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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Atheism, a Two-party Political System, the ACLU, and Me Generations Are the Major Sources of Any Forthcoming US Civil War

Yesterday, I used a teaching of Jesus Christ that I use often. This teaching is a mental sword and divides people into two groups. This teaching is found in the Bible at Matt. 10:34-35. There, Jesus said, 'Think not that I come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword; for I came to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother; and the daughter in law against her mother in law.'

Using this mental sword yesterday, I divided people in the USA into ‘believers’ in God and ‘nonbelievers.’ I show why this division cannot exist long before a hot civil war will start. The ignition of such a war is started by a government that legislates arbitrary laws rather than natural laws. Arbitrary laws never serve all people. Always, a right of one group of people is robbed by another group of people. The robbers become the winners and the robbed become the losers. This robbing is very clear in the US economic laws because a rich and poor class was created. To eliminate this robbing, all people in a nation must believe in God. When all people believe in God, the rights of each person are equal since God creates all people equal.

To avoid a civil war, all arbitrary laws must be replaced by natural laws. This means that man’s freedom comes only from God and the natural rights we received from God. Atheism, the US two-party political system, and the ‘me generation’ of the new generations are major sources of nonbelievers. The ACLU is the most influential origin of any forthcoming civil war because it argues to remove God from the US government and our schools. Last evening, CNN reported that 26% of the people in the Democratic party are atheists. I believe that these divisions in the USA explain some of today’s terrorism. In Part IV of ‘The First Scientific Proof of God,’ I discuss these political and justice problems in detail.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Freedom We Receive from God Are Natural Rights but Are Not Found in Any Nation

The freedom given to people by its government and the freedom given to people by God is very different. This difference exists because governments exist either as a godless ruling government (e.g., a dictator) or as a godly limited government that does not know God very good and do not know the rights that God has given to all humans. The rights that God gives to humans are known as ‘natural rights.’ Unfortunately, no nation has yet to achieve the true or rational freedom that is achieved from the rights that God gives to all humans.

Do politicians realize that a government under God has no rights? It has no rights from God because it is not a human being. To have rights, a government under God must receive its rights from ‘the people’ it serves. Thus, a government under God is a ‘limited government’ in which sovereignty lies with ‘the people’ it serves. On the other hand, a godless government is a ruling government that makes ‘arbitrary rights’ and gives them to its people through laws. A godless government is thus a government of ruled people or slaves. Why then do many people today want to live under atheism in which they become slaves and live under arbitrary laws?In any nation, one can thus conclude that rulers govern a nation and make slaves when too few believers in God live in that nation. Thus, a majority of theists in the USA is a healthy situation. It seems clearly that atheism is a mental disease.

In the USA, the ignorance of the US government and its two-party politics is slowly changing the USA from a nation under God to a nation of slaves. This makes me wonder what the Iraq government will become. When are ‘the people’ of the USA going to wake up and express its sovereignty over this ignorance? This specific ignorance and other forms of ignorance are discussed in my book, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ The Table of Contents of the book is posted on July 22, 2006.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Religions Divide People and Impede Efforts to Achieve World Peace

Religions are large organizations of people. Nine of them are classified as big religions, as I discussed on July 14, 2006. All big religions worship a monotheistic God. Yet, their scriptures make different statements about God and their members make different statements about God. Since religions do not meet regularly, they do not discuss their big differences. For this reason, religions are divided and divide people. These two divisions impede the development of world peace.

But, other reasons explain the division of religions. For instance, some religions claim that their scripture has been communicated to its people by God. This claim allows a religion to say that all statements in its scripture are true. But, modern scientists are casting doubts on this claim because human languages are discursive, symbolic, and imperfect. These three aspects of human languages explain why religions reinterpret their scriptures when man has found a new truth about God and contradicts scripture.

My 25 years of research on God and the universe proved the existence of God scientifically. This research produced the book, The First Scientific Proof of God.. But, this research also proved that new truths about God and the universes will appear forever because God and His creation has no end. Having no end, the Heaven and Hell spoken of by most scriptures are not places where people go after death. Research tell us that people never die. They merely ‘pass on.’ Accordingly, if religions are workers for God, it seems time for them to open talks, unify all religions, and develop world peace.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Christmas and Holiday Ideas

If you are beginning to think about Christmas and Holiday gifts, please consider today's most exciting book on God and the universe at The title is The First Scientific Proof of God and can be expected to be found always next to the scripture a person or family uses regularly. Enjoy this new book as a means to interact with God, as the most modern version of monotheism and the universe, as a research tool, and as a modern interpretation of ancient scriptures.

George D. Shollenberger, The Author

Atheism Divides People and Impedes Efforts to Achieve World Peace

My thoughts expanded greatly after I learned that God could be proven scientifically. For instance, I came to the conclusion that man’s Past had created two paths of thought. One path is Hell, a level of consciousness that forms nonbelievers in God and evil thoughts such as crime, greed, racism, and hate. The other path is Heaven, a level of consciousness that forms believers and good thoughts such love, help to others, sharing, and good works. The path to Hell divides people and is the major force that impedes the development of world peace.

