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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crime Prevention

When working at the U.S. Department of Justice, I and a few associates discussed the possibility of conducting research on white collar crime and government crime. We floated this possibility but received no interest. Bu I believe that all kinds of research must be conducted in any nation in order to build a democracy. By conducting all crimes, crime prevention wii appear and will grow.

In the USA today, research on government crime is not possible because the 'agency head' of all agencies of the executive branch of the U.S. government is determined by the U.S. President.  Unfortunately, the agency head is often a person who has no experience on the subject of  the agency. Thus,. government crime in nations that are building a democracy will exist until experienced and honest people become the permanent heads of every government agencies.  These permanent agency heads are really necessary because building a democracy requires lots of futuristic thinking in each agency of a government.

On white collar crime, I believe that this form of crime exists in most nations. Crime appears when its people are told that a democracy is defined wrongly as a 'free society.' People do not realize that a free society cannot be defined unless God and God's absoluteness is rejected. But if God is rejected, the national language and the minds of it people will degenerate and lead to atheism, greed, and crime. So, white collar crime can be eliminated only by accepting God and perfecting the symbolic languages of a democracy.

With a well developing democracy, all forms of crime will decrease and open the possibility of developing the paradise I have discussed earlier.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Walter E. Williams, Syndicated Columnist

In my local newspaper last Sunday, William E. Williams of Mason University defended the conservative movement, the high rich class, and the Republican party. His article asks, 'Should the rich be condemned?

Williams calls the USA a 'free society.' This phrase is wrong because only God has a freedom that is absolute.  The people in any nation are never absolutely free.  Th Preamble of the U.S. Constitution says, We the  People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, ...' These words are saying that the USA was founded as a 'perfecting society.  Thus the USA is not a free society. So, the rich classes in the USA must be eliminated by Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court.

Williams was correct to say that the first rich class was developed by inventors and mass producers. But he does not say that the rich class in the USA was also developed by the early  'Big Families' such as the Astor family. These Big Families developed national banks and are passing their wealth over to their children, who become wealthy without earning it. But inheritances assume that families have bloodlines.  Bloodlines is a false theory because I say that evolutionary theory is false.  The purpose of human families is only to raise the spiritual children of an active God.  

Williams does not talk about one-company-towns, cancer, crime, drug use, poor U.S. education, gays, bullies, child molestation, the Appalachian Area,  unemployment, infrastructures, stimulus, etc. Williams only wants to defend the mass producers and the unearned wealth of the mass producing families.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Free World Market Economy is Leading ther People of all Nations Into Hell

Yesterday I said that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are leading free people into Hell.  Today, I  amplify yesterday's statement by saying that the free world market will also lead free people into Hell. Let me explain this thought.

In the USA, the free world market is supported mostly by the conservative Republican party. To win the biggest wealth in the free world market, the republicans must reduce the U.S. government budget so that the taxes of U.S. free traders can be reduced.  This tax reduction allow free traders to become wealthy. But this thinking is old and outdated.

The outdated thinking of a free world market is connected to the period of the first inventors.  They appeared when the industrial revolution began.  An example is Thomas Edison, who invented the light bulb and became rich.  However, most inventors work at the large companies today with other scientists.  There, the inventor is forced to turn all inventions over to the company. So, most inventors can no longer become rich. Today, richness is an ungodly thought. It is ungodly because richness is possible only by stockholders, the CEO, and friends of  the CEO.

In the 1950s and 1960s, as an inventor for digital telemetry, I was a conservative thinker. After I learned that the conservative thinker does not understand an active God, I became an independent U.S. voter in the 1970s. Building a paradise and building welth cannot be related to an active God.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Are Leading Their People Into Hell

After Abraham rejected idolatry, in 500 BC. Anaxagoras found a new alternative to idolatry. (God and Universe are one)  Plato confirmed this finding with his Parmenides Dialogue.(One and Other are one) The Gospel of St. John indicates that Jesus studied this Greek alternative after age12 and began to teach this alternative at age 30 to Jews.

However, the Bible did not unify the Old Testament and the New Testament. They are too different because the Jewish God is inactive whereas the Christan God is active. Thus, when the Qur'an was made, three very different religions were cast into concrete. Thus, when the logic of Aristotle was accepted by the Roman courts, these three religions controlled the Middle Ages for fifteen centuries. The Middle Age was ended by the great work of Nicholas of Cusa.

However, six centuries have now passed since Cusa ended the awful Middle Ages. At this time, these three Western religions are not changing the concrete on which they stand.  But all three religions are bbeginning to lose members because their scriptures are being challenged. This loss is forming a non-religion called atheism. If this loss continues to grow, the people of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam will be pushed into Hell, which is the dark matter..

