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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Big Bang Theory and Its Dirty Work In the USA

In the 20th century, the physicists developed the Big Bang theory saying that all knowledge of the universe would be completed soon. CERN is now telling us that this knowledge might not be completed because the speed of light is not the fastest moving thing.  Today, I am telling you that knowledge of the universe will never be completed because God made an eternal universe for all people. This work of God means that the Big Bang theory is false.

However, as the USA was moving into the 1970s, the physicists still believed that the Big Bang theory is true, So, in the 1970s, the physicists were still telling people that they have no life after death.  So, in the 1970s, the Big Bang brought crime, drug sales and use, high inflation, a free world market, atheism, a godless government, many ungodly TV movies, and a growing poor class.

Today, the Big Bang theory has also brought a new Congress to the people of the USA.  This new Congress has created two inhumane and ungodly political parties, the Democrats and Republicans. These parties hardly talk to each other and hardly come to their offices to talk.  My own Senator doesn't even tell me whether the USA has a God.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

CERN's Findings and the Work of Louis de Broglie and Gottfried Liebniz

In 1924,Albert Einstein and others endorsed the wave-particle duality.  This duality was proposed by Louis de Broglie of France. The duality states that 'any moving thing has an associated wave.' This duality was extended by de Broglie to all things, physical particles, crystals, and their laws of nature. In 1929, de Broglie received a Nobel Prize for creating this new field of thought in physics.(click)

However, de Broglie was opposed to the probabilistic models of today's physical atoms. I agree because all nations need real clean fusion energy now.  So, de Broglie sought the causes and effects of things as well as their waves. In atoms, he said 'that a particle must be the seat of an internal periodic movement and that it must move in a wave in order to remain in phase.'

Thus, de Broglie viewed the neutrino and the photon differently than other physicists. He says that they have rest masses that are non-zero, though very low. Therefore, de Broglie thought that the masses of all atoms differ and are variables. By rejecting the massless photon, he said that the universe does not expand. So, the thoughts of de Broglie are aligned to the Intelligent Design of the universe, to the active God, and the teachings of Jesus.

Interestingly, de Broglie accepted the principle of least action of Fermat and Maupertuis. I often speak of Maupertuis' principle of least action because it aligns to the space and time defined by Gottfried Leibniz  The principle of least action causes motion of every indivisible and divisible things that I use in my theory of 'God and the Universe.'  All motions in my world theory are thus identical to the rays of the waves in the universe.

If the school of physics does not accept God and the work of de Broglie and Leibniz, I say that the school of physics must be closed. I also say that the Big Bang theory and atheism must be rejected.  Now, it is also time for U.S. democrats and republicans to remove the many falsites from their minds.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Else Have We Learned From the CERN Finding?

CERN recently learned that that the speed of a neutrino is greater than speed of light of a photon. From CERN's finding, I learned that an active God exists and can be proven scientifically. However, CERN's finding is telling us other information.

For instance, we are told on the Internet that a photon is a bundle  (or quantum) of electromagnetic (or light) energy.(click)  This view of the photon is incomplete because it only telling us about the wave view. However, there is another view of the photon. The other view is called the ontological view. In this view, the photon is viewed as a being or a thing.

As a thing, I view the photon as an divisible thing that comes from a system of indivisible thing that are immortal.  All of these indivisible things are 'in' each other.  Being  'in' each other, they will becomee functionally related.  All divisible things, such as the photon, thus have an infinite number of parts.  This other view of the photon is greater than the wave view because we can see clearer how God is creating the cosmos.

When scientists limit their view to the wave view, the scientist will make a major error and will become an atheist.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday Morning Weekly World Interests in My Blogs

The Recent CERN Finding Is Important to Every Nation and Religion

When CERN found that the speed of the neutrino is greater than the speed of light, the existence of  an active God and the Intelligent Design of the active God were confirmed again.  This CERN finding also tells us that atheism and the inactive God of the Jews are false.

From this new information of CERN we also learn that the photon and the neutrino are two divisible things that came from the infinite number of indivisible and immortal Spirits that God created as dark matter.  This dark matter gives us new lives after we leave our old and finished life.

Albert Einstein's famous equation, E = mc2, is now being challenged. Since Einstein says that the  universe had a beginning at time,  t = 0. His universe also comes to an end with the heat death.  We can now toss Einstein's theory of the universe into the circle file.

If we throw Einstein's theory of the universe away, we must work with Bernhard Riemann's famous paper 'On the Hypotheses Which  Lie At the Foundations of Geometry.' His geometry starts with infinitesimals and depend on integration for statements about all finite things that God created. I believe that this paper influenced Bertrand Russell's thought on God.

