Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mind and Cancer

After an active God creates all indivisible things, each indivisible thing must become related to all other indivisible things. Such relations have been spoken of as  'things in each things' by famous thinkers such as Anaxagoras, Jesus Christ, and Nicholas of Cusa. When these relations are made, many finite divisible things appear and form a single universe. 

Since all created finite things are wholes, they must have an infinite number of parts. However, these  parts are imperfect because a perfect God is not pantheistic and is not equal to any created finite things.

Accordingly, humans are imperfect things and can develop problems in the parts of their bodies. A typical problem in the human body is the relation between a person's indivisible mind (or soul) and the development of cancer cells somewhere in the body.  To prevent cancer, I say  that the thoughts of all humans must alwys be positive so that health will dominate human life.

Obviously, health care must be fully developed in every nation.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why Human Minds Must Grow

If you have begun to lift up your mind, as I suggested in yesterday's blog, you are beginning to learn that your mind was one of an infinite number of mindful things, which God had to make and unfold in order to create a universe.  Since all of these mindful things are indivisible, they are similar to and are images of the indivisibility of God.  Thus, an infinite and eternal God makes all of these mindful things immortal.

The human mind is very important because it is the only mindful thing that can measure all finite things that exist in the universe. Other minds exist in animals, trees, stones, etc. (Here, I am expanding the meanings of the words mind and soul.)  But these other minds have different purposes in the universe and are not scientific. So, only humans and other living things are able to perceive.  But nonliving things cannot perceive.

In order to give freedom and life, a perfect God can only create a best of all worlds. Such a perfect creator God is thus active.   So, when God creates divisible things, an infinite number of indivisible things are put to work by God forever.   (On Mind, see 'De Mente' a book by Nicholas of Cusa) 

I conclude that an active God is a helper.  As  a helper, I believe that God has limited our lives so that we can 'live after death' and rebuild our mental activities and purpose.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Lift Your Mind Up

The minds of some people are stuck in the mud.  For example, the minds of rights people, the minds of people in the U.S. government, and the minds of the world scientists and mathematicians do not understand God, God's quiet acts, and God's Intelligent Design. Such people usually believe that they will never understand God

But every human can develop new thoughts that are turned into new understandings of God.  One can develop new understandings of God by studying the following persons: (1) the teachings of Plato in his Republic and Parmenides dialogues; (2) the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament; (3) the teachings of Gottfried Leibniz on his monadology (click); (4) the teachings of  Frederick Hegel on the phenomenology of spirit (click); (5) the teachings of Nicholas of Cusa on learned ignorance (click) (6) and my current research on an active God in this website and my proof of God in my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God.'

To go beyond many current fields of thought, one must develop a  'dynamic faith' in God.  This kind of faith can grow and has no end.  The religious and scientific teachings of ends must be rejected.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Gay Rights Are Arbitrary

Gay rights cannot become a law of the State of New York or any other State.  Only the U.S. Congress has the authority to give rights to U.S. citizens because all human right laws produced by Congress must come only from God.

I continue to say that the U.S. Declaration of Independence (DOI) is more than an authority for U.S. colonists to go to war against England in 1776 and again in 1812.  The DOI is more than an authority for war because the first two paragraphs of the DOI is another authority.  This authority says that the USA is a nation under God.

In an 11/12 /2010 letter, I told my U.S. Senator, John Rockefeller IV, about this other authority. I also told President Obama about this other authority.  Apparently, the Senator, the U.S. Congress, and the White House are not responding to this important authority in the DOI.

Unless the U.S. government corrects its error  of interpreting the DOI, the USA will have no God. Without God, all rights and wars become arbitrary. If a nation does not seek truths about God's rights in His Intelligent Design, crime and wars will never stop.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Same Sex Marriages

In my research on an active God, God creates things out of nothing and creates the universe based on an Intelligent Design.  In the U.S.Declaration of Independence, Laws of Nature and Laws of Nature's God define the 'natural laws' and 'moral laws.'  The moral laws define the 'rights' of humans.

