Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Collapse of the US Social Contract

Modern historians agree that the USA was the first free nation. But, some political scientists, such as Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859), questioned whether the USA could maintain this freedom. Shortly after Tocqueville’s death and before the assassination of Abe Lincoln, the answer to his question began to emerge. Today, only 1% of the US citizens believe that they are as free as the founders expected. Although 99% of the US citizens believe that they have not become free as expected, they say that they live in the best nation. The First Scientific Proof of God discusses the collapse of freedom in the USA.

In general, the USA was founded based on the social contract developed by England’s John Locke. This social contract was among ‘the people’ of the USA and a ‘limited government’ whose rights are determined by ‘the people.’ In my book, I show that the collapse of freedom began after the fall of the Lincoln administration. With this fall, the limited government began to change. This change transformed the limited government to a ‘ruling government’ whose rights are determined only by the political powers of the ‘ruling government.’ These political powers are empowered mostly by the rich class, the top 1% of the economic earners. This transformation also transferred the sovereignty of ‘the people’ to the government.

More recently, the ruling government seems to be developing other forms of political power. Such powers are formed by conspiracies between governmental agencies and industrialists. One such conspiracy was detected by new information found on New York City events. Apparently, demolition incendiaries were used to bring down the World Trade Center and could have only been placed there in advance of the 9/11 event. So, airplanes did not bring down the twin towers. What can ‘the people’ expect next from this irrational ‘ruling government?’

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Forthcoming World Renaissance

The scientific proof of God will cause significant changes in all nations. Among the changes will be the new books that must form and maintain the first world-level renaissance. In general, this renaissance will cause humans to shift their lives away from the outdated and ungodly standards of the past to an open-minded and godly life of the future.

To make this shift, ‘what had become normal, cultural, or politically right’ for most people will simply become ‘what is natural’ for all people. Naturalism will thus become the philosophy of human life in the future. This philosophy will guide our understanding of God’s Intelligent Design and guide the development of a new and modern creation theory, which is discussed in Part IV of ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ The content of these new books will also guide the reform of the public educational system, the identification of new literary specialities, and the reorganization of bookshelves and cafes.

What is natural was defined beautifully by the founders of the USA in the US Declaration of Independence. There, they spoke of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. These two laws distinguish ‘life’s infrastructure’ from ‘life.’ The US founders spoke correctly about the Laws of Nature because these laws are the universal laws of the infrastructure of life. Our physicists could not find these laws because they never found life in the natural structures they found. The US founders also spoke correctly about the Laws of Nature’s God because these laws are the natural rights that God has given to all men. The forthcoming renaissance will thus focus on these two laws.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Advice to Book Stores and Authors

Months will pass after June 2006 before people begin to grasp the many new messages that I presented in "The First Scientific Proof of God." This time delay can be expected because people throughout the world and in all walks of life must change drastically in response either to my messages or other similar messages. Thus, the change I speak of is necessary rather than arbitrary.

The first response to any new messages will be the reconstruction of today’s book stores by a huge renaissance that will become much larger than the Italian Renaissance. This new renaissance will be fueled, not by the humanism of the 14th century, but by the energy of our modern book stores and authors who are already getting ready to respond to the new world of beauty.

As my book becomes known better, book stores can expect in their Café activities increasing debates between atheists mathematicians, physicists, cosmologists, evolutionists, regular medical doctors, and liberal politicians. These thinkers will be opposed respectively by panentheists, set theorists, life scientists, after-life thinkers, creationists, alternative medical doctors, and conservative politicians. And, at the same time, parents and teachers will change the educational system. This change will introduce the newness in my new book to other nations and to the future generations of our new children, who will live in a new world that will prevent them from living on our path of Hell, the path on which many people live today.

The focus of government on this change must be on our nation's book stores and their authors. To not change, government and the book stores act as if they live in the past and make only incremental changes. To produce the author’s expectations of his book, a shock wave in knowledge must be produced by our new generations, just as a sonic wave is produced by the aviator of a high performing airplane. Not to produce this shock wave is to view the past as the cause of the presence. To produce shock waves by people is to believe that one lives in the future as well as in the present.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Uniting Science and Religion Is Not a Simple Job in the USA or Other Nations

Now that God has been proven by the powerful scientific method of proof, ancient scriptures (e.g., the Bible) will increasingly become less important to our lives. This change can be expected because science will increase its contribution significantly to the theory of God and the practices of religions. This means that churches, synagogues, mosques, and theologians must become familiar with science, its method of research, and its method of reporting. At the same time, scientists must become familiar with theology, its method of research, and its method of reporting.

