Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, September 29, 2013

290. Capitalism Is Wrong

After I wrote my second book, A New and Modern Holy Bible, I concluded that research must be continued forever on the subjects of God's acts, human acts, and the universe, which that God made and maintains. So, in today's blog, my research will focus on capitalism in the USA.

Ayn Rand says that capitalism is consistent with man’s rational nature. Man's rational nature tells us that living humans exist in God's universe. So, capitalism can be viewed as a system that functions for a union of social humans. Since all social humans in the USA must be protected from free humans, the U.S. colonists accepted the social contract theory of John Locke and his book on The Second Treatise of Government. So, the union of social humans in the USA is divided. The private sector is named Society and is defined by the Declaration of Independence (DOI). The second sector is the public sector. Its name Government and is defined by the Constitution. My research says that the DOI has five laws and that the Constitution has many laws. Some of these laws define the rules of capitalism.

Capitalism is attributed to Karl Marx. However, Marx rarely used the term capitalism. Instead, Marx spoke of the capitalist mode of production, the law of value , the dynamics of capitalism, the creation of goods and services, the extraction of surplus value or profit.  Marx's work was primarily authored by Friedrich Engels. Capitalism has been called free enterprise and private enterprise in order to develop rentiers  (click) and investors. (click)

Capitalism (Wikipedia)

Capitalism is an economic system in which capital assets are privately owned and goods and services are produced for profit in a market economy. In a capitalist economy, the parties to a transaction nominally determine the prices at which assets, goods, and services are exchanged.[1][2][3] Central elements of capitalism include the process of capital accumulation, competitive markets and wage labor.[4]

Capitalism has existed under many forms of government, in many different times, places, and cultures.[5] Following the demise of feudalism, capitalism became the dominant economic system in the Western world. Later, in the 20th century, capitalism overcame a challenge by communism and is now the dominant system worldwide,[6][7] with the mixed economy being its dominant form in the industrialized Western world. Economists, political economists, and historians have taken different perspectives in their analysis of capitalism and recognized various forms of it in practice. These include laissez-faire capitalism, welfare capitalism and state capitalism, all characterizing varying levels of state activity and public capital control. A pejorative characterization, crony capitalism, refers to a state of affairs in which insider corruption, nepotism and cartels dominate the system. This is considered to be the normal state of mature capitalism in Marxian economics but as an aberrant state by certain advocates of capitalism.

Laissez-faire economists emphasize the degree to which government does not have control over markets and the importance of property rights.[8][9] Others emphasize the need for government regulation, to prevent monopolies and to soften the effects of the boom and bust cycle.[10] Most political economists emphasize private property as well, in addition to power relations, wage labor, class, and the uniqueness of capitalism as a historical formation.[11] The extent to which different markets are free, as well as the rules defining private property, is a matter of politics and policy. Many states have what are termed mixed economies, referring to a mix between planned and market-driven elements in an economic system.[11]

Proponents of capitalism argue that it creates more wealth than any other possible economic system, and that its benefits are mainly to the ordinary person.[12] Critics of capitalism variously associate it with economic instability[13] and an inability to provide for the well-being of all people.[14] In contrast to both perspectives, socialists maintain that capitalism is superior to all previously existing economic systems (such as feudalism or slavery) but that socialism can be better than capitalism.[15]

In the 20th century defenders of the capitalist system often replaced the term capitalism with phrases such as free enterprise and private enterprise and replaced capitalist with rentier and investor in reaction to the negative connotations sometimes associated with capitalism.[17] The author Ayn Rand attempted a positive moral defense of laissez-faire capitalism as such but in highly romantic or literary terms that did not stand logical or historical scrutiny.[18]

By contrast, modern welfare economics has produced a number of detailed defenses of the mixed capitalist economy based on public ownership of infrastructure and defense of positive human rights such as housing or education. Amartya Sen in particular, in Development as Freedom,[19] his Nobel Prize winning work, argued that the optimal economic system is a democratic mixed economy with a welfare state.

In practice, all early 21st century developed economies devote 40–60% of their GDP to taxes and the public sector. Those that devote more, such as Scandinavian countries, are also rated the most successful by their citizens, and by measures of economic well-being such as literacy, housing, lifespan, and gender equality. Joseph Schumpeter predicted such a development, considering it to be the result of a compromise or truce between capitalism and democracy.

