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Sunday, February 28, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XXIII (Advice to Religions)

In yesterday's blog, I said that the three big Western World religions ---Judaism, Christianity, and Islam --- are teaching falsities because they do not consider in their scriptures the 1920 discovery of symbols, which are unique to the human specie. The 1920 discovery is reported by Susanne K. Langer in her book on 'Philosophy in a New Key.' In this blog, I expand my yesterday's thoughts.

Since the meaning of symbols can be determined only by humans, we must conclude that all current scriptures were made by man. Since all scriptures are man-made, scriptures can never represent the direct or indirect 'Words of God.' Thus, for over three thousand years, it has been wrong to teach scriptures about God and the universe without religious proofs. Since all scientific documents are also man-made, it is also true that scientific documents should never be taught without scientific proofs.

Interestingly, religious and scientific proofs can be found today only in the USA because all true scriptures and all scientific documents can be expressed by the ' Laws of Nature and Nature's God.' These two different laws were identified in the U.S. Declaration of Independence by our founders. Thus, I suggest that the 'Laws of Nature and Nature's God' be considered by every nation on this planet.

Since religions and sciences are seeking truths, it is time to unify the fields of 'religion' and 'science.' This unification becomes possible with the 'Laws of Nature and Nature's God. Through these natural and moral laws, every human can be taught truths. At the same time, I say that all religions and sciences could also teach their best but unproven truths so that every human might recognize future possibilities through the 'best thoughts' of religions and sciences.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XXII

In yesterday's blog on a prediction, the prediction will become a reality if the three big Western world religions --- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam --- revise their teachings so that their teachings would be consistent with the modern science of an active God. At this time, all three religions teach scriptural contents, which are inconsistent with modern science and an active God. Thus, all three religions are teaching falsities. The teaching of falsities is an ungodly behavior because such teachings usually lead to wars in which many humans are killed.

In order to correct these awful teachings, religions must accept the truth that all scriptures are man-made writings. Essentially, scriptures are only history books. But these writings are important because they express the thoughts of different persons about God at the time these persons lived. Some of these recorded thoughts are excellent and thus have 'staying power' for teaching. But other recorded thoughts are poor and should not be taught.

Scriptures appeared long ago. So the ancient writers did not know what our linguistics would discover in the 1920s about human languages. These linguists discovered 'symbols,' which are unique to human life. Symbols cannot be compared with the 'signals' used by all lower animals for communications. Symbols are necessary by humans so they can also communicate to each other. But symbols have a second human purpose--- to develop scientific knowledge. However, making symbols for human communications and making symbols for developing scientific knowledge are very different.

Because of the 1920 discovery of symbols, it is not possible to bring the contents of any ancient scripture into modern life without symbolizing these scriptures. Since religions do not symbolize their scriptures, they teach many falsities.

It is now clear that a free nation cannot allow any religion to teach falsities freely. Currently, the lower international rankings of the USA in mathematics, science, and reading is the result of government's ignorance of the philosophy of symbolism, the 1920 discovery, and the lack of symbolizing by religions. To teach scriptures without symbolizing them is to accept the eventual failure of a nation.

Friday, February 26, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XXI (A Prediction)

A Perceived History of the Active God
The perceived history of the active God by man begins in ancient Greece. Then, Plato spoke of an active monotheistic God in his Parmenides. In this dialogue, his analysis shows that the concept ‘One’ cannot exist alone. So he hypothesized that One exist. If One exists, Plato shows that other things must exist. This analysis of Plato confirms the earlier statement of Anaxagoras, who said that ‘Each thing is in each thing.’

The teachings of Jesus Christ can be connected to these two Greek teachings in the Bible at John 14:20. This verse says, ‘At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.’ So Jesus also confirmed what Anaxagoras said.

These two Greek teachings and the teachings of Jesus can be connected to the 15th century writings ‘On Learned Ignorance’ by Bishop Nicholas of Cusa. In Book II, Ch. Five, Cusa says, ’God is in all things in such a way that all things are in Him.’

With the emergence of modern science, all of the above sayings become scientific sayings. Fir instance, on the subject of building bodies, Galileo says, ‘that a continuous quantity is built up of an infinite number of indivisibles.’ Eventually, Galileo’s 1600s sayings on indivisibles will appear in the New Science of Gottfried Leibniz as the principle of indiscernibles in the early 1700s.

