Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea VIII (Using Plato’s Negative and the Sword of Jesus Christ)

In yesterday’s blog, I created a new meaning for the symbol ‘socialism’ by using Plato’s negative. Plato’s negative is presented in his Sophist dialogue at 257b. There, he says, 'When we speak of ‘that which is not,’ it seems that we do not mean something contrary to what exists but only something that is different.' These words move our mind out of Aristotle’s 'either/or' logical thinking and into Plato’s 'both/and' dialectical thinking.

So, my new meaning of socialism is achieved merely by transforming Karl Marx’s atheistic socialism into God’s socialism (or social democracy), which becomes part of God’s intelligent design of our world. The meanings of atheistic socialism and social democracy can thus coexist on the same planet.

The coexistence of ideas tells us that God’s intelligent design allows possible ‘developments’ and ‘degenerations’ of man''s behaviors. Foe instance, God’s intelligent design allows the ideology of atheistic socialism to develop into the ideology of social democracy and allows the ideology of social democracy to degenerate into the ideology of atheistic socialism.

When a person uses Plato’s negative, the mind acts like a sword and divides mental ideas into coexisting oppositions. I conclude that Jesus Christ taught this mental activity at Matt. 10:34 where he says, ‘Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.’ I conclude that Jesus Christ used dialectical thinking and was a great communicator.

Just as I divided socialism into a pair of opposites, the founders of the USA negated England’s ungodly arbitrary laws and created a different set of laws. These different laws are opposing laws, if they are godly laws. The founders created such godly laws and presented them in the U.S. Declaration of Independence as ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’ Thus, I have said again and again that the Declaration of Independence is the highest law in the USA and that the Constitution is the second law of the USA..

Today, atheism divides the people of the USA. However, atheism is a ‘degenerating’ process as I said. Thus, if life does exists after death, an atheist will live forever in a continuous and endless degenerating process whereas non atheists will live forever in a continuous and endless developing process. These two forms of life are separating further and further as time passes. Here is my own meaning of Heaven and Hell. I would not want to live the never ending life of an atheist in Hell.

President Obama and today's Democratic Party are leading Ameticans into the developing process whereas all recent republican presidents, republican congresspersons, and Supreme Court judges do not know where to lead Americans.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea VII (Socialism or Social Democracy)

Socialism is a symbol that has two different meanings. Since most world politicians are not aware of these two meanings, very poor debates are heard, for instance, around the national government buildings in Washington.

One meaning can be assigned to the writings of Karl Marx. His socialism was installed in the Soviet Union without God. Without God and his dialectical thinking, Marxist socialism was known as dialectical materialism. Marxism was installed in the Soviet Union. It owned all land and centrally planned national ‘developments.’ When the Soviet Union fell, it became the Russian Federation of fifteen republics that are privatizing. However, without God, the fall of the Soviet Union could have been expected. (click)

To apply the other socialism, a monotheistic God is necessary. With God, socialism has democratic and social parts. This form of socialism can be identified as a social democracy. The democratic part means that all citizens are Spirits. The social part means that all Spirits have formed a Union. The Spirits of the Union have personal interests and responsibilities and common interests and responsibilities. The founders of the USA created this form of socialism.

Since the second meaning of socialism has not been applied in the USA after Abe Lincoln, the political debates in Washington could never reach common grounds on which the Union could be perfected, as the Constitution mandates. For instance, the Democrats will turn away from God to build its party. And Republicans will turn away fro social developments to build its party. So Democrats reduce U.S. morality and Republicans reduce neighboring.

If the Democrats turn to God at all times and Republicans turn to neighboring at all times, I believe that the progress of the USA, as a social democracy, will be very noticeable worldwide. This is the sure path to world peace and lots of happiness.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea VI (Stimulating the U.S. Economy)

The stimulation of the U.S. economy by President Obama is proposed in order to form a more perfect Union. This proposal was not only a promise to his voters. Such a proposal is also required in the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution. This proposal thus makes Obama the only President who is following the presidency of Abe Lincoln to perfect the Union.

Yesterday, many republicans, including Senator McCain, indicate that they will reject Obama’s stimulation proposal. Using symbols, the republicans are saying that ‘stimulation’ means ‘government spending.’ Instead of spending, the republicans want government spending to be reduced so that taxes can be lowered. But can a growing Union be perfected if its government is reduced? Here are some reasons why our government in Washington does not work.

Interestingly, republicans say that they follow Abe Lincoln. This saying is clearly false because Lincoln fought to form a more perfect Union by industrializing the South and developing the West with homesteaders. Why do Republican’s make such a false statement?

