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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Absoluteness of God and a New Category of Meanings for Symbols

Yesterday’s blog discussed the symbol, absolute. From the dictionary, I extracted fifteen (15) different meanings. Today, I reduced them to three distinct categories. The first category contains symbols that describe things that are free from all other symbols. These symbols are used when we write or when we talk. The second category contains symbols that are either standards or constants. These symbols are used in science. The third category contains symbols that are fundamental, ultimate, unrestricted, perfect, self-sufficient, and free from all external references or relationships. These symbols are used by believers when they discuss God.

Let me be more specific. The first category defines a general symbol that can be used to describe a natural thing that changes continuously or discontinuously. So, symbols such as more true, more perfect, more right, less true, less perfect, less right, inside-outside, up-down, etc. apply to those things that are always changing in Nature. The second category is a symbol that either 1) defines a standard such as the standard meter bar held in Paris or 2) defines a constant such as the speed of light or the speed of sound. The third category is a symbol that is used by people who seek a better understanding of God.

I argue that a fourth category of symbols is missing from today’s collegiate dictionaries. These symbols are functional and relate to each other in order to form a whole. These symbols have already been used by physical scientists and mathematicians who have developed function relations about nonliving, physical things. Physical scientists also call these functional relations as laws of physics. The life sciences are trying to mimic the physical sciences but are failing because living things are very different from nonliving things. This is why life scientists are not solving human problems such as cancer, diabetes, crime, poverty, politics, capitalism, etc.

Some people use the third category to help them understand God better. But, these people are unaware that the fourth category symbols can be used also to prove the existence of God. I offer this proof in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. But, all people are unaware that the fourth category of symbols can be used to understand God better, to understand the universe better, and to understand living things better. So, theologians and all scientists are missing an opportunity to make huge advances in all forms of knowledge. There is lots of work ahead for all families as the pic indicates.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Need to Develop a Single World Language

Years ago, I was studying the Preamble of the US Constitution and typed the phrase . . . ‘in Order to form a more perfect Union, ... I used my old WordPerfect computer program and did a spell check on this phrase. Then, I went to make a grammar check with the Grammatik program. It rejected the term, more perfect, saying that the word ‘perfect’ is absolute. I checked with the grammar books used in schools and it agreed with Grammatik’s rejection. However, in my newer WordPerfect computer program, Grammatik was revised so that it approves the use of the term, more perfect. It also approves terms such as more true, more false, more green, more right, and more wrong. Apparently, the founders of the USA used this term correctly. And, it seems as though the English language is being changed, at least by our computer grammarians.

Now, look at the term, absolute, in a collegiate dictionary. It has many definitions. For instance, absolute has the following meanings: 1a) free from imperfection; 1b) free or relative free from mixture; 1c) outright; unmitigated; 2) being, governed by, or characteristic of a ruler or authority completely free from constitutional or other restraint; 3a) standing apart from a normal or usual syntactical relation with other words, or sentence elements; 3b standing alone without a modified substantive (pronoun); 3c) having no object in the particular construction under consideration though normally transitive; 4) having no restriction, exception or qualification; 5) positive, unquestionable. 6a) independent of arbitrary standards of measurement; 6b) relating to or derived in the simplest manner from the fundamental units of length, mass, and scale. 7) fundamental, ultimate. 8) perfectly embodying the nature of a thing; 9) being self-sufficient and free of external references or relationships.10) measuring or representing the distance from an aircraft to the ground or water beneath. As seen, the word ‘absolute’ has many meanings.

The use of symbolic languages to find new truths is the only way that man can increase his knowledge. But, if one uses symbols, which have many meanings, finding truths become a very difficult job. So, the English language must be changed if our scientists are to find new truths about the universe, about man, etc.

Many people say that we cannot know God. Only a few people will disagree with this statement. Yet, the same people will say:t God is absolute; God is great; God is all-knowing; God is all-powerful; etc. So, the term, God, also has many meanings. So, the English language must also be changed if our theologians are to find the truths about God.

Obviously, all wars can be prevented merely by correcting the languages of all nations. But, this is possible only if a single world language is developed. The pic suggests the people throughout the world work together.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ignorance and Negatives Are Destroying the USA and Increasing Its Crime Rate

Here, I argue that the Declaration of Independence is being misused by the US government. I also argue that this misuse exists primarily by the fields of law and politics and those lawyers and politicians who seek a career in government. Other people have told government that the Declaration is a founding document. But, government continues to be non responsive to ‘the people.’

This ‘don’t care’ behavior of the US government comes partly from the wrong assumption that the three branches of government are independent and thus have absolute power. This assumption is not true because no absolutes of any kind will be found under God. The people and its government is under God as stated directly in the Declaration and indirectly in words of the Constitution’s preamble — in order to form a more perfect union. Forming a more perfect union cannot be measured without the benchmarks of a perfect God. The founders were correct to build a nation under God because I have proven scientifically that God exists. So, the atheists and evolutionists are misleading people worldwide.i

Only God is absolute and has no oppositions. No absolute beings can exist anywhere in our world, including in any government. Thus, only relations can exist among the beings that exist in a created world. Since an unchanging God creates a world of things that are continuously in motion, all relations among created things must be functional. So, the three branches of the US government are functionally related. Some of these functional relations were included in the Constitution. So, the three branches of government are functions, rather than powers, and these branches must learn how to work together functionally.

