Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, March 31, 2013

204. A New Easter For Jesus, Other Big Thinkers, and Panentheism

Easter is a week of remembrance of the last days of the life of Jesus in the religion of Christianity. Good Friday is the day that Jesus was murdered and Sunday is the day of resurrection of Jesus..

When I was born, my parents took me to a Lutheran Church, where I became a member of this church. After spending three years in the U.S. Army, I graduated from Johns Hopkins University and never returned to Christianity because my research on God, the universe, and the life of Jesus changed my mind.

My research on Jesus says that he studied Greek science, morals, and numbers. He also learned the panentheism of Anaxagoras (see blog 200). Jesus learned that a panentheistic God creates an infinite number of immortal indivisibles. Some of these indivisibles are Little Gods, which are images of  God and are reborn at their death. So God and the indivisibles have always existed   The universe forms when God causes the indivisibles to become related to each other and form different kinds bodies that form the best universe. These bodies are mortal and are thus changing the universe that never ends..

Since Jesus was murdered, Jesus' disciples had to write the New Testament. They did a good job but also made errors.  If Jesus had been able to write the New Testament, he would have told us that Little Gods cannot be resurrected to God, who is One. The New Testament would also have been very different than the Old Testament. With Jesus, Christianity would have absorbed almost all Little Gods in the world.  But Jesus' murder led Christianity away from panentheism for 15 centuries, when Gnosticism became blasphemy.

In the future, Easters should teach panentheism, Jesus, and all other 'Big Thinkers.'

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

203. A Message to Colleges and Universities

When a child attends a college or university, the teachers of the school of physics will not say anything to the child about God because colleges and universities advertise and say that it is 'nonsectarian.'  But colleges and universes are able to teach theology without violating this advertisement because theology separates all theories of God from all practices of religion.  Since I say that God and the universe coexist, it is time for colleges and universities to teach the theory of God to all new students of the school of physics.

If colleges and universities include theology in their program, theology can teach my theory of the oneness of God and the universe with my new book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible With the Intelligent Design Of An Active God.'  And colleges and universities can also teach today's theory on the school of physics --- that God does not exist.

But the colleges and universities must be careful because the school of physics made a major error about the universe by saying that the mathematical statement, t = 0, is identical to the symbol, beginning and that, t =?, is identical to the symbol, end. The t =? must be numbered before one can say that the end is true.  I say that God and the universe (1) had no beginning and (2) has no end. Mathematics cannot be used to make statements about God because God is one and is an unnumbered infinite. On the other hand, the universe has many numbered finite things. Since God and the universe coexist, I searched and found 'functional relations' that relate God and the universe.

I believe that the school of physics must open their minds. And good questions must be asked and answered.  For instance, is the use of space, time, and mass  with Euclidean geometry correct? Or is space, time and indivisibles with Kepler's and Riemann's non-Euclidean geometry more correct?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

202. Tonight, I Identify a New Discovery For Presidents and Other Leaders

Sometime ago, I discovered that God and all other things always coexist. But I wanted to prove these co-existencies  Yesterday and today, I was able to prove scientifically that God and other things do coexist, have coexisted always, and will coexist always. Thus, I have a new message for Presidents and all other leaders of nations, who believe in God, Little Gods, and other things. My message is this:

Since God and other things have coexisted always, only one God can exist and be understood, only one science can exist and be understood, and only one religion can exist. and be understood. Since these oneness es are unknown subjects of most people today, new wars are likely to develop and many people will be killed.

But these wars can be prevented if Presidents and other leaders inform their people of the new world that will come soon.

201. Beginnings and Ends

Physical scientists, deists, atheists, and religions are wrong about 'the end of the universe.' I say that they are wrong because God was not caused. Without a cause, God must be the greatest thing.

When Plato wrote his dialogue on Parmenides, he found that one cannot exist alone. Thus, Plato found that 'God' and 'other things' coexist. Nicholas of Cusa also found that the greatest thing is absolutely maximum and that this maximum is also absolutely minimum. (See On Learned Ignorance, Bk. I, Ch. 2), Accordingly, other things are finite, God is infinite, and God and other things coexist. Among these other things are the Little Gods. So, God and other things had no beginning and will have no end.

Read the blog, 'The End Of The Universe, The Higgs And All The 'Ifs.' (click) In the fifth paragraph, this blog says.

"Our cosmic history begins at the Big Bang, the event that marks the beginning of time. Right after the bang, space started to expand like a balloon and the matter and radiation within it got progressively cooler. Back to the kitchen, we see that the expansion of the Universe works as a kind of refrigerator, causing the temperature to go down. Did matter in the early stages of cosmic history also pass through a phase transition?"

This paragraph says that the Big Bang is the event that marks the beginning of time. In math, time is written as t = 0. However,  math cannot reduce things to t = 0. One can approach things by math, but math cannot achieve beginnings and ends. So, when math equates 't = 0' to the symbol  'beginning', a false statement was made.