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464)

Nicholas of Cusa was born in Germany. He studied at Pudua University in Italy  and produced his first major book 'On Learned Ignorance' in1440. (click) I studied Cusa's book and summarized his works in my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God.'  (click)  The first real review of my scientific book was made by Dr. Stephen Smith of the University of California. All other reviews of my book were by atheists who reject God and didn't even read it.

Now, if you study Cusa's book or my book, you will learn that Cusa was the first modern scientist. I also say that Anaxagoras and Plato were the first ancient scientists.  I also studied the New Testament and conclude that Jesus was the last ancient scientist because he became a follower of Anaxagoras and Plato. Thus, the purpose of Jesus was not to redeem people. Instead, Jesus was teaching a new God, an active God.  Jesus was thus murdured by the Jews for teaching the active God theory and rejecting the inactive God theory of the Jews.

Thus, Copernicus (1473--1543) was not the first person to say that that the planet earth was not the center of the universe.(See Cusa's book in Bk. II, Ch.Eleven) Cusa was the first to say that God was the center of all things in the universe. And Galileo  (1564--1642), because he taught at Pudau University, knew Cusa's works and called Cusa 'the learned doctor.' (See first two pages of Ch. II) So, Galileo was not the first modern scientist, as today's scientists say.

At Cusa's time, people were being burned at stake because the Vatican taught that the earth is the center of the universe. But in his work, Cusa found that the universe did not have a center and circumference.(See Bk.II, Chs. ten and eleven in the book 'On Learned Ignornce')  To save himself from the stake, I conclude that Cusa wrote Bk. III in his book 'On Learned Ignorance.'   Bk. III of this book lifts Jesus up to the 'Son of God. Since Bk. I, Ch. One tells us that Cusa knows that finite and infinite things cannot be compared, I conclude that Cusa ran away fro the Popes and returned to Germany in order to save himself from the stake.

Since Cusa's book 'On Learned Ignorance' was published in 1440 an didn't reach the USA until 1981, theVatican silenced Cusa's works for 581 years.  This is how ungodly people develop religious powers. I concludee that the USA should support the God of the Vatican and the God of the Jews.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Big Bang Theory Is False

On page 6 of my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I say that 'all finite things are originated by an infinite thing.' In this statement, I can say that all finite things are eternal because an infinite thing is God, who is eternal.  On the other hand, physical scientists say that 'all finite things are originated by a Big Bang thing.' 

But this Big Bang thing is not an infinite thing.  So, the physical scientists have made an error of thought or a contradiction. In order to eliminate this error, these scientists can only say that 'some finite things are originated by a finite Big Bang thing.'  When the physical scientists correct this contradiction, they are forced to say that all  universes originated by a Big Bang thing have a 'beginning and end.'  By saying that a Big Bang thing produces a universe that has  'a beginning and an end, these physicists were forced to reject God and propose the theory that many universes  have existed since time = 0 and then died.

Nicholas of Cusa uses the circle in order to to model God. He says that God is represented by a circle's center and circumference. See Bk. II, Ch.. Eleven, 'On Learned Ignorance)  Cusa also shows that God is absolutely maximum (e.g., circle circumference) and absolutely minimum (e.g., circle's center point. (See Bk. I, Ch. Four,  'On Learned Ignorance')

Thus, physical scientists are saying that our universe was not created by God.  Instead, they say that a Big Bang physical thing and that our universe will die just as earlier universes died.

These scientists will spend billions of dollars of U.S.government funds to prove that Nicholas of Cusa and I are wrong and to prove that many dead universes exist. They can never prove that these universes exist because God is at the center and circumference of all finite things in our universe. These scientists cannot see, measure, or understand this God. See Bk. II, Ch.. Eleven, 'On Learned Ignorance)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Immigration is a Godly Act of a Developing Nation

In the debate last Tuesday evening, eight Republican presidential candidates in the USA discussed the security of the USA and the  immigration problem of Mexicans into the USA. I conclude that Newt Gingrich gave the only godly  propoosal to solve the immigration problem from Mexicans.

Like many other nations, Mexico is degenerating.  Nations degenerate as a result of different reasons. The cause of Mexico's degeneration is a war on drugs.(click)  Because of this war, Mexico is not developing a democracy. Because of this war, Mexico has no God. The people of Mexico are losing their liberty and education.

The USA is helping Mexico to win this war by eliminating the production of drugs in Afganistan. Eighty percent (80% ) of the drugs in the world are produced there.  There, militaries are securing the people of Afganistan so they can learn and produce only useful products for themselves and others.

Since some Mexican families came to the USA long ago, Newt Gingrich says that these families should be allowed to stay in the USA. I  agree.  But I believe that my active God will also agree.  I conclude that the proposals of the other seven Republican presidential candidates were poor and not godly.

If the people of all nations consider God in every political proposal that they develop, I believe that our lives after death could only be great.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Why the U.S. Congress Does Not Work

After hearing the words of Grover Norquist on the '60 Minutes' program, it is now clear to me why the U.S. Congress is not working the way the U.S. representative form of government is expected to work for all U.S. citizens.