The CERN finding is important because it is also telling us that all nations must become democracies.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

The School of Physics Wiil Soon Meet God

Recently,  the European Organization for  Nuclear Research ( or CERN) found that the subatomic particle, the 'neutrino,' went faster than the cosmic limit, which is 186,282 miles per second.  The fastest particle was thought to be a photon, which is viewed as a bundle of electromagnetic energy (or light). In a vacuum, a photon has a constant speed of light.  Its speed is 'c.'  (c = 2.998 x 10,000,000 miles per second). A photon is said to have no mass.  But it has what is called 'rest energy.'

This new finding at CERNn questions Albert Einstein's famous equation, E = mc2.  One U.S. physicist at the Fermilab near Chicago says, 'It is a shock. It's going to cause us problems, no doubt about that --- if it's true.'

As a scientist, who has proven God's existence scientifically, I say the following words:  if the measurements of the speed of the neutrinos were correct, then all colleges and universities, all nations, all governments, all politicians, etc. must immediately back out of the path on which they are now on because the Big Bang theory is now definitely false and the active God is now definitely true.

When did the school of physics enter the path on which the Devil is found?   My answer is, 'The school of physics entered this path when it said that the mass of the photon is zero.'  At that time, the photon lost its 'thingness' and the photon became light or electromagnetic energy. With this single human act of the school of physics, God, who is the cause, and all created things were thrown away.

Yes, God is perfect because He is the cause of all finite things. But we now know that every Spirit can cause perfections of human life. The school of physics must now come home because humans were never machines.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

More On the New U.S.Tea Party

I conclude that the new U.S. Tea Party does not represent the 1776 American Dream. This new Tea Party does not seem to understand the American Dream because in order to obtain the benefits of political order, the colonists accepted the social contract theory of Locke and rejected the theories of Hobbes and Rousseau.(click)

The New Tea Party does not seem to know that Locke's contract theory has two parts, the Society and the Government. The Society was defined immediately (on July 4, 1776)  by the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence (DOI).  And the Government was also defined immediately (on July 4, 1776) by the Second Continental Congress. But to strengthen the national government, the Government was redefined by the Constitution on 1788.

The new Tea Party does not talk about the  foundations of Locke's Society in its public statements. Yet, the DOI defines Society's foundations such as God, God's laws, God's rights, God's equality of man, and God's security.
However, the new Tea Party speaks against Locke's Government saying that it must be limited. And it says that socialism must be rejected.  These sayings are awful because Locke's Society and Government work together so that the Society becomes more perfect, as the Constitution requires. In my 9/22/11 blog, I show that capitalism and socialism do work together.  Limiting government and rejecting socialism is a poor thought.
I continue to conclude that the new Tea Party was organized only to support the Republican party.  The rejections of Locke's Society by the Republican party and the new Tea Party is really the rejection of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

What Is the New Tea Pary)?

The Tea Party is a new party.  It says that it is nothing to do with the early colonists who threw tea into Boston Harbor to stop the high taxes of the king of England. But it is not a new political party such as Republican or Democrat. Instead, this new party says that it is a cross-section of the USA that believes in the American Dream.

Tea Party people are said to work hard in order to achieve success.  They believe in self-government; will follow any religion; do not want government handouts; and expect people, not government, to give to charities. The Tea Party people say that the purpose of government is to limit debts and protect their liberty and free market system.

This new Tea Party was not organized properly  based on  the Declartion of Independence (DOI) , the Constitution,  and God.  So, I do not believe that the new Tea Party is really interested in the American Dream.

For instance, this new party does not apply the words in the first two paragraphs of the DOI.  Nor does this new party apply the social contract theory that was developed by England's Locke.  Nor does this new party apply the Preamble of the Constitution and the requirement of government  'to form a more perfect Union.' 

I ask this new party, 'How can the new Tea Party perfect the USA without an understanding of God?
I conclude that the Tea party was organized quickly only to help the Republicn party defeat the Democrtic party.  I conclude that the new Tea Party is 'slop politics.'

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Friday, September 23, 2011

A Democracy Without Gold

The changing price of gold has controlled the development of all nations for thousands of years. But if different paper money is used to develop each democracy, (1) gold can be used for the real purpose God made it, (2) nations can become more perfect, (3) the World Trade Organization can be terminated, and (4) nations can cooperate by sharing the minerals under the land they live.

Today, our research on God is telling us that land and minerals were never owned by kings, queens, and dictators. In the New Testament at Matt. 5:19, Jesus says that land is only a place where God's children can be reborn, either on a least or a great kingdom of heaven. This kingdom is a planet that has an evening sky of stars and signs.

So, Americans were wrong when they forced the  Indians to live on Reservations. And the Jews are also wrong when they say that God gave them the land on which they live now. It is time for people to understand that the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Qur'an, and all other scriptures are made by humans, not God.

