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Thursday, December 30, 2010

More Information About U.S. Republians

The StudentNewsDaily gives us the general belief of today's conservatives. (click) These students say that conservatives believe in personal responsibility, limited government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional American values, and a strong national defense. They believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals and solve their own problems. These words are telling us that the Republicans do not accept any laws that say that the USA is a nation under God.

Today's Republicans have lured a new presidential personality, Sarah Palin, and new political parties called Tea Parties. Since Palin and the Tea Parties do not speak of the USA as a nation of God, the future Republicans can be expected to side-step the U.S. founding documents.

However, some Republicans are religious. These religious Republicans seek to apply the teachings of particular religions to politics, sometimes by merely proclaiming the value of those teachings, at other times by having those teachings influence laws.(click) These words are telling us that the Republicans are confused and and are inconsistent in their thoughts.

Republicans say that they are followers of Thomas of Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan. Since Thomas Jefferson was an English conservative and spoke against the Revolutionary War, today's Republicans are not followers of our 'founding fathers;' are not followers of Abe Lincoln, who believed in God and believed that All men are created equal; but clearly are followers of Ronald Reagan.

According to British brain research, conservatives have different brains. Apparently, the conservative brain has larger amygdalas than the brain of liberals. (click) Large amygdalas produce lots of 'fear' and other "primitive" emotions. These conservatives also have a smaller anterior cingulate, which reduces human courage and optimism. Since many Republicans say that criminals are born, these Republicans must thus believe in Darwin's evolutionary theory and accept this British brain research.

If Republicans believe that the USA is not a nation under God, I say that it is time for all men to come to the aid of their country.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Thoughts of the Repoublicans Are Confused and Ungodly

When President Obama compromised to the Republicans so that the wealthiest U.S. citizens would continue to receive tax breaks, I concluded that the thinking of President Obama and the Republicans are confused. This confusion is real because the Federal Reserve Service has evidence that the supply-side economics does not work. There is also evidence that the free market systems also does not work in a nation under God because justice is sacrificed..

The supply-side economics did not work for President Reagan and the father and son Bush presidents. These three presidents created huge national debts during their terms. Only President Clinton produced an 8-year economy that held high employment and created no national debt. The performance of President Obama is unclear because President Bush passed a depression onto President Obama. But since President Obama agreed with the Republicans to give tax breaks to the wealthiest citizens, I conclude that President Obama's real performance will never be known. At this time, I conclude that the U.S. government has become dysfunctional and inconsistent with the founding documents .

The Republicans and the new Speaker of the House say that the debt must be reduced by reducing the government budget. This reduction can solve this debt problem, which was created by the Republicans ever since 1981. But this reduction in government will affect the living standards of over 98% of the new U.S. children. This is unfair because the children of the wealthye parents will receive high living standards without earning them. This is inconsistent in a nation under God.

However, reducing government budgets will not solve the continuous economic problems of the USA. To solve these problems, the old economic theories (free market economics and supply-side economic) must be rejected. Once these theories are rejected, money will become a 'means' rather than an 'end' and foreign trade will become a bartering process.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Limits of Science

In the USA, atheists, materialists, and evolutionists are selling their science to other scientists, technologists, business and industry leaders, colleges and universities, high school teachers, publishers, bookstores, politicians, judges, doctors, religions, and the White House. To these potential buyers, these atheists, materialists, and evolutionists are also selling the ideas that God does not exist and that the universe is coming to an end. But outside of the USA, these sellers are not making such sales.

One foreign person, who is not interested in U.S. science, is Spiros Kakos, a chemical engineer in Athens, Greece. Kakos says that science is limited. I suggest that you look at what he is saying. (Click) My blogspot and knol work through Google is connected to Kakos knol work through my knol work at

U.S. science is failing because some godly scientists have gone beyond scriptures and proved God's existence scientifically. I am one of these godly scientists. Our existence proof of God also tell us that the universe has no end. So the U.S. government and the private sector must change drastically.