Since all fields of thought will always be error prone and no field of thought can end their errors, conferences are needed to bring science and theology together where they can begin to admit their errors and learn each other’s method. of research, thoughts, and reporting method. These fields of thought might stall the beginning of such conferences because they became enemies centuries ago, I encourage the US government to establish and manage these conferences until the conferences come into existence, and progress, themselves.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Developing Symbolic Languages

Most people are unaware of the discovery in the 1920s of a group of linguistics after Kant’s failure to unify the fields of empiricism and rationalism. This discovery says — sensual data are primarily symbolic. Most people missed this discovery because the wars of the 20th century diverted them and still divert them as we move forward in the 21st century. However, without this discovery, physical scientists were able to develop a symbol language based on six different symbols (charge, temperature, mass, length, time, and angle). With only six symbols, they uncovered other symbols such as ‘density.’ These other symbols are found with mathematical laws that can predict sensual data. For instance, using mathematics, density was found to be equal to mass divided by volume (length 3). This success occurred because these symbols are number-symbols, apply only to nonliving things, and describe the infrastructure of life that God created. Many physical scientists believe that its symbolic language can be completed because they do not believe that God exists. My God tells me that knowledge cannot be completed..

No other field of thought has developed such a predictive symbolic language because these fields deal with living things such as God, humans, birds, dogs, ... etc. These living things are not predictable and describable mathematically. Accordingly, I believe that these other fields of thought can develop symbolic languages using word-symbols. However, although living things are not predictable, life is rational and even intellectual. For instance, keeping ourselves clean and having children is rational. And, life is intellectual because knowledge grows without end.

At this stage in the development of human life, humans are failing because they are not improving their symbolic languages. Human events like terrorism and the wars of WWI, WWII, Viet Nam, Iraq,. Israel/Lebanon, etc. only indicate that man has lost, or never found, his God.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Does the Universe Have Atoms?

The First Scientific Proof of God answers this question, but very differently than one expects

Since all things found in the universe can be divided into smaller portions, all ancient and modern scientists have agreed that all things in the universe are formed out of indivisible atoms. These ancient scientists became known as the Atomists. They could agree on the definition of an atom as a thing that can be divided until it can no longer be divided. But, they never found any atoms. When modern science emerged, modern scientists again began to search for the universes’ atoms. The early modern atomic scientists became known as chemists, who made a Periodic Table of all chemical atoms they found. Later, modern particle physicists discovered that the chemical atoms are divisible atoms because they could be split with high energy atom smashers. The latest effort in the search for the atoms of’ string theorists,’ who say that their strings are zero-sized particles because they have only one dimension – length. A string is viewed as a filament of vibrating energy that has gravity.

In historical stories about atoms, the atomic theory of Gottfried Leibniz is not found because the writer of such stories cannot cope with his atom because it is spiritual. Leibniz called his spiritual atom a monad and described it in his writings on Monadology. (See Parkinson, G. H. R. (1973) Leibniz Philosophical Writings, London: J. M. Dent & Sons.) I use a spiritual atom in my modern creation theory, which is discussed in Part IV of The First Scientific Proof of God. A spiritual atom is necessary when God is considered because a spiritual/infinite God and His created physical/finite things must be mediated by something common to God and all created things.

Accordingly, absolute and relative atoms exist. The mediating spiritual atoms are absolute, permanent, and unchanging whereas the atoms found in the universe are relative atoms that underlie the changes of all created things. The universe thus has atoms. But, physical scientists should not expect string theory to expose any absolute atoms because the universe contains only relative atoms that produce maximums and differing emergent things. However, my book shows that the spiritual atoms give man a great gift, his eternal life. Only God can give this kind of gift. New research should be initiated as soon as possible because these atoms could reveal many new secrets about the universe.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Two-fold Nature of the Scientific Method of Proof

Most scientists and theologians are unaware that the scientific method of proof is two-folded. This lack of awareness has prevented them from proving scientifically that God exists. This unawareness has thus caused many mathematicians and scientists to become atheists. Here, I show the two-foldedness of the scientific method and how it can be use by mind.

Up to this time, the scientific method has been viewed by scientists as a method to prove physical laws. To me, these laws are defining the nonliving infrastructure of life. But, unfortunately, the possibility of proving spiritual laws of life has not been considered by many people. The physical laws are sought by physical scientists using three pairs of coexisting concepts. These pairs are: (1) the pair known as ‘cause’ and ‘effect,’ (2) the pair known as ‘theory’ and ‘phenomena,’ or (3) the pair known as ‘theory’ and ‘sensual data. These pairs coexist, are not excluded middle opposites, and do not express a logical relationship. These coexisting concepts give meaning to the following early 20th century statement — no facts are theory neutral. Thus, when a person speaks only of facts, facts, facts, ... etc., as many evolutionists do, that person is developing an empirical science, which is a pseudoscience called a one-third or two-third science because reasoning, feelings, and the senses form a unity known as mind.