In the USA, the Congress has recently developed two very different political groups. They do not know the nature of democracies. Nor do they know God and His acts. The People must remove them so that the USA cn develop our democracy without gold. Without gold money, no debts can exist.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Causes and Effects Build Democracies

In  yesterday's blog, I show that capitalism and socialism work together scientifically as a cause/effect relationship. So, today's capitalists and socialists have been wrong for a long time by viewing these relations logically. Former President Clinton and Terry Blair of England were also wrong because they sought a middle political region that would mix capitalism and socialism.

Now that we know that capitalism is a cause and socialism is the effect, the true nature of a democracy becomes clearer. However, this cause/effect relationship also shows that Jesus was teaching science and cause/effect relationships.  For instance, at John 14:12, Jesus says, 'Verily, verily, I say unto you,  He that believeth on me the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works that these shall he do;  because I go unto my Father.'  We follow Jesus and do greater work by finding new cause/effect relationships

Thus, the development of all nations work the same way when capitalism and socialism builds a nation of equal people under God.  Debts are thus man-made procedures that cause poverty and separates the poor from the rich. It is obvious that the democrats and republicans have been lost for a long time.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Cause/Effect Relation of Capitalism and Socialism

The U.S. economists view capitalism and socialism as opposites. So, they that say that capitalism is true and conclude that socialism must be false and is like communism. This view comes from  atheistic scientists, who say that humans are mechanical things that originate in physical matter. But in my 9/19/11 blog, I show that humans are not free and are not mechanical things.

Politically, the republicans and their friends in the very rich class follow these atheistic scientists and the reason project of Sam Harris. These republicans follow Darwin's evolutionary theory because they believe that criminals are born. Some republican  articles charge President Obama with crime because he is black.
God did not make mechanical humans. God also did not make absolutely free humans. Instead, God  made intelligent humans. With an intelligent mind, humans can make more intelligent decisions as time passes.
As a human, I use my godly intelligence to unify capitalism and socialism so that capitalism becomes 'the cause of all social projects in a nation.'  This is how a nation becomes 'a more perfect Union,' which is required in the U.S. Constitution.
To prevent national debts and make 'more perfect nations,' capitalism must become the private coin in the ' federal reserve system' of every nation.  To make more perfect nations, the trading among nations can occur through bartering.
As seen, human freedom, capitalism, and socialism have been  'smokey subjects' too long.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The U.S. Presidential Election in 2012 Will Confuse Americans

When President Obama asked for increased taxes from the very rich class yesterday, the republicans  rejected his proposal.  So, compromises between the democrats and republicans can not be expected before the election. Let me explain why the republicans and President Obama have become separated too far.

The republicans and President Obama have  separated themselves because two different gods exist in their minds. In the republican mind, one will find the inactive God, which is the God of the Jews.  In the mind of President Obama, one will find the active God, which is the God that was taught by Jesus and is taught today by Eastern Christians.  Thus, I conclude that Western Christians are lost because they accept the Old and New Testament.

The inactive God of the Old Testament has led the Jews, republicans, physical scientists, and the very rich class to the evolutionary theory.  This theory is accepted so that wealth, land, and minerals can be passed onto children and the bloodlines of banking families such as Morgans, Vanderbilt, Astor, Rockefeller, etc. The  inactive God has never been proven.  I say that this first god will never be proven because knowledge of the second god and and its Universe are eternal.

An active God comes from the teachings of Anaxagoras, Plato, and Jesus.  This God has been proven sientifically by me. An active God begins to create by making an infinite number of indivisible Spirits.  Those Spirits that are human  have equal potentials, are able to perceive, and have no bloodlines. Bloodlines will be found only in the infrastructure of the body given to all Spirits

President Obama seem to be following the active God and the Intelligent Design because he seeks the equality of all citizens.  However, I believe that proposals of President Obama will never be interesting to the republicans and teaparty persons because the minds and thinking of the republicans and teaparty persons are aligned to the inactive God.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Yes, I Have More on The Presidential Election in 2012

Today, President Obama will likely suggest that the rich class pay more taxes in order to help solve the current unemployment problem.  I agree with Obama's action because  the U.S. rich class presents a major problem to a democracy under  an active God.

The U.S. history tells us that thes rich class developed after gold was found in the West and after Abe Lincoln wanted to apply the Declaration of Independence statement --- all Men are created equal --- to the USA.  Unfortunately, Abe was assassinated.  Instead of limiting the growth of this class by law in the 18th century, the government turned away from this social problem in order to win two world wars. So, it appears that  President Obama will begin to limit this rich class today.