The teachings of Jesus and my newest book will correct the statements of physical scientists, deists, atheists, and religions on the subjects of the beginning and end of the universe. On Jesus, see Ch. 24 of Matthew in the New Testament. There, Jesus says that our sun will darken.  So our life on our planet will come to an end. But the end of our sun does not mean that all suns and planets will come to an end. Many suns exist and new suns are always emerging. The transitions of things into hot or cold states are natural.

At Matt. 5:19, Jesus tells us that we will live on other planets. Thus, we must learn how to live in the universe by first learning how to live together on this planet. So the deductive economies of every nation must become inductive.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

200. Bringing Panentheism Back and Into the 21st Century

I conclude that pantheism produced terrible thoughts for the minds of God's Little Gods.  Many of these Little Gods lived with idols before Abraham rejected pantheism and turned to monotheism. But, I say that pantheism will never appear again on this planet.

But when Abraham's monotheismwas developed, the deists identified an eternal God. The deists say that the universe came into existence from God at time = 0. Thus, this God rested and didn't change any laws of this created universe. Since this universe had a beginning and has an end, the deists say that the universe will die as a result of a heat death. Accordingly, atheists only need to remove this deistic God and make the universe with a Big Bang explosion at time = 0. I say that deism and atheism are false theories because time was never zero because God and the universe always existed. So, the only truths exist in panentheism.  Below, I present a new history of panentheism

I say that panentheism began in 500 B.C. with Anaxagoras. (click)  Panentheism was confirmed by Plato in his Parmenides Dialogue. Plato proves that 'One' coexists with other things. Thus, if God is One, it is necessary that God coexists with Little Gods and their infrastructures.  So, God and the universe had no beginning.  And God and the universe will have no end.

I conclude that Jesus traveled to Greece after he was 12 years old. There, he learned panentheism. My studies of the New Testament say that most  scientific teachings of Jesus are about panentheism. When Irenaeus said that Gnosticism was blasphemy (click) , I conclude that the scientific teaching of  panentheism by Jesus weree lost for 2000 years. Only my new book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design of An Active God' will bring panentheism back into the 21st century..

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

199. Pantheism, Deism, Panentheism, and Theism

The concepts of God and the universe are defined by four major concepts, such as pantheism, deism, panentheism, and theism.  Thee four concepts are very important to all Little Gods. So, I will explain how I view the productions and meanings of these four concepts. Note, the spelling of panentheism is still not found in the spell-check.  Yet, panenheism is the ony truths about God and the universe.

Pantheism produced idolatry in the early history of the God Kings. But, pantheism died when monotheism was developed by Abraham.

Deism has a God that is inactive after creation. This God also has a heaven for Jews and some Christians. With deists, the laws of the universe are currently unknown because God is not talking to the Little Gods. So, the Higgs boson is expected to produce the laws of the universe. So, the production of deism couldl be very uncertain for many centuries. So, I see many wars are ahead.

Panentheism was developed slowly because the scientific teachings of Jesus were not interpreted correctly by Christians. But panentheism is ready to produce a beautiful and endless universe to all Little Gods. To achieve panentheism, the deductive economies of all nations must be replaced by inductive economies.  Since this universe has an active God, the souls of all Little Gods are given new bodiess forever. I see full peace ahead.

Atheism will produce only what an atheist produces.

Now, let me present today's meanings of these four concepts.  Pantheism means that the universe exists because God divides himself and made the universe with his parts. Thus, a pantheistic God no longer exists.  Deism means that God created the universe and then rested. So, God does not interact with the laws of the universe. Panentheism means that God and the universe coexist. God creates the universe with his attributes. These aributes cannot be exhausted. So, God ineracts with the universe. Finally, atheism means that God does not exist. So, an atheist believes that Big Bang physical thing made the universe.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

198. An Active God vs. Evolutionary Theory

In 1859, a book on evolutionary theory by Charles Darwin was sent to the USA quickly by England's Thomas Henry Huxley in order to destroy Lincoln's belief 'thaat all men are created equal.' Lincoln became President but was eventually assassinated. Huxley's God is deism.  This God is inactive and denies all interferences of the Creator on the laws of the universe. The varying views of deism are shown below.(click) , (click)
Atheism: The view of those who do not believe in the existence of a deity, but do not claim to know if a deity does or does not exist.
Theism: The view of those who do not claim to know of the existence of any deity, but still believe in such an existence.
Agnosticism: The view that there is no proof of either the existence or nonexistence of any deity, but since any deity that may exist appears unconcerned for the universe or the welfare of its inhabitants, the question is largely academic.
Strong agnosticism:  The view that the question of the existence or nonexistence of a deity or deities, and the nature of ultimate reality is unknowable by reason of our natural inability to verify any experience with anything but another subjective experience. A strong agnostic would say, "I cannot know whether a deity exists or not, and neither can you."
Weak agnosticism:  The view that the existence or nonexistence of any deities is currently unknown but is not necessarily unknowable; therefore, one will withhold judgment until evidence, if any, becomes available. A weak agnostic would say, "I don't know whether any deities exist or not, but maybe one day, if there is evidence, we can find something out.
The existence of God was presented in my first book,  'The First Scientific Proof of God.'  But in my second book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design of An Active God,'  Nicholas shows that God unites all opposites.  So. God is thus inactive and active because God is perfect and must create the best of all universes.  So, Darwin's  evolutionary theory, Huxley's agnosticism, and England's primogeniture program are false.

