Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, September 26, 2010

God's Actuality: Means That God Had No Cause and that God Is the Origin of All Things in the Universe

The American Cusanus Society (ACS) was founded in 1983 after Dr. Jasper Hopkins published a book on "A Concise Introduction of the Philosophy of Nicholas of Cusa" in 1978 at the University of Minnesota. (click) The ACS is associated with the University of Trier in Germany, the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, the Catholic University of America, and the Japanese Cusanus Society. Before I published 'The First Scientific Proof of God' in 2006, Gerald Christianson of the Seminary at Gettysburg said that the Society wanted to review my book. I sent it but never heard from the ACS again. Eventually, I concluded that the ACS is associated to the Catholic Church and that the ACS will reject anf books or all thoughts that challenge the Pope, who is just another human being.

Since I believe that all scripture are man-made; that God is panentheistic; that Jesus Christ is not God and man; that the universe had no beginning and has no end; and that Catholic church teachers should not molest children, I can see why the ACS did not review my book. I believe that the translations of the work of Cusa by Dr. Jasper Hopkins are sound. But I do not believe in the teachings of theologians and religious leaders are sound because scientific methods of science can understand God better. For this reason, I believe that scientists should be teachings in synagogues, churches, and mosques.

In this blog, I want to encourage you to study the concepts 'actual' and 'possibility.' These concepts were used by me in my recent blog on We Make Our Lives By Developing our Minds, This Way or That Way. Cusa discusses these concepts in fine detail in his work on De Possest. (click) The De Possest is found in Hopkin's book on 'A Concise Introduction of the Philosophy of Nicholas of Cusa.''

De Possest clarifies the work of St. Paul, which begins at Hopkins translation point (2). Paul's words on this subject is found in the Bible at Rom. 1:20. In this verse, Paul says that the invisibles in God can be seen from the visible things that God made. So, if you identify any thing, you can prove that God exists. The atheists cannot see God because they are perceiving the things God made but are not discriminating actual things from possible things, that is, by not discriminating 'being' from 'not-being.' Being is a thing that exist. But not-being does not exist. See points (5) and (6) to learn that "every existing thing is able to be that which it actually is." Thus, absolute possibility cannot is not able to exist prior to absolute actuality. Accordingly, God has no cause. Created things thus proceed from God's Absolute Actuality and Absolute Possibility. .

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We Make Our Lives By Developing our Minds, This Way or That Way

Without our free minds, the atheists could prove that all humans are machines in a mechanical world we call the Universe. However, atheists cannot offer this proof because I have proven that all finite things in the Universe must proceed from an infinite thing, which is God. My proof of God is found on p. 6 of 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' Since an infinite God is infinite in all ways, God's freedom is absolutely maximum. Thus, our freedom is not maximum. Unfortunately, most Americans do not recognize that their freedom is limited. Many such limits are found, for example, on speeding signs on our highways, in law books in our courts. etc.

God did not make these limits. We made them with our minds by developing signs and symbols. Accordingly, God did not make our scriptures, our science books, our advertisements, our government, our minds, etc. We made them because God gives us 'potentials that can become actual.' Here is where your freedom emerges. Thus, such potentials are infinite in number because they come from an infinite God whose freedom is maximum.

All humans are born with life's' potential behaviors, not any actual behavior of life. Thus, when Republicans say that criminals are born with actual criminal behaviors, they are telling me that they do not understand God and do not understand the self-government of the USA. Further, the potentials that God gives to a person depend on the infrastructure of that person. For instance, when a person is born with a male infrastructure, it is ungodly to develop a female life. So, the development of 'Gay Right' laws are ungodly because they do not come from God.

Are some brain cancers and other cancers caused by negative thinking about life's actual negatives rather than life's positive potentials? Are other cancers being caused by infrastructure disharmonies? What are the drug cultures doing to the American mind and our national language? Only the power of our signs and symbols can answer such questions.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are Western Christians Becoming Criminals?

Soon after George (Father) Bush took control of the executive branch of the U.S. government, I came to the conclusion that criminal behavior has distinct causes. At that time I was working at the National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice, and became opposed to those people (e.g., evolutionists and republicans), who say that criminals are born. I rejected this cause of crime. Instead, I say that flawed symbolic languages will develop criminal minds. Today, I still hold this belief.