I have proven God’s existence scientifically twice. These proofs have never been proven to be false. My proofs indicate that all scriptures are man-made and thus do not have the last truths about God. These proofs also indicate that population growth of humanity is normal. So, I reject that republican idea that government must be reduced to form a more perfect Union. In fact, I conclude that this republican idea is inconsistence with God. Further, I conclude the government spending must always grow with the growth of humanity. So, I conclude that the USA should develop and use a private money system. Otherwise, international money will limit the perfections of the Union.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea V (Atheism)

Ninety years have now passed since American linguists discovered symbolic languages. Fortunately, in the ninth decade of this period, U.S. citizens have selected a new and different leader, President Barack Obama. Perhaps, he will finally install symbolic languages in the USA as he changes and remakes America. However, if President Obama acts to install symbolic languages in our schools, colleges, and universities, enemies will oppose this action.

The major enemy is atheism. This group of people consists of government workers, congresspersons, judges, scientists, mathematicians, medical doctors, investors, business owners, industrials, bankers, naturalists, evolutionists, logicians, and liberals. These atheists do not prove atheism and do not prove that God does not exist. Instead, they merely say that they do not receive signals from God as they can see stars, smell odors, hear sounds, touch things, or taste food. Yet, when I use symbols instead of signals, I can prove the existence of God scientifically. Currently, I have found two scientific proofs of God.

Atheists fail to realize that all finite thing in the universe must have their origin in a monotheistic God. Accordingly, a monotheistic God is not finite. What is in the universe is the result of God’s creative act. And what God is cannot be comprehended by man.

A second enemy is a group of economists and politicians who do not consider God’s creation in their acts and decisions. These people, for instance, will say that an economy has a business cycle and that recessions and depressions will be recovered automatically by business cycles. A human economy cannot be recovered automatically by a business cycle because an economy of humans is not like the supply/demand economy of all lower animals. Apparently, these enemies do not understand God’s creation and do not understand the difference between ‘symbols’ and ‘signals.’ These enemies appear to be followers of evolutionary theory in which humans are equated to the lower animals and behave based on learning theory.

The current stimulation of the USA economy, as recommended by President Obama this week, is thus correct and necessary when a human economy is falling into a recession.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea IV(The 1920 Discovery of Symbols)

When linguists distinguished ‘symbols’ from ‘signals’ in the 1920s, the evolutionary theory of the naturalists was immediately falsified and a monotheistic God became a reality.

However, knowledge about the 1920 discovery was not propagated formally to Americans and the U.S. government workers. In 1931, the incompleteness theorem of Kurt Godel seems to be related to the 1920 discovery. (Click) The 1930 depression might have hidden the discovery from Americans because Susanne Langer’s book on the discovery did not appear until 1942, and republished in 1951 and 1957. The Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction has been formed but has had little success because it focuses on sociology rather than the human mind and the development of self knowledge. (click)

After I read Langer’s book in the late 1980s, I wrote a short paper on symbolic languages and their relations to crime. This paper was of immediate interest to Dr. Robert Heath of the University of Houston. Unfortunately, his U.S. government peer review group misinterpreted his grant application thinking that Dr. Heath would study the relation between national languages and crime. As seen, peer review groups do not always work. Soon, I would retire from the U.S. Department of Justice. When I did, I discussed my thoughts on reducing crime to Attorney General Reno. She was very interested.

After I retired in 1994, I began to study the teaching of Jesus Christ on evilness at Mark 7:15-23. In these verses, Jesus tells us that nothing ‘without’ is defiling. Instead, he says that something within defiles. His words tell me that the defiling thing ‘within’ us is the human mind and the symbols it creates and uses. I conclude that the within thing must be connected to the teaching of Jesus on self knowledge in the Gospel of Thomas.

On pages 160 of my book, I say ‘Jesus taught the cause of crime.’ Since I view crime as a major factor in the failures of nations and economies, I must ask, ‘Why isn’t the U.S. government reducing man’s evilness by perfecting man’s mind?’ I have been suggesting this since the 1980s and in my 2006 book? And why aren’t Christians teaching the ‘within’ thing as Jesus taught? We can hear about the ‘within’ thing only in Christian music.