These ungodly scientists have failed when they tried to extend their thoughts too far into the infinitely large and infinitely small regions of thought. These failures have wasted too much of the U.S. government budget.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Wealth of U.S. Households

The wealth of all U.S. households was reported by the U.S. government in 1992 for the years 1963, 1983, 1989, and 1992.. These households were divided into three groups: the 90% group; the 9% group; and the 1% group. Below I show that the wealth of these three groups have about one-third of the national wealth and vary occasionally. Number 1 represents 1963; number 2 represents 1983; number 3 represents 1989; and number 4 represents 1992.
90% group------- 9% group------- 1% group
  1. 36.1%------------ 32%--------------- 31.8%
  2. 33.4%------------ 35.1%------------- 31.5%
  3. 30.7%------------ 33.1%------------- 36.2%
  4. 32.8%------------ 36.8%------------- 32.4%
This data was published by Kennickell, Arthur B. and R. Louise Woodburn (April 1992) "Estimation of Household net Worth Using Model-based and Design-based Weights" and (2) Kennickell, Arthur B., Douglas A. McManus, and R. Louise Woodburn (March 1996) "Weighting Design for the 1992 Survey of Consumer Finances," Washington, D.C., Federal Reserve System.

Since almost 20 years have passed since this data was reported, a new report seems to be appropriate because the 1% group has increased to 2% and the 9% group seems to be decreasing. Further, new questions can be asked. For instance, many owners of companies have died. Such deaths open up new wealthy jobs called 'the CEO.' Many questions can be asked about these wealthy jobs such as, 'Is the U.S. developing a slave state? Or we could ask, 'Is the 2% group controlling the future of the USA?; I conclude that the current distribution of the U.S, wealth is violating the founding documents. And if you believe in reincarnation, the current division of U.S. wealth will give very few babies the chance of becoming wealthy at all.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Functions That God Gave to All Humans

The word 'indivisibility,' which is is an adjective (or attribute) of God, and the word 'divisibility,' which is an adjective (or attribute) of things in the universe, are concepts that are found in modern science but are not found in scriptures. Religions that teach scriptures, but do not teach modern science, will become more and more out-dated as time passes. So, in this blog, I will teach the indivisibility of God and the indivisibility and divisibility of things in the universe.

The concept 'indivisible' became a possible attribute of God in the human mind when idolatry and pantheism were rejected by Abraham (click). But 'indivisible' did not become a real word until Nicholas of Cusa found, in the 15th century, that the greatest God of Anselm is both absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum. If Anselm's greatest God is really both maximum and minimum, then the universe has no vacuums, has no zero point and maximum point in mathematics, and has no beginning and end in science and philosophy.

So, when Cusa learned that the greatest God is also absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum, he found that God forms the universe by contracting his own indivisibility by plurality and finitude. So, before visible things appear in the universe, seemingly out of nothing, God unfolds an infinite number of indivisible things.

I call indivisible things 'spiritual atoms' because I want to distinguish them from the physical atoms of our chemists. In his book on 'Monadology,' Gottfried Leibniz calls the indivisible things 'true atoms.' In his infinitesimal calculus, Leibniz applies his true atoms by using the symbol 'dy/dx' , which approaches, but never becomes zero. (Thus, many mathematicians do not understand God.) My spiritual atoms are called souls by religions. Some modern scientists use the word 'mind.' And, psychologists use the word 'psych.' As seen, indivisible things are very new.

So, our minds today are developing new theories about indivisible things. Since nothing can enter or leave an indivisible thing, we can conclude that indivisible things are immortal because God is eternal. I do not believe that God will ever destroy our universe and make a new one because His wisdom is absolutely maximum. So, I believe that indivisible things will always exist.

My current thoughts identify new attributes of God that connect God and the universe and form a single world. Since God creates an infinite number of indivisible things, the visible things that we can sense are wholes, which have an infinite number of parts. So, when God creates visible things 'each indivisible thing is found in each indivisible thing.' Using modern science, this complex statement means that each indivisible thing produces a different function in each indivisible thing. Unfortunately, man cannot know a whole that has an infinite number of parts. God's wisdom about such wholes is just too great for us. This is why Nicholas of Cusa tells us that we must learn what we cannot know.

To understand God's creation and learn what we cannot know, we can consider the development of Gestalt psychology. To develop this psychology, we must return to our views of Mother's faces when we were babies. Her different faces produced different functions to us. These different functions thus 'kept Mother on the job.' As we mature, we develop functions. And as life changes, we and Mother change functionally. After death, we are reborn and are raised by a new Mother and Father.