My Response

conclude that capitalism became of interest to many humans after religions (deism and theism) began to fall apart in the 17th century and many humans were identifying a new God that maintains His universe forever. This new God produced new thoughts in the minds of U.S colonists in 1766. Then, in 1776, the 'capitalism of one People' was made in the USA. Unfortunately, after the assassination of President Lincoln, large families and large corporations emerge and use their capital to control the 'one People' in the USA and other nation.(click)

Since this new God informs us that He has no heaven, God gives all humans a new life after their deaths in the heavens of the universe that God made. So, all children have immortal souls and must receive a new body through a man and woman. But the children of any family cannot be known by their parents. So, parents cannot control the life of any children because God gives all children an infinity of potentials of life. Parents can expect their children to be controlled by them.  And parents can expect their children to control other children.  These expectations are ungodly.  Capitalism is wrong and must be must be redefined. All national debts must be eliminated.  And all human life must become equal.

I do not think that rich people, rich families, dictators, and Kings and Queens should control the people of any nation.

Friday, September 27, 2013

289. The Togetherness of Materialism and Socialism Are Lost in the USA

I conclude that the minds of many USA leaders and the minds of many citizens do not understand the togetherness of materialism and socialism

In Russia, I conclude that the Russians say that materialism and socialism is one and coexist. The people of Russia say that materialism exists in order to form infrastructures for Russian lives. And, they say that socialism exists in Russia in order to form social relations. In general, the concepts of materialism and socialism in Russia are very clear.

In the USA, I conclude that the togetherness  of materialism and socialism do not exist. Materialism is only clear in the economics.  For example, Americans seem to say that materialism is for buying or selling material. Americans thus say that all social relations exist only if materialism is dead.

The minds of Russians seem to be very different than the logical minds of many Americans.  The Russian minds, for example, seem to function with the future whereas the minds of many Americans seem to function only with a logical day.  Has the  American logical day caused the decreasing rank of American science and mathematics?

I conclude that many Republicans and many Democrats cannot think above the 'field of economics.'  Only President Obama and his followers have been raised their minds upwardly and into the future of materialism and socialism.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

288. Republican's Competitive Economies Cannot Stop the Development of Socialism

After Galileo wrote his 'Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences' on 1632, modern science began. But his two sciences were rejected by Christianity and Pope Urban VIII would have him imprisoned. But during this period, Kepler would follow the writings of Copernicus and Galileo.  In this period, Leibniz would also reveal new non-physical atoms, which would challenge Newton's billiard ball universe.

When the 18th century began, Ben Franklin would free American colonists from England's Newton's billiard ball universe, from  Darwin's evolution,  and from Adam Smith's world economy. But Americans were not freed from the poor scientific teachings of Christianity until October 31, 1992 when, Pope John Paul II expressed regret for how the Galileo affair was handled. The Catholic Church judged the sciences of Galileo.

Since Galileo's new science would not be accepted widely until 1992, I say that the God of deism or theism has been taught wrongly for over 4000 years in many different nations. Since the truths about God have not really been understood for this long period, the causes of wars on this planet are very clear.

Today, many new scientists are focusing on the statement of Galileo on page 34, 'And that we have continuous quantity built up of an infinite number of indivisibles.' Ben Franklin saw some of these indivisibles as the immortality of the human soul. Today, we are working with a panentheistic God and an endless universe. So, I don't believe that Republicans can maintain their power in Congress with its world competition. Socialism is coming, whether you like it or not.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

287. Republicans Are Trying to Kill a Godly Nation

Republicans are beginning to expose their long period of poor political actions. These actions still say that black people are born criminals, that country clubs are necessary to separate the rich from the poor, that all U.S. citizens cannot develop the  health care system developed by President  Obama, and that government must be reduced greatly. 

I sensed this ugly government behavior by Republicans when I was reviewed for a job by a republican leader, who told me to only spend taxpayer money for technologies for police. Thus, in my mind, I learned that I would not be able to use taxpayer money to solve the origin of crime in the USA, as the new law of Congress required. But I joined the National of Institute of Justice.  But it took President Carter to change the crime problem created by Congress.

Shortly after I became a government employee, I was asked to represent the Department of Justice at the White House to hear the new social programs of President Nixon. This new social program would make many change in the USA. For instance, the work-week would be changed to four days; would increase the protein diet of every citizen; and would create the nation's underground infrastructure for water motion, electricity motion, goods movement, etc. I conclude that President Nixon was forced to retire by Republicans because this would destroy the competitive world economy.

I conclude that the U.S. Republicans will never unite capitalism with socialism because they believe in capitalism and competition rather than is developing socialism under God.

In the USA, a health-care system for all people is godly.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

286. Materialism and Socialism Is One.

In my local newspaper this week, I read that the University of Virginia has a training game called BizHero. In this game a 'hero' will emerge as a rich CEO of a company by competing against the CEOs of other companies. This competition is  based on modules --- operations, community, human resources, market and finances. But this teaching is not why the American colonists separated  themselves from England in 1776.

When the American colonists sent Ben Franklin to Germany in 1766, Ben learned Gottfried Leibniz's writings on monads and the immorality of the human soul. (click)  Immorality means that every human will be reborn by God forever on any habitable planet. But planets do not have souls because they die when their sun darkens. Read Jesus' teaching at Chapter 24 of Matthew.