Gay rights do not seem to be a moral law of God because an active God has created males and females in the group of humans.  Since all of God's created things must 'function' so that the universe will become the best universe, all human males and females are those necessary things that form God's best universe.

Recently, the State of New York has passed a law that allows males or females to become married.  It seems that this new law violates the Intelligent Design (or laws) of an active God.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Modern Slave Masters Have No Godly Talents

When a person uses money in order to gain more money, I conclude that this person has rejected an active God and has become a slave master. This conclusion is sound because the teachings of Jesus Christ about an active God are sound.

For example,  in Matt. 25:14, Jesus Christ describes the greater heavens that an active God made for talented humans. Jesus describes a heaven made for talented humans  'as a man traveling into a far country, who called on his own servants, and delivered onto them his goods.'

Based on the abilities of the servants, this man gave five talents to one servant; two talents to another servant; and one talent to another servant.  In time, the five talents of the first servant produced ten talents and the two talents of second servant produced four talents. But the one talent of the third servant was given to the exchangers for usury and produced no additional talents. 

Today's money systems are flawed because they cannot produce the talented humans that an active God created and expects. However, I conclude that this lack of talents can be steered onto the paths of truths by an active God.  Such adjustments are possible because all humans are reborn continually after deaths.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Money, What Is It?

Since money cannot be found among the things that God made, money is something that man has made. But why did man make money?  The answer is very clear --- money was made by slave masters for the purpose of enslaving people. The slave masters appeared among people thousands of years ago.  Today, the money of slave masters is still enslaving people in every nation on planet earth.

In the USA, the Civil War stopped the slavery of Southern plantation owners.  But this war did not stop the growth of slavery. For instance, on page 53 of my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' one sees, by 1992, that 1 % of the households hold one third of the U.S. wealth, 9% of the households also hold one-third of the U.S. wealth, and 90 % of the households hold one-third of the U.S. wealth. In twenty years, the 1% householders has doubled. So, the number of slave masters are growing rapidly in the USA.

The slave masters say that this distribution of wealth is normal. But I say that this distribution is abnormal because an active God created all people equally.  Even the founders of the USA say that 'all Men are created equal.'  Thus, in the USA, both God and man made all People equal.

Thus, it is time to stop slavery and use money to serve all People.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Voting in a Democracy Under an Active God

Voting in a democracy can stop the development of the Spirits of a nation under an active God. For instance, in the USA democracy, two Mormons, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, are running for President in 2012. What problems do Mormons present to a democracy? To  answer this question, I went to a website on Mormonism. (click)  The subject of this website is  'God's Infinity: A Christian-Mormon Comparison.'

In the Christian Perspective, we find that the word infinite, in the English language, means “not enclosed within boundaries, boundless, unlimited…without end, endless, infinite...without bounds, without end, infinitely.” Thus, infinite is not measurable with finite terms and is beyond time and space Thus, there is no possible way or means to fully describe an infinite God.
In the Mormon Perspective we find that Joseph Smith, was the founder of Mormonism.  Smith says that a line of gods and goddesses preceded into infinity and that Jesus Christ became one of them.

My study of God says that only one God exists; that God is active, and that God cannot be known with our finite words. But my study also says that God is active in our eternal lives and that we can gain good understandings of God and the reasons for His acts.  I reject the idea that Jesus Christ became God or became the Son of God. But I conclude the Jesus Christ gives us some of the best thoughts ever about God and the creation.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finding the Only God

When people in different nations do not believe in the same God, their living standards differ and can lead to war. Since many theologians and scientists in the Western world today are now saying that only two possible theologies exist, the Western world nations will continue to develop  either very similar or very different living standards. If this development happens, a very big war will develop in the Western world.

The two remaining theologies in the Western world are (1) an inactive God and (2) an active God.

