Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Religions Don't Know the Truths About God and the Universe

Modern religious leaders do not try to unify theology and science. This is why religions do not understand God and the universe that God made. For instance, over 1500 years, the Old Testament was developed by Jews. (click) It seems that this Jewish development ended in 400 B.C. because, after the Old Testament was translated into Greek in 250 B.C., the Greeks began to compare the Old Testament with the new thoughts of their great philosophers such as Alexander the Great, Anaxagoras, Plato, and Aristotle. So the great Greek philosophers soon learned that the Old Testament was not written by God. The Jews disagreed.

When I studied the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, I conclude that the learning of Jesus did not come only from the Old Testament. Instead, I concluded that most of the learning of Jesus occurred in Greece. Thus, I say that the Bible is not a book that united the Old Testament and New Testament. So, those people who try to unify the Old Testament and New Testament, they will fail if they say that the Bible is 'The Word of God.'

In most of his teachings, Jesus unifies theology and science Let me discuss one of his teachings in the New Testament at St. John Ch. 14. I choose this teaching because Jesus uses allot of theology and allot of science in this teaching. In this teaching, I modernize their meanings.

Verse 2: Father's house has many mansions. (The Father's house means our universe based on His intelligent design. The mansions means the suns and their planets.)
Verse 3: I will come again. (Means that Jesus is reincarnated.)
Verse 7: If ye have known me, ye should have known my Father. (Means that we are the closest images of God's wisdom)
Verse 12: The works that I do shall he do; and greater works shall he do. (Means that God is active; does works for us; and does greater work for us.)
Verse 13: The Father may be glorified in the Son. (Means that our good work proves God and His Intelligent Design of the creation)
Verse 19: Yet, a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me because I live, ye shall live also. (Means that all life continues after death.)
Verse 20: At that day, ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you. (Means the first statement by Anaxagoras --- Each thing is in each thing. Technically, this scientific statement says that all things are functionally related to each other.).
Verse 21: He that loveth me shall be loveth by my Father. (Means that functional love is real among all created things.)
Verse 26: But the Comforter .... shall teach you all things, and brings to your remembrances ... . (Means that our minds holds memories of our past learning.)
Verse 28: ... I go away from you and become again unto you ... ; for my Father is greater than I. (Means that all finite things must be created and reincarnated because the greatest God is infinite and is neither created nor reincarnated.)

As seen in the New Testament, Jeses teachings are going well beyond the Old Testament. He is teaching that God and the creation form a single world . This single world has no Heaven or Hell. Instead, God and the creation become 'one' with coexisting opposites such as Perfect/imperfect, Eternal/reincarnated, etc. Other coexisting opposites such as One/many, Equality/inequalities, Union/relatives, Indivisible/divisibles, Infinite/finite, and Independence/dependence have been discovered by me as the result of St. Paul''s teaching ar Rom. 1: 20. (The capitalized concepts belong to God.)

I believe that Christianity made a major religious error in 325 A.D. when it forced Christians to divide and become the Eastern and Western Christians. Interestingly, Muhammad was an Eastern Christian. This Christian error and division occurred after Eastern Christians said that the divinity of Jesus is false and Western Christians said that the divinity of Jesus is true and that Jesus is the Only Son of God. My conclusion is that the divinity of Jesus is impossible because God is absolute and eternal whereas Jesus was finite an must be a created and reincarnated person.

About 700 years after the 325 A.D. meeting, Anselm discovered that God is the greatest and is perfect. So Anselm proved that God is absolute and eternal. These concepts of God were confirmed by Nicholas of Cusa in the 15th century in his book 'On Learned Ignorance.' (click) . This discovery by Anselm means that God must be is infinite because all created things are finite. Accordingly, all created things are very different than God because they are finite, imperfect, relative, and have a limited life. Thus Jesus Christ was not divine but was reincarnated. Unfortunately, we cannot prove the reincarnation of Jesus because after death we receive a new and different body.