I conclude that the representative form of government in the USA lost its way of working for 'all U.S. citizens' because some of the rich citizens in the USA wanted to 'seek and hold' new political power in the USA through the Republican party. By seeking and holding this new power, Norquist and these rich citizens expect to reduce their taxing and change the USA to Reaganism and the 19th century culture when the 'big families' held most of the U.S. money.

But this change will never work because the life of people under God is not static.  The life of people is always dynamic and futuristic.  So, the work and thinking of Norquist and these rich people are godless and irrational.

The senators and representatives must turn their interactions away from all lobbyists.  Then, they must open their offices to their local citizens. We must destroy lobbyism.

More On Grover Norquist

I have given more thought to the subject of how citizen Grover Norquist interacts with the U.S. democracy and creates power over the senators and representatives of U.S. Congress. I conclude that the creation of power is criminal.

When I was a member of the research staff of the National Justice Institute of the U.S. Department of Justice, the staff wanted to conduct research on white collar and government crime.  Unfortunately, both subjects were denied by the agency head. So, I believe that the exectutive branch of the U.S. government will never do crime research on itself until a law authorizes this research.

So, if democracies are to be perfected throughout the world, free humans must conduct private  research if crime on a democracy is to be detected and eliminated. Since the USA has a representative form of government, a citizen is authorized to  interact only with two senators and one house representative.

In the CBS '60 Minutes' program, we learn that Norquist is a lobbyist and interacts with many senators and house representatives.(See how Norquist interacts)  Is this citizen interaction criminal? I believe it is because he is violateing the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. democracy.

It seem that Norquist might have interacted into the debt proplem of the USA.

Monday, November 21, 2011

CBS News: About Grover Norquist

Last evening '60 Minutes' talked with Grover Norquist, a man who holds powers over members of the U.S. Congress.  I believe that Norquist's power is trying to change the way the US. Congress works. If this change occurs, the U.S. Congress will no longer function in rational ways.

The purpose of Norquist's power is to reduce the taxes of U.S. businesses so that the world market for U.S. traders increase their profits. For this reason, Norquist is active over the GOP members of  the U.S.  'Special Deficit-reduction Supercommittee,' which comes to an end this Wednesday.

Norquist's power seems to be absolute.  His power is thus criminal because the power of a single citizen is not authorized by the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Even the three branches of the U.S. government have no absolute power.

A new law must be made by Congress to limit the power of all citizens.

Our World Economists and Leaders Are Ungodly

Some humans believe that scriptures are true and complete.  So they will not think about making a paradise on planet earth because, after death, they expect to go to a paradise where God is. But a paradise for us does not exist in God because God is 'One' and has no parts.

The pic on the right expresses the dreams of these people.  But their dreams are hiding facts about God because God gave all humans the ability to make very beautiful things.

 Man can make beautiful things, as the pic below shows.

God also gave us other abilities.  So, we ca go beyond making a paradise for us on planet earth.  For instance, in the 1960s, astronauts landed on the moon.  Soon, astronauts will land on planet Mars to see whether humans, animals and plants can live there after our planet dies and is absorbed by our sun. If we cannot live on Mars, our astronauts must find a new planetary system that God made for us.

Unfortunately, the world economists and dictatorial leaders are ungodly because they are not interested in making a paradise in every nation.  Nor are these economists and leaders interested in going to planet Mars and searching for new planetary systems. All they want to do is to gain riches and make slaves out of humans.

In order to change the thoughts of these economists and leaders, our young children are at work. I thank these children.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Can Make a Paradise

When a person dies, I conclude that this person becomes part of the dark matter that surrounds the planets of our sun and becomes part of the dark matter of another planetary system when our sun darkens as Jesus described in Ch. 24 of Matthew of the New Testament.  Based on this conclusion, I say that this person will be born again on planet earth in an unpredictable nation.

So, terrorism, wars, nuclear rockets, different religions, dictators, fascists, unemployment, economic inflation, child molestation, uneducated children, family poverty, rich classes, crime, drug use, different nations, etc. should not exist. Essentially, all nations must treat all new births equally

In order to treat all new births equally, we must recognize that 'the paradise of life' is possible on every planet.  But we don't recognize the possibility of this paradise for two reasons: (1) atheists and deists do not recognize an active God and His Intelligent Design of the universe and (2)  people, who recognize an active God, hang onto the content of ancient scriptures and do not recognize that modern science is slowly out-dating them.

We must raise all children properly.  Then we must give our children the real life of a paradise.  Then,  old children must be cared as they age and prepare to be born again.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Some Ownerships Are Ungodly

All land and minerals were made by God.  Thus,, land and minerals cannot be owned by any person or organization of people. Before the colonists went to war against England, colonists could have land, but could not own it, and colonists could mine minerals, but could not own the land.  For instance, the governors of New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia held these laws firmly.