So, materialism is only an infrastructure for all immortal souls.  This is why all nation must become equal.  Thus, materialism (or infrastructure) and socialism (or souls) are one. Accordingly, the minds of U.S. Democrats and Republicans are highly confused.

Monday, September 23, 2013

285. Feeling Some Human Saviorrs

If you want to experience a great number of the  savings of people, I recommend that you turn your TV on and listen to the many natural saviors of people during the civil war between the North and South.. The passionate saviors of this movie will move your mind from the real events of the war to the blood of your heart.

284.Eliminating Rebirth Competitions

Yesterday, I said that we are saviors of ourselves. For example, President Lincoln saved the people, who became slaves in some Southern States. But after the civil war began, other people had to be saved because they also suffered greatly.

So, I say that God made us with the ability to save  people. I say that this ability has already saved many people from unwanted concepts that have been developed through out the history of man. In this blog, I will show that we must save all people from the concept of 'competition.' This concept was installed in the USA after the U.S civil war and led to an ungodly economy that creates new slaves and new riches.

In general, the concept of competition will be found among the plants and animals. However, the theory of evolution has brought the concept of competition also into the life of humans. For example, humans develop competitions in order to win successes. Humans also compete for food, mates, wealth, fame, prestige, and power. In politics, competition is united with money and led to capitalism. However, capitalism supports materialism, which impedes the development of cooperation and socialism. Competition is thus used by political parties to produce competitive goals. As time passed, competition expanded he world market after it was established.

However, I say that evolutionary theory is not true because a panentheistic God exist and created a universe that has no end.  Thus, I say that competition is wrong because evolution is false.

The panentheistic God and His created universe has an infinite number of indivisibles things. God relates these indivisibles to each other so they form an unbelievable number of divisible bodies for the universe. This very different system was defined first by Anaxagoras in 500.B.C. Later, Plato confirmed it in his Parmenides Plato. Finally, it was taught for the first time to Jews.

But this different system was lost for seventeen centuries after Pope Irenaeus destroyed Gnosticism.  But in the 17th century this different system began to develop. For example, Leibniz found the indivisibles (click). And the divisibles were found by Leibniz and Galileo (click).

Since a panentheistic God and His endless universe are very new and different, we must identify concepts that must be eliminated immediately. So, I say that competition must be eliminated so that all nations can develop all people equally. If competition is not eliminated, the rebirths of people and the development of their souls will become unnatural or random. Random rebirths must be prevented. Since a panentheistic God gives harmonies to all soul-body relations when they are reborn, all unequal rebirths must be eliminated. All nations and all religions must also act immediately to develop socialism.

Readers: (click)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

283. The Concept of Saviors and My Corrections

In their scriptures, Judaism and Christianity identify the concept 'savior. For example, Jews say that saviors were given to Israel, which saves them from impending danger. (See II Kings 13:5) But Christians say that savior is applied to God and Jesus. (See I Tim.1:1 and Luke 2:11) However, Muslims do not use the concept 'savior.' Instead, they say that there is no God but Allah and that Mohammad is the messenger of God.

Since we now know that God is panentheistic, I conclude that the Old Testament is defining human saviors correctly because the minds of developing humans are never equal. Different people become saviors because they are moving themselves forward in life. But the Jews do not define the savior of God.  God must be a savior because God is perfect and the Universe is imperfect. So, God must maintain the universe and save our lives. We do not know when God saves us. But we do know when we save ourselves.

So, Christians and Muslim must change.  For instance, Christians must distinguish the savior of God from the savior of panentheism by Jesus. And Muslims must deny the messenger of Mohammad and bring together the saviors of Mohammad and the savior of Jesus on their teachings of panentheism.

If these saviors are corrected, I see the end of all wars and the new beginning of forward motion of the minds of more human saviors.

Friday, September 20, 2013

282 Pope Francis and the Wounds of the Little Gods

At the Vatican, Pope Francis made a shift in small-minded rules, such as abortion, gays, and contraception. Thus, when preaching about hot-button issues, Pope Francis asks pastors to deal with 'wounded souls.'

Essentially, I conclude that the catholic church will change its focus on all individuals in all nations. I call these individuals 'all Little Gods.' I say that all Little Gods are reborn continuously by the panentheistic God of Jesus. Since the souls of all Little Gods cannot always connect their souls in perfect ways in God's imperfect universe, some Little Gods can always be wounded. The Little Gods develop wounds easily after rebirths because nations are unequal.

So,  Pope Francis can be expected to clean the wounds of individuals in many different ways. His focus might deal with the 'reasoned virtues' that I discussed yesterday.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

281. Reasoned Virtues

I say that Aaron Alexis killed people at the Navy Yard because his mind was built mostly by his senses. But, I also say that Aaron's mind did not develop many new virtues after he was reborn because his reasoned virtues were developed mostly by the logic of the English language.