Today, the development of a single world religion is possible but only if Christians correct their division. If this division is corrected, a path to world peace become possible. This peace could also prevent economic depressions, crime, and many current human problem's. If this correction is not made, I see more wars and terrorism.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The 'God Particle'

Music has been produced by CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. The laboratory is making music through the disintegration of particles after high speed proton collisions. Hear the sounds at (click)

The scientific team from twenty nations has a recording of the musical interpretation of the debated 'God particle.' (click) The team says that a substance combines micro particles into macro particles. The “God particle” is know as Higgs boson. The Higgs boson relates to the Higgs field, which is a quantum field that is said to provide other particles the ability to form mass. The Higgs field is used by scientists who are exploring physics as well as the abstract world of quantum mechanics.

This laboratory and team is not distinguishing God and the Universe. Thus, they do not know realize that God in one and is thus without quantity. God is incomprehensible and mathematics is useless. We we can only develop knowledge about God's act of creation and His Intelligent Design of the universe. What they have found by using mathematics is not the God Particle. They seem to have found a finite nonliving thing, which is man-made, much like a child makes toys. Physical particles seem to be things that help to functions in God's Intelligent Design.

Atheism seems to be misleading our physicists. I conclude that particle physicists should focus their projects on the structures and functions of physical particles, so they can help to find, for instance, answers to health care problems such as cancer

Friday, October 29, 2010

More on the Constitution and Forming a More Perfect Union

I conclude that the first two statements in the Preamble of the Constitution are not understood by many Americans. Yet, I view these two statements as the most important statements in the Constitution. So I will discuss these statements below.

1. We the People of the United States,
2. In Order to form a more perfect Union,

The remaining words in the Preamble say, "... establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Now, turn your attention to the phrase, 'the People.' In the opening statement of the Declaration of Independence (DOI), 'the People has changed to 'one People.' This different phrase was used by Ben Franklin and John Adams when they revised Thomas Jefferson's draft version of the DOI. Jefferson had used the poor phrase, 'for people.' 'The People' and 'Union' mean that the people of the United States of America are organized and has a self-government, which is a government of, by, and for the People.
In the second statement, the meaning of the phrase, 'to form a more perfect Union,' is unknown to the People and their self-government. Without this knowledge, the People and their self-government have developed serious problems. What has been organized is now dividing nationally. The major problem is the concept 'perfect,' which can be found only in God. However, science can measure degrees of perfection in any organizing things. Measuring the contents of the USA and comparing the contents annually is necessary. Measuring is thus the way to make the People of any nation very happy.

The People and their self-government must simply become 'measuring People.'

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"... in Order to form a more perfect Union, ..."

The founding documents of the USA were made as simple as possible linguistically so that our new nation would understand the founders political thoughts. But as time passes, a nation changes, a nation's knowledge changes and a nation's language changes. In this blog, I show how the USA, its knowledge, and its national language is changing by discussing the first two statements of thee Preamble of the Constitution.

The Preamble of the U.S. Constitution opens with the following statement "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, ...." Unfortunately, some citizens and political parties reinterpret this statement for their own benefits rather than making it clearer for all of us. For instance, I can make this constitutional statement clearer with the following statement: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form 'a single nation' that becomes wiser and wiser under the direct guidance of the one, perfect, and greatest God,...." This clearer statement can be made even clearer if the phrase, direct guidance, is made clearer by adding the new statement: "The perfect God is an active God, who will guide 'the people' after they die and will even guide all living people after the sun of our planet darkens."

By making this Preamble statement clearer, I am really challenging those politicians who have rejected both God and socialism and expect to die and never live again and see the sun become darker. But these political rejections of God and socialism will never be found in the thoughts of the founders. So, these rejections are political errors.

In yesterday's blog, I show that the active God does exist. But God's existence does not mean that an infinite God can exist in our finite world where He can care for us after the sun darkens. An infinite God cannot also be finite. And, one God cannot also be many Gods. Neither can God's higher world be our lower world. And, nor can our lower world be God's higher world. God's world and our world are rational, not arbitrary.