The functional relations found in government originate in the social contract theory of John Locke. In this theory, all functional relations come from the freedom of ‘the people.’ ‘The people,’ who Locke identifies as ‘society,’ was formed by the Declaration. ‘The people’ becomes the first party of the social contract. The other party of this social contract is identified as ‘government’ by Locke and was formed by making the Constitution. Locke’s ‘government’ is thus formed when the ‘society’ gives some of its freedom to the ‘government.’ Thus, a self-governing society was constructed. It was made with a government of, by, and for ‘the people.’ It is thus wrong to say that government governs people. It is truer to say that society governs itself. The development of a self-government under God was the new political idea of the founders of the USA. But, this new political idea was destroyed by a small faction if the USA --- ignorant lawyers and politicians, who do not know God. But, what they have done is to create a another new crime in the crime category called 'white-collar crime.' So, out-smart this crime as the pic shows.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Book Review by Me on "The Blind Watchmaker" by Richard Dawkins

In the 1950s, I was in the field of telemetry and was in a group of national leaders who were forcing the US electronic industry to shift its products from analog to digital. This shift was slow but successful because this shift led to the personal computer found in most homes today. This shift was necessary because the space program was moving into microelectronics fast. With the demand for miniaturization, the field of telemetry had to shift its measuring techniques from continuous to discontinuous (sampling). In this shift, electronic commutators replaced the mechanical commutators, which were used in automobiles to sequence control spark plug energy to the cylinders.

In Chapter 2 (Design), p. 35, Dawkins seems to indicate that sampling data and continuous data might be identical for some purposes in a living thing. I do not believe that this identity can ever be made unless the sample rate can be made to be determinately infinite. While a sampling data system is a high technology used by engineers on practical projects, the determination of truths in science will suffer with any sample data system.

While Dawkins study of bats with the high technology of sampling is interesting, it does not follow that we can accept the idea that unconscious machinery can behave as if it understands complex mathematical ideas. (p.52) He says that this idea applies also to living machines. But, he says that our experiences with technology has encouraged our mind to see wrongly a conscious and purposeful designer. This designer is God. Dawkins says that the designer of living things is unconscious natural selection, the blind watchmaker. This statement does not follow these ideas and the discussion of bats in any rational way. If man’s knowledge grows continuously, as history seems to show us, how can unconsciousness natural selection cause increases in conscious human knowledge? It seems as though an unblinded watchmaker must exist if human knowledge is continuous rather than discontinuous. So, i believe that a blind watchmaker is an illusion, just as the pic above is an illusion.

Since humans are the only beings that can create symbolic languages and find laws and build knowledge with them, it seems that humans can know all living and nonliving things better and better as time passes, that is, if a conscious and purposeful designer exists and if this designer appears in our world to sample life’s progress. In my recent book, The First Scientific proof of God, I prove scientifically that God exists. There, I also prove that God must appear in our world discontinuously to teach us God’s progressive wisdom. Unlike God who never throws His machines on a dump, engineers can throw their nonliving machines there without disturbing God or us

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Artificial Intelligence Is Stuck in the Mud

Encyclopædia Britannica defines artificial intelligence (AI) as the ability of a robot to perform human tasks, which are commonly associated with intelligent beings who are ‘endowed’ with the intellectual processes such as the ability to reason, discover meaning, generalize, or learn from experience. Today, AI has attained the level of human experts and professionals and is performing diverse medical diagnosis, computer search engines, and voice or handwriting recognition.

All but the simplest human behavior is ascribed to intelligence, while the most complicated insect behavior is not viewed as intelligence because the digger wasp, for instance, is endowed only with one trait. This trait allows this wasp to adapt to new circumstances. On the other hand, psychologists believe that human intelligence has more than one trait. They say that humans have different traits such as learning, reasoning, problem solving, perceiving, and creating sign and symbolic languages.

Trial and error (rote) and generalizing past experiences to identify new situations are examples of human learning. To reason is to infer from deduction or induction. Problem solving identifies a range of possible actions that would reach some goal, solution, or specific/general purpose. Perceiving scans the environment to find an object by real with an artificial organ such as an optical sensor. A sign language is a system of signs whose meanings are conventional. A traffic sign is an example of a convention. Symbolic languages can build knowledge by formulating an unlimited variety of proven statements.

Research in AI follows two approaches. One is the symbolic (or "top_down") approach. It seeks to replicate intelligence by analyzing cognition independent of the biological structure of the brain. Cognition is determined with symbols. The second is the connectionist (or "bottom_up") approach. It creates artificial neural networks that imitate the brain's structure. None of these approaches are widely accepted.

AI says that the endower of the traits of the lower animals and humans is Nature, not God. Thus, AI is a follower of evolutionary theory and does not consider God in its research or development projects. This is an error for two reasons. First, the intelligence of man is expanded always. This continual expansion is occurring because God appears in our world as the Son of God to expand our knowledge. Second, the cognition of man, when studied independent of the biological structure, cannot be known truly because both mind and brain must function together. Mind and brain are thus functionally related. So, AI is ‘stuck in the mud’ and will stay there until it recognizes that God exists and is active. I show this existence and God’s activity in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. Two years befor my book, I reviewed an book by Sussane Langer on 'Philosophy in a New Key.' Click and Scroll My review of this book was informing all scientists about the symbolism of reasoning. I don't believe that AI got my message. I conclude that the symbolic 'top_down' approach fails because God is not being considered in determining human cognition. I conclude that the bottom_up approach is silly.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

When Scientists and Mathematicians Accept God, They Will Find a New Scientific Method

Today, the scientific method is a method of doing science without considering God in the method. So, today’s scientists begin an inquiry into the unknown by collecting sensual data. Such data are called phenomena. Next, a theory is developed to explain the phenomena. If the theory explains (or proves) the phenomena, a scientific law has been found. Finding a law means that future phenomena can be predicted. Fewer times, a scientist will begin with a theory after which phenomena will be collected to explain (or prove) the theory.

Only recently, physical scientists wondered about the origin of the phenomena they have found. Since they found hundreds of laws that explain physical phenomena, they developed a theory on the origin of phenomena. This theory is known as the Big Bang theory and is thought to explain all phenomena. Thus, they and their followers, the evolutionists, say that the behavior of all living and nonliving things will be predicted by physical laws. So, a couple’s next sexual encounter, a person’s next drink of water, our acts of freedom, etc. will soon be predicted. Such ungodly predictions are the result of today’s outdate scientific method.

