Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, January 18, 2008

Please Nave Patience

The paper I am writing will be completed soon. So, have patience because I will post it on this website and will again prove that God exists and that the work of today's physical sciences, life sciences, logicians, and atheism should be questioned by any nation.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Moving On XXXII, (The Misuse of the Senses)

In yesterday’s blog, one learns that our senses have roles in the search for human knowledge. But, our system of senses is not the final judge. The final judge is shown to our minds and their ability to reason. So, as I said in my book, the senses are organs of the mind that work once the mind’s interest in an object has been established. The interest in an object is only one of the many feelings a person can develop as a unique Spirit of God.

The history of fingerprints in law enforcement shows one why many scientists have misjudged the purpose of the human senses. Patterns of arches, loops, and whorls on fingers and thumbs are ways of personal identification, because, without injury, they do not change with age. The Henry system became the first fingerprint system in 1901 by England’s Scotland Yard. Today, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) uses eight different patterns: a radial loop, ulnar loop, double loop, and central pocket loop, a plain arch and tented arch, a plain whorl, and an accidental. Other techniques, such as voiceprint and DNA, help to identify persons. However, these fingerprinting systems can never become infallible. This is why law enforcement must seek as much evidence as reason judges on a crime.

An inexperienced law enforcement agent can misuse a fingerprint, without reason, and put an innocent person in prison. Today’s inexperienced naturalists and logicians are also misusing biological ‘facts,’ without reason, to promote Darwin’s evolutionary theory.
Facts alone are as wrong as fingerprints alone and senses alone.

Promoting evolutionary theory in school, based on facts and logic alone, is no different than putting people in prison based only on fingerprints. Further, atheistic scientists and logicians cannot build truths based on senses and logic alone. All humans must learn that reason is our highest judge. It is unfortunate that today’s scientists are not taught the wide-open and two-step scientific proof that developed during the Renaissance Gottfried Leibniz was the first to chain logic to its limits by lifting ‘sufficient reason’ above ‘logical reason.’

It is also time to teach the true nature of reason in the schools of our children.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Moving On XXXI, (The Certainty and Uncertainty of Sensations)

The separation of believers in God and non believers exists because the non believers say that God is not sensual, which means that God cannot be sensed. For this reason, non believing scientists believe that our mind is an image of the sensations detected by the brain. In my book, I disagree with the non believers. There, I say that mind is a thing and is the first thing that God creates so that man can measure all created things. In my book, I also inform the reader of the 1920 linguistic discovery that empirical data are primarily symbolic. This means that our mind is primarily symbolic. The 1920 discovery thus requires that a meaning must be given to every symbol.

Since all empirical data symbols must be given their unique meanings, the symbols that identify empirical data must define each other. Today, only the physical sciences have been able to identify symbols that define each other. In Part I, Ch. 5, I show how the physical sciences have done this. This success became possible after physical scientists found many physical Laws of Nature. I conclude that these physical laws are necessary because they form an infrastructure of life. But, the life sciences have not found any laws of life, even though the founders of the USA knew about these two laws and authorized them in the Declaration of Independence as the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Although physical scientists have been successful, their physical laws have not been able to make living things from physical matter, Thus, the universe must have a creator. And man must search for those laws of life that God included in the universe.

With symbols, sensing alone is uncertain. However, our physical scientists have shown that ‘laws’ can make our senses certainties. To make any laws, our minds must be freed from the sensing facilities of the brain. When the mind is freed from the brain, the mind must be an independent thing as I have been saying. The human mind is thus pure reason. Its contents are images of the things a person knows about the universe.

Apparently, the ignorance of the philosophy of symbolism is misleading our physical scientists, logicians, mathematicians, and atheists. But, this philosophy is misleading all fields of thought, especially the fields of theology and religion. To theologians and religious, I ask, ‘How can any religion say that their scripture is filled with truths when they are filled with symbols?’