So , when the colonists went to war against England, the colonists accepted the social contract theory of John Locke. Unfortunately, Locke's theory says that free people must own land.  I conclude that this ownership was a major error of Locke's social contract theory because U.S. people are allowed to buy and sell land in order to make land and mineral profits.

Today, land and mineral ownerships are ruining all nations. For example, in the USA I learned that a chicken producing corporation reduced its taxes in order to increase profits and purchase a mountain so he and friends could relax and play poker. The mountain never produced any chickens. Today's country clubs and inheritances are also created by increased profits and reducing taxes by businesses.

Owing things that that were made by God are inconsistent with God's Intelligent Design.

Friday, November 18, 2011

The Real Meaning of 'Profit'

The true meaning of  'profit' is unknown by most people because they seek riches and want 'more and more profits' as time passes. On the Internet, the word profit is defined as 'a financial benefit that is realized when the amount of revenue gained from a business activity exceeds the expenses, costs and taxes needed to sustain the activity. Any profit that is gained goes to the business's owners, who may or may not decide to spend it. (click)  I disagree with this definition because profits must serve the people of a nation.

When I worked at the U.S. Department of Justice, I included the word  'profit' in a new system that would use public and private sector organizations in order to save the U.S. police from criminals who use guns. The police are saved with 'kevlar vests.' In the first field tests during the Christmas season in the early 1970s, the heart of a Seattle police was hit by a criminal's bullet. He was saved. As seen, profit applies only to private organizations.

After this Seattle event, a gentleman came to my office in order to talk about this system.  Because I said that 'profit' means 'a cost of doing business,' he said that many governmental personnel and businesses do not think this way.

Profit is a cost of doing business.  It is a cost because it s needed f'or new research and the development of new products.' My definition of profit belongs only to the American System of Economics. (click)  The meaning of  'profit for owners or stockholders' is used in the British System of Economics by U.S. economists and the U.S. government.

The definition of 'profit' has been changing over time. Rather than only heaving labor and factory costs in the 1950s, today's costs have increased to pay for owner bonus,costs, CEO costs, personal bonus costs, lawyer costs  stockholder costs, insurance costs, and inflation costs..  These new costs might explain most of the growth of debt in the USA.

Human Knowledge Is Always Incomplete

The Bible and the Qur'an have fooled many people. People were fooled because eternal life after death does occurs in the heavens of the universe and does not occur in the high heaven of God or in the low heavens of Devils. People were fooled because all scriptures are man-made and hold few truths and many opinions and theories.

Thus, all of us are living in a world of questions. But Nicholas of Cusa told us that some questions cannot be answered or understood. (See Bk. II, Ch. Four and Five of 'On Learned Ignorance')  So, atheistic scientists are wrong when they say that human knowledge can be completed. They also say that the 'Incompleteness Theory' of Kurt Godel is false.(click)

We are unable to answer the question, 'Where will we live after we die?' If we are reborn again on planet earth until the sun darkens and absorbs planet earth, we need to act properly in every new life after death so that each of our lives are good and never become bad.

At this time, no person is acting properly in every new life after death.  All humans on planet earth are acting improperly because nations and their leaders are not working together to build democracies. To make life good for all people immediately, today's nations must get together now and throw their war machines away.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making the Best Life For All People

Yesterday, a group of millionaires came to Washington to tell the U.S. government that they want to be taxed more.  Since many conservatives did not agree with the request of these millionaires, it is clear that many U.S. conservatives are fascists as Lyndon LaRouche said in yesterday's blog.  But I go further by saying that most fascists are also atheists because they have no God.

I say that the life of a fascist is not very different than the life of a non-fascist because both will be reborn again and raised in different nations.  For this reason, I say that nations should not be operated by fascists because being reborn again must occur in very similar nations. When the U.S. founders said that 'all Men are created equal' in U.S. Declaration of Independence, they had developed an understanding of an active God.

My active God did not give or promise any land to any person or culture, as the Moses said at Gen. 15:18. Nor did God give or promise minerals to any person or culture.  Land and minerals are infrastructure for all humans, animals, and plants.

To make the best life for all people, the people are the only real forces that can produce it. The group of millionaires above seem to be listening to my active God.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The LaRouche Economy vs.Today's World Economies

The LaRouche/Riemann economy and today's world economies are as different an the night and day.  They are different because the economy of LaRouche and Riemann is always driving a nation into  the future, as the U.S. founders said in the Constitution and requires federal government to form a more perfect Union.  This economy is also consistent with an active God, who is eternal, made the best of all universes, and has no reason to end the universe.

Today's world economies are unlike the economy of LaRouche and Riemann because many people in the world still believe that they are reborn again in the Heaven of God. But I show that God does not  exist in any heaven.  The heavens that God and we  can see are in our finite universe.  So, many people want an economy that gives them mlives of riches.  This economy aligns to the godless world of atheism or the deism of an inactive God. LaRouche believes that the USA is turning to fascism.