If a Western world nation selects an inactive God, I conclude that its living standard will emphasize high levels of freedom, economic competition,  low levels of progress, maximum security, and maximum law enforcement. On the other hand, if a Western world nation selects an active God, I conclude that its living standard will emphasize limited freedom,  economic cooperation, maximum progress, limited security, and limited law enforcement. As seen, two different nations nations must always prepare for wars.

Since only one God exists, Western world nations should not develop two different theologies because the cost of living standards would always grow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

God-made and Man-made Things

Religions have made 'holy things' that do not exist. For example, some people believe that 'Holy Land' exits. Because of such man-made things, people have gone to war and were killed over the ownership of holy land.

If a person believes in God and also believes that this God creates everything out of nothing, then this person must believe that God is active and interacts continually with all things that God creates.  Thus, when God interacts with a thing, Gottfried Leibniz says in his Monadology that God also knows the acts of all other things in the universe.  So, why do people fight over land, water, minerals, etc. when God made all land, all water, all  minerals, etc. and knows these fights?

It is time for people to recognize that God-made things cannot be owned by man and that man can own only those things that are man-made.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Life For Many People Began on Earth in 1776

On July 4, 1776, the American colonists on Earth  separated themselves from the Crown of England. On this date, they also went to war against England and won their independence.  Today, many other people on Earth are repeating this 1776 act by seeking their independence from totalitarianism.

However, people who seek their independence must become wise because the wisest mind will be found only in an active God. Accordingly, absolute independence will be found only in this same God.  Thus, to seek independence, people must also have dependence.  With the opposites, 'independence' and 'dependence,'  a Union of people, or a new nation, is formed.  Here, one learns how an active God relates to the created things and the things made by man.

Making a new nation is not simple. For instance, if a person performs greatly or poorly for a nation and eventually dies, where should this person be reborn? Jesus Christ says that the great person would be reborn in a greater nation and the other person would be reborn in a least nation. (Matt. 5:19)

Today, great nation builders are hard to find.  I believe that great nation builders will appear on Earth if money will become a 'means for national progress' and does not become 'ends for persons.'

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Alternatives to an ' Inactive God' and a Son of God

A person can reject the belief of an inactive God and the belief of the 'Son of God.' If a person rejects these two beliefs, that person can consider an active God.

Below, I offer some theories that are consistent with an active God.
  1. spiritual living. 
  2. develop consciousness.
  3. life after death.
  4. equality of all people.
  5. functional relations that involve God and all created things.
  6. birth care, child care, health care, and aging care.
  7. full employment.
  8. full education.
  9. equal nations.
Below are some human behaviors that would be inconsistent with an active God.
  1. drug use.
  2. gay rights.
  3. immoral sexual activities.
  4. unemployment, unmarriage, unreasonable, etc.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The 'Son of God' Must Be Rejected

In yesterday's blog, I said that Jews and Christians believe that our world requires a Son of God. To  Jews, Messiah is the Son of God.  And to Christians, Christ is the Son of God.  To the Muslims and me, the Son of God does not exist.

The Son of God is a requirement because Jews and Christians believe that the universe is logical and had a 'beginning' and has an 'end.'  These Jews and Christians have this belief because they believe that God is inactive and that the universe is closed and will end due to a heat death. So, these believers say that they can be saved only by the Son of God.

However, this proposal cannot save any people. The Son of God cannot save people because God is infinite and all people are finite. To bring any finite thing into God's infinite world is thus not possible. Today, more and more believers are rejecting the idea of a Son of God.

The rejection of the Son of God has developed by people who believe that God and the Universe is a single world that is open. Such a world means that God is an active infinite thing, which is functionally related to all finite things in the universe. Thus, when people passes on, the relations of God save and reborn them with a new body.  Since God is eternal, the universe always was and has no end.

I suggest that people look at this new proposal because it will restructure the human mind and will change every nation.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Are the Teachings of Western World Religions Wrong?

The major Western world religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  Judaism teaches the Old Testament.  Christianity teaches the New Testament and Old Testament. And, Islam teaches the Qur'an, which was written and aligned to the Old Testament by Muhammad's brother.