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Information: A Gap is Needed in the 'Moving On' Series of Blogs

The past thirty blogs of this website, which uses a rabbit icon for 'Movng On', represent my thinking about God, God's intelligent design, and my conception of God's creation after my book on "The First Scientific Proof of God" was published in 2006 . I hope you have enjoyed these blogs.

These blogs are as new to me as they might be to you because differing languages are used to express the thoughts of every writer, usually on new subjects . These initial thirty blogs are difficult and reminds me of the many times I had to read the writings of Nicholas of Cusa before I understood his work.

Comprehending the new thoughts in these thirty blogs is no different than learning the French language or any other national language. For instance, when the Jews developed the Old Testament, they developed a new way of writing. These writings, which lasted for over five hundred years, seems to tell the new generations that God talks directly to the Jews. But, a monotheistic God cannot talk to any human unless he appears in our world and interacts with humans. However, this new Jewish style of writing for its scripture separated important Jewish thoughts from the common talks of daily Jewish life. The Old Testament is thus an ancient scientific document. This Jewish style of writing carried important Jewish opinions and facts from the current Jewish generations to the new Jewish generations. The style of writing in the New Testament and Qur'an have the same purpose. Shakespeare also used his own style of writing to communicate his thoughts.

The purpose of this blog is to tell you that I must take time to prepare and present a paper in early February. So, unless I find some new thoughts that should be communicated immediately to the "Moving On' series, I must take a short break.

Please send your questions and challenges. Also. let me know if you like the "Moving On" series.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Moving On XXX, (The Need to Prove That God Does Not Exist)

In the Moving On XXIX blog, I say that the essence of God and the essences of all created things cannot be known. Today, many physical scientists are not interested in this saying because they have rejected God. With this rejection, they have lured many people into their camp of thought. However, our founders mandated God in the founding documents of the USA. Instead of creating a godless nation, the founders decided that the USA would be found as a nation under God and would remain that way until God is proven to be false. Such a widely accepted proof has never appeared in the world.

Before proving that God does not exist, today’s US physical scientists have become atheists and are working hard to transform the USA into a godless nation. However, this activity is violating the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

These atheistic scientists began to reject God by saying, ‘the world is made of nothing but matter.’ Thus, they saw electricity and magnetism, for instance, as merely different aspects of matter. As time passed, the same scientists were not sure which came first --- fields or matter. So, in addition to trying to unify different aspects of matter, they are searching for a unified field theory that would unify, for instance, the electromagnetic field with the gravitational field. But, I say that the unification of the fields or matter is not possible if God exists. So, without proving that God is false, this scientific research could be costly and wasteful.

I have no interest to prove that God does not exist because I have worked hard to prove that God does exist. I offered a proof of God in my book, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ And, I teach this proof and other ideas about God, God’s intelligent design, and God’s creation on this website.

Of course, the atheists are not interested in my work in support of God. Since I do not receive any governmental funds for my work to prove God, I do not understand why atheists are able to receive governmental funds for their atheistic work before they have proven that God does not exist.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Stop the Press and Help Britney Spears

The press is acting like a child and so is Britney. The press is acting as if its freedom is absolute. Only God's freedom is absolute. For every one's information, human freedom is relative. Perhaps the US Supreme Court does not know that the US Constitution does not give any person in the USA absolute freedom because the USA is a nation under God. The Declaration of Independence mandates God and relative freedom. The US law already says that it is unlawful to say 'Fire' in a theater because people can be hurt. The press and its cameras can also hurt humans many ways. This is true when they cause medical or mental problems, especially in those people who live primarily in the public domain.

On the other hand, Britney is going beyond the freedom that God gives any person. No human is so free that a person can reject his or her personal and social responsibilities. I suggest that Britney learn more about her responsibilities to God, her children, and other people.

Papparazzi, its time to become mature humans and learn about God.

Moving On XXIX, (The Essence of God and the Essences of Created Things Cannot Be Known)

The essence of a monotheistic God is one. Since we can develop knowledge only if pluralities are being considered, God’s essence is unknown. However, a monotheistic God is infinite and can contract his single essence if he creates a finite world out of nothing. This lower world is finite and we know it exists because we live in it. To create things, God contracts his own essence by plurality, finitude, and relation. The contraction of his essence is an act of God and creates many finite things we call ‘images of God’. Each created image of God contains a plurality of related and finite essences. Together, these images form a thing we name ‘universe.’