So, the economy of LaRouche and Riemann must be used if it is true that people are reborn again by an active God.  And today's world economies must be used if theism and deisms are true.

In the U.S. today, most presidential Republican candidates are fighting for the economy for atheism and deism.  It seems that the exception is Rick Santorum, a catholic from Pennsylvania who wants to eliminate the poverty of the poor class. On the other hand, President Obama will be fighting for the economy of LaRouche and Riemann, even though he didnt study the LaRpuche/Riemann economy. Obama's stimulation work indicates that some work in a nation produces infrastructures and does not always produce profits.

It is thus time to unify the national works on infrastructures and profits.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lyndon LaRouche

I listened to some of the excellent teachings of Lyndon LaRouche in the early 1980s.(click)  When I learned about the book of Nicholas of Cusa on 'On Learned Ignorance,' (click) I turned my attention to Germany's Cusa's works, which are very new.

After listening to the words of Lyndon LaRouche on his new economic system based on the fundamental geometry of Bernhard Riemann,  I concluded that the very rich people of the world are trying to achieve control of all nations with their money system, which is based on minerals such are silver and gold.  Today's debts of nations are showing that this money system no longer work.

I conclude that it is time for the leaders of all nations to examine the new LaRouche/Riemann economy. This economy builds the economy of any nation because they always grow, just as humans, animals, and plants grow.  Depressions and unemploymentp are not possible in this new form of economy.

I Am a Very Different Scientist

Prior to 1981, if I talked to a U.S. scientist, all U.S. scientists would be able to speak about Galileo's works, but could not say anything about Nicholas of Cusa and his 1440 scientific book 'On Learned Ignorance.' So, from 1440 to 1981, Cusa's major scientific book stayed amongEuropean scientists and led U.S. scientists into Hell.

As a scientist from John Hopkins University, I was saved from a ride to Hell because a group of people led by Lyndon LaRouche told me about Cusa's major book in 1981. Cusa's book opened my mind and caused me to study this book and many other books until 2006 when I wrote my first book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God.'

In 1983, the American Cusanus Society (ACS) was founded. (click) The ACS asked to review my book. But it didn't review it because the ACS is a catholic organization and my scientific book is challenging the ACS and all religions.

Accordingly, today's U.S. scientists have gone to the dark matter of Hell or will be going there because they do not consider God or consider God as being inactive. A scientist who accepts this God is a deist.  A deist rejects the Intelligent Design of an active God and accepts evolutionary theory. Thus, a U.S. deist accepts the 'Law of Nature' in the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and rejects the 'Laws of Nature's God' in the DOI. So, the deist and atheist say that morals come from past cultures, not from the Laws of Nature's God.

As seen,  I am a very different scientist.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Connecting Galileo to the Works of Nicholas of Cusa

In the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464) anticipated the Copernican Revolution. He anticipated this revolution because he had found that the God is beyond all opposites (e.g., rest and motion) and thus that God has the two following attributes: absolute maximum and absolute minimum.(Bk.I, Ch.4 of 'On Learned Ignorance') 

Cusa also anticipated the Two New Sciences of Galileo because some kind of progressive motions of the universe were admissible by Cusa. For instance,  Cusa shows shows that the center and circumference of the universe is in motion.  Thus the center and circumference of the universe are found nowhere. (Bk. II, Ch 11 of 'On Learned Ignorance') So, the motions of the universe have no end. This endlessness implies that the life of a person is a continuum filled with different dramas.

Since all created things have imperceptible motions, I say that Galileo learned about the motion of indivisibles and divisibles from Cusa. I say this because Cusa attended at Pudua University in Italy and Galileo taught there and had access to Cusa's work. My saying is confirmed in first two pages of Ch. II of Giorgio de Santillana's 1955 book on 'The Crime of Galileo.' (click)

Because of the above connections between Nicholas of Cusa and Galileo, I say that modern science really began in the 15th century with the thoughts of Cusa.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ungodly Scientists Hide the Work of Scientists Other Than Galileo

In yesterday's blog, I show that Galileo's work on 'indivisibles' have been hidden for a long time by the world's ungodly scientists. In the USA, I believe that most of these ungodly scientists are found in colleges and universities that do not teach  the two major theories of a God (inactive and active).

It is important to teach new students about these two major theories because both Gods are infinite and must use indivisibles and divisibles to create a universe. Since these infinite Gods creates a finite universe, a God must use a contraction process. In his book On Learned Ignorance (click), Nicholas of Cusa tells us that God creates things by using  His own 'attributes.'  For instance, God contracts His Oneness by plurality in order to create all indivisibles.  And God contracts His Infinity by finitude in order to create all divisibles. So, when God creates, God creates a plurality of indivisible things first.  Then God creates a a finitude of divisible things next.