Since Abraham's monotheistic God is One, a monotheistic God must be indivisible. Since I found that a monotheistic God creates of all finite things for the universe, God must also be Infinite. So, a monotheistic God is a thing that is both Infinite and Indivisible.

Since a One, Infinite, and Indivisible God can create by contracting his attributes, God can create many finite indivisibles. Since finite indivisibles are infinite in number, no finite indivisibles are identical. This implies that each finite indivisible has a specific purpose. The infinite number of finite indivisibles are thus the atoms that organize ‘things’ in the universe and can be perceived.

In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I use and expand Leibniz’s New System by connecting an infinite God to all finite things. I found that all connection of God to the universe are made with a pair of coexisting opposites, such as 'Infinite and finite.' To date, I have connected God to the universe with coexisting opposites such as 'One and many;,' Equality and inequalities; Union and relations; Indivisible and divisibles; and Independence and dependents. Essentially, this connection unifies the higher world of God to our lower finite world.


The people of the USA are no longer satisfied with the way the U.S. government is working. As a typical citizen, for instance, I found that the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence defines the Lockean ‘Society’ and that the Constitution defines the Lockean ‘Government.’ These definitions originate in the social contract theory of England’s John Locke. But the first two paragraphs in the Declaration never became a law in the USA. This terrible error destroyed the active God because it weakened man’s use of the phrase ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’ This phrase is found in the Declaration. Unfortunately, this error by the U.S. government opened the practice of false theories such as atheism, materialism, and deism.

If the error made in the Declaration is corrected, I predict that the active God will change our world immediately and will create an unbelievable period of peace and happiness. The rate of this change will depend on how well people respond to God’s intervention. I expect major changes to occur beginning in 2030.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XX (The Case of Shaun Herstenboin in Support of Carole Merzenberger)

In my discussions with Carole Merzenberger ( blogs dated 2/17/10 and 2/22/10), Shaun Herstenboin entered this discussion in support of Mrs. Merzenberger. Herstenboin is a chairman of the President's Education Renewal Committee.

However, they did unify only to tell me that I made a grammar error or the error I made about Mrs.Merzenberger on atheism. They came to raise their political power by assassinating my character, by telling people that I tell lies, and charge me with dishonesty. I conclude that they unified primarily to destroy my theory of an active God. I assume that they knew that my theory would prove that their inactive God of deism is false.

My theory of an active God is an organization of created and related things. My universe is not a container of variables. It is a universe of organized things. This containerless universe emerged in 500B.C. in Greece and was taught by Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, Gottfried Leibniz, Gorrg Cantor, and me.

I said to them, 'mind is epiphenomena of the brain.' I said this statement only to help materialists and Mrs. Merzenberger believe that a universe must have things, which have phenomena. This statement does not apply to my theory of an active God. In my theory, mind and brain brain are distinct and purposive things. All things have purposes and work together in my theory. Technically, things are called singularities. They are independent and immortal. Philosophically, singularities are called 'indivisibles' and become related to each other in order to form 'divisibles.' To the layman, the divisibles are known as 'bodies.' So a relation exists between indivisibles and divisibles or between mind and body.

However, Merzenberger and Herstenboin want to change my statement for their benefit. They want me to agree with their statement --- mind is epiphenomenon of the brain. However, their statement would destroys all things in my world theory. But they want to build a world of variables (varying phenomenon) . This world would become equated to the world proposed by Heraclitus. The world of Heraclitus is today's world of materialism and atheism. But, I say that a world of variables is not possible to know. Since the God of deism depends on knowing the world of variables, the God of deism must be false.

Since materialism, atheism, and deism are nor teachable subjects, I do not understand how Merzenberger and Herstenboin expect to teach children their false statements. However, if materialism, atheism, and deism are taught, a very new and different generations of dummies will emerge in the USA.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XIX (The Case of Carole Merzenberger)

In order to prevent another civil war in the USA, the national language of the USA must be protected against a new linguistic force of atheism. This protection is necessary so that our symbolic language can develop properly and serve God and the 'Union' forever. This new linguist force can affect all humans and can change the behavior of all godly Spirits.