Names have been given to God by the early Jews as follows: El, Elyon, Elohim, El Haddai, Jehovah, Yahweh, and YHWH. Christians call God 'Father' and 'The Word' whereas Islam calls God 'Allah.'  Since God does not appear in our world, some religions teach that a Messiah (Jews) and a Christ (Christianity) will be delivered to our world. I conclude that these teachings of Judaism and Christianity are wrong.

I conclude that God gave all humans the mental potentials to create all things that they will ever need. The delivery of  a special human to our world is inconsistent with God's Intelligent Design and the concept of life after death. If a special human is necessary in our world, the human mind is not conscious and can't develop.

This blog says that the Jews and Christians believe in a Son of God. Islam and I do not belive in a Son of God.(click)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Understanding An Active God

When we see many different things in the evening sky and conclude that they originate from an infinite thing, we develop a faith in an active God, who cannot be known.  With this faith, we can only know that an active God exists and creates this universe of different things.

However, when a religion hold a scripture up and says that it knows God, it goes too far.  For instance, Jews, Christians, and Muslims say that the Old Testament, New Testament and Qur'an are the Words of God. and were created by God.  These religions are false because humans can only know that God exists and creates things. Thus, all scriptures that exist are man-made.

Thus, scriptures cannot teach us anything about God. Scriptures can only teach us about godly thoughts that people have developed after man began to write documents, which recorded their thoughts. Such documents began to exist  about five thousands of years ago.

Although we cannot know God, we can gain  understandings about God. Many persons, including Jesus Christ, have gained such understandings.  I have developed new understandings about God by developing consistent lines of reasoning and rejecting inconsistent lines of reasoning. I developed many consistent blogs on this website from 6/6/08 to 12/25/08.  Also, I developed many inconsistent blogs from 12/26/08 to 1/16/09.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Many Governments Must Exist Under An Active God

The idea of a one world government is not possible under an active God. Under an active God, the governments of all nations must thus determine 'what can be different' in the life of people everywhere. These differences must be identified because seasonal and geographical variations, for example, exist among the nations on this planet.

The the equality of man is a law of an active God.  Thus, physical relations, social relations, mental relations, and moral relations must be the subject of every person. Differences among people will not be found. So, the minds of all children must develop in the same educational system; all workers must be managed equally in the workplace; all retired people must think and enjoy the final years of their life; and all people, from birth to death, must have health care. As seen, abortion is not allowed by an active God.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life After Death Is Futuristic and Is Possible Only With An Active God

As I have said many times on this website, only an active God can give new lives to people after they die.  Under an active God today, the people of every nation must have a government that cares for its people and 'a people' that cares for its government. Such 'a people' and its government is known as a democracy. 

Accordingly, kings, queens, military leaders, theologians, rich people, economists, scientists, political parties, dictators, etc. are no longer useful in our modern nations because money and power cannot govern the future of the lives of people.  Only can knowledge of the future develop our endless futures. Continuous progress, not degeneration, is mandatory.

Democracies are not developing progress for 'the people' and its government.  In the USA, 'the people' are living on a see saw economy and its government is living on debt. It is time for the USA to determine its future.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Age of Reason

In the early days of 18th century of Europe, the 'Enlightenment' began.  It became known as the Age of Reason. (click) Some of its intellectuals were Baruch Spinoza, John Locke,  and Isaac Newton. Opponents rejected this age because it  restricted  nature and limited human thoughts. (click)  In the 21st century, The Project Reason was formed by Sam Harris, et al.(click) This project is aligned to the inactive God of the Jews and Muslims. It views mind as epiphenomena of the brain and develops mental values based on secular facts.

I say that the Enlightenment,the Project Reason, and deism of the Jews and Muslims will fail. It will fail because God is active nd forms a single world consisting of God and His creatures. Thus, the Age of Reason can only identify the 'laws of God.'  It can never identify the 'laws of Nature' or a fully axiomatic structure for the physical sciences.

