Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, December 31, 2006

A greeting for all readers of this blog. May you all have a good life in 2007 and thereafter.

The pic was made by Ronald Rehrer, my greatest friend. He sits in the right foreground. Jack Barr, a very close friend of mine, sits in the left foreground on a wheel chair. Ronnie and I played, as very active boys, in the beautiful mountains that surround Pine Grove, PA. I met Jack as a basketball opponent in the neighboring town, Tremont, PA. He was tall and tough. I sit in the background in between them. As we have aged, we continue to face death together with differing trials and tribulations. At death, we expect to be resurrected to the hand of God, where we expect God, through Nature, will return us to play again on some part of Nature in which we are reborn.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

March Christians. We Have the Strongest Proofs of God and Jesus Christ

Based on the work of Bart Ehrman in his book on Misquoting Jesus, atheists and liberals might use some of Ehrman’s information to silence Christians socially and politically. Ehrman seems to suggest a change in Christianity. But, such a change would be natural because man’s symbolic languages have been changing since the time of Jesus. Soon, the atheists will learn that Jesus will always give His teachings power that cause reforms in those faiths which will develop eventually into the single religion of God. Yes, Christians have made many mistakes. But, no human can get through life without mistakes. So, I hope that all Christians take heed to Ehrman work. Only with reforms can a Christian become like God.

I conclude that Jesus Christ will return to earth by the end of this century because a new form of wisdom will be needed by that time. In His last teachings, Jesus led our thoughts to the new scientific era we call modern science. By the end of this century, modern science will realize its potential to eliminate world poverty. At that time, the true moral philosophy must begin to develop. The true moral philosophy is the “Laws of Nature’s God.” These laws augment the Laws of Nature. The US founders identified both of these laws in the Declaration of Independence. I believe that a higher level of morality will be the major teaching of Jesus. To prepare for this higher moral philosophy, I believe that all Christian churches must become social units. The idea of attending church only on Sunday must be eliminated.

Below is a 2004 review I made on Duwayne Anderson’s book on “Farewell to Eden: Coming to Terms With Mormonism and Science.” In my review, I suggested that Mormons transform their church into a social unit. I believe they are making this kind of change.

Farewell to Eden challenges the claimed truths of the scripture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This scripture was written in the 19th century by Joseph Smith and is named the Book of Mormon. This scripture contains extractions from the Bible (Old Testament and New Testament) and sayings by Smith. Its purpose was to start a new American religion based on revelation, with prophets and apostles who speak directly to God, and to prepare Israel for the second coming of Christ. Smith became the first Mormon prophet and president. Brigham Young was a Mormon prophet and president.

This book is important to the fields of science and religion because Farewell to Eden is a precursor of other challenges of Western world scriptures (Avesta, Old Testament, New Testament, and Qur'an). Undoubtedly, these other scriptures can expect challenges because all ancient scriptures have falsities. All scriptures contain (1) falsities related to God and the creation and include (2) falsities that help to build a faith. Falsities that develop fear are used to promote followers by the founders or leaders of a faith.

The author tells us that Smith erred when he made his God all-knowing. To give God all-knowledge, God is first a finite human and then with self-knowledge He develops all-knowledge. Smith's infinity is Aristotle's infinity (e.g., 1, 2, 3, ...etc.). The author is thus correct because, in the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa showed that infinite and finite are not comparable. So, any finite thing cannot become infinite in any way. A monotheistic God is infinite and exists prior to the creation. Other scriptures also view a monotheistic God as something finite, for instance, when they place a celestial world in between God and His creation and add beings such as Satan, demons, etc.

Fear is often added to a scripture by including words saying that God gives rewards and punishes people by ending our world and creating a Heaven, for rewards, and a Hell, for punishments. Today's Middle East suicide bombers are filled with this fear. I agree with the author when he implies at p. 315 that God is eternal, life is eternal, life after death is eternal, the creation is eternal, and families are eternal.

The author does a brilliant job of applying many different sciences to explain why the Book of Mormon is filled with errors and that Joseph Smith was merely a story teller. However, I do not believe that Mormons should disorganize because all churches have major scriptural problems. All churches should continue their current social interactions, as the author would want. Simultaneously, all churches can slowly reorganize their thoughts about God and the creation. I recommend that they start this reorganization by considering the writings of Nicholas of Cusa.

Friday, December 29, 2006

In this pic, Santa Claus is reading Sam Harris' book, "A Letter to a Christian Nation." My review of this book still remains on Click and scroll

How Atheists Can Silence the Speech of Authors

Recently, I reviewed Sam Harris' book on "The End of Faith: Religion, Terrorism, and the Future of Reason." I submitted the review to In about a week, my review was removed, perhaps at the request of the publisher, W.W. Norton. As you can see in my review (printed below), I was supporting some of the thoughts of Harris because some Christian teachings are opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Since Harris is an atheist and hopes to destroy all faiths, I supported only some parts of his book because I had already proven scientifically that God exists and wanted to tell Harris about this proof. I have contacted Harris directly via his website. My review of his book is presented below.

As the author of a new related book, The First Scientific Proof of God, my book says that God is a standard such as the speed of light. I like Harris’ book because chapters 1 and 3 provide important data that can help us know and correct the confused field of religion. I reject the idea that the Old Testament is expressing the words of God. A monotheistic God does not talk as we talk. Nor does a monotheistic God dictate to scribes for 500 years to prepare the Old Testament. But, a monotheistic God must appear in His creation because man’s science can become flawed and misguided. So, God must appear and guide the life of man. I found that God is appearing through a system of spiritual atoms.

I disagree with Harris on the nature of belief. In Chapter 2, p. 51, he says that we have no idea of what a brain must do in order to believe that a given statement is true or false. Certainly, we can distinguish truths from falsities and build knowledge. This is why I was able to prove God’s existence.. However, Harris is on the right track by saying that language plays a large role. The keys to increasing knowledge are symbols, finding their relations, and giving symbols their precise meanings. Thus, the mind is not a shadow of the brain. The brain is an organ of the mind. The mind is the first thing a monotheistic God must create because the mind must measures everything in the universe. All minds can be represented as a set of indivisible atoms. Indivisible atoms are thus spiritual and can be measured by God. All spiritual atoms are related; are never free; are immortal; have no races;, and combine to form divisible bodies. The prime numbers and Riemann’s hypothesis seem to organize the bodies into a single universe. There is no end to the universe. And, the ideas of Heaven and Hell are inconsistent with a monotheistic God.