We must understand the mind developed by Aaron.  For example, when a person develops his or her mind mostly with the senses, that person will not develop well-reasoned geometries, which can guide an automobile around a city with ease. So, virtues would not be found in Aaron if he was living today.

The development of virtues by people is very important because the lives of all humans are continuous and change after each death. The new life of people began when Abraham rejected idolatry. When pantheism was destroyed, monotheism had to be built. With monotheism, Moses identified ten virtues and named them Ten Commandments. Unfortunately, these ten virtues and all other virtues led to the development of fixed scriptures.  Unfortunately, the scriptures  stopped the further development of virtues by the minds of many people.

In 500 B.C. a new virtue appeared in Greece by Anaxagoras.(click) The new virtue is panentheism, which says that God and Universe are endless. Plato confirmed panentheism in   dialogues. (click) And after Jesus is born, he learns the virtues of panentheism and teaches them to his Jewish friends. But panentheism and new virtues were destroyed by Irenaeus.(click)  In the Middle Ages, human life was fully defined by logic.

Eventually, Plato dialogues would be found and Galileo would develop a modern science. With the new science, materialism could develop. But how is human life defined? The answer is socialism. But nations are unable to define socialism because they do not know the panentheistic God.

I conclude that all killings in the world are coming from humans who are not seeking reasoned virtues.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

280. The Cause of the Killings of Aaron Alexis

This week, twelve people were killed in the Navy Yard of Washington, D.C..  (click)  Our senses tell us that Aaron Alexis killed these people. But our senses do not tell us why Aaron killed them.

In his Meno dialogue, Plato would say that Alexis was unhappy and desired evil things and got them.  Thus, if Alexis had been happy, he would have learned many more virtuous qualities such as justice  during every rebirth.

In the Meno dialogue, Plato says that we are not reborn in entire forgetfulness or nakedness because the soul of man is immortal. As Leibniz says in his Monadology, our perceptions do form a unity. Thus, we recollect when we try hard enough to know our former lives.  Plato shows how an uneducated boy was able reach into a former life to reason sensual facts in mathematics.

So, Alexis killed people because he had not been developing any reasoned facts. Since the English language develops mostly sensual facts and does not develop many reasoned facts, the English language in America must be changed and filled with dialectical thoughts. Thus, our minds will always be active and the universe will be continuous..

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

279. Why Wealth Must Be Equal in All Nationa.

Equal wealth came to the USA when many people came, made homes, and shared the money they brought. Eventually, unequal wealth came when the number of people increased and a small number of farmers were able to serve many people. Soon, a small number of people would be able to serve many different goods and services to many people. For example, a small number of coal miners were able to serve all home stoves. And soon, a smaller number of oil drillers would be able serve all home stoves.

But today, a small number of people have a large number of robots. These robots will serve a very large number of stores, which will serve almost all people. I conclude that these robots will change unequal wealth to equal wealth fast.

Forbes tell us that some people become wealthy long after being born. (click)   But Forbes does not tell us that some people become wealthy after being reborn by a billionaire. An example is Alice Walton, the daughter of Sam Walton, the builder of Walmart. (click)

God gives all people a new body after death because God governs the space and time of all existences. Thus, bloodlines do not exist in any family. Thus, the soul of Alice Walton became related to a body made by her Father and Mother. Alice's soul will become disconnected from this body when she dies. In her next life, her soul will become related to a different Father and Mother. Since all new lives are unknown, equal wealth must be natural in all nations.

Thus, I say that unequal wealthy people will be reborn in the least planet in the kingdom of heaven, as Jesus said at Matt. 5:19.

Monday, September 16, 2013

278. The Forward Motion of the Minds of the People of Russis and the USA Is Very Different

Forward motions of the minds of the people of the USA and Russia exist.  But the motions of the minds of their people differ. For example, the minds of the people of Russia develop as much knowledge as they can about physical and intelligent life. On the other hand, the minds of the people of the USA are developing only as much wealth as they can.

But Russia and the USA do work together occasionally. For instance, they are currently developing fusion energy together.

Recently, Forbes reported the top 400 people of the USA. (click) The top person is Bill Gates. And his wealth is 72 billion dollars. However, Gates wealth was not developed fully by Gates.   For instance, when I converted analog to digital in the 1960s to go to the moon, I made the wealth of Gates possible. Thus, the wealth of a person might have been developed by other people. Further, when wealthy people die, the developed wealth is inherited by children, who did not develop the wealth alone. So, I say that the development of wealth is a rare event in any nation.

