Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, November 30, 2012

81. The Lives of Spirits Are Not Natural

In my research on the subject of God and the universe, I conclude that parents must make new bodies for the indivisible Spirits so that an active God can produce the best of all universes.

Thus, parents must make bodies for Spirits because God will cause Spirits to pass onto a new, natural, and enjoyable life continuously. Thus, all nations must build true democracies also for the Spirits. So, I conclude, for instance, that money must become an instrument of the Spirits. But today, many Spirits view money as the only purpose of life. At this time, nations are not following the universe that God made. Instead, nations are either following ungodly religious leaders or ungodly political leaders.

In the USA, money has become the end of many Spirits. These Spirits have turned their minds to money rather than God. They have turned away from God  because their parents told them that they have only one life and could be reborn in God's heaven.  But God has no heaven. As Jesus said at Matt. 5:19, heavens exist only in the universe. You can see the heavens when you look into the evening skies and see the stars and their signs.. Go to another planet, and you will see a different heaven.

At death, God can give us a new life on another plane.  But God can also give us a new life in any nation on planet earth. Thus, an America Christian could be reborn in a Muslim nation. Since Spirits have no knowledge of their previous life, Christian and Muslim Spirits will learn opposing religions.

Currently, all nations on planet earth are highly confused with respect to God and the universe. All nations must begin to work together. Competition among nations is thus an ungodly act.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

80. All Children Must Be Earners

In my recent blogs, I say that parents do not know the children they make for God because only God can know them.  Only God knows children because Gottfried Leibniz says that God made the universe with space, the order of co-existent things, and time, the order of the successions.

God made the universe this way.  God cannot be numbered because a creator is one, infinite and the greatest or perfect thing.  Thus, everything in the universe must be numbered.  Jesus also knew that the universe had to be numbered.  At Matt.10:30 Jesus said, 'But the very hair of your head are all numbered.'

Since everything in the universe is numbered, the universe cannot be perfect. Thus, it was correct  for our founders to say in the preamble of the Constitution that 'the People' must always be forming a more perfect Union. Under God, it is clear that the people in every nation must live in an unknown universe.

Since all people must live forever in an unknown universe, non-earning children cannot exist in a democratic nation like the USA.  In any democracy, the 'equality of man' must become a consistent goal.  In a democracy, all people must be earners of necessary things. President Reagan recognized these earnings.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

79. Parents Make Bodies For God's Spirits.

Since all Spirits are indivisible and immortal and Spirits never die,  parents must make bodies for the Spirits that God makes. So, a Spirit becomes related functionally to its body and is not 'in' its body. Accordingly, all human must be defined as a Spirit-body human or a mind-body human. Further, the parents can learn the Spirits that received their bodies.  But the parents cannot know them precisely because all Spirits are free to develop themselves.

Parents do not develop bloodlines in the bodies they make for God's Spirits because identical things or twins will never be found in the universe.  Only  similarities will be found in the universe and in the bodies of Spirits. In the early decades of the 20t century, scientists studied the similarities of all parts of the human body. I suggest that these studies be started again in science. In the future, science might guide human marriages.  With our knowledge of similarities, science might also reduce cancer.

Since families have no bloodlines, families will be held together only for about three or four generations. So, inheritances must be eliminated because too many wealthy families are developing Spirits who earn no money and perform no work for God.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

78. Judaism, Christianity and Islam Must Act..

God's functional relations with all created things will change our past history and thoughts. Since the past is usually found 'in' us, we have new reasons to move our thoughts forward now.

For instance, let's fix the problems of the past. When a Father and Mother made a body for a spiritual person, these parents give this person a name so that the spiritual work of this person can be reported and recorded. This spiritual work is very important because Jesus told us that our sun will eventually darken. Maybe, the Sandy hurricane is just another sign of our important spiritual work.

Today, we know that some of God's Spirits are Little Gods because we have greater mental power than God gave to the animals. As Little Gods, we are like God but are not 'in' God.  So, God has no Son, as Christianity says. Jesus was one of the Little Gods.  He named by his Father and Mother. 

The work of Jesus was the greatest spiritual work of his time. Unfortunately, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam destroyed the scientific teachings of Jesus. If Judaism, Christianity, and Islam correct their errors about Jesus, I believe that crimes, wars, and terrorism will fade away and democracies will become worldwide. So, humans need mental action, not money.

