Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXVIII (U.S. Colleges and Universities are Lost, II)

The effort to remake America by President Obama will be impeded if America’s colleges and university do not turn away from atheism. Instead, they must get onto the path that leads to new understandings of a monotheistic God. Although this path has no end, each incremental step of progress is very important because history proves that a drifting nation will eventually go out of existence.

After working as an engineer on the moon landing project, I eventually joined the U.S. Department of Justice to help solve the nation’s crime problem. There, I was asked to use my high technology on police work. But as time passed, I concluded that life scientists, such as psychologists and sociologists, are not finding the root causes of crime. So, I began to also think about the origin of crime. By the time I retired, I concluded that mind is symbolic language and that flawed symbolic languages can cause crime. After retiring, I confirmed my conclusion in the teaching of Jesus Christ at Mark 7:15-23. In 2006, I reported my conclusion and its confirmation on pages 160-165 of "The First Scientific Proof of God."

Some biologists believe that a universal grammar exists. I reject this belief because it assumes that atheism is true. Since crime is a human behavior, behaviorists, such as B.F. Skinner, believe that knowledge of the human mind is not open to scientific reasoning. So they say that human behaviors can be known only by sensual observations. I reject this empirical science. For a long time, Noam Chomisky argued against behaviorism by saying that children have language-specific abilities, which constrain language learning. I also reject Chomisky’s belief because the human mind is a spiritual thing that has no linguistic limits. Obviously, Skinner’s belief and Chomisky’s belief are in support of evolutionary theory. (Click)

Before I retired, I noticed that politicians hold different beliefs about crime. When the Democrats are in power, I noticed that U.S. government researchers seek crime causes in external human factors. Thus, Democrats are followers of Skinner’s behaviorism and believe that criminals can be corrected. On the other hand, when the Republicans are in power, I noticed that U. S. government researchers seek internal human factors. Thus, Republicans are followers of Chomisky’s language acquisition of children and believe that criminals are born and cannot be corrected. So our politicians have opposed beliefs. Such an opposition will impede greatly any effort to remake America.

I say that Skinner’s behaviorism is wrong because we can measure all things in the universe scientifically. Chomisky’s belief that language is limited is also wrong because an unlimited God does not limit our minds. I suggest that psychologists and politicians accept God, accept God’s intelligent design, and study Gottfried Leibniz’s New System, as I have summarized in earlier blogs.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXVII (U.S. Colleges and Universities are Lost, I)

Yesterday I showed that a brain research project at Northwestern University is supporting the atheistic view that humans are soulless. This support of atheism is taking place even though the USA is a nation under God, which means that humans have souls. However, such research projects will also be found at many U.S. colleges and universities. So, even though the USA is a nation under God, the U.S. government is wasting lots of taxpayer funds on atheistic projects.

Several years ago, I sent an email to President William Brody at my university, Johns Hopkins. In this email, I wondered why our colleges and university are not conducting research on God, even though most colleges and universities are nonsectarian. I told Brody that the Constitution is separating Church and State but is not separation God and State. I told him that ‘conducting research on God’ is not identical to Church, which is ‘the practice of a specific theory of God.’ After some email exchanges, Brody agreed that a nonsectarian college or university separates itself only from Church and should be able to conduct research on God without violating the Constitution.

Since he would retire soon, I did not expect any positive action by Brody. However, perhaps my story above might also find itself to the leaders of other colleges and universities. I do not believe that President Obama’s effort to remake America will last long unless our colleges and universities turn away from atheism and develop the New Science of Gottfried Leibniz. Unless colleges and universities turn away from atheism and make changes consistent with God, many young students will not learn anything useful and our parents will waste their educational savings.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXVI (An Example of How Atheists Turn Your Mind Away from God.)

On Page 10 of the March 29, 2009 of the Parade magazine, Dr. Ranit Mishori asks,’ Can Your Genes Make You Rich?’ Then, she says, ‘Your DNA may reveal how much financial risk you’re willing to take.’ Her saying is based on new brain-chemistry research at Northwestern University, which suggests a link between an individual’s investing style and his or her genetic makeup. However, this research at Northwestern has a deeper base, the godless theory of Charles Darwin’s evolution. Darwin says that we originate from ancestors, not God.

Atheists reject God and reject the idea that humans have souls. Instead, atheists say that humans are soulless machines. Such soulless machines are the basis of a new science called neuroeconomics. This new science combines neuroscience, economics, and psychology. I say that this new science is a pseudoscience and is the cause of the economic problems that President Obama had to face when he came to the White House.

U.S. colleges and universities are thus conducting research on Darwin’s godless theory, even though the USA was founded as a nation under God. Furthermore, such research is often funded by the U.S. government in Washington. So, here is evidence of huge waste in the U.S. government for many years. Rebuilding America must thus require that the theory of evolution be rejected.

Doubts already exist at Northwestern University. For instance, Camelia Kuhnen of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University says that most investments are driven by education level, cultural factors, knowledge of investment’s past performance, and recent news events. Thus, people cannot use genes as an excuse for financial losses.

Do humans have a self-deciding soul? Or are humans soulless machines? U.S. citizens must answer these two questions if they want to become a true U.S. citizen. No nation can allow both to be true.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXV (Miracles or Occasional Causes)

In this blog, I will deal with the acts of God beyond His act of creation. Since God has denied the reality of the universe to us, but gave us a degree of independence, God must act miraculously if man’s evilness exceeds man’s control and if man leaves the true path of development. Such necessary acts of God have become known as miracles in religions. Scientifically, these acts are known as occasional causes. Today, man’s independence has led to the ungodly rise of atheism.

Here are the current arguments of atheists. They say that God does not exist. They make this statement because God cannot be sensed. However, they cannot sense God only because they won’t use metaphysics. Nor can they find the forces of God because they can’t find any atoms in the universe. Since they won’t use metaphysics and cannot find any atoms in the universe, they promote Darwin’s evolutionary theory and the Big Bang theory. They also smash protons to find free or unstructured physical particles and seek a single mathematical theory of everything in the universe. At this time, atheists have had no success. Unfortunately, they are luring many ‘life scientists’ into their way of thinking. So, more psychologists, medical doctors, etc. have become atheists.