However, a plurality of finite essences is not knowable because this plurality is infinite in number and cannot be sensed with our five senses. However, a plurality of finite essences is related and thus forms a whole. Such wholes can be known because every whole has parts. So, we can build knowledge of these pluralities. As time passes, our knowledge of these differing pluralities should increase from generation to generation if the abilities of the minds of all people increase from generation to generation.

These differing pluralities indicate that the ultimate knowledge of God’s creation will never be found. These pluralities also indicate that the universe has no end, that knowledge can increase continuously, and that humans are immortal and must be reincarnated upon death. These pluralities also tell us that our symbolic languages must always be improved. Clearly, all nations of the world must change.

For years, scientists have been saying that we have five senses. Recently, Hollywood movies have said that we might have a sixth sense. This sixth sense has three names as follows: the eye of the mind, pure reason, or metaphysics. In his book on "The Seven Mysteries of Life,’ Guy Murchie identifies thirty two senses. Since the 1970s, today’s atheists and logicians have been saying that all things and the universe can be known only with five senses and logical reasons. With the continuous failures of the field of physical science since the 1970s, it is time to reform the field of science.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Moving On XXVIII, (The One Essence of God and the Many Essences of Created Things)

Some believers in God will agree with me when I say that all created things are images of God. However, other believers will not agree with me. Instead, they will say that only man is the image of God. I conclude that the other believers do not agree with me because they limited the development of their minds to material found in scriptures. As a scientist, I must develop my mind by studying science books as well as scriptures. As a scientist, I can thus say that all created things are images of God because science books and scriptures are telling a scientist that the one essence of God must somehow be found in all created things.

God is very simple for us to understand because God has no parts. Without parts, God cannot be comprehended by us. God can’t talk to us, can’t create scriptures, and can’t create a science book since God is monotheistic, God is One in all ways. Thus, God never changes and is thus the same God for all people. God’s essence or essential content is thus only one. Further God’s infinity is also only one. This means that God’s infinity is determinate, unexhausted, and completed. As seen, the one essence of God can be found in all created things because an infinite God creates one universe with finite things. Without the linguistic opposites, infinite and finite, and our conceiving minds, the theory that God exists would be false.

To give created things their essentials, God must contract his single essence by plurality, finitude, and relations. In each created thing, one can thus be assured that God has unfolded essentials and non essentials to make every created thing. The essentials make a thing ‘what it is’ and assures scientists that no other thing is identical to ‘what is.’

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Moving On XXVII, (The Things Made by Man Are Not Like the Things Made by God)

The things made by man add to the things made either by chance or by God. If one believes in chance, all things made by chance are not essential and are thus unnecessary and contingent things. With chance, I conclude that man is unable to make things that are rational, safe, and healthy. On the other hand, if one believes in God, all things made by God are essential and are thus necessary and contingent. With God, I conclude that man is able to make things that are rational, safe, and healthy.

As seen, it is not possible to create a third field of thought on things. Thus, there is no fence on which our politicians can stand on the subject of things. People must learn the logic --- only believers and non believers can be possible. This dividing sword used by me was also used by Jesus Christ (Matt. 10:34).

Today, many scientists are non believers, Thus, I conclude that these scientists are unable to make things that are rational, safe, and healthy. Ever since God was removed from the USA following the assassination of Abe Lincoln, atheistic US scientists have been promoting the godless world of Darwin’s evolutionary theory to children. By the 1970s, all sciences in the USA became a godless field of thought. By 2006, the thoughts of these scientists are being challenged. But, this challenge could have been made after the atom bomb was made and created the cold war between the Soviet Union and the USA. Now, some Muslims want to make such a godless atom bomb. Don’t our world leaders know that the nuclear waste product of this bomb is irrational, unsafe, and unhealthy?