Monday, November 26, 2012

77. Religions Should Work With Believing Scientists.

In my last two blogs, I am saying that Christianity has developed a major error. Christianity made this error when it says that God will be found 'in' humans. This teaching is an error because God is One and thus has no parts. So, I say that God makes the the best relationship with all humans with a functional relation.

Religions can make scientifically errors easily because they do not interact their thoughts with the field of science and its method of scientific proofs. I believe that religions do not work with science  because many scientists reject God and have become atheists. But some scientists do believe in God and would be willing to work with religions.

Today's atheistic scientists say that predictions determine  scientific theories and facts. But predictions can be useful only with theories that can be completed. For example, CERN can predict the completed crash of two photons to determine what is 'in' the photons. But CERN cannot predict the end of the universe.

So, religions and believing scientists should work together at all times because only one God and only one religion exist.

76. Each Thing is Not In Each Thing

In my blog yesterday, I said that God relates functionally to all created things,  This means that God will not be not found 'in' any created thing. Today, I also say that each created thing is functionally related to all other created things. So, I say that each created thing will not be found 'in' all other things, as St. John said at verse14:20. 

Accordingly, I can recognize two important facts: (1) that God and created things are functionally related and (2) that these functional relations define the space and time of our universe.

Gottfried Leibniz spoke about my space and time the same way when he was communicating with Samuel Clarke, the most celebrated disciple of Isaac Newton in 1715-16.  Leibniz said: I hold space to be something purely relative, like time; space being an order of co-existences as time is an order of successions. For space denotes in terms of possibility an order of things which exist at the same time, in so far as they exist together, and is not concerned with their particular ways of existing: and when we see several things together we perceive this order of things among themselves

I prove scientifically that God exists.  And,  my proof also says that only one God exists. So all nations must reject the belief that our universe was made by a Big Bang thing. Accordingly, atheism must be rejected so that the thoughts of our young children can develop great lives.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

75. God Relates to Every Created Thing.

In Judaism, at Job 32:8, we are told 'that there is a spirit in man: and this inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.'  Accordingly. I interpret these words of Job and say that all humans are able to develop many different understandings about God and the universe by using their mind-body relations, which God gave us at birth and allows abortion by doctors.

The teaching of Jesus at John 14:20 was similar to the above teaching of Job.  But John's teaching was not clear enough for the early Christians or Gnostics.  So, I say that John's verse could not be interpreted correctly until 'modern science' appeared in the 18th century. With modern science, the relations of God to created things could be understood. (see functional relations). Thus, when a baby is born by a Mother, God is active and relates Himself to that baby by giving the baby a Spirit. And when this baby ages and dies, the Spirit does not die because all Spirits are immortal.

In some gospel music today, the audience is told in the song that God is 'in' the singer. This song has an error because God becomes functionally related to the singer. God never becomes a part of a singer. a tree, a cloud, a stone, etc. God is One. Thus, God has no parts and cannot become a part of any created thing.  It is time for religions to change their teachings.

Friday, November 23, 2012

74. Christianity Does Not Teach the Sciences of Jesus

In yesterday's blog, I said that Nicholas of Cusa presented the very important statement below about God in the 15th century.
Therefore, God is the enfolding of all things in that all things are in Him; and He is the unfolding of all things in that He is in all things.

However, the phrase 'that God is in all things' was not defined until the 17th century, when the word 'function' was introduced in the field of mathematical science. (click)  In the 17th century the phrase, 'that God is in all things,' was changed to the phrase, 'that God functions in all things.' But we are now in the 21st century and most people still do not know that God functions everywhere in the universe.

However, Cusa's 15th century statement above appeared when Jesus was still living and teaching his disciples. At 14:20 of the New Testament, John tries to repeat one of Jesus' scientific teachings: 'At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.' Today, we know that the meaning of John's teaching was vague and would not be understood until the word 'function' appeared in the 17th century.

It is very clear to me that the Christian leaders of the 2nd century led the Christians away from all of scientific teachings of Jesus. Today's Christian leaders are still not teaching Jesus' scientific teachings  But teaching only morals is a big error of Christianity or any religion.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

73. Moral Babies

Last Sunday, the '60 Minutes' program of CBS- TV presented a new moral theory.(click)  This theory says that babies are born with morals. I do not agree with this theory. Let me explain my rejection.

After I proved God's existence scientifically, I studied Nichols of Cusa book, 'On Learned Ignorance.' (click)  In Book II, Ch. Cusa says,  'Therefore, God is the enfolding of all things in that all things are in Him; and He is the unfolding of all things in that He is in all things.' So I say (1) all babies are unfolded by God; (2) that these babies age and is reborn;  (3) that all reborn babies are unfolded by God; and (4) that all born and reborn babies are able to perceive.

So, when a baby is unfolded by God, the baby has no morals or immorals. But, when a baby is born or reborn, the baby perceives immediately and begins to organize signifcient perceptions.  The parents, environment, and other persons influence the baby the rest of his or her life.

Accordingly, I say that truths and morals are made only by humans.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

72. A Message to CERN.

In yesterday's blog, I suggested that CERN turn some of its research into developing knowledge of infrastructures. Today, I want to explain my suggestion in more detail.

In my research on the theory of God, I say that God creates all indivisible things before the universe is created with divisible things. The indivisible things are immortal and the divisible things are mortal.  Thus, I say that God formed dark matter first and then formed sensual matter.  For example,  I can now say that the 'chicken' comes before its 'egg.'  And for humans, I can now say that 'mind' comes before its 'body.' So, complex functional relations exist between the content of dark matter and the content of matter. .

Since the functional relations of God can be generalized, I say, for example, that abortion is legal because a man and woman must make a body before God will give them an indivisible child. Accordingly, God controls the time and place of all children that He created.  Thus, human blood in families are similar.  But bloodlines do not exist.

If one follows the work of Galileo on bodies and their infinite number of parts, we can say that some of Galileo's bodies were used by Gottfried Leibniz to define dominant monads in his monadology.  So, a photon might be viewed as monad that is formed with (1) an indivisible thing from dark matter and with (2) a dominant infrastructure from dark matter. When two photons crash, is an indivisible thing and an infrastructure revealed?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

71.God-made Things, Man-made Things, and the Big Bang-madeThings

In my theory of God, I began by developing a scientific proof of God. With this first proof, I was soon able to distinguish God-made things and man-made things. In his book on  'Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences (p.34),' Galileo told me that every God-made thing is a whole that has an infinite number indivisible parts. These parts are uncountable. (click).  With Galileo's help, I was able to say that every man-made thing is a whole that has a countable number of parts.

With God, we can perceive and make things for ourselves, learn more and more about the things that God made, live very comfortable, be reborn by God after we die.  Thus we will live again and forever. So my development of the theory of God led me to an intelligent design of the universe that God was building forever.

The alternative to the theory of God is the theory of Nature. This different theory is in the hands of physical scientists and atheists.  Physical scientist reject the theory of God and speak about a Big Bang theory.  These scientists say that the Big Bang thing is a hot thing that cooled down in order to to make natural things, such as humans, dogs, trees, oceans, suns, planets etc. They also say that humans and animals make things such as homes, nests, eggs, cars, movies, shoes, meals, etc. and that hurricanes can ruin the things we made. But the also say that everything dies eventually. This form of death means that the Big Bang can give things only one life.

Obviously, the theory of God and the theory of Nature are opposed theories. Thus, only one theory can be true. My theory of God is now well-developed because it is beginning to lead all people and nations to great lives and great infrastructures, for all living things.

On the other hand, the theory of Nature is not leading to anything useful for people or nations. At CERN, the development of the 'Theory of  Nature' could be changed to the 'Theories of Infrastructures.' (CERN)   An example of an infrastructure is the body of any human Spirit. This example is often spoken of as a mind-body thing. This statement is false because the mind and body are two distinct things. CERN' s research on small particles are important.  So, some of its research could be shifted to the cancer problem.

Monday, November 19, 2012

70 God Is Still Unknown Scientifically

My scientific work is very different than the scientific teachings one finds in bookstores, colleges, and universities.  I learned why this  difference exists, when I discussed the difference between the 'theory' of God and the 'practice' of God with President Brody of Johns Hopkins University. We both agreed that the theory of God (theology) is a different system of thought than the system of thought of the practice of God (sectarianism).  We also agreed that the 'theory of God' could be taught in every college and university without interfering with the practices of religions.