As Plato said, one can only find higher and higher ideas in this single world.  Like this world's Spirits, dimensional invariance of physical laws (or equations) will function only for these Spirits.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

How To Unify Science and Theology

Science and theology have never been unified because man did not know that ONLONE GOD EXISTS AND IS ACTIVE.  An active God creates all things for the universe.  All of these things obey the laws of God's Intelligent Design.  The New Testament at Rom. I:20, St. Paul tells us that invisible laws are found by studying the visible things of the universe.  The other God is inactive and thus creates a universe that obeys 'laws of Nature.'

The Jews and Muslims accept the inactive God and the laws of Nature The active God is accepted mostly by Christians. However, Gottfried Leibniz's research says that the God of China is identical  to the active God of Christians.

The active God and its universe had no beginning and has no end.  Thus, an active God is always related to our universe through the attributes of the active God.  For instance, the attribute 'infinity' of an active God is functionally related to all 'finite' things in the universe. On the other hand, when an inactive God creates the laws of Nature, the universe has a beginning and will come to an end with a heat death of all created things.

The active God and the inactive God are as different as night and day. For instance, the humans of the inactive God are mechanical; have no freedom; and are slaves to an inactive God.  On the other hand, the humans of the active God are spiritual; are free relativistically; and live eternally.

Every nation should consider the togethernes of science and theology.  If all humans agree that an active God is the only God, a lovely world peace should appear immediately.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Colleges and Universities Must Unify Theology and All Sciences

A few years ago, I emailed President Brodie of Johns Hopkins University (JHU).  At JHU, I graduated from the Whiting School of Electrical Engineering. My interest was about the use of the word 'nonsectarian' because JHU is advertised as a 'nonsectarian university.' This advertisement means that God is not taught at JHU.

Then, I opened the discussion of the words 'theory' and 'practice' and their relation.  I said that these two words are used by medical doctors. Some doctors develop new medical theories whereas other doctors practice medical theories. I was told that theology, which means the study of God, is not taught at JHU because JHU is a nonsectarian university.

I pointed out to President Brodie that 'nonsctarian colleges and universiies' can study theories of God without interfering religions because the study of theories about God does not mean that a religion is being practiced. The President recognized my point.

At this time, colleges and universities do not offer theological classes for scientists. Thus, science and theology cannot be unified because reseach on the theory of God is thought to be research on religion. Congress must fix this ignorant thought by separating the theory of God from the practice of God. If Congress acts properly, thee word 'theology' will mean the study of different theologies and the word  'religion'  will mean the practice of a specific theology.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The School of Physics

Special relativity was proposed in 1905 by Albert Einstein.(click)  However, Gottfried Leibniz argued against Isaac Newton's 'absolute space' in 1715 in his Third Paper to Samuel Clarke, who was Newton's disciple. Thus, Einstein was not the origin of relative space.

In 1927, in his book on 'The Analysis of Matter,' p.21, Bertrand Russell says that Riemann was the immediate predecessor of  Einstein, half a century earlier. In Riemann's paper, 'On The Hypotheses Which Lie At The Foundations of Geometry,'  Russell says that Riemann considered that geometry ought to start from the infinitesimal, and depend upon integration for statements about finite lengths, areas, or volumes. These words by Russell are also found on p. 425 in David E. Smith's book, 'A Source Book In Mathematics.'

The above facts indicate that the school of physics is not displaying its own history honestly. Instead of displaying the real facts above, the school of physics seems to hide the work of Leibniz on relative space so that Leibniz's rational thinking (sufficient reason) is eliminated and is replaced by the empiricism of Francis Bacon's and Aristotle's tabula rasa.

What has the school of physics done? My conclusion is that this school elevated the work of Einstein and accepted the inactive God of the Jews, which is deism. Then, this school lowered the work of Leibniz and Riemann and rejected the active Christian God, which is panentheism. By using Aristotle's  tabula rasa, this school turns humans into slaves.  Finally, this school transforms the universe from a problem of geometry into a problem of mathematics.