God is denied when a person lacks proven truths about God. Without such truths, God becomes a mysterious object. Some religions make God mysterious because they do not use the scientific method of thinking. God is also denied when a person accepts the mechanical view of the universe. This view is created by physical scientists and is supported by many biologists, many medical doctors, evolutionists, and those people who make robots and believe that man’s intelligence can be packaged into a machine. The mechanical view of the world also denies the natural rights that God gave humans. However, this denial means that a government can legislate arbitrary laws. All laws legislated by England government before 1776 were arbitrary and caused the US Revolutionary War. Thus, most people are unaware that the mechanical view of the universe and arbitrary laws are against God and the USA.

Many people become atheistic because they fear the political power of religions. I can understand this fear because religions do not practice the same God. Yet, world peace cannot be developed unless the consciousness of all people about God becomes very similar. Beyond showing people how to lift their consciousness, my book on The First Scientific Proof of God shows how world peace can be achieved. (See

Sunday, August 27, 2006

World Peace Is More Possible Than Ever Before

Yesterday, I showed how human errors can be corrected. By correcting our errors, world peace becomes more possible than ever before. My correction and proof of the theory of God in The First Scientific Proof of God shows that monotheism was the correct theory of God. Thus, the nine religions in the world, which I discussed on August 14th , can now begin to correct the other facts about God and His creation. For instance, we can now correct the attributes we have given to God with the negative theology of Nicholas of Cusa. This correction is made by determining attributes of the universe and recognizing that all positive attributes of the universe are negative attributes of God. In my book, I show many of the corrections that the USA must make in its social systems so that other nations have a model to follow if they wish.

Generations will be needed to attain that which we might call a godly world peace. Generations will be needed because two distinct symbolic languages must be developed by and for all nations. One symbolic language is for all sciences. Since science is the same in every nation, one of these two languages is common to the sciences in all nations. The second symbolic language is a talking language. Although the English language is heavily flawed with Aristotle’s logic, the power of the English language is great and should become the talking language in every nation by the beginning of the third generation.

If you believe that such a world peace is not necessary, I believe that you should expect to be isolated from the social activities of those people who do believe that world peace is necessary now.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Origin of Human Errors in Thought

In Part I of my book on The First Scientific Proof of God, I discuss the errors that humans make in their activities of thought. I show that these errors are found in our statements when we write, speak, or talk to ourselves. These errors arise because the symbols we create and use are imprecise and cause us to make errors in expressing our thoughts. There are ways to improve our expressions but no way to make our expressions absolutely perfect. Thus, a newspaper, a book, a dairy , a scripture, etc. is always imperfect. One way to minimize one’s errors is to believe in God and build knowledge of God and His Intelligent Design of the universe and life. Learning about the universe and life will automatically reveal new knowledge of God and His design to a person.. At Rom.1:20, St. Paul speaks of this learning. I call this verse ‘Paul’s science.’

Some errors have major effects whereas others errors have very little effects. One major error says that Christians worship three Gods rather than a monotheistic God. The truth in Christianity is that the Christian Trinity uses two sets of three symbols to explain a monotheistic God to its members. Thus, six symbols are used. Three symbols explain a monotheistic God using the symbols Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. These symbols explain a monotheistic God ontologically. Three other symbols, One Equality, and Union explain a monotheistic God scientifically. Jesus Christ teaches the Trinity in the New Testament at John 10:30. I discuss these two sets of three symbols in my book.

Friday, August 25, 2006

The US Government Allows Atheism to Guide the US Economy

The field of economics is one of those many different sciences that is expected to deal with ‘life.’ The life sciences differ from those physical sciences (e.g., physics, chemistry, geology, etc.) that deal with two infrastructures of life. For instance, suns, planets, and galaxies form one infrastructure of life and the bodies of every living thing form the second infrastructure of life. An economy serves the second infrastructure of life.

After the colonists won their freedom from England, the new government had to develop a new economy that would serve all Americans. However, The US government never achieved this goal because atheism stepped in with slavery in the 1820s and the assassination of President Lincoln later. After the death of Lincoln, the US economy moved away from a-life-of-people-under-God to a-life-of-people-under-atheism. Under atheism, the US economy became laissez-faire. This form of economy removes God from the US government and pits ‘each citizen against all other citizens’ for life’s resources.

For the last 150 years, the godless US government has been legislating ‘on the fence’ kind of laws. Some laws served godly people and others served the atheists. This see/saw infrastructure of life leads to a rich-poor economy that increases poverty, incurable sicknesses, and crime. Today, an ultra rich class might have brought terrorism to this kind of economy. However, my new book on ‘The First Scientific Proof of God’ ( says that God does exist. Will the US government act or continue to laugh at God?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Xing Planet Pluto Shows That Atheism Guides the US Field of Astronomy

Apparently, our astronomers don’t believe that God exists, that God has an Intelligent Design of the universe, that God created Pluto, and that God’s Intelligent Design guided Pluto into our planetary system where it could function for us. I make this conclusion because the astronomers also do not seem to be interested in Kepler’s planetary law that explain the positions of the first six planets with Plato’s five nested solids. Nor do our astronomers speculate on theories of God’s Intelligent Design. If Pluto is a planet of ice, might it not have as real purpose for our planetary system. In a nation under God, wouldn’t God expect its citizens to seek real truths about His design? Xing Pluto is unscientific and ungodly. How much money will Xing cost? Aren’t our poor people in need of money for food and heat?