But other scientific works on indivisibles and divisibles have been hidden by these ungodly scientists.. Following Galileo, we find that the concepts of indivisibles were applied by Gottfried Leibniz.  Leibniz uses indivisibles in his paper on Monadology.(click)   And Leibniz uses divisibles in his infinitesimal calculus, which is taught is every high school today.

Following Leibniz, we find that the concepts of indivisibles are applied by Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866) in his paper, On the Hypotheses Which Lie At the Foundation of Geometry. (click)In Riemann's paper, Bertrand Russell learned that all geometries in the universe begin with  indivisibles and are then studied as geometrical divisibles with the integration of Leibniz's calculus.  This is why Russell wrote against Christianity.

Following Riemann, we find indivisibles being used in the field of mathematics by Georg Cantor (1845-1918).  His major work is found in his 1883 paper on Grundlandlagen.(click)

Finally, the concepts indivisible and divisible will be found very often  in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God .  I use them because they are the major concepts in the creation of the universe by an active God.

It is time for ungodly scientists to open their eyes and minds to all of these works.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today's Ungodly Scientista Are Hiding the Indivisibles of Galileo

Galileo (1564-1642) gave birth to modern science according to Stephen Hawking. And Albert Einstein called Galileo the father of modern science.  But Hawking and today's atheistic scientists do not talk about indivisibles, which appeared in the 15th century works of Nicholas of Cusa and Galileo. So let me get these scientists awake.

In 1632, Galileo wrote  Dialogues Concerning the Two Chief World Syatems. This book defends the heliocentrism of  Copernicus, which inquisitors rejected because it violated the Bible. In 1638, while under house arrest, Galileo published the Discourses and Mathematical Demonstrations Relating to Two New Sciences in Holland, which was outside the jurisdiction of the Inquisition. This book contains Galileo's scientific work on indivisibles, which are found  in the first chapter (Day One) of the book on Two  New Sciences.

Now, I ask today's sleeping scientists, 'why are you not using the science of indivisibles in Galileo's first chapter' of his Two New Sciences. It is clear that these scientists are sleeping because they only sense things and can't reason indivisible things.

In 1966, Raymond J. Seeger of the U.S. National Science Foundation tried to get these scientists awake with the book, Galileo, Galilei, hos life and his works. (Published by  Pergamon Press.)  In chapter 6, Seege tells scientists that Galileo was really writing working on 'Continua-Mathematical and Physical.'   Seeger's 6th chapter is an extraction of pages 24-34 of Galileo's book on Two New Sciences. On page 62 of Seegers book, Galileo says:
I pass now to another consideration. Since lines and all continuous quantities are divisible into parts which are themselves divisible without end. I do not see how it is possible to avoid the consideration that these lines are built up of an infinite number of indivisible quantities because a division and subdivision which can be carried on indefinitely presupposes that the parts are infinite in number, otherwise the subdivision would reach an end; and if the parts are infinite in number, we must conclude that they are not finite in size,  because an infinite number of finite quantities would give an infinite magnitude.  And thus we have a continuous quantity built up of an infinite number of indivisibles.
It is time to teach scientists how to reason with an active God.  At the same time we must reject the The Reason Project, which was found in the USA by Sam Harris.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Who is Selling Abortions

Abortion is an act against the work of an active God, who created the universe. But abortion is only like today's economy because it has sales persons. These sales persons are atheists, evolutionists, and many doctors who reject God.

These sales persons reject God because they are poor students of the history of science.  Had they been a good student of Galileo, for instance, they would never reject God and would reject evolutionary theory and abortion immediately.

To accept God, one must read only pages 24-34 of the 'First Day chapter'  in Galileo's book on 'Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences.'

On p. 25, one will learn that gold is made up of an infinite number of indivisible parts. These simple words tell us that God creates all things in the universe by making an infinite number of indivisibles first. In my book, I call these indivisibles spiritual atoms.  Thus, gold is one of the divisible things that God creates after He makes the spiritual atoms.

To create a person, God also uses the spiritual atoms that he made.  However, creating a person by God is very different than creating gold for us.  Since gold doesn't walk, perceive, etc.,  as humans do, the infinite number of parts of  gold will be understood easier than the infinite number of parts of a person.

The atheists, evolutionists, and atheistic doctors believe that all wholes in the universe have a countable number of parts.  But Galileo proves that all wholes in the universe have an infinite number of parts. Thus, when atheists, evolutionists, and atheistic doctors begin to name the parts of the human body, they run into problems because they can't know all of the parts.

It is time to change the way people understand things and each other. Also,we can't allow men and women to kill persons that God created. Since our God is active, people must begin to understand what an active God really means.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Aborting a Person

The anti-abortion “personhood’ measure on the ballot in Mississippi failed to win on Tuesday evening. Had this measure been won, a new nationwide dialogue on abortion would open and this State would have become the first state to define a fertilized egg as a person.