Atheists are supported by many physical scientists because physicists have found many physical laws after modern science emerged in the 17th century. Such physical laws have been proven and can predict realities such as tomorrow’s weather, gas milage of a specific car, and how to convert solar cells into electricity. Such laws work locally but do not tell us how all things work in the universe. We have no ability to know all things in the universe because we cannot cope with an infinite number of concepts and today’s imperfect symbolic languages. So, God’s miracles are always necessary.

The wars of the 20th and the 21st century were the result of man’s evil desires and ignorance about God. In the USA today, crime and drug use increases, the lack of aesthetics in human life, and the turn away from God and the founding U.S. documents are only a few signs that tell me that God will act miraculously. Such an act might be already felt in your soul.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXIV (Reality Has Many Faces)

Atheists say that reality exists. But if God exists, this saying is false because all spiritual atoms (or souls) are related to each other and thus cannot be comprehended by us.

In Part IIa, Ch.5 of ‘The First Scientific Proof of God’ I discuss the ‘Images of God.’ Since no created things are identical, all things are different images of God. You are thus a unique image of God, when you are an immortal spiritual atom and also when you are embodied and are living and passing on.

We can generalize all images of God. Then we can form only two general images of God. I present these two general images on page 105 of my book. One general image of God consists of all things that exist in God’s created world. The second general image of God all human minds.

It is clear that God can measure all created things and all human minds. So, at all times God knows precisely the situations of all created things and of all human minds. So God knows the reality of his created things at all times. Our minds do not have the power of God. So we can only conceive created things. Also we cannot conceive all created things simultaneously because we must use symbols, whose meanings are often imprecise. So we can never know reality.

Today’s atheistic mathematical physicists say that they can know how to know all things in the universe simultaneously. This means that they believe that they have minds identical to God.

To rebuild America, it is time to decide whether the USA is a nation under God or a nation under mathematicians.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXIII (Paying Bonuses)

In the 1950s, I and a few other telemetry engineers changed the field of telemetry from analog to digital. This was a major initiative because the whole electrical industry would change. This initiative led to many new things such as the personal computers and the new digital TVs today.

I did not receive a bonus from my company for making this big change. But I did become known nationally and received offers from other companies at a higher salary. I imagine that other engineers and physical scientists have created things that cause changes in business, industry and government and also earned higher salaries. I assume that such salary increases still occur today.

Now, compare the physical sciences with the field of economics. The physical sciences have developed scientific laws and can predict physical phenomena.. But the field of economics has not develop scientific laws and cannot predict economic phenomena. So the field of economics cannot be classified as a science.

I understand that bankers have hires economists and mathematicians and pay them big bonuses for creating new forms of money, such as ‘swaps.’ To create this new money, these hired employees assume that the economic behaviors of humans can be predicted. But, as I said above, such a prediction is not possible.

According to Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution only Congress is authorized to create coin. So, the creation of money by bankers must be counterfeit coin. Apparently, Congress authorized banks to create counterfeit coin. History tells us that dictators, kings, etc. had the same bad habit because counterfeit coin reduces the value of the money in the pockets of their people. When Congress authorizes the creation of counterfeit coin by bankers, it violates its social contract with ‘the people’ of the USA. Securing ‘the people’ is not merely a military task of a self-governing nation.

When a banker hires economists and mathematicians in order to create counterfeit coin in his or her bank, a crime has been committed. This crime must be stopped.

The economic depression thar the people of the USA are experiencing today could have been avoided if regulations had eliminated the possibility of creating counterfeit money by our banks. Further, giving big bonuses to non scientific economists and atheistic mathematicians is an unfair and irrational business activity. The true skills of Americans must return to the USA.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXII (A New Banking System)

I conclude that the USA banking system has never worked for the Union ever since 1776. It did work because the founders would eventually pass on and had to depend on the new generations to continually develop the Union. To help the new generations, Alexander Hamilton prepared the Federalist Papers with the help of James Madison and John Jay.

Through the administration of Abe Lincoln, three national banks were opened. The purpose of these national banks was to augment the State and local banks, which concentrated on the monetary needs for local farmers, miners, etc. The third national bank, under Lincoln, developed new standards for the State and local banks,new industries for the Southern States, and new homes and towns for the West.

Unfortunately, national developments by the U.S. government were never understood by people who work in the private sector because development usually affects business. In fact, many people in the private sector do not like developments by the national government. To stop national developments, today’s Republicans seek political power in order to limit government. To help their cause, Republicans say that national development is socialistic and then call it Marxism. How silly the Republicans are today.

Recently, President Obama and Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, proposed a new banking system. This system would ‘unify’ the capital needs for national U.S. developments with the capital needs for State and local developments. Such banks would become a 50/50 joint venture between the U.S. government and the private sector. These two different forms of development could become the most brilliant idea that emerged since 1776.

Apparently the concept ‘development’ is not well understood by many Americans. American must adapt to continuous developments. Otherwise, the USA will die long before the sun darkens.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XXI)

In this last blog on Leibniz’s New Science, I deal with the unsolved mind-body problem. This problem does not apply to atheists because they say that mind is not a thing. Instead, they say that mind is epiphenomena of the thing we call ‘brain.’ So, atheists say that we do not think because they do not believe that ‘intuition is to thinking as observation is to perception.’ Rudolf Steiner speaks of thinking this way on p. 88 of his book "Intuition Thinking As a Spiritual Path."

On p. 49, Steiner also says, ‘Concepts and ideas come from thinking. Words cannot say what a concept is.’ Thus, the origin of concepts and ideas of an atheist are expected to come from the past and will never be a new and turbulent idea that comes from a Spirit like Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, or Gottfried Leibniz. So, atheists expect to build history into a completed science and also expect to predict the behaviors of all animals. However, this mechanical view of the world led to the development of ‘swap money’ in the U.S. banking systems. The need for us to bailout today’s banks is the result only of rejecting God.

Only Gottfried Leibniz has solved the mind-body problem. He solves this problem by viewing his atoms of substances (Spirits, souls, or minds) as things. They have a constitution and are independent. So, when they are in the presence of a body and are in harmony, two different laws are at work. The laws of spirits and the laws of bodies have a preestablished harmony, which comes from God. If harmony occurs, a mind-body relation exists. But if disharmony develops, the Spirit and body will separate.