The author’s use of the good and evil religious dualism in Chapter is wrong. This religious dualism is a major error in the field of religion because it creates a world in between God and the universe. This mediating world creates unreal beings such as angels, demons, the devil, Satan, etc. My modern creation connects God to the universe scientifically. So God and the universe form an eternal oneness. The ethics of man are found like we find laws of nature. The founders of the USA knew this when they spoke of Laws of Nature and Nature’s God in the declaration of Independence.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman

If you want to know more truths about the weakness of the Bible, you should read Bart Ehrman's book on 'Misquoting Jesus.' I read his book and comment on it at Click.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Unity of God, Spiritual Atoms, and Transfinite Numbers

During the later years of the 19th century, mathematicians honored Georg Cantor saying that his discovery of the transfinite numbers was the greatest achievement ever in the field of mathematics. But, more than 125 years have passed without applying his discovery. Why? The answer is that today’s mathematicians are atheists and do not accept the determinate infinity that Cantor applied to God. These atheists say ‘yes’ to indeterminate infinities exist but say ‘no’ determinate infinities. Accordingly, I might be the first t to apply Cantor’s transfinite numbers to a world consisting of God and the universe.

I knew I had to apply Cantor because physical scientists had split the atom and could not find any physical atoms. Currently, they are considering the one-dimensional string. But, a one-dimensional string is not an atom because its one-dimensional length is divisible. So, I use Gottfried Leibniz’s monads as the atoms of the universe. The monad is an indivisible thing. It is thus a spirit as God is indivisible. But, I change Leibniz’s monads to ‘spiritual atoms.’ God and the spiritual atoms form the spiritual aspect of the world. Accordingly, divisible things form the physical aspect of the world.

Since God cannot be exhausted, God is unlimited in all ways. Thus, God can create as many spiritual atoms as he desires. We know that the number of spiritual atoms is limited because the universe formed by the spiritual atoms is limited. If the number of created spiritual atoms is ‘n’, then ‘n’ spiritual atoms can form, all at once, 2 to the ‘n’ divisible things. Obviously, God governs the nature of each spiritual atom and the nature of each physical thing. Since all spiritual atoms are related to each other, a spiritual atom forms an orderly infinite set and is in the orderly infinite set of all other spiritual atoms. The spiritual atoms of any orderly infinite set can be counted and given a transfinite number. Click.

Spiritual atoms must come from something. They can come only from an unlimited and a determinately infinite God. Since the spiritual atoms form finite physical things, they begin in God as one. They become a plurality of contracted spirits upon creation. Since all spiritual atoms are minds (or souls), the Son of God is incarnated, just as other divisible things are incarnated. The death of any divisible thing, causes the living divisible thing to disorganize and becomes a resurrected divisible thing where it can be reincarnated naturally. So, the idea that people meet their family members after death is not a reality.

Once my scientific proof of God has been accepted, the spiritual atoms will also become widely accepted. Since this new way of life is scientifically sound, human life will change radically. We can expect no more racism; no more poverty; no more homelessness; no more crime or wars; etc.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Jesus Christ Has Taken Care of Us For More Than Two Thousand Years By Teaching Sciences and Morals

Today is the birthday of Jesus Christ. When I studied His teachings, I concluded that the universe has no end and that Chapter 24 of Matthew does not teach a near end of the planet. It is more true to say that planet earth can support life for several billion years. Jesus also taught many subjects that are consistent with our eternal life with God. It is clear that the early Christians misinterpreted Chapter 24 and propagated this misinterpretation into the future generations.

To make my modern creation theory consistent with my interpretation of Chapter 24 in Matthew, my science and theology required that the Son had to be incarnated the same way that all humans are incarnated. Further, I found that all incarnations must begin as spiritual atoms. In the Bible, the spiritual atoms are called the 'hands of God.' The spiritual atoms are the hands of God' because our physical scientists have not been able to equate physical atoms to the 'hands of God.' Once created, all spiritual atoms organize themselves lawfully. The first law of their togetherness is the paradise, the state in which the Son comes to rest after he dies on the cross. The first law is a physical laws and follow other physical laws that explain the formation into things such as the Son, all other humans, all animals and plants and all nonliving things. No spiritual atom will never be alone and be without relations with all other atoms. Furthermore, all spiritual atoms are minds These minds have different qualities. The highest qualities are the minds of the Son and all humans. The lowest quality minds are found in nonliving things. In the middle region of minds, other quality minds exist and form all animals and plants. Since all things eventually die, a dying thing disorganizes itself naturally until the thing has attained its resurrection state. This state is the lowest mind-body state and acts as if it is a seed that can be reborn. I conclude that the Son entered the resurrection state after He died on the cross.

The deaths of all created things are resurrected the same way. Jesus teaches death when he tells one of the robbers that he will be with Jesus in paradise today. (see Luke 20:43) Thus, death must be given a new meaning. So, when God created the things He wanted, He creates an ‘n’ set of spiritual atoms. Since all spiritual atoms are related to each other, they form 2 to the n subsets. The set of all subsets form a set of holistic things. As wholes, all created things have dominate spiritual atoms. The dominant atoms determines the nature of each whole.

The pic represents the Son and His work to care for us, just as shepards care for their sheep. Since the spiritual atoms are immortal, God and the universe are eternal partners. This eternity means that the Son will care for all created things forever. Since many teachings of Jesus Christ have been picked up by modern scientists, I expect the Son to be reincarnated by the end of this century so that He can teach us more wisdom. The teaching of the Son has no end because our wisdom can never reach God's wisdom.

Thus, I do not accept the idea that the universe will come to an end soon and that Jesus Christ will come only a second time to judge us and make a Heaven and Hell to distinguish the believers from the nonbelievers. Instead, I have interpreted the teachings of Jesus differently and believe that Jesus expects us to build one faith, one talking language, one science, one moral philosophy and one beautiful planet. This teaching means that all people on this planet must be unified. I suggest this unification path in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christianity and Me, VII

I am reading a book by Bart Ehrman. Its title is ‘Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why.’ Click. It is necessary reading for the believer because the reader will learn that life should not be guided only by a scripture. Life must also be guided by science and some hunches. The atheists like Ehrman’s book because the book shows that Christianity has scriptural problems with respect to claimed truths that Christians have extracted from the Bible.

However, when I disconnect the New Testament from the Old Testament in my book and connect the New Testament to the future, specifically to modern science, the scriptural problems of Christianity in Ehrman’s book become less important because many sayings in the Bible have become less important to life today. In his ‘Letter to a Christian Nation,’ Sam Harris speaks about these Christian problems. I believe that these Christian problems become less important because many of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament are being fulfilled slowly by our modern scientists. Such fulfillments have also caused cultural changes such as bringing forth the free state such as the United States of America.