What Biologists Are Teaching Your School Children

Today, high school biologists teach high school students about the biological evolutionary theory. This theory was proposed by the agnostic, Charles Darwin (1809-1882). However, by teaching evolutionary theory, biologists also teach atheism because God is quietly eliminated in the teachings of evolutionary theory. In my new book, The First Scientific Proof of God, one learns that God exists. One also learns that human knowledge of God increases as man increases his knowledge of the universe. Although Darwin did believe in God, as an agnostic, he was unaware that God is knowable. However, Darwin did know that all species have non utilitarian functional relations. The non utilitarian functional relations indicate the existence, not the nonexistence, of God. Accordingly, the evolutionary theory of today seems to have been greatly overstated. But, to my knowledge, biologists are not teaching about the non utilitarian functional relations. Perhaps, they are trying to hide God.

Biologists have not been able to prove evolutionary theory or any of its sub-theories using the scientific method of proof. Furthermore, biologists and physicists have tried, but have never proved, that life in the universe comes from nonliving things rather than from God. Thus, it is time for high school teachers, parents of students, and governments throughout the USA to determine whether the teaching of evolutionary theory and atheism in high schools should be continued or removed. At the same time, the governments throughout the US should decide whether all major ‘theories of God’, but not religions, should be taught in high schools.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Spiritual Atoms in More Detail

The first scientific proof of God states that God is the origin of all things in the universe. Since the things change continually, all things are divisible and must come from indivisible things. Centuries upon centuries ago, the indivisible things became known as atoms. But, atoms have never been found. In my book on the proof of God, I discuss the history of atoms and today’s attempt by physicists to find atomic strings. Since our physicists are trying to identify a universe that has no God, I sought a universe that has a God. As an alternative to the physicists, my book discusses the 18th century atomic theory of Gottfried Leibniz in detail. His theory supports my world theory and the first scientific proof of God. Leibniz called his atoms ‘monads.’ I call them ‘spiritual atoms.’ He viewed his atoms as similar to the purposive entelechies of the ancient Greeks. Today, the system of spiritual atoms will replace th evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin.

In God, the spiritual atoms are one. All of them could thus exist on the sharpest pin point. In God, they can be modeled as geometrical points that have no geometry. Since all spiritual atoms originate in God, they can be created or destroyed only by God. A universe of spiritual atoms thus has no end unless God decides to end it. I see no reason for God to ever end any spiritual atom. Since God is a creator, God creates spiritual atoms continuously and endlessly. God also distinguishes them, relates them functionally, and energizes them. A typical spiritual atom with functional relations can be modeled by the two-dimension, geometrical point of an infinite number of intersections.

God’s continued creation of spiritual atoms causes the existence of a plurality of finite geometrical things. These geometries form all nonliving things, all living things, and all functional relations among them. Thus, the universe has things and no vacuums. A human being is one special living thing. A human being has a spirit (or mind) and a body filled with a unique set of functionally related spiritual atoms. The human spirit functions as the human mind. It is a dominant spiritual atom that guides the other spiritual atoms to form the human body. The dominant spiritual atom of a human also causes a human being to act, think, etc. It is the only dominant spiritual atom and living thing that can build libraries of knowledge. Clearly, living things have no mechanisms whereas nonliving things are formed only of mechanisms.

We can thus know God’s Intelligent Design of the universe better by identifying functional relations. I believe that a creation theory with spiritual atoms can also take us one step closer to God’s Design. This is a new developmental opportunity for our mathematicians, scientists, and medical researchers.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How a Life Scientist Becomes An Atheist Unknowingly

A life scientist becomes an atheist unknowingly by following blindly those physical scientists and mathematicians who reject God and have already become atheists. A physical thing lured these physical scientists and mathematicians into atheism and this same thing is luring the life scientists. This physical thing is known as a mechanism. I say that a mechanism has no life. On the other hand, modern physical scientists claim that their mechanisms are able to produce living things such as human beings, trees, etc. However, they have never found a mechanism that produces life. Today, many life scientists are lured by the mechanisms of the physical scientists. So, modern life scientists search for mechanisms that can be swallowed, inserted into a person with a needle, etc. in order to correct a medical problem of a human, dog, cat, cow, chicken, etc. Many of these life scientists work in a pharmaceutical company and make different ‘pills’ or different ’bottles of fluids"for many different medical problems.