In yesterday's blog, I said that I published the first scientific proof of God in 2006. This proof was rejected in by atheists without rejecting the method that I used in my proof.  But my proof of God was accepted in with reviewing the method I used in my proof,  The proof was accepted by Stephen P. Smith and  Scientific God, Inc.

Today, theories of God are not taught or reviewed by colleges, universities, National Academy of Sciences, and National Science Foundation. Thus, without formal reviews of theories of God, the people of the USA cannot improve their lives and religions with ease. And, without formal reviews of theories of God, nor can U.S. government  develop new laws about the God, which is expressed clearly in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Accordingly, formal reviews of 'Theories of God' are necessary.  These reviews must be made without the interference of any religion because religions use 'scriptures' to make laws rather than 'scientific proofs.'

Sunday, November 18, 2012

69. A Third Person Has Agreed With My Scientific Proof of God

In 2006, my scientific proof of God was rejected by many atheistic scientists.(click)  For more than a year, on my blogging Google website(, these atheists tried to stop my blogging in Google.  I have been blogging for more than six years because I am defending God.

My proof of God is found in my first book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God.'  In 2009, my proof of God was accepted  by Steepen P. Smith of the University of California (Cornell PhD). (click)(click) . My scientific proof of God has also been  accepted by Scientific God Inc. and its Journal. (click)

In 2012, I made my second book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God.'  In this second book, I make lots of progress and expand greatly my scientific proof of God's existence.

Now, a third person is expressing an interest in my proof of God. This person is Lynn Baker. Yesterday, he made a comment on my August 23, 2006 blog on the subject of  'Spiritual Atoms in More Detail.' (click)  I responded to Baker favorably because he is viewing physical atoms differently and more like my spiritual atoms.  For example, he believes that physical atoms might also have spiritual contents (eg., awareness), not only physical contents.

I say that it is time for the U.S. Congress to say that Declaration of Independence (DOI) has laws.  The DOI says that God exists. My scientific work also that God exists.  Atheism must thus be removed from the USA.

Friday, November 16, 2012

68.Living in a Nation Under God

Since God exists, is active, and creates us equally, we might conclude that human live is very similar in all nations. However, our lives are not similar because our minds develop differently with symbols that we make and use when we think, talk, or act.  So, when I retired from the U.S. Department of Justice, I told Attorney General Reno that criminals think, talk, and act with flawed symbols. So, I said that we can empty prisons by redeveloping the minds of criminals.

In the first words of the Introduction of my new book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible with the ...'', I discuss the history of man's initial development of symbols in 5000 B.C.  With these symbols, I say that we are 'Little Gods' under God. So, with symbols, we can correct the meaning of any word that we want to make and use. (On the meanings of words, see 'etymology")

Thus, I say that symbols can prevent all wars and terrorism. I also say that symbols can correct the money system, racism, crime, unemployment, etc. There is no limit to our use of symbols. Fixing any system forever is troublesome. When the physical scientist says that knowledge of the human mind can be completed, we must fix the symbols that they use.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

67. The Wealth of the U.S. Upper-Income Earners Are Against the Intelligent Design of An Active God.

In my research on God and the universe, I found that God created the universe and gave men and women equal rights. The U.S. founders understood this gift by including the statement, 'all Men are created equal,' in the U.S  Declaration of Independence. Thus, I say that the distribution of the wealth of the USA must be equal.

Th Equality of Man did not develop in the USA immediately. But the Equality of Man began to develop with Abe Lincoln's Civil War against slavery, Lincoln's development of national industries, and Lincoln's development of the West with homesteaders. With Lincoln's assassination, the USA lost its 'one People.'  Examples are:(1) the nation's use of free trade, (2) the nation;s development of Big families and national private banks, (3) the nation's development of 'free corporations', (4) the growth of hoarding; (5) the ownerships of infrastructures; (6) the nation's teaching of Darwin's evolutionary theory, (7) the growth of CEOs rather than the growth of patents,  and (8) the increasing political division of  the Republicans and Democrats parties.

Only President Lincoln, President Roosevelt, President Kennedy, and President Obama have tried to develop the U.S. with the Constitution and its statement 'to form a more perfect Union.' So, I say that many changes must be made in the USA if it is to become a more perfect Union. If changes are not made, the USA will fall apart because it has no knowledge of God's Intelligent Design.