By the end of the current century, I expect that the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament will be fully implemented. So, by the end of this century, it is possible that the Son might appear again on planet earth. This appearance is not the appearance that Matthew speaks of in Ch. 24. I don’t expect the sun to darken for billions of years. We will know more about the darkening of the sun as our astronomers find more signs that can predict the nature of our solar system.

On p. 65, Ehrman discusses the last twelve verses of Mark. This deals with the death of Jesus and His resurrection. These twelve verses are not on the original gospel of Mark but were added by later Christians. With spiritual atoms, I have a scientific answer to what happens to Jesus after He died on the cross.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christianity and Me, VI

Yesterday, I identified a number of new books that are bought by people who also bought my book. The books by Harris, Dennett, and Dawkins support atheism and the others support God. If you saw Anderson Cooper’s CNN program on Jesus beginning at 10 PM, you saw Bart Ehrman who is chairman of the Religious Studies at North Carolina University. It is now significant that Ehrman’s book and Cooper’s program are giving support to Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation.

The atheists are trying to increase their political power. This power can reduce the moral powers of Christianity. With this increasing power, the atheists also hope to reduce the power of Jesus Christ to just another human. If Jesus Christ’s is reduced this way, the atheists will win the war they started, to remove God from the USA. This will make the USA a godless nation governed by the nasty theory of evolution. Thus, this war is real but not a military war. If you do not believe that this war is real, look at how the atheists are organized to reject all negative comments to their books. Click.

I now conclude that I have the only human tools on this planet that can win this war against the atheists for God, Jesus Christ, and Christianity. These six tools are found in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. One of these tools is the scientific proof itself. The second tool is my proof that God must appear in our world to guide the development of our wisdom. This tool says that God must appear in our finite world contractedly, as the Son of God. The third tool is my analysis of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the mind of Jesus Christ showing the Jesus Christ had the wisdom power of the Son of God and was thus the Son of God. The fourth tool is my connection of God to the universe scientifically and eternally using the Christian Trinity. The fifth tool is my disconnection of the New Testament from the Old Testament and my connection of the New Testament to the modern science. The sixth and last tool is formed by spiritual atoms, which God uses to form an eternal universe. These tools require no proofs because they are consistent, or emerge, with the scientific proof of God.

As a reforming Christian, I argue the these tools are the only tools that can save Christianity from atheism. Thus, I need help to propagate these tools to all Christians so they can help to win this war. I also hope that all Jews, Muslims, and all other religions consider these tools and use them to help God’s enemies.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christianity and Me, V

The advertisement of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, on bookstore has a changing list of other books that are purchased when the reader has purchased my book. Click. Six of these other books are of interest to me are as follows:

The End of Faith by Sam Harris
Letter to a Christian Nation by Sam Harris
Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon by Daniel Dennett
The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins
Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why by Bart Ehrman
The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief by Francis Collins

I will review and comment on these books and have already presented comments on four of them. Click.

You can learn how an atheist thinks and the morals atheists hold. For instance, they respond to my reviews without even reading my book.. Once the atheist detects a Christian, they try to weaken reviews by clicking at the bottom that it was not helpful. So, beware of the the minds of atheists because they have political motives and care little about seeking or proving truths. This is the problem with Darwin’s godless evolutionary theory. Atheists are trying to sell Americans the mind of Darwin and the general idea known as the ‘survival of the fittest.’ And, they want to make this sale without proving scientifically this idea or Darwin’s theory. Yet, they demand that Christians prove the existence of God and without the Bible.

I present my scientific proof of God’s existence in my book. But, they don’t want to read my book so they can evaluate my proof of God’s existence. At the same time, they want to sell Darwin’s evolutionary theory to Americans with Darwin’s bible and without a scientific proof. Thus, they have learned to live with contradictions, which can lead to the development of a criminal mind. So, wake up Christians by reading Ehrman’s book. With this reading, you will learn that the Bible is not what Christians have been selling. But, we now have something in addition to the religious scriptures. This addition is the scientific proof of God on which we can build many more truths that could ever be extracted from any scripture. With the scientific proof of God, the well of Jesus’ living water was opened.. This well could expose the real beauty of the universe that God created.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In the name of Jesus Christ, in honor of my late wife, Evelyn, and in respect and love for my new wife, Lillian, I plant this Christman tree into this blog.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christianity and Me, IV

After I was discharged from US Army in May of 1950, I just missed the year that President Truman added to all military personnel. In September, I began to study physics at Gettysburg College, Since Gettysburg College is a Lutheran school, I had to take a course on the life of Jesus Christ the first year. Later, I learned that Martin Luther was a teacher of ‘faith alone.’ This teaching is opposed to catholic teaching of ‘faith and good works.’ So, the Lutherans who built Gettysburg College separated themselves partly from the teaching of Martin Luther and were teaching the unity of ‘faith and reason.’ Then, in 1952, I had to shift my education to ‘night school’ so I could earn and pay for classes at Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia.

In 1954, I became married to Evelyn and moved to Baltimore where I began work at Martin Marietta (Lockheed Martin today) on the Cold War. In 1955, I started to continue my night school’ at Johns Hopkins University. At Hopkins, I would study electrical engineering. Soon, Hopkins would test an advanced mathematical method of doing electrical engineering in my class. This method uses complex numbers. By 1960, the space program was beginning. With the advanced mathematical method I learned and without my 1994 degree from Hopkins, my work responsibilities on the space program increased. One new responsibility was managing and teaching out-dated electrical engineers. So beware if you do not keep up to the state-of- art in your field of work.

My experience with this advanced mathematical method convinced me that part of man’s nature is to increase knowledge continually. So, in whatever field you choose to work, continue to perfect your mind. Later, my research will show that all human minds develop in similar ways. For instance, the minds of a philosopher and an auto mechanic develop in similar ways. For this reason, I conclude that the ‘life’ created by God is a complex functional relation. Even God functions in this life. I thus reject today’s economic systems. In my mind, the function of a librarian is as important to God as the function of a company CEO.

From 1971-1994, I worked at the US Department of Justice to solve the US crime problem. In the late 1980s I concluded that crime has a knowable cause. At that time, I concluded that all crime in coming from the human mind. This does not mean that criminal brains must be doctored by some pharmaceutical drug. I reject the biological assertion that our brains guide our lives. In the 1990, I begin my research on Jesus Christ. This research confirmed my conclusions about the cause of crime. But, this research also revealed to me for the first time that Christ is God, that Christ functions in our world as a teacher of new ideas and new goals, and that Jesus was Christ.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christianity and Me, III

In 1979, I was an atheist who just buried my father, George B.. Not too long ago I buried my 44-year-old sister, Anna, from a medical malpractice in 1971. My mother, Hilda, passed on in 2000 at age 94. In 1979, I was 50 years old and began to seek answers to the big questions one usually asks at this age. At that time, I had developed a mind that was reasoning well with science and mathematical abilities. Like some religious people who accept faith alone, I had accepted reasoning alone. These people and I were wrong because faith and reason are eternal partners in a world that has no end.