If Leibniz’s mind-body relation becomes widely accepted, life and medical care must change drastically.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXI (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XX)

This second last blog on Leibniz’s New Science will deal with attaching immortal souls to bodies that age and eventually disorganize, just as gutters rust and people pass on. Leibniz deals with this subject on pages 122-125 of G. H. R. Parkinson’s book on ‘Leibniz: Philosophical Writings.’

Leibniz says that some souls are dominant. A dominating soul contain the basic principles of all living and non living things. Thus, non dominating souls contain the basic principles of all those bodies that are attached to the dominating souls. Obviously, these thoughts of Leibniz reject the evolutionary theory of ancestry.

Both kinds of souls existed in God, until the best of all worlds appeared in the mind of God, and God contracted all souls, unfolded them, and made our universe of things. Accordingly, space and time does not exist in God. Neither do the concepts, beginning and end, exist in God. Leibniz thus defines ‘space’ and ‘time’ very differently compared to today definitions of space and time by our scientists. To Leibniz, space is the order of things and time is the order of succession of things. So when God unfolds all souls, all ‘things’ in the universe are orderly. Thus, the search for, spacetime, by today’s atheistic scientists could be a very costly waste to the U.S. government and businesses. So today’s high schools, colleges, and universities could be teaching false facts.

By using the laws of their own constitutions, dominant souls can represent the whole universe with their perceptions and do so in their own way. But some dominant souls are able to measure all things in the universe. These souls are the minds of humans, who are able to develop knowledge with symbolic languages. But just as humans can measure all things in the universe, God can measure all souls.

God’s perception is much greater than ours. God can be called the ‘Perception of all perceptions’ because God’s Perception must be contracted by plurality, finitude, and relation in order for us to perceive. So when we perceive phenomena about things in the universe, we are continually communicating our perceptions to God. Obviously, if our perceptions are poor, then the communication to God will also be poor. I discuss God/man communication in detail in Part IIc in my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God."

In my last blog on Leibniz’s New Science, I will discuss how souls coexist with bodies.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXX (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XIX)

In his Monadology (statement 16), Leibniz says that a simple substance, such as our soul, experiences plurality. One thus wonders how plurality can come from a thing that has no plurality because we know that the integer ‘two’ comes from the integer ‘one.’ Yet, all humans would agree that our world has plurality. Thus, our world must have an origin just like the integer ‘two’ has an origin.

Today, three different origins of our world are proposed. The first origin is pantheism. It has a god. If its God has no parts, this God is self-destroying for the purpose of creating things for our world. The second origin is the Big Bang theory of today’s physicists. The origin is a single physical particle that explodes for the purpose of creating things for our world. These two origins have the same truth, that our world must come to an end. The third origin is the monotheistic God of Abraham. This origin cannot be exhausted and thus can maintain our world eternally. In my book, I proved scientifically that Abraham’s monotheistic God is one and infinite. As such, it is the origin of all finite things that will exist in our world eternally.

More recently, I came to the conclusion that the single essence of a monotheistic God is a loving essence. I came to this conclusion because humans and other animals express many different forms of love. So, I have come to the conclusion that science or theology has no end and cannot be completed.

According to Nicholas of Cusa, God creates all finite things when God contracts his single essence by the concepts, plurality and finitude. This does not mean that God has a language and can communicate to us like we communicate with each other. Contraction is an act of God. It tells us that the symbols, plurality and finitude, will be found as real concepts in God’s intelligent design of our universe.

I conclude that our understanding of God’s act of contraction will be improved if we use our symbolic languages carefully. So, I suggest in Part IIb of my book that God be given three absolute symbols. Early Christians spoke of God as ‘Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.’ This expression might come from Jesus Christ, who said, ‘I and the Father are one’ (John 10:30) and ‘... I am in my Father ... (John 14:20). Later Christians spoke of God as ‘Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.’ Further thought forced me to accept Nicholas of Cusa’s 15th century scientific version of a trinitarian God. This version is offered by Nicholas of Cusa at Bk. I, Ch. 8 (Eternal Generation) of his book ‘On Learned Ignorance.’ (click)

After accepting Cusa’s Trinity, I was able to use our everyday symbols to reveal other new understanding about God. Cusa’s Trinity is expressed as ‘One, Equality, and Union.’ These three symbols are absolutes and apply only to God. Thus, these symbols will never be found in our world. With these three absolutes, I made two advances as follows: (1) I improved my understanding of God’s intelligent design and (2) I was able to connect God logically to his creation. Thus, if God is expressed as One-Equality-Union, we can conclude that our universe’s highest expression is ‘many-inequality-relation.’ So, God and the universe can be connected beautifully with logic.

Since God’s act of contraction leads to plurality and finitude in our world, I say that plurality and finitude are found only in atoms of substances, such as our souls. In Leibniz’s Monadology (statement 17), he says, ‘... there is nothing else whatever to be found in the simple substance except just this, perceptions and their change.’ The finitude perceptions and the plurality of changing perceptions in our souls are the initial effects of God’s act of contraction. So, I conclude that the concepts ‘plurality’ and ‘finitude’ express the nature of the simple substances such as our souls. When the symbol ‘relation’ appear to our souls, the third symbol of the universe appear and God’s intelligent design becomes known as our highest level of thought about the universe. With the symbol ‘relation’ the simple substances are embodied and the dominant simple substances become real things in the universe.

This lengthy blog must be studied because I could not shorten it without hiding important ideas.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXIX (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XVIII)

Today, I will discuss the thoughts of Gottfried Leibniz on the content of ‘atom of substances.’ Leibniz refers to these atoms as monads and discusses them in detail in his 1714 paper on "Monadology.’ This paper is found on pages 179-194 of G. H. R. Parkinson’s book ‘Leibniz" Philosophical Writings.’ I refer these atoms as ‘spiritual atoms’ in my book, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ In most religion, Leibniz’s atoms of substances are usually called ‘souls.’ In this blog, I will focus on the human soul.

Our soul can be known only if we use Plato’s negative. Apparently, Nicholas of Cusa recognized the importance of Plato’s negative when he wrote a paper ‘On God as Not-Other. (click) In this paper God is identified as Not-other and all created things are identified as Other. In this paper, Cusa develops different statements. For instance, he says, ‘in a hot thing, what is not-hot is the hot thing.’ This statement would be viewed as a contradiction by today’s U.S. logicians. But they are wrong because this statement merely distinguishes the phenomenon, hot, from a not-hot thing, which can become hot. In general, this kind of statement identifies a Subject, the not-hot thing, and a Predicate, which is the phenomenon hot.