Monday, November 12, 2012

66. Three Million Jobs Are Available in Manufaturing

After U.S astronauts landed on the moon in the late 1960s, inflation began to grow and many scientists and engineers were terminated because poor citizens argued 'that they cannot eat spacecrafts.' President Nixon responded to their argument with many new projects. With high technology, the White House expected to solve many difficult social problems such as the U.S. crime problem.

From 1970 to 2008, the need for high technologists continued to grow in the manufacturing sector.  But in thirty-eight years, our colleges and universities lost their world rankings in the fields of science and mathematics. Thus, a major problem developed in the USA.

Last evening,  '60 Minutes' reported that high technologists cannot be found in the USA for U.S. manufactures. (click)  At this time, three million technologists could be put to work by our manufactures.  Isn't it time to ask the top-income earners for more taxes?  Isn't it also time to find new compromises between the Democrats and the Republicans. It is certainly time for colleges and universities to adjust their world ranking immediately.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

65. Suggestions to the Republican and Democratic Parties.

This year, the Democratic politicians found new ways to win the White House.  So, I expect Republican politicians to find new ways in order to win the White House again. But I do not believe that these new ways will 'form a more perfect Union,' as required in the Constitution  As an independent voter, I cannot find any way that the Democratic or Republican parties will produce a a more perfect Union. Thus, I expect these two parties only to produce disagreements and no compromises. Since these parties require real ways, I will identify new ways to form a more perfect Union below.

In 1872. Henry Carey, an advisor of President  Lincoln, identified ways to perfect the Union.  In his book, 'The Unity of Law,' is exhibited by the relations of physical, social, mental, and moral science. In Ch. XIII, Carey says that these four sciences come together more and more perfectly with the positives and negatives of our metaphysical minds. So, all voters must ask, 'Why is Carey's book not used by the Republicans and Democrats?'

In 1667, twenty-five years after Galileo died, Galileo's book on 'Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences,' was published in English. In this book Galileo says that all bodies are built up of an infinite number of indivisibles. Indivisible things cannot be made by man.  So, God must exist and is One (or Indivisible). With an Indivisible God man can understand that God creates divisible things for the universe by creating an infinite number of indivisibles first.  How can any nation be perfected without God?

In 2006, in my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I say that God is the origin of all things in the universe.  Then, in 2012, I wrote a second book, " A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God.' In this book I say that Jesus was a scientist and taught many scientific facts. Jesus' teachings and my book can perfect every nation on this planet. Without science no nation can be perfected.

I suggest that Republicans and Democrts change their ways of thinking.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

64. Will GOP Win Again?

After the loss to President Obama this week, some Republicans are beginning to search for new ways to win the power in the White House and Congress again.  Apparently, the liberals beat the conservatives with its knowledge of many different voting groups.  So, if the conservatives learn these voting groups,  they could recover their political power.

However, in the next four years a very new and large voting group could appear. This group could become large enough to decrease the size of the liberal and conservative parties.  This new group could also gain enough power to change the USA and influence many foreign nations. This political power could also bring a Peace that has never been felt before.

For example, in 2013, my new book could influence many people worldwide in many ways. The title is 'A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God.'  Soon, this book will appear at bookstores, on TV, in Readers Digest, at many radio stations, and at national book reviews. This book is a New Bible For Your Coffee Table.

In general, this book will empty all prisons; will fill colleges and universities with new thoughts, will fill the pews of all religions; will reveal an active God; will reveal the scientific teaching of Jesus; will change the way people and families live, will change the way we think; and will show that our lives continue forever.

Since I am an independent voter, I am not a liberal or conservative. So,I expect the new group to become very godly thinkers.

Friday, November 09, 2012

63. The Mind of John Boehner, House Speaker

On TV today, President Obama told John Boehner that taxes are necessary from the upper-income earners. On the same day, Boehner said that this request from Obama is not  possible.  So, unless John Boehner recognizes that his mind is made with symbols and can make errors, he will never know that his mind is imperfect, cannot detect the Obama's problems of getting taxes from the upper-income earners, and cannot improvet his on mind.

The mind of Boehner and his statement does not consider the active God of the USA.  Without considering God, Boehner's response to Obama is arbitrary and  purely political. Thus, it is time for people to force the U.S. government agents to consider God in their thoughts and decisions.

62. Taxing the Upper-income Earners

Taxing the upper-income earners will become the first debate in the U.S. Congress in 2013 between the Democrats and Republicans.  I conclude that this debate must lead to a compromise otherwise I expect new influences of God.  So, it is time for Congress to learn about the Intelligent Design of God, God's potential influences, and God-made families.