Soon, I would be introduced to the LaRouche Group which was organized around a Christian personality known as Lyndon LaRouche. In time I would conclude that Mr. LaRouche is the first ‘big thinker’ who the USA has developed. Because LaRouche’s thoughts were very different compared to other Americans, I will learn that he and his group had developed ideas that oppose many ideas found in most fields of thought. The exceptions were in the soft fields of art. Thus,In 1980, I already o knew that the USA and the other nations were in deep political trouble.

Based on this awful human situation and my review of the LaRouche ideas, I decided to 'settle in' and conduct good research on this situation as an independent and open-minded scientist. When the research was completed enough a big message to the people was sufficient to prepare a book in 2005 after 25 years had passed and the 9/11 NYC event was four years old.

My research was broad. But, when the book began to form, it was spread more than three thousand years. It began with the Jew, Abraham, and his proposal that God is one (monotheistic) and infinite. I did not establish this research wbased on a specific sequence of personalities starting with Abraham. In 15 years, it was clear that a sequence of major personalities was emerging. The personalities after Abraham were Moses, Plato, Aristotle, Jesus Christ, Ernst Cassirer, Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler, Da Vinci, Galileo, Leibniz, Kant, Riemann, Cantor, Harry Carey, the founders of the USA, and Langer. But, research on the writings of many other personalities become part of the book to be published.

A publishable book emerged in the Christmas Season of 2005. Preparing a galley would begin on April 14, 2006. Four days later I was under open heart surgery. And, in July, I was again under carotid surgery But, the book was eventually finalized and became live in the last days of June. 2006. Today, at 77 years old, I expect to contribute to the correction of the awful situations that I learned about 25 years ago.

In this 25-year-old period, my research on Jesus Christ was the best and most revealing. This research has connected by my weak faith and my strong reasoning. In my mind today, the togetherness of faith and reason are one. This togetherness will be very noticeable in my book. There, I correct the togetherness of faith and reason in the USA by lifting the political power of the US Declaration of Independence so that it becomes the highest law of the USA.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Christianity and Me, II

I turned toward atheism soon after I became a member of a Lutheran church in Pennsylvania. This turn was caused partly by my love for mathematics in high school. After interviewed by a radio, the fans of opposing basketball teams began to call me ‘the mathematician. Yet, mathematics and the mysteries of religions became opposing forces in my mind. To me, forming a basketball mind was like solving a math problem and both of these were like playing in Nature as a little boy. Nature expresses truths to me and my mind was comforted by the certain truths I found in Nature. On the other hand, I could never form a religious mind because I could not be happy living with uncertainties and problems that cannot be solved. Furthermore, religious uncertainties do not change because religious scriptures are cast into concrete and do not change. A life of uncertainties was thus unnatural to me.

However, if a religious person studies the works of Moses, Plato, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, Gottfried Leibniz, and Georg Cantor in my book, the mysteries in the field of religion will be reduced steadily. Those who say that religion has nothing to do with science and mathematics are wrong. God created every human being with a mind. It is up to each person to develop mind.

So, if you are a believer, you should think about socializing with scientists and mathematicians. But, beware. Many scientists and mathematicians are atheists, are flexing the muscles of their brain, and are going through a ‘doubting age.’ The doubting age will pass after a person begins to ‘ask the big questions’ about life. Passing through the doubting age is a natural event. But, religious people have eliminated this age by accepting ‘faith’ over ‘reasoning.’ To eliminate the doubting age, one develops a mind that develops faith. But, faith alone in a mind cannot reason properly. So, faith alone or faith-based initiatives can deny a person of truths about Jesus Christ. Further, faith alone can lead to violence. For instance, in Nigeria in 2002, the Miss World Pagent led to the butchering of many women to keep the place free of women in bikinis. Since God gives us freedom, it is inconsistent for God to micromanage us.

As a child, you initially sought the name of the objects in your home. Then, around age four, you began to ask ‘why questions.’ These two developmental steps are needed to fill the mind of a child with many new and rational symbols. If a child does not go through these two steps, a criminal mind could be developing. In the USA, I believe that criminals originate in the US government, which has the responsibility to secure our society. In the US government, it is the US educational system that is not preventing the creation of criminal minds.

The symbols we develop as children are needed to find truths and develop knowledge about all unknowns. All children must thus pass through these two steps so they can ‘distinguish and relate’ the things that exist among them. Since distinguishing and relating is ‘science,’ all children are really trained as scientists. The doubting age emerges or does not emerge after these two steps and when a person distinguishes faith and reason. First, if a person selects faith alone, Science and Religion are separated by that person. These people reject science and technology. Second, if a person selects reason alone, that person will become an atheist. Third, if a person selects both faith and reason, that person enters the ‘doubting age’ and must do what I did, that is, conduct lots of studies on God and universe before age 55. I do not believe that the ‘doubting age’ is unnatural. The teaching on self-knowledge by Jesus Christ indicates that the doubting age is natural and should be an organized part of any religion.

The pic is the major symbol of Christianity and the unnatural death of Jesus Christ.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christianity and Me, I

My life as a Christian began when I was a baby and was carried to a Lutheran Church by Mother. Then, when I could walk, I began Sunday School. Like many other kids, I had perfect attendance almost every year. In my teenage, I became a member of Church. Soon, I would go to high school and no longer attend Sunday School. At high school, I became a basketball star early in Pennsylvania. Instead of taking college opportunities, I went to the military for three years, was schooled in radio repair, and finishing in Germany. Eventually, I became a scientist in engineering at Johns Hopkins University. By this time I became an atheist and remained with atheism until Father died in 1979. At that time, I was asking big questions about life and made contact with Bishop Lawrence Hand of the Lutheran Church in Philadelphia. He was a high school basketball player too.

I began to conduct research on God and the universe in 1980. My first research was on the works of Nicholas of Cusa, a 15th century Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church. Since Cusa’s writings was not translated into English until 1979, I was one of the first researchers in the USA on Cusa’s writings. The American Cusanus Society was founded in 1983. But, it seems to be a closed society because it is influenced by Vatican-related publishers. So, be careful. My research came to a temporary end after I discovered a scientific proof of God. Today, I am still conducting research on God and the universe because research on these two subjects will always be incomplete.

