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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Problem Reveals a Political Question: Is Democracy Opposed to Socialism?

Many politicians say that democracy is logically opposed to socialism. For instance, Republicans , the Tea parties, the ACLU, and the Cato Institute say that this logic is true because communism is the only form of socialism and is thus the only opposition to democracy. So the Republicans, the Tea parties, the ACLU, and the Cato Institute turned their eyes away from socialism and focused on the virtues of the Romans and the political/scientific work of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

I reject the logical relationships between democracy and socialism because all democracies experience pasts, presents, and futures and experience degeneration and progress or become smaller or larger. I even say that a democracy might eventually move its members to one or more other planets. So extending a democracy is a real and important political event. However, the extension of a democracy will not occur if it is based on monetary wealth. Extending a democracy will occur only if it is based on the growth of knowledge about God's Intelligent Design of the universe.

The founders of the USA were aware of the extension of democracies. So they knew that the USA would grow in number of people and in the kinds of their living necessities. For this reason, the colonists studied the new political theories of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. In time, the colonists decided to apply the social contract theory of Locke. Based on this decision, the founders developed two founding documents --- the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. In the first two paragraphs, the Declaration of Independence identifies Locke's SOCIETY. In the remaining paragraphs, this first document authorizes the SOCIETY to go to war against England, if England begins a war. In the second founding document, the Constitution identifies the SOCIETY'S GOVERNMENT.

In a letter to me dated March 26, 2008, Senator Rockefeller told me that the Declaration of Independence was removed as a 'founding document'' by U.S. lawyers. This means that Locke's SOCIETY was removed from the body of U.S. laws. This removal also removed immediately the social contract of Locke from the USA. This removal of all social contracts by lawyers raises questions. For instance, how can U.S. lawyers eliminate all social contracts made among all Americans?

In the Gulf of Mexico, contracts have excised between Golf of Mexico workers and many Americans for years. These permanent contracts have been interfered by BP's oil problem and by those lawyers who destroyed Locke's social contract in the Declaration of Independence.

BP's oil problem should be able to save the U.S. workers in the Gulf of Mexico because BP has monetary wealth. However, the destruction of Locke's social contracts by U.S. lawyers cannot be saved until the Declaration of Independence has been returned to the body of U.S. laws and these criminal lawyers have been jailed.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More on the BP Oil Problem in the Gulf of Mexico

After the assassination of Abe Lincoln, U.S. scientists, businesses, industries, colleges & universities, and governments concluded that their decisions could be made without considering God. Today (May 27, 2010), I conclude that the decision of BP to drill for deep oil without considering God was a major error. I conclude that this error will lower considerably the security of many USA citizens in the region of the Gulf of Mexico and the food chain of all Americans.

The human decision to not consider God is influenced by today's physical scientists, who reject God and say that a whole is equal to the sum of its parts. So, BP concluded that it could drill freely through rocks..If BP had considered God, it would have concluded that all things in the universe do not exist in containers, just as we can contain water in a glass. Now, open a hole in the rocks. With a hole, the oil is free to move out of the bed as the law of gravity says. The oil will move naturally based on gravity and did move into the water of the Gulf of Mexico. This oil can move into the water of the Gulf quickly because the oil pressure becomes maximum at about 2000 pounds per square inch.

It seems that BP made this hole large enough to produce large incomes for its investors. But this hole was too large if one considers God. If one considers God, one learns that the whole (of oil) behind the rocks has an infinite number parts. Galileo tells us that all God-made wholes have an indivisible number of parts. So drilling many small holes might be preferred if high pressure oil can destroy the big hole structure. Making 'fast bucks' is undesirable when the life of people will be disturbed.

It is time for all scientists, businesses, industries, colleges & universities, and governments to consider God in their decisions.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Missing Metaphysical Thoughts on BP's Oil Problem in the Gulf of Mexico

Today, many people will agree and say that God exists and created all things in the universe. But only a few of these believers will say, 'All are one.' This unfamiliar saying means that all things (both God and all creatures) are one. All nonbelievers say, 'God does not exist.' These nonbelievers make such a statement because they seek God and other things only with their senses. They can't perceive God because the do not develop their metaphysical abilities.

Today, atheists, materialists, mathematicians, evolutionists logicians, educators, judges, politicians, doctors, business owners, war mongers, college and universities chairpersons, and religious leaders are not developing their metaphysical abilities. Since many people are not developing their metaphysical abilities, more world problems, such as the oil problem in the Gulf of Mexico, can be expected.

If British Petroleum (BP) decision-makers are godly, they should have considerable ontological knowledge about the deep oil bed in the Guff of Mexico and the way God is 'in' such a deep oil bed. They would also have studied my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God' and would also have studied the book about 'Nicholas of Cusa's Metaphysics of Contraction,' especially Ch. Three on Cusa's functionalist ontology. (click)

It is time for all people to turn to God and the functional relations between all things. Today, the independence of humans are being overstated and the relations among all things are being understated.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How the Oil Problem in the the Gulf of Mexico Must Be Solved

The BP oil problem in the Gulf of Mexico can be solved only if all physical scientists and all politicians open their minds. To open their closed minds, physical scientists must accept the scientific reality of an active God. I prove the existence of an active God in my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God." And I provide information about the acts of this kind of God in this website. In order to open their minds, all politicians must accept the existence of a scientific God. In the USA, all politicians must also reject the conservative and liberal ideologies because these false ideologies are impeding man's development of scientific knowledge about an active God's intelligent design of his creation.

