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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

956D. The Ungodly Soul-bodies

Spring has developed a few jobs for me this year. So, let me take a rest and write again on the writings of Leibniz on the development of the U.S. democracy of the USA and the USA separation from England.

I say that the book on Monadology by Gottfried Leibniz in 1716 was taught to Benjamin Franklin, from June to August, in 1766 at the Royal Society of Science at Gottingen, Germany. After Ben came home, he informed many Americans that God is creating human monads, or souls. Since all souls have no parts, I can now say that a monad  must be  called a soul-body in order to define it.

When Ben was dying on 1790, in the last chronology of his Autobiography, Ben spoke of  'doing good to his other Children.' Ben also spoke of  'the immortality of the human soul' and the 'Justice of Jesus. '  Doing good for children and doing good to the justice of Jesus must grow. Unfortunately, the development of  healthy soul-bodies by the National Institute of Health, with mechanistic theories, are useless. (click) 

I say that many soul-bodies have become ungodly. So, I say that God has created many souls on Planet Earth and that many souls have lived on Planet Earth for many times. But, I believe that some soul-bodies have had only one life on Planet Earth because they received a new life on another planet. I present this difference because some human soul-bodies will live on other planets where other human soul-bodies live.

I say that these different lives on other planets come when strange humans cause very strange soul-bodies off humans. A strange example was Adolf Hitler and his followers. I conclude that the USA is becoming the same behavior. I say that too many soul-bodies of the USA have become too rich and don't know it.

It is time to change  the USA in a big way.

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