More recently, we are learning that the pills made by pharmaceutical companies throughout the world are also irrational, unsafe, and unhealthy. How many other irrational, unsafe, and unhealthy things and thoughts have man made? And how many irrational, unsafe, and unhealthy virtual realities have computer game makers made without knowing that they are destroying the minds of our children? Going further, our big colleges have made an economy for the USA. This stinky economy serves a rich class of people and does not serve the rest of the free people God made. As seen, man can also make things for life. Thee things made for life by man is not like the life God made for man.

In order to make rational, safe, and healthy things, I argue that our scientists must learn how we can make things just like God has made humans and other things. This means that science must develop increasing knowledge about the necessary and contingent parts that God has included in every created thing. One astrophysicist, Bernard Haisch, seems to be moving the right way. See his book, "The God Theory," and the new mathematics he, his friend, and NASA developed. Apparently, some people who work at NASA are believers in God. While the physical science is failing since the 1970s, I recommend a turn away from atheism and to God. I do not recommend a return to research that would unify space and time. Spacetime is an illusion and bad dream.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Moving On XXVI, (Helping You to Make Your Decision to Develop Your Mind)

On the decision to develop your mind, you have three choices. First, you can do nothing at all. This choice means that your mind will not be developed by you. Instead, your mind will be developed by external factors such as friends, jobs, entertainment, etc. But, if you want to develop your mind yourself, you have two choices. You can become either a progressive atheist or a progressive theist. If you choose atheism, you will become an empiricist whose mind becomes an image of sensed things. Since what is sensed by man is real, logic becomes the major tool of reason. If you choose theism, you will become a rationalist whose mind becomes an image of conceived things. Since what is conceived by man builds a conceptual world of God's creation, many tools of reason are necessary. In general, the atheist asks ‘what is the thing?’ whereas the rationalist asks ‘what is the thing and what is its purpose or function?’ Further, the atheist will also say that the sensed thing is an ‘accidental" thing whereas the theist says that a conceived thing is a ‘necessary’ thing. Furthermore, the atheist will say that a person has only one life. But, the theist can say that a person has an eternal life. I say that to do nothing or becoming an atheist is leading to an ugly life of immoralities, wars, crimes, unhappiness and Hell.

On the development of things and mind, I was influenced by the sensual/rational work of Friedrich Hegel. I believe that his work on things and mind is excellent and is aligned to theism. Many new movements among people were originated by Hegel’s work. The latest movement is found in Russia following WWII. But, I do not agree with some of Hegel’s thoughts. Hegel’s work is German. Thus, I had expected to connect Hegel’s work to the German work of Bishop Nicholas of Cusa. However, I haven’t found any connection between Hegel and Cusa even though both speak of God as a thing that unites all opposites.

I reject Hegel’s saying that ‘the rational is real’ because human knowledge cannot be made perfect. I also reject Hegel’s saying that ‘the truth is the Whole.’ I say that God is the only absolute truth. Hegel also says that the Absolute (God) develops. This means that God seeks the conquest of his own self. In the end, God must thus negate all finite things by transforming them into the infinite God. I disagree with this transformation because a monotheistic God cannot be exhausted.

On dialectical thinking, Hegel says that this thinking is the principle of movement. I agree with him. Further Hegel says that man is the measure of reason. However, I believe that God is the only thing that can measure mind. I agree with Hegel on immortality but do not agree with its purpose. Hegel says immortality allows finite man to become infinite; allows Hegel to reject pantheism; and allows Hegel to equate God with All. I believe that the purpose of immortality is give life eternity.

I agree with Hegel that all created things are independent and that this independence requires essential qualities from God. Hegel and I thus agree that God’s essence cannot be known by us. But, Hegel sees ‘oneness’ in every independent thing and that reason can know this oneness. I believe that knowledge of this oneness can be improved with improved lines of reasoning. This does not mean that all independent things can be connected to each other logically. Since each independent thing is purposive, I say that the knowledge of the oneness of each thing should increase as our scientists reject reductionism and expand our knowledge of irreducible complexities, functional relations, and Cantor’s transfinite numbers.