The scientific method must change if one accepts the belief that God is the origin of all phenomena. As I say in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, the scientific method must change because God made the phenomena of some things both predictable and unpredictable. Here, we see that some things created by God have opposing attributes that coexist. I say that God made these things by adding life to a dead universe. We see this life when we choose to watch birds, go fishing, going to a social event, etc. or choose to eat and sleep properly, educate ourselves, maintain self-evident moral laws, etc.

Atheism and atheists, because God’s existence had not been proven earlier, are supporting the Big Bang theory, evolutionary theory, and non believing politicians and judges. Isn’t it time for the fields of science and mathematics to check into God and the new scientific method that comes with God?

The Pic represents the human life of some of today's scientists and mathematicians.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Consequence of Reinterpreting Matthew’s Chapter 24 in the New Testament

The major consequence of reinterpreting Chapter24 of Matthew in the blog below is that the popular concepts of Heaven and Hell, which most people hold today, exist only in the human mind and do not exist in some Paradise somewhere in the universe. Thus, Heaven is not a place where couples meet each other and their aunts and uncles, and their grandparents after death as the lyrics of many country songs say.

With the new interpretation, a wife or husband, parents, grandparents and children must always be honored for their contribution to the purpose of God’s creation. This honor must be held before and after the deaths of their family members.

Another major consequence is the necessary contribution of all people to the purpose of God’s plan. A few people cannot do the work for all. And a few people cannot hold most of the wealth of an economy. The life that God created is eternal. If this reinterpretation is correct and Jesus Christ is God, then the whole world must change radically.

Reinterpreting the New Testament at Matthew, Chapter 24

Our knowledge about a monotheistic God is expanding and this expanding knowledge is causing us to change our interpretations of scriptures. Religious leaders do not like these changes because they do not like to admit errors in their teachings. But, they must learn to admit such errors because God made our languages dynamic and did not make any infallible humans. Knowledge is something that grows forever. So, all people must accept this truth.

Nicholas of Cusa shows us that a monotheistic God has no oppositions. Thus, he shows us that no things exist in between God and any created things. Thus, no mediators, such as angels, anti-Christ, Satan, devils, demons, etc., exist. Such things are created by an ill-minded person.

So, when Jesus tells us that certain things must come to past in Matt. 24:6, he is telling us that wars and rumors of war will stop only if our knowledge grows and we stop the warring ourselves. Thus, Jesus is not telling us that certain wars must happen as a result of a plan God made. At verse 13, Jesus asks all people to support His teachings at all times. And, if you support them, you will endure to the end. He says, that end will bring tribulations (verse 21) and shortened days (verse 22) because the earth is dying and will be spinning faster. Earth will spin faster because the sun will darken after our tribulations diminish (verse 29). The darkened sun will eliminate the moon’s light, And, the stars will appear to fall as if they have been shaken (verse 29). In the end, there will be no flesh (verse 22) left on earth because our planet and everything on it will be consumed slowly by the fusion energy furnace of the sun.

To save people from these tribulations, the Son of Man will appear in the eastern sky (verse 27)with angels (verse 31). The Son of man is the son of God in a different body. And, the angels are normal humans who are trained to operate a huge group of very large spacecrafts that can save people from dying planets. Jesus uses the signs of the fig tree to teach us how we can also develop knowledge of the coming of the Son of man (verse 32). He says that all of these signs must be fulfilled (verse 35) before the Son of man will come. Today, we might estimate that planet earth will not begin its death until a few billions years pass. Jesus says that only God the Father knows exactly when the son of man will come (verse 36).

Jesus tells us that the Son of man will prepare to save people on planet earth much like the Babylonian Noah prepared a boat to save people from the floods of the Tigris-Euphrates rivers (verses 37 through 41). He warns people who do not prepare for the coming of the Son of man (verses 42 through 51). On this warning, it is thus that any person who rejects God or does not help man to expand our knowledge will be weeping and gnashing their teeth. (verse 51). Since this teaching of Jesus makes it clear that reincarnation applies to creation of a monotheistic God, it seems as though the Son of man can also save people at their natural death.

The early interpretation of Matthew, Ch 24 was an error because the ancients of Jesus’ time did not know that planets die. However, the early belief that planet earth is the center of the universe also helped to cause this early misinterpretation of Matthew, Ch. 24.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Some Mathematicians Are Disturbed by the Finding of a Scientific Proof of God by a Senior

Last July I suggested that the field of mathematics be restudied. I made this suggestion because all fields of science are stuck in the mud and mathematics might be helpful. Instead of becoming happy to learn that a great theological finding might now exist, ever since I made this suggestion about mathematics, a group of mathematicians have used the Internet to assassinate my character and belittle this important theological finding.

They continue this assassination on the Method website Click and the Good Math/Bad Math website. Click They seem angry because they have not received a free book, even though I have written almost 300 blogs on my website to teach them and others about my book.

So, I will repeat my words here again. All sciences are in deep trouble. today. And, this means that mathematicians and our nation are also in deep trouble. I recognize this trouble because scientists, mathematicians, and many Americans have no respect for the important field of philosophy, especially the philosophy of symbolism and the emergence of new theologies. The ignorance of Americans about US problems has never been clearer to me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam Form a Revealed Religion?

Continuing yesterday’s blog, the Christian belief that God appears in our world as the Son makes Christianity and Judaism very different religions. Technically, the appearance of God as Jesus Christ forces Christians to be called theists and forces Jews to be called deists. As theists, Christians thus have an active God whereas Jews are waiting for their Messiah to appear in our world as their leader. Based on yesterday’s discussion, we can say that Christians have the true and active monotheistic God. At the same time, we can say that Jews and Muslims do not have the true and active monotheistic God.