The measure was supported by Republicans and Democrats. This measure was tried before in Colorado in 2008 and 2010. There, voters rejected it more than two-to-one both times. Analysts are now seeking the reasons for the collapse of an initiative that seemed a sure thing just a few weeks ago.

Opponents say that this measure would criminalize birth control, affect in vitro fertilization practices, and force doctors to decline to provide pregnant cancer patients with chemotherapy.

The supporters believe that a fertilized egg is a human being endowed with rights. Ethical, medical, theological, libertarian, and metaphysical persons say that that this belief is a preposterous proposition.

I say that a fertilized egg is a human being because it is a whole that was created by an active God. This whole contains an infinite and uncountable number of indivisible parts. An active God creates all things in the universe the same way. Instantly, God creates an infinite number of different indivisible things. All of these indivisibles are immortal and form the dark matter. Then, God creates the universe (or light matter) by functionally relating each indivisible thing to all other indivisible things. These functional relations give each indivisible thing a body (or infrastructure). When God gives bodies to all indivisibles, an infinite number of mortal divisible things exist and form the first phase of the universe..

All persons thus begin as indivisible things and become living divisible things.  At death, a person becomes a part of the dark matter again where God can recreate that person again, and again, .....

So, when humans make a fertilized egg, an active God is involved.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

In the USA, National Goals Were Replaced by Lobbying Firms

National goals are necessary if the government of a democracy makee all people equal.  This equality of humans became a requirement in the Declaration of Independence (DOI) of the USA and should become a requirement in the democracy of all nations. But the U.S. government never developed the equality of its people, as the DOI says.

Equality was destroyed in the USA when  Congress and the White House did not make any laws that governed the lobbying organizations. (click)  Instead of making laws that would function properly, Congress and the White House gave  every lobbying organizations a freedom that is absolute or unlimited.  Here is another example of how U.S. Congress and the White House do not consider the existence and acts of our God and that only God's freedom is absolute and unlimited. 

When I worked in Washington, DC, I gained experience on how large corporations and small companies influence the U.S. government.  The day of the lobbyist of a large corporation usually begins at 11 o'clock in the morning to pickup the governmental person or persons. At noon, this group enters a good restaurant to eat, drink, and discuss a specific subject.  At 3 o'clock the lobbyist pays the check and the day ends

The large lobbying organization is usually filled with high cost men because the subjects are usually about technologies. The small lobbying firms operate similarly. The small lobbying firms are usually filled with a CEO, a male lawyer, and many low cost females.

Essentially, the lobbying organizations in Washington, DC have gained unlimited control of the U.S. government. Thus, I believe that the U.S. government is open to the people of the USA only through Google and Yahoo websites anymore.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Why National Goals Are Not Developing in Any Nation

Today, some specific goals are being sought by all all nations. For instance, in the USA, new goals in education exist because U.S. children are no longer  ranked high in science and mathematics.  Hwever, at this time, I do not know of any nation that is developing long term national goals.

National goals do not appear in any nation yet  because bankers, economists, leaders, and wealthy people do not consider God in their thoughts.  Their thought prevent the developments of all nations under God. Such a development did not occur in the USA even after the colonists founded a nation under God in 1776.  This development did not occur because U.S. citizens placed their freedom above God. Here again, humans are making errors because they don't understand the philosophy of symbolism.

When we use our language to describe God, we  must distinguish God from us because God is an infinite thing whereas we are finite things.  For instance, when we use the word 'freedom,' we can say that God is absolutely free.  When we make this statement, we must say that we are relatively free. So, humans are never absolutely free. In the USA, this is why we are not free to say 'Fire' in a theater.

When people know that our freedom is limited, they will learn that we must develop national goals now.  We can't wait for planet earth to die before we  start to make national goals.

Monday, November 07, 2011


In yesterday's blog I said that God exists and acts. On the existence and action of all other things, I conclude that humans are the closest image of God  because they must guide the life of all living things.

When I found that God created indivisible things for the universe,  the work of Gottfried Leibniz on monadology influenced me. (click)  Leibniz  convinced me that some indivisible things are able to perceive things clearly whereas other indivisible things perceive poorly or cannot perceive at all.

Eventually, I rejected Darwin evolutionary theory and developed my own theory of perceiving as follows: (1) that humans perceive enough to define all goals of human life; (2) that animals and plants will perceive enough to function for humans; and (3) that all nonliving things (e.g., a block of steel) will not perceive at all.