The ‘within’ thing in us can be perfected only with perfected symbols that we develop and use. So, eliminating the evilness of man is a never ending task of our educational systems because nothing perfect exists in the lower world that God gave us.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea III (Philosophy of Symbols)

As I said in Idea II yesterday, if ‘the people’ want to remake America, they must develop our symbolic languages by our families and our schools, colleges, and universities. To begin this development, I recommend the 1957 book ‘Philosophy in a New Key’ by Susanne Langer. In Chapter 1, she identifies this new key of philosophy with the great discovery of symbols in the 1920s by many independent linguists.

The development of ‘symbols’ raises man above the ‘signals’ of all other animals and places man into the kingdom of God. Lower animals do not develop symbols. But we often act like lower animals. For instance, when we sit at the table to eat, we guide the food on the table into our mouth with a fork. All ‘signals’ from this process must be collected by the senses and must be named, given meaning, measured, functionally related and fed back into this process to make eating a meal pleasurable.

However, man asks questions, such as, Should I go to college? ; Should I take that pill? ; What is my purpose? ; What id that? ; Should I marry? ; Does God exist? : Does life exist after death? : etc. Man seeks answers to such questions continuously. When such questions are asked, ‘symbols’ must be collected by the senses and must be named, given meanings, measured, functional related, and fed back.

What is the difference between collecting signals and collecting symbols? The difference is feedback. The feedback from signals save the bodies of all animals whereas the feedback from symbols save the mind of man. Feedback is necessary for all bodies but is necessary only for the minds of Men.

Accordingly, man’s development and use of symbols require all nations to reject the theory of eschatology, Darwin’s evolutionary theory, atheism, today’s life sciences, today’s cosmology, and today’s unfettered economy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea II (Symbols and the Founding Documents)

To remake America, we must return immediately to the original founding documents --- the Declaration of Independence, Constitution etc. (click) We must return to such historical documents because most of the words that man uses in any document are symbols and thus have meanings that are imperfect and can always be improved.

The physical sciences are on the right path of thoughts. In the physical sciences, the meanings of symbols are exact because the meanings of physical symbols interact with each other in positive ways to form physical laws, such as E = MC2.

Unfortunately, many physical scientists and life scientists say that physical symbols will apply also to every form of life. However, mathematicians recently convinced our bankers that human life can be predicted using physical symbols. Here is one source of today’s economic problems. The use of physical symbols is limited because they can interact with each other only in non living things.

Studies of our founding documents are important because our founders distinguished physical laws from moral laws in the Declaration of Independence. There, our founders speak of ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’ Laws of Nature are determined only by finding truths and falsities whereas Law’s of Nature’s God are determined only by finding rights and wrongs.

One example of a life science is the making of rulings by judges. However, today’s judges are making new laws as well as making rulings based on existing laws. Judges must limit themselves to rulings because only ‘the people,’ through Congress, can be the legislative force in a free nation under God.

Today, U.S. citizens are divided into believers and non believers, rich and poor, white and black, Democrats and Republicans, etc. only because the development of symbolic languages in the USA is virtually nonexistence. Remaking America is thus possible, but only if we restudy our founding documents and develop our symbolic languages properly at schools, colleges, and universities.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea I (My Proofs of God)

I started to improve the nations of the world in June 2006 when I published a very different book on God. The title is, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ (click) Simultaneously, I opened a website to teach this book and expand my thoughts. (Click) Then, I found a second scientific proof of God and presented it in the 11/18/08 blog of my website.

On blogs 10/17/08, 10/18/08, and 10/19/08 I discuss the debates between President Obama and Senator McCain. I ended these blogs by recommending Obama. After he won and was presenting his Inaugural speech, President Obama said, ‘We must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.'

So, in a new series of blogs, I will dust off my 2006 book, assemble my new thoughts, and help President Obama remake America.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The 2009 Inauguration of Barack Obama

The 2009 inauguration was the largest ever seen in Washington, D.C. And the speech of President Obama was the clearest understanding presented by a U.S. president on the founding of the USA. If President Obama programs are successful, the USA will become a social democracy, which is the philosophy of a Union of free Spirits under God.

The rise to the presidency of Barack Obama is being said to be caused by the movement of Martin Luther King, Jr. But no one can determine the exact cause/effect relation of any human action. Human actions are not mechanistic, as evolutionists and atheists say. Under a monotheistic God, the action of a human Spirit cannot be predicted . Accordingly, the movement of Martin Luther King could only influence President Obama.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, XII

In his 15th century writings ‘On Learned Ignorance,’ Nicholas of Cusa agreed with the ancients that the pathway for approaching divine matters is opened only through symbols and that mathematical symbols are suggested because of their certainty. With mathematics, he defined the maximum infinite line and found that this infinite line is also a maximum triangle and that this maximum triangle is a maximum circle and maximum sphere.