After reading this blog, your eyes should be opened widely and your  mind should be changing fast.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

197. The Little Gods and Their Governmnet Must Accept An Active God

If the boson of Higgs explains how all things exist in the universe,  the boson must also explain how humans, apes, etc. come from evolutionary theory. After these explanations, the Higgs boson must also explain why humans, animals, and plants exist?  The minds of physical scientists must be opened to greater thoughts by Little Gods. One of these Little Gods is Plato and his dialogues and questions.

I asked questions when I looked at the evening sky and saw two things, many stars and many black skies. So, I asked, 'Where do these two different things come from?' In my first book (click),  I conclude that these stars and black skies are finite and came from a thing that is very different. Since this different thing is neither a star nor a black sky, Thus, this different thing is not a contrary to all finite things. It is a positive thing, which is infinite and functionally related to all finite things. This functionally related infinite thing is called God.  So, we can't know an infinite thing.  But in my second book(click) , l am learning to know how God made the stars and black skies and I am learning why God placed Little Gods, animals, and plants on the planets of black skies.

I am learning that God has given a continuous life to Little Gods, animals, and plants. But I am also learning that many Little Gods, who had received powerful minds from God, do not appreciate any rebirths.  For instance, last evening, I watched a movie of the 1908 activities of Little Gods in a town near Mexico in Arizona. The women, which were born in this town, were raped continually by American and Mexican gun men. Even the sheriffs were rapers.  Thus, all nations must have the same justice system.

Rebirths of Little Gods are real and can be very ugly because many places of rebirths have no justice at all. God does not govern nations. Thus, even a rich person can be reborn in a place where justice is absent.

Friday, March 22, 2013

196. Challenging Atheism

Physical scientists say that a whole is equal to the sum of its parts.  This saying is true about wholes that are man-made. Thus, one can take an automobile apart and count the number of parts. But Galileo found that God-made wholes have an infinite number of indivisible parts.This means that the parts of all of wholes of God cannot be counted (See p.34) Apparently, God's wholes  are unknown, non-understood, or rejected by physical scientists. So, we cannot explain why many Little Gods have become ignorant atheists.

In yesterday's blog, I said that John McCarthy gave artificial intelligence to a machine called a computer. This machine's intelligence came from the mind of McCarthy, not from a culture and a physical atom. Thus, John is an image of God. But John passed on in 2011. But his mind is immortal.  So, God gave John's mind a new infrastructure called ' body.' Since we will never know where a human mind is placed by God, all Little Gods must be equal in every nation.

Physical scientists believe that John discovered the machine's intelligence and proved it. The mind does not work that way. Cusa says that mind takes its name fom 'measure.' The mind comes before anything in the universe is formed because the mind perseives and measures all things.(Nicholas of Cusa, De Mente)

Inequalities must thus be destroyed. Accordingly, atheism must be challenged worldwide.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

195. Developing the Little Gods

If Ben Franklin had not gone to Germany to learn the monads of Gottfried Leibniz and if Ben had not made changes to Thomas Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence (DOI), many Americans would be either empiricists or atheists today. So, all Little Gods must learn how to limit empiricism to the potentials God gave them. (click)

However, a new group of empiricists are trying to expand empiricism with Darwin's theory of evolution. With evolution, they expect to determine the values of the Little Gods in different cultures. The founder of this group is Sam Harris, who started the Project Reason. (click)  But Harris and his followers are not winning subjects such as the law of identity, determinations, or atheism.  (click), (click). An identity will not be found in the universe that God made and that I defined.

Empiricists want to prove that the intelligence of the Little Gods can be reduced to the artificial intelligence of man-made machines.  Beware of this proof because they could say that the Big Bang theory is true. John McCarthy (1927-2011), a computer and cognitive scientist, coined the term artificial intelligence. He developed the Lisp programming language family and influenced the design of the ALGOL programming language. (click), (click), (click)

God gave potentials to all Little Gods. When  a Little God turns a potential to an actual, like McCarthy did, a Little God has risen to a higher idea. These higher ideas were taught by Plato long ago. I cannot understand how today's nations can have criminal people, when all Little Gods must always develop higher ideas in their lives.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

194. Americans Must Rationalize

Many U.S colonists were mechanical thinkers. One was Thomas Jefferson, who was born in 1743 and graduated at William and Mary in 1762.  As a mechanical thinker, Jefferson;s mind was like  today's empiricists who continually fight against rationalism. Today, these empiricists also say that universe had a beginning and has an end. But when Jefferson was asked to draft the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin and John Adams had to change this draft drastically because it was filled with mechanical thoughts. 

So, Ben Franklin, rather than Jefferson. was sent to England, France and Germany. This trip was taken ten years before the war with England would begin. In England, Ben would learn England's empiricism (click), logic (click), and Locke's social contract (click). In France, Ben would learn the social contract of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. (click)  And, in Germany, Ben would learn Leibniz's paper on Monadology  (click) and the monads that Leibniz built. Leibniz's monads are images of a God that has no parts.  Thus, Leibniz's  monads have no parts. Thus, in Germany, Ben learned about the Little Gods and how they co-existence and come together to form a spatial universe.