Congress must act against this school.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Western World Scientists and Mathematicians Are Not Good Historians

My research of the Western world says that science became real when it appeared in the mind of Jesus Christ in the New Testament at Matt. 5:19. And my research says that mathematics began as geometry in the mind of Plato.

After Jesus' death, the science of Jesus became limited to Aristotle's logic.  And after Plato's death, geometry became mathematics and astrology was born. These ugly results degenerated the minds of people who lived during the Middle Ages. However, in the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa saved the Western world by ending Aristotle's logic.  To save the Western world, Copernicus ended astrology and opened the minds of people to reason.

Today, Western scientists and mathematicians have reinstalled Aristotle's logic and closed the human mind to mechanical thinking and artificial intelligence. Such closed minds can lead only to wars, terrorism, crime, and immoral acts determined by more and more humans.

Monday, June 06, 2011

All Physicists Must Change

Theoretical physicists, particle physicists, mathematical physicists, and other physicists must  accept God because their thoughts are wrong and irrational. These thoughts are also dangerous because children and adults can find no purpose of life.  Changing the thoughts of physicists  are necessary because wars, terrorism, and crimes are rising.

Currently, physicists think that a high energetic thing explodes (the big Bang theory)  and forms many middle level energetic things. When the middle energetic things wear out, the lowest energetic region of heat energy rises and becomes maximm. Since human life can exist only in the middle energetic region, physicists say that human life is mechanical. Thus human freedom does not exist in the mind of the physicist.

To change, all physicists must believe that God exists.  When they believe in God, they will learn that God has created an infinite number of indivisible things. It is with the indivisibles that human life begins and never ends.  Then, God relates each indivisible thing to all other indivisible things in different ways.  These relations form a continuum of different divisible things.  This continuum is formed by God's Intelligent Design. Since God is eternal, human life always was and will always be.

The colleges and universities throughout the world must stop the thoughts of these physicists everywhere.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Masthematical Physicists Must Change

Today's mathematical physicists are not interested in the early 18th century debates between Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz (See Book) and John Locke and Gottfried Leibniz (See Book). Newton feared Leibniz and used his disciple, Samuel Clarke and Locke died. But these physicists must increase their interests in the work of Leibniz.

During Leibniz's time, Newton was selling Euclid's geometry and a billiard-ball theory of the universe. And Locke was selling physical atoms and the human mind as a tabula rasa.(click)  Essentially, Newton and Locke sold Aristotle's logic to England.

But England did not sell Aristotle to the founders of the USA. Through Ben Franklin, Leibniz's Plato and reason would develop in the USA, until Abe Lincoln was assassinated. With the beginning of a free market world economy and the rejection of God by mathematical physicists and atheists, the USA has started to degenerate economically and morally

This degeneration is a reality. Recently, China has divested 97 percent of its holdings in U.S. treasury bills.(click) This friendship should not have happened because Leibniz made a very important report.  He found that the Chinese have the same God that the U.S. founders presented in the founding in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. (click)

So, it is time to correct the mathematical physicists who live in the USA.  It is also time for U.S. citizens to reject atheism in the USA.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Mathematical Physicists Are Godless and Lifeless

In the U.S. today, mathematical physicists have seized control of the schools of physical science in our colleges and universities. They reject God and say that the universe will end when the heat energy becomes maximum.  One opposes these physicists with God's eternal world and our endless life.

Many scientists reject these mathematical physicists. I reject their thoughts and teach U.S. citizens and the people of other nations about the eternal world and endless life. At this time, more people are reading my teachings from the following nations:

South Korea, United Kingdom, India, Russia, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Indonesia, Ireland, Philippines, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Finland, France, Sweden, Norway, Georgia, Greece, Egypt, Czech Republic, Brazil, Albania, China, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Malaysia, Turkey, Iran, Kenya, Ukraine, Israel, Japan, Denmark, Pakistan, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Poland, Ghana, Costa Rica, Peru, Singapore, Argentine, Mongolia, Qatar, Malta, and Macedonia.