However, the pills and bottles of fluids can have side effects that make the medical problem of a person worse. Often, these pills and bottles of fluids cause death. Further, our modern life scientists are not able to solve all medical problems. For instance, cancer and many other medical problems are not being solved with mechanisms. Is it possible that no mechanisms exist in any living thing? There is evidence that life will never be produced by any mechanism. This evidence means that a living thing has no mechanisms at all. The absence of mechanisms in a living thing would explain why ‘pills’ and ‘bottles of fluid’ have side effects and why some medical problems are not being solved.

The mechanisms of the physical scientists and the pills and bottles of fluid of today’s life scientists arose from atheistic thoughts. Such thoughts reject God and the existence of a spiritual universe. The atheist also eliminates the spirit of the human body by making the brain the governor of the body and making the body a mechanism. Perhaps, it is time to restudy those parts of the medical system that have been ineffective by bringing God back into the life of all scientists and all mathematicians. I discuss the problems of mechanisms and many different sciences in my book on ‘The First Scientific Proof of God’.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The USA Is Creating Many Hidden Nests of Atheists

When physical scientists separated themselves from the field of religion after modern science emerged, most physical scientists also separated themselves from a theology, which is the study of God. The separation of Science from Religion was appropriate and the US Constitution secured this separation for its citizens. However, my first scientific proof o God says that it was inappropriate to separate Science and Theology, that is, unless atheism rules a nation. In the USA, the separation of Science and Theology is unlawful because the USA is a nation under God. However, US Supreme Court rules are separating State and Theology. These rulings gave the ACLU its power to remove God from government and thus transform the USA into an atheistic nation. However, the separation of Science and Theology has long term negative consequences. Let me explain these consequences.

When the physical scientists separated themselves from Theology, they essentially became atheists. The general separation of Science and Theology in the USA had a negative consequence because US life scientists became followers of the physical scientists and essentially became atheists. I believe that most scientists do not know that they became atheists with this separation. This leader-following structure in science today is seen most clearly in the fields of medicine and economics. For instance, US medica research does not distinguish life from non-life, mind from body, and mind from brain. And, US economic research is insensitive to human equity and the future of new generations. The laissez-faire or free market economy of the US is atheistic.

In my book on The First Scientific Proof of God, I prove that Science and Theology are inseparable thoughts. These two fields of thought must thus use the same symbolic language in their expressions of truths. Science and Theology are thus one. My scientific proof of God shows this oneness.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

What Mathematicians Are Teaching Your School Children, a Continuation

Over the last several days, I have been having conversations with a faction of people who work in the field of mathematics. These conversations are recorded in the comments associated with those blogs of mine that deal with the subjects of mathematics and atheism. Since, I consider mathematicians as leaders of our nation and our children, I believe that this sample of conversations contain information that could be useful to the parents of our children and those political leaders and educational leaders who make decisions on high school education.

I understand that India, not the USA, has most of the world’s leaders in mathematics today. Has India developed this position because its mathematicians believe in God? So, one can ask, ‘Is the US field of mathematics degenerating and are more and more mathematicians becoming atheists?’ One also wonders how many US mathematicians work for companies that develop computer games to entertain children rather than developing their minds. This sample of conversations was very revealing to me.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What Mathematicians Are Teaching Your School Children

Hi. This website is an example of how some math teachers are thinking and teaching your children. In general, this website is a Good Math, Bad Math web. On this web, debunking creationism is listed under the bad math category. So, your children are most likely taught by atheists. Is this what parents want?

Mathematicians review my suggestion to restudy mathematics. First, they do not believe that humans might be living on other planets. You might agree with them but my scientific proof requires other planets to maintain human life eternally. Apparently, the reviewers believe that the evening stars are merely lights as the ancients thought. How mindless. When seeking the effects of a proven God, planet earth is not the first planet that has humans and will not be the last planet that has humans. But, the author gripes because my book must be purchased to determine what I say. Yet, mathematicians make and sell books regularly.

The author focuses on the concept of infinite, but does not seem to understand the great mathematician, Georg Cantor, who discovered the transfinite numbers. Instead, the author (1) plays with Aristotle’s potential infinity, which Cantor calls the mathematical or bad infinity, (2) plays with ‘infinity by division,’ which is a verb that defined the atom for the ancients atomists, (3) plays with ‘infinity by addition,’ which applies to Cantor’s transfinite numbers, and (4) plays with surreal numbers in which infinity becomes a real number. I would throw John Conway’s surreal numbers into the circle file. Then, the author charges me with saying that God is a number infinity. At no time have I ever gave God a number because. God is not a number. God’s oneness opposes the universes’ manyness and thus precedes all finite and infinite numbers that will ever be found in the universe.

My suggestion to restudy mathematics is a serious matter because I discovered the first scientific proof of God. I conclude that this discovery has vast potentials in mathematics and all sciences. With this proof, big changes can be expected. For instance, Cantor’s transfinite numbers must be developed by our mathematicians so we can understand the universe’s atoms, the cosmology of God, and the cells%2

Is Atheism Destroying the USA Unknowingly?