This linguistic force of atheism is a physical force. It is thus like the force a hammer produces when it strikes a nail. This linguistic force thus has its origin in the field of physics, after many physical scientists rejected God in the 1970s and sought knowledge about a mechanical theory of the world. Today, atheists follow these ungodly physical scientists and thus assume that all living things have their origin in nonliving things. Accordingly, man's freedom is viewed as an illusion by atheists and physicists. Since a mechanical world theory assumes that all knowledge can be completed, physicists and atheists conclude that 'reality' can be known. Thus, the linguistic force of atheism is thus seeking an exact national language. In a godly world, the development of an exact national language is impossible because the reality of the world can never be known exactly.

I wan to help believers protect God and the national language of the USA. So, I will raise the comments of 'Carole Merzenberger' to my blogging level. She was trying to convince me that my use of words are incorrect. See her comments on the blog dated 2/17/10 and the blog dated 2/22/10. As a free Spirit, I must reject her 'thingless world ' comments. However, if you look at her comments in detail, you will notice that she seeks an exact language. Such a langusge will support only materialism and atheism and will reject God. She calls me a 'crackpot' and even suggested that I seek professional help. These are typical words of an atheist not a friendly scientist.

This blogging example is sufficient proof to say that this linguistic force of atheism is degenerating. If maintained, materialism and atheism will develop a field of poor thought. If our school children are taught materialism and atheism, many children will mature as dummies with no ability to find and hold a job.

Monday, February 22, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XVIII

Gottfried Leibniz's New System, which challenged Newton's universe and Locke's physical atoms in the early years of the 1700s, is the only rational world theory today that has an active God. (click) Unfortunately, the New System was not introduced in the USA until 1975. His New System and related subjects are found the book, 'Leibniz: Philosophical Writings.' which was translated by G.H. R. Parkinson. This book became popular immediately because the school of physics had not been able to develop any physical evidence about space, time, and matter. The Big Bang theory, string theory, and structureless physical particles are failing and can be expected to fail now that a geometrical world theory, with an active God, is drawing attention. The New System will actually be in full agreement with the God of China.

Since the school of physics has made very little progress on the development of a mechanical world theory over the past forty years, new ideas have been suggested by physicists. Two suggestions are appropriate to a geometrical world theory. For instance, Robert B. Laughlin suggests the development of an 'age of emergents.' An example is superconductors. See his book on 'A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down.' And Geoffrey F. Chew suggests the Bootstrap Hypothesis. (click) This project would connect the evidence from our telescopes (the infinitely large) to the evidence from our microscopes (the infinitely small). I conclude that these two suggestions align to Leibniz's New System and Monadology.

When Galileo said that wholes are built up of an infinite indivisible quantities, he could have predicted that a geometrical world theory would emerge. This theory did emerge soon in the work of Leibniz. In my book and on my website, their work of unifying the pair of opposites, indivisible and divisible, is expanded considerably.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XVII

In order to prevent another civil war in the USA, all U.S. scientists must develop and practise only the true world theory. Today, two different world theories are being developed and practised in the USA. One world theory is based on the belief in God and searches for Laws of Nature and Nature's God. This world theory was authorized in the Declaration of Independence. The other world theory is based on the rejection of God and searches only for Laws of Nature,. This world theory was not authorized by any founding documents but is being practised, even though the USA was founded as a nation under God.

The initial concepts in both world theories are the same --- space, time, and matter. The godly world theory is geometrical and is discussed by Gottfried Leibniz in his New System, (See 'Leibniz: Philosophical Writings' by G.H. R. Parkinson.) To Leibniz, 'space' means the order of the existence of things; 'time' means the order of successions; and; 'matter' means indivisibles (or monads). The ungodly world theory is mechanical and and has 'point-masses' that act in a straight-line motion in an empty Euclidean space. These point-masses affect each other, like balls on a pool table strike each other and move in different directions.

Look at the first inch of a yardstick. Now, move your eye to the half-inch point. Now move your eye to the quarter-inch point. Continue this division and notice that your eye cannot reach the last point even with a perfect microscope. With a yardstick you found that the fractions in the first inch are endless. Using fractions, we learned that we cannot reach the beginning point of the yardstick. Nor can we start at the two-inch point and use fractions to reach the one-inch point. So our mathematician cannot know a yardstick exactly. But we can know a yardstick exactly if we view a yardstick as a whole-formed thing.

An example of modern whole-forming research is found in the field of Plate tectonics. (click) But whole forming studies were conducted by Galileo. (See Ch. 6 in 'Galileo Galilei: his life and his works') He says that all bodies are built up on an infinite number of indivisible quantities. So Leibniz's world theory is the correct one.