Let me show how the USA did work before the rich class exploded in the 1970s. In the 1930s, I remember that my Father and Mother each earned about $20 a week. As I remember, a middle-level boss made $35 and a top boss made $40 a week. The ratio of $20-$35-$40 was a U.S. standard for a long time. As time passed, whatever labor earned, the earning of the middle-level boss doubled, and  the earning of the owner was four-times. Such ratios held in colleges and universities for a long period. So, when I started my higher education it cost me only $125 per term.

Today, we are learning more and more about how an active God wants us to live.  For instance, when a person dies, God will give this person a new life.  The chance that a person will be reborn on the same planet, the same nation, and in same family will be virtually zero.  So building rich classes, building big families, and giving inheritances are  ungodly and ignorant human behaviors.

President Obama is thus on the right path of thought on the money system. Unfortunately, the republicans and teaparty cabdidates do not want to fix the current money problem.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yet More on The Presidential Election in 2012

In my research on an active God and the U.S. presidential election, I show that human freedom does not exist because an active God is independent and is thus the only free thing to be found in the world.

President Bush made this error when he started 'Operation Freedon' in Iraq after he could not find the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Interestingly, today's physical scientists hide the word freedom when they say that humans are mechanical things.

In order to fix this political error on the word 'freedom,  I consider the scientific physical  procedure known as the 'cause/effect relation.' On human activities, this procedure can produce 'higher effects' due to 'lower causes.'

Robert McNamara was the first leader in government to use this scientific procedure. (Click)In all of his defense programs, cause and effectiveness relations had to produce higher effectiveness from lowest costs. President Obama also applies this scientific procedure to public works with stimulus money. In order to gain the highest effectiveness from the lowest stimulus money, Obama uses the Keynesian economics.(click)

Gaining 'higher money' from 'a lower amount of money' is one way of building a nation.  But a debt seems to come with this way. Building a nation with public works and the Keynesian economics seems to reduce debts. However, the best way to build a nation is still vague to us.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Some More on The Presidential Election in 2012

When I distinguish President Obama from the  republican candidates and say that the 2012 election is all about God vs.The devil, I am judging both of them by using the following words of the Constitution: 'We the People of the United States, in  Order to form a more perfect Union, ...'

Scientifically, these words mean that the USA has a perfect God who creates humans that can unite many humans. Today, we know that a perfect God is one and is thus absolute in all ways and cannot create any absolute things. Thus, no absolute words will be found among all created things.

Accordingly, human freedom does not exist. Only people who have no God will say that humans are absolutely free. Many absolute words are created and used by atheists and their books. Many presidential candidates do not use words right in their debates.

So, one must listen to each presidential candidate carefully to determine how each candidate views the future of the USA. Some candidates do not want to perfect the Union so that socialism does not grow. Other candidates want socialism. But a middle region exists because the Intelligent Design of an active God prevents us from achieving the perfect Union.

Those presidential candidates who are godly will speakk of  'next phase' or 'development' of the USA.  The candidates who are ungodly will speak only about 'money' or 'debt.'

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Friday, September 16, 2011

More on The Presidential Election in 2012

The U.S. presidential debate of the candidates of the teaparty/republican party at Tampa, FL this week might have reduced these candidates to Gov, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

Except for increasing jobs, reducing taxes for the rich, business, and industrries, and fixing the social security system, the believers in God have no idea where the USA is going if the teaparty/republican party wins.  And if Romney wins, the believers in God can be expected to become confused because Romney is a Morman, who believes that Jesus achived the maximum of knowledge and became God.  However, I say that many of the teachings of Jesus, as written in the New Testament, are wrong.

Since there is only one God, one religion, one science, and one economy, I must ask, 'How will the U.S. believers be able to develop any godly life if Perry or Romney win?'

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Presidential Election in 2012

The two major parties in the USA, the Democrats and Republicans, are too far apart to make any compromises in Congress.  So, I do not expect  to hear about anything really new from these two parties. Thus, unless something new comes from them, I say that the  current debt and poverty will continue to increase.

To develop compromises and lower debt and poverty both of these parties must begin to deal with our active God, the continuous life of people, and one religion. If they do not deal with these truths, I say that the USA will not improve at all because the the greedy rich, the atheists, and lawyers will continue to create a 'free-for-all' nation in which 'anything goes.'

At this time,  the candidates of the republican party are congress persons, governors, Mormons, and business persons.  Their focus is mostly on the U.S. economy, especially the economy of businesses and industries. Since the republican party is not interested in building an economy that serves all U.S. citizens, this economy will mostly serve the rich classes. So, if they win, we can expect the republicans to reduce the effectiveness of the health care system.

At this time, the Democratic party has only one candidate--- President Obama. His political ideas are focused on God and the life of people. As an independent voter and am a big thinker about God, I voted for him and made many blogs beginning on 1/23/09 to help Obama rebuild America. These blogs and my latest research on God would change the USA drastically.