So, when Leibniz moves sensations out of our brains and places them into our souls, he gave our soul phenomena and made our soul an ‘independent’ thing. With this move our souls are no longer epiphenomena of the brain, as atheists argue.

But Leibniz searches for more truths about this independent thing. To find more truths, he negates the sensations. Using Cusa’s Subject/Predicate statement, Leibniz thought that ‘in a sensual thing, what is not-sensual is the sensual thing. Leibniz’s gives the term not-sensual its positive nature using the symbol ‘wisdom.’ Here, we see that Leibniz gives the soul two reasoning abilities --- logical reason and sufficient reason.

In his book on 'Critique of Pure Reason,' at ‘General Observations on Transcendental Aesthetic,’ Kant was wrong to say that Leibniz connected the sensible and intelligence merely logically. It is clear that Kant never used Plato’s negative. This error by Kant might have helped to impede the propagation of Leibniz writings in Europe and the USA.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXVIII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XVII)

Before I discuss how Leibniz built truths about the human soul, I must teach how Plato became a dialectician.

Since the 1970s, most of the world’s scientists and logicians have become followers of Aristotle, even though Aristotle’s logic was dropped by many scientists and theologians in Europe before the Renaissance. Aristotle was a student of Plato. But, at their time, Plato and Aristotle became different thinkers. Aristotle became the first Western world logician. And Plato became the first Western world dialectician. Long before Plato became a dialectician, Far East thinkers used Yin Yang and were dialecticians. So, Far East theologians have lived with dialectical thinking for a long time.

In the USA, what is the difference between our logicians and dialecticians? A U.S. logician will use only ‘either/or’ statements. However, a U.S. dialectician will use two different statements --- ‘either/or’ statements and ‘both/and’ statements. Thus, a logician will work only with ‘excluded middle oppositions.’ But a dialectician will work with both ‘excluded middle oppositions’ and ‘included middle oppositions.’ Today’s U.S. logicians and scientists reject all ‘both/and’ statements and call them non sequiturs. They think this way because they say that living things come from non living things. So, U.S. logicians and scientists view all things as mechanical things. Such things are passive and have no active soul.

Plato shows how a dialectician thinks in his Sophist at 257b. There, he says, When we speak of ‘that which is not,’ it seems that we do not mean something contrary to what exists but only something that is different. These words cause our minds to think above logic and accept coexisting oppositions such as ‘permanence’ and ‘change.’

I used Plato’s negative when I was seeking the origin of all finite things in the universe. I found that the origin of all finite things must be something different but also be something positive. Since this different thing is something that is ‘not finite,‘ the positive nature of it is ‘infinite.’ Thus, I concluded that al finite things must come from, and be connected to, something infinite that exist is a higher world. As seen, Plato’s negative reveals God’s attributes. God is thus hidden from the minds of our logicians and scientists because they are limiting their thoughts to logical reasoning.

Obviously, Plato’s negative method of thinking is an unknown method of today’s scientists and logicians. For instance, look at the atheistic reviews of my book (The First Scientific Proof of God) in (click) All five book reviews are from atheists who do not know about Plato’s negative method of thinking. Beyond rejecting my book, these atheists are also selling Aristotle’s logic. Since, Americans have taken the advice of these atheists about my book, it is clear that Americans are becoming followers of atheists. The impact is that Americans are losing the independence that God gave them.

Atheists are also selling atheism to Americans. This can be seen in my book reviews of books written by atheists. (click) In my book review of atheistic books, it is also clear that atheists are trying to convince Americans that the work of Friedrich Hegel is junk. Yet, Hegel knows and uses Plato’s negative in his godly book on the "Phenomenology of Spirit." So, there is a major effort in the USA to reject God, my writings, and the writings of Plato, Leibniz, and Hegel.

Tomorrow, I will show how Leibniz used Plato’s negative to develop truths about the human soul

Monday, March 16, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXVII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XVI)

The ancient Greek atomist, Democritus, who became a leader chosen by the people, spoke of Leibniz’s ‘atoms of substance in ancient Greece. (Click) Since Leibniz’s atoms of substance are independent things, they reappeared in the modern world in 1776 in the U. S. Declaration of Independence with the statement ‘all Men are created equal.’ So, every American, and every person throughout the world, have an independent ‘atom of substance’ (or Spirit) that was created by God and can be destroyed only by God.

However, the independence of a Spirit does not mean that all Spirits are absolutely free. Their freedom is limited because Spirits must be embodied in different ways before they can participate in the universe. Thus, when the Press was given freedom by the founders of the USA, the freedom of the Press is not absolute because it must participate with citizens rationally.

Thus, Leibniz had to learn how a Spirit causes something to happen in its body, how its body can cause something to happen in the Spirit, and how Spirits can communicate with each other. On p, 12 of Parkinson’s book, "Leibniz: Philosophical Writings,’ Leibniz begins to present the Spirit-Body relations.

In tomorrow’s blog, I will discuss what Leibniz learned. I expect to show that most life scientists become atheists and became followers of those physical scientists who rejected God. There is a reason why medical care is stuck in the mud.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXVI (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XV)

Today, many religious teachings are being questioned because God is one and infinite and cannot be known. For instance, Muslims say wrongly that the Qur’an is written in the language of God. And throughout the Old Testament, Jews read verses saying wrongly that ‘God said.’ And Christians say wrongly that Jesus Christ will appear a second time in the same body. Muslim, Jewish, and Christian teachings are questioned because most scientific teachings in scriptures are not taught.

Thus, in free nations, attendance is decreasing rapidly with the result that new forms of religions and societies are emerging such as the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion (click), New Age (click), New Thought (click), and Scientology (click).

In this blog, I discuss a scientific subject known as reincarnation and discuss the thoughts offered by Leibniz. His thoughts begin on p. 118 of G. H. R. Parkinson’s book on "Leibniz: Philosophical Writings."

First, Leibniz rejects metempsychosis, which says that bodies pass on from one specie to another specie. So a human being is always a human being, a deer is always a deer, etc. Since Leibniz sees life as a developmental process, he is not concerned with death. He concludes that time of death cannot be known. So, he would not pull the plug on a person before more evidence proves that the pass on has occurred.