Unless one studies the works of Moses, Plato, Cusa, Leibniz, Cantor and my first scientific proof of God, God and the universe, God and the universe will remain as a mystery in all churches, temples, and mosques. However, after 25 years of research on God and the universe, all of my past mysteries about God and the universe have been removed from my mind. Today, I view churches, temples, and mosques more as social unites because science is necessary to teach God and the universe. I believe the Mormons are following my comments on Mormonism and suggestion of creating a social unit in the Mormon Church. I made this suggestion in ‘Farewell to Eden’ by Duwayne Anderson. Click. With the many different sciences that I am bringing into the field of theology with my book --- The First Scientific Proof of God --- churches, temples, and mosques should consider linking federal, State and local science units to their religious organizations.

I am non-denominational and will remain that way until Science and Theology unify.The pics signify the natural togetherness of Science and Theology.

The 'Christmas Season' is here. It is the season in which some believers in God express a deeper belief. This deeper belief says that God appears in the universe and actually did appear on planet earth as Jesus Christ about 2000 years ago. Christians hold this deeper belief and encourage others to consider it. To explain this deeper belief, I will fill this season with blogs about God,Jesus Christ and their works and sayings.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Interpreting the Bible’s New Testament

Yesterday, I discussed the Old Testament. There, I conclude that the Old Testament was made by intelligent Jewish scribes using the talking method of writing. I also concluded that the purpose of the Old Testament was to record Jewish knowledge about God so that future Jewish generations would not be required to ‘reinvent the wheel of Jewish ideas.’ Based on these conclusions, I also concluded that the words in the Old Testament are not the words of God.

Yesterday, I did not mention that the Old Testament began to develop in 950 BC and was completed at about 450 BC. This 500-year time frame is important because Plato (427-347 BC) would be born about 23 years after it was completed and Aristotle (427-322 BC), about 76 years after. I conclude that the MINDSET of Jesus Christ and His teachings are influenced more by the Greek language than the Jewish language. An example of the Greek language influence are the words found in John 14:18-20 below.

18 I will not leave you comfortless. I come to you.
19 Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.
20 At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

The symbol ‘in’ found in verse 20 does not mean that the Father, Jesus, and us are ‘containers’ that can be filled as a glass can be filled with water. These three verses are telling us that ‘modern science’ is coming to our life, that the knowledge found by modern science will comfort us, that we live eternally, and that God and every created thing are functionally related. When Jesus used the word ‘in’ in verse 20, He is teaching us about ‘functional relations,’ which were not found by man until modern science emerged. People who cannot interpret these three verses as I did are not scientists and cannot recognize that Jesus Christ is God who creates everything while also being able to appear in our world. My seemingly strange interpretation of these verses explain why atheism is growing and why many many Christians do not understand Jesus Christ.

In my book on The First Scientific Proof of God (Click), I conclude that the method of writings in New Testament is very different from the method of writing found in Old Testament. Since two scribes in the New Testament, John and Paul, are Greeks, I conclude that the New Testament was influenced by the works of Plato and Aristotle and thus the Greek language. Further, the writings of John and Paul are highly scientific whereas the writings of the Jews --- Matthew, Mark, and Luke --- are not. Furthermore, The Lost Gospel (click) and The Gospel of Thomas (click)are not found in the Bible even though these two gospels are highly scientific. Alone, the Bible does not tell us important truths about Jesus Christ.

When I found that the Bible is an ‘uncompleted document,’ I did my own research on Jesus Christ. The detailed results of my research are found in Part IIb of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. In summary, I conclude that Jesus Christ is God who not only creates the universe but also appears in our world with new goals.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Creating, Interpreting, and Reinterpreting Scriptures

Before man began to write, about 5000 years ago, he could talk only to his neighbors. Then, after man began to write, he was able to talk to people far away. Talking at a distance gave man the ability to exchange ideas among many people. Today, man can talk and exchange ideas with people throughout the world. With writing, man could also record these ideas on parchment.. With records, man’s ideas are extended in time as well as space. The ability to extend ideas into time and spaces led to the appearances of scriptures.

We see that man extended his ideas into time and space by developing a scripture such as the Old Testament. And, we see that man’s method of talking to his neighbors was used to record man’s ideas in the Old Testament. The Old Testament was thus an instrument of extending man’s ideas into time and space. Accordingly, I conclude that the scribes of the Old Testament never thought of the Old Testament as an instrument to record God’s talks to man through the Holy Spirit. For instance, Moses did not talk to God through a burning bush. Instead, this bush gave Moses ideas about God’s creation. And, his ‘ten commandments’ are natural laws conceived by Moses. The scribes of th Old Testament were intelligent and recognized the need to record their ideas and communicate them to the new generations.

So, the Old Testament was not the words of God. Instead, the scribes are communicating their ideas about God using the method of talking, just as if God had been talking with them. John Shelby Spong, retired Episcopal Bishop of Newark, also says that God did not dictate to the scribes of the Old Testament. Click. In my recent book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I prove that God cannot talk to us through the Holy Spirit. Click. But, I prove that God and man are talking. When the infinite God creates, He is not living among the stars in the sky. Nor does a third world exist in between God and the universe He is creating. My research says that God’s higher world and our lower world are the only real worlds. Thus, mystical and imaginary worlds do not exist. Based on these two distinct worlds, I came to the conclusion that God must appear in our lower world and did as Jesus Christ.

Man’s ideas cannot be extended into time and space as the scribes did with the talking method in the Old Testament. But, the correct method of extending man’s ideas into the future would not be known until the Renaissance, when people found the scientific method of proof. So, the Jewish scribes used the only method known at their time. Their error of using the talking method to extend man’s ideas was thus a natural error. Even the dictionaries of their time were crude lists of words with phrases showing the use of each word.

But, this does not mean that the Old Testament is useless. I have used the Old Testament with success by translating Old Testament talks into science with the scientific method. By linking scriptures with science, I have revealed a very different universe that God made for us. It is time to unite Science and Theology and all sciences and religions. And, it is time to make new dictionaries that distinguish the method of talking from the scientific method of proof and its truths.

I have scanned the King James version of the Old Testament and New Testament. I have not been able to scan the Qur an because I do not know which English translation to buy. Based on 15th century documents, I learned that Muhammad was a Nester Christian. Apparently, he was a follower of Jesus Christ, who I prove is God in my book. So, I recommend that Jews, Christians and Muslims consider the thoughts in this blog.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Irrational Growth of New Religions

Research is showing today that new religions are started often after a scripture has been reinterpreted. The Mormon religion with its Book of Mormon, for instance, was started this way by Joseph Smith. To prevent the growth of new religions, many current religions try to prevent such reinterpretations. But, the prevention of such reinterpretations is counter to the freedom that God gave us. It is also counter to science, the continual development of our language systems, and our need to increase continually our knowledge of God and the universe.