These maximum geometries are interesting. For instance, if a square is placed in a finite circle, this square can be projected into another circle precisely as long as the other circle is also finite. However, if this square could be projected into an infinite circle, the square would be all geometries such as circle, triangle, and sphere. So with geometry we can recognize the difference between a monotheistic God and the many different things that God creates with his intelligent design.

In the two examples above, we see that a monotheistic God is distinguished from all created things by the symbols, infinite and finite. Other opposites distinguish God from our world. For instance, in Part IIb of my book, I use the symbols, One-Equality-Union, to represent God and use the symbols, many-inequalities-relations, to represent our world. These symbols unify God and our world. So, I show that only a single world exists.

Today’s logicians do not understand how opposites can coexist. So, in their five reviews of my book (The First Scientific Proof of God), they say that my book is nonsense because it is filled with non sequiturs. I have more news for these atheists. In my 112/18/08 blog, I found ‘The Second Scientific Proof of God.'

When are U.S. logicians and life scientists going to rise above logic in their thoughts about ‘life.’ The thoughts of the atheists are inconsistent with monotheism.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, XI

The development of the English language in the USA and all other national languages in the world have always been inconsistent with the monotheism discovered by Abraham. These inconsistences were not noticeable earlier because the symbol ‘monotheism’ was not defined correctly until the thoughts of Nicholas of Cusa, Galileo, and Gottfried Leibniz rose above the logical reasoning of Aristotle, found Plato’s writings, and ended the very poor development of languages during the Middle Ages. With the work of these persons, the Roman Church tried to stop their advances by the imprisonment of Cusa and Galileo. Today, the Catholic Church still seeks control over the meaning of monotheism. So, beware. But I believe that the Jewish temples, the Catholic and, Protestant churches, and the Islam mosques will die this century unless they change their meaning of monotheism.

The inconsistencies of all national languages with monotheism can be noticed if one makes the following conclusions:

(1) that the English language is only a typical national symbolic language;
(2) that in the 1920s, independent linguists in the Western world discovered that sensual data are primarily symbolic;
(3) that all minds originate in God;
(4) that only the human mind receives all mental abilities from God so man can to measure and control everything we find in God’s lower world using symbolic languages;
(5) that the content of human mind is self-organized by symbolic languages;
(6) that the level of the perfection of the human mind is determined by the quality of the symbolic language developed by a person; and
(7) that the human mind is an immortal Spirit or Soul and cannot be created or destroyed by Nature, as evolutionists say.

The U.S. Declaration of Independence was not a declaration of war. I say that th e Declaration of Independence is the highest law of the USA because it contains two authorities, not one authority as U.S. lawyers say. The first two paragraphs authorize ‘God’ and the remaining words authorize ‘war’ with England, if England starts it. The first two-paragraph authorization is highly consistent with the modern meaning of monotheism. But this consistence was not maintained by the U.S. government after the assassination of Abe Lincoln.

After Lincoln’s death, the developments of the U.S. mind and the U.S. language turned the people of the USA away from the modern monotheism. Since the ancient meaning of monotheism adds mysteries to religions, many people also turned away from God and into atheism.
These turns are very noticeable today with the failure of the U.S. economy and U.S. science, the increased development of poverty, and rapid development of an ultra rich class of citizens. In the January issue of Education Week, one is told that U. S. poverty has an effect on man’s cognition abilities. Further, fewer and fewer poor people can afford private schools and a Promise Scholarship for their children.

It is consistent with a monotheistic God (and the founders) that ‘all Men are created equally.’ It is not consistent with monotheism to build an ultra rich class of citizens in a nation under God.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tell Your Thoughts to Barack Obama

On 6/6/08 I began to blog my thoughts on a new field of thought that I named 'theological science.' This new field of thought unifies the field of theology and the field of science.

In the initial blogs, I concentrated on the development of this new field of thought. Then, I applied this new field of thought to Jesus Christ and the monotheism of God.

I will be sending these blogs to our new president, Barack Obama. Your comments on these blogs will be opened to the new president. So, you have a chance to express your positives or negatives to him.

As usual, I will not publish dirt, scientific or theological trash, or character assassinations.


Errors in My Book: "The First Scientific Book of God"

My book is self-published by authorhouse. (click)

But, when my book was published, either authorhouse's computer or an employee of authorhouse made two errore in my book’s WordPerfect text.

These errors are as follows:
1. On page 38, my words antinomies and Antinomy were changed to antibodies and Antibody respectively.
2. On pages 45, 46, and 50, the name Krantz was changed to Crayons.If you find any other errors, I will post them here for others.