In all nations, physicists, empiricists, and politicians have developed the same ugly minds.  Their minds are ugly because hey cannot open their minds to rationalize anything other than machines. These ugly minds destroy Little Gods, animals, and plants because they say that everything is mechanical.  It is time to open their minds to the truth about life.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

193. The Fall of the United States of America

Galileo (1464-1642) learned from Poland's, Copernicus, that the sun was the center of earth. But Galileo also found two new sciences (click), which led to modern science. However, when Galileo found two new sciences, he also found a new mathematics in which all bodies have an infinite number of indivisibles.( See Seeger, Ch.6)

With modern science and a new mathematics of all bodies, two major Little Gods appeared, Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716) and Isaac Newton (1642-1727). The minds of these two Little Gods became opposed. Leibniz saw no beginning or end in the universe and saw 'space' as the order of co-existences and 'time' as an order of successions. On the other hand, Newton saw a beginning and an end in the universe and saw space and time as absolutes.  Physicists accepted Newton's theory of the universe.

When the USA was founded, Ben Franklin convinced the colonists of (1) Locke's social contract, (2) the immortality of the human soul, and (3) Leibniz's view of an endless universe. A nation of 'one People' was then authorized in the Declaration of Independence (DOI). Hamilton, Clay, and Lincoln became the leaders of the new nation. But Lincoln was assassinated and lawyers reinterpreted the DOI to have no laws.  Without laws, the DOI became useless. And Leibniz's view of the universe was destroyed in favor of Newton and a deductive economy was established in the USA by the GOP. 

But in 1905, Albert Einstein found that space is not absolute. So, lots of progress was lost in the USA. To save Newton's universe, physicists are trying to unify 'space and time' with a physical thing known as the Higgs boson. This thing is not possible because Galileo proved mathematically that any body in the universe has an infinite number of indivisibles.  Since the Higgs boson is a physical thing, physical scientists are saying that all humans are mechanical or nonliving things. I reject their thoughts.

The USA is falling apart day by day.  Politically, the GOP has become isolated from the founders of the USA and its 'One People.' At least, President Obama is trying to move the USA forward.

Monday, March 18, 2013

192. More On Pope Francis

In my local newspaper, Pope Francis speaks of  'the church of the poor.' However, I do not believe that he is talking only about the 90% of poor Little Gods in the USA or the poor Little Gods in Argentina.  Instead, I believe that he is concerned about the vast inequities among the rich and poor in the world and the pressures of Western-style capitalism.

To me, the thoughts of Pope Francis are focused on the right subject --- inequalities --- because capitalists cannot govern every nation under God. Nor can a capitalist govern a universe that has no end. As I presented in my blogs from 173 to179,  capitalists are using ungodly deductive  economies.  In a deductive economy one will find many inequalities in the Little Gods.

My theory of God and the universe says that every Little God will be reborn by God after death.  In my study of the New Testament, Jesus agrees with my theory. If God's rebirths are true, all inequities are unwanted by any leader of any nation.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

191. Knowledge Cannot Be Completed

In Part I of my book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible,' I discuss the history of knowledge.  I also say that the history of knowledge began when a Little God was discovered 4.4 million years ago.  This Little God had an upright posture for walking and a vocal track for talking.

Apparently, walking and talking was not final for the Little Gods. So, about 1.75 million years ago, tools appeared in the hands of the Little Gods.(click). And modern tools would soon appear in Africa 44,00 years ago. But in 5000 B.C., the Little Gods made a big step forward in knowledge. In this step, the Little Gods began to write. They made scripts and scriptures. (click)

Do you believe that the history of knowledge is coming to an end? Many scientists, who do not believe in God, say that knowledge of the universe is coming to an end.  And many religions say that their knowledge of God and the universe are coming to an end.

I say that God and the universe have no end and that the knowledge of Little Gods is growing continually. Thus, war mongers, criminals, drugists, money exchangers, physicists, atheists, and religious leaders better open their minds.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

190.Physicists Have More Questions Than Answers

Physicists announced this week hat they are more confident of the "Higgs-like" particle, This particle is called the Higgs boson but is also called the 'God particle.'  British physicists Peter Higgs must thus explain why matter has mass and why Einstein equation,  E =MC2 , is true and how the Big Bang created things that came from nothing about 13 billion years ago. (click)

Certain properties of the Higgs-like particle are consistent with what is predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics.  For example, the Higgs boson is said to have no rotation, or "spin," and in the Standard Model its parity—a measure of how the particle's mirror image behaves—should be positive. Thus. physicists are a long way to go to know what a Higgs boson is because it might be something more unusual, such as a composite made up of particles.

But hasn't the 'neutron' found to move faster than a 'photon'?  And if the Higgs boson is a particle, why don't physicists agree with Galileo, who says that all bodies in the universe have an infinite number of infinitesimal parts?