Reinterpretations are thus a major religious problem today. And, there seems to be no known way to solve this problem because all scriptures are fixed linguistically in time because religions view their scripture as divine and sacred. Thus, religions do not want to modernize their scriptures or bring all of them under a single world language. So, this religious problem stays on the front burner of social life, especially in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. But, this problem is also heating up in the USA, the first free nation in which religions, speeches, the press, etc. are free.

The growth of new religions in the USA can be examined in the Nova Religio, the Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions at the University of California Press. Click. Then, click onto “Online Access.” There, you can examine detail religious data from 1997 through 2006. For instance, click onto ‘current issue’ and you will see the titles of papers written by people. One is “The Study of UFO Religions.” Now, click on Vol. 10, Number 1, August 2006 and scroll through the papers that deal with the Mormon religion and the paper titled “New Political Religions, or An Analysis of Modern Terrorism.” Examining all of them (1997-2006) should wake up all Americans and the leaders of the big Western World religions — Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Obviously, it is time for these leaders to talk. And, they should not stop talking until they have solved the problem of scriptural interpretations and reinterpretations. Without these talks, the growth of new religions under one God will become more and more irrational as time passes.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Problem of Interpreting the Ancient Scriptures Is Creating Many New Religions (e.g., the New Age Movement)

In yesterday’s blog I said “An international discussion of document interpretations seems appropriate. I made this statement because interpreting scriptures has become a new problem in the 1920s. The new problem is that many new and very different religions are being created. I also pointed out that fewer and fewer people believe that the Old Testament was dictated to scribes by God. Some of the people who do not believe that the Old Testament is the Word of God are Jews and Christians who belong to a new religion known as the New Age. This movement spread through the occult and metaphysical religious communities in the 1970s and 1980 and looked forward to a “New Age” of love and light through personal transformation and healing.

The movement was named in the late 19th century by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, cofounder of the Theosophical Society. She believed that theosophists (who embraced Buddhist and Brahmanic notions such as reincarnation) should assist the evolution of the human race and prepare to cooperate with one of the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood whose arrival was imminent. Blavatsky believed that, as the world's hidden leaders, members of this mystical brotherhood guided the destiny of the planet.

Blavatsky's successor, Annie Besant, predicted the coming of a messiah, or world saviour, who she believed was the Indian teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti. Members of the New Age believe that divine energy is received by them and raises the level of spiritual awareness. Eventually, the New Age claimed the ability to transmit spiritual energy to the world and allegedly received channeled messages from various preternatural beings such as the Ascended Masters. As the New Age grew in the 1960s, a new organization, the Universal Foundation, appeared. Its wealthy leader, Anthony Brooke, traveled widely beginning in the mid-1960s, predicting that an apocalyptic event would occur during the Christmas season of 1967. Although the event never took place, an international network of New Age groups emerged.

While esotericism grew, theosophy suffered setbacks. In the 1880s Blavatsky was accused of faking miraculous events associated with the Ascended Masters. In the early 20th century the Theosophical Society was hurt again, this time by a series of sex scandals involving its leaders, and Besant was personally embarrassed by the defection of Krishnamurti in 1929. Nonetheless, the society was a significant catalyst in promoting public acceptance of the notion of psychic reality and conducted a program to raise awareness of other religious traditions among its members and the predominantly Christian general public.

The American theosophist, David Spangler, developed the fundamental idea of the New Age movement. The Birth of a New Age in 1976 attracted many leaders from older occult and metaphysical organizations. The collapsing psychedelic movement provided new members and spokespersons such as the psychologist, Richard Alpert, who was an advocate of the use of hallucinogenic drugs to achieve mystical experiences. He found enlightenment in India and returned to the West as Baba Ram Dass and disavowed drug experiences. Periodicals were published. As the movement grew, bookstores opened that specialized in the sale of New Age books, videos, and meditative aids.

The New Age movement became a whole based on two simple ideas. First, it predicted that a New Age of heightened spiritual consciousness and international peace would arrive and bring an end to racism, poverty, sickness, hunger, and war. This social transformation would result from the massive spiritual awakening of the general population during the next generation. Second, individuals could obtain a foretaste of the New Age through their own spiritual transformation. Initial changes would put the believer on the sadhana, a new path of continual growth and transformation.

Although most followers of New Age teachings believe that the new era is still to come, Benjamin Crème announced that a world saviour, or Maitreya, would appear in 1982. The initial interest stirred by that prediction waned when the Maitreya failed to appear..

This discussion of the New Age is supported by Encyclopedia Britannica

Friday, December 08, 2006

A Message to Admin, the Blogger of Understanding_Islam

Understanding Islam is a Google website that has been opened so that people throughout the world can understand Islam. Click. have an interest in Muslim thoughts because, although human minds can differ due to our freedom, a certain set of human ideas must be the same in all people. Otherwise, human life would become highly irrational. The set of same ideas is form out of all scientific and mathematical ideas. My interest in the human minds of different nations is focused only on scientific and mathematical ideas.

This Islamic blog deals with the question, Is Jesus Christ God? On this question, certain biblical statements seem to be guiding the Muslim mind, as seen in comments in this blog. Click. The following biblical statements seem to focus the mind of Admin.

(1) John 10:30, I and my Father are one.
(2) John 5:58, Before Abraham was here, I am.
(3) John 14:28, My Father is greater than I.
(4) John 5:30, I can of mine own self do nothing.
(5) Luke 5:16, How can Jesus be God if he worshiped God as any other person — when he went into the wilderness and prayed.

The Muslim MINDSET is formed partly by the Jewish and Christian scriptures. Jews, Christians, and Muslims say that God talks in the Old Testament. This means that God is dictating to the scribes of this scripture. Fewer and fewer Christians and Jews hold this belief today. They say that the Old Testament is man-made. Since it took 500 years to prepare, I view the Old testament as a record of an ancient renaissance that was focused on the subject of God. But, the appearance of the Son as Jesus Christ and the teaching of Jesus Christ created a different kind of scripture. His teachings are not part of a ancient renaissance. Instead, these teachings are scientific and inventive and seem to represent a new set of goals for human life.

The interpretation of scriptures have entered an era wonderment in the 1920s. At that time, a major discovery was made by the field of linguistics and presents interpreters of documents a new problem. This problem requires the interpreter to assign a precise meaning to each word in the document. This requirement has confused today’s translators and interpreters. In my research on a monotheistic God and in my scientific proof of God , I gave precise meaning to every word-symbol I used. To find truths with word-symbols, the meaning of a word-symbol must be internally consistent and externally consistent with the other word-symbols. Finding truths with number-symbols by the physical sciences are simple compared to finding truths by life sciences or in a document prepared with word-symbols. An international discussion of document interpretations seems appropriate.