In this blog, I show how a symbolic language caused the criminal event in NYC on 9/11/2001. This Twin Tower criminal event was like the appearance of turbulent air in NYC as a result of the motion of a butterfly in Japan. These two examples are not unlike other complex existences such as 'world noise' and a God-created universe of related things.

Although Nicholas of Cusa warned us about using symbols in the 15th century, linguists did not find the existence of symbols until the 1920s. So, five thousand years ago man began to write and started to play games with symbols to develop language systems. Although the big thinkers have stopped playing with words, many other people still play word games. Some people play with religious words and other people play with scientific words, political words, criminal words, etc. Thousands of these word games exist. The worst word players I watch are physical psychologists, atheists, materialists, evolutionists, and deists.

Now, I want to focus on words used by Christians and the actions of 9/11 terrorists. Christians use the word 'substance.'' This word means 'to stand under as an essential quality.' In 15th Century, Bishop Nicholas of Cusa concluded that God is the greatest thing. Based on this conclusion, he found that the word 'greatest' means that God' substance is 'absolute maximum and absolute minimum.' This great finding meant that God's substance cannot be known by our words. However, in 325 A.D. Christians decided that God's substance is also in Jesus Christ. This means that Jesus Christ is both God and man. The 15th century finding and the 325 A.D. decision are thus a contradiction. This contradiction was not announced by the Vatican in the 15th century. Instead, Cusa was sent to Germany. There, he was imprisoned in 1460 and died in 1464. After more than five centuries, Nicholas of Cusa was introduced to Americans in 1979. I became a student of Cusa's work in 1980 and in 2006 wrote in support of Cusa in 'The First Scientific Proof of God.'

The 9/11 terrorists have a history that begins in 325 A.D. when Christians decided to give God's substance to Jesus Christ. With this Christian decision, Christianity began to divide because some Christians thought that the substances of God and Jesus Christ are different. (read) The division thus formed the Western and Eastern churches. In time, the Eastern Christian church led to the development of Islam (click) through the Christians, Nestorius, and his follower, Muhammad.

Thus, the word 'substance' created Muslim criminals who decided to murder people on 9/11/01 in order to force their meaning of this word onto the world. But the word 'substance' also created Christian criminals who decided to hide, for over five centuries, new human knowledge that was developed by Cusa, Galileo, Kepler, Leibniz, et al. At no time, should any word be used to destroy people or knowledge. God made sure that people;s soul cannot be destroyed by man. But knowledge is man-made and must always be saved in our libraries.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Western Christians Are Teaching Falsities About Jesus Christ

In the ancient world the symbols 'father' and 'son' were used to talk about sequences. For instance, in families, Son is said to proceed from Father. Or on things, Son is a thing that comes from Father, which is the source of Son. Jesus Christ used these two symbols. For instance, in the New Testament, Jesus says, 'I and my Father are one' at John 10:30; I am the Son of God' at John 10:36; and 'Father is in me and I in him' at John 10:38. '

In 325 A.D. at the Council of Nicaea different views of Jesus were expressed as follows: (1) Jesus is a created angel who is other than the God who made all things; (2) Jesus is inferior to God; (3) Jesus does and says only what God willed; (4) Jesus is a separate substance compared to the substance of God; (5) Jesus is not equal to the one true and only God; (6) Jesus is a creature; (7) Jesus is the Son who is next to the Father; and (8) Jesus is different from God. These statements are found on page 125 of my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' In these eight statements, statement (7) is accepted by Western Christians. The other seven statements are accepted by Eastern Christians.

Today, Western Christians say that Jesus Christ is 'the only Son of God.' This statement is found in the Nicene and Apostle's' Creeds. However, this belief has divided Western Christians from Muslims and Eastern Christians. This belief is false and should be corrected by Western Christians. The first step is to correct the meanings of ancient symbols so they can be used correctly in a modern scientific world.

In my blog yesterday, I show that God is a thing; that God's Intelligent Design (or creation )is recognized by us through the concepts One, Equality of One, and Union; and that God's thingness is incomprehensible. God proceeds to create by contracting the concepts 'One, Equality of One, and Union' in order to form 'many, different, and related' things that form the Universe.
In Bk. I, Ch. 2 of his book 'On Learned Ignorance,' Bishop Nicholas of Cusa identifies three maximums. The first one is the absolute maximum of God. The second maximum is the contracted maximum of the Universe. The third maximum is the contracted maximum of individual. Cusa described this individual as a human who is most greatly, most perfectly,, and goal seeking. Then, in Bk. III, Ch. 4 of his book Cusa writes, 'Blessed Jesus, who is God and man, is the contracted maximum individual.' Western Christians seem to be using these 15th century words of Cusa to support the belief that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God. I conclude that the purpose of these words is to elevate the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ to the level of God. However, these words are inconsistent with an incomprehensible God.