The spiritual side of the scientific method is constructed to understand God and life. But, theologians and life scientists are unaware of this side of the scientific method. The spiritual side of the scientific method is constructed with the general concepts known as ‘theory’ and ‘practice.’ Other pairs such as purpose/practice and purpose/‘function can be used. For instance, a medical theory can lead to a functional and purposive medical practices. The spiritual side of the scientific method can be seen only by the eye of the mind. This eye is not developed by the minds of atheists, perhaps because they do not distinguish mind from brain and mind from body.

When the eye of the mind sees the side used by physical scientists, it sees all nonliving things in the universe as finite things, which form the infrastructure of life. And, when the eye of the mind sees the spiritual side of the scientific method, the eye can see infinitesimal living spirits (spiritual atoms), their different organizations, their unproven laws, and the nonliving infrastructure that support them. Then, when the eye seeks a deeper understanding, the eye of the mind can seek the origin of all nonliving and living things. The eye does this by negating all of these two kinds of things. Negation produces the well-known pair of concepts known as ‘infinite ’ and ‘finite.’ Mathematical physicists model the concept infinite as an infinite series such as 1, 2, 3, ..etc. This series says that any finite infinite thing is indeterminate. With this mathematical infinite, God cannot be known. This is why atheism has taken control of the physical sciences. Since many life scientists are followers of the physical sciences, a rather large group of atheists exists in the science in general.

In my scientific proof of God, I argue that all nonliving and living things are finite things. They can never be originated by a finite thing, otherwise, a finite thing must originate itself. A finite thing that originates itself has never been found. Thus, to find the originating thing of all finite nonliving and living things, I negate all finite things. This negation reveals a unique pair of determinate concepts known as ‘infinite’ and ‘finite. This pair says that the originating thing is a determinate infinite thing. This determinate thing is different from any finite thing. It is also in a higher world compared to our finite universe. And, it exists beyond all opposing concepts. This infinite thing is God. Since infinite and finite coexist, God and all finite things are eternal partners Obviously the proof of God and this partnership cannot be known with logical reasoning.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Table Contents of The First Scientific Proof of God

As the 'contents' of this book shows, the knowledge of God, science, theology, life, and the universe will change radically.

Part I - A New Story on Knowledge

Chapter 1:The First Scientific Proof of God’s Existence
Chapter 2:Two Basic Tools of Knowledge
Chapter 3:Knowledge Begins With Mythical Cultures
Chapter 4:Knowledge Becomes Formal
Chapter 5:The Problem of Knowledge in the Physical and Life Sciences
Chapter 6:Seeking Truths
Relative and Absolute Truths
Using Opposites (or Dipolar Concepts)
Are Absolute Truths Found in Scriptures?

Part IIa - Nicholas of Cusa: The First Modern Scientist

Chapter 1:The False Good/Evil Religious Dualism
Chapter 2:The True Religious Dualism
Chapter 3:An Introduction to Nicholas of Cusa
Chapter 4:A Critique of Positive Theology
Chapter 5:Two Major Ideas in Negative Theology
God Is Maximum and Minium
Images of God
Chapter 6:The Art of Conjecturing
Conjecture on Numbers
Conjecture on Actual/Possible
Conjecture On the Not-Other
Chapter 7:The Aftermath of Nicholas of Cusa

Part IIb -The Trinity, Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ

Chapter 1:The Trinity: A Tool of Our Minds
Chapter 2:The Holy Ghost
Chapter 3: Jesus Christ
A World Class Teacher
The Cycles of Christ’s Work
Christ’s Mind is Divine
Scientific Evidence of the Divinity of Christ
Jesus Taught the Cause of Crime

Part IIc - God and Man Communications

Chapter 1:The Problem of Communications
Chapter 2:Three Ways God and Man Communicate

Part III - On World Theories

Chapter 1:Introduction to World Theories
Chapter 2:World Theories in the Field of Physics
Chapter 3:Biological Evolutionary Theory

Part IV - God’s Intelligent Design
Chapter 1:Moses, Plato, Leibniz, and Georg Cantor
Gottfried Leibniz and Monadology
Georg Cantor and the Transfinite Numbers
Chapter 2:Man’s Past Is a Path to Hell
Chapter 3:Conceiving God’s Intelligent Design
Chapter 4:Adjusting All Nations to God’s Intelligent Design

Friday, July 21, 2006

General Book Information: The First Scientific Proof of God

This information is intended to inform a potential buyer of the book’s content and its usefulness and comforting potentials.

The book began to develop after 25 years of research by the author on many social problems currently addressed by the fields of science and religion. 165 citations of the related thoughts of widely accepted ancient and modern personalities are used.