The meaning of 'direct guidance' of God is thus clear. The direct guidance of God is through all humans, who are the only specie that is also creative. It is wiser and wiser nations that become and maintain the creativity of humans. It is wiser and wiser nations that will find a new planet on which to live for another billions of years. This wisdom is socialism, not Marxism or communism.

If 'the People' want to form a more perfect Union, they must find the true socialism and destroy atheism, materialism, evolutionary theory, and capitalism.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three Different Sciences: Atheism, Deism, and Panentheism

After the Scientific Revolution appeared in the 16th century, the fields of science and theology finally became unified and developed three different sciences. One science does not unify science and theology. But the other two sciences do unify science and theology. At this time, none of these three sciences have achieved the position of being a world leadership. Since only one true science can exist, I will identify the winner.

The first science is atheistic (godless) and is simply called physical sciences. Science and theology are not unified in this physical science. This science has the largest number of scientists.. Since this science is godless, ore or more things had to be chosen as the cause the universe. The Big Bang thing and the strings were chosen This science has bodies that are either hard or elastic. So, the forces on bodies vary. The universe is expected to end when entropy becomes maximum, that is, when all forms of energy are reduced to heat energy.

The second science is a deistic science and is used mostly by Jews, who are guided also by the Old Testament. This science has a Creator who caused the universe. Since God came to rest after humans appeared, this God becomes inactive. So this science searches laws of nature developed by the 18 century Enlightenment. This science must also search for final causes. Final causes are laws that judge people and define how the universe ends.

The third science began to develop in the 17th century by Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716) and Pierre-Louis Moreau de Maupetuis (1698-1759). This panentheistic science has a continuous and active God. Since God is the greatest thing, God is 'omnipotent' and 'omniscient. With this power and wisdom, a panentheistic God can creates the universe by filling it forever with nonliving and living things. This God can also form an infinite number of different indivisible things. When all of these indivisible things exist, this God can also relates and energizes these indivisible things with permanent least action energy. These relations cause all divisible bodies, which form different space-time objects. These objects form the universe. The third science is very different compared to the other two sciences because a panentheistic God and His universe exist eternally. But one fact is clear. Since a panentheistic God creates everything, evelotion theory must be false. But one fact is clear. Since a panentheistic God creates everything, evelotion theory must be false.

In support of the panentheistic science, Leibniz presented his Monadology and New System. (See 'Leibniz Philosophical Writings' by G.H.R. Parkinson.) Leibniz also sought a debate on (1) Newton's ' billiard ball' (hard body) theory and (2) Leibniz's new meaning of space and time. Unfortunately, this debate was limited to correspondences with Samuel Clarke, a disciple of Newton. After leibniz’s death, four hundred years passed before Albert Einstein would confirm Leibniz's relativity of space. This confirmation occurred after Einstein found Riemann's paper ‘On the Hypotheses Which Lie At The Foundations of Geometry.' (See ‘A Source Book In Mathematics' by David Smith).

Which science is the winner? In my book,‘The First Scientific Proof of God’ I eliminate the first science of atheism. My book also eliminates the deistic science because finite things cannot live in an infinite world where God exists. So, the winner is the panentheistic science. Why then isn’t the panentheistic science developing? I believe that this answer will be found in the fields of religions, economics, and politics

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Indivisible and Divisible Things Prove God and His Creation'

When you hold a yardstick and cut it in half, you can say that the yardstick has two parts. Now, cut these two parts into half. You can now say that the yardstick has four parts. You can continue to cut more parts into half. Continue this cutting and you will learn that the parts only become smaller and smaller; that the last or smallest parts will never be appear; and that the end of the yardstick cannot be reached. The smallest parts will not appear because a divisible yardstick has an infinite number indivisible parts. Since all divisibles have parts, we can say that every divisible thing in the universe has an infinite number of indivisibles. Obviously, our medical doctors must begin to view the human body differently if they want to improve our health care system.