Statement (1) above says that Jesus is God. This identity became doctrine in Christianity in 325 AD. Then, in 381 AD, the meaning of the identity of the Father and Son became more precise by including the Holy Spirit to define this identity better. With this addition, the Father and Son was defined with three word-symbols and became known as the Trinity. By adding the Holy Spirit, the identity of the Father and Son must be conceived as a ‘union,’ rather than a ‘relation.’ In the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa conceived the Trinity as a scientific structure. The earlier version of the Trinity --- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit --- is conceived by Cusa as One, Equality, and Union. When Jesus Christ identified the father and Son identity at John 10:30, the early Christians viewed the identity wrongly as a bloodline relation. This natural error was corrected by Cusa. But, Christianity never conceived a monotheistic god as three gods.

I use successfully the Trinity of Cusa in my book on The First Scientific Proof of God. Click In my book, I found that the Trinity conceived by Cusa connects God to the universe scientifically. This finding is a major breakthrough because Science and Theology become unified as an identity with a single symbolic language. I expect the Trinity to become the most powerful tool for understanding God and the universe.

The connection of God to His universe through the Trinity tells us that God and the universe are scientifically related if we use the word-symbols, infinite and finite. Based on this connection, we learn that God and the universe have no beginning or end. We also learn that the symbols; Heaven and Hell, are spiritual, rather than physical. This connection also means that God created things by creating immortal atoms first. I present the spiritual atoms in my book. I also show that God must appear in our world as creator and creature. In statements (3) and (4) above, Jesus Christ it telling us that His work in our world is not like His work to create and maintain the universe. In statement (5) when Jesus prays in the wilderness, He is informing us that praying is a private activity through ‘spirits.’ I discuss this private praying activity in Part IIc of my book. With spiritual atoms and their perceiving abilities, God’s all-perceiving ability is able to perceive the private thoughts of all people simultaneously..

I believe that different religions can be unified with ease. This is the only way human freedom can become the natural freedom that God gave us. Religious unification is the only way the citizens of Iraq can be freed and terminate their civil conflicts. It is time for poverty to be removed from every place in the world and time for national leaders to stop dividing us.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

More on Atheism, V

In the blog, More on Atheism, IV, I propose that the half truths of the atheists be transformed into full truths by transforming the atheist’s physical world into a spiritual/physical world. By making this transformation, the universe becomes the ‘infrastructure of life’ and life becomes the ‘activities of spirits,’ which are all living things including God. Of interest to me and my scientific proof of God are the activities of God and all humans. Since this transformation removes the symbols ‘beginning’ and ‘ending’ from the attributes of the universe and life, the field of physical science and all life sciences must align their research programs to the timelessness of eternity. And, the fields of theology and religion must align their theological and scriptural research program to the scientific method of proof.

In this transformation, major changes must be made in the current Western world MINDSET. (This symbol means — the current set of ideas in one’s mind.) One such change must give new meanings to the concepts of Heaven and Hell by converting these symbols from physical concepts into spiritual concepts. This change can be made simply by defining Heaven and Hell as a pair of ‘included middle opposites’ in which human consciousness fills the middle region but never becomes absolutely maximum or absolutely minimum. The extremes, Heaven and Hell, become attributes only of God and aligns to the work of Nicholas of Cusa, who found that God is absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum. New meanings must also be given to the symbols ‘life’ and ‘death’ so that life becomes a continuum and death becomes a discontinuous event on this continuum. These new meanings allow the symbols, reincarnation and goal-seeking, to enter our minds. These two symbols are consistent with the futuristic nature of our minds. Add these new symbols to a futuristic school system and watch the positive changes in your children. They will know more about their lives becuse the mysteries of God are fading away.

Today’s US politics and economics are ungodly. They must be changed too. With the pic I am suggesting that the US government should act amd make change before Independencer Day of 2007 so that all Americans can have a very happy day.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Information on Islam

Admin, a person from an Islam website on Google, visited my website on Dec. 4, 2006. A comment was left and I responded. Americans should review this Islamic website because it explains in detail the differences that currently exist between Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Click. Read Islam discussions on the subject of Jesus Christ and whether Jesus is God. Click.

This morning I returned to this Islam website and left the following comment for Admin..

Hello Admin.

On my Dec. 4, 2006 blog, you left a comment to me at I have reviewed some of the information found on this blog. I suggest that you review my book, which is a 25- year research effort on Western world science and religion.

If you review my new book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' you will conclude that many of your negative statements about Christian teachings have errors and should be discussed. This book contains the most advanced scientific and theological information found in the world today. It reveals lots of new information on a monotheistic God.

To my readers, I conclude that the differences between the minds of Muslims, Jews, and Christians are huge and could lead to unwanted US criminal and social problems. The people of the USA, Muslims, Jews, and Christians should not allow these differences to go on without discussion and without a reconciliation. A major difference between American believers and Muslim teachings is the issue of religious scriptures and who wrote them, God or man. I dissuss this issue in detail in my book on the proof of God.

The pic is a reminder to use the 'eye of your mind' in all discussions.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More on Atheism, IV

In yesterday’s blog, I mentioned the long debate between empiricism and rationalism in Europe beginning in the 18th century with the Locke/ Leibniz interaction and Kant’s failure to reconcile these two philosophies. Unfortunately, this failure did not interfere with the work of those people who will eventually equate mind and brain. Today, such people will speak of ‘facts’ as proofs of evolutionary theory and do not use the scientific method of proof. These people will thus remain with Aristotle, whose philosophy would be rejected by the 14th century. Today, these people can speak only about half-truths and are blind of the wholeness of the world. These people have built today’s stock of atheists, who are unaware of symbols and the 1920 discovery

Fortunately, hybrid thinkers emerged from this debate through the work of Leibniz. These hybrid thinkers became today’s physical scientists who use the scientific method of proof and mind’s sensual and reasoning faculties faithfully. With only six symbols, they build a huge symbolic language that identifies hundreds of physical laws. However, these physical scientists became divided after the chemical atoms were smashed and revealed a new world of miniature physical particles. Some of these scientists became a new stock of atheists. This group rejected God while others held their belief in God.