But, another idea separated Christianity from Judaism and Islam. This idea uses the words ‘prophet’ and ‘prophesying.’ Today, the prophet has become modernized and is known as a ‘theorist’ whereas prophesying has also become modernized and is known as ‘theorizing.’ Judaism and Islam become separated from Christianity when they say that Jesus Christ is a prophet and is not God.

Yet, Christianity became unified with Judaism after Christians and Jews agreed that God can communicate with man. As I said in my blog yesterday, a monotheistic God cannot communicate directly to man across the infinite gap that separates God and man. However, this infinite gap was overcome when Jews and Christians concluded that God inspires the scribes of scriptures through a spirit that is ‘in’ man. This inner spirit is found at Job 32:8. It is through this spirit that the Old Testament became known as the ‘word of God.’ With this spirit, the Old Testament and the New Testament were unified and became known as the Bible. The Bible puts the Old Testament on the same level as the teachings of Jesus Christ. I conclude that this unification was wrong because it reduces the divine teachings of Jesus Christ to that of a prophet.

Today, many people have become atheists because they either reject the idea that God inspires scribes or rejects the existence of God in any form. This first rejection is appropriate because the spirit that Job speaks of is nothing other than the human ‘mind.’ So, we must ask today’s religious leaders to correct these ancient errors. And, we must also ask them, ‘Aside from what is found in the New Testament, what real truths can be found in other Western world scriptures?’
Since the Old Testament consists of words only of normal humans, by uniting the New Testament with the Old testament to form the Bible the early Christians have lowered the effectiveness of the words of Jesus Christ to those of only a prophet. Modern Christians must thus separate Christianity from Judaism. Since Muhammad was a Nester Christian and the Qur’an was aligned primarily to the Old Testament after Muhammad’s death, modern Christians must also separate Christianity from Islam. My book, The First Scientific proof of God, can help in making these separations. Christians must become proud to become aware of the true nature of a monotheistic God and the real work of the Son in our world.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Trying to Understand My Tough Book: The First Scientific Proof of God

Different fields of thought or work use different symbols. These different symbols make it difficult for a person to take a new job. And, they make it difficult for a person to read a new book. When I wanted to learn about philosophy, I got a book titled 'An Introduction to Philosophy.' I couldn't understand it because it has new words that I have never used. When I took a new job at the US Department of Justice I also was exposed to many new words that are used only in the justice system. I put the philosophy away. About a year later, I picked the book up again and I could understand it better. Soon, I understood philosophy. In my new justice job, people helped me to learn the meanings of the new justice system words. And, soon, I understood this system.

We still do not understand how the mind works. But, these two experiences told me that the mind is more complex than our brain researchers say. When I wrote my book, I tried to simplify it as much as I could for the reader. So, if you buy my book and find it difficult, put it down for awhile. Then, pick it up again in several months and note that it seems to becoming simple. This simplification could be caused by mental processes that we have not found yet.

Some people have told me that my book is tough. I realize this because my book covers all fields of thought that deals with God and the universe. So, if you are reading a tough book like mine, put it down for awhile and give your mind a chance to do its silent work.

Distinguishing Christianity From Judaism and Islam

In yesterday’s blog, I agree with Christianity by saying that a monotheistic God must appear in our world. But, I disagree with Christianity when I say that God must appear in our world to inform us about the future. I say that God must keep us informed because He cannot communicate with us across the infinite gap that separates God from the world He creates. But, I also disagree with Christians who say that the Son appears only a second time to save us from the darkening of the sun. Since the darkening of the sun is estimated to be a few billions of years away, I conclude that the Son will appear on this planet many times before the sun darkens. However, the appearance of the Son as Jesus Christ distinguishes Christianity from Judaism and Islam because the Jews and Muslims do not believe that God appears in our world.

However, using the symbols "Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,’ Christians formed the first mirror of God. This mirror of a monotheistic God was named the Trinity. Obviously, finding this linguistic mirror was a major theological breakthrough in the 4th century. But, few Christians know that a second breakthrough came in the 15th century when the three symbols of the first Trinity were transformed into the three ‘scientific’ symbols --- One, Equality, and Union. The 15th century breakthrough is discussed in my book, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’

How do the Jews and Muslims understand a monotheistic God? I have not conducted research on this question. I have been told that some Jews are seeking signs of God. They are called cabalists. I doubt that a mirror about God can be constructed only with signs. And, I have been told that some Muslims believe that the Qur’an is the last scripture to be made by man and that it was written using God’s language. I don’t believe that God’s language can be known and expressed with any human language. Since the Jews and Muslims do not believe that God appears in our world, they view Jesus Christ as a prophet. So, the difference between them and Christianity is great.
The pic is a metaphor of God's appearance in our world to care for us eternally, as a shepherd cares for sheep daily.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Appearance of God in Our World

If your mind is viewing a monotheistic God with the symbols of the Trinity, you are taking the first major step to understand God through a symbolic language. By taking this step, you are viewing God not directly but through a mirror, which is formed with symbols that have precise meanings. But, to understand God scientifically, you must transform the Trinity into scientific symbols. This is done by transforming the early Trinity, which is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, into the scientific Trinity, which is One, Equality, and Union. Now, you are ready to understand the universe. First, you must deny God’s attributes in the universe. Second, you must accept the universe as having ‘many different and related things.’ With these simple steps, you have distinguished God and the universe perfectly.

Now, you are ready to learn why an active God must appear in the universe. An active God must appear in our world because He cannot communicate with us. If God could communicate with us, He could have told us all about the future, that is, about where he is taking us. But, if we knew our future, life would not be very interesting. So, knowing the future was never a part of the life that God gave us. It is thus clear that God must appear in our world because He must inform us where we are going. This information comes from God in steps because we can build our knowledge with symbolic languages only in steps.