Divisible things and indivisible things became known in the 1400s by Nicholas of Cusa. Then, Galileo published a book on indivisibles in 1632. The title of this book is, 'The Two Chief World Systems.' In this book, Galileo shows that all quantitative divisible things are formed by an infinite number of indivisibles. Today, all scientists must accept the fact that all divisible things in the universe came from indivisible things and that all indivisible things came from an infinite God.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Universe and Its IndivisibleThings and DivisibleThings

God, Creationism, the Soul, and the Big Bang theory are major subjects of today's religions and science. These subjects have been steady interests even though the possibility of a 'One Universe' developed interest in the ancient and modern periods by theology and science. In this blog, I will discuss a single Universe, its God, Creation, and Souls.

One world is formed by indivisible and divisible things. The indivisible things are Souls of the creation whereas the divisibles embody the Souls. Some Souls are active whereas others are passive A single universe has an active and perfect God, who exists in a higher world. The single universe also has Creatures, which exist is a lower world. Since this God and these Creatures had no beginning and will have no end, God and the Creatures have always functioned and will always function with indivisible and divisibles things The indivisible things must be immortal and the divisible things must be mortal. Otherwise, change would not exist in any single universe. So, change exists so that all indivisible things are able to become more and more perfect images of the perfect God. In a single universe, life is beautiful and lovely.

God's indivisibility and the Creature's indivisibility are different, irreducible, immortal, and undistructable. Since the indivisibility of God is perfect, God has no parts. On the other hand, the the Creatures are imperfect. Thus, all Creatures have parts. The parts that form the Creatures are imperfect indivisible things. To create these imperfect indivisible things, God had to contract His perfect indivisibility and union, by plurality and relation. This contraction produces an infinite number of imperfect indivisible thing that are orderly. This contraction action is like the opening of a geometrical point and seeing a geometrical infinite line that has an uncountable number of indivisible things. These imperfect indivisible things can be called 'matter because they form all divisible things.

All divisible things are also different. The dicisible things are holistic, mortal, and can be destructed. To make divisible thing, God had to contracts His infinity, by finitude. Thus, the plurality and relation of all indivisible things will form many different finite objects, which are functionally related. These different finite objects will thus form the first structure of the universe and the first 'least action' of each indivisible thing. At this time, I believe that this 'one universe' is the most advanced thinking that unites the fields of theology and science.

The Souls of humans are indivisible things. Since only humans are able to develop knowledge, God gave humans a major responsibility to guide the motion of all active and passive indivisible things. So the freedom of active Souls is relative, not absolute.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Self-government vs. Self-government Under God

If you search Google for the concept 'self-government,' you will find many entrees that can be studied. Now, change your search to the concept 'self-government under God.' As seen, many different entrees can be studied. These two searches explain why the USA has many social and political problems today. These searches also explain why many people have turned away from God and became atheists.

When I searched Google on 'self government' I found the following ungodly paragraph below. These words show that our lawyers do not consider God in their work: But I do not understand why the Supreme Court in Texas can say that the States can consent secessions. How can a State consent secessions when the States have no rights at all? Only humans have any rights, which come from God. The founders gave some our rights to form a self-government under God in order to secure us. What is changing the USA!!!!

"In liberal constitutional democracies the principle of majority rule has dictated whether a minority can secede. In the United States Abraham Lincoln acknowledged that secession might be possible through amending the United States Constitution. The Supreme Court in Texas v White, held secession could occur "through revolution, or through consent of the States."

I conclude that the U.S. self-government is no longer a government (of, by, and for' the 'one People.') The concept, 'one People; was identified in the Declaration of Independence. In the Constitution, the definition of 'one People' was then extended in the Preamble where it says 'We the People of The United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, ...' Unfortunately, many people and voters (e.g., Tea Party) do not understand this social mandate of the Constitution.

The above constitutional statement is very clear to believers in God. But the three branches of the US government seem to be confused by such a statement because they are not following the founding principles of the USA. However, I conclude that the confusion of our self- government has been caused by lawyers, who are not trained in linguistics, theology, and science, but who are asked to prepare many documents for our self-government under God. I think that the work of these lawyers need to be checked by skilled linguists, theologians, and scientists.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Nothing, Things, and Nothingness

In my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' I say that an infinite thing is the origin of all finite things. Further, I also say that this infinite thing is an attribute of an infinite God. In this blog, I show why nothing and nothingness have no reality and that only things are real.