I say that the upper-income earners are not 'real earners.'  Many real upper-income earners (e.g., Thomas Edison [click]) no longer exist. These earners eventually died, were mentally great when they earned, and were reborn by God in a great kingdom of heaven. (See Matt. 5:19).  In the USA today, real upper-income earners are few in numbers. But in the USA today, other upper-income earners exist. These other earners are large in numbers and are called CEOs.

Thus, the fair earning of all  'CEOs' must be defined by the Republican and Democrats in 2013 in order to achieve a compromise. The Republicans and Democrats must also eliminate all inheritances.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

61.God-made Families and Man-made Families

The teachings of Jesus are excellent.  I say this statement because Jesus and I teach that God is active in a created and endless universe. An example of the  teaching of Jesus is found at Matt. 5:19. There, Jesus says that the  'bad'  teachings of children will be found only in a least kingdom of heaven. In this heaven, the evening stars are fewer and fewer.  However, Jesus also says that  'good'  teachings of children can be found in a great kingdom of heaven.  In this heaven, the evening stars are dense.  This teaching of Jesus tell us that least and greater heavens can be seen only in the evening skies when we stand on a planet. So, we are always reborn on a planet but are never reborn in a heaven of no stars.

So when I spoke of the GI Bill of Rights in yesterday's blog, I say that I received help from people who helped me to become educated and invent things for all people. The  people who helped me will certainly be reborn by God in a great heaven.

When President Obama suggested that more and more children must attend higher schools of education at colleges and universities to save the USA, the President also suggested that the very rich class could help many children become educated.  If this help is given, I believe that a helper will be reborn in a great heaven. And, when a child contributes to a nation through different higher forms of education, this child is also reborn in a great heaven. So, when helpers help and learners learn, God-made families and man-made families become very similar.

In my latest book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of  An Active God,' I rediscovered Jesus and his teachings. This rediscovery was necessary because the scientific teachings of Jesus were not taught by Christianity after the second century.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

60. How I View Our Recent Presidents

President Obama was again sent to the White House by many Americans. With this second win, our higher schools of education will be filled again, just like the GI Bill of Rights filled these schools  after WWII.  With the GI Bill of Rights and President Kennedy's space program, I and others became educated and invented many new things.  Our higher education caused the USA to become a world leader.

After we landed on the moon in the late 1960s, the space program and military budget were reduced and unemployment increased. To reduce unemployment, the U.S. Justice Department sent me to the White House to hear a very progressive infrastructure program of President Nixon.  This progressive program died after President Nixon was forced out of the White House.  President Nixon's progressive infrastructure programwas very exciting to me.

From 1974 to 2012, the U.S. economy suffers three ways: (1) from rising unemployment;  (2) from rising inflation, and (3) rising national debts.  President Ford asked people to lower inflation (Whip Inflation Now).  President Carter causes double-digit inflation.  President Reagan caused increased debt and lowered inflation.  President Bush (Father) caused increased debt. President Clinton caused no unemployment, no inflation and no national debt. President Bush (son) caused increased debt and increased unemployment. Finally, President Obama causes increased debt and lowered unemployment.

As seen, President Clinton was successful. And President Obama could also become successful. Both of these presidents are followers of President  Roosevelt and President Lincoln.  Howeve, I believe that the U.S. economy can never come to rest, as Mitt Romney proposed.  I say that the economy of any nation must always become more perfect.

59. Why the GOP Did Not Win the White House

The Republicans and Mitt Romney did not win the White House because they have no God, have no metaphysical thoughts, and do not understand mind-body relations and infrastructures. Instead of progressing our nation, Mitt Romney and other Republicans expected to defeat President Obama with negatives, the way atheists tried to negate my scientific proofs of God.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

58. All Nations Must Become New and Modern

After I identified the mind-body relation that God creates for every human being, my mind went deeper and I identified different mind-body relations. These different mind-body relations can be called 'infrastructures' because God creates infrastructures for all human beings, all other living creatures, and all nonliving things.

These infrastructures align to the general facts about God and the universe: (1) that God creates and gives new lives to all humans an lower creatures; (2) that God is active; (3) that God's Intelligent Design is real and has living and nonliving things; (4) that God is eternal and created a universe that has no end; and (5) that God and the universe coexist.