In order to appear in our world, God must maintain the universe while simultaneously crossing the infinite gap that separates God from our world. This is why God has a Son, who forms an identity with God. To explain this dualism, look at the scientific Trinity. There, one finds that God is One; that the Son is Equality (of one); and that the Union makes their identity absolute. So, when God appears in our world, He appears as the Son. This means that the son will appear in our world forever as an intelligent and goal-defining creature. God is thus both a creator and a creature. As a creature, God gives us new ideas that will take us into the next step. So, the purpose of our lives will never be fully known.

In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I did considerable research as a symbolist on the symbols that Jesus Christ used in his teachings in the New Testament. I distinguished His teachings with the teachings of other humans and concluded that Christ’s teachings are divine. Thus, I reject any teaching which says that our world comes to an end or any teaching which says that God will judge us and give us eternal life in Heaven or Hell. Heaven and Hell are comparative symbols that might apply to comparing different levels of the consciousness of different humans.

To me, the pic represents some of the ideas that the Son tries to teach us.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Are Modern Scientists and Western Religions Promoting New Criminal Behaviors?

Currently, man is developing two new crimes. One crime is a tool of a gorilla civil war and is called a ‘suicide bomber.’ The other crime is a male sex molester, who often murders the victim (a woman or a young girl or boy). The suicide bomber and molester have been created with new symbols. Once installed, these new symbols become a permanent part of the symbolic language that form their MINDSET, which is a function that develops in their brains. Our MINDSET changes as the structure and content of our symbolic languages change.

Since the meanings of all new symbols must come from symbols that already exist. I conclude that the new symbols, which are used by these two new criminals, are emerging from two non-criminal theories that are institutionalized or being institutionalized. One of these theories is offered by modern scientists whereas the other more institutionalized theory is offered by Western religions. . The suicide bombers seem to have teachers. But, the molester seems to self-develop his molesting behavior.

The modern scientists promote the theory that the universe has an end. This ‘ending’ theory is based on their belief that God does not exist. Supporters of this ending theory are the evolutionists. They say that all human behavior comes from Nature, not God. In this ending theory, Nature’s natural selection does not give any human a purpose. Without a purpose and this ending theory, death by suicide or by capital punishment are choices of these two criminals. Since death can occur only once in the ending theory, the time a criminal chooses death is not rational and cannot be moralized.

Western religions support the ending theory because their scriptures say that life on planet earth must end. This end occurs because the sun darkens and ends. (See Matt. 24:29). But, these religions say that life exists after death. This new life is said to be in Heaven or Hell. This new life is mentioned at Matt. 24:39, where the Son of man saves people from the death of the sun. Christians say that this saving is the ‘second coming of Christ,’ who is expected to judge people and decide where their eternal life will be, in Heaven or Hell. This religious theory has the purpose of living eternally in Heaven. So, a ‘suicide bomber’ assumes that an eternal life in Heaven is a reward from God, if the bomber kills infidels. Suicide bombers include those Muslim hijackers who killed thousands of people in NYC on 9/11.

In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I reject all ending theories of the modern scientists. I also reject the purpose theory of the Western religions. These rejections are sound because the true monotheistic God is very different from people have been told by religious leaders. The truth is that God, the universe, and life has no beginning or end. Thus, they are eternal partners. Death is not real because God included a reincarnation theory and a resurrection theory in life. Accordingly, the true God gives man eternal life. Thus, man makes Heaven and Hell by making MINDSETS in their brains. A well-developed MINDSET and powerful symbolic languages make a Heaven among themselves. Criminals make a Hell among other criminals. The true God also loves man absolutely and thus never punishes him. Only humans are able to reward and punish man.

The suicide bombers and molesters must be told the truth, that is, that they are becoming new criminals.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Intelligent Design

The words ‘intelligent’ and ‘design’ have no clear meaning today. Design is receiving a meaning by the evolutionists, who say that ‘design’ is an illusion and is thus not a reality. Richard Dawkins, a popular evolutionist in England says that design should be changed to ‘natural selection’ or ‘blind watchmaker.’ With this change, Dawkins says that if a person came out of a jungle for the first time and was holding a watch in the hand, one must conclude that the watch was made by a blind watchmaker and was not made by an intelligent human. But, Dawkins agrees that a well-designed thing can exist if a knowledgeable human made it. So, he defines ‘intelligent’ as a knowledgeable human. Since he does not believe that God exists, Dawkins does not accept the knowing level of wisdom, which can produce a complex and beautiful thing, such as the universe, out of nothing.

Darwin knows that we cannot prove that God does not exist. So, he must wait for someone to prove God’s existence because he is not seeking that proof. He continues to say that he will read the first proof. Well, I show the existence of God in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. It’ was published in the USA in June 2006 and has been for sale in, etc. and other regular book stores. He might have already read it but is restricted by his publisher to present a review. This could be the situation for many other scientists and their publishers. Who knows other than the writers and their publisher?

In my book, intelligent design is a reality, in our world and in God. The reason the evolutionists do not recognize intelligent designs is because their minds are stuck in logic reasoning and philosophy of Aristotle. They use either/or words but do not use both/and words. By not using both/and words, their minds cannot rise above Aristotle where Plato’s mind is found. When evolutionists limit their thoughts to logical reasoning, they must become atheists who must live in a world of arbitrary truths. In such a world, civil wars are always just around the corner. The pic is a suggestion that leading evolutionists take an advanced course in etymology.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Symbolic Languages and the Human Mind

I have been writing a 5000-word paper on 'Symbolic Languages and the Human Mind' for publishing in a magazine. I also present it to the Torch Club in May. The paper's Introduction is below

In March, The Journal in Martinsburg, WV reported on the effectiveness of the federal law, No Child Left Behind. The report was about a national test and said that our teenagers lag in math and reading. In particular, 40% of the seniors scored below basic math and, 25% of them scored below basic reading. This report provides evidence that many children are not developing properly by themselves, their parents, and their school teachers. I argue that this school problem has a deeper cause. This deeper cause is the flaw we find in many symbolic languages that people create and use today. These flaws emerge when symbols are given incorrect or wrong meanings. Giving a symbol its meanings comes under the field of thought known as etymology.