Indivisible things form every thing in the universe; all humans, all steel, all leaves, all suns, etc. Evolutionary theory is thus false. Since all indivisible things come from God and connected us to God, your prayers, thoughts, thinking, etc. are heard by God. So, I encourage the development of moral functions and discourage crime, using drugs, greed, racism, etc.

Happy Holidays

Monday, December 20, 2010

How the Weathy U.S. Citizens Become Wealthier

As I listened to the talk of the Tea parties, Sarah Palin, and the Republicans last fall, I learned that they spoke mostly of limiting government, reducing government spending, and eliminating pork barrels. But. this talk changed after the recent election because the Republicans acted immediately to convince President Obama (and former president Bill Clinton) to lower the taxes of the top 2% householders for two more years. The reduced taxes of these householders will thus continue for ten years. So, John McCain and Sarah Palin didn't lose anything for the top 2% householders, even though they lost the 2008 election to President Obama.

This reduced taxing program began with the Reagan Administration in 1981. (See Reports below) In 1981, tax reductions were given only to the top 1% householders. In 1981, this tax reduction was called the 'supply side' economics. Today, the supply side is no longer heard on TV. Nor is it seen in newspapers, even though it produces huge national debts. It began with the Reagan Administration and was continued with both Bush presidencies. Reagan produced a three trillion dollar debt and Father Bush led a one trillion dollar debt. Presidents Clinton and Obama used a trickle-up economy. Clinton's economy produced full employment and no debt. We still do not know what the Obama trickle-down economy will produce and what employment will be produced.

The evidence of a supply side economics is now well known. It will produce large debts but will also produce wealthy householders. So, as long as the people of the USA can pay the national debts, a few citizens can become wealthy. Since this growth of wealth will always be slow, the force of slavery and civil war always lurks just around the corner.

I believe that Republicans view God, the Universe, and Spirits wrongly. My views of God, the Universe, and Spirits are correct. If they study my corrected views, they might change their thoughts.

(Reports By: (1) Kennickell, Arthur B. and R. Louise Woodburn (April 1992) "Estimation of Household net Worth Using Model-based and Design-based Weights" and (2) Kennickell, Arthur B., Douglas A. McManus, and R. Louise Woodburn (March 1996) "Weighting Design for the 1992 Survey of Consumer Finances," Washington, D.C., Federal Reserve System.)

Friday, December 17, 2010

The System of God and the Universe

When I proved that an infinite thing is the origin of all finite things (on page 6 of my book 'The First Scientific Proof of God),' I discovered a new system. Thus, an infinite thing and its finite things form 'a thing and its functional boxes.' It is thus important to recognize that discoveries of new 'systems' will come only from modern 'systemic thinking' because a new system never came from ancient thinking, such as scriptures.

So, just as I improved the knowledge of telemetry from analog to digital in the early 1960s, I merely improved man's knowledge in the field of theology (i.e., the theory of God) when I improved the ancient scriptures with modern science in my June 2006 book.

When atheists, materialists, and evolutionists say that God does not exist, their thinking fails because they can't prove scientifically the thing that is the origin of the finite things in the universe. Without proving the origin of all finite things, the thinking of atheists, materialists, and evolutionists is not 'systemic.' Further, if one says that a universe can exist alone, this this statement of modern science.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


After I joined Lockheed Martin (LM) in 1954, I became a night school student at Johns Hopkins University because my money ran out. At LM, I became a draftsman and made the first 'system diagram'' at LM on a rocket-launched airplane. This weapon secured the USA and Europe in the Cold War developed by the Soviet Union. Then, in 1955, my system thinking would place me on the Vanguard rocket project, which became the initial U.S. response to Russia's Sputnik on October 4, 1957. (click)

I believe that I developed system thinking in (1) my basketball play-making in high school and Germany; (2) my study of a book on System Engineering; (3) and the work that Robert McNamara did on 'systems' for the U.S. Defence Department from 1961-1968 . When I made the above system diagram of a whole airplane, I had recognized the backwardness of the Navy. It viewed a ship only as 'a set of boxes.' Unfortunately, a unifying principle for these boxes was missing in every Navy ship.

With my application of systems, it took me only a few years to develop a new telemetry system for a spacecraft in which Senator John Glenn would ride around our planet. This new telemetry system changed analog thinking to digital thinking in the electronic industry. My job offerings grew fast. Digital thinking would lead to majot industrial developments such as Microsoft Corporation by Bill Gates. Today, many digital things, such as TVs, are found in most homes.