Thus, I expect the next presidential election to be God vs. The Devil.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Conservative Presidential Candidates in the USA

The current debates among the presidential candidates of the republican/teaparty political system tell me that the debt of the USA will continue to grow.

I came to the above conclusion when I listened to the conservative discussions, which are mostly about capitalism, debts, jobs, and tax reductions for business and industry. I also listened to them blame President Obama for all current U.S. problems. For instance, Gov. Rick Percy of Texas said that Obama's stimulus created no jobs.  This s wrong because the stimulus creaed more than one one millopn jobs. Thus, the development of the U.S. democracy and making better lives for all U.S. citizens are rare subjects of the conservative candidates.  These candidates don't seem to care that 1 of every 6 Americans are now in poverty.

The conservative presidential candidates never mention the Intelligent Design of an active God. Thus, they cannot discuss the subjects 'life after death' and 'being reborn.'  If they do not discuss these two subjects, they likely believe that they have only two lives, one here and the second with God.  However, all scriptures are being challenged from many standpoints today.  he idea that man has only two lives will be found mostly in our circle files today.

Unless all presidential candidates turn their attention to an active God and God's Intelligent Design,  the U.S. debt will grow continually and a civil war will be just around the corner.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The 9-11 Terroristic Event in NYC Was a Muslim Error in Thought

I conclude that the 9-11 NYC event was caused by the human errors of Osama Bin Laden.  These errors were about God and teaching of Jesus. I say that his error was also about capitalism.  But this error was secondary because capitalism is only one economic phase of human life under an active God. So, just as capitalism has come, it will also fall.

My research says that Bin Laden's religious error was his acceptance of the Qur’an, an Islam scripture that was not produced by Muhammad. Bin Laden's error can be found in the 15th century work of Nicholas of Cusa. I report Cusa's work on p. 77 of my book on  'The First Scientific Proof of God' and repeat it below.
Nicholas visited Constantinople in 1437 while he was a member of the Council of Basel. During this visit, he examined the Qur’an and assisted thirteen Muslims who wanted to travel to Rome for instruction on the Christian faith. After the Turks sacked Constantinople, Nicholas wrote Sifting of the Qur’an. It was dedicated to Pius II. In this book Nicholas says that Muhammad prepared his work so that he can teach his highly ignorant followers in Mecca about Jesus Christ. Since sexual relations dominated the lives of his ignorant followers, Muhammad used sexual symbols (e.g., white virgins) to describe the nature of paradise. According to Nicholas, three very crafty Jews attached themselves to Muhammad in order to avert him. After Muhammad’s death, these crafty Jews approached Alis, the son of Abitalip, to whom Muhammad had bequeathed his collection of writings. Abitalip was persuaded by these Jews to elevate himself to a prophet. They added and deleted what was necessary from the book of Muhammad and added passages so that Muhammad would appear as a prophet. 
Muhammad was a follower of Nestorius, who says that God could not have been born. (click)  Since Jesus was born, Muhammad saw Jesus as a prophet and not a God. In time, Christianity split into Eastern Christianity (now in Moscow) and Western Christianity (went to Rome). At these places, the Eastern Christians became Platonists and the Western Christians became Aristotleans. Today, the Platonists are becoming very intelligent whereas the Aristotleans have become limited by logical reesoning and are unable to develop metaphysics.

My research confirms that Jesus was born and is not the Son of God. So, Muhammad was right about the life of  Jesus.  However, Nesterius, Muhammad, the Eastern Christians, and the Western Christians did not go far enough to learn the great teachings of Jesus on God's Intelligent Design and the unity of God and the Universe.

Soon, I expect Christians and Muslims to become one religion under one God. This togetherness would be ignorant if Muslims continued the terrorism of Bin Laden.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

More On the Cancer Problem of the NYC Firemen

Those NYC firemen, who breathed lots of dust in their work at the 9-11 event ten years ago, need advice to save themselves from cancer.

First, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will not help any cancer patient because the FDA treats patients only with  the mechanistic science of the National Institutes of Health, which is based on a godless universe. This godless universe is false but will likely treat the firemen with an anti-toxic chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this therapy will destroy good cells as well as cancer cells, which will weaken the fireman.

Second, an active God gives life by connecting a Spirit to an infrastructure that is called 'body.'  This Spirit and body forms a person, who has an infinite number of parts. This Spirit is in contact with all of these parts. Mother nature cares for a person for nine months. Then, good and bad eating becomes 'the way a person lives.'