The book’s highest ideas are God, science, theology, life, and universe. These ideas form one God, one world, one knowledge and talking language, one science, one life, and one infrastructure of life, which is the universe. These ideas would cause human life to leave the ‘current modern era of uncertainty’ only to enter a ‘future era of certainty’ where world peace, abundance, equity, beauty, and happiness are certain. The book would thus represent the beginning of a major worldwide change in the way people live.

Because of its wide coverage of human thoughts, the book is multi functional and can serve all walks of life, all mature people, many classes in high schools, colleges, and universities, many research projects, all sciences, all theologies, all religions, all historians, all political movements, and all government agencies. It thus fits among those other intellectual books that already exist in our growing family libraries.

The opportunity for this major social change came with the finding of a real scientific proof of God. This proof was made possible by advancements in mathematics, science, and theology beginning in the 15th century. This finding will unify all religions and all sciences while simultaneously unifying Science and Religion. Its contents will thus be very useful to futuristic thinkers and comforting to all people.

Chapter 1 is my proof of God. It is the cause of change that will be debated among interested readers. The worldwide change begins to take shape in Chapter 2 and ends with the end of the book.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

President Bush’s Error of Vetoing Stem Cell Research

When I was approaching the age at which death becomes more possible, I decided to halt my 25-year research project on the theory of God and begin to write the book, The First Scientific Proof of God. I concluded that I went far enough on this research project because I was convinced that the book could serve scientists and theologians now and for many, many years. This was a good decision because I completed the book on April 14, 2006, had a heart attack on April 17, 2006, and had to undergo open-heart surgery on April 18, 2006. After this surgery, I rushed the manuscript to the publisher in May, waited for its publication in late June, and prepared for a second surgery that would open my carotid artery on July 7, 2006.

All of the above events were comforting to me, that is, until President Bush vetoed stem cell research on July 19, 2006 and caused me to evaluate his veto. My evaluation concluded that Bush’s stem cell research decision was determined by ‘what is political right’ instead of ‘what is scientifically right. Further, I concluded that this political right was determined by ‘what is religiously right. ’ My evaluation says that the President’s decision was unconstitutional because the US government cannot establish a religion. But, this unconstitutional act was made possible by Science and Religion because they are still not unifying their thoughts. Their separation, which began in the 14th century, was, and still is, inconsistent with God. These inconsistencies with God for many, many years have had the result of misguiding all sciences and all religions. This ungodly guidance implies that, ignorance, not intelligence, is guiding Science and Religion. Thus, on this stem cell research decision, I charge President Bush, Science, and Religion with different forms of evilness against God.

My 25-year research project on the theory of God concluded that God is creating ‘mortal things,’ which die, out of ‘immortal spirits,’ which do not die. I speak of the immortal spirits in my book as atoms and call them ‘spiritual atoms.’ My research conclusion seems appropriate because (1) the physical sciences have not been able to find any physical atoms in the universe and (2) no religion or scripture is providing information on God’s creation of atoms.

Obviously, Nature can destroy the mortal things that God creates. But, only God can destroy the immortal spirits. So, one question on stem cell research is, ‘Can stem cell research people destroy a stem cell?’ The answer is ‘yes.’ Another question is, ‘Can stem cell research people destroy an ‘immortal spirit?’ The answer is ‘no.’ Thus, when stem cell research people begin to destroy a stem cell, the immortal spirits, which organized that stem cell, immediately begin to leave that stem cell to enter and organize a new immortal thing naturally. This leaving and entering motion are scientific motions because no absolutely free immortal spirits exist.

My discussion of stem cell research above shows that President Bush’s decision to veto stem cell research was an error based on ‘what is political right.’ The religious persons who advised the President should admit their error unless they can show that my use of spiritual atoms is scientifically wrong..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Desk Help 1: Helping Scientists and Theologians to Unify

Today's scientific proof of God affects all people. But, it affects our scientists and theologians greater because they will change their thoughts and then try to change the future lives of the people in general. In Desk Help 1, I concentrate on the near and long term future changes of the new symbolic language systems that scientists and theologians must develop. It is not the time to reject the new that will replace the old.

Using our current symbolic languages, believers view the world as consisting of God and the universe. On the other hand, nonbelievers view the world as consisting only of a universe. For the believers and nonbelievers, the universe comes to an end. Other believers use the scientific proof of God and a newly developing symbolic language. Their new view of the world consists of God, life, and life’s infrastructure and has no end. For the new view, a single symbolic language must be developed. Eventually, this single language will also become the national language of every nation. So, conferences involving scientists and theologians must increase now.