At age 81, my system thinking is still working. For instance, I found a system in which God and our universe is unified. See my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' Today, my system thinking is focusing on repairing the USA and its economy. Both, require some system thinking. So, if you have any new thoughts on these two subjects, feel free to submit a comment to this blog.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Scientific Views of Spirits

Those people who do not believe in God also do not believe that Spirits exist. In this blog, I want to prove scientifically that Spirits exist because proofs exist in our modern world and do not exist in scriptures. The foundation of the Spirits will be found in God's existence, which I prove on p. 6 of my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' There, I prove scientifically that 'an infinite thing,' which we call God, is the origin of all finite things in our universe. This proof of God shows that a finite thing, such as the Big Bang thing, cannot originate our universe.

In God, we find many attributes other than the attribute 'infinite.' At this time, I have found five other attributes as follows: one, equality, union, indivisible, and independent. I have identified all of these attributes of God by investigating the scientific variables that we find in things on our planet. Since God needed these these six attributes and many other attributes in order to create our universe, scientific attribute are necessary to understand God and God's Intelligent Design, which is God's creation.

I began to believe in the science of Spirits when I found that God is indivisible and that the opposing concept, 'divisible,' can be found in our universe. So, for God to create our universe, He must contract his indivisible attribute, by plurality and finitude. This contraction process forms 'a plurality of finite indivisibles.' These many finite indivisibles can be called 'the spiritual atoms of the universe.' Now, if each spiritual atom is 'in' each spiritual atom, many divisible things are formed. Once God gives each divisible thing its least action impulse energy, a single universe is being created. Ancient and modern philosophers have called this universe --- 'One is All' and 'All in One.'

So, God does not create the universe out of nothing. Since an infinite God cannot be exhausted, all things in our universe comes from specific attributes of God and the wisdom that God gives to the Intelligent Design of the universe. Since all spiritual atoms are immortal, reincarnation is one necessary action of God at the death of each divisible thing. If a Spirit is to be reincarnated by God, the indivisibility of the Spirit will function to unify its contents with the contents of the womb and the contents of the sperm. Obviously, the geometries and infinities in the birth of a Spirit is very complex. To give a new Spirit a godly life, poor nations, wars, and abortions must be eliminated.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Why "The Free Market Economy" Does Not Fit the U.S. Founding Documents

If one goes to a college or a university to become an economist, the free market economy will be taught as the economy of the USA. But how does a free market economy determine when a new infrastructure is needed or when a stimulus is needed to increase employment? It seems as though there are always more questions than a free market economy can answer.

When going to colleges and universities, students will not learn any theories of God. Theories of God will not be taught because the college or university tells every student that 'our educational facility is nonsectarian and thus do not teach religions.' However, this statement can confuse the student because teaching theories of God is teaching theologies and is not teaching religions. Our colleges and universities thus confuse students because they do not distinguish ' theory' from 'practice.'

I say that theories of God must be taught at our colleges and universities because the USA is a nation under God. But theories of God must be taught by our colleges and universities because our new knowledge of God is growing and this knowledge must be considered in the daily actions taken by every human being.

Today, U.S. colleges and universities are creating problems when they teach new economic students the free market economy but do not teach them any theories of God. Let me explain this problem by considering only one theory of God. This theory says that all humans live forever and are reincarnated. At this time, the theory of God does not tell us the details on reincarnation. But we do know that God is active. Now, if the purpose of a free market economy is to create economic power, then the free market economy will produce continuous wars among all nations, on all planets. If wars are unwanted, the purpose of a free market economy must change so that peace becomes maximum in all nations. I teach this peace economy in Part IV,Ch. 4 of my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God."

Some examples of God's function might be helpful. For example, some U.S. economists accept war over peace because they are atheists or have not developed any theories of God. At death, I conclude all people will be reincarnated by God's Intelligent Design. But these waring economists would be reborn outside of the USA where poor economies exist. Another example might be helpful. When the price of oil was lowered and led to high unemployment in the Appalachian regions, I conclude that God acted to save the people in these regions. Reincarnation theory is consistent with my other research on God. The free market economy is not best for the USA. This fact occurs because the USA is filled with logical concepts. Logical concepts are not found in functional systems. So, I conclude that the free market economy will never be the best economy for a nation under God. Why the conservatives and liberals promote it makes no sense to me.