Since God has no beginning or end, development has no beginning and end. Accordingly, Leibniz says that there is no first birth or entirely new generation. Darwin’s evolutionary theory is thus rejected again by Leibniz. He draws support from many ancients, Hippocrates, Parmenides, Melisus, and Aristotle, who also say that animals neither are born nor die.

Leibniz rejects those atheistic modern scientists who say that all things are machines that differ only between the great and the small. Instead, he says that a true unity corresponds to what we call ‘I’ in us. The symbol ‘I’ does not represent the meaning of anything in artificial machines. He says that ‘atoms of matter’ (or physical atoms) are contrary to reason because the relations between the parts of a machine do not destroy their diversity. Only the ‘atoms of substance’ are without parts and are sources of activity.
He thought that the atoms of substance are vital and could be called metaphysical points.

Since a one and infinite God cannot appear in his created world, it seems that it was necessary that God include vital things (or atoms of substance) in the creation. So the purpose of humans in the universe is very clear because we are vital things who have a degree of wisdom higher than the lower animals.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXV (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XIV)

Yesterday one learns that the New System of Leibniz has a god. This is consistent with my proof of God on page 6 of my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God." However, Leibniz and I use different ways to develop our proofs of God.

Leibniz sought the unity of all things in the universe. Since he could not find a unity of these things, he concluded that a unifying principle lies elsewhere (in God). So, he proves God’s existence, as I do. In my proof of God, I assume that all things are finite. Then, I use Plato’s negative to show that all finite things must come from something that is not finite. The only not finite thing is an infinite thing. With this proof, I find that the symbol ‘infinite’ is one attribute of God. So, today, all believers can say that God is ‘one and infinite.’

Leibniz also sought deeper understandings of God. Since the monotheistic God of Abraham is incomprehensible, neither Leibniz nor any other person can know the one essence of a monotheistic God. To gain a deeper understanding of God, Leibniz uses our symbolic language, as I do often. He relates the symbol ‘perfection’ to the symbol ‘essence.’ This was a great relation because God’s essence is perfect and the quantity of essence must thus exist in the universe. So, he found that all created things must come in different degrees of perfection. In the human species, we thus see that God has given all human possibilities that will not be found in the lower animals.

Although a monotheistic God is able to create all possible worlds, God created only one world. In this world, God adds everything possible. Thus. Leibniz says that greatest effects will be found in the universe at their least expenditures. So, one will not find atoms or vacuums in the universe. Nor will people find a Heaven or a Hell.

Contrary to the arguments of atheists, the universe has an intelligent design. But it has no evolutionary theory like Darwin offered.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXIV (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XIII)

On page 116 of ‘Leibniz: Philosophical Writings’ by G. H. R. Parkinson, Leibniz says that matter alone is passive and that a mechanical universe would merely be a collection or accumulation of ‘parts’ ad infinitum. Such parts, he says, can be real only if they are made of true unities that come from elsewhere. (The word elsewhere means God.)

Since the true unities he sought are different from geometrical points, he sought animated points that consist of a force such as a feeling or appetite. But, like our soul that cannot explain the economy of our bodies, the animated points cannot explain the whole universe. Thus, these animated points are not like passive physical atoms that today’s physicists are seeking to explain the whole universe.

In the ancient period, Aristotle called such animated points ‘entelechies.’ Leibniz decided to call them primitive forces because they are an original activity. Eventually, Leibniz calls them 'monads.' In my book, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God,’ I call them spiritual atoms.

Today, Leibniz’s monads challenge the evolutionary theory, which is taught in U.S. public schools. Like our minds, the primitive forces are indivisible, can begin and end only by God.

Of interest is the challenge of evolutionary theory by Michael Behe in his popular book, ‘Darwin’s Black Box.’ On page 39, Behe quotes Darwin as follows:

"If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modification, my theory would absolutely break down."

On the same page, Behe asks, "What type of biological system could not be formed by ‘numerous, successive, slight modification?" Behe’s answer is as follows:

"Well, for starters, a system that is irreducibly complex. By irreducibly complex I mean a single system composed of several well-matched, interacting parts that contribute to the basic function, wherein the removal of any one of the parts causes the system to effectively cease functioning."

I conclude that Behe’s irreducible complexes are God made-wholes that have an uncountable number of parts, as I discuss in my 11/18/08 blog. I also conclude that irreducible complexes are Leibniz’s primitive forces, which are equivalent to my spiritual atoms.

In this blog, it is now very clear that evolutionary theory is false. Further, the atheistic idea that apes slowly change to humans is shown to be not possible.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXIII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XII)

On page 115 of G. H. R. Parkinson’s book on ‘Leibniz: Philosophical Writings,’ one learns that before Leibniz found his New System, he was enslaved to Aristotle’s logic and was charmed with the beautiful way of explaining nature mechanically. However, after he sought the actual principles of mechanics, he concluded that an ‘extended mass’ is not enough and that use must be made of the notion of ‘force,’ which is fully intelligible but falls in the sphere of metaphysics. At the same time, he concluded that the lower animals are not mere machines.

Thus, as the 17th century was coming to an end, Leibniz was rejecting the following thoughts of man: (1) Newton’s universe, which would not be rejected until 1905 by Einstein; (2) the theory of evolution that would be developed by Charles Darwin; (3) today’s theory of U.S. physicists, who say that God does not exist; (4) today’s thoughts of U.S. logicians, who say that all human behavior is purely logical and who say that my 2006 book is junk because it is filled with non sequiturs.

With these rejections, Leibniz limits our mental use of logical reasoning, that is, the law of contradiction. Then, he tells us about a new way of thinking. To explain it he develops a new method of reasoning called ’sufficient reason.’ This method of reasoning allows man to understand God as well as developing knowledge of the universe’s things and their purposes. He sought this new way of thinking because the principle of true unity of the universe will never be found with matter alone.

If Leibniz was living today, he would tell U.S. scientists that they are on the wrong path of thought. This wrongness should help government explain the radical rises and falls of the U.S. economic system.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part XI)

The New System of Gottfried Leibniz unifies man’s thoughts about God and man’s scientific thoughts about the universe. In my website, I call these thoughts ‘theological science’ in 115 blogs I wrote from 6/6/08 through 12/25/08. The thoughts of Jesus Christ about God and the universe are included and are covered in the last 17 blogs. In these 115 blogs, one can learn that I have connected the thoughts of Abraham, Moses, Plato, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, and Leibniz because they form a single and consistent path of thought about God and the universe.