Since the matter of materialism has never been found, it is common sense for all scientists to turn their minds away from materialism and atheism and turn their attention to God and the work of Leibniz. We must become more interested in whole-forming things so that human problems such as cancer can be viewed differently in order to find cancer solutions.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XVI

In order to prevent another civil war, the national language of the the USA must be improved and improved continually. In the 1920s, a number of Western world linguists discovered that every national language contains symbols that must be given a precise meaning. Accordingly, our sense-data are primarily symbolic. This discovery is reported in "Philosophy in a New Key" by Susanne K. Langer.

What is the impact of this discovery? One impact is the way religions interpret scriptures and teach. This teaching becomes a major problem if a scripture has been translated from one national language to another. Another impact is the way we develop our minds. The godless scientists say that our minds develop from our ancestors. To them, the mind is not a thing but is phenomena of the brain. On the other hand, the godly scientists say that our mind is a thing that self-develops as a Spirit. I disagree with the godless scientists. An example of how a Spirit develops might be helpful. For instance, the mind of two young boys can develop differently. In a ghetto, a young boy will develop the habit to 'duck' when Mother's boyfriend swings at him. But, in a suburb , a young boy will develop the habit to find 'ducks' at a pond.

In the 1990's, when I was working on the nation's crime problem at the U.S. Department of Justice, before I retired, I came to the conclusion that people can develop a criminal career by developing a poor symbolic language. After I retired, I studied the teachings of Jesus Christ and found that Jesus taught that evilness originates 'within' us. (See Mark 7:15-23) The within thing
is our mind. So I disagree with those godless scientists who say that criminals are born.

I say that the school system must be restructured so that the development of symbolic language by all students become major events. If schools are structured properly, the development of symbols should occur in every course offered in school.

Monday, February 15, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XV

In the discussion of the U.S. economy in my last blog, I say that the free market economy is not moral because it causes depressions and distributes U.S. wealth unfairly. My research shows that these depressions and unfair wealth distributions violate the laws of Nature's God, which are found in the Declaration of Independence.

I understood this specific violation of laws only after I realized how the concept 'independence' was given meaning by our founders. I concluded that our founders gave meaning to the concept 'independence' by negating the concept 'dependence.' With negative thinking, their minds used the concept 'not' to create a new concept, not-dependence. When added to our dictionaries, this new concept was entered as 'independence.' With their negative thinking, our founders thus created and unified the concepts 'independence' and 'dependence.' Essentially, they formed a new pair of coexisting opposites. As I said these coexisting opposites give socialism its true meaning.

In Part I of my my book, I discuss coexisting opposites. I call them 'included middle opposites' so that I am able to distinguish coexisting opposites from excluded middle opposites. Included middle opposites form new scientific variables, which opens wider the field of life science. Included middle opposites are also used in the Far East where all coexisting opposites are generalized using the terms 'yin' and 'yang.'

Atheists say that the word 'not' is an imagination and does not exist. My response is that the human mind, not the brain, is able to create symbolic languages and develop concepts such as excluded and included middle opposites. Thus I say that the human mind is not epiphenomena of the brain. Unfortunately, the life sciences are now divided deeply in the USA. Since this division seems not to be known by our politicians, the ranking of leadership in the USA will continue to fall. So, the U.S. government must become active in order to unify all of 'the People' who belong to the Union of the USA.

In my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I negate 'all finite things' in the universe and reveal an infinite thing. This infinite thing is God. But my negation is being rejected by those godless scientists who are dividing 'the People.'

Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XIV

Based on yesterday's blog, it is now clear that the U.S. Government is not securing the moral rights as God gives all humans and as the founders mandated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. However, if one looks beyond the USA, no nation is treating their citizens as God demands in his Intelligent Design of the universe. Although the USA has the right founding documents, the U.S. government has misused both of them to satisfy special interests rather than common people.

These special interest citizens were able to develop their interests only after the Declaration of Independence was judged only to be an authority of war against England. This judgment destroyed the other authority found in the first two paragraphs of the Declaration. This judgment also destroyed Locke's social contract. This social contract defines two parties, a Society (The United States of America) and a Government (of, by, and for 'the People'). This error in judgment opened the ugly system of lobbyists and destroyed the social contract, which was defining the Union as a whole and its two highest parts., Society and Government.