Friday, March 15, 2013

189. More On The New Pope

The Catholic Church and Pope Francis could become important economic leaders of the world if Jesuits accepted the inductive economy and present it to Latin and South Americans and show them how to remove the deductive economy from their nations. My discussion of the difference between the deductive and inductive economies is presented in my blogs from 173 to179..

In the USA, President Obama and most Democrats are fighting for the inductive economy, which is a national economy developed by Americans such as Franklin, Hamilton, Clay, and Lincoln. The fight by Obama is against the deductive economy, which is defended by most Republicans. The deductive economy minimizes the national government, raises the rights of the States, and reduces taxes in order to win a world market.

The difference between the deductive and inductive economies is maximum. Thus, these economies are like night and day.  The deductive economy assumes that all Little Gods have only one life. The teaching of Jesus is against the deductive economy. Thus, Jesus teaches the inductive economy, which assumes that all Little Gods are reborn after death and live forever.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

188. The New Pope

Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio from Buenos Aires, Argentina, became the new Pope at age 76.  He is the first non-European pope in more than 1,200 years and is the first member of the Jesuit order to lead the church.  Jesuits have founded many schools and colleges – including Georgetown University and Boston College.  Since the new Pope is a student of chemistry, science and religions could become closer organizations. Accordingly  the new Pope can be expected to treat science more kindly.
The Jesuit order is called the Society of Jesus. While Jesuits expects God to be found 'in' all things, I must teach them about the true meaning of the symbol 'in.'  I must also challenge them because they still believe that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God. This belief is not possible because all humans are Little Gods, who live in the universe forever with knowledge of the acts of God.

The prior pope, Pope Benectict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger of Germany)  made promises on the meaning of infinity, a very critical subject about God and Jesus.  But, I never heard any results on this subject. Yet, I found that the concept of the infiinity of God cannot be numbered whereas the infinitiess in the universe's bodies can be numbered.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

187.Science and Religion Must Come Together

Yesterday, I say that a greatest thing is God. Since the greatest thing is a maximum thing, it can never be less than this maximum thing. A greatest thing is thus one.  Because of its oneness, the greatest thing unites its maximum and minimum and will unite all opposites that bring God and the universe together.  So, the greatest thing cannot be known by any Little God. Furthermore, a greatest thing cannot be compared with the bodies of the universe or the  senses, reason, or intellect of the Little Gods.  But the Little Gods can learn how a greatest thing acts when it creates a universe.

As a Little God, I study the universe that was created by the greatest thing. In the greatest thing, I found that God is a whole that has no parts. But in the universe, I found that all Little Gods are able to find bodies. In any body, the Little Gods will find a whole that has an infinite number of parts. Thus God is not numbered.  But all bodies in the universe are numbered. This is why Jesus spoke of numbered hair at Matt. 10:30.

To find other knowledge of God's acts and other knowledge of the universe, I suggest that all scriptures be viewed by Little Gods as 'possible information' because every scripture is made by Little Gods and are not made by God.  I make this suggestion because a begotten Son of God cannot be a part of God. Thus, Jesus is a Little God who did a great scientific and moral job in the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Christianity also says that Jesus was born without a Father. Conceiving Jesus with his Mother and without his Father is not possible because God acts all rebirths the same way.

It is thus time for religions and scientists to work together.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

186. The Little Gods Are Playing In The Mud

In the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa studied the minds of the Little Gods and concluded that the senses, reason, and intellect of the Little Gods can apprehend things in the universe. He also found that the minds of the Little Gods cannot know the greatest thing, which is new view of God.

Cusa found that the greatest thing cannot be known by the little Gods because the greatest thing has a maximum that is absolute. Since the greatest thing cannot be less than it is, the greatest thing also has a minimum that is absolute. Thus, the 'maximum and minimum' of God can create all Little Gods and other things for the universe.  But God's knowledge cannot be compared with the 'maximum and minimum' of the Little Gods and little things of the universe.

Working on knowledge, Cusa made his book 'On Learned Ignorance' in 1442. But his work was very scientific.  So his book was not understood by Christian leaders because Christianity rejected Gnosticism.   So, his book disappeared for a long time and did not reappear in the USA until 1981. However, the Little God's had an opportunity to move forward in the late 17th and early18th centurie,s when the USA was preparing for war with England

In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, Isaac Newton said that space is part of a greatest thing. or God.  Newton's absolute space was widely accepted until the 20th century, when Albert Einstein found that space is a 'relation' among the all things in the universe. For example, when a person is standing outside of a passing train, this person will see people on the train walking forward or backward. People who walk forward will be moving faster than the train and people who walk backward will be moving slower than the train.  

However, Newton's absolute space had been challenged by Gottfried Leibniz in the early years of 18th century to Newton's celebrated disciple of  Newton, Samuel Clarke.pace and time are not absolutes. Leibniz told Clark that space is a relation among co existences and that time is the relation of successions. So, in the 18th century, the minds of the Little Gods could have moved forward. Instead, the Little Gods of the 21st century are moving deeper and deeper, into a pile of mud.