My scientific proof of God causes me to ask whether atheism is destroying the USA as a result of its own ignorance. I am asking this question because many Americans today are born as atheists or become atheists after they enter the workplace and are lured away from God. These new atheists have raised the number of atheists to about 15% of the total population. But, very few hard workers (blue collar workers) are atheists. Instead, most atheists are intellectuals who attended a college or university. Many of these higher educational systems are nonsectarian and thus do not offer courses on the theory of God because the theory of God is equated incorrectly to the field of religion. So, it is at ignorant colleges and universities that a student can become an atheist. Only very intelligent students know that God is a theory of science and that religions are merely the practices of specific theories of God. So, colleges and universities can offer courses on the theory of God while simultaneously claiming to be nonsectarian. Theology, the study of God, must become a course in science in every college and university. This course will help to prevent atheism from unknowingly destroying the USA.

To prevent the fall of the USA from the ignorant activities of atheism, all sciences must be reformed so that real sciences, rather than pseudo sciences, are developed. Today, only the physical sciences are developing real sciences based on the scientific method of proof. These real sciences describe physical and chemical laws that support life on a planet. But, physicists became atheists when, like evolutionists, they claim that they will prove physical laws of the infinitely large (cosmology) and prove physical laws of the infinitely small (atoms). My proof of God says that these claims and evolutionary theory are false and can lead to the fall of the USA.
Going beyond the physical sciences, proven laws cannot be found. For instance, the social sciences are still seeking their first law of nature. They can’t find any because social laws are laws of life, which are governed by God. The same it true for all other life sciences such as economic science, political science, medical care, etc. So, to prevent atheism from destroying the USA unknowingly, reforms are required in all sciences. For instance, it is time to reform the medical care system by developing a proven science that prevents cancer and cures our cancer patients.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Atheism Is Like a Bad Dream

On this blog, atheists no longer criticize my scientific proof of God. Perhaps, they are reconsidering their positions because the life of an atheist is like a long bad dream. In modern times, this bad dream has been experienced by the Enlightenment people, the Marxists, the Darwinians, and the slavery-believing States of the USA. In the USA, the number of bad dreamers has increased to about 15%. This number includes mathematicians, physicists, economists, bankers, the rich, biologists, medical doctors, and many other intellectuals. The atheist finds no hope for an eternal life and a life after death. Since an atheist believes that he or she has only one life, an atheist often develops the strange life of crime, idleness, party-going, TV watching, idol-seeking, molesting, or becoming a drug or alcohol user. Contributions to the future of a nation are thus not part of the life of an atheist.

A person can turn away from atheism merely by recognizing that God’s existence can be proven by us but that God’s nonexistence can never be proven by us. We cannot prove nonexistences because we cannot perceive something that does not exist. So, an atheist cannot prove that he or she does not exist after death. What exists must be conceived by us. To conceive something that exists, we must perceive it first. Then, we conceive what has been perceived by developing a theory that explains the perceptions. The explanations are called ‘laws of nature.’ We conceive God’s existence by showing that God is the necessary being of all finite beings in the universe. I prove that God exists because necessary being must be not finite (or infinite).

The universe is not that which is being conceived by our physicists. To conceive the universe correctly, we must perceive all beings that exist. This is an endless job. And, after we perceive a being, we must conceive it. This is also an endless job. So, human life and the universe have no end. So, the bad dreams of atheists are merely fabrications of people who are developing irrational minds.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Theory of God

In my discussion on this blog with ‘agony beetle’ and ‘anonymous’ on ‘July 26, 2006 ’ it seems clear that many scientists are atheists only because they are not using the ‘scientific method of proof’‘ as it was developed during the Italian Renaissance. This development is described by John Randall in his paper on ‘The Development of Scientific Method in the School of Padua" (Journal History of Ideas, Vol. 1, 1940).

Randall informs us that the scientific method has two steps — discovery and demonstration. The discovery is perceptual and reveals new sensual data. On the other hand, the demonstration is conceptual and reveals a new theory of man that explains the sensual data. Today, the demonstration is known as the ‘cause’ and the discovery is known as the ‘effects.’ New information on the scientific method appeared in the 1920's by linguistics who concluded that ‘sensual data are primarily symbolic.’ Thus, the scientific method of proof must be expressed by a symbolic language.

Since God cannot be sensed, atheists say that God does not exist. This belief is flawed. In the scientific method, no theory of any kind can be sensed. All theories explain sensual data and must be conceived by our minds. For instance, God is a theory. My theory of God proves that only an infinite God can explain all finite things in the universe. God is a theory conceived by man. God is not a religion. Religions exist because they conceive a theory of God. Religions differ because their theories of God differ. For instance, polytheism and monotheism are different theories of God.

I presented the material above in more detail in ‘The First Scientific Proof of God. Thus, I recommend that all sciences consider a theory of God. I also recommend that all sciences consider the theory that man conceives and perceives. But, medical doctors must stop treating living things as purely physical things. Also, the mind and brain are not the same thing.