Although I have proven scientifically that God exists in my book (The First Scientific Proof of God), I believe that God’s existence can be proven other ways. In my book, I propose that the half truths of the atheists be transformed into full truths by transforming the atheist’s physical world into a spiritual/physical world. First, I transform the universe into an ‘infrastructure of life.’ Then I add ‘life’ to the world and do this with spiritual atoms (Leibniz’s monads). Life becomes the spiritual aspect of the world. Knowledge about this aspect would become the subject of the life sciences. And, the infrastructure of life becomes the physical aspect. Knowledge about this aspect would become the subject of the physical sciences.

Monday, December 04, 2006

More on Atheism, III

My last three blogs are revealing the cause of all human social activities. These causes emerged from linguistic flaws that have created flaws in the human mind. The linguistic flaws originate in the symbolic languages we create and use every day. Most people are unaware of this language problem because they use their symbolic language to talk with neighbors about simple subjects such as today’s weather. But, when talks deal with more complex subjects, talking becomes more difficult among the talkers. Often, debates and social problems can develop as a result of talks. Yet, these talks can lead to linguistic flaws that lead to highly irrational behaviors such as murder and war. Even the 9/11 terrorizing event could be connected to such linguistic flaws. Clearly, the Iraq War could be ended quickly if the different religions in Iraq were aware of the linguistic flaws that separate them.

I became aware of this linguistic problem in 1988 when I was seeking the root cause of crime. At that time, I learned that this language problem had been discovered by linguists in the 1920s. In 1988, I also learned that most humans are aware of their discovery. I concluded that this discovery had been hidden by WWI and WWII. Apparently, these wars prevented the propagation of a new and important human discovery.

The discovery states that ‘sense data are primarily symbolic.’ Historically, the discovery modernized the field of etymology, which is the study of the history of symbols. It also led to the new field of semantics, which is the study of the meaning of symbols. The discovery actually gave new life to the field of philosophy, which was dying after the debates between empiricism and rationalism ended and Kant failed to reconcile them.

In summary, atheism is a sickness. It is a mental error that has its origin in the flawed symbols created and used by atheists. Theism and atheism are ideas that philosophers call ‘excluded middle opposites.’ Thus, in between the ideas of theism and atheism, no other ideas exist. The absence of ‘middle ideas’ explains why talks between atheists and theists can quickly lead to tough debates, conflicts, and wars. So, when I talk to others about theism, I use symbols that have their most precise meanings --- their scientific meanings. I do not believe that a theist should debate an atheist only with one or more scriptures because the meanings of the symbols found in scriptures are not scientific. I discuss the 1920 discovery in detail in my book — The First Scientific Proof of God.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

More on Atheism, II

Yesterday, I showed that atheism and theism are exact opposites and that any idea opposed to theism must be an idea associated with atheism. Since one can find many atheistic ideas in all nations throughout the world, atheistic ideas will be found in the systems that function for any nation.

One function in the USA is the US economy. The economy became atheistic when the US Constitution was violated by the US government. ‘The people’ of the USA formed the US government by creating the Constitution. In the Constitution at Section 8, the people gave Congress the power to coin money and regulate its value. But, Congress turned toward atheism unconstitutionally and money would become valued by ‘the bankers.’ How was this congressional power eliminated?

To make loans available to citizens for developing the USA, Congress created the Bank of the United States (1791–1811) and the second Bank of the United States (1816–36). They functioned as agents of the U.S. Treasury and competed with State and local banks. The loans of the banks were backed fully by government. However, the second Bank was closed by President Andrew Jackson in 1836 who sought State Rights. Against State Rights and for the Union, Lincoln created the National Bank Act of 1863. Lincoln wanted to regulate the national banks and stabilize the national currency. This act established minimum capital requirements and defined the kinds of loans and reserves that were needed by the banks. This act did not prohibit banks from issuing their own currency. The inflexibility of national banknote supplies and a lack of reserves led to the Federal Reserve System in 1913. By 1935 all national banks had transferred their note-issuing powers to the Federal Reserve. Today, the national banks have become the primary sources of commercial loans. Do we expect these bankers to guide the USA into the future? Wake up politicians.

The above development of the US banking system stopped the developments of theism and the Union. Instead, a free market economy developed. The atheists of this free-for-all’ economy say, ‘this is the way it works’ and say ‘anything goes.’ But this atheistic economy has created a culture of drugs, pornography, gambling, free sex, divorces, crime child molesters, spousal abusers, poor class, and a greedy rich class. This atheistic economy is taught by our best colleges and universities. Wake up education leaders.

As a nation, the USA has lost the founding theistic goals. Many US citizens are now losing their personal goals and have no purpose in life. Many citizens are also losing the social responsibilities that God gave them. The private sector cannot guide the USA. Not can the leaders of business and industry guide us. The Union was guided by the US government and its national banks until Lincoln was assassinated. Today, the USA is not being guided by God. Thus, I foresee the failure and breakup of the USA. I already see its enslaving state. It is just a matter of time because theism and atheism cannot coexist without wars. Wake up Americans.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

More on Atheism, I

Scientifically, the idea of atheism is the exact opposite of the idea of theism. So, any idea opposed to theism can be identified as an atheistic idea. Thus, if a theist desires to argue against atheism, the precise definition of theism must be known first. To define theism, one must identify the attributes of God with the symbols of our scientific language. The meanings of these symbols must be very precise, just as precise symbols are being used by physical scientists to find and identify the laws of physics. The law of gravity is an example of a physical law. I advise against the use of the symbols found in the ancient scriptures because the meanings of such symbols are often inconsistent with each other. Giving attributes to God is very difficult and is thus a scientific effort.

The scientific attributes that I have assigned to God to date are as follows: (1) one (2) monotheistic, (3) Trinitarian, (4) Dualistic, (5) infinite, (6) unlimited, (7) eternal, (8) active, (9) loving. (10) greatest, (11) absolute maximum, (12) absolute minimum, (13) forgives, (14)omnipotent, (15) omniscient, (16) wise, (17) spiritual, (18) creator and designer of all spirits and things, (19) savior or reincarnator of spirits, (20) good, (21) judge, (22) teacher, and (23) originator, of everything.

As you can see, I could argue that many people are atheists, even though they would say that they are theists. Further, I could argue that many religions are atheistic. Furthermore, I could argue that many Jews, Christians, and Muslims are atheistic. The point I make is that one must work hard to be a true theist. This is why I argue that in a nation under God, theists and atheists cannot coexist. Only one who is ignorant will say that a theocracy is slavery.

Today, although the USA was founded as a theocracy, which is mandated in the Declaration of Independence, the USA is a mixed nation of theists and atheists. The turn away from theocracy in the USA was not a separation of State and Religion. It was a turn away from Theology and the theory of G0d.

The pic is a reminder of how God was removed from the USA.