At this time, I conclude that a single symbolic language will develop properly with two fundamental symbols: number-symbols and word-symbols. Number symbols would be used to express mathematical physical statements about life’s infrastructure whereas word-symbols would be used to express worded statements about God and life. Word-symbols were used by me, for instance, to prove God scientifically.

Both kinds of statements can be tested for their truth values by using the scientific method. With the scientific method, improved and proven statements will develop together. Since life and knowledge have no end, improved statements will always precede proven statements. But, all possible proven statements cannot be found because all three components have no end.

A single symbolic language will slowly bond all fields of thought. For this reason, science and theology will be unified by truths early. So, all life sciences and all physical sciences should not become divided or isolated from each other or from God.. A turn away from the theory of God by scientists was a major error of modern science. And, the turn away from science by theology was also a major error in the opening of the 14th century. It is now the time for scientists to turn toward God and theologians to turn toward science.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Atheists and Their Lack of Proofs

A person named ‘truth machine’ commented on a number of subjects of this blog yesterday. I suggest that these comments and my responses be examined because ‘truth machine’ represents the evil thoughts and the dialogue of a typical atheist. Learning the way an atheist thinks and uses our symbolic languages in highly irrational ways is important because an atheistic mind can degenerate and create a new criminal. Further, the degenerating minds of the people of the Roman Empire help to explain why the Roman Empire fell. I speak of the relations between crime and a degenerating symbolic language in Part I of my new book on The First Scientific Proof of God. Thus, every parent must ask whether the schools of their children are creating atheists and more criminals.

Today’s atheists have a tendency to dialogue about theories that have never been proven. Such theories are godless mathematical theories, Darwin’s godless evolutionary theory, godless biological and medical theories of man and other animals, and the godless physical theory known as the Big Bang theory. All such theories will never be proven if God exists. In my new book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I prove that God exists. So, it is time to act in all nations because God either is or is not.

Monday, July 17, 2006

A Rejection of Indirect Godly Inspirations

A 'revealed religion’ that accepts inspirations from God claims that man can perceive revelations from God, even though God is not in the area of human perceiving. These claims are made based on the belief that God is ‘in’ the perceiving person. This belief originates from Job 32:8 which says, ‘ But, there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveith them understanding. So, the revealed religions claim that God can reveal understandings to us at any time.

People who believe that they are inspired by God are said to transform these revelations into a sacred text called a scripture. Four religions make such scripture as follows: Judaism (Tanakh) , Christianity (New Testament), Islam (Qur'an), and Zoroastrianism (Avesta). Christianity goes further to unify Judaism and Christianity by supporting Judaic scriptures that support ‘prophesies’ and ‘the coming of Christ.’

The God and panentheism presented in ‘The First Scientific Proof of God’ are inconsistent with the idea of ‘indirect godly inspirations.’ But, direct godly inspirations are actual because panentheism requires God ‘s appearance in the human world as Christ and teacher. So, God can reveal understandings to humans directly because they form His audiences. God’s revelations are thus self-revelations because God inspires us through himself (Christ). It is also an error to say that God’s spirit is in humans. The spirit of God is the absolute union that makes God and Christ an identity. Such an absolute union is not possible in any finite world.

The unification of Judaism and Christianity is thus not determined by God. Thus, any religions can be unified only by members of the unifying religions.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Panentheism Clarifies the Meanings of the 'Word of God' and 'Words of God''

The phrases, Word of God and Words of God, have unclear meanings and tend to confuse people. But, if one accepts panentheism, their meanings become clear and this confusion goes away.

Panentheism says that God can be spoken of the Father and Son, as expressed in the Christian Trinity, and Creator and creature, as God appears as a teacher of humans. As the Father or the Creator, God is a one-thing and creates the universe with a single word. On the other hand, as the Son or a creature, God is a one-many thing and teaches humans with many different words. Today, I believe that only Hinduism and Christianity accept a Trinitarian God who unifies Creator and creature absolutely.

If one accepts panentheism, it is thus questionable to say that the Bible is the Word of God (Jews and Christians), that the Qur!an is written by God using His own language (Muslims), and that God dictates to ( inspires) the scribes of scriptures (Jews and Christians).

The confusion above arose easily because religious people tend to hold all of their beliefs as if they are absolute truths. This is a major human error because all humans always hold many more falsities than they hold absolute truths. Only the God who appears in the human world holds all truths. Unless people become more interested in holding more truths about God and the universe, that God creates and visits, I believe that the undesirable human behavior we are experiencing today will transform all people into a highly irrational world. Truths can be found only through science and the scientific method. It is time that people recognize science for what it really is.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

The Divinity of Jesus Christ

The First Scientific Proof of God not only confirmed the new and interesting theology of panentheism, it also opened a huge well of human ideas, which Jesus Christ calls ‘living water’ at John 4:10-14 (KJV Bible). To organize all of these ideas, I decided to divide the book into four major parts: (I): knowledge; (IIa) Nicholas of Cusa; (IIb) The Trinity, The Holy Ghost, and Jesus Christ; (IIc) God and man communications, (III) world theories; and (IV) God’s Intelligent Design.