It is time for religions to prove their beliefs scientifically. If proofs cannot be presented, it is time to stop selling beliefs to poorly educated citizens.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Eternal Life of Humans

Your life is eternal, even though you can't prove scientifically that you live after your death. To help you understand your eternal life, I suggest that you copy Chapters Seven,Eight, and Nine out of Bk. I in the book 'On Learned Ignorance' by Nicholas of Cusa. (click) To study eternal life, my advice is to stay away from atheists because their minds are closed and have been developed wrongly by using too many 'negatives, limiting thoughts, and using logical reasoning. By studying eternal life, I believe that you will open your mind widely and prevent the development of all forms of brain cancer.

Now, read the Nicine Creed in a good Christian liturgy. In the Creed, the concepts 'Father' and 'Son' represent the being of God. These two concepts form the eternal generation of God. In science, God's eternal generation is known as 'One and Equality of One.' In the third paragraph of the Creed, we find the phrase '... Who proceedeth from the Father and Son.' This phrase means that the Father and Son forms a Union and extends itself in order to form other things. Thus, the Union unites the Father and Son so that God can act and create other things. The unity of these three concepts is known as the Christian Trinity. On this subject, I believe that Christianity is the most advanced scientific religion.

In my book on, 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I add to the Christian Trinity. In Part IIb, Ch. 1, I connect the concepts One-Equality-Union to our world. This permanent connection is made by contracting the concepts, One-Equality-Union , using logic. Thus, One-Equality-Union proceeds to the opposing concepts, many-different-related. These opposing concepts co-exist and form things in our universe. I have found three more co-existing concepts and am asking people to help. I discuss these three concepts in my August 12, 2010 blog.

With a permanent connection of God to our world, I concluded that all humans live after death. I also say that this life after death is now scientifically proven. Because of this new proof, I suggest that all world leaders meet so that they can discuss the way to give the best life to all people in the world. I make this suggestion because God has given both independence and its opposite, dependence, to all humans. So, man's freedom is not absolute. By solving this pair of opposites, I see peace. But with no solution, I see only more wars.

Monday, September 20, 2010

IS the NASA Administrator an Atheist?

NASA's inspector general is criticizing the head of the space agency for his contact with an oil company. (click)

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden is a former board member of Marathon Oil Corp. and remains a major stockholder. He contacted a senior Marathon official in April, seeking advice about an alternative fuel project that NASA was considering.

The inspector general concluded that Bolden's contact with the oil company did not violate federal laws or ethics regulations. But the inspector general found that the telephone call by Bolden was inconsistent with the ethics pledge that he signed upon taking office last year.

Bolden has since acknowledged his action was "inappropriate." He has recused himself from the fuel project and received some refresher ethics training.

The behavior of of Charles Boldent is a sign that the NASA's atheists has and will hold power over the U.S. government.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Information on "NASA'S Atheists Have Gained Power Over the U.S. Government"

The colonists of the USA were unable to prove that God exists or that God does not exist. But they believed in God. So they decided to accept God's existence until God was proven not to exist. Today, God's nonexistence has still not been proven. But God's existence has been proven scientifically. Today, there is no reason why NASA personnel be allowed to violate the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution on NASA projects in which God must be considered. For example, God should have been considered in NASA's discussion of the Big bang theory.

On the Big Bang theory, should Americans modify the U.S. founding documents and build a godless nation? This would be inappropriate because the Big Bang thing has not been proven and cannot be proven scientifically. Thus, the Big Bang thing can never rise above belief. Since the Big Bang thing is only a belief of NASA personnel, why is the U.S. government allowing atheism to operate NASA?

I say that NASA's Big Bang thing is a fallacy. First, the Big Bang thing is a finite thing, that reduces itself to produce all other finite things in the universe. Since the Big Bang thing is finite, the energy in the things in the universe is limited. With this limit the universe had a beginning and will have an end. For this reason, NASA is warning U.S. citizens of ugly emissions from the sun that might kill many humans in 2012.

In 2006, I rejected the Big Bang theory in my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' On page 6, I speak of an infinite thing as the origin of all finite things in the universe. This book was quickly rejected by five atheists. They didn't even read the book. But, on August 23, 2009, Dr. Stephen Smith of the University of California recognized the new thoughts in my book.