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, X

The connection between our world and a higher world of monotheistic God was not understood by man until the symbol ‘relation’ emerged from the mind of Gottfried Leibniz in the 17th century. He found this new concept when he was combining different ideas in his mind. But Moses came close to this symbol long ago when he identified family ‘relations’ in the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament.

Nicholas of Cusa also came close to identifying the concept ‘relation’ when he converted the earlier Christian Trinity (Father-Son-Holy Spirit) into a scientific expression (One-Equality-Union). (See Cusa’s book ‘On Learned Ignorance,’ Bk. I, Ch. 8.) He did not connect the scientific version of the Trinity to our world. Instead, he conjectured that three different trinities mediate God from our lower world. (See Wertz, William F., Trans. (1993) ‘Toward a New Council of Florence,’ Washington, D.C.: Schiller Institute, Inc. This book includes the writing of Cusa on conjectures.)

In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, Part IIb, I connect Cusa’s scientific Trinity, One-Equality-Union, to our lower world logically. Our world is thus defined conceptually as ‘many-inequalities-related.’ Cusa did not realize that the concept ‘union’ must be opposed and is opposed by the concept ‘relations.’ When modern science emerged in the 17th century, man did not know whether relations were physical things or not. Relations are spiritual ideas, not physical things.

As seen, dialectical thinking allows any human being to face God immediately through any pair of opposites in our symbolic language systems. Obviously, man’s religions have been hiding God from their congregations.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, IX

I argue that the future legacy of any U.S. president, your representatives, or judges will only depend on their thoughts about monotheism. Such thoughts require no help from any religion or scripture because the mind of any human is able to face a monotheistic God directly through any pair of opposites in our languages. Yes, God is no longer hidden by the ancient thoughts about many astral worlds. Such imaginary worlds caused many people to turn away from these mysteries of God and often into atheism.

George W. Bush did secure the USA against world terrorism. But he did not help the people of the USA reduce their evilness and increase their goodness during his eight-year presidency. Thus, I conclude that President Bush cannot be grouped with our great presidents such as Abe Lincoln and JFK. I tried to open his mind about monotheism in a lengthy paper on the failure of 'the U.S. 1776 experiment’ to the White House on August 2, 2007.
But, the White House expressed no interest.

Surprisingly, most U.S. scientists and mathematicians have turned away from God. This turn began in the 1970s after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the atheism of Madelyn Murray O’ Hair in 1967. This anti-God ruling proves that the judges do not understand monotheism. Since this court ruling was not challenged by the other two branches of the U.S. government, it is clear that monotheism is not understood by the U.S. government at all. But this ignorance has been spread through all government agencies with ‘unwritten’ anti-God policies. Today, the National Science Foundation, et al will provide taxpayer funds only for atheistic projects. And the National Academy of Science promotes the godless theory of evolution at all public schools.

Nowhere in the founding documents of the USA have the founding fathers said that God does not exist. They only speak of God’s existence, in the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence and in the Preamble of the Constitution --- order to form a more perfect Union, ...’ No thing in our finite world can be perfected without the perfection benchmark of God.

Random definitions of Abraham’s monotheism have divided people too long. These poor definitions are the basic causes of all human conflicts and wars.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, viiih (Economics)

If the ideas of President Elect Barack Obama are supported by the Democratic and Republican parties after he enters the White House, I do not believe that Obama became a centrist. Instead, I believe that the mind of the new president is operating above the ideologies of both parties and will thus bring the USA closer to God. If this occurs, the future of the USA will be great.

Since a human cannot walk through life with absolute ideas in the human mind, the ideas of Obama will be challenged by Democrats, Republicans, and other voters. The major challengers are the atheists and those scientists and mathematicians who became atheists beginning in the 1970s. These atheistic scientists and mathematicians will be found on the Internet at ScienceBlogs. (click) and (click)

Obama cannot turn his eyes away from the atheists, even for a short time, because the mind of some economic scientists and mathematicians could have developed a criminal mind that led to criminal activities in the economic system. When atheistic mathematicians told some U.S. bankers that human economic behavior can be predicted, the bankers created a new form of money called ‘swaps.’ Recently, the government had to bailout these bankers with the result that the living standards of most citizens are reduced. When will Congress stop the creation of money by citizens?