Monday, March 11, 2013

185. Selecting A New Pope

Currently, discussions in Italy will soon select a new Pope. Since major changes in the field of religion are in process, the new Pope could become a very important leader in these changes.

One important change are the Little Gods, who are immortal and are reborn by God after their death.  Since these rebirths have no end, God and the Little Gods had no beginning. So, I conclude that scientists of the world will soon reject Albert Einstein's belief that the universe had a beginning. So, the new Pope must revisit the New Testament, 'The Revelation of St. John The Divine' because God and the universe has no beginning and has no end.

Another important change is the life of Jesus. Since Galileo tell us that all bodies in the universe have an infinite number of parts, no parts will  be found in God. So God is One. Accordingly, Jesus' life must be viewed as a Little God, who has been reborn by God many times.

Other changes will be found in my book on "A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God.'(click)

184. The Wealth For All Little Gods Are Equal

When the Little Gods began to trade and compete, the number of Little Gods grew. Then, as each  nations grew, more and more goods were demanded by the Little Gods. So, trading had to became freer as these demands grew.

In time, services had to be added to the daily demands. However, the increased needs for goods and services produced unequal Little Gods.  Because of these inequalities, some Little Gods became poor and other Little Gods became rich and richer. Some Little Gods say that these different riches is natural.

But in the USA, the Dela ration of Independence (DOI) said that 'all Men are created equal.' So, the development of inequalities in the USA by the goods and services were violating the DOI.  But the U.S. Congress said that the DOI has no laws. I reject this Congress. The DOI and the Constitution have laws because the USA has a private sector and public sector.

Since the development of different wealth for all Little Gods is coming from the deductive economies of all nations, I say that this development is opposed to work of an active God, who gives new births to all Little Gods after their death. When an active God gives a Little God to a man and women, these gifts from God should not be unequal.

Thus, the riches of some Little Gods are unnatural.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

183. A Summary of My New Research

In 9000 B.C., the Little Gods added qualities to the quantitative tokens.  The additions of  these qualities increased trading and developed competition. This trading and competition continued into the 21st century.In the 21st century, many Little Gods still held the belief that they had only one life in the universe, but has a second life if God puts them in Heaven. Today, some Little Gods are rejecting this belief. But this rejection has not offered an alternative belief.  So, these Little Gods have turned into atheism.

However,,I developed an alternative to this ancient belief.  First ,I proved that God exists. (click)  This proof was accepted recently by Scientific God Inc. (click)  Based on my proof, some Little Gods began to turn away from atheism. But after six more years of research, I went beyond God's existence and developed knowledge of God and the universe. This new information is presented in my second book, 'A New and Modern  Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God.' (click) Today, I can say that all Little Gods will live forever in the universe.  And, they will be cared for by an active God forever.

Today, the PARADE magazine says 'What People Earn.' These earnings represent today's deductive economy. Isn't is time to change the USA and other nations by installing the inductive economy, which  I discuss in my recent blogs?

Saturday, March 09, 2013

182. Wealth Cannot Exist Under An Active God

All deductive economies must be changed because they are ungodly.  So an inductive economy must be installed in every nation.

The major reason for changing these economies will be found in the intelligent design of an active God. In this design, I found that an active God causes the effects of all souls and gives a new body to a soul after a person dies.  This cause and effect can occur in any nation. Thus, a person in the USA could be reborn in Russia, India, Iran, Brazil, etc.

Now, assume that a U.S. man and woman became wealthy.  If they had children, these children would inherit their wealth after they died. But this man and woman have no knowledge of the origin of their children. Since their children could have come from Russia, India, Iran, Brazil, etc., their children would inherit all of their wealth.  If this wealth continues, only some unknown Little Gods can become wealthy and other unknown Little Gods will become poor. This is what has happened in all nations

So, the idea of wealth in an inductive economy will not be found in the intelligent design of an active God.

Kindle Version of My Book (click)

Friday, March 08, 2013

181. God Is Active In Our Dynamic Universe, Which Has No End.

Currently, deductive and inductive economies are discussed in blogs on the website of Google. (click)  As seen in these discussions, God is not being considered in the development of any deductive or inductive economy, even though God exists and is active in the dynamics of all planets and heavens. An active God must be included in every discussion of a deductive or inductive economy.

So, unless one recognizes that God is active in an inductive economy and takes no action to remove a deductive economy, the economy of a nation will be governed by criminals, atheists, and hoarders.

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

180. The U.S. Congress Must Stop All Layoffs and Create Full Employment Until the Inductive Economy Becomes Functional

My recent blogs have shown that the deductive economy is false and ungodly. So, it is time for all nations to change and install the inductive economy. 

Thus, in the USA, I request Congress to stop all layoffs, public and private, so that all Little Gods can be secured permanently and fully employed in a happy job until all functional relations of the USA have been determined. I suggest that other nations make the same changes

179. The Functional Inductive Economy

Based on the history of the deductive and inductive economies, I conclude that the inductive economy is true and the deductive false.  So, throughout this planet, the life of all Little Gods has been wrong and ungodly and must be changed.