I conclude that the people of Russia are moving forward correctly and that some people of the USA are moving forward wrongly.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

277.The Forward Motion of the USA and Russia

Americans and Russians freed their people from Kings and Queens. But when these people were freed, different languages were developed and caused communication problems.

Today,  the USA and Russia will provide free health care to all of their people.(click), (click)  And the USA and Russia are working on free education. These free changes indicate that the USA and Russia are moving their nations forward without any communications problems of their language differences..

However, the Americans have developed only one language, the English language.  This language uses the logic of Aristotle in order to determine the knowledge of the end of the universe. But the Russians have developed many languages. (click) , (click) These languages use the many dialogues or dialects of Plato, physics, life, etc. in order to determine the knowledge of the continuous or endless universe.

It is in science, religion, and economics where the USA and Russia could develop communications problems.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

276. Putin's Mind Must be Cleared

Russia and the USA have agreed on destroying the chemical weapons of Syria.  But Putin has done nothing about the 'theory and practice' of President Assad's mind. Thus, I conclude that Putin is no longer following the great minds of Leibniz, Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Hegel, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, etc..

For example, Karl Marx spoke of the unity of any theory and practice. (This unity develops reasons about our world.) So, Marx said, 'Religion is the sign of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.'  (click)  These words of Marx tell us that religions do not develop the minds of people beyond the contents of old and unchanging scriptures.  Thus, if Putin follows this statement of Marx, he should help Obama determine who caused the use of chemicals against the people of Syria.  Then, a  Nuremberg trial must be held.

Note. The concept of 'theory and practice' and that statement of Marx about religions means that God exists and the universe has no end.  This is my theory of panentheism.

Friday, September 13, 2013

275. Marx, Lenin, Hegel, and God With His Universe

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is a Bolshevik. (click) As a Bolshevik, Putin is unable to speak about philosophies or sciences as the Mensheviks, such as Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx, could.(click)  Since President Obama is also not a philosopher or scientist, the discussions of Putin and Obama, about philosophy and science, are almost impossible.

So, one can only compare Russia and the USA and identify what Putin and Obama want. For instance, Russia has free health care and free education.  Recently, Obama obtained a new health care system for all Americans is seeking more taxes from the rich to increase education of children. So, their wants are very similar.

Putin and Obama become very different when they discuss the use of chemicals on human in Syria. As a imperialist, Putin wants to protect President Assad so that Syria would become part of Russia in its development of imperialism and would not become a democracy.  But Obama charges President Assad with a violation of an international law on human rights. So, Obama says that President Assad must be punished and a new President must be added so that Syria will become a free democracy.

I suggest the 'Reader in Marxist Philosophy' to Putin, Obama, all scientists, and all religions. (click) In Appendix II of this reader,  Lenin, Marx, and Hegel speak of the togetherness of 'theory and practice.' So, Marx, Lenin, and Hegel say 'that knowledge must be derived from the development of all physical and intellectual [natural and spiritual] life.'  My books agree with this way of developing knowledge  --- of God and His universe. I thus believe that Putin and Obama must accept the writings of Marx, Lenin, Hegel, and my blogs and must develop equal nations.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

274. Some Ugly Lives Come After Deaths

The minds of Obama and Assad went to work on the chemicals problem in Syria as if they were playing on a child's see saw.  For example, President Assad of  Syria admitted that many Syrians were murdered by chemicals. So, when Assad sat on the see saw, his mind went downward and into Hell.  But when President Obama sat on the other seat, Assad's mind went upward and Obama's justice  balance appeared. However, President Putin joined this game but said that Obama and Assad must get rid of the justice balance so they can work together to find Syria's chemicals and destroy them.

It is very clear that all see saw games tend to fad away as people age and develop their minds improperly. Today, Putin's mind is driven by the ignorance of materialism and imperialism. (click) and (click)  And Assad's mind is driven by his father's ignorant politics. (click)  But Obama's mind is very different  because his mind is driven by a developing form of spiritualism. (click)  So, I say that all human minds will not come together until all nations develop democracies and all democracies become equal.

Accordingly, when a human dies, science now knows that God will give all humans a new body right after death. Since God does not make our nations, rebirths cannot be predicted.  So, the rebirth of Putin, Assad, and Obama is unknown.. Since an ugly tendency exists to make rich and poor nations and rich and poor humans on this planet, Putin, Assad, and Obama can expect this ugly tendency after their death.