Third, if a NYC fireman believes in God, an alternative medicine doctor should be contacted because  alternative medicines and positive thinking can stop the loss of good functioning cells.  They can also strengthen the good functioning cells and can reduce the number of poor functioning cancer cells. Positive thinking is important because the Spirit is in contact with every cell.
Finally, if a fireman dies as a result of the 9-11 dust, an active God will give the fireman a new body. As seen, life never stops.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011


Tonight,  ABC-TV presented the first decade of the 9-11 event. A new effect of this 10-year old event is growing. The new effect is the growth of cancer of NYC firemen, who had to fight off the massive dust produced by the collapse of the NYC twin towers.  This dust could not be stopped from entering their bodies.

When an infinite number of spiritual atoms (or Spirits) are created by God, an active God will then give each Spirit a different body.  When these bodies are given, each Spirit has been given an infinite number of  'different parts.'  These parts are healthy because God made them. Now, if a Spirit eats bad food or allows toxic substances to enter the body, cancer cells can appear.

The ABC-TV program said that NYC firemen are getting cancer.  So, the U.S. government and NYC must act immediately.

Since the God of Islam can be challenged,  I conclude that the NYC terroristic event was inappropriate. 

The Word Freedom andd Its Relation to God

The word 'freedom' is used often by people.  But many people use words without knowing that the meaning of words depend on the beliefs of atheism or theism.

For instance, in atheism, the word freedom will not produce any oppositions because atheists say that all things in the universe have mechanical causes.  So, using the word freedom to identify the word  slavery is improper.  Instead, it was proper for Abe Lincoln to destroy the word  'slavery' from the human life of free Americans..

However, in theism, the meaning of the word freedom changes.  For instance, God is free, that is  has independence and is not caused. So, God's independence can produce an opposing word that we call 'dependence.' This word is found in all created things that are caused by God.

The words 'independence' and 'dependence' are not related logically, as logical oppositions are found among created things and are called 'either/or' relations.  Instead, the words independence and dependence are related rationally and are called 'both/and' relations.

I have defended God against atheism and atheistic scientists for years after publishing my book in 2006 on 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' Maybe, this blog on freedom will open the minds of these atheists and scientists on the relations between God and all created things in the universe.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Since Only One God exists, Only One Religion, One Government, One Science, and One Economy Exists

My book and my work on this website shows that that only one active God exists.  Thus, only one religion, one government, one science, and one economy apply. Below, I present a general view of these onenesses.

(1) The only religion is one that develops knowledge of God's Intelligent Design and worships the infinite God who creates all finite things and functions with them.

(2) The only government is one that is a democracy that has a social contract.  This government must o develop  laws that are based on laws of infrastructures and moral laws of God,

(3) The only science is one that develops knowledge of an eternal universe and develops knowledge of 'what' can and cannot know.

(4) The only economy is one that serves a nation of people equally from birth to death. Since the life of all people continues after death, life in every nation must be similar.

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Friday, September 09, 2011

The World Trade Organization Must Be Destroyed

As the floods grow in Pennsylvania, the people of  Pine Grove in this State, lack an anti-flood  infrastructure that could save them and their homes. I was born in this town and I blame this lack on the republican, teaparty, and democratic politicians.  These politicians implemented the ungodly British System of economics and rejected the godly American System of economies.

However, the Democrats are changing their economic thoughts because they have a new leader, President Obama.  President fights for developing more infrastructures for the people of the USA, such as flood controls. But, the U.S. economists, republicans, and teaparty members do not want to build infrastructures.  They want to produce things and sell them in the USA and foreign nations.

The U.S. economy is wrong.  For example, when oil appeared in the USA, the mining families of Pennsylvania lost their jobs after they supplied coal  to many families for a hundred years  Today, many children and grandchildren of these miners still live in these areas and have no learning infrastructure  that can lift them out of poverty. To prevent poverty, I had to leave the area to become educated in the big city. Rural America was essentially destroyed by the lousy economy of the USA

My question is this:  'Is the USA a nation?'  I say that the USA is not a nation because it has parts but has no whole. Without infrastructures, I say that the USA has become a 'land of greedy bandits.'

God creates infrastructures for every person. We receive these infrastructure when He gives a body to a Spirit that He created. This infrastructure  supports the Spirit until death. Then, after death, God gives this Spirit a new body. Since this work of God never stops, why don't nations build new infrastructures continually for its Spirits?

A national economy can function only for its people. Trading is an ungodly human activity. President Obama's work on infrastructures is on a godly path of thought.

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Building New Economies, But Not Like the USA

Instead of building the American System, the U.S. economists say that the U.S. economy must make the USA the world leader. This kind of economy was made only after the Union of the USA, the Declaration of Independence (DOI), and the Intelligent Design of an active God were destroyed by U.S. lawyers.