When I was in the U.S. Department of Justice, the Democratic and Republican parties would not approve research on white-collar crime and government crime. No political party has yet learned that all Men are evil unless one develops self knowledge and becomes righteous as Jesus Christ taught. Crime is found among Men everywhere. Currently, I have had to charge the IRS with criminal taxing activity in Docket No. 5504-08.

Theological science, which can see the face of a monotheistic God directly, is the only science that can reduce man’s evilness.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, VIIIg (Economics)

In my last blog, I showed that the U.S. economy has been become a permanent ‘stabilized economy’ after the assassination of Abe Lincoln. This economy, which is said to have unpredictable business cycles, had its first big depression in 1929, the year I was born. In late 2008, a major recession appeared and is expected to be corrected with a government investment of about 700 billion dollars in new jobs in infrastructure improvements (bridges, highways, school buildings, etc.), wide health care, education, and new energy sources.

If these government investments continue, the government debt should eventually become zeroed-out. At this zeroed-out time, annual government investments will be returned annually through the tax collection of the IRS. As these government investments go to work, a new U.S. culture must be developed by reducing evils such as smoking, drug and alcohol use, crime, and antisocial behavior. With economic investments and morality increases, the USA will find itself in a position to transform its outdated ‘stabilized economy’ to the ‘growth economy.’ This transformation would make the U.S. economy consistent with a monotheistic God and my new theological science.

I conclude that these economic investments and morality increases are not arbitrary. These changes are necessary because the relationship between ‘life of humans’ and the ‘life of money’ in the USA cannot be explained by our best mathematicians. So, government limits and no regulations of money flows by government are ignorant ideas. Apparently, the expansion of commodity speculation in the world has added considerable disorder to the economics of every nation in the world. For instance, the increasing price of oil last fall, when the supply of world oil was increasing and the demand of world oil was decreasing, reveals the disorderly activities of the world speculators.

It is time for humans to realize that God gave humans an infrastructure of life that must be shared equally. Thus, conducting wars to gain control of natural resources is an outdated human behavior.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, VIIIf (Economics)

In the USA, the growth economy and the stable economy have very different followers. Below, I show that, in the USA, a growth economy has been supported by ‘spiritual leaders’ and that a stable economy has always been supported mostly by proponents of ‘central banking systems.

One spiritual leader was Alexander Hamilton, a member of the Continental Congress. He argued for a strong central government. He concluded that the Articles of Confederation would lead to disunion. His arguments thus led to the U.S. Constitution, which authorizes Congress to coin money and requires government to form a more perfect Union.

With the Constitution, national banks emerged. The first (1791–1811) and second (1816–36) national banks stabilized the national money by competing with the private banks to ensure that private banks redeemed their banknotes at full value. This banking competition also led to the system of manufacture involving production of many identical parts and their assembly into finished products. This system became known as the American system of economics. This system was promoted by Henry Clay and Henry Carey, an economic consultant to Abe Lincoln. The American System achieved its maturity in the USA because it reduces prices and can thus serve growing populations equally.

However, man has not learned how to manage a growing population because the prices of things must be reduced by the continuous development of new technologies. Without the continuous development of new technologies, population growths are being solved today with wars, diseases, slavery, etc.

Giving rights to the States will not create growing economies or solve the population growth at the State level. So, President Jackson acted wrongly to close the second national bank. This closing led to a chaotic banking period at the State level. Financing the Civil War by Abe Lincoln demonstrated the need for a national bank. The National Bank Act of 1863 became a law. This system of national banks circulated and stabilized the national currency. And to form a more perfect Union of people, Lincoln industrialized the South and developed the West with his homesteading program. These initiatives might have led to his assassination. Soon, the ‘big families’ emerged and began to divide the Union into rich and poor classes. By 1913 the Federal Reserve System had replaced Lincoln’s growth economy with the stabilized economy.

But the stabilized economy did not correct the 1929 depression as Herbert Hoover expected. President Roosevelt had to make this correction with a ‘trickle-up’ government debt. Then, in the 1960s, President Kennedy tried to change the U.S. economy to a growth economy with a high technology trickle-up government debt that would land man on the moon. He was also assassinated. President Nixon followed Kennedy’s program with a huge program of social initiatives that would have unified the people greatly. His great program, which I saw as a representative of the U.S. Department of Justice, died with his resignation.

Later, economic improvements were tried with ‘trickle-down’ government debts. This money flowed through the rich classes by President Reagan and Presidents ( Father/Son) Bush. But this debt brought no results. A Roosevelt trickle-up government debt was used by President Clinton and reduced the government debt to zero. I believe that President Elect Obama will use another Roosevelt trickle-up government debt to correct the late 2008 depression and bank bailouts. I also expect Obama to push for many new technologies.