Can this ugly tendency be eliminated?  The answer is yes.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

273.Using Chemicals on Humans is Unlawful in All Nations

Many people of the USA, most U.S. congressional members, all TV talkers last evening, and most Presidents, like Vladimir Putin, still do not understand that President Assad of Syria and the Syrian military leaders violated the international law of human rights by murdering Syrians with chemicals. Thus, President Assad and his military leaders must be tried, like many Nazi Germans were charged, tried, and penalized in the Nuremberg Trial .(click) 

On 14 January 1942, representatives from the nine countries occupied by Germany met in London to draft the "Inter-Allied Resolution on German War Crimes". At the meetings in Tehran (1943), Yalta(1945) and Potsdam (1945), the three major wartime powers, the United Kingdom, United States, and the Soviet Union, agreed on the format of punishment for those responsible for war crimes during World War II.  How can President Putin of Russia accept the use of chemicals by President Assad in the Syrian civil war?

Accordingly, President Obama and other national leaders must come together in order to charge President Assad and his military leaders.  Then, a trial must be held at a court with a number of judges.

This charge is not a war and will not lead to a war. So, after the charge is made, the Syrian chemicals must be collected and destroyed.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

272. Many National Leaders Do Not Know God At All

NBC News reported that Syria would accept a Russian-brokered deal to hand over its chemical weapons.  Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem  said that this peaceful solution would put an end to the war. France said that it would seek a U.N. Security Council resolution along similar lines. This international momentum was endorsed by Iran and China and was welcomed by Britain and Germany. And at last week’s G-20 summit, Vladimir Putin  discussed the weapons handover plan with Obama. Obama only said that the Russia plan offered a potential path that averted a U.S. military strike

Obama's spokesman, Jay Carney, said that the President Obama would still seek congressional authorization for military action. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said the Russia deal could be a real solution to this crisis and added 'we must be clear-eyed and ensure it is not a stalling tactic by Syria and its Russian patrons.  Senior Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that they were working on a new plan that would authorize the president to use force only if Syria did not comply with a U.N. resolution to remove chemical weapons by a pre-determined deal.

However, Obama's case for limited air strikes targeting Assad's regime was boosted today when a Human Rights Watch report blamed Syrian government forces for the Aug. 21 poison gas attack that killed hundreds of people.(click)

I conclude that most national leaders do not view President Assad and his war machine as criminals. But Assad and the Syrian war machine violated an international law of human rights. Accordingly, I conclude that President Obama and some U.S. Congressional persons are understanding and  are godly.  But most other national leaders are ungodly because they do not know God at all.


Monday, September 09, 2013

271. Moving Toward God or Atheism

Today, U.S. newspapers are informing their readers that President's Obama's power and skills will be tested tomorrow evening. The newspapers are saying  that Obama must convince wary lawmakers that they must grant him authority to take military action against Syria. I say that the action of Obama against President Assad would be identical to those Americans who showed criminals 'How the West was won.' (click)

Science has proven God.  Science has also proven that we do not have a second life in a heaven of God.  Science has proven that heavens are found only in the universe that God created. Finally, science also proved that we have an endless number of lives in the universe that God made and maintains.

So, if your Mother or Father died recently, God  acted an gave your Mother or Father a new body through a Father and Mother in Syria, China, North Korea, etc. We have no knowledge of this act of God. We only know that all humans are reborn as a child after their death.

If Americans do not agree with President Obama's Red Line, they must be atheists and do not care about the future of his or her Mother and Father. These Americans will be reborn in unequal nations forever.  At birth, they will become slaves 90% of the time.  And, 10% of the time they will become very rich or will become dictators. If people of other nations do not agree with President Obama's Red Line, they must also be atheists and at birth will become slaves or rich or dictators..

Thus, the Rich Line of Obama will either take the Little Gods forward and toward God or into atheism.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

270. Red Lines Identify Forward Motions

While President Obama's Red Line might stop the use of chemicals of all governments against humans, I say that many Red Lines can be made by governments and their people so that developing democracies will become more equal and more perfect.

As a Little God, I have made many Red Lines.  One major Red Line would stop all governments from teaching false theories and practices  about God and the universe. Thus, atheism, deism, and theism are now false scientific theories.  Thus, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have become old and false religions because science is always moving forward.  Only Christianity will be able to to move forward. But Christianity will move forward only if it accepts panentheism.

American voters must also develop 'Red Lines' because many Congressional persons have are outdated due to the forward motion of science. President Obama must also move forward with science.  He has moved the USA forward with new health care motions and new higher education motions. Now, he must remove Judaism and Islam from the USA and must also work to correct Christianity.  Finally, the U.S. Supreme Court must wake-up and recognize that the Declaration of Independence (DOI) has five Red Line laws.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

269. The 'Red Line' of President Obama

When President Assad and Syria's military used chemicals against Syrians, U.S. President Obama said that Assad and his military units have crossed a 'natural or red line' of international laws that protect human rights.

This Red Line above became very clear when the American colonists sent Ben Franklin to Germany in 1766 to learn the true atoms that Gottfried Leibniz had expanded the minds of the Greeks. Ben learned that all atoms are indivisible things and that some of them are our human souls. Ben took these new atoms home and the colonists prepared silently to separate themselves from England. This separation was necessary because Isaac Newton's billiard ball universe and John Locke's physical atoms had to be rejected.