The 'world leading economy' became what it is today because U.S. lawyers and the Supreme Court concluded that the DOI has only one law --- the authority to go to war against England. So, the first two paragraphs of the DOI, which defines the USA, were eliminated by these lawyers and the Supreme Court.  By eliminating these paragraphs, the 'equality of the citizens of the USA' was destroyed and the USA became a 'free-for-all' nation. This new nation is a  'system of parts that have no whole.' Unfortunately, the USA is now operating a godless economy, which is also known as the British System.

Accordingly, the new nations that are becoming democracies should install the American System of economics. Further, if  God is accepted in a new democracy, only an active God should be installed.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Fixing the U.S. Economy

When the USA was made, it was founded by 'Big Thinkers,' such as Ben Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thoms Jefferson, etc. These founders were intelligent because they included God in their founding documents, saying that 'all Men are created equal.'

The first U.S. economic activities appeared from the farms and the traders. The first national economic activities appeared as manufactures, industrials, and coal mining. At the end of the first century, J.P. Morgan wanted to own all national manufactures, but didn't receive them.

In the second century, I say that the economic activities of the USA are failing.  I also say that this economy is failing because the USA lost God and lost the 'American System'    The American System had been suggested by Henry Clay (click) and Henry Carey (click) .  However, when the American System was not accepted by Congress, the British System was accepted. This acceptance  caused theU.S. economy to fall.  This fall decreased "national development' and increased 'world trading.'

The American System always reduces the prices of things. This  system gives better lives to more people, as God wants.   Thus, it is time for the USA to return to God and install the American System so that 'national development' increases and 'world trading' decreases.

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Making Real Opposites

The left arrow above represents a thing we call God.  And, on the right, the arrow represents all of the things in the universe. Since all things in the right arrow are 'finite,' these things can change and approach God.  But no finite things can become connected to God because God is 'infinite.'  These arrows also explain why it is wrong to say that Jesus became infinite and became the only Son of God.  Here we see that Joseph Smith ws wrong.

Opposites do appear among the finite things in the universes.  For instance, if the left and right arrows approach each other but never connec, a pair of opposites has been found. An example is the pair of opposites we call 'cause' and 'effect.

When the left and right arrows are separated but begin to approach each other and connect, this pair of opposites no longer exists.  An example of a real pair of opposites is 'faith' and 'knowledge. One cannoy live on faith or knowledge alone. The connection of the big bang theory and all things, as a pair of opposites, do not exist, as I explain below..

The big bang theory is said to be a finite thing that made all finite things in the universes.  It is thus a fact that the big bang and all finite things were never a pair of opposites. This fact tell us that the big bang is a false theory.

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Monday, September 05, 2011

On Things: Why Scientists Are Wrong.

To study beings, one must enter the field of ontology.(click)  In my work, a being has been named a thing because people are familiar with things and are unfamiliar with the word 'beings.'  (click)

A thing is something that is made either by man or animals because something can't be made itelf.  However, when a thing is made, the thing has a cause. This cause can be man and an animal.  However, all things are made by an infinite God because man, aninals, and nonliving things can't be make themselves.

Today's scientists do not obey the above truths of the field of ontology.  For instance, they say that all things in the universe have a cause and say that a big bang thing caused all things in the universe. But they do not say that this cause in an infinite thing.

So I challenge these scientists on the origin of all things.  I say that only an infinite thing can make man and animals. These scientists can't challenge my saying because the big bang is a finite thing, which cannot make itself. If the big bang is changed to an infinite thing, I will challenge this change immediately.

The truth is the an infinite God exists. I proved God's existence in 'The First Scientific Proof of God.'  It is time to remove  atheism from the world.

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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Intelligent Design

All acts of God are found in the Intelligent Design (ID) of God. However, the ID has been defined many different ways.(click)  In this blog, I discuss a new ID because I have accepted the active God of Anaxagoras, which Jesus studied in Greece and taught an active God to many Jews. I have discussed briefly the active God of Anaxagoras and Jesus in my 9/2/11 blog.

However,  God and God's ID are not accepted by scientists and evolutionists, even though they have never proven their billiard ball universe (click) or proven their big bang theory. (click)
These scientists also reject God even though I have proven scientifically that God exists. The power of these scientists is too high. This power must be weakened because the new children of an active God are learning atheism and false sciences in the schools of the USA.(click)

Let me show how the God of Anaxagoras and Jesus works. The first act of an active God is to create all indivisible things.  Among these indivisible things are all of God's children.  All of the indivisible things are mortal and form all dark matter. These indivisible things cannot be sensed by us.  This is why many philosophers have said that all Spirits can stand on the point of a pin.

Then, God will act on all indivisibles to make them lawful and give them functional relations, which form all different divisible things of the universe.  These lawful divisible things will have a least action principle so they can move freely.