This infinite thing is only one of many attributes that are contracted (by God's act) in order to form all finite things that organize and form a single universe. So, there is an Intelligent Design that connects God to the universe. Currently, I have found six contracted attributes. (See my blog on 'Panentheism Can End the Arbitrariness of Atheism, Materialism, Evolution, and Deism, 9/4/10')

The infinite thing was identified as the 'greatest thing' by Nicholas of Cusa. (See Bk. I. 'On Learned Ignorance.') (click) Cusa found that the greatest thing is God. He found that the greatest thing is absolutely maximum and is never 'more or less' than this maximum. Cusa thus found that a greatest thing is both absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum. So absolutes do exist.

When God contracts some of His attributes, all finite things appear orderly and form one dynamic universe. Because of contraction, man's knowledge cannot be completed. Man's knowledge is thus limited to two regions --- the 'infinitely large' and 'infinitely small.' But, the regions of the absolute maximum and absolute minimum will remain as incomprehensible forever. Accordingly, the universe had no beginning and has no end. So, have fun because life never ends with a greatest thing connected to the universe.

I say that Einstein's warped time and space will be found to be false again in 2012. What will God do in 2012 if NASA's sun theory is true? The maximum wisdom of God is too great for us to ever understand the whole Intelligent Design. So, enjoy life, everyone.

Friday, September 17, 2010

NASA'S Atheists Have Gained Power Over the U.S. Government

How can Americans work in the U.S. government as atheists when the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution says that the USA is a nation under God? The words below by NASA personnel are inappropriate. These words are even more wrong today because many different scientific proofs of God are appearing.
On the History TV channel last evening, NASA's atheistic scientists say that, in 2012, our planet might be damaged by our sun and that this damage could cause many deaths. These atheists also say that the a Big Bang thing exploded and created our world, that Albert Einstein found that space and time are warped around all bodies in the Universe, and that Einstein predicted that the Universe had a beginning and will come to an end. All of these statements are false.

In response to these words of NASA, the words below are circulating on the Internet email system by Andrew Harvey. These words are also inappropriate because the behaviors of people can be affected negatively.

There are two major ways of looking at 2012. The first is that it marks the apocalyptic end of the human species, the second that it signals a miraculous new beginning and an influx of divine grace that will elevate all of us to another evolutionary level.

My understanding of prophecy is that it is not authoritarian or fatalistic but makes clear the possibilities inherent in the ways in which we are acting. So to me, neither the death or the birth are inevitable, both are possible and both depend on how we react and act now. If we continue on our current suicidal course, there is a definite possibility the world can end in a blaze of environmental disaster, fascist madness and nuclear war. If we are brave enough to face our psychosis and plunge into the massive ordeal of an authentic mystical transformation and put its wisdom and compassion into radical action there is also distinct possibility for an evolutionary leap in the species.

All we can say at this moment is that none of us know what the human race is going to choose. The situation is extremely volatile and unpredictable; the forces ranged against the birth are enormous in their power; at present neither the governments or a ruined capitalism can be trusted.

While I cannot know what the human race will choose in our situation, I know what I have chosen. I choose to devote myself to being a midwife of the potential birth by trying to embody, evolve and share a vision and practice of Sacred Activism. I know there is only one way out of our horror – that of a global revolution in consciousness that expresses itself urgently in radical wise action. And I know too, that if enough human beings became revolutionaries of sacred love the species could be transformed and co create with the divine a new way of being and doing everything. I know also that my responsibility in knowing these truths is to embody them as completely and humbly as I can and continue to do so through disaster, despair, defeat and paralysis.

So the choice of whether 2012 will be a death or a birth is yours and mine. Day by day, breath by breath. There is no time left to waste in either the dark luxury of despair or the delusion of a passivity that believes that miracles we haven’t sweated for will be just done for us by divine love. In other words, we are all being challenged by 2012 to gamble our lives away for divine truth and to risk everything to put it into loving, radical action without any guarantees of success, and so finally become mature, brave, and humble divine human beings, whatever happens.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Perfecting Rural America

A ride through rural America will prove that the U.S. government does not obey the very first mandate of the Constitution --- '... in Order to form a more perfect Union. ' This mandate is very clear. So, Supreme Court judges should not make any errors in judging governmental performances.

To form a more perfect union, the union must be a whole that varies. For this whole to exist and vary, God is necessary and must have made this whole. However, a varying whole is unable to achieve absolute perfection because only God is absolutely maximum in all ways. Since God's perfection is absolutely maximum, only God can measure precisely the perfection of this varying whole. So, to measure the perfection of this varying whole, man must must rely on relative measurements. For example, this parts of this varying whole can be compared annually. Since the performance of the USA is oscillating, 'change' is urgent.

The U.S. government does not obey a second mandate in the Declaration of Independence. This mandate says. ' that all Men are created equal.' Since equality is absolutely maximum only in God, the equality in 'all Men' must be 'as maximal as possible.' Obviously, this mandate has been misinterpreted by the Supreme Court because the difference of 'all Men'' has become maximal. Change is also necessary.

These changes came because the Supreme Court opened the gate for atheism. With its rulings, the Supreme Court brought a drug culture, a helpless Congress, a degenerating field of science, wars, and a crazy monetary system. This court has filled our costly land with homelessness, ghettos, suburbs, one-company towns, and a rural America of many people who only 'hope to die. This filling and increasingly cost of land is a form of mental illness in government and politics.

Today, we know that life exists after death. We also know that life is continuous But God prevented us from knowing each life. So only each life is knowable. The performance of any government must thus make a life of equality for all citizens. Rebuilding rural America with free land and equaity is a necessity of the future.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Real Science

On April 22, 2007, I told the bloggers of Scienceblogs (click) that their thoughts are not on the real path of science, just as Newton led scientists off of the path of science earlier. On this website, I have also tried to tell high school teachers, colleges and universities that they are not teaching real science. But, Nicholas of Cusa put us in the real path of science in the 15th century with his book 'On Learned Ignorance.' (click) Let me describe a real science.

When the greatest thing was sought by Nicholas of Cusa, he found that the greatest thing is God because it is absolute maximum. However, he found that the absolute maximum of the greatest thing is also absolute minimum because the greatest thing cannot be less than the absolute maximum. Accordingly, the greatest thing is one and never changes. All other things are thus 'more or less' things that cannot be compared with the greatest thing. However, all other things can be compared with each other but only because they are finite and can be measured. Thus, the greatest thing is 'not finite' and cannot be measured. However the greatest thing is not opposed to all finite things. If this was the case, the existence of finite things would destroy the greatest thing and pantheism would be true. The 'not finite' of the greatest thing is positive. This positive concept is an attribute of the greatest thing we call 'infinite.' An infinity of attributes thus connect the greatest thing to all other things by contraction.

Atheists say that God does not exist because God cannot be sensed. However, the reasoning of Nicholas of Cusa informs us that God exists; that God is the greatest thing; that God is one and infinite; that God is absolutely maximum and minimum; and that God is real. This is why the founders of the USA built a nation under God by using two founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Stephen Hawking says that there need not be a God behind the creation of the universe. As a mathematical physicist, I say that he will never find God with mathematics. Mathematics can be used to develop knowledge of the 'other things' discussed above. These other things are images of God. But these images cannot be compared with God. This is why mathematics cannot prove anything about God.

Hawking and many other mathematical physicists are not thinking correctly. The creation of the universe was not created by a Big Bang finite thing. The Universe was created by an act of God. This act of God unfolds the universe by a set of different finite things, which are only images of God. God's act contracts and connects an infinity of God's attributes to the finite things in the universe. There is no end to the universe unless God changes the design of the universe. If this change occurs, we will never know the change.

Scientists. Get on the real path of science and enjoy a life that has no end.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Freedom. What Is It?

In the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa concluded that '... the path for approaching divine matters is opened to us only through symbols, we can make quite suitable use of mathematical signs because of their incorruptible certainty.' (See Bk. I, Ch. 11 of his book, On Learned Ignorance.) Five centuries later, Stuart Chase spoke of the 'tyranny of words' and many other Western linguists concluded that 'sensual data are primarily symbolic.' (See p. 21 of Susanne Langer's book on Philosophy in a New Key.) These two conclusions told us that all humans might have a free spirit, which is our mind that develops and thus is not determined by any physical laws we know. The freedom of our minds are noticed in the many different national languages that have been developed by humans who live in different nations.