In early Greece, these new atoms of Leibniz were called 'entelechies.' My research says that Jesus went to Greece at age 12 to learn the entelechies, a new panentheistic God, and an endless universe, which had been developed by Anaxagoras and Plato hundreds of years ago. When Jesus learned these new atoms and a new universe,, he went home to teach a new God and a new universe to his Jewish friends. They murdered Jesus.  But Jesus is not God or the Son of God. Ben Franklin tells his grandson this fact in his autobiography.

So, when President Obama made a 'Red Line' in Syria, (click) he joins Little Gods such as Anaxagoras, Plato, Jesus, Galileo, Leibniz, Ben Franklin, Kant, Riemann, Susanne Langer, and me.  We say that a panentheistic God exists, that God created a universe, and that God maintains the universe so that we can live forever. Since our God always gives us a new life after death and our God does not make any nations, all nations must be equal so that all humans receive the same rights.

So, the Red Line of President Obama must be accepted by the leaders of every nation. Unfortunately, the members of Congress, especially the conservatives, lack the knowledge of the generalities of 'Red Lines.' Congress has too many atheists.

Friday, September 06, 2013

268.The Random Life of All Little Gods and Syrians.

When England was ruling the USA in 1776, the colonists sent Ben Franklin to the Royal Society of Sciences at Gottingen, Germany. There, Ben learned the new atoms of Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716). When Ben came home, he told the colonists that these new atoms are the 'immortal souls of humans.' In all of my books, I develop these new atoms.  With them, I describe a new universe and a new life of all humans.

These new atoms from Leibniz are spiritual. They were accepted by the U.S. colonists and caused the separation of the colonists from England. This separation came because all atoms in England are assumed to be physical. Today, England's scientists are still hunting for physical atoms. So, if one rejects the spiritual atom, life will become focused on numbered money. But if one rejects the physical atoms, life will become focused on equalities --- of equal nations, equal families, and equal Little Gods.

Today, the spiritual atoms are rejected by the scientists in England and Russia and by religions in Islam and Judaism. In the USA, atheistic scientists, many U.S. congressional persons, criminals, and corporate CEOs reject spiritual atoms and accept physical atoms. And in Syria, President Assad accepts physical atoms and has used chemical atoms to rule Syrians.

When Ben Franklin brought something important back from Germany, he made a big change in the world.  But many Americans are only running away from everything new or different . So, they are afraid to mark a line in the sand to define right from wrong.

God does not make nations.  Only humans make nations. So, when a child is born or a man or woman dies, God gives the soul of the child, man, or woman a new body anywhere. Thus, if we do not make equal nations, the life of humans on this planet will always be random.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

267. "No Syrian war to save Obama's face!' by Patrick J. Buchanan

In my local newspaper today, Patrick J. Buchanan, a Syndicated Columnist says, 'No Syrian war to save Obama's face!' Buchanan's thoughts are terrible and are similar to the thoughts of those members of Congress, who do not understand how international law enforcements agencies (ILEA) work and catch criminals. Catching criminal presidents or military organizations are relative new. I believe that Buchanan doesn't know how to solve the problems of presidential or military criminals.  So, the Little Gods must learn how to catch very different criminals.

When I was in the National Institute of Justice to solve the growing crime in the USA, we started by unifying the work of police in towns, counties, cities, States, and federal agencies. Then, when international crimes appeared, we had to add nations to the federal agencies. Since I am retired for almost 20 years, I believe that many nations have been added to the federal agencies. But when I was working in Justice, we wanted to catch new criminals such as government and white-collar criminals.  But this new work never developed.

I don't believe that President Obama will go to war in Syria.  He really needs to add Syria's police work to the international law enforcement work because President Assad violated the rights of the people of Syria.  The people of Syria were murdered or damaged by chemicals.

If President Obama's request is approved by Congress, I believe that President Obama might  ask President Assad to turn himself into a world court where he and Syria's military can be judged. If Assad does not turn himself in, many nation can come together in order to act or not act or the USA can act alone. So, the future actions are very clear.

If the use of chemicals against the Little Gods are never stopped, I conclude that the human life  and intelligence will continue to deteriorate because crime is expanding. If nations never learn the new panentheistic God, this expansion of crime could turn this planet into a complete failure by God.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

266. Only Democracies Will Work in Syria

Yesterday, the use of chemicals against the people of Syria by Syrian President Assad was discussed by the U.S. Congress and the Secretary of State John Kerry.  It is clear that many congressional members, especially Senator Rand Paul, and many U.S. citizens must learn about the real future of this planet because they do not know the Little Gods and how they are changing nations in response to the panentheistic God.  Kerry's message to Congress was a clear message from President Obama and from many Little Gods.

