teaches that the universe has no end at John 14:12. There, he says, "we will do the work He did and do greater work than He did." This belief is also not taught anywhere in the Gospel of Thomas, which was found only in 1945. The Gospel of Thomas does not speak of a 'revealed religion' ( or a unity) between the Old Testament and New Testament. So, the revealed religion taught by today's Christians might be false. I do not find this revealed religion in the words of Jesus Christ. Further, in Bk. I, Ch.8 of his book ‘On Learned Ignorance,’ Nicholas of Cusa shows us that the Christian Trinity, which is the scientific and necessary structure of God’s creation, is eternal. A universe that ends is totally inconsistent with the eternity of the Christian Trinity. This inconsistent religious teaching is thus a contradiction in man’s mind and might be the cause of psychological problems.

The second religious teaching is the belief that God inspired the scribes of scriptures, for instance, the Old Testament. On the belief that God inspired scribes, we know that God’s language is not discursive. Only our languages are discursive. So, God did not dictate the discursive words found in the Old Testament. An associated belief is the religious teaching that God is ‘in’ us. The statement, God is in us, misuses the word ‘in.’ The word ‘in’ means the content of things or what is ‘in’ a thing. We do not know what constitutes God. Thus, we do not know what is ‘in’ God. Thus, we cannot say that God is ‘in’ us.

Since all things in the universe are ‘containers,’ the ‘in’ of the universe is not merely the sum of all the containers. The universe must be more than the sum of its containers. The term, more than, can be explained with nonphysical things (or spirits) we call ‘relations. If relations are accepted, the ‘in’ of the universe means ‘all things and their relations.’

By rejecting these two religious teachings, psychological problems might develop in those people who have cast these beliefs into concrete in their MINDSETS. Accepting these rejections is like stopping drug use or smoking. If a psychological problem develops, think about positive ideas such as reincarnation (life after death).

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Proofs, Applications, Confirmations, and Predictions

The big atheistic theories are the Big Bang theory of the field of physics (1940s), the Darwinian evolutionary theory of the field of biology (1859), and the string and superstring theories of the field of physics (1980s). None of these theories have been proven, none of them have any predictions, and none of them accept God. Yet, billions upon billions of US taxpayer monies have been used by the US government in support of these godless theories. When is this waste going to stop?

Today, more and more physicists are giving up on the Big Bang, string, and superstring theories. However, many biologists, with the help of British evolutionists, are determined to remain with Darwin’s evolutionary theory, which I show is false. Interestingly, US physicists and biologists are not even considering my scientific proof of God. Instead of passing judgment on this scientific proof of God, the physicists and biologists choose to close their minds to the possible existence of God and continue to waste more taxpayer monies. Isn’t it more rational to consider this proof and firmly reject this proof before taxpayers are used?

The development of my scientific proof of God is not arbitrary. It emerged naturally as a result of developing a way to unify the fields of science and theology. The unification of these two different fields occurred when I was able to develop a single symbolic language to connect God to the universe scientifically. Thus, God is no longer a theory or a mystery. Indeed, God and universe are one. Further, not only is my scientific proof of God the first such proof, the oneness of God and the universe is also a scientific first.

Other firsts appear in my book. For instance, I am the first to apply the true atoms of Gottfried Leibniz to the universe; I am the first to apply the transfinite numbers of Georg Cantor to the universe; I am the first to reveal an information exchange system between God and man; and I am the first to identify the most effective way to eliminate and prevent crime. Confirmations of other theories also appear in my book. For instance, the reincarnation theory is confirmed; the appearance of God in the universe is confirmed; and the Declaration of Independence is confirmed as the highest law in the USA. Did I make any predictions? Yes, I predict the next appearance of God.

Friday, June 01, 2007

The Ugly English Language, II

What are the signs of the degeneration of the English language? There are many signs of a degenerating a language. But, in the USA, I say that the English language began to degenerate with the rise of atheism and the absence of God in the affairs of the national government. This rise and absence began with the assassination of Abe Lincoln. Once this rise and absence appeared, other sins began to appear. One new sign was the appearance of British system of economics. This economy is godless and builds a rich class, a poor class, arbitrary laws, and an irrational two-party political system. The British economy also built this kind of nation in England and Mexico.

As a language degenerates, other words from other national languages begin to appear in the degenerating language. These ‘outside’ words do not compete with the words of the degenerating language, as evolutionists would probably say. They are new words and immediately become dominating words. Such ‘outside’ words began in the early years of the 20th century. Most of them were German words destined for the many fields of science, especially the field of physics. The ‘outside’ words from the German language increased following WWII when the US forced the best German rocket scientists to work on the US space program. I worked with some of them.

The English language is degenerating also because it never installed the 1920 linguistic discovery which says, ‘sense-data are primarily symbolic.’ This discovery impacts all sciences and especially impacts all life sciences. For instance, the English language, the US logicians, and the US evolutionists are forcing human life in the USA to be logical rather than godly. In other words, they are trying to destroy God and replace God with logical reasoning.

But, look at what the English language is doing to our brain. Instead of giving only one meaning to a symbol, the Oxford English Dictionary has 37 definitions of the symbol ‘horn.’ And, in Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary, the symbol ‘work’ has 53 meanings. (See The Torch, Spring 2007, Vol.80, No. 3 by Ann St. Clair Burwell Lesman). Her information on the brain/language relations and geometry is telling me that the US brain is highly disorganized and is becoming a confused mess of neural networks.

Building a ‘melting pot’ nation of many different people who use many different languages is not political right. This kind of politics is irrational. So, Americans, please read my book and learn what is happening to man and what has happened in the USA since Lincoln’s death. By doing this, the reader will certainly fall in love with God. Then, they will correct the English language mess, which is quietly destroying the USA.