I was developing this argument before I found the first scientific proof of God in 2006. This proof rejects the belief of atheists that the human mind is a metaphysical shadow of the brain. Such a shadow would be like the shadow cast by one’s body on the sidewalk when one walks in the sun. The proof of God tells us that the mind is a spiritual atom and that the new theology of panentheism is correct. As a spiritual atom within our bodies, the mind can become conscious. It does this by creating and using symbols and statements. The human mind is thus dominated by signs, symbols, and feelings. Soon, I expect psychologists to use symbols to reduce unwanted feelings such as depression. So, the future life of a symbolist looks interesting.

Since poor test reports in reading and math will weaken the field of science in any nation, our national leaders must act to enlighten our students and develop many symbolists. We cannot maintain the USA only with nuclear bombs and TV entertainment. They will lead us only to ignorance. Accordingly, all people must turn away from their past linguistic developments. Instead, nations must ‘rest,’ as the Jews said that God did on the 7th day. But, the Jewish rest does not mean that God went to sleep. The Jewish rest means that God started a new project. Nations must also start a new project by recognizing that all truths come from symbols. In my proof of God, I conclude that the world consists of God, a created physical infrastructure that supports life, and a life given to living things. I also conclude that these three components can be known only with the development of a single and unlimited symbolic language which cannot be completed. These three components form an ‘open system’ that has no end.

In 1993, my left carotid artery became blocked. It damaged the language function of my brain in a day. I tried to write a two-sentence letter. In hours, my clothes were filled with sweat. I could not write. Since our senses might form a unity, I began to play a computerized version of solitaire with the theory that I could unify my senses with my mind using a winning goal. Slowly, I noticed that my average sentence length was decreasing. Eventually, my average sentence length was approaching the average of most excellent writers. After two years, I recovered my language function. My doctor said that I was lucky. Intelligence, not luck, produced this recovery.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation XI)

This blog will close a series of blogs in which I discuss general thoughts on the development of symbols. Since these discussions had to be applied to a particular use of the symbols, the particular fields of law, politics, and economics were used. I will thus close this series with a suggested course of action that would correct the current symbolic languages used by these fields. To make this correction, I realign the USA and its economy to the founding principles of the USA.

The first step of this correction would bring the Declaration of Independence into the US body of laws. This is accomplished by recognizing that the founders were guided by the social contract theory of England’s John Locke. So, contract laws apply. So, Locke’s social contract has two parties. One is ‘the society’ and the other is ‘the government.’ The founders distinguished these parties respectively with the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

Thus, the field of law made a major error by considering ‘constitutional law’ but not ‘contract law.’ I bring this error to the attention of the field of law in my Amazon. com review of the popular book, The Declaration of Independence’ by Carl L. Becker. (Click and scroll down) No one agreed with my review. Yet, this error is a major error in the field of law because it denies, for instance, government’s developmental effort on a theology or the ‘theory of God’ and limits government to finding ‘Laws of Nature,’ when the Declaration of Independence identifies ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’ Government’s activities on the theory of God and on these two laws are possible without establishing any religion. This error also forces government to legislate ‘arbitrary’ laws and denies government from legislating ‘natural’ laws.

The second step would remove all atheistic principles from the US economy while simultaneously adding godly principles to it. These removals and additions would be only those principles that are consistent with proven scientific/theological statements. Since a godly nation works into the future for its children, the US economy must become futuristic by creating national goals. A laissez-faire economy is too personal and shows no interest in the cooperation of 'the people.'

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation X)

In yesterday’s blog, one learns that the US government has been legalizing some forms of economic activities. This legalizing activity of the US government has negative consequences because such legalizing activities will change the economic system and its symbolic language. This change forces ‘the people’ to reorganize their lives. They must also learn new symbolic languages. So, the legalizing activity of moving manufactures to another nation creates economic benefits only for owners of the economic activities.

Legalizing activities of government has been occurring ever since the assassination of Abe Lincoln. After Lincoln’s death, the USA was changed by the legalizing governmental activity, which changed the USA from a Union to a laissez-faire nation. This legalizing activity quickly caused the appearance of the ‘big families’ (the Morgans, the Astors, etc.). Eventually, a three-class system appeared. These classes are upper, middle, and lower. Today, these classes are known as the top 1% class, the middle 9% class, and the lower 90% class. However, some people believe that the middle class is disappearing. For instances, the income of a CEO was 4 times the income of a worker for many years. Today, it is 400 times. If the middle disappears, the USA will become a nation of rich and poor people. Such a nation would not be the nation founded in 1776.

Before the USA becomes a two-class nation, it is time to turn the USA backwardly to the time of Lincoln, that is, when the USA was a Union and cooperation was being sought among all citizens. At that time, the South was preparing to leave the Union. Thus, a civil war was needed to save the Union. War is not a nice way to hold the Union together, but I do not believe that a war is needed today. War can be prevented only if people recognize the importance of learning the nature of symbolic languages. With this learning, citizens will become godly humans. Without this learning, people will turn toward animal-like activities, crime, and war.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation IX)

In yesterday’s blog, the US government must have legalized the movement of US manufacturing into nations that have low-cost labor. This legalization reduced the US manufacturing sector and increased the US service sector. Adam Smith, who was England’s famous economist, would not agree with this legalization because this change would build a nation of shopkeepers. This legalization means that young people should consider becoming a computer geek, a Wal Mart owner, a hamburger flipper, an entertainer, real estate broker, advertiser, etc. because the good jobs in manufacturing will not be found in the USA.