In the Gulf of Mexico, BP scientists are not expressing all truths about ‘drilling for oil.’ They cannot express all of these proofs because they understand man-made things as all scientists do. But like other scientists, BP scientists do not understand God-made things. So, I will teach scientists about the differences between God, God-made things, and man-made things.

God is a whole who has no parts. So, God can be called a pure whole. However, all God-made and man-made things are 'wholes that have parts.' God-made wholes have an uncountable or infinite number of parts. Each of its parts are indivisible. But man-made wholes can be counted. So scientists say that a man-made whole is equal to the sum of its parts. Galileo taught God-made wholes.

If BP's cameras are looking at God-made oily wholes, their cameras are useless because these oily wholes cannot be counted or distinguished from each other. I understand that the oily wholes are crystals, which exist at a very low temperature. If so, the God-made oily whole has been contracted by God’s intelligent design (ID) to form crystals. This contraction process is unknown because many scientists have rejected God today.

Can golf balls, bricks. etc. be added among the crystals? I doubt that the structure of the crystals can be penetrated at its low temperature without increasing the crystal temperature and changing the crystal geometry. Unless scientists can control this temperature and geometry, I believe that the oily things must be sucked out of the Gulf water until the oil is gone. This sucking effort should be started immediately

Obviously, all deep drilling must be halted until man knows how to drill deep safely.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Natural Rights, XIII

A silent natural right crisis in the USA is identified by Leo Strauss in Ch. VI of his book on 'Natural Right and History.’ This U.S. crisis appeared when John Locke’s social contract theory was removed from the body of U.S. law by removing the Declaration of Independence as law soon after Abe Lincoln’s assassination.

With a long research career on crime, I conclude that this U.S. crisis is the result of the combined evilness of the U.S. government and the private sector. Since all evils originate in the human mind, as Jesus Christ also says in Mark 7: 23, I will merely identify the public and private mental errors.

The U.S. government expressed itself by saying that the Declaration of Independence has only a single authority, to enter war with England. However, the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence has a second authority, to build one nation of People under God. Such a nation can be built only with God and John Locke’s social contract theory.

The private sector expressed itself through atheists, materialists, evolutionists, free-market economists, the Cato Institute, free traders, republicans, and tea parties. This group of thinkers seem to have influenced the U.S. government to replace American life, which is based on God and Locke’s social contract theory, with the ugly life of Romans, who murdered Jesus Christ. This ungodly Roman life is based on the anti-social theories of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Leo Strauss describes the Roman life and its many problems in detail in Ch. VI.

Our TVs today tell us that the above expressions of the U.S. government and the private sector have been successful in changing the American life to the Roman life. Since the Roman Empire fell apart, Americans can expect the USA to fall also.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Natural Rights, XII

In Ch. V of ‘Natural Right and History,’Leo Strauss discusses Thomas Hobbes’ political science and the social contract developed by John Locke. Locke’s two-step, social contract is the first civil society that begins with two founding laws. The American colonists were the first to use Locke’s social contract. The first step forms the Declaration of Independence and authorizes Locke’s Society. This document is a law that cannot be amended. The second step forms the Constitution and authorizes Locke’s Government. This document is a law that can be amended by Society.

In a March 26, 2008 letter response to me, Senator John Rockefeller said that ‘the Declaration of Independence is not considered law in the same sense that the Constitution is considered law.’ After studying Locke’s social contract theory and Leo Strauss’s book on ‘Natural Right an History’ I conclude that the Declaration of Independence cannot be removed from the body of U.S. laws because Locke’s social contract is a contractual agreement between two parties --- Society and Government.’ By not considering the Declaration of Independence as a law, Locke’s social contract cannot function properly for the USA. So, I do not agree with Senator Rockefeller’s response..

By not considering the Declaration of Independence as a law, Locke’s Society, which is defined in the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence, cannot function. For instance, ‘one People’ (or Union) will not exist God and a Creator will not exist; the Laws of Nature (science) and Laws of Nature’s God (morality) will not exist; human individuality will be unknown; slavery (as defined by the statement all Men are created equal) will no longer exist;’ and all natural rights will not exist.