Since God created all indivisible things, God can act to perceive the perceptions of any indivisible thing. Accordingly, I say that God is acting continually on the indivisibles. Since goal seeking work is not very popular work on planet earth, I conclude that God is very active with us.  Perhaps, it is time to establish some godly goals

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Non-believers Don't Understand God's Existence and Actions

Believers in God began to decrease after the Big Bang theory was anounced and indicated that the universe had a beginning.(click)  On God, the Big Bang theorists ask the following qustions:

Is there a master Architect out there? We know that this universe had a beginning. Was God the "First Cause"?
My answers to these questions are as follows: God exists and acts. God's existence means that God always existed and will never change.  God's actions mean that God's actions exist and can be changed by God.

Accordingly, I say that God and the universe form a single  world.  Since God originated the universe, I say that God and the universe have no beginning or end. This single world of things coexist because God is infinite and all things in the universe are finite.

Many religions teach people that they can live with God after they die.  This is not possible because God is one and infinite. This is why God gave us  many freedoms. Since people are reborn again, it is important that all nations make their people equal. If this equality does not become real, I believe that God will act accordingly.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Wealth Only Produces Ungodly Power

If one believes in an active God and knows God's Intelligent Design of the Universe, the wealth of a nation is distributed equally to all citizens and the personal wealth of a citizen is non-existence when a citizen passes on. So, no inheritances can occur.

A Nation's wealth defined above agrees with the words found in the Declaration of Independence.  There, the U.S. founders say, "We hold theses Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, ..." President Lincoln created the U.S. Civil War to defend this self-evident statement.

When God creates, indivisibles are formed first.  An indivisible is one, has no parts, and function differently.  Among these indivisibles will all humans be found.  Now, when a human is created by God, one 'male human divisible' becomes functionally related to all other indivisibles. These functional relations give this one male human being a body. Females are created the same way.  This example also shows that God is active.

Some people believe that wealth of a nation should be concentrated to a few people.  These people seek power because they do not understand God and God's Intelligent Design. There are many paradises as Jesus teaches. At this time, no paradise will be found on this planet.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Wealth of a Nation and Personal Wealth

The wealth of a nation was presented first by Scotland's social philosopher,  Adam Smith (1723-1790).  He is the author of 'An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth Of Nations (1776).'  To Smith, wealth grows as a result of self-interest, competition, etc. Smith's book led to capitalism. (click)  But due to the disaster of the U.S. economy, new books on wealth are found. One  book is 'The Real Wealth of Nations' by Riane Eisler. (click)

Personal wealth occurs two ways. One wealth can  grow through capitalism and the help of services, for example, aid from SEI (click) or Employee Assistance click).  The other way to grow wealth is to inherit.

However, growing a national wealth or growing personal wealth with capitalism are not aligned to the Intelligent Design of an active God. If  all capital is aligned to God's Intelligent Design, capitalism is expected to produce more and more social needs. As these needs grow, the wealth of all human grows.

When Adam Smith became a deist, he accepted an inactive God and created an economy and capitalism that will never work scientifically. A deist is always forced to create words that are hard to give meanings

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Only Real Scientists Can Lead Our Democracies

Although I said in my last blog that leaders of democracies should come from the school of business management, I believe that these leaders should also be real (hard and soft) scientist, who have prepared themselves to build a democracy.

Today, a few hard and soft scientists exist. I am one of them.  But I did not go to the school of business management.  However, after I retired in 1994, I did develop knowledge of a democracy.  When I learned it, I was too old to become a leader.  So it is important to develop young leaders who prepared for congressional work, good presidents, and strong justices..

Real hard and soft scientists must become leaders of every democracy because 'all' written documents, including founding documents and scriptures, are filled with the symbols that are part of the national language of some nation.  Since the meanings of  symbols must identified and interpreted, if you are not a real hard and soft scientist, you will not produce good interpretations of any documents.

For example, in the New Testament at John 10:30, Jesus says 'I and the Father are one.' A non-scientists would say that God has parts, a Son, and that God is creator and creature.  But a scientist will say that God is not a creator and a creature because God is a 'pure one' that has no parts.

So, all nations must be careful about documents because a national symbolic language of any document is not perfect.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Developing Democracies Everywhere

In the USA, the People and its government do not know how to develop a democracy. The People are unable to know what a democracy is because (1) their major political parties are separated too far and could develop an ugly logic in politics; (2) their Congress has become dysfunctional; (3) their social projects have been stopped and Congress might not authorize such projects again; (4) they do not know or understand an active God; and (5) religions still teach that life after death is possible only with God in Heaven.

Since 'business' forms one of the largest group of effective people in the USA, it could influence greatly the development of the U.S. democracy.  So, I suggest that 'schools of business management' (click) at colleges and universities be expanded so that new students study democracies and become new leaders. If the school of business management is expanded, foreign students could be invited in order to make sure that all democracies become identical throughout the world.

Today, democracies are developing throughout the world.  As democracies increase in number, peace moves forward and decreases the wars that we must avoid. New 'leaders in democracy' are necessary because the parts of a  'democracy' must be reasoned and can be found only with causes and effects.