But in Leibniz’s 17th century writing, the ancient symbol ‘being’ is changed permanently to the symbol ‘thing.’ This new symbol became permanent in the writings of the 18th and 19th centuries of Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Hegel, and Karl Marx. But in Kant, Hegel, and Marx, the symbol ‘thing’ changes to a ‘thing-in-itself.’ It is with Marx that thoughts about God are eliminated. With Marx thoughts about a changing universe are maintained.
Since Marx was a dialectician, he gave his ‘changing’ universe something ‘permanent.’ He concluded that ‘revolution’ is the permanent thing of the changing universe.

In the 1970s, American scientists followed Marx by rejecting God. But they also dropped the idea of a ‘thing-in-itself.’ By dropping ‘things-in-themselves, they can y develop knowledge only of the universe’s changes. With a one-sided universe, how do these scientists predict anything about the universe? The answer is to build a thing that becomes permanent and then explodes. This is the Big Bang theory.

But, this exploded thing cannot be proven. Yet, the thoughts of Abraham, Moses, Plato, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, Leibniz, my theological science, and many other thinkers say that God does exist and is a thing-in-itself. Who is right, today's scientists or the string of great thinkersr I list above?

Since many of today’s U.S. scientists are obviously wasting lots of U.S. government funds, isn’t it time to change government policies on God and science?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXI (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part X)

President Obama’s authorization of stem cell research relates to Leibniz’s System and to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, which are laws found in the Declaration of Independence. Most Americans will not recognize these two godly relationships because after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled favorably for Madelyn Murray O’ Hair’s atheism in 1967, the Society of America, which is identified in the Declaration, was destroyed by the Court. This judicial ruling was a major error, as seen in my book on ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’

This judicial error was confirmed in my 11/18/08 blog where I made a second scientific proof of God. In this proof, I discovered that two different wholes exist. One whole is man-made, which has a countable number of parts. The other whole must be God-made because it has an uncountable number of parts.

Stem cells organize themselves only because they are God-made wholes. Thus, when found, they do not act as if a foreign body was added to other God-made wholes such as a human being. Interestingly, Galileo did not recognize the God-made wholes when he studied the extension of bodies. But he did find extensions have an infinite number of geometrical points.
So, my second proof of God shows that stem cell research is not an evil act because man cannot destroy what God created. Stem cell research is thus an activity that Jesus Christ would approve because he told us that we will do work that is greater than the work he did. The development of more perfect things by humans is thus a common teaching of Jesus. People who wait for death, with the expectation of the return of Jesus, are misinformed.

I recommend that all stem cell researchers assume that God exists. With God, all stem cell research can deal with the subject of ‘things’ and the idea that ‘each thing is in each thing.’ This idea says that each thing is functionally related to all other things. I also recommend that cancer research be connected to stem cell research.

Modern readings and their important ‘thing’ subjects are as follows: Nicholas of Cusa (finite infinities), Gottfried Leibniz (monadology and the preestablished harmony of things), Friedrich Hegel (phenomenology of spirit), Georg Cantor (transfinite numbers), my book, and my website on my new science, ‘theological science.’

Monday, March 09, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXX (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part IX)

In this 40th blog on ‘remaking America,’ I show that a basic idea in the New System of Leibniz is identical to one of the basic ideas that our founders included in the Declaration of Independence. In the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence, this basic idea of Leibniz is found as God’s entitlement of the ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God’ to all humans.

In his 1697 paper "On the Ultimate Origination of Things’ (see G. H. R. Parkinson’s book on ‘Leibniz: Philosophical Writings’) Leibniz says, ‘eternal truths (of things) must have their existence in the same subject, which is absolutely, or metaphysically necessary, that is in God.’ Then, in the same paper he says, ‘It is also evident how God acts not only physically but also freely; and how there lies in him not only the efficient but also the final cause; and how from him proceeds the reason not only of the greatness or potency that there is in the mechanism of the universe as now established, but also of the goodness or wisdom involved in the establishing of it.’ With these words, Leibniz merely agrees with the ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’

So why has the USA rejected Leibniz’s New System and the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God in the Declaration of Independence?

The answer I always receive to this question is that the U.S. field of law decided that the Declaration of Independence is only a declaration of war against England. But is the decision of the field of law right? I say that this field made a major error because it is dividing the people of the USA.
Other people agree with me. For instance, on pages 247-251 of David Barton’s book on ‘Original Intent,’ we find lots of information saying that Declaration and Constitution cannot be separated. Further, in Article VII, the Constitution attaches itself to the Declaration. And on page 218 of Barton’s book, U.S. Congressman and Revolutionary soldier, William Findley says, ‘Men must associate together before they can form rules for their own government. ...’

Why does the U.S. Supreme Court rule today based on their own contrivances when the USA is founded as a nation under God?

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXIX (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part VIII)

Gottfried Leibniz named his new thoughts as ‘New System’ in his 1695 paper. Accordingly, the symbol ‘system’ was used by Leibniz about 250 years before U.S. scientists and military operations researchers began to use this symbol in WWII. Thus, Leibniz’s symbolic language was very advanced. Leibniz’s use of ‘system’ was correct because he was unifying two fields of thought, the fields of modern science and theology.

To make his New System clearer in books, universities, and colleges, I renamed his system as ‘theological science.’ On this website, I presented 115 blogs on theological science, from 6/6/08 to 12/25/08. And from 12/26/08 to 1/16/09, I presented some current inconsistent thoughts with ‘theological science.’ My current blogging effort is to link Leibniz’s New System and my over two-year effort of developing ‘theological science’ to President’s Obama’s effort to ‘remake America.’ This linkage will require a concerted effort of many Americans because some Americans are already trying to stop President Obama’s effort.

Since any effort to remake America will encounter opposing institutionalized forces, I suggest that ‘theological science’ be linked initially to President Obama’s effort to rebuild America’s educational system. Until formal changes take place in the educational system through President Obama’s effort, informal change can begin through my website.

My website is thus wide open to the youth of America on the subject of theological science. So, the youth of America can help President Obama by challenging your teachers and the educational material presented by the public school system. For example, theological science says that teaching of evolutionary theory must be removed from America.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXVIII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part VII)

More thoughts by me have identified other human forces that can also prevent the meeting between Russia, China, Iran and the USA and the development of world peace. These forces are formed by the many institutions that exist throughout the USA today. These institutions hold a permanent set of ideas that its leaders and members do not want to change.