It seems that Strauss sees the removal of the Declaration of Independence in Ch. VI as ‘The Crisis of Modern Natural Right.’ I see that this crisis appeared after the assassination of Abe Lincoln. With Lincoln's murder, I believe that slavery began to reappear in the USA and developed an anti-social nation with a large poor economic class.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Natural Rights, XI

Leo Strauss' book on 'Natural Right and History 'deals with the following subjects:

I. Natural rights and Historical Approach.
II.Natural Right and Distinction between Facts and Values.
III. The Origin of the Idea of Natural Right.
IV. Classic Natural Right.
V. Modern Natural Right.
A. Hobbes
B. Locke
VI. The Crisis of Modern Natural Right
A. Rousseau
B. Burke

Further, I also refer to work associated with Charles R. Walgreen Lectures.(Search on Google). Once connected to the Lectures, I refer to the work of Yves R. Simon on the 'Philosophy of Democratic Government.' (click)

Now, focus on Simon's subject, 'Authority As Cause of Action.' This subject deals, for instance, with the founding documents of the United Stares of America. Of importance in this subject is the fourth paragraph:

Look at the bolded three statements. They say, "Now unity of action depends upon unity of judgment, and unity of judgment can be procured either by way of unanimity or by way of authority; no third possibility is conceivable. Either we all think that we should act in a certain way, or it is understood among us that, no matter how diverse our preferences, we shall all assent to one judgment and follow the line of action that it prescribes. Whether this judgment is uttered by a leading person or by the majority or by a majority within a leading minority makes, at this point, little difference. But to submit myself to a judgment which does not, or at least may not, express my own view of what should be done is to obey authority. Thus authority is needed to assure unity of action if, and only if, unanimity is uncertain. The question is whether unanimity can be established in better than casual fashion among the perfectly clever and well-intentioned members of a society which is, by hypothesis, free from deficiencies."

In the USA, the idea called the 'unity of action' applies to judgments found, for instance, to the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Thus, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Declaration of Independence contained only one authority, which only authorized a war against England, the Court eliminated all other judgements, including the Union and human rights. These eliminated judgements are the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence. The nature of the 'unity of action' is very clear because there is no room for people who do not become educated or who spend their time building voting groups who have no knowledge of the voting content. The Democratic (or liberal) and the Republican and Tea Party (or conservative) parties are examples of these poorly educated voting groups.

Further, I found that an active and infinite God is connected logically to all finite things in the the universe forever. One connection is the indivisibility of God to all indivisible/divisible things in the universe. Interestingly, the indivisible God and all indivisible things unify independence and dependence. So any nation that contain a unity of action will also be well-organized by well-organized parts. Since the USA is not organized with well organized parts, I expect that the USA educational system and the USA will fall apart in the 2nd century.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Natural Rights, X

The mission of the Cato Institute is to broaden the debates of the traditional American principles of limited government, individual liberty, free markets, and peace. (Click) The Cato's Letters deal with other concepts, to promote the social contract theory of John Locke and reject the social contract theory of Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau . (click) Locke's social contract was applied by the U.S. founders as shown in the words found in Declaration of independence and the Constitution. If Locke's social contract applies, we must say that limited government, individual liberty, free markets, and peace are concepts that are possibilities but are not realities that have been proven.

Although Cato scholars conduct policy research on a broad range of public policy issues and produce books, they do not consider an inactive, or active, God. So, the thoughts of today's Cato scholars can deal only with an atheistic economy. This fact is seen when Cato scholars never agree with a political party. For example, they were critical about George W. Bush's administration and were critics of the thoughts of presidential candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama. (click) However, the School of Economics at Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania concluded that the thoughts of the Cato scholars are excellent. But, how can any university say that an economic paper can be valued if the paper does not consider God?

It is clear that the 18th century scholars of the Cato Institute promoted the social contract theory, and the active God, of John Locke to the founders of the USA. But today, Cato scholars are promoting deism and the social contract of Jean- Jacques Rousseau to today's U.S. leaders. If these promotions are true, I conclude that the to days scholars of the Cato institute are promoting a white collar crime by violating the 18th century founding documents.

In this blog, it is now clear that the meanings of subjects such as limited government, individual liberty, free markets, and peace are too vague for their open use.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Natural Rights, IX

In his book on 'Natural Right and History,' Leo Strauss discusses 'The Crisis of Modern Natural Right' in Chapter VI. In this chapter, I conclude that the first two paragraphs of the U.S. Declaration of Independence and John Locke's social contract were removed from the body of U.S. laws by the U.S. Supreme Court when it removed prayer from public schools. In the 1970s, such Supreme Court actions were influenced by the Cato Institute. (click)

Earlier by concealing their identities with the ancient name of 'Cato,' two Englishmen, John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon influenced some colonists. These Englishmen were followers of Cato the Younger (95–46 B.C.), the foe of Julius Caesar and a champion of liberty and republican principles. Their 144 essays are published in Cato's Letters. (click)

By removing the Declaration of Independence, the anti-slavery statement, '... all Men are created equal, ...' was also eliminated by the U.S. Supreme Court. According to Strauss, Locke's social contract was converted to the social contract theory of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in which virtue is spoken of only as 'trade' and 'money.' These stupid words will not take any nation to another planet when our sun darkens.

If the Republican party and Tea party continue to promote Cato Letters nationally, they cannot be followers of Abe Lincoln's freedom and God.