Unless man develops a growing economy based on money, self knowledge, and monotheism, I believe that wars will continue to grow and will also change to other nasty forms of war. World peace must develop now and before these wars do great damages to human life on this planet.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, VIIIe (Economics)

In yesterday’s blog, I identify only three economic systems that apply to human life. Then, I say that only the ‘growth economy’ can be applied to people who believe in a monotheistic God. Of the two remaining systems, atheists can choose only the ‘stable economy’ if they want to maintain atheism. With these few words, it is clear that the current U.S. unstable economy has been controlled by atheists and believers who do not understand monotheism. Since a progressive nation does not want to invite depressions steadily, the believers in monotheism must tell their U.S. congressional representatives to make the growth economy a law.

The incremental or annual growth of the U.S. economy would no longer be measured with money or gold standards. Instead, the growth of living standards of the U.S. citizens would be measured. Money, self knowledge, and personal skill become the means of increasing the living standards of the people in any nation. A growth economy will thus develop the Spirit of every citizen based on goals and benchmarks that achieve the goals. Since all humans think the same way in their activities, the growth economy will prove that all Men have been created equally by God.

The progress of a growing economy can be measured with pie charts. A typical pie chart is shown below. Pie chart and their changes are made by cutting horizontally through the geometrical cone at points of interest on the moving spiral.
Growth economies are not in competition for money as U.S. and foreign business and industries are today. A growth economy competes only with its past performances. The increased use of growth economies will stimulate international interests, treaties, and world peace.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, VIIId (Economics)

All economies that continue will expand and begin with the family. These families will then expand in number and organize a social unit. The early social units also had a God King, who is known today as a religious leader, prophet, or theologian. The successful social units today will have nation builders, who create, develop, and secure all people who live within the nation’s boundaries.

Nations can grow, stabilize, and degenerate. A successful nation grows continually. It is modeled geometrically by a spiral that begins at the vortex of a geometrical cone and moves upwardly on the surface of the cone forever. A stable nation is modeled by a spiral that moves round and round on the surface of a geometrical cylinder. If the spiral begins to move downwardly toward the vortex on the surface of a geometrical cone, the economy is dying.

The founders of the USA and Abe Lincoln never thought that the USA would ever enter into the stable economic phase. Yet, soon after Lincoln was assassinated, the Federal Reserve system was established to stabilize inflation and unemployment. This change is inconsistent with a monotheistic God and aligns to atheism. Lately, only Presidents Kennedy, Nixon, and Clinton changed this economic stabilization policy. And it is clear that President-Elect Obama will follow Lincoln and these three presidents. Economic growth is not common to the Democratic and Republican parties. Interest is found mostly in aggressive political leaders, who also have strong beliefs in God

Changing the current U.S. economic policy from a stable economy to an economic growth policy is consistent with a monotheistic God and theological science.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, VIIIc (Economics)

I have had a battle with the flu since Saturday and will continue my thoughts on economics today. In this third blog on economics, I will identify the universals and rights that God gave to the people in any economy.

Scriptures cannot guide the economic system of a nation because the statements in scriptures are man-made and could mislead people. Nor can people call God on a phone for guidance. But a monotheistic God has made ‘signs’ for us, just as we make signs to guide our dogs and other pets. We find these signs with symbols that we use to communicate with each other daily. These signs give us understandings of God because a monotheistic God is incomprehensible.

The founders of the USA generalized the signs that God has sent us in the Declaration of independence. These signs from God can be found by people only if they develop their minds and seek the ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,’ as the founders said in the Declaration. The founders also gave us an example of a ‘law of Nature’ when they said that ‘all Men are created equal.’ And they also gave us an example of a ‘law of Nature’s God’ when they said that we have ‘unalienable rights.’

The laws of Nature can be found by people who developed their minds in scientific methods of experimenting, thinking, and proving. All laws of Nature’s God can be found by people who developed their minds in moralistic methods of experimenting, thinking, and proving. But scientists and moralists must also unify their findings.

Unfortunately, no nation on this planet is operating an economy under a monotheistic God because the laws of Nature and laws of Nature’s God are not being sought and unified. In most nations, the people are enslaved and are not free enough to develop sciences and morals. In the USA, the people of the USA do not read the Declaration of Independence. And the Declaration of Independence is not even considered as a law by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The cause of today’s many world conflicts is clear because monotheism is not being practiced anywhere. When will the real national, scientific, and religious leaders of monotheism appear?