Since each independent thing is not any other thing, each thing contains negativity. Thus, giving medical things to patient, such as pills,, can add dangerous negatives to a patient. As seen, man’s efforts today in all sciences must be reformed. But, Christians, do not equate the Holy Ghost to the Holy Spirit, as some Bible publishers do. Jesus Christ and St. Paul tells me often enough that the Holy Ghost is the Comforter of our minds. We recognize the comforting Holy Ghost when we make rational breakthroughs as a result of conceiving any created thing correctly.

I believe that the current development of the human mind is problematic because a monotheistic God is unknown to most people. If people do not develop their minds, I believe people will reduce human life to a political struggle over power and natural resources.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Moving On XXV, (For a Person Who Wants to Develop the Spirit)

When I wrote and published the book ‘The First Scientific Proof of God,’ I closed the book with Part IV, ‘God’s Intelligent Design.’ After discussing the work of Moses, Plato, Gottfried Leibniz, and Georg Cantor in Ch. 1, I discussed man’s past as a path to Hell and man’s future as a path to Heaven. The future, as I see it, I accept God’s Intelligent Design and begin to show how man might adjust all nations to the Design. In closing Part, I thus understood God’s Intelligent Design as a world of spiritual atoms, which God creates in order to forms a single universe with functional (or purposive) things.

Soon after my book was published, my book was challenged by the Good Math/Bad Math website, its blogger, Mark C Chu Carroll, and logicians who are affiliated with the website, In time, I concluded that these people are mostly non believers in God and support atheistic scientists, Darwin’s evolutionary theory, and a godless universe that depletes all of its energy and thus has an end. To them, there is no hell, heaven, spiritual development, or reincarnation. After these debates ended, I began to conduct new research that could lift my book to even higher levels of thought. Such higher thoughts are appearing in this website and the ‘Moving On’ series of blogs.

If you have made a New Year resolution to turn away from your past, a past that I speak about above, so that you can begin to develop your Spirit (soul), I suggest that you consider and study the material in my book abobe (click) and the material found in the ‘Moving On’ blogs.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Moving On XXIV, (The Moments of Things)

New Year Day is a day of making resolutions. One possible resolution for many people throughout the world is to quietly tell the slave masters that they can no longer enslave you because you will become a new person, who is a self-developing Spirit. This self-development means that you will think and act as an independent human being and will turn your interests away from some of the interests you had in the past so that you can turn to the future and the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. For instance, a new resolution might turn you away from negatives produced by a bad friend, Darwin’s evolution theory, gambling, non sequiturs, overeating,, prostitution, atheism, suicide bombing, drug use and sales, computer virtual realities, surreal numbers, and crime.

Making such resolutions will become simple if you learn about the moments found in the development of all things created by God. For instance, we can observe three moments of the development of an existing plant in spring. They are as follows: (1) budding, (2) blooming, and (3) seeding. Further, in the Bible, in Ch. 24 of Matthew, Jesus Christ, tells us to study the moments of the fig tree. These moments give us ideas of how we might identify the past and future moments of the darkening of our sun. The moments of some things on a planet are very complex because a planet has large things. For instance, scientists cannot be sure that the earth is currently warming due to our technological mistakes. I question the ‘warming theory’ because scientists do not study the universe as an organization of independent things. I conclude that ‘earth’s water’ is a very large thing and might be developing a new moment. Like small things have consistent independent parts (e.g., a whole human being), I believe that large things also have consistent independent parts.

To self develop, a person must conclude immediately that the mind is an independent thing and is thus not a shadow of the brain as current scientists believe. As an independent thing, your mind will have a beginning, middle, and end. The moments of your mind will develop after birth in the middle region. This development will continue until you die and pass on. So, the moments that one will find in your mind are created by you. They represent the way you think and feel about the other independent things in the world. Since inconsistent thoughts and feelings can lead to mental and bodily problems, only consistency can lead to a healthy life.