Monday, August 14, 2006

The Changing Aspects of the Nine Great Religions

Nine great religions have developed in the world. Three are found in the Western world and are known as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The beliefs are characterized as frustratingly pessimistic. Three more are found in India and are known as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The beliefs are philosophical, introspective, and explore the nature of reality. And, three more are found in China and Japan and are known as Confucianism, Taoism, and Shinto. The beliefs are traditional, accept ancestor-worship, and seek records of the past to guide their present behavior. (See "What the Great Religions Believe" by Joseph Gaer, p.62)

The First Scientific Proof of God can be expected to change these nine great religions into one great religion. The Western world religions will transform its pessimistic behaviors into optimistic behaviors. China and Japan will transform its alignment from the past to an alignment of the future. And, the religions of India will ‘hold their courses.’

In China and Japan, the people are already turning toward a life guided by thoughts of the future. In India, the people have already become the world’s greatest mathematicians and are taking over many Western world technical jobs. But, in the Western world, the people are becoming increasingly ignorant and atheistic, either rich or poor, and are increasingly involved in living with crime, drugs, human conflicts, wars, and terrorism. Wake up Western world.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Questioning All Sciences and Religions

The comments and discussions in the blog of July 21 and blog of July 26 tell me that the scientific method of proof is not being used properly by scientists. This improper use explains why sciences do not recognize God as a part of science.

And, the blog of August 08 tells me that religions do not use language systems properly because they don’t use the scientific method of proof at all. This improper use explains why religions do not recognize sciences as a part of religion.

These improper uses tell me why Science and Religion are separated and that the fields of science and religion are major causes of today’s human conflicts, wars, and terrorism. Unless the physical sciences, the many sciences that follow the physical sciences, and all religions apply the scientific method of proof correctly, human problems can arise but cannot be solved.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Surprises of a Proven God Are Consistent With Other Surprises

On my August 10 posting, I discussed the eternity of God and the Universe. The existence of God and the eternity of the universe is rejected by physicists and those other scientists who follow them. Many believers in God also follow the physicists partly because they agree that God will end the universe. But they also believe that God will create a new world consisting a Heaven for all good people and a Hell for all evil people.

The First Scientific Proof of God says that God exists and that the universe is eternal. If people accept this proof, they will begin to change their thoughts and behaviors so their lives would become consistent with (1) the existence of God and (2) the eternity of the universe. Fundamental changes in the way we want to think and live can be expected. But, I do not believe that this major change should be programmed in any way. I believe that people can and will rationalize all surprises so that the future remains highly stable.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Scientifically Proven God Has Surprises for Believers and Nonbelievers

For thousands of years, believers in God have relied on the words found in scriptures to guide their lives. When modern scientists separated themselves from religions, some people became nonbelievers and have relied on science and widely-accepted authorities to guide their lives. Then, when God’s existence was proven scientifically by me recently, I concluded that these two groups must change because God is one, infinite, and perfect. Since God’s infinite has no meaning without ‘finite,’ what is finite is always with the infinite God in an uncontracted way. Surprisingly, an infinite God and what has become finite have no beginning or end.

This surprise affects believers because they say that God ends the universe soon, but saves all people so they can continue life either on Heaven or Hell with families raised from death. Religious fundamentalists, Jews, and Christians teach this saying and Muslim suicide bombers are taught this saying. This surprise also affects the nonbelievers also because they say that the universe ends itself and ends all life.

These religious and scientific sayings are inconsistent with the scientific proof of God. So, both the believers and nonbelievers throughout the world must change or live inconsistently with a proven God.

See other surprises in my new book 'The First Scientific Proof of God.'

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Symbolic Languages Used in the Bible and the Qur'an

The divisions and conflicts between Science/Theology, Catholics/Protestants, and Judeo-Christians/Muslims are based only on the ignorance of the people. No other factors are involved. Their ignorance is about the human mind and the way our languages interact with the mind to guide humans in different, rather than identical, ways. This difference explains why ‘reality’ has many faces. This different ways of people also explain why conflicts and wars arise in the Western world without a root cause. On the other hand, if mind is equated to brain, brain and other things are equated to mechanisms, and all mechanisms are equated to the Big Bang proposal of physical scientists and other atheists, we could know the root cause of these conflicts and wars.

By not being able to find the root cause of such conflicts and wars, we must be free, must have a God, and must live forever. Thus, if we have no independent mind, we will have no God and our world will come to an end. This means that we exist only once. Accordingly, the flaws we build into our symbolic languages and minds must be reduced to stop all world conflicts and wars, that is, if we feel free, believe in God, and want to live forever without conflicts and wars, we must get busy and improve our symbolic languages.

When I conducted research on the Bible and Qur’an, I focused on those symbolic languages that affect my mind. On the Qur’an, my mind could not agree with the statement that God's language is used in the Qur’an. I could not agree with this statement because the language of a monotheistic God is not discursive. On the Old Testament, my mind could not agree with those Jews and Christians who believe that God inspires the scribes of the Old Testament. Again, I could not agree with them because the language of a monotheistic God is not discursive. On the New Testament, my mind could agree that God used a discursive language in thr New Testament, but only if Jesus Christ is the Son of God who can come into our finite world. More in-depth research on the teachings of Jesus Christ led me to concluded that His teachings are divine.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Land, Landowning, and Land Promises

After discovering the scientific proof of God, my aging forced me to limit the subjects that I could cover in a book. The subject of land was one of the subjects that is not covered in ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ So, here I discuss land from God's perspective.