When writing this book, my mind was guided by metaphoric and literal teachings of Jesus. But, because of panentheism and my proof of God, my interpretations of Christ’s teachings are usually very different from the teachings found in Christianity today. Thus, each part of my book is basically new. These different interpretations arise because I chose to deal with a real infinite God and also the God who must appear in our finite universe in a contracted way.

In my book, I prove that the New Testament contains divine teachings. A divine teaching is unique to God if it is new, turbulent (powerful), and consistent with God. On the Old testament, I conclude that Moses was a great scientist for his time because he knew how to analyze Nature and could teach highly scientific material with well-constructed stories. For instance, when Moses said that Lord appeared to him in a flaming bush and explained why the bush was not consumed (Exod. 3:2-4), Moses already concluded that only God can destroy everything in a thing He creared. Even though Moses was a scientific thinker some of his thought are inconsistent with God. On the Qur’an , I discuss Muhammad and Islam with information that Muhammad died as a Nester Christian. (See Part I, p. 75). Since Judaism, Islam, and other scriptures do not teach panentheism, the divinity of the Old testament, the Qur’an, and other scriptures remain to be unproven.

Obviously, a closed mind could be opened widely by my new book.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Godly Nations Cannot Be Found on This Planet

After I discovered the first scientific proof of God and recognized what constitutes a godly nation, I wanted to identify those nations that could be classified as a godly nation. I could not find any. Does this mean that all nations on this planet are evil nations? My answer is ‘no’ because nations have not developed knowledge of what constitutes a godly nation yet and have thus developed forms of evilness, which they have learned to accept as acceptable godly behaviors.

Thus, all nations have been behaving like individuals who develop evil behaviors, unconsciously and consciously, and often end up in prison. So, just like a criminal must admit its criminal behavior before becoming freed by the warden, nations must also begin to admit their past evils to other nations before highly functional international treaties can be developed, for example, on natural resource sharing. Thus, although godly nations cannot be found on this planet, godly nations can be developed. The first step is to learn that all Men are error prone but can reduce these errors by seeking truths by using improved symbolic languages.

Some examples of evil behaviors in the USA are as follows: inequity, poverty, absolute freedom, godless government, land ownership inflation, dominating rich class and laissez-faire economy, and liberal/conservative politics. But, I believe that the most evil US behavior is the degeneration of the US educational system, which will increase the ignorance of the future generations.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The First Scientific Proof of God and Its General Impacts

Finding the scientific proof of God by me will cause the world and our lives to change dramatically. Thus, as I was finishing this book, I could not stop wondering about the immediate and long term impacts of this finding on people, their nations, and families. My major focus was on the US Declaration of Independence and the need for all people, nations, and all families to implement the statements ‘that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by the creator with certain unalienable Rights ...’.These statements are the most general impacts as a result of finding God.

Accordingly, I believe that treating people, nations, and families equally and giving them natural rights are the basic changes that must be made to be consistent with God. But, I do not believe that a one-world government is necessary. Treaties among all nations would seem to be sufficient. In these treaties, for instance, equity and rights of all people would be attained by replacing land and natural resource ownership with land and natural resource rights.

Unfortunately, US lawyers have eliminated the equity and natural rights of Americans by not including the Declaration of Independence in the body of laws of the USA. They do not understand philosophy and the nature of things. Permanence exists in all things that change. In the changing USA, the Declaration of Independence is the permanent thing.

It is time for people, nations, and families to consider God in their daily lives. Thus, new political movements must form now so that the political system in every nation is forced to make change.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Common Flaw in Our Symbolic Languages

Symbolic languages are important to man because only man was given godly tools, such as symbols, to build rational knowledge of God, the universe, and life. But, man is not using our symbols correctly, perhaps because many people do not know anything about symbols.

When scholars at the Universities of Paris and Padua challenged Aristotle’s science, as the 14th century opened, they were unaware that Aristotle’s logic (or logical reasoning) could present flaws in our symbolic language systems. Unfortunately, long ago the Roman Church decided to use Aristotle’s science over Plato’s science, after the thoughts of Plato and Aristotle could not be reconciled. Although this was a bad decision, it was fortunate that Plato was rediscovered in the Renaissance. This discovery showed that Plato had challenged Aristotle’s logic in his Sophist Dialogue (at 257b). Plato’s challenge has been called ‘Plato’s negative.’