The US economy became what it is today because the people are taught wrongly that the USA is a ‘free country.’ These two symbols also led to the three-symbol idea of a ‘free market economy.’ The teaching was wrong because it is based on the initial nature of man, who was free before nations came into existence. However, when nations came into existence, man’s freedom became limited. This limit is determined by how much freedom ‘the people’ will give its government. In the USA, ‘the people’ gave the US government what is said in the Declaration of Independence; what is said in the US Constitution; and what is said in all laws made by Congress. So, when Congress legalized the reduction of US manufacturing, it reduced our freedom to find manufacturing jobs and increased our slavery to service sector jobs. This legalization also increased the income for the manufacturing owners. So, a few people (the owners) became the ‘winners’ whereas many people (the workers) became the ‘losers.’

As seen, logical reasoning was behind this congressional legalization. This legislation thus added contradictions into the minds of all US citizens. A civil war will emerge eventually in any nation if its legislation is based primarily on logical reasoning. Changes in a nation must remove, rather than add, contradictions among ‘the people. What new laws must seek among ‘the people’ is cooperation or win/win logic.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Terrorism and Symbolic Languages

Tonight, the first segment of 60 Minutes discussed how terrorists find and create suicide bombers using Internet websites. Young people throughout the world are being convinced with symbol systems that they can go to Heaven immediately if they kill evil people. Military experts of this new Internet terrorist procedure believe that military forces cannot be effective at all against this form of terrorism.

In my book, I argue that a monotheistic God does not reward or punish people. I show that ancient scriptures on the subject of Heaven are false and are being interpreted wrongly by people who live today. Heaven is found only in the mind of man. Man forms Heaven by creating and using highly perfected symbolic languages. Thus, Hell will be found only in the minds of people who create and use poor symbolic languages. When killing people, suicide bombers will merely cause their early deaths.

The pic is made by a heavenly artist, who uses symbolic action to present his of her thoughts about what God made for living things. God expects man to maintain this land. But God also expects man to build Heaven there by adding homes, schools, factories, etc to that land by increasing man'ss consciousnessofly with symbolic languages. Heaven is on on earth and is a joint effort of God and man. The only life after death for man is through reincarnation.

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation VIII)

In yesterday’s blog, one learns that the meaning of ‘what is permanent’ and ‘what is changing’ in the USA have changed drastically over the last 60 years. Do the new meanings of permanence and change represent a better life? My answer is no because these meanings are turning the USA away from God and away from those human activities that represent the better life for all US citizens. Essentially, I argue that increasing the number of millionaires, filling our prisons, or burying more cancer patients do not give us a better understanding of God and do not give a better life to all US citizens.

Apparently, the number of millionaires in the USA became a possible measure of the goodness of the US economy after a portion of the US manufacturing sector transferred its production facilities to take advantage of low-cost labor in other nations. With this private action, the US service sector had to be increased by government to make new jobs for the unemployed non millionaires. A new form of economy was thus created by private interests. And, US economists had to create new symbols for the new economy. Unfortunately, this new economy confused US families, who no longer know how to guide the development of their children.

This economic change was made by private interests without knowing what the future will bring to the US citizens. This change was thus illegal because the USA is a Union, a nation of One People, as stated in the Declaration of Independence. This change was also an error because private interests cannot govern the future of the USA. This error is made when one changes the meaning of the symbol, free, so that it is no longer relative and becomes an absolute (a thing in itself). Thus, no human is absolutely free. Thus, one has free speech. But, one cannot say "Fire" in a theater in which no fire exists. In any nation, no human being is absolutely free. So, the misuse of symbols by the field of economics has caused serious social problems in the USA.

The destruction of the cooperation of ‘the people’ by removing the Union and the confusion of their communication, as noticed, for instance, by excess TV watching, will lead to the civil war that I predicted before. All citizens must recognize that the USA is not a democracy, as James Madison tells us in Federalist No. 14. Thus, the US government was founded as a ‘republican form of government,’ which has representatives of ‘the people.’ To prevent this civil war, the US government must change so that it returns to the Union that the founders created.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation VII)

In yesterday’s blog, I stated, "Today, a human being is born with certainties such as speech, mechanical tools, art, mythology, religion, social systems, property, government, justice, and war." This statement applies primarily to the advanced nations such as the USA and means that some nations have people who are still unaware certainties such as property and justice and the symbols used to talk about them. To them, property and justice are still potentials. New certainties have developed over the last century in the USA. One is the certainty of crime. Crime is a negative certainty because it is viewed as an evilness of man. It is a certainty because most US citizens have experienced crime and thus know that crime is not an illusion, mystery, rhetoric, or theory. It is a reality and associates with the new and negative symbols found in our national language today.

Crime appeared in the late 1960s along with the rise of drug use. This rise was detected in 1967 by the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice. A new Justice Department agency was then authorized by Congress and I worked there until I retired. Before I retired, I reported that all crime has its origin in the human mind and the symbolic languages that make our thought and speech possible. Since this origin of crime has never been investigated, I repeated this report in my recent book on The First Scientific Proof of God.

My theory of crime will be rejected by atheists because they believe that the human mind is merely a shadow of the brain, just like we have a body shadow when walking in the sun. The atheists will thus say that the origin of crime will be found in flawed biological processes of a person. In other words, crime comes either from birth or external factors such as social interaction, poverty, disease, climates, environment, etc. However, they do not tell us why crime did not rise until the 1960s. They should be able to identify this cause/effect relation, if God does not exist and if the universe is purely physical.