Since the mind-body relations are necessary for every human and all infrastructures are necessary for all humans, the nations on this planet cannot rule humans as humans are ruled today.  Thus, all nations must plan for changes immediately because infrastructures cannot be owned. If these changes do not occur, one must conclude that world slavery on this planet is real.

By regecting Gnosticism, all ancient scriptures  led many humans away from the real God and the real universe.  Hopefully, these new truths will turn the corner of truths.

Monday, November 05, 2012

57. Infrastructures, in More Detail.

In an earlier blog,  I  wrote and said that the mind and body are related.  Human scientists call them 'mind-body relations.' Other scientists call these relations as 'functional relationships.'  In this earlier blog, I also said that a body had to be made by a Father and Mother before God would give an indivisible person a new life. So, I concluded that abortion of a human body is legal.

However, I am now saying that every human needs more than a body from God. So, I am now saying that God gave all indivisible persons a body and an infrastructure. The body and infrastructure is necessary for all humans because God gave an eternal life to all humans. It is now very clear why God created all people equally and why the U.S. founders said that 'all Men are created equal' in the Declaration of Independence.

If we identify all necessary infrastructures of human life, it seems that all physical contents of  this planet's land must be shared by all people on this planet. For instance, all natural energy must be shared by oeople in all nations.  Of course, the atheists and physical scientists will disagree with me because they say that a person has only one life.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

56. Obama vs. Romney

President Obama should lead the USA for four more years because he will move the USA forward more correctly. I say that the ideas of Mitt Romney will move the USA backward by increasing the U.S. debt and increasing the wealth of the rich class.

I conclude that Romney's studies of laws on the Declaration of Independence at Harvard University are wrong and will mislead the USA. I also conclude that Romney's studies of business management at Harvard University over-emphasizes economic and will not lead the people of the USA properly. Many of Romney's ideas come from the Mormon church and the poor teachings of Joseph Smith. Romney's mind cnnot deal with socialism, economy, and capitalism as 'one People.'

On the other hand, Obama will move the USA forward by raising the wealth of poor and middle classes and the young children by reducing the wealth of the rich class. Many of Obama's ideas come from the teachings of Jesus rather than from Christian churches, which misinterpret the teachings of Jesus.

Friday, November 02, 2012

55. Parts of God's Intelligent Design Will Always Be Unknown

As I said in yesterday's blog, humans make new bodies for God's children. When we make these bodies, God expects the Father and Mother to raise the person who God selected.  Accordingly, God is active and is active in many ways. The activity of God led me to reject the theory of the end of the universe and write my second book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God.'

The activities of God in our universe are necessary because God is perfect and has no parts.  So God had to create a universe that could become more and more perfect.  So, we learned that we live in an endless universe.  And have also learned that God wants us to make new bodies for the children He creates.

So, it is wrong to say that God created different families.  The Declaration of Independence (DOI) rejects families because it says that the United States of America is 'one People.'  Thus, all nations only have children, which are born, grow, become old, and die.  This sequence is what God tells me in His Intelligent Design.  Building families are thus against the Intelligent Design of an active God.

The U.S. nation and its economy are being built wrong. Since God is active, I believe that God is  trying to inform nations, above all world noises, that all nations do not understand His Intelligent Design.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

54. God's Good Work and Our Bad Works.

In Gottfried Leibniz's work yesterday, I say that a person is reborn when the body is fully developed by Mother and the person, which is an indivisible thing, becomes related to a new body.  Then after this person lives for many years and dies, the person becomes disconnected from the body, the body begins to decay, and the person returns to the dark matter to get new body. Only God knows these mind-body sequences.

I conclude that our founders knew about Leibniz's latest work on monads and the sequences of life and death of humans.  Ben Franklin's travels to Europe might have brought some of Leibniz's thoughts back to the USA through Christian Wolff (1679-1754) (click), who was a follower of Leibniz

In the U.S. Declaration of Independence (DOI) , the 'sequences of life and death of humans' aligns to the DOI statement,  'that all Men are created equal.' Since God controls the sequences of life and death of every human, it seems that parents must develop every child equally and rightly. Accordingly, in my letter from Senator John Rockefeller IV, the Senator is wrong to say that the DOI has no laws.

Laws are in the DOI.  It is time to extract them.