Clearly, all teachers in every college and university must teach the theories of God. Otherwise, all nations will be confused and wars will occur continuously.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Continuous Need For New Infrastructures

The debate between the American System and British System of economics began on July 4, 1776, when the USA became an independent nation and the Revolutionary War with England was started. This war started because England had became a trading nation, even though England's popular economist, Adam Smith, spoke against 'trading nations.' Smith thought that England would become a nation of shopkeepers. So, after the Peace of Paris was signed in 1784, England's textile industry still needed low cost cotton. So, England opened the War of 1812 against the USA.

Clearly, free trade between the USA and England could have prevented the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. But free trading in cotton did not prevent slavery in the USA. Instead, this free trading in cotton only led to the U.S. Civil War under President Lincoln.

To make free trade open to all forms of trading commodities, slavery must be eliminated. The discussion of slavery in the U.S. government was started by by John C. Calhoun of South Carolina (1782–1850). The question in the U.S. government is: Does 'personal property' mean that Americans can own humans? This question was answered by the U.S. Civil War under President Lincoln because the Declaration of Independence says that 'all Men are created equal.' All Men also have natural powers of choosing among alternatives. So, free trading is a problem for every progressive nations. A new infrastructure that prevents slavery must be developed.

The evolutionists, atheists, the Reason Project of Sam Harris, Republicans, and Democrats seem to be opening the possibility of owing humans eventually. Evolutionists say that humans originate from lower animals. Atheists say that God does not exist. Project Reason says that morals are secular. Republicans say that criminals are born and should be caught and locked-up; then the keys should be thrown away. And Democrats say that abortion is moral. The alternative to these five proposals is to correct the minds and thoughts of these people. Correcting the minds and thoughts of these people would require the development of a new infrastructure.

In order to prevent slavery and crime, a very new and important infrastructure must be developed on the subject of God. This infrastructure on the subject of God would change the morals of the USA considerably because many moral problems exist in the USA today.

Monday, December 06, 2010


It is time to develop a precise meaning of the term 'infrastructure.' This term did not appear in educational texts until 1927. But an infrastructure of the USA appeared on July 4, 1776, when the USA became a new nation. Alexander Hamilton proposed new infrastructure to the USA with his 'Report on Manufactures' to Congress in 1791. (click) Hamilton's report was called the American System of economy by Henry Clay. (click) With science, the American System produces population growth and increases productivity continually. By 1777, the Articles of Confederation added new infrastructure to the USA in order to ease commerce among the States. (click) In 1788, a Constitution appeared and added more infrastructure to the USA. As time passed, President Lincoln added new infrastructure to the USA by developing new industries for the Southern States and multiplied the population of the West by developing homesteading. In the 19th century, new infrastructure, such as coal mining to heat all homes, roads, bridges, rail lines, and other public works, were added to the USA. And in the 20th century, new infrastructure, such as electricity, reservoirs, schools, telephones, space communications, radio and TV, etc. were added to the nation. As seen, a nation adds new infrastructure continuously.

Modern scientists found infrastructure among small and large things. For instance, today's physical scientists refer to infrastructure as 'a structure of physical particles.' Since none of these small physical particles have never been found to be free and without a structure, the infrastructure that God used to create things is very complex. On large things, Kepler found the infrastructure of the first six planets with Plato's five solid geometries. More recently, I have found the infrastructure of the Spirits that God made.

From the nation's earliest days, Congress has struggled with the fundamental issue of the national government's proper role in fostering economic development. Henry Clay's "American System," devised in the burst of nationalism that followed the War of 1812, remains one of the most historically significant examples of a government-sponsored program to harmonize and balance the nation's agriculture, commerce, and industry. This "System" consisted of three mutually re enforcing parts: a tariff to protect and promote American industry; a national bank to foster commerce; and federal subsidies for roads, canals, and other "internal improvements" to develop profitable markets for agriculture. Funds for these subsidies would be obtained from tariffs and sales of public lands. Clay argued that a vigorously maintained system of sectional economic interdependence would eliminate the chance of renewed subservience to the free-trade, laissez-faire "British System." In the years from 1816 to 1828, Congress enacted programs supporting each of the American System's major elements. After the 1829 inauguration of President Andrew Jackson's administration, with its emphasis on a limited role for the federal government and sectional autonomy, the American System became the focus of anti-Jackson opposition that coalesced into the new Whig party under the leadership of Henry Clay. (click) The opponents of the American System said these words below about Clay:

"The Monkey System or Every One For Himself Henry Clay says "Walk in and see the new improved grand original American System!" The cages are labeled: "Home, Consumption, Internal, Improv". This 1831 cartoon ridiculing Clay's American System depicts monkeys, labeled as being different parts of a nation's economy, stealing each other's resources (food)with commentators describing it as either great or a humbug. (click)"

I conclude that the words above about Clay and the American System are ignorant. I also conclude that the British System is impotent with respect to the development of new infrastructure for the USA and its Spirits. For instance, who is solving the problem of cancer? A free market economies and the top 2% householders are hiding their limits.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Today's Tea Partiies Are Troublesome

The first Tea Party was formed by our colonists after England's Parliament taxed the colonists without representation. Because of this tax, the colonists separated themselves from England and authorized the Declaration of Independence, and the Second Continental Congress, on July 4, 1776. The Tea Parties of today are very different. This new information was found in 'The Patriot's Toolbox,' The Heartland Institute, 2010 (click) Not only do today's Tea Parties want to change taxes, they expect to change the U.S. founding documents and change all rights to secular morals . God wouls be removed from this world.

The major change in taxing would occur by reducing the labor of government. This reduction was rationalized by a survey. In this survey 66% of Americans say that 'government is almost always wasteful and inefficient.' The performance of government cannot be measured. Nor can a government's performance be compared with the private sector performances. So, this survey of Americans is not scientific.

A major change in the founding documents would occur if the meanings of some words, such as 'free 'and 'liberty,' would change from variables to absolutes. With this linguistic change, all citizens would become little gods, God would be eliminated from the USA, human rights would become secular rather from God, and some wise little gods would make themselves the government. An example is those wise little gods of the Cato Institute, who would govern a nation only with empirical knowledge of 'a free market economy' and St. Paul's Rom. 1; 20 would be erased from the world.

The appearance of today's Tea Parties could become very interesting..

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Comparing Atheism With theTheories of God Held by Western Religions

Catholic and Protes Atheism
The theory of God by atheism is that God does not exist. But God's nonexistence is not provable because only realities can be proven. Atheism accepts the Big Bang theory and a multi-universe theory. But they have not been proven. Atheists also accept human rights that are determined by secular morals.

The theory of God by Jews is called deism. Deism says that God became inactive after the universe is created and God rested. Deism says that universal laws of nature govern the creation from its beginning to its end. These universal laws were identified by the 18th century Enlightenment. Albert Einstein also said that the universe has a beginning and end. Jews say that human rights are determined in the Old Testament. Jew also sas that God appears to save them when the universe ends.

Christianity (Ancient)
The ancient theory of God by Christians is called theism. Theism says that one God is active and is trinitarian. This 'one-in-three' and 'three-in-one' is formed by --- a Father, who lives in a higher world, a Son, who lives in a lower world (the universe), and a Spirit, who unites the Father and Son. The Father creates the universe based on an Intelligent Design. And, the Son performs miraculous work so that people learn how to perform greater work. When this lower world comes to an end, Christians are judged by the Son so that they can live in Heaven or Hell. Christians say that human rights are determined in the New Testament. Catholic and Protestant churches are changing slowly to the modern version called panentheism..

Christianity (Modern)
A modern Christian theory of God exists. It is called panentheism. This modern theory appeared in Europe in the 15th century. It became focused on the work of Bishop Nicholas of Cusa. (click) Because this modern theory would require changes in the ancient theory, it did not appear in the USA until 1979. As an early student of this modern theory, it took me twenty-five years before I published "The First Scientific Proof of God" and began to teach the modern theory on this Google website. Some major differences are as follows: (1) A single world exists of God (a higher world) and a universe (a lower world); (2 ) God is active; (3) God and the universe are eternal; (4) reincarnation is possible and actual, (5) heaven and hell exist only on planets. The laws of Nature and Nature's God determine God's Intelligent design and human rights. Panentheism is aligned to the U.S. founding documents.

I believe that the Muslim theory of God is very similar to the Jewish theory of God. However, human rights are determined in the Qur'an.