A free mind can be influenced by another free mind. For example, the American mind was influenced by atheism after prayers were removed from the public school system in 1967 by the U.S. Supreme Court. In this questionable ruling, the minds of these judges were changed by physical scientists who say that the human mind is born and is thus not free and behaves physical laws. This ruling must have affected the Republican party because it speaks of managing criminals by 'locking them up and throwing the keys away.' This kind of politics is flawed if the human mind is a free spirit that cannot be predicted. In general, atheists, materialists, and evolutionists say that there is no God and that all things follow laws of nature. Deists say there is a God but agree that all things follow laws of nature. Bur many theists say that God is active and that our spirits have a degree of independence. These spirits can thus develop and are able to develop by using the symbols of national languages.

I conclude that the atheists, materialists, evolutionists, and Stephen Hawking reject these free spirits because they do not distinguish God's freedom from the relative freedom of all Creatures. Hawking says that God is unnecessary. Such a statement does not consider the possibility of God, when God unites all opposites and is absolute Actuality and absolute Possibility. Hawking is a mathematician but not a linguistic. Relative freedom is defined like your freedom of speech --- you cannot yell 'fire' in a crowded theater. Relative freedom is thus a variable that can increase or decrease. But relative freedom can never become absolutely maximum or absolutely minimum because God is the absolute maximum and absolute minimum. Our maximum and minimum freedoms are being defined continually by natural right laws. Our spirits are never free because we have a God.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tolerating Islam and Islam's New and Old Problems

Today, tolerance means the ability to accept something, which is simultaneously disapproving it. I view this meaning as about as perfect as we can get.

This 'tolerance' symbol is used continually in the field of science because new theories are appearing every day and causing old theories to be rejected. In science, tolerance is thus a variable and applies to humans who seek knowledge about things in the universe. As a variable, tolerance can increase and decrease but can never become the absolute maximum or absolute minimum because God's oneness is absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum.

The founders of the USA assumed that God exists. Thus they made the USA a nation under God. All people in the USA must thus tolerate, in different degrees, the founders assumption until God has been proven to be false. For over 234 years, God's nonexistence has never been proven. However, more and more proof of God's existence are being offered today. While atheists began to grow in 1967, after the Supreme Court removed prayers from public schools, many Americans are now decreasing their toleration for atheism.

With the 9/11 Islamic killings in NYC and the potential opening of an Islam mosque within the 'ground zero' of the 9/11 event, some Americans are decreasing their toleration for opening an Islam mosque within the 'ground zero' of the 9/11 event. However, other Americans are decreasing their toleration for the Islamic religion for other reasons. For example, Eastern Christianity, which was developed by Nestorius and Muhammad, are greatly tolerated in the USA by Americans today. The terrorism of Islam does not fit the Eastern and Western Christian churches.

Further, Islam began to follow Judaism, rather than following Eastern Christianity. This following began after Muhammad helped to develop the Eastern Christian church and died. By not following Muhammad and by following Judaism and the Old Testament, Islam is found today to be followers of deism, atheism, materialism, evolution, and the belief that our world comes to an end. This end is false because only suns will come to end, as Jesus teaches in Ch. 24 of Matthew.

This historical following of the Muslims, if not improved, will never be tolerated much by the expanding American spiritualists.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Comment on Burning the Qur'an

Panentheism, the newest theory of God today, began to develop in 500 B.C. in Greece. This belief speaks of all things, which includes God and all creatures. This belief says that 'each thing is in each thing.' This belief was brought to Judaism in the teaching of Jesus Christ in the New testament through the Gospel according to St. John in Ch. 14. Judaism did not agree with this teaching and I conclude that this rejection caused the murder of Jesus on the Cross.

Muhammad was a follower of Jesus Christ. But he was also a follower of Nestorius, a Christian who did not believe that Jesus Christ was divine. Today, panentheism would agree with Nestorius --- that Jesus was not divine and thus was the only Son of God. Panentheism says that all thing in the universe are finite and thus cannot exist in God's higher world. Nestorius eventually led to Nestorianism and became known as Eastern Christianity (click).

According to Nicholas of Cusa, panentheism is correct. On the Qur'an, Cusa says that three crafty Jews attached themselves to the illiterate, Muhammad, in order to avert him. After Muhammad’s death, these Jews approached Alis, the son of Abitalip, to whom Muhammad had bequeathed his collection of writings. Abitalip was persuaded to elevate himself to a prophet. These Jews added and deleted what was necessary from Muhammad's notes and added passages so that Muhammad would appear as a prophet. These Jews essentially made the Qur'an an extension of the Old Testament. The existence of divine prophets are questionable today and was questioned by St. Paul.. In I Thess. 3:20, Paul says that prophesying is for all humans.