Historians tell us that before rulers appeared on the face of the world, people ‘hunted and gathered’ food. In this period, land was not owned or managed and thus created deserts. Then, people multiplied. In this new period, landowning emerged along with the appearance of rulers and armies. With the rise of monotheism and the fall of polytheism, a new religious belief developed. According to this new belief, God is viewed as a land owner, manager, and a God that promises land. This new belief is expressed in the Old Testament at Gen. 15:18. This verse says that the Lord made a covenant with A’bram for a particular piece of land on this planet.

The scientific proof of God reveals new truths about God, for instance, that God is the land owner but is not a land manager. This proof also tell s that our world has no end and that humans must manage God's land forever.

So, the covenant between God and A’bram is not possible because an infinite God cannot communicate to us unless He appears in our finite world. At this time, only Christians and Hindi believe that God can appear in our world as a member of the human species. Christians believe that God did appear in our world as Jesus Christ. So, one can challenge the covenant with A’bram by asking, ‘Who promised land to A’bram?’

My research on the Old Testament, New Testament, and Qur’an came to the conclusion that only the New Testament has divine thoughts. I discuss this conclusion in my book on the scientific proof of God. So I conclude that the Old Testament and the Qur’an are man-made scriptures and thus contain errors.

On the subject of land, I conclude that man has allowed himself to become enslaved by history’s greedy landowners. These owners create all nations, all armies, all money, all social conflicts and all wars. Since God and our world are eternal and have no end, today’s governments must unify themselves with peace treaties. The intent of these treaties is to make international laws that control land. Do nothing about the land ownership problem and a person can expect to lose another child in a war. And, since our world has no end, do nothing about the land ownership problem and all people can expect to be reincarnated to planet earth and be in a war somewhere.

Monday, August 07, 2006

God’s Gift of Natural Life to All People

Yesterday, I spoke of the ‘natural life’ that God gives to all people. The founders of the USA expressed this natural life in the Declaration of Independence with the statement ‘all Men are created equal.’ But, no nation has ever developed such a life for its people. Why is this so, when many believers in God exist in all nations?

One answer to this question is the problem of land and the problem of land ownership. American Indians solved the problem of land by eliminating land ownership. Three early governors of the colonies of Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York solved the land problem by giving their people free land, but only if they improved the land. To improve a piece of land, a person had to add a home, farm, or other business to the land. But, this land use principle did not continue after the founding of the USA. Instead, ‘fast buck’ land speculators appeared.

With capitalism, national economies would become scientific with the appearance of economists. A capitalistic nation would consider the major economic factors – labor, capital, technology and land. Earlier, England’s David Ricardo announced his law of wages, which stated that all attempts to improve the real income of workers were futile and that wages would remain near the subsistence level. So, after capitalism emerged in the free nations, a person had to become a capitalist, technologist, or land owner if he or she wants to live above the subsistence level. Needless to say, no capitalistic nation can provide God’s gift of natural life to any human being. In fact, since land prices inflate regularly, poverty in a capitalistic nation will grow unless capital and technology can overcome the price rises of land. I conclude that no government can say that it is giving it people a natural life under God. Further, since the US government is not even trying to develop a natural life for its people under God, one must conclude that the US government is not a government under God. Without God, it must be a government under atheism. When are God’s people in the USA going to wake up?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Human Life Is Free and Consistent But Only With the Existence and Wisdom of God

For thousands of years, religious leaders have taught people that a natural way of living exists. And, they have usually said that this natural life was given to every human by God. These teachings have created the many religions we find in the world today. With the emergence of the modern period with the Italian Renaissance in the 14th century, a modern form of science developed. This modern science sought truths and found them in the ‘scientific method of proof.’

However, this method helped modern scientists also find false religious teachings. For instance, the belief that the earth is the center of the universe was found to be false by Galileo. The imprisonment of Galileo for his disagreement with the Roman Church caused modern science to cast doubt on other religious teachings. Eventually, scientists cast doubt on the major religious teaching - the existence oft God. This group of scientists became known as atheists. However, atheists cannot prove atheism. Nor can they prove that God does not exist.

In the USA, since the US Civil War, the assassination of Abe Lincoln, and the publishing in 1859 of the atheistic book of Charles Darwin, ‘On the Origin of the Species, atheism has grown. And, following the assassination of Lincoln, the US government has never sought God’s gift of a natural life for its people, even though the USA was founded on the belief in God.