Why is the deductive economy wrong? The deductive economy became untrue after the true God and true universe were found by Anaxagoras and Plato and Jesus and other 'big thinkers' began to teach the new God and universe. These big thinkers rejected the 'beginning and end' of a  God and universe, which are not unified.  Then, they accepted the God and universe, which are unified and thus had no beginning and has no end.

The inductive economy is correct because all of its parts are functionally related.  Thus, all humans are reborn after they die. So, human life is continuous, without family riches. Thus, all nations must work together functionally.  Nations must build functional infrastructures on this planet.  And our nations must locate life on other planets.  Accordingly, money is a functional cause of all ends. Since freedom will be found only in God, the 'life and work' of all humans will be 'equal and different.'  Full employment, four-day work weeks, and enjoyment become social  functional relations.

So, the unrestricted laissez-faire, free markets,  unhampered exercise of private property, limited government, and full State rights must be eliminated.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

178. A History of the Inductive and Deductive Economies

Inductive and deductive economics have a long history. For example, the Peloponnesian war would bring an inductive economy and Sparta together. And this war would bring a deductive economy and Athens together.  This togetherness occurred in 431 B.C. After a 27 year war, the inductive economy and Sparta won. But around the same time, Anaxagoras spoke of the world as 'everything in everything.' In time, Plato proved that Anaxagoras was correct.  So, Plato developed the Republic, which had a philosopher king.

Thus, when Jesus went to Greece to study the God and universe of Anaxagoras and Plato, he returned to his Jewish friends to teach God, universe, and an inductive economy. But many Jews rejected  the teachings of Jesus and had him put on the Cross. Then, when Christianity was organized,  the teachings of Jesus on Gnosticism was rejected, With this rejection, the metaphysical thoughts of an inductive economy would never come in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

A deductive economy held its power for a long time in these religions. But the deductive economy would be weakened in the 15th, 16th, and 17th century by the writings of Nicholas of Cusa, Galileo, and Leibniz. Their work would give new life to God, the universe, and the inductive economy. Then, in the 18th century, Ben Franklin would bring God, the universe, and an inductive economy into the American colonists.

In 1776, an inductive economy and Locke's social contract theory were installed in the USA as a nation of  'one People.' The initial leaders were Franklin, Hamilton, Clay, and Lincoln.  Franklin informed the people about the immortality of the human souls. But Hamilton lost his life to save nationalism; Clay lost the American System to Congress; and Lincoln was assassinated. After Lincoln's death, a deductive economy has been controlling the life of Americans and people in all other nations. Since a deductive economy frees all Americans and the people of other nations, the deductive economy will destroy God. A deductive economy is thus the origin of atheism.

An inductive economy does not destroy God because God, the universe, and the people work together forever. Thus, the development of the human mind is very important. If an inductive economy is used, the people of that nation will stay on the path to God. A deductive economy will not take people on any path to God.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

177. The Creme of a Deductive Economy

In the USA, a deluctive economy has been  operating ever since President Lincoln was assassinated. This deductive economy authorizes all Little Gods in the USA to achieve personal goals that are authorized by the State in which they live. The deductive economy limits government to securing the Little Gods.

However, the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution requires all Little Gods to form a more perfect Union. So the personal goals of the little Gods must be limited to 'after work' goals. Thus, these constitutional words are saying that an inductive economy must become functional in the USA and in all other nations.

How was the inductive economy of President Lincoln replaced by the deductive economy?  The earliest answer came from Jesus. He taught that all evils come from within and defiles the Little Gods.  (Mark 7:23).  Unfortunately, today's justice system is still evil. Instead of correcting all Little Gods, white collar criminals are freed so a deductive economy will make a few Little Gods y rich.  And, at the same time, 90% of many Little Gods became poor. In other words, Lincoln's mind on 'all men are created equal,' was quieted.

The Little Gods, who made the deductive economy, can be corrected. Theirr evils will go away and an inductive economy will appear with a great force. In the USA, the GOP, the Tea Party, and some Democrars ares the major orgines of the dedective economy.

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Monday, March 04, 2013

176. Deductive Economies Are In Deep Trouble

If we ask the world economists, 'What is the economy of your nation?', the economists in all nations will say, 'The  economy is deductive and functions for Little Gods, who seek  personal goals.'  To provide more info, the economists will say, 'It is a laissez-faire or free enterprise economy that functions in free world markets.' To add political info, the economists  would also say, 'That the U.S. economy has  private property rights and has a government that is limited to the defense of person and property.'

Today, the U.S. Congress is debating the goodness of the U.S. deductive economy.  These debates are necessary because this economy is producing strange results in my research of God and the universe. For instance, in the USA, a deductive economy has produced very rich and very poor Little Gods.  Ii also produced a huge debt, a larger government, a reduction of scientific and mathematical people, a large number of criminal people, a large number of unemployed people, a large number of children who are becoming lost because they can't afford higher education,  etc. So, deductive economies are not responding to the goals of Little Gods. The parts of a deductive economy are sloppy facts. Metaphysics must be put to work.