The subject 'whole-forming,' which led to the life sciences (e.g., biology, etc.), seems to begin with Galileo's study of bodies and their parts. Today, three different wholes are considered by philosophers and scientists who believe in God. The first whole has no parts. This whole is found only in God. The second whole has a number of parts that can be counted. These wholes are man-made things such as nations, cars, etc. The third whole is God-made whole. All things created by God for the universe are God-made. Galileo's work was focused on God-made wholes. He found that all God-made wholes have an infinite number of parts. All God-made wholes have an infinite number of indivisible parts. Thus, dissecting frogs in high schools are endless. The 'indivisible' parts of created things are not widely known today.

We cannot build a nation like God created things because the USA has a number of parts (humans) that can be counted. So it is clear that man will never make perfect nations. However, we can make nations that avoid wars and make all people happy. I say that the Declaration of Independence tells us that we must form a more perfect Union --- a mandate in the U.S. Constitution. But how are nations perfected?

We can perfect the USA by noting that the Declaration of Independence has an important concept known as 'independence.' This word means that an active God is Independent and gave every created thing independence. But the independence of a created thing is not absolute. Only God's independence is absolute. Thus, our independence coexists with its contrary, dependence. This means that there are times when a person is very independent and times when a person depends more on other persons.

In summary, a free nation never exists with humans whose freedom are absolute. The people of a free nation always has some independence and some dependence. Here is the true meaning of socialism in any nation. Obviously, the current U.S. economy is not for 'the People' who exist in a Union under God.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XIII

Yesterday, I showed that a circular economy distributes two-thirds of the U.S. wealth to 10% a the households buts distributes only one-third of this U.S. wealth to 90% of the households. This circular economy and distribution of wealth also causes depressions. Such depressions cause unemployment rares of 10-250% in 90% of the households. This unemployment increases poverty, divorces, unhappiness, and increased crime careers.

On economics, the founders seem to have known something about God when they included the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God" in the Declaration of Independence. They seemed to know that God would not intervene into the scientific Laws of Nature but would intervene in the morals of Nature's God.

I conclude that an active God will not intervene into the laws that govern the mechanical infrastructure of life in the universe. But I conclude that an active God will intervene into the immoral activities of humans. Further, in an intervention of God in human life, I conclude that God's interventions could be general or personal.

I conclude that the circular economy and its current distribution are immoral. Thus, I expect a general intervention of God into the circular economy and its inappropriate distribution of wealth. However, my research indicates that this circular economy and its distribution had been prevented by the founders. For instance, this economy and distribution violates the mandate of the Constitution, which requires Government 'to form a more perfect Union.' This economy and its distribution also violates the Declaration of Independence, which says that all Men are created equal and are endowed with unalienable rights.

This circular economy was developed as a free market economy. But it turned out to be a terrible choice when it produced the current inappropriate distribution of USA wealth. Since this choice was allowed by the U.S. government, the intervention of God can be expected by the U.S. Government. Perhaps, this blog and the blogs of other godly economists are indirect forces that God uses as intervention tools.

Monday, February 08, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XII

In order to prevent another civil war in the USA, the U.S. economy must be reformed so that it will serve God and the 'Union.' At this time , the U.S. economy is not developing knowledge of God's intelligent design of the creation and thus cannot serve the people of the USA as stated in the founding documents. The authorized role of the U.S. economy is clear in the founding documents. Specifically, the Declaration of Independence says that the economy must serve the U.S. citizens equally. And the Constitution says that the economy must form a more perfect Union.

Unfortunately, after the assassination of Abe Lincoln, the U.S. economy changed. This change benefited a few citizens greatly and hardly benefited the rest of the citizens. The change produced the first rich families. These families became known as the Big Families (click). Before passing on, the wealth of the early Big Families were transformed into banks. Today, these banks serve those citizens greatly who are in the bloodlines. The remaining wealth serves national non-profit projects and profit- making projects such as cancer radiation centers. Profit-making farmers and other business and industry leaders use their savings to form banks in cities and towns throughout the USA. These banks serve local citizens who need money for a home, car, small business, etc.

As seen, the Big Families and banks have transformed the USA into a non futuristic nation that has no long term goals. Essentially, the USA is going nowhere unless a person, like JFK, rises up to form a national project such as the space program. For this reason, the U.S. economy runs in circles. These circles create depression after depression, like the depression the USA is now experiencing. Unfortunately, this circular economy has distributed the wealth of the USA in an awful way. For instance, in recent studies of the U.S. government, this circular economy has distributed one-third of the USA wealth to 1% of the households, one-third to 9% of the households, and one-third to 90% of the households..