Atheists have been arguing against my book for over four years. Physical scientists have joined these atheists. Both groups say that God does not exist; that nonliving things form all living things; and that mind is epiphenomena of the brain. The physical scientists say that space is independent of things. And believers usually say that God created things out of nothing. (Nothing mean no preexisting matter.)

The atheists and physical scientists cannot prove that God does not exist; that living things come from nonliving things; that mind is epiphenomena of the brain; and that space is prior to things. They can only use their five senses and measuring tools to develop knowledge of finite things and warped space. However, the minds of some believers have developed linguistic tools (authentic nd rational thinking) that can develop knowledge about God. Some of these linguistic tools were found by Anselm of Canterbury when he develop truths about the greatest infinite thing, which is God. I have also used these linguistic tools in order to expand our knowledge of God's attributes. I also found that these attributes connect God to the universe and thus form a single world (of God and all finite things).

Some believers say that nothingness is something empty. This implies that nothingness is a containing thing. These believers seem to be saying that nothingness is God and a creating thing. On the other hand, when atheists use the word 'nothingness,' they speak about space. But if space is not a thing, it must be no thing, which means nothing. These believers and the atheists need to rethink their use of the words 'nothing' and 'nothingness.' As a believer in God, I use ontology and consider only 'things.' Accordingly, I say that God is an infinite thing that creates all finite things. Since all finite things are dynamic things, a 'world noise' exists because all finite things are contained by God so these finite things can function as determined by God. Since God gave all humans the only kind of mind that can understand Him, the function and responsibilities that God assigned to every human is very clear.

As I see God and our universe, only things exist. If I am right, atheism, materialism, and evolution will come to an end. This end also means that the 2012 theory is false.

Friday, October 08, 2010

God's Eternal Power and the Godhead

My research on Jesus Christ concludes that he lived in Greece as a young man and came home to teach the Jews about the Greek teachings of Plato, Aristotle, et al. This portion of the life of Jesus is clear as one reads the Gospel of St. John and the Epistle of St. Paul because they are very informative compared to the other books in the Bible.

In this blog, I will explain the meaning of Paul's message at Rom. 1:20, which says, 'For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.' This teaching is different and new because I connect God to our finite world with opposites that coexist and do not form contradictions. These opposites inform us that God and our world are eternal. The Godhead is the continuous act of God to create. This act contracts those attributes of God's Intelligent Design and unfolds their opposing concepts to form our world.

At the Godhead are the following concepts: One, Equality, Union, Infinite, Independence, and Indivisible These concepts are attributes of God. At God's Intelligent Design of our world are the following opposing concepts: many (contracted from One), difference (contracted from Equality), relation (contracted from Union), finite (contracted from Infinite), dependence (contracted from Independence), and indivisible-divisible relation (contracted from Indivisible and Union).

The above indivisible-divisible-relation, which comes from the Indivisible and Union of God, is spoken today three ways: as the mind-body relation; as the spirit-body relation; as the soul-body relation. Since the indivisible-divisible-relation form the dynamic things in our world, the indivisible concept is necessarily immortal so that the divisible concepts can change.

As you can see, the life life continues after death. Now I must get busy to learn how reincarnation works. One interesting idea is the blackness that anstronauts see when they look out of the window of a spacecraft.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Authentic Thought vs. Rational Thought: Why Atheism Must Be Removed from the USA

For over four million years, man has forced their minds to find more and more facts. But where is is this force coming from? Atheists say that this force is physical. But believers in God say that this force is spiritual. Those Americans who believe in God go to a synagogue, church, or mosque where they hope to receive a life after death. The other Americans become atheists and seek one good life. The purpose of this blog is to show that atheists are wrong.

To show the wrongness of the atheists, I suggest the book by Karl Jaspers on 'Anselm and Nicholas of Cusa.' (A Harvest Book of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.) The author says that authentic thought is conceiving something whereas rational thought is understanding something. So, if one says that God is, that person cannot say that 'God is not' without using rational thought. But atheists say that 'God is not' without using rational thought. So, atheists are failing to prove that 'God is' a contradiction.