To counter atheism, proofs of God have been offered by believers. Some of them are called scientific proofs. But, these offerings have been rejected by the atheists. After 25 years of research, I present the first really scientific proof of God. I present this proof in Chapter 1 of the book, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God. In my research effort to find this proof, I also conclude that God gives every human being a natural life. Only ungodly governments and ungodly people are taking this natural life away from us. On the US government, I conclude that it has thus been transformed from a godly government into an ungodly one after the assassination of Lincoln.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Science Produces Man’s Deepest Thoughts About God and the Universe

Man’s deepest secret about God and the universe emerges from a single science and single symbolic language that apply to God and the universe. This secret is unknown by scientists and theologians. Scientists do not understand this secret because they believe that science applies only to the universe. And, theologians do not understand this secret because they believe that science does not apply to God. Without knowing this deep secret, our scientists and theologians are impeding the progress of man and causing human conflicts and wars worldwide.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ taught the single science and single symbolic language that humans would need to know God and the universe. And, He also taught at St. John 14:26 that any new generation will live comfortably. Jesus taught St. Paul how to know the universe. And, Paul expresses this teaching at Rom. 1: 20. Jesus taught St. John how to know God. And, John expresses this teaching two ways at John 10:30, & 38. Today, one learns that modern science is following Paul and that modern scientists and theologians are not following John.

To urge scientists and theologians to become followers of John’s expressions above, someone had to prove that God is the origin of all things in the universe. This proof had to be constructed with the ‘scientific method’ of proof and the same symbolic language that applies to the universe. This is what I have accomplished in my book on ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’

Friday, August 04, 2006

The Scientific Proof of God Can Produce Major Social Problems in a Free State

Some people in the US do not believe in God because they were born in an atheistic family or because they considered God themselves and rejected the scriptures and teachings of religions. Many of these people are educated well, work as scientists, mathematicians, medical doctors, researchers, school teachers, ... etc., and do not want to lose their jobs and careers.

The scientific proof of God will not affect believers greatly. But, it can affect nonbelievers in serious ways. For instance, the current national debate on teaching evolutionary theory and/or creation in high schools is already heating up. The addition of the scientific proof of God to this debate could make this coming winter very hot.

On the Internet book store and on this web site, I have already discussed and defended the scientific proof of God with evolutionists, biologists, physical scientists, and mathematicians. I detect a degree of concern in them. So, it is clear that new debates between believers and nonbelievers are increasing and also becoming hotter. Rather than waiting for new social problems to appear and become hot in the USA, the US government can and should prevent them. Preventing social problems might be a new idea for government. Yet, thinking into the future is a gift from God to both humans and governments. President Bush should consider this futuristic initiative.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fidel Castro and His Illness Leads to New Thoughts

When I think about Fidel Castro and his illness, I think about the evilness of Aristotle's logic and how it was used by political scientists to create the contraries, communism and democracy. This pair of contraries is the most ignorant pairs of logical concepts that political scientists and politicians can create because they reduce the freedom of humans. This pair of logical concepts has created all wars of the 20th century and all stupid presidential debates such as the debate between Iran and the USA on the development of nuclear energy. Certainly new energies are needed by all nations.

Only two political leaders have sensed the human error in the use of the contraries, communism and democracy. These leaders are former US President William Clinton and the Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair. They destroyed this pair of contraries by creating the Third Way,' a political system that functions in the middle between communism and democracy. More recently, Russia's President Putin told President Bush that Russia is really a democracy but that its political system stays away from the extremes of these contraries. Apparently nether communism nor democracy can be perfected and completed where an end has come. In fact, if Aristotle's logic should be destroyed, it is time to stop all debates on the subjects of communism and democracy.

When are the leaders of the US government going to work in the middle between the contraries' communism and democracy? Did Fidel Castro try to guide his people into the Clinton/Blair Third Way? I do not know. But, I believe that an honest reporter can answer this question. But, at the same time, I believe that US leaders ought to learn more about our symbolic languages and how they can be used to destroy Aristotle’s logic.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Politically Right / Politically Wrong Do Not Form a Natural Structure for Man's Thought

The concepts, politically right and politically wrong, were conceived by the field of politics to distinguish two opposing political parties. In the USA, for instance, these concepts distinguish the Democratic and Republican parties using Aristotle’s logical reasoning. But, this logic has closed political thought. It also enslaves people who have new ideas but cannot present them to an open-minded political forum.

As seen, this US political dualism is stretching political thought backwardly and into the ancient period during which Plato and Aristotle debated over the way man must think in order to build knowledge. Aristotle thought that man could build knowledge with logic. Plato was a geometer and thus disagreed with Aristotle. Unfortunately, world leaders sided with Aristotle, that is, until the 14th century. Beginning in the 14th century, scientific people began to replace Aristotle’s logic with Plato’s way of building knowledge. But, many other fields of thoughts remained with Aristotle’s logic.

Today, most fields of thought are still using Aristotle’s logic because Plato’s way is scientific. The field of political science is one of those fields who are ‘dragging their feet.’ Unless today’s politicians ‘wake up,’ political thoughts throughout the world will continue to degenerate rationally. Today’s wars, terrorism, poverty, crime, social conflicts, etc. exist only because political leaders are thinking anciently and improperly. The point is, a political idea can only be better or worse, when compared with other ideas.