The ideas that are held in their minds act like boxes, which can’t be opened because the minds of these institutional leaders and members are closed. But today we know that such minds can be opened by mental shock forces. These nonlinear shock forces can cause these leaders and members to step out of the box where they can recognize opposing ideas. Some of these ideas are turbulent, like the turbulent ‘living water’ of Jesus Christ.

Many of these institutions are appearing since President Obama proposed shock-like changes for the USA and won their approval from a majority of voters. As a great thinker and speaker, President Obama has the great ability to open the concrete boxes of many U.S. institutions.

In this blog, I will discuss only two of these institutions and how they relate to form a more complex institution and a bigger box. One box contains the ideas held by atheists. The other box contains the ideas held by medical doctors and their insurance companies.

Some ideas of atheists are as follows: (1) rejection of God and metaphysics, (2) rejection of non sequiturs, (3) promotion of evolutionary theory, (4) accepting an end of the world due to entropy, (5) all things are mechanical, (6) abortion is a free choice, and (7) all morals are arbitrary.

Some of the ideas of doctors and their insurance companies are as follows: (1) alternative medicine and holism are false ideas, (2) a human is a mechanism, (3) diseases must be treated with ‘bullet-like pills.’ (4) cancer must be treated by chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, (5) reject God and metaphysics, (6) promote evolutionary theory, (7) accept the end of the world due to entropy, and (8) equate life science to a physical science.

As seen, when the ideas of atheism become common to the ideas of an institution, a bigger box is formed and a larger human force is created. These forces must be exposed to the public before the meeting between Russia, China, Iran and the USA occurs and before world peace can be developed.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXVII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part VI)

Two other forces can prevent the meeting between Russia, China, Iran and the USA and the development of world peace. These forces are liberal people and conservative people who are swapping the political power of our self-governments every four or eight years at the federal, State, and local levels. Currently, liberals are controlling the Democratic political party and conservatives are controlling the Republican political party.

These parties can prevent this important meeting because neither party governs according to the U.S. founding documents. Instead, both parties govern arbitrarily, which causes people to feel as though they are living on an oscillating seesaw. These parties govern arbitrarily because they say wrongly that the Declaration of Independence is only an authority to go to war against England. The first two paragraphs of the Declaration identify many other authorities. These two paragraphs say that the USA was organized as a Union of people under God based on the ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

God and these laws were never accepted by liberals and conservatives or Democrats and Republicans. For example, liberals or Democrats have always promoted abortion, which violates the rights of unborn children to be secured in all possible ways by a self-government. And the conservatives or Republicans have always promoted the limit of a self-government, which violates the rights of all people to be secured in all possible ways by a self-government.

Essentially, both parties are ungodly and will thus always try to stop the application of Leibniz’s great new science in the USA. Without a foundation of God, the ideologies of the liberals and conservatives could also prevent President Obama from ‘remaking America.’ The negatives against Obama’s initiatives began to appear from the conservatives less than a month after a majority of U.S. citizens put Obama into the White House.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXVI (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part V)

Forces can prevent the meeting between Russia, China, Iran and the USA and the development of world peace. These forces are as follows: the atheists, most scientists, most mathematicians, and Western religions. All four forces have something in common, that our world comes to an end.

These atheists, scientists, and mathematicians say that the end is certain because the energy of the universe is eventually reduced to heat energy. On the other hand, the Western religions say the end is certain because Matthew, Ch. 24 says that Jesus Chris will return when the sun darkens and saves believers who will be taken to Heaven. However, the loss of energy and the current interpretations of Ch. 24 of Matthew can be challenged.

Leibniz explains why the universe has no end in his paper ‘On the Ultimate Origination of Things’ in Parkinson’s book, ‘Leibniz: Philosophical Writings.’ Today’s scientists study processes that originate from an exploding physical particle. Thus, things exist only because a finite physical particle exploded. Thus, a container that holds water so that the water can be boiled is a process. And a human being is a process that changes but has no permanence such as a soul. All things in the universe of today's scientists are thus mechanisms. Since these scientists reject metaphysics and thus God, Leibniz and I reject this mechanical world.

With reference to Chapter 24 of Matthew, my interpretations of the teachings of Jesus Christ are very new and different. When Jesus tells us to learn how a fig tree works, how our sun works, and how to build a thing like the boat built by Noah to save things, we cannot expect a second coming of Jesus. As Sons of man, Jesus is telling us that we must save ourselves. Space research is thus a very important effort. For more information on my other interpretations of the teachings of Jesus Christ, see my series of blogs about Jesus Christ (12/9/08 - 12/25/08). These blogs connect the thoughts of Jesus Christ to the Greek thoughts of Plato, Aristotle, et al. We thus know what Jesus was doing before his teachings began in the Jewish culture.

To render these four forces ineffective, the leaders of Russia, China, Iran and the USA should move forward to achieve this meeting on their own Spirits.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXV (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part IV)

If Russia, China, Iran, and the USA meet in order to discuss the godly science discovered by Gottfried Leibniz, the true political system will develop, the true religion will never develop, a world peace will develop, and all nations will never fight another war. So, an opportunity now exists for national to produce the world peace that all good people have sought. Interestingly, all four of these nations have become close to developing Leibniz’s science earlier.

For instance, the founders of the USA actually called for Leibniz’s science in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. But this call by our founders was unclear, was never detected and was never implemented.

Russia became close to knowing Leibniz’s science because the thoughts of Karl Marx can be connected to the thoughts of Leibniz through the work of Kant, and Hegel. Although Marx referred to ‘religions’ as a form of opium, I conclude that his were seeking the ‘origin of everything,’ which believers call God. Since Russia never chased the Eastern Christians from Moscow, I say that something about the Eastern Christian Church is luring Russians to God as the ‘origin of everything.’ I say that this lure is the Eastern Christian belief that Jesus Christ is not God.

With respect to China, Leibniz studied the theology of the Chinese at the request of the Vatican. (See ‘Discourse on the Natural Theology of the Chinese,' Univ. of Press of Hawaii.) He found that the Chinese foundation of a theology is based on the opposing concepts ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang.’ They are opposites that coexist and thus rise above logical reasoning where dialectical thinking must be used. In the Western world, many other coexisting opposites are found throughout the 15th century work of Nicholas of Cusa, who expanded the teaching of Jesus Christ. So, the Chinese belief aligns to the monotheistic God of the Western world, rather than to Buddhism and Taoism.