So when Anselm said, God is 'a being that which nothing greater can be conceived,' he produced an insight (or intuition), which is not derived from any premise or experience. No one had ever achieved certainty of God's reality the way Anselm did because God became an object in our realm of finite knowledge.

Here is where atheism begins to fail. For instance, Project Reason, which was founded by Sam Harris, is atheistic because it does not develop any authentic thoughts. Yet, many authentic thoughts about God have developed by man for more than four million years. When modern science appeared, Descartes, Leibniz, and Hegel affirmed Anselm's proof. Descartes said that only on the highest being of God alone, can it be said that essence includes existence. Existence cannot be separated from the essence of God just as we can't separate two right angles from a triangle. On Anselm's proof of God as perfect Being, Leibniz developed a prior knowledge of God's existence because a perfect Being has no limitations, no negation, and no contradiction. Kant and Thomas Aquinas rejected Anselm's proof. But the transcendentalism of Kant failed and the mathematics of Aquinas failed. Georg Cantor's transfinite numbers were beyond the rational thinking of Aquinas.

Atheists say that my book (The First Scientific Proof of God)' is filled with non sequiturs. This saying means that authors must use rational thinking and cannot use authentic thinking. Atheists are thus saying that we cannot conceive anything. To the atheists, only mathematics can rationalizes things, such as Big Bang finite thing. However, the greatest thing (God) is infinite, perfect, etc. But God's essence cannot be rationalized with any finite mathematics. Since God is one and has no parts, mathematics cannot even count God. So mathematics cannot rationalize God''s nonexistence.

Authentic thinking is a reality found in all humans. I recognized it and spoke of it in my book as indivisibles that form divisible things in the Intelligent Design. These indivisibles are contractions from God's iindivisibility. Galileo recognized these indivisibles when he studied bodies. Leibniz also recognized these indivisible things and spoke of them as monads in his Monadology. Leibniz also developed his infinitesimal calculus from these indivisibles. Jesus Christ also recognized the indivisible as a thing within us that defiles us. (See Mark 7:23). It is with these contracted indivisibles that man can conceive new ideas and understand God and His Intelligent Design.

In 1967, when the Supreme Court removed prayers from public schools at the request of atheism, the USA began to change itself into a godless nation. This removal of prayers was a major error of the U.S. government because many prayers are authentic thoughts. It is now time to correct this terrible U.S. error.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Why People Become Atheists

Scriptures are not the words of God, as religious leaders say. Scriptures are only words of people who were created by God; people who believe that God exists; and people who passionately search for facts about God.

People, who become atheists, do not believe in God. Their interests are only to transform the USA into a godless nation through the U.S. Constitution and by selling atheism on the Internet. I remind them that the USA is a nation under God and that atheism can be 'thought' but not 'practiced.'

As a believer in God, I published my first book, The First Scientific Proof of God, in 2006. In this book, I identify the fact ---an infinite thing is the origin of all finite things. (See p. 6). This statement is a scientific fact because the meanings of the words 'infinite' and 'finite' are maximally different. Since these differences coexist, they demonstrate that an infinite God exists and creates all finite things. No contradictions exist in this fact about God. This proof is not a proof in ontology.

In Part IIb, Ch.1 of my book, I identify three more pairs of coexisting words: one/many, equality/difference, and Union/relations. They also connect God to all created things. In Part IV, CH. 3, I identify another pair of coexisting words: indivisible/divisible. They also connect God to all created things. In my website, I identify a sixth pair of coexisting words: independence/dependence. They also connect God to all created things. Each of these connections can be viewed as different scientific proofs of God's existence

Since the search for facts about God has no end, man must extend this search to all fields of thought, independent of ages. I see this continuous search for facts about God in Karl Jaspers (1883-1969) and his book on 'Anselm and Nicholas of Cusa'. Jaspers identifies many other proofs of God. So, atheists can't say that God does not exist.

In atheists, I see laziness, not rejections in God.