If God exists and if the universe is spiritual/physical, cause/effect relations and stimulus/response relations do not exist in the life of man. This is why Burke is correct to use the pair of opposites, permanence and change to investigate the nature of man. What new certainties were added to the USA? To answer this question, we must identify some the changes.

Beginning with 1940 and WWII, significant changes can be identified. By the end of WWII, the 5-year US economy doubled for the first time. Then, the Korean War stared in 1950. Soon, the Cold War started and a space race began between the USA and the Soviet Union. Then, we landed on the moon in the late 1960s. Crime began to rise in the 1960s. In the 1960s, drug use fashions, and music changed dramatically. Double-digit inflation controlled the economy in the 1970s. The Cold War was ended in the 1980s. In the 1990s, the personal computer, Internet, and hi-tech emerged. In these 60 years, social standards were won by black citizens. But, broken families and marriages increase. But, same-sex marriages begin. By 2000, Hollywood-produced movies and TV programs included sex scenes, never seen before. Soon, pornography appeared on the Internet and legal brothels began to appear. At the same time, lotteries and casinos become legalized. Soon, the 9/11 event would occur and terrorism would become a new certainty to the people of the USA.

These 60-year changes are significant with reference to the nature if the social relations found in the USA prior to 1940. Because of these many changes made in the USA, as shown above, the symbolic languages created and used by the people of the USA are changing drastically. I thus expect considerable confusion among US interactions. This confusion can be expected to divide the nation considerably. For this reason, I expect continued increases in all forms of crime.

Unless God is returned to the USA and if the people of the USA do not understand symbols and symbolic languages, I expect a Civil War in this century and a drastic division of people.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation VI)

Continuing yesterday’s discussion on Kenneth Burke, I found that he began as a poet. As a poet, his book on Counter-Statement was an attempt to unify all artists and writers under a single theory. He became a critic of poetry because he thought that poetry was not functioning for people and their nation. To him, poetry had become a thing in itself and would silence itself. His unifying theory becomes clearer to us in his work on the Great Depression of the 1930s, where he concludes that the US economy had also become a thing in itself and no longer functioned to cause increased cooperation and communications among the US citizens.

On the problem of the Great Depression, he writes a book using the symbols, permanence and change. Since these symbols can coexist, Burke uses them as ‘both/and’ symbols. This means that these symbols form a functional relation. Thus, instead of becoming a logician and using them as either/or symbols, Burke became a true economic analyst who must remove contradictions from the US economy so the economy can be filled with function relations. Both/and symbols thus allow the analyst to ramify both symbols. With the symbols, permanence and change, Burke will seek the ‘better life’ for people. He thought that this better life was possible only through symbolic action. But, as I said, the Hoover economists did not understand the nature of both/and symbolic languages and negated Burke’s effort with simple logic. But, I believe that ‘special interests’ have seized control of the US economy with logic following the assassination of Lincoln.

To understand Burke, let me return to Plato’s work. Plato says that man is born with innate ideas. These ideas are the highly permanent ideas that are imbedded in the culture in which a person is born. As a person grows, these imbedded ideas eventually become imbedded in the minds of all people in a culture. They are the certainties on which a new baby can rely. Today, these certainties are often spoken of as universals.

All certainties begin as potentials. Potentials are given to all living things by God and differ from species to species. Thus, a dog is born with the potential to bark. But, a human is born with higher potentials. One is the potential for speech. Speech is made possible only with symbols. Today, a human being is born with certainties such as speech, mechanical tools, art, mythology, religion, social systems, property, government, justice, and war. However, any of these certainties can be silenced by ignorance because all certainties are governed by the pair of both/and symbols, permanence and change. Their meanings can be ramified but can never become maximally different. Otherwise, they would become either/or symbols.

I believe that we must put Burke’s methods to work on the human problem of cooperation and communication. For instance, I believe that changing ‘world trade’ to ‘free world trade’ was too early and is causing too many problems inside a nation. A nation cannot be built with a single field of thought --- economics --- and a single symbol --- money. Further, the symbol 'free' is not a thing in itself.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Developing Symbols: In General (Continuation V)

In the first scientific proof of God, I unified successfully the fields of science and theology with the same symbolic language. In this blog, I will suggest that the literary field can be unified with science and theology. In order to unify them, I use the work of Kenneth Burke, a provocative thinker of our age and a literary writer and critic. His insight into language increases our understanding of man.

Burke became a troublesome person to the Hoover economists in the 1930s. He was troublesome because his analyses of their economic symbols challenged them. They made it hard for him to find a teaching job after his challenge of the causes of the depression. In the 193o, the new teachings of RKO movie studios in Hollywood were in agreement with the thoughts of Burke. But, RKO’s thoughts bothered Senator McCarthy and his Washingtonian friends. During McCarthy’s search for communists in the USA, Burke and RKO were wrongly thought to be communists.

With the appearance of the words of Hitler in Mein Kampf in the 1930s, Burke prophesied Hitler’s political moves from Hitler’s words. With his analyses, he predicted the Jewish Holocaust. Since Americans did not believe his prediction, the Holocaust became a reality. Obviously, the language of humans offers us new ways to examine human behavior.

To link the literary field to the fields of science and theology, we must connect the highly precise symbols of the fields of science and theology to the spiritual-like thoughts developed in the literary field. For instance, Burke argues that poetry (1) can create praise from others; (2) can reveal God’s revelations through one’s increased wisdom; and (3) can lead to a catharsis by purging one’s fear, tension, emotions, and develop a spiritual renewal. Following Plato, Burke believes that negation is a means to identify positives. To identify phenomena, one must thus develop ‘interest’ in something first. Plato’s interest in his own hand led him to learn that the opposites, long and short, exist in the fingers.

Below are some of Burke’s writings. I include the books by Heath and Rueckert. They are very familiar with the work of Burke.

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