Human spirits leave the dark matter when planets have formed and can support spiritual life. Spiritual life can continue on the same planet for billions of years. Hiwever, we have no knowledge of our past lives.  When we are born, we also do not know where we lived before.  Thus, after death a person might be reborn on the same planet but in a different nation.  This has happened often.  So, all nations and all people must be godly and equal.  It is wrong to allow a godly person to die and be reborn in an ungodly nation.

When the active God was revealed to me by Anaxagoras, Jesus, and Nicholas of Cusa, I immediately saw the ugly world in which all people now live. So, big changes must happen.

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Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Acts of An Active God Are Unbelievable

Although the human mind can know things that have parts, mind is unable to know a thing that has no parts. So, when we look into the evening sky and see many different stars, we conclude quickly that we are in a big thing that has many parts. We call this big thing 'Universe.'

Atheists say that the Universe came from a Big Bang thing.  But they are unable to prove this Big Bang. On the other hand, theists say the Universe came from God. I prove scientifically that the Universe came from an infinite thing. Since this  infinite thing is uncountable, it must be one and has no parts. So, the stars in the evening sky must have come from God.

Now, when Jesus says at John 14:20 that  '... I am in my Father and ye in me, and I in you,' Jesus does not mean that the Father, Jesus, and all other people are 'in' each other.  In this verse, Jesus means that God and all people are 'functionally related.'  Unfortunately, the incorrect use of the word 'in' has impeded greatly the development of life on this planet. Reading Ch. 14 of St. John will be very helpful on this teaching of Jesus.

Today, we can say that God and all living things and nonliving things are 'functionlly related.' Today, an active God also allows us to say that 'life exists after death.'

Obviously, the creation of the Universe is an unbelievable act of God.  Unfortunately, this unbelievable Universe has been upset by greedy atheists, kings, queens, and dictators. So, all  democracies must come.

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Friday, September 02, 2011

We Must Develop the Active God

When Moses said that Adam and Eve sinned by taking from the Tree of Knowledge, the Jews and Muslims finlly accepted an inactive God.  This God had a beginning and has an end. Today, the Jews and Muslims believe in this God.

Fourteen years later, a Jew named Jesus went to Greece.  There he learned about an active God that Anaxagoras found. This God had no beginning and has no end. Jesus took this God home, taught this new God, and was killed on the Cross. Because the Christians and the disciples of Jesus never learned about the active God of Jesus and Anaxagoras, Christians still believe today in the inactive God of the Jews.

For fifteen centuries the development of the inactive God ruled because the scribes of New Testament were not intelligent enough to present information on the active God that was developed by Jesus and Anaxagoras. However, in the 15th century, the Middle Ages stopped because Bishop Nicholas of Cusa would work on the active God. See Bk.II, Ch. Five in his book,  'On Learned Ignorance.'  (click)

I continued Cusa's work on the active God with 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' this website, and my knol website. (click)

Now, it is time to develop the active God by the theologians and scientists in every nation.  Without this development, I only see failures of the newly developing democracies.

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Our Modern View of History Places Jesus in the Goup of 'Big Thinkers'

Although my research rejects Jesus as 'the One and Only Son of God,'  I placed Jesus in the Group of 'Big Thinkers' when I began to develop my knol website. (Part A II) I placed Jesus among the great thinkers because he rejected the Jewish God and was teaching the Intelligent Design of God and teaching the different finite and infinite worlds that form one eternal world. At my 9/4/10 blog, I discuss these two worlds.

My research concluded that Jesus went to Greece at age 12.  There. Jesus studied the thoughts of Greek philosophers. When he returned to his Jewish home at age 30, it is clear in the New Testament that he came home with a new and difficult theory about God.  This theory had been found in 500 Anaxagoras, who says that 'each thing in each thing.'  Unfortunately, the word 'in" does not become scientific until 'functional relations' are discovered in the 18th century. 

I believe that this new theory was considered by Plato and produced his higher ideas.  These ideas might have influenced Jesus. But Aristotle's logic turned the Roman Church away from the new theory.  I conclude that logic stopped the development of the thoughts of Plato and Jesus.

At Matt 10:30 Jesus says 'the very hairs of your head are all numbered.' This statement is important to the new theory because all created finite things are numbered and countble.  However,  God is not numbered because God and all of God's attributes are infinite and uncountable.

Since St. John was a Greek, he recorded many of  teachings that Jesus spoke about on the new theory of Anaxagoras (eg., see John  6:56 &10:38). However, St. John can confuse the reader.  For instance, at 10:30, John says. 'I and my Father are one.' To be correct, John had to generalize and say what Jesus would have said ---  'All things and my Father are one.'

I believe that the theory of Anaxagora is now ready to be develop.  I started this development at the 9/4/10 blog.  I encourage others.

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