I conclude that the world's economists do not know the minds of the Little Gods and do not understand God or the universe. They also do not know the problem of rebirths. For instance, a rich Little God could be reborn by God in a poor nation that accepts slavery. And a poor Little God could be reborn by God in a family that is rich. Thus, a deductive economy is unfair and God will not fix this economic problem. We must learn that equal Little Gods will always serve all Little Gods on any planet in the universe.

Deductive economies will lead only to wars. Nations will remain in deep trouble until they learn about God and the universe.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

175 .A Model of An Inductive Economy

In my blog yesterday, I said that an inductive economy is necessary to build democracies for the nation of all Little Gods. Unfortunately, many Little Gods are not interested in learning about inductive economies because they do not know how the human mind works. So, they will develop democracies based only on a deductive economy.

But a deductive economy will be developed only by a small number of Little Gods.  This small number of Little Gods have either become atheists or believe that the universe will come to an end. Such Little Gods have convinced all other Little Gods that inequities are necessary. So deductive economies have become the true economy of all wealthy Little Gods.

If a democracy authorizes a deductive economy, the economy will grow and attain some maximum economic level.  A deductive economy can be modeled geometrically with an 'increasing cone.' In time, the cone changes to a steady 'cylinder. Finally, the cylinder becomes weakened and  changes to a 'decreasing cone.' When the cylinder changes, criminals appear because some Little Gods become unemployed and don't have the knowledge or age they need to be employed. Since crime, terrorism, and wars are appearing all over this planet, it is clear that deductive economies will never work. Accordingly,  inductive economies are needed for every nation.

Recently, a meteor exploded and sent high speed dirt into Russia, which broke many windows. Did the meteor explode itself or did a UFO cause the explosion? (click) I believe that a UFO did explode the meteor. I hold this belief because God unifies all opposing symbols of our minds, that God is inactive and active, and that God is absolute and perfect and could only create the best universe with an Intelligent Design. So, beyond our planet, I believe that many Little Gods are living on other planets. Below, I present a spiralling cone.  It is a model of all Little Gods who live on different planets.
It is time for scientists and atheists to put God on top of the table for debates.  It is also time for GOP and other national leaders to stop promoting deductive economics.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

174. Only An Inductive Econmy Will Work In Democracies

After President Lincoln was assassinated, a portion of Little Gods turned their thoughts to an inactive God, who made a universe that comes to an end. So, these Little Gods would turn to a deductive economy. The other portion of Little Gods would turn to an active God, who makes a universe that has no end. These Little Gods would turn to an inductive economy

By distinguishing deductive and inductive economics, I can say that our knowledge will separate these two economies very clearly. For instance, a deductive economy will depend on senses, which produce facts.  On the other hand, an inductive economy will depend on senses, which produce wholes.

In Leibniz's work on monadology, the souls are able to perceive and unify the perceptions. So, when God brings a soul to a new body, a new whole or life begins. Since 'all Men are created equal,' they must participate in building a nation, as the Constitution says, 'to form a more perfect union.'
Galileo also teaches wholes.  He found that all created bodies are wholes that have an infinite number of infinitesimal parts.  Only God can make such wholes. When man makes a whole, what is made will only have a finite number of parts, which can be increased in number.

When we make an inductive economy, we must assemble it with a countable number of parts. But when we want to make a deductive economy, we must act like God and search for an infinite number of parts. Building a deductive economy is thus nonsense in a world that has nonliving machines and living humans. This is why a completed  reductive economy will never be found. The concept 'reductive' has no clear meaning,

The first U.S. depression was in 1807. Other depressions were: 1815-21, 1873-79, 1920-21, and the 1929-33 Great Depression. Perhaps our economists are not considering God in their thoughts.

Friday, March 01, 2013

173. A Deductive Economy Will Not Work In Any Nation

A follower of the economist, Adam Smith,  was Ludwig von Mises. He was born in Austria in 1881, came to the USA in 1940, and died in 1973. He developed  a deduct­ive science (click) of economics based on the belief that Little Gods act in order to achieve desired goals. He concluded that the only viable economic policy for Little Gods was a policy of unrestricted laissez-faire, of free markets and the unhampered exercise of the right of private property, with government strictly limited to the defense of person and property within its territorial area.

Inductive reasoning is the opposite of deductive reasoning and is not generally accepted in science. While deduction begins with the general and ends with the specific, induction takes an idea from the specific to the general. Induction thus goes against the principles of the scientific method but allows me to conduct research on God.

Thomas Dilorenzo,  professor of economics at Loyola University, is a senior member of the Mises Institute. He wrote an article on 'The Founding Fathers of Participatory Fascism.'  (click)  Recently, he spoke of  'Participatiory Fascism: Hamilton, Clay, Lincoln and the Cause of Economic Nationalism.'  He said that this national system was cemented into place during the American “Civil War,” and was the ultimate victory of a political movement that was led at first by Alexander Hamilton, and then by Henry Clay, and then Lincoln.

Essentially, the deductive economy of Mises is based on atheism, physical science, an inactive God, a universe that ends, and a belief that God has a heaven. It is also based on people, who push for States Rights.

The Mises Institute is now outdated because I have found an active Go, who created the universe;  gives us a new life after death; and never ends the universe. So, I am searching for inductive economes.