Friday, June 03, 2011

NASA and Stanford University Continue to Reject God

In the month of May, NASA's Gravity Probe B  (GP-B) tells us that Albert Einstein’s relativity theory was correct. (click) (click) But the relativity of space and time was stated by Gottfried Leibnis already in the 17 century, when he was challenging the thoughts of Isaac Newton.

Working with NASA on the GP-B, Francis Everitt of Stanford University says,

"Imagine the Earth as if it were immersed in honey. As the planet rotates, the honey around it would swirl, and it’s the same with space and time. GP-B confirmed two of the most profound predictions of Einstein’s universe, having far-reaching implications across astrophysics research. Likewise, the decades of technological innovation behind the mission will have a lasting legacy on Earth and in space."

In my work on indivisible and divisible things, I use the space and time defined by  Gottfried Leibniz, To Leibniz, space and time are relative.  Thus, space means the order of indivisibles.  And time means the order of the successions of indivisibles. So, Earth can also be immersed in indivisibles that can swirl in spacetime.

But I reject NASA's words.  NASA says that measurement is the underpinning of the ‘big bang theory.’  However, I say that he big bang theory is false.  The big bang theory cannot exist because I  show that God does exist.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

A New Economy for All Nations by Henry Carey.

The British System of Economics, which was produced by Adam Smith, is limited to the consideration of material wealth alone. Thus, buying and selling things is the aim of life and excludes mind, morals, skill, and taste. This material wealth led to the school of thought where we learn that  'survival of the fittest' will eliminate all people who are less fitted so that civilization can be promoted.

The alternative to the British System of Economic is the American System of Economics.(click) The American System was presented to the U.S. Congress the first time by Henry Clay in 1831. (click)   But a very technical discussion of the American System of Economics was produced by Henry Carey in 1872, who had been an advisor to Abe Lincoln.

The technical discussion by Carey was dedicated to EUGENE DÜHRING, a successor of a German economist, FREDERIC LIST.  In the 1800's, List helped Pennsylvania coal miners to warm the homes of all Americans. (click)  Lots of coal went through Pine Grove, PA, where I was born.

Because of the distribution of coal in the USA, in the 1800s, the people developed national interests. So, the book by Carey on "The Unity of Law"(click) became popular because it considers four different laws --- physical, social, mental, and moral. The  British System of Economy eliminates the social, mental, and moral laws by assuming that humans are mechanical things.

I say that humans are not mechanical things.  So, I say that the book by Carey must be considered by Americans and the people of all other nations. I believe that Carey's book will overcome the debt problems that all nations have today.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A New Economy For All Nations.

Other fields of thoughts, beyond the fields of science and religions, do not understand the subjects of life after death and spiritualism.  In this blog, I will show that the fields of politics and economics also do not understand these two subjects.

For example, the founding documents of the USA are very clear about God and the equality of man.  However, the politicians of today in the U.S. Congress do not consider God and the equality of wealth, land, property, health, etc. when they make laws.  The ugly law-making activity of the U.S. Congress changed years long ago, soon after our founding fathers started the USA as a political experiment in 1776.  Today, the U.S. Congress is an ungodly branch of the U.S. government.

Today's U.S. economists accept the law-making  activities of the U.S. Congress because the U.S. economy is governed primarily by economists. Most U.S. economists are scholars of the big universities where the 'British System of Economics' (by Adam Smith) is taught.(click)  With this British teaching, the USA became a trading nation.  With trade, any economist can take control the USA, control the U.S. money system, and eventually become rich.  The Republicans and Democrats, with their economists, do not accept an alternative economy. The alternative economy is known as the 'American System of Economics.'  (click)

To me, it is time to turn the USA and all other nations into the alternative economy above.