It is clear that Jews, Christians, and Muslims must discuss panentheism so they can compare it with the Qur'an, the New Testament, and the Old Testament. It is inappropriate and silly to burn any historical books because all books and scriptures are man-made and do not express any words from God. At this time, we do not know of any physical communication system that exists between God and man. And we have not found a widely accepted spiritual communication system that exists between God and man.

More on Higher and Lower Worlds

When Nicholas found that God is the maximum and the minimum, we can model the higher and lower worlds with a sphere. In this model, the surface and center point of the sphere would be viewed as God and, everywhere else in the universe, would be viewed as Creatures. This means that no vacuums will be found in the universe.

So, contrary to the assertions of materialism, 'nothing' can be found in God as the absolute minimum but will never be found in the universe. Thus, zero is not a mathematical number. For this reason, I reject6t deism and Albert Einsteins world theory, a world that has a beginning and end. I also reject the recent conclusion of Stephen Hawking, who says that there need not a God behind the creation of the universe. The higher world of God and the lower world of the Creatures existed always and thus had no beginning and has no end.

In a world that had no beginning and has no end. building nations and living must thus be alike. Today, nations are not alike because their leaders either present a different God or sell atheism. Such leaders are warmongers. Today, we know that one God exists. We also know that God made our lower world. So peace and equality should exist throughout the lower world today. This peace and equality is very important because human life is continuous and has no end.

Today, we know that every Creature has a purpose. But we do not know these purposes yet. To understand them, morals are being developed in most nations. But these morals are developed differently by national leaders because they believe in different Gods or sell atheism. These leaders also become warmongers. To find answers to the problem of 'purposes,' we might turn to the 'money problem.' Since God did not made moneys, I suggest that the purpose of money be changed in our minds from 'ends' to 'means.'

Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Two Worlds of Panentheism

As I said in my last blog, two different worlds exist in panentheism. One world is the higher or infinite world of one God. The other world is that lower or finite world of all Creatures. I connect these two worlds and form a single world by identifying the attributes of God and the attributes of Creatures. I identify these attributes by identifying universals in the Creatures. To identify the attributes of God, I negate the universals in the Creatures. For example, I believe that all Creatures are finite. By negating all finite things, I identify the infinite attribute of one God. This connection is spiritual. It is spiritual because all attribute in God and all universal attributes in the Creatures form a huge manifold of an infinite number of one/diversity things. Obviously evolutionary theory is false.

Only the human mind has the ability recognize these particular attributes and this huge manifold. The human mind has many other potentials. For example, when a religious leader tells you that you will go to Heaven or Hell after death, the leader does not recognize these two worlds and their spiritual connection. There is no way for a Creature to exist in the higher world of God. And there is not way for a Creature to exist in a world lower than the world of Creatures. My thoughts are also telling me that God and Creatures do not communicate but do exchange information through a spiritual channel.

If one believes in life after death, the only possible life after death is called reincarnation. In his Monadology, Gottfried Leibniz speaks of ' pre-established harmony' of the soul and body. in my work, I speak of the 'Indivisible' attribute of God and the 'divisible' attribute of all Creatures. I believe that my identification of the Indivisible/divisible attributes is Leibniz's pre-established harmony. My identification also agrees with the existence if a soul-body relation. So, my work says that there is life after death. Thus I see that a very different life will soon be installed worldwide by humans.

Panentheism Can End the Arbitrariness of Atheism, Materialism, Evolution, and Deism

In the USA, the beliefs of atheism, materialism, evolution, and deism have not lured a convincing number of U.S. citizens to their ‘belief in a physical world’ because they haven’t proved it. So, these fields of thought are changing the lure to save their beliefs, save their college and university courses, and save their yearly research funds from the federal government.

One of these new lures is ‘The Reason Project.’ (Click) Its major focus is to define human morals and their relations to the physical sciences and scientific laws. If this project is successful, human beings will be viewed as machines and the spirit of humans will become enslaved to the ‘belief in a physical world.’ However, if this project becomes a winner, its practice of a physical world would violate the founding document of the USA because the Declaration of Independence entitles the ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God’ to all U.S. citizens. The Declarations says that the USA is a nation under God. Below, I show that the founders were correct. I also show that The Reason Project is developing arbitrary thoughts.

