Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

232. The Real Trinity (Why Jesus is not the Son of God.)

In 325 AD,  Christianity redefined God as three divine persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  The Fourth Lateran Council declared, "it is the Father who generates, the Son who is begotten, and the Holy Spirit who proceeds". So Christians say that all thing in the universe come from the Father, through the Son and in the Holy Spirit. This Trinity is a mystery because only one God exists.

This mystery appeared because Christians had rejected Gnosticism; that Christians had not interpreted the scientific teachings of Jesus at all; that Christians had become logicians, which would fill the Roman courts of Cicero with logic instead of metaphysics; that Christians had concluded wrongly that Jesus wanted to die; and that Christians concluded wrongly that Jesus was resurrected.

In the 15th century, Bishop Nicholas of Cusa,  tries to remove the mystery of the Trinity.(See 'On Learned Ignorance', Bk. I, Ch. Ten)  Instead of saying that God is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Cusa identifies the oneness of God as indivision, distinctness, and union.

In my first book,'The First Scientific Proof of God' I discuss the Trinity beginning on p.124. I discuss the Trinity again in my second book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible' beginning on p.117. In both books my mind is saying that the oneness of God is trinitarian.  But in both books I am also saying  that the oneness of the Universe is trinitarian.  Thus, my mind is working with metaphysics and the togetherness of God and the Universe.  These trinitarians unify God and Universe scientifically

I say that God and the Universe come together only because an active God is trinitarian and is a One, Equality, and Union thing that makes the Intelligent Design of the Universe that will receive many, difference, and relation things.

Accordingly, the Trinity does not have a Son named Jesus Christ. Jesus was born, as all Little Gods are born and are reborn continuously. Jesus did great teachings after he found the Greek discovery of a God and Universe, which are eternal. As a  great scientist, Jesus taught a new world until the Jews nurdered him.

Monday, April 29, 2013

231. The Confusions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

All nations and their Little Gods must conclude that religions are many causes of the deaths of Little Gods. Religions are also many causes of medical problems of Little Gods.  If only one religion exists and worked with sciences, I believe that these deaths and medical problems would be minimum.  In this blog, I show why religions and sciences do not work together.

When ancient religious leaders built the religion called 'idolatry', they concluded that God divided himself and made a universe of idols. Later Abrahan rejected the idols and concluded that God could not divide himself because God is one.  Then,  Moses accepted Abraham's theory and  concluded that God began to make a universe.  When God's work was finished, Moses concluded that God rested. Since the universe had a beginning, logic says it must have an end.

In 500 B.C. in Greece, Anaxagoras concluded that 'each thing is in each thing.' And, Plato soon concluded that God is never without other things. The new theology of Anaxagoras and Plato will not be understood until 'functionally related things' are identified in the 17th century.  

From age 12 to age 30, the Jews did not know where Jesus was. The teachings of Jesus in the New Testament tell me that Jesus went to Greece and studied the Anaxagoras-Plato theology. There, Jesus accepted theAnaxagoras-Plato theology and then came home to teach Jews that God and the universe had no beginning and has no end.

When Jesus came home to teach the Anaxagoras- Plato theology, the belief that God rests and the belief that God never rests  separates Jesus from many Jews and lead to the murder of Jesus. But I can prove scientifically that the teachings of Jesus are scientifically true.  Jesus was thus a scientist and was not developing a covenant with the Old Testament.

The rejection of Gnosticism in the 2nd century by Bishop Irenaeus destroyed Jesus' scientific teachings. And the development of a Trinitarian God in the Nicene Creed in the 4th century  destroyed all of the immortal souls of the Little Gods taught by Jesus.

The recovery of the Anaxagoras-Plato theology and the recovery of the teachings of Jesus were sought in the 4th century by Nestorius and Muhammad.  But Muhammad's brother and crafty Jews turned Islam away from the Anaxagoras-Plato theology and turned Islam to Judaism. This turn to Judaism turned Muslims away from Jesus.

This history shows that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are very confused religions.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

230. Science and Religion Must Come Together Immediately

The scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are troublesome because these religions teach false theories of God and false theories of the universe. These falsities are not proven and will likely never be proven. I say that God and and the universe will never be proved because religions have never interacted with the fields of sciences.

I conclude that shootings and the Boston bombing click) are caused by the field of religion --- specifically by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Thus, all nations should take heed to my suggestions to protect the citizens of the USA from religions and religious terrorists.

In the USA, Amendment I of the Constitution controls religions by saying--- 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.'  However, the Declