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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inheritances Can Decrease the U.S. National Debt

If one investigates the rich class of the USA, one learns that wealthy families exist (see the list click).  Also, see the Morgan family (click). Some of these families hold the following beliefs:  (1) that bloodlines exist and (2) that inheritances are based on moral laws of God.  I say that both beliefs are false.

The inheritances of most family members are usually placed into 'silos of banks' by lawyers and other specialists. (click)  Since many family members have little to say about their inheritances,  these lawyers and specialists can impact the money system of the USA. Since inheritances are not accepted by Jesus Christ, these silos present money problems for all nations.

The inheritances of some families will be found in the 'three silos of cancer,' chemotherapy (click) , radiation therapy (click), and surgery.  So, wealthy families can earn lots of money in the USA because we have many cancer patients.

However, those medical doctors who serve cancer patients do not know that God's existence has been proven.  Thus, they do not know that God is active and has created humans by making all of them  'wholes.'  Since an active God is infinite, all humans thus have an infinite number of parts.

Thus, people should not eat wrong food because the God-made parts of a person can be damaged and  lead to death.  These wealthy families can become godly if they use their silo of wealth to help prevent cancer. If cancer is stopped, the U.S. national debt will be lowered.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The U.S. National Debt is a Delusion

On page 53 in my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' President Clinton says that Reagan became president with a national debt of one trillion dollars and that this debt rose to four trillion dollars by the end of George Bush's presidency in 1993. From the presidency of Clinton through Obama, the national, the national debt clock (click)  says that the national debt is 14 trillion dollars.

So. 12 years of Reagan and Bush brought 3 trillion debt, or 25% of a trillion dollar debt each year. And the 19 years of Clinton, G.W. Bush, and Obama brought 11 trillion debt, or 57% of a trillion dollar debt each year. Thus, the national debt doubled for the last three presidents.

Science says that such a doubling must have a cause. Some of this cause has some inflation, some unemployment, some wars, some floods, some fires, and some deteriorations such as roads, pot holes, bridges, cars, homes, energy, etc.  So, the doubling of debt above seems to be quite normal.

Accordingly, I conclude that the 14 trillion debt is normal and the money system is abnormal.  This abnormality is caused by the inability of banking systems to fund all developing and futuristic nations simultaneously.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday, twenty-four Tea Party representatives of the U.S. Congress rejected the proposal by House Speaker, John Boehner. They rejected an accepted compromise of the Democrats and Republicans because they seek to limit the U.S. government by amending the U.S. Constitution with a balanced budget.

I conclude that all Tea Party members should be removed from Congress because they could change drastically our democracy and the role of the the U.S. government, that is, the role that was defined by the founders in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

A balanced budget amendment would affect the progress and futuristic role of government.  Such a budget will prevent the development of 'true natural human rights' because no Congress has ever developed them after the Lincoln administration. With less progress of the Tea Party, all human rights will likely remain as arbitrary rights and only Bill of Rights will be used.

However, in the Declaration of Independence, our founders say that all human rights come from the 'laws of nature and nature's God.' So, all human rights are natural rights and come only from an active God.  Since natural human rights must be shared with the People's government in order to secure 'the People,' the security of the People will be weakened if an active God and God's Intelligent Design remains unknown to the U.S. government.

Apparently, the people who voted Tea Party members into Congress do not seem to understand an active God and God's Intelligent Design.

Comments of David S. Wilkinson and My Responses

The comments on NEWS II, VI, and VII by David S. Wilkinson and my responses to them could be helpful to other readers who want to understand my new thoughts on democracies, an active God, and God's Intelligent Design of the universe. Wilkinson says that I am on to something.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Some companies have moved out of the USA in order to obtain low cost foreign labor or sell a product in a another nation. Yesterday, Jack Cafferty of CNN said that General Electric Corporation will move its X-ray business to China. (click) 

Over two hundred mixed comments were sent to Cafferty on the subject of this 'world free market' by General Electric. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Happened After Abe Lincoln was Assassinated in 1865?

As I said earlier, the US was changed drastically after Lincoln was assassinated because the Declaration of Independence was limited to an authority to go to war against England.

What happened after Lincoln was gone? Soon, the the Big Families appeared.  These families developed because parents thought that bloodlines exist and connect them to God through a Christ or  Messiah. One of these families is the family of J. P. Morgan, (1837-1913). (click), (click), and  (click).  The annual revenue of the Morgan Divisions in US$ was 102.694 billion in 2010 with 233,831 employees in 2010. Another family is the family of John Jacob Astor (1763-8844). (click).

However, I say that bloodlines do not exist because an active God creates mortal, visible, divisible things by first creating immortal, invisible, indivisible things. Since human Spirits will be found among all of these indivisible things, blood will be found among the Spirits but will not be found in the Spirits. Gottfried Leibniz also makes this point very clear in his Monadology.(click)

So, building wealth for families is an ungodly act and is not to be found in laws of the Intelligent Design of an active God. Thus, building wealth for Spirits is a godly act.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Conclusion of the U.S. Government Debates in NEWS VII

The on-going debate between John Boehner and President Obama is becoming clear. President Obama is trying to develop a socialistic democracy and the Republicans and Tea Party are trying to develop a capitalistic democracy.

It is thus clear that President Obama expects to recover the Declaration of Independence with an active God and natural human rights. And, the Republicans and Tea party expect to bury the Declaration of Independence with atheism or an inactive God (deism ) and arbitrary human rights.

Most people do not realize that this difference is placing personal wealth against the wise laws of an active God.  This differences is also placings 'a single life' against 'a continuous life.'

Furthermore, these differences do not consider the excellent teaching of Jesus Christ. For instance, in Matt. 5:19, Jesus speaks of different heavens.  This means that other planets exist.  These planets show us different heavens. NASA has already found new planets with the Kepler spacecraft. Jesus also tells us that our sun will darken in Ch. 24 of Matthew. So, we cannot live here forever.

I conclude that capitalism is a loser on any planet. However, with socialism, capitalism can become a function.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Yes, More On NEWS VII

The ugly current debates involving President Obama and the Republicans and Tea Party, through Rep. Boehner, would have never occurred if Locke's social contract was performing its function in the USA. Let me explain why Locke's social contract cannot function.

Historically, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau produced the most famous social contract theories. (click) Hobbes proposed monarchy. Locke proposed natural rights. Natural rights are determined by 'Laws of Nature' and 'Laws of Nature's God.'  And, Rousseau proposed a maximum level of freedom. 

Since Locke's theory was accepted widely by the colonists, Locke's theory was included in the Declaration of Independence (DOI) by the founders with the phrase 'Laws of Nature and Nature's God.' My work proves that God exists and is active. So, Locke's social contract theory is very important to the USA.

In response to an early letter from me, Senator Rockefeller said that U.S. lawyers say that the DOI is only an authority to go to war against England.  So, a group of lawyers must have changed the DOI by reinterpreting it and destroying Locke's social contract. Here is the cause of today's ugly debates between President Obama, Republicans and Tea Party.

The DOI must have been reinterpreted some time after the assassination of Abe Lincoln because Lincoln used the DOI to start the Civil War and stop slavery. So, after 1865, a group of lawyers  must have reinterpreted the DOI and changed the USA from a nation under an active God to a godless nation.

Since socialism is being rejected by Republicans and the Tea Party, the current political debate will continue.   

Sunday, July 24, 2011


As I pointed out in yesterday's blog, Rep. John Boehner and President Obama cannot govern the democracy of the USA because they are not seeking godly laws, which can be found only in God's Intelligent Design, and are not measuring the standard perfections of the Union.  So, the USA is no longer functioning as a democracy.  Instead the USA has become a 'nation of bandits.' These bandits are developing State rights, which could lead to succession.

However, the development of the USA as a 'nation of bandits' has a deeper origin --- the loss of the social contract of John Locke and the loss of Locke's 'Society-Government' relationship.  This Society is defined in the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and this Government is defined in the Constitution.

In a letter dated 11/12/10, I informed West Virginia's Senator John Rockefeller IV about these losses. On the same date, I posted his letter as a blog on this website.

In this letter, I am saying that all senators and representatives of the USA are unaware of the Lockean social contract and the functional relationship between 'the People of the USA,' as defined by the DOI, and the 'only Government,' as defined by the Constitution.

Since Republicans, Tea Party members, Democrats,  President Obama, and Supreme Court justices are unaware of these deeper losses, the debate between Boehner and President Obama will not produce any progress.

When the Iraq War ended, Irak made a Constitution as suggested by  U.S. leaders.  This suggestion was wrong because 'Government'  (the public sector) was defined, but 'the People of Iraq' (the private sector) was not defined. So, new democracies should beware of wrong suggestions..

Saturday, July 23, 2011


The development of the U.S. democracy has come to a point in time when the different parties cannot find agreements. Yesterday, the debate between  John Boehner and President Obama made no progress because God and science are not being used by Boehner and the republicans. 

On behalf of the republicans and the Tea Party, Boehner proposes (1) a large tax deduction (most for the rich); (2) a reduction in the 14 trillion dollar national debt; and (3) a balanced budget amendment for the U.S. government. As I said in NEWS VI, Obama could veto all three proposals.  However, I have many other problems with the thoughts of Boehner, the republicans, and the Tea Party.

First, the republicans developed most of the current national debt. This debt increased with the Reagan and Bushes supply-side/free market economy. Second, these ungodly economic systems moved U.S. manufacturing labor out of the USA and into foreign nations. This move led to increased unemployment in the USA. Third, these ungodly systems increased the 1% rich class to 2%, decreased the middle class, and increased the poor class. I conclude that the U.S. economists are not building a nation under God. Let me prove that these economists are violating the Constitution

The U.S. Constitution says, "We the People of the United  States, in order to form a more perfect Union, ..."  This statement says that the People form 'one' nation.  This statement also means that a perfect God exists and exists by necessity.  In science, a perfect God becomes a 'standard,' just as the meter bar became a 'length standard' and is held in Paris. The 'perfect standard' of God will be found only in God's Intelligent Design.

The U.S. Congress is not seeking God's Intelligent Design. Thus, it is thus acting ungodly and can make only arbitrary laws.  The proposes for change by Boehner, republicans, and the Tea Party are also  ungodly. President Obama seems to be on the right path to find the laws in God's Intelligent Design.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Yes, More On NEWS VI

My work at the U.S. Department of Justice on the crime problem for twenty four years has informed me that U. S. republicans and democrats hold different beliefs on the cause of crime.

U. S. republicans say that criminals are born.  So, they believe in evolutionary theory. To solve the  U.S. crime problem, U.S. republicans say that police must catch criminals; put the criminal into prison; and throw the keys away.

U.S. Democrats say that crime comes from social problems.  So, they believe that social factors, for example, poverty,  causes crime. To solve the U.S.  crime problem, U.S. Democrats say that all social problems must be eliminated.

In the late 1980s, I concluded that our national English language is flawed and affects negatively the development of human consciousness.  My conclusion was supported by Houston University but was not supported by the Bush republicans.

After I retired, I sought more proofs on crime causes. Eventually, I found that an active God exists; that evolutionary theory is false; that crime is caused by social flaws; and that human life continues after death.

Unless the U.S. republicans and democrats do something about the poor development of the U.S. human mind, the U.S. crime problem will never stop.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Even Mor On News VI

U.S. Republicans and the Tea Party members seek to balance the budget of the U.S. government.  But it is not possible to balance the budget of the government of  a democracy. This is not possible  because a government can produce effects but cannot produce profits. This fact was stated first by Robert McNamara (1916-2009), who became Secretary of Defense under President Kennedy. (click)

I became aware of McNamara's work, when I was asked to measure the performance of the National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice in 1977.  At that time, I learned that McNamara developed the institution of 'systems analysis,' which is used to make public policy. System analysis became a standard in the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Why can't the Tea Parties, Republicans, and Democrats make system analysis the standard in all government agencies? This standard would reduce the current national debt to an effective working level and will produce only progressive effects.

System analysis should be considered by all nations that are developing a democracy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I believe that many nations are changing into democracies today because the theories of money are failing apart fast and the theories of God's Intelligent Design are coming together fast.

For instance, gold, silver, copper, banks etc..can no longer guide the free and futuristic activities of all human Spirits. And land and its contents can no longer guide the free and futuristic activities of only a few human Spirits that own lots of land and its contents.

For these reasons, I believe that all nations must accept an active God and cooperate so that all humans become equal and live together. If a nation does not accept God and does not cooperate with all other nations, at death, a godly person of any nation could be reborn in a non-cooperating atheistic nation.

Thus, it is time for all nations to change.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


In my local newspaper today, an article says 'Obama threatens veto of GOP spending cuts.' So, if the GOP seeks to 'balance the budget of the U.S. government.'   President Obama will veto it because this budget would reduce programs such as social security and medicare.  President Obama's veto would be godly because such a veto would be consistent with the Intelligent Design of an active God.

Unfortunately, the republicans do not seem to understand any laws of the Intelligent Design of an active God.  If they knew these laws, they would never reduce programs such as social security and medicare because nations always go forward and never go backward.  To  move backward is to fall into deep slavery.

To move forward, a nation must develop continuously.  But such developments cannot happen if they depend on a limited supply of money. An active God overcomes all limits by creating an infinite number of Spirits.  These Spirits are 'all humans,' which can become talented in an infinite number of ways. To live after death under an active God, every human is free to become talented in different ways.

So, why does the GOP turn away from God and limit the development of the USA by limiting the national budget of a democracy?

Monday, July 18, 2011


On ABC-TV tonight, I learned that Mr. Rupert Murdoch (click), a newspaper man, he and and his family might be criminal. If this criminal theory is true, having children must be governed by laws in a democracy that are consistent with the acts of an active God.


When I was listening to the news of  republicans  yesterday, I concluded that most republicans are very interested in their personal lives and are not very interested in an active God and the future of the democracy in the USA.

So, I doubt that many U.S. politicians believe in life after death and thus do not believe that all democracies on our planet should work in similar ways.  So, I conclude that all democracies on planet Earth are futuristic and cannot be governed by  private money systems and banks.

In the USA, the recent high unemployment rates, inflation, floods, tornadoes, highways, bridges, excessive drug use, etc. are beyond the abilities of private money systems and banks. Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, and Presidents Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Obama seem to recognize this inability. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Today, the People of many nations are trying to become democracies. Current bad news about the democracy of the USA could be helpful to the People of these nations.

Historically, the  People of the USA made the first democracy in 1776.  They started a democracy by creating legal documents. In the first document, the Declaration of Independence, defines the People as a nation under God. This nation was named the United States of America. In other documents, the Government of this nation became known as the 'Second Continental Congress.'  Government was then refined by 'The Articles of Confederation' and the 'Constitution.'  Through these legal documents, John Locke' social contract unified 'the People' and its 'Government' as one system.  

Today, the democracy of the USA has developed a national debt problem.  This problem was caused by the supply-supply economic system and the republican presidents (Reagan, Father Bush, and George Bush). 

To reduce the debt, the Republican Party now says that the budget of  the Government must be reduced. This limit will reduce programs such as social security, medicare, etc.  'Budget reduction' is an ignorant way to perfect a democracy or solve a national debt problem. Only budget increases can solve national debt problems.  One proof that debts can be eliminated is the long 'space program of JFK.' It produced many new sciences and technologies

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday,  CNN reported that over-weight in children of parents in the USA is a crime of the parents.  Thus, some U.S. leaders say that these children can be taken away from the parents by a U.S. government agency that can correct the over-weight problem.

Since over-weight is not a godly law of the human body, the saying of the U.S. leaders above is correct because all human Spirits are indivisible children of an active God. However the U.S. government is not determining the godly and ungodly laws of any God.  So, these U.S. leaders must learn and inform the U.S. Congress that the God is active.

If these leaders produce no response from the U.S. Congress, the law-making of the U.S. Congress will remain as 'arbitrary', like the Parliament law-making in England that caused the U.S. Revolutionary War. To turn the U.S. Congress away from arbitrary law-making, the People must understand the laws of an active God. Today, not too many people understand an active God.  In this website, I am teaching the acts of an active God.

Saturday, July 09, 2011


In Chapter 5 of Part I of my book,'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I spoke of the problem of knowledge in the physical and life Sciences.  In Table I.2 on p. 53, I came to the conclusion that that supply-side economics (Reaganonics)  is ungodly and does not work. In the zFacts, an Internet newspaper (click), my conclusion is verified with sound facts.


Yesterday, stem cell news from Arizona reported the 'first artificial trachea.' (click)   This stem cell research aligns to my theory that all created things of an active God will be wholes that have an infinite number of indivisible parts.

Thursday, July 07, 2011


Will be back in fall to share with you my thoughts on human life with an active God.



Wednesday, July 06, 2011

God's Indivisibles Are Realities

Mathematical physicists reject an infinite God, who makes divisible things for the universe and makes them with an infinite number of indivisible parts. Their rejection of God is flawed because their physical atoms are not indivisibles.

Some of the indivisibles that God made should not be used by man.  But other indivisibles can be used by man.  For instance, a follower of Galileo, Buonaventura Cavalieri, used a number of small rectangles, rather than indivisibles, in the pic below.

These rectangles can only express the proximate area under the curve from 'a' to 'b'. Thus, the small rectangles are unable to express reality. But if one uses Leibniz's infinitesimal calculus, the widths of the small rectangles become real indivisibles and the precise area between 'a' and 'b' will appear.

For another example, listen to music on a radio. One can buy either an an AM or  FM radio. The AM radio can become very noisy during storms.  But the FM radio is godly because its sidebands are infinite in number.  These sidebands can be harmonized to make the music very clear.

The belief that God does not exist will remove the goodness of human life.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Research on Indivisibles

I am currently conducting more research on the concept of 'indivisibles.'  Since I say that indivisibles are created by an active God and form divisible things, I suggest that you also study indivisibles. A list of thoughts on them are in  Google ((click) and in yahoo (click).

If you go to the 'Google click, ' you will seec my 'Teachings: The First Scientific Proof of God: Indivisibles and...' Apparently, Google recognized my important work on indivisibles and that yahoo still did not recognize my work on indivisibles.

Monday, July 04, 2011

God's Geometry

When mathematical physicists began to rule the sciences in our colleges and universities, God was rejected and God's geometries were hidden from the believers.  But these new rulers did not realize that an infinite cause was necessary if finite things  exist. Neither mathematics nor a Big Bang theory have epxlained this cause/effect relation. So, I recommend that people put mathematics and the Big Bang down and pick up a book on geometry.

God's geometry can be found in the work of Johannes Kepler and his book on Mysterium Cosmoggraphicum, The Secret of the Universe, (Araris Books, 1981).  In this book, Kepler unifies the elliptical motion of the first six planets around the sun (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). The five regular solids below inscribe and circomscribe these six planets so they don't interfer. Kepler calls the other three planets 'wandering bodies.'
Now, look into the evening sky. The stars make astrological signs such as the Little Dipper.  These signs move with the seasons as these planets move around the sun. Eventually, the sun will darken and all nine planets will spiral into into the sun.  However, before this ugly event occurrs, godly humans will have found a new planet on which people can live.  On the new planet, the evening signs in the sky will be very different because we live on a new planet that presents us with a new heaven through the signs of the stars.

Kepler tells us that an active God created these suns and planets so that we will live forever and never know that we died. Obviously, wars and crimes are sillyhuman events.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Why Evolutionary Theory Must Be Rejected

In 1859, Charles Darwin's evolutionary theory came to the USA. It supported slavery and tried to stop the thoughts of Abe Lincoln, who was against slavery. Fortunately, Lincoln's Civil War stopped slavery in the USA.

However, slavery in the USA has not stopped.  For example, rich classes have developed and are causing new forms of slavery.  And many new American scientists have lost their belief in God, which causes other forms of slavery. These new, e scientists say that mind-body relationships form mechanical humans, who have only one life. These scientists and religions say that the  universe will come to an end --- a heat death. These scientists and religions accept evolutionary theory. However, these scientists have never proven human are made  from physical matter.

These scientists have studied Galileo but have not applied Galileo's work on the extension of bodies with an infinite number of parts.  Thus, they remain ignorant of God's indivisibles and how they form the universe, which is a continuum of lawful divisibles. This continuum eliminates all bloodlines because it forms all  different humans, all different dogs, all different trees, all different suns, etc. This continuum means that evolutionary theory is false.

An infinity of different indivisibles has made a single universe that is based on God's attributes. These indivisibles are thus contained by God because nothing exists outside of them.  So, prior to making any divisibles, all indivisibles, which come from God's attributes, exist as 'dark matter.'

Each indivisible is 'in' each other.  Thus, all indivisibles are organized them and form functional divisibles.  All of the functional divisibles begin as 'seeds of an infinite number of different indivisibles.'  With such seeds, suns, planets, plants, etc. can be formed. Once water systems have formed and plants are growing, a planet will be seeded with an infinite number of different indivisibles that form  animals and humans.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Tody's Out-Dated Health Care Systems

In every nation today, the mind-body relationship is unknown because an active God is still unknown to them. Hopefully, my yesterday's blog will wake them up. Today, religions and sciences are trying to understand the mind-body relationships. (See Religion and Science Discussion) 

But I do not believe that religions will find the mind-body relationships in scriptures.  And I do not believe that any science will find the mind-body relationships because scientists are either atheists and reject the active God or accept the inactive God of the Jews.

I believe that the mind-body relationships will be found only in the following work: (1) the mind-body harmony of Gottfried Leibniz in his writings on Monadology; (2) the continuous manifold work of the universe by Bernhard Riemann in his paper 'On the Hypotheses Which Lie at the Foundations of Geometry,' and (3) applies the infinitesimal calculus of Leibniz to integrate the time-space motions of all human Spirits. I expect this work to gain detailed understandings of the Mind-Body-Spirit relationships. I also expect these new understandings to improve our health care systems.