This circular economy is taught at our colleges and universities to students who want to become U.S. economists. Isn't it time for "the People' to wake up? Long term national goals are necessary in every nation. It is clear that the banking system at local levels is functional but that the national banking system is a failure.

Friday, February 05, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, XI

In order to prevent another civil war in the USA, the field of life sciences must be reformed so that every life science can serve God and the 'one People' of the USA better. One field of life sciences (click) is attached to many related fields including the field of physical psychology. (click) This field of life of sciences teach, for instance, that freedom is an illusion and that humans are born as slaves, criminals, and other evil human behaviors.

But a different field of life sciences exists. This second field of life sciences is attached to fields of thoughts such as the fields of parapsychology (click), social psychology (click), economics (click), mind (click), and mind-body dualism (click). The separation of the first field of life sciences from these other fields of life is the greatest force that divides people in nations today. This division is found today in the USA.

The first field of life sciences has been developed by the field of materialism and the field of evolutionary theory. These two partners also divide the believers in God from the nonbelievers is every godly nation. Since believers and nonbelievers cannot both be true, it is just a matter of time before a civil war will be ignited. However, I conclude that a civil war has already started, with the terrorism in nations that are 'divided.' The false forces that divide nations must thus be eliminated.

Based on my last twenty-five years of research, I conclude that materialism and evolutionary theory are the false forces that divide people in the USA and in all other nations. Americans must recognize that this is a war and must be stopped.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, X

In order to prevent another civil war in the USA, the field of morals must be reformed so that morals can serve God and the 'one People' of the USA better. Like laws of nature, moral laws also exist. They originate from God as our founders said in the Declaration of Independence using the phrase 'Laws of Nature and Nature's God.' The Laws of Nature are usually sought by scientists whereas moral laws are sought by moralists.

Today, moral laws do not come from God's intelligent design of the universe. Instead, moral laws come from political parties. Since these moral laws are not necessarily true, they are said to be politically right or politically wrong. So morals are based only on political power rather than God's intelligent design of the universe. The current moral laws in the USA are arbitrary laws, the same kind of England's laws that led to the Revolutionawy War.

However, my knowledge of God's intelligent design has progressed to a point where some true moral laws can be identified. For instance, I believe that abortion is immoral under God because God's design is active in every new birth. And I believe that same sex marriages are immoral under God because male and female are both dominate things in the eternal life of all humans and many lower animals.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, IX

In order to prevent another civil war in the USA, the field of education must be reformed so it can serve the 'one People' of the USA better. This field of thought must move fast because the world ranking of the USA in reading and mathematics has degenerated beyond belief. Why did this USA world ranking degenerate? The answer is a new generation called the 'me generation,' a new culture that has been developed by liberal parents, who took control of our educators without understanding an active, or theistic, God.

For example , parents of children do not understand that all births originate from God. Since births and rebirths originate from God, parents are a process through which humans are returned to the universe continuously. Abortion is thus an ungodly act because new births have specific purpose in God's Kingdom. Thus, to teach a child that they should act freely is to promote the 'me generation,' rather than allowing children to seek their godly purpose, will not serve God or the 'one People' of the USA.

When children are entertained by a TV or by a computer games regularly, the child has not been introduced to God. This continuous behavior of children will create unwanted cultures and can establish conditions for another U.S. civil war.

Monday, February 01, 2010

How Can We Prevent Another Civil War in the USA?, VIII

In my blog yesterday, I said that in order to prevent another civil war in the USA, the Democratic and republican parties must be reformed so that they serve the 'one People' of the USA properly. In this second blog, the subject is about 'all political parties.'

I conclude that all political parties must serve God as well as serving the 'one People' of the USA. If all political parties do not serve God and well as the 'one People' in the USA, the USA will eventually become a nation of divided cultures, theologies, and ideologies. No nation can function properly and exist long with this huge diversity. However, all political parties must begin to recognize that they must serve God as well as the 'one People' because the United States of America was founded as a nation under God. The mandates of God are found both in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

At this time, no political party is serving God or the 'one People' of the USA. Instead, all political parties are only serving the interests of their own parties. I don't believe that any such self-interests can maintain the USA very long without the beginning of a civil war.