With increased research on the subject of ‘things’ a new view of God has appeared. This new theology, which is known as panentheism, predicts that end of atheism, materialism, evolution, and deism. But evidence of this theology appeared in 500 B.C. when the Old Testament was being finalized and Greece’s Anaxagoras said that ‘each thing is in each thing.” His statement amplified the Greek philosophy, which said that ‘One is All’ and ‘All is One.’ The pic on the right indicates that God is in all finite things and that all finite things are in God.

Five hundred years later Jesus Christ would roam through Greece, learn Greek thoughts, and return home to teach these thoughts to his Jewish audience. One of these teaching of Jesus is found in the New Testament at St. John, Ch. 14. At John 14:20, Jesus teaches the five hundred year old statement of Anaxagoras.

Unfortunately, the statements of Anaxagoras and Jesus Christ were not understood by their leaders. Thus. instead of developing knowledge, Western man fell backward and into the Middle Ages where logical thinking would hide important truths. Unfortunately, fifteen centuries must pass before Aristotle’s logic and the Middle Ages would come to an end. The savior was Nicholas of Cusa, who found the hidden truths about God and God’s creation. Cusa provides these truths in his book, ‘On Learned Ignorance.’ (Click) Let me discuss these hidden truths in more detail.

Cusa first research seeks the maximum of man’s ignorance. He defines the word ‘maximum’ as ‘that which there cannot be anything greater.’ Obviously a greatest maximum cannot be less than this maximum. So the greatest thing must be maximum and minimum. Since the maximum is also minimum, the greatest maximum is ‘one.’ As one, the greatest thing is thus ‘one and maximum’ and is free from all relations and contractions. The freedom of a greatest thing means that other things are not related or can be compared with the greatest thing. Thus we must accept the statement ‘that the greatest thing is incomprehensible and unknown. It is thus clear that man must learn his ignorance. To learn this ignorance Cusa sees that it is necessary to use guiding illustrations in a transcendent way and to leave behind perceptible things.

With these simple truths about a greatest thing, we learn why monotheism destroyed pantheism and why all believers worship a one and maximum thing.

If you look upward and into the evening sky, you will see many dark and bright things. These different things are images of the one and maximum greatest thing because the have been contracted by plurality and finitude. With these images, a universe is formed. Contractions, such as plurality and finite, thus reveal the contracted maximum, which is the universe. Contractions distinguish the things in the universe from the absolute maximum of God.

After Nicholas of Cusa died in 1464, his thoughts were not propagated. Instead, Galileo was imprisoned and Cusa’s thoughts stayed alive only in Germany where Kepler and Leibniz promoted panentheism. Today, almost six centuries have passed. Is a new form of ignorance, a new Middle Age, and a new religion emerging? With the rise of atheism, materialism, evolution, deism, and religious fundamentalism, this newness might be just around the corner.

For this reason, I studied the work of Nicholas of Cusa and found it to be correct science. So, I identified attributes of God that ‘contract and connect’ God’s higher world to our lower world. First, I conclude that all things in the universe are ‘finite’ things that have been originated by an ‘Infinite’ thing. This proof is found on page 6 of ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.” In the same book, I present four other attributes of God that ‘contract and connect’ God’s higher world to our lower world logically. All five opposing concepts are as follows:

1) Infinite/finite
2) One/many
3) Equality/difference
4) Union/relative
5) Indivisible/divisible.

(Note. I capitalize the concept that is an attribute of God but do not capitalize the concepts that are attributes of things that exist in the universe.)

After I began to teach these proofs on the Internet, I found a sixth attribute that ‘contracts and connects’ God’s higher world to our lower world. These attributes are ‘Independence’ and ‘dependence.’ The Independence shows that God is free from the things in the universe. And the dependence shows how all things in the universe depend on each other. Dependence was also recognized by Kant and Hegel. I conclude that this dependence is a reality because ‘world noise’ exists. World noise, for instance, is well known by every electrical engineer, every telephone repair man, every surgeon, every politician, every Mother, every lower animal, etc.

As Anaxagoras said, ‘Each thing is in each thing.’ So, every thing has a functional purpose for the sake of all other things. Each thing in the universe is thus a whole that has an infinite number of different indivisible parts as Galileo said long ago These different indivisible parts are immortal and cannot be destroyed. So, among a diversity of indivisible parts, a thing can be found if time exists for man. And in a specific thing, a diversity of indivisible parts can be found in man’s time. Time is thus on our side.