The God of Iran is also monotheistic and thus aligns to Leibniz’s science. But Islam confuses me because the Koran aligns to the Old Testament teaching, even though Mohammad was a follower of Christianity. So, is a Muslim a deist (e.g., following only the Old Testament) or a theist (e.g., following only Jesus Christ)?

I will discuss Leibniz’s science in this series of blogs on the subject of ‘Remaking America.’ But one can also study Leibniz’s science by buying Parkinson’s book on ‘Leibniz; Philosophical Writings,’ If this meeting of leaders occurs, I believe that these leaders will become very close friends because a very new world on this planet is now possible.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXIV (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part III)

Yesterday I said that Parkinson’s book, ‘Leibniz: Philosophical Writings,’ appeared in the USA first in 1975 and was reprinted in 1979, the same year that Jasper Hopkins’ translations of the 15th century writings of Nicholas of Cusa appeared. Both writings were of immediate interest in the USA. But this timing was not good because the USA was changing rapidly after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled favorably for atheism in 1967.

This change includes the growth of the Hippie and drug cultures and the continued growth of multinational and free trade economics. This change also included the Nixon reduction of the space program. This reduction caused the loss of many jobs by our scientists and technologists. Suicide was frequent and inflation was growing. The 1970s became an era of uncertainty. So, some physicists sought world theories in the Far East while other physicists continued to develop the Big Bang theory.

And by the 1970s, Christianity was losing many intelligent members to the New Age and New Thought movements. So, during the period from 1967-2009, the interest in Leibniz was not high enough. Only after the people of the USA put Barack Obama into the White House, did I conclude that the timing is right to reintroduce Parkinson’s book with my book and my thoughts on ‘Remaking America.’

Only two kinds of people will block this introduction. One is the Christian, who has misinterpreted the teachings of Jesus Chris badly. The second coming of Christ is a false interpretation because the teachings of Jesus Christ can be traced to the Greek teachings of Plato, Aristotle, Anaxagoras, etc. So, we know where Jesus was before he began to teach. The teachings of Jesus are great. But his teachings do not make him God.

The other is the field of physical mathematics. These mathematicians promoted the ‘swaps’ developed by U.S. banks based on the belief that human behavior can be predicted. These mathematicians also predict the end of the universe and agree with the Big Bang theory. Leibniz proves that mathematics can make predictions only about ‘all possible worlds.’ The Big Bang theory is only one possible world. And God’s creation is also only one possible world. So, these mathematicians are misleading the people in every nation.

If the scientists of the USA consider the writings of Leibniz, the people of the USA will destroy the current depression quickly.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXIII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part II)

If the U.S. national government and President Obama change the USA correctly, the Declaration of Independence will become a partner with the U.S. Constitution. Together, these documents will form Locke’s social contract. This contract will exist between the American Society and Government. The Society is a union of the people and Government is a self-government of, by, and for the people. With this two-party contract, two founding documents will be unified to form a new part of the body of U.S. laws.

As the above change occurs in the USA, Leibniz’s new science must also be considered and compared with its oppositions. Leibniz’s new science is panentheism, which has a God who is connected to all created things eternally. Three oppositions to Leibniz’s science exist. One is deism, which has a God but rejects supernatural events.(click). The second is theism, which has a God but accepts supernatural events. (click) The third is atheism, which has no God.

Since deism, theism, and atheism say that the universe has an end, the major difference between Leibniz and his oppositions is that Leibniz’s universe never ends. What happens if the universe ends? Deism must rely on the theory of a Dues ex machina (click). Theism must rely of the second coming of Christ (Ch. 24 of Matthew) and a new life in Heaven. And atheism must rely on the multi-universe theory of cosmologists.

To make good decisions on these four alternative thoughts, books are recommended as follows: (1) G.H.R. Parkinson’s book ‘Leibniz: Philosophical Writings’ from a used book store. (click) (2) My book ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’(click) My book offers new interpretations of the teachings of Jesus Christ, applies Leibniz new science, and connects Leibniz to Georg Cantor, Nicholas of Cusa, Jesus Christ, and the Greek thought of Plato. I also offer a second scientific proof of God on the blog dated 11/18/08. (3) Cusa’s book ‘On Learned Ignorance’(De Docta Ignorantia) can be read or copied out, at a website on the Internet. (click) These inexpensive books will be necessary to remake America correctly.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXII (The science of Gottfried Leibniz, Part I)

Today, U.S. physical scientists are focusing their research mostly on low temperature material, unifying space and time, and proving the Big Bang theory of the universe. Essentially, they have rejected God and now support the growth of atheism.

This focus of the school of physics emerged after Albert Einstein destroyed Isaac Newton’s Universe in 1905. But these young physicists did not know that Gottfried Leibniz had challenged Newton’s Universe and John Locke’s atoms long ago. Unfortunately, Locke died before a debate began. And since Newton feared Leibniz, he had his disciple, Samuel Clarke, respond to Leibniz. Clarke supported the Dues ex machina theory of Newton (click). This theory says that the universe has an end and requires God to restart it.

Germany’s Leibniz interacted with many scholars in Europe, did work for the Pope, even though he was a Lutheran, and published only one book, ‘Theodicy.’ So, his thoughts are found mostly in letters. Thanks to G.H.R Parkinson, the book ‘Leibniz: Philosophical Writings’ appeared in English in 1934 with revisions, in 1973, and again in 1975 and 1979. But the latest versions were too late to take hold in the school of physical science because the atheism of Madelyn Murray O’ Hair was ruled favorably by the U.S. Supreme court in 1967. This ruling caused many young physicists to study Far East thoughts. I brought Leibniz writings and Parkinson’s book into view again in 2006 with my book, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God’ and with this website. Without reading my book, my blogs, or Parkinson’s book, atheists show their determination to kill the idea of God in the USA.

In my book, I use Leibniz’s ‘Monadology’ and ‘On the Organization of Things.’ Both papers are found in Parkinson’s book. Since Parkinson’s book is out of print, I will summarize other papers in his book so that people, who are remaking America, will know how to make the new America a reality under God.