Many leaders, like Assad of Syria, Putin of Russia, and Kim Jong-un of North Korea, are unfamiliar with their own future and the future of this planet. Dictators, which control humans, will no longer work.  Only democracies will work all people, all nations, and all families..

Dictators will no longer work because Assad, Putin, and Kim Jong-un will be reborn by a panentheistic God after they die. Thus, Assad might be reborn in Africa; Putin might be reborn in Mexico, and Kim Jong-un might be reborn in Spain. Riches will also no longer work. A rich lady in France might be reborn in a poor nation in Africa and a rich man in China might be reborn in Syria.

Under a panentheistic God all nations, all families, and all Little Gods must be equal.  Thus President Obama is right about people who were reborn in Syria.

When Assad learned how to care for the eyes of Little Gods in London, how could he use chemicals to damage the human body of any human?  Thus, I conclude that that the use of chemicals against humans might have started in Syria's military system.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

265. Solving All International Law Problems

I say that the U.S. Congress is not authorized to make rules on international laws that have been violated by a person, a group of persons, or a nation.  I say this because the function of Congress is 'law-making.' Accordingly, when an international law has been made and has then been violated, the International Law Enforcement Agencies of all nations must act and the international courts must rule. Thus, the U.S. President must act alone, but can seek help from Congress and other nations, on the international law that has been violated in Syria.

Unfortunately, the International Law Enforcement Agencies are not collecting intelligence fast enough on international law violations.  These violations exist because some nations are poor, are undeveloped, are godless, or have a deist or theist God.

My research work on panentheism can reduce these violations fast.  For example, panentheism can change all godless nations to godly nations.  And panentheism can change a deistic nation or a theistic nation to a panentheistic nation. Panemtheism can also develop a poor or undeveloped nation to a natural nation.  All of these different nations can be changed by panentheism because panentheism makes all humans different Little Gods, all families and all nations equal, and all created souls endless or eternal.

Monday, September 02, 2013

264.The Job of International Law Enforcement Agencies

The violation of international laws in Syria on 'chemicals' has impacted today's international law enforcement agencies. (click)  But these international agencies are very new. For example, Europol (or European Police Office) is the European Union's law enforcement agency that handles criminal intelligence. This office became operational only in 2010. (click)

What is the history of international law enforcement in the USA? These agencies began to appear when chemical and biological drug sales and crimes were growing in the 1960s. To solve the problems of crime and drug use, I joined the National Institute of Justice in 1971,which is an agency of the U.S. Department of Justice. In the 1980s, cocaine came and expanded the drug problem to many nations. So, in 1995, President Clinton found the International Law Enforcement Academy. (click)

Did the President of Syria and his military system use chemicals to murder Syrians?  The answers must come from the International Law Enforcement Agencies. In the USA, President Obama can authorize his International Law Enforcement Agencies. President Obama is not required to seek this authority from the U.S. Congress because his  International Law Enforcement Agencies are not war machines.

In Russia, Vladimir Putin is saying that the Syrian chemicals are nonsense.  (click), (click) The word 'nonsense' means that the human mind is only sensual. Putin can be challenged because our minds can also reason.

All humans must realize that the human mind is still an unknown thing.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

263. Syria, International Laws, and the Action of President Obama

President Obama concluded that the use of chemicals against the people in Syria is a violation of international law on 'human rights.' His conclusion will be tested soon by the U.S. congress.

To protect these rights, nations have joined international organizations, such as the United Nations or European Union. But nations, which are not party to these international agreements, must also be held accountable because all nations on this planet will eventually become equal under a panentheistic God. Thus, human rights, wartime laws, and territorial rights will develop as international laws. But international laws will soon change drastically because human rights  must become consistent with the new panentheistic God and His created and endless universe.

This week, the Parliament of England decided not to stop the use of chemicals against the people of Syria by the president of Syria. The timing of this decision in England was poor because I found six years ago that England's God (deism) is false. (click), (click) The knowledge of science and an infinite God will change England. But science and an infinite God will also change Russia. For instance, atheism is false because sensual data cannot prove non-existent things such as God. England and Russia are hanging onto empiricism and atoms too long.

When a government uses deadly chemicals to hurt or murder Little Gods, these acts are fully known by an active God because such a God creates and maintains the universe and cares for his living things. I say that it is in the rebirths that God reacts on the whole.

So, when Karl Marx spoke of forward motion of economics did he also recognize a backward motion in his economy?  Jesus knew a double motion in the universe at Matt. 5:19 when he spoke of least and great. With chemicals in Syria, all Little Gods in Syria are on a see saw that God knows but that we do not know, unless our thoughts are correct. For this reason, I think of  motions but focus mostly on forward motions. Criminals never move forward.