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, VIIIb (Economics)

People who do not believe in God will not be interested in what I have to say about economics. But some people who do believe in God will not be interested in what I have to say about economics also because they are guided by religious leaders who do not understand a monotheistic God. Only those people, who believe that humans always live in a lower world created by God, will be interested in what I have to say about economics.

What I have to say about economics begins with the teaching of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, at Chapter 24 of Matthew. In this chapter, Jesus warns us about the darkening of the sun. But for fifteen centuries, Christians did not understand this chapter. When modern science emerged, this teaching became clear after astronomers gained knowledge about stars and their planets with their telescopes. Today, astronomers know that the sun darkens and destroys all of its planets as it dies. So, this teaching of Jesus on the eventual darkening of the sun was true and very important to man.

Using modern words, I say that Jesus told us that humans must build a system that can transport humans and other life forms, which now exist on planet earth, to other planets. Since life likely exists on other planets already, the development of such a transportation system might have been made by earlier humans. Thus, if UFOs were sighted, they should be reported and confirmed because the development of such a transportation system will be a major achievement.

This teaching of Jesus and the development of such a transportation system requires that monotheism be clearly understood, that atheism be defeated, and that a single worldwide culture be developed on planet earth.

In my next blog, I will describe an economic system that fits the future of man and this single worldwide culture.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, VIIIa (Economics)

Apparently, the USA has entered into some bad economic problems in the late 2008. As expected, many economic solutions to these problems are heard on the TV or read in a hometown newspaper or Internet news website. But I have not heard any new economic ideas yet. The same old economic ideas are being expressed. Since all of the past economic ideas eventually fail, I conclude that they are failing because they are inconsistent with monotheism.

Since monotheism has only one God, it should be clear that only one religion exists, only one political system exists, only one sun exists for our planet, only one culture exists, one form of mathematics exists, only one science exists, only one set of human rights exists, only one intelligent design of our lower world exists, etc. So, we must conclude that only one economic system exists under monotheism.

However, these onenesses are not made available immediately by God through his intelligent design. All of these onenesses begin with possibilities after which they become actualities. These possibilities become actualities through ‘development.’ For instance, when a sun becomes possible, it can become an actual sun only through a developmental process. The same developments are at work when a human is conceived and grows, when a seed is put into the ground and watered, or when a nation is conceived and develops goals.

The USA was conceived by its founders. But it never developed under monotheism. Without becoming consistent with monotheism, the USA developed a melting pot culture in which ‘anything goes.’ With a small population, intelligent people, many natural resources, and wars, this melting pot culture developed and maintained belief in God. But this kind of culture will no longer work in the USA because its monotheism is being lost, atheism is growing, the U.S. population has grown, U.S. natural resources are depleting, and U.S. non intelligence is growing.

In my next two blogs, I will identify ways to return the USA to monotheism by using the new theological science.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, VII

Most modern scientists today view a whole as ‘the sum of its parts.’ This view explains why these scientists reject God. However, other modern scientists, those who believe in God, have a different view of a whole. These believers say that a whole as ‘more than the sum of its parts.’

These two views become clearer if the first view is seen as ‘a man-made whole that has a countable number of parts’ and the second view is seen as ‘a God-made whole that has an uncountable number of parts.’ As seen, the man-made whole has a discontinuous finite number of parts whereas the God-made whole has a continuous infinite number of parts.

Examples of these two different wholes could be helpful. For instance, take the man-made thing that we call ‘automobile’ apart. These parts can be counted and reassembled. Now, take the God-made thing that we call ‘human being’ apart. A human being can be divided forever. But its parts cannot be identified and thus cannot be counted.

Finding the way God has made things is a difficult scientific task. This is why our medical system does not work like it should. Instead of viewing a human being as a God-made whole, our medical system views human beings as Nature-made things. However, Nature-made things are not God-made things. To our medical system, Nature-made things are wholes with countable parts. Accordingly, our medical system and all life sciences must change so they become consistent with monotheism.

I do not understand why many scientists have rejected God when they continue to honor Galileo. Galileo did not reject God. With godly science, he merely challenged the wrong teachings of the Roman Church. Galileo extends all bodies with an infinite number of indivisibles. (See Chapter 6 and its last paragraph in the book ‘Galileo Galilei, and his life and his works‘ by Raymond J. Seeger.) Or merely look at a yardstick. In every inch, you will find an infinite number of points that are separated by indivisibles.

I hope that this blog will encourage U.S. atheistic scientists to reconsider their rejection of God so they can return to the only path of truths in science.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.