Take an adjective. Plato’s negative says that the prefix ‘not’ will turn our minds into a different adjective rather than turn our minds into an opposed or contrary adjective. For instance, take the adjective ‘hot’ and negate it to get ‘not-hot.’ What is the meaning of not-hot? Plato would say that ‘not-hot’ does not mean ‘cold.’ In the 15th century, Bishop Nicholas of Cusa was the first to limit Aristotle’s logical reasoning. At the same time, Cusa uses Plato’s negative to know God. With Plato’s negative, Cusa builds a negative theology, which is discussed in Part IIa of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. Unfortunately, religions still use opposites today. For instance, the opposites, good and evil, are still used to distinguish God from the Devil, Satan, imps, and deamons.

Unfortunately, the negative theology of Cusa would not be found in the USA before 1979. With this slow propagation of Cusa’s negative theology, Aristotle’s logic was free to expand and fill the national languages of all Western nations with useless ‘opposites. But, in the meantime, the use of logic was developing challenges after Kant could not reconcile empiricism and rationalism. Not until the 1920s, would philosophy find a new life. Then, linguists showed that ‘sensual data are primarily symbolic.’

Every nation must now remove the dirt that was added to their national languages by logic. At the same time they must also build national symbolic languages. So, a big job exists ahead for all nations. But, I believe that this job has a great benefit — will unify all nations with international treaties.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Rom. 1:20, in the New Testament of the Bible, Will Guide All Sciences

Beyond all of the words of Jesus Christ in the New Testament, I consider the words of St. Paul are the most important words to study in the Bible. And, among St. Paul’s words, I consider the words he writes at Rom. 1:20 as the best guidance that all sciences can find. There, Paul says, For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse.

By adding a few words of today, Paul’s words above become clearer than they were when Paul first wrote them. Add today’s words and Paul says, For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen (with the eyes of our minds), being understood by the (organized) things that are made, ...

However, Paul’s expanded words do not apply to man-made organized things such as an automobile because the smallest things in an automobile are visible things. Invisible things are found only by the eye of the mind in a spiritual world. So, a human can take a microwave oven apart and identify the ideas that the maker used to make the microwave. But, no man will take God’s universe apart and find all of God's ideas. In Part IV of The First Scientific Proof of God, I introduce spiritual atoms, the invisible things that God made to create organized things in His Kingdom (the universe).

Monday, July 10, 2006

Two Meanings of Heaven and Hell

Two meanings of the words, Heaven and Hell, seem to be propagated by believers in God.

One meaning aligns to the God-Physical world in which God exists forever, beings have life but die, and physical beings have no life but still die. Before all physical beings die, God judges all living beings. God then creates a new world consisting of Heaven and Hell. He raises all judged godly and ungodly living beings to Heaven or Hell respectively. Many people believe in this ancient belief, which seems to originate from ancient Christians and the New Testament at Matthew, Chapter 24.

The second meaning is a modern system of thought. It aligns to a TRINITARIAN world in which the following beings coexist: (1) God, (2) life, and (3) nonliving beings. All beings exist eternally. But, only living and nonliving beings have life and death Thus, living and nonliving beings have limited lives before death occurs to them . Since some living beings have shorter lives than cosmological nonliving beings, such as planets, human life can continues on a planet for a long time before it must be moved to live on a newly developing planet. This meaning originates from my modern interpretations of the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament at Matthew, Chapter 24.

Since I believe the 2nd meaning of Heaven and Hell is correct and consistent with God, I believe that human life continues on the same planet based on a natural process of reincarnation, which was established by God for all life and death. But, I also believe that moving a specific person from one planet to a new planet will require God’s intervention into the fundamental system of spiritual atoms that forms all living and nonliving things. I call this movement ‘resurrection.’

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Problem of National and Cultural Languages

Today, a major debate is underway on the subject of languages in the United States and other nations. In the USA, this debate is caused (1) by the unnatural high rate of Mexican immigration into the USA and (2) by the general worldwide idea of multiculturalism, which assumes that a free nation consists naturally of many different cultures.

However, the high rate of immigration from Mexico is not natural. This rate is unnatural because the Mexican political system and government are not natural and are thus in consistent with God. Further, the idea of multiculturalism is also unnatural and inconsistent with God.

God created only one language for all humans. This language is a language of symbols. God hoped that we would create symbolic languages because they are the only path that can lead humans to all truths. Instead of recognizing the need for a single symbolic language worldwide, people have developed cultural and national languages and debate these language. But, these language impede our searches for truths. This is why many human conflicts exist in the world today. Thus, God allowed us to confuse ourselves with the languages we make and use. But, God did not command us to confuse ourselves.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

On the Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang theory, a theory of the world, is proposed by the field of physics. This theory is flawed because God is not included or considered in the development of this theory. One flaw is that the universe must form itself without God. How can the universe form itself?

Since all things observed in the universe are finite, how can a universe of finite things be formed? The proponents of the Big bang theory say that finite things in the universe are formed by a single finite thing. So, they believe that an existing finite thing can form all other finite things. Such a belief is logically possible. But, this belief is logically impossible if one says that a finite thing can form all finite things. A flaw exists in the Big Bang theory because only God can form all finite things. This flaw originates from an error of the human mind.

In The First Scientific Proof of God, I say that the positive qualities of all things in the universe come from opposing qualities. Since all things in the universe are finite, all things in the universe come from a thing that is not finite or infinite. Since all finite things in the universe come from an infinite thing, that infinite thing is determinate and exists beyond all negative and positive things. The thing, which is beyond all positive and negative things, is no other than God.

A proposal that a universe can be formed itself and without God is thus misleading the people of the USA and other nations.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Restudying the Field of Mathematics

The field of mathematics is divided into pure and applied mathematics. Pure mathematicians use mathematics to express their own thoughts and thus express the maximum degree of freedom found in the field of mathematics. On the other hand, applied mathematicians lose a degree of their freedom because they use mathematics to express the thoughts of people in the fields they serve. Most mathematicians are applied mathematicians and serve either counters (e.g., accountants, pollsters, etc.) or sciences (e.g., physicists, sociologists, etc.).

The field of physics is served by applied mathematicians who are called mathematical physicists. These physicists are the cause of the separation of theologians and scientists in the 17th century, after Aristotle’s science was being challenged and the scientific method was beginning to be applied to all sciences. But, these mathematical physicists did not challenge Aristotle’s meaning of infinity. Instead, they accepted Aristotle’s infinity, which is indeterminate and expressed by infinite series such as the series of integers ( 1, 2, 3, ....etc.). Thus, to the mathematical physicist, a determinate infinity does not exist. This is why many of today’s physicists reject the idea of an infinite God who creates the universe. I argue that this is a major error in the field of mathematics and explain this error in the first chapter of The First Scientific Proof of God.

I believe that the field of mathematics must restudy their work by giving ample consideration to the nature of man’s symbolic languages, the nature of the human mind, Plato’s negative, and the nature of dialectical thinking.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Scientific Method of Proof for God, Life, and the Universe

The author claims that the USA and all other nations must change the way people have been living. The need for this change was identified by the proof of God, a proof that the author found in 2005. This proof and related proofs led to the book — The First Scientific Proof of God. Historically, the very first method of proving anything was sought in the early years of the 14th century and when Aristotle’s science was challenged. This search for a proof was really a search for finding truths about God and the universe. This search was fruitful because it led to the Italian Renaissance, ended the backward Middle Ages, and started the modern world. Eventually, this proof was found and, by the 17th century, was named the ‘scientific method.’

However, the very first method of proof divided the fields of science and theology. This division emerged because the very first method of proof could not find truths about God. Thus, theologians were forced to find truths about God only by studying scriptures. Unfortunately, the ‘scientific method’ attracted nonphysical sciences such as psychology, medicine, politics, economy, etc. However, the author concluded that the very first method of proof cannot be used to find truths about God or life. So, the very first method of proof had to be improved if truths are to be found about God, life, and the universe.

The author found the necessary improvements that had to be made to the very first method of proof. With these improvements, truths about God and life can be found. Interestingly, these improvements indicate that the universe is very different from suggestions of the physical scientists today. Thus, the author’s proof of God opens the human mind to a scientific method that would unify God, life, and the universe. Furthermore, solutions to tough human problems such as crime, terrorism, peace, poverty, cancer, arbitrary governments, bipartisan politics, and religions differences will be found with the proof of God.

In his book, the author discusses the past and future of man. He identifies man’s past as a path to Hell. With the path to Hell, he is able to define man’s path to Heaven. He identifies the ways that man can get on, and stay on, the path to Heaven. If mankind decides merely to extend the past into the future, as liberals propose, the author predicts that man’s future life will be a life of wars, poverty, and mental degeneration. He thus shows that the only path to Heaven is a spiritual life supported by a physical infrastructure.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Eternity of Science and Theology

Today, godly scientists and theologists are seeking ways to unify the fields of science and theology. But, they have not been very successful because functional relations or other forms of relations have not been found. However, there is a scientific reason why these relations cannot be found. 'The First Scientific Proof of God' shows that God and the universe form a single world that is one and eternal. With this common eternity and God's unlimitedness, completed relations cannot be found. These relations can be proposed and improved continuously because the single world of God and the universe has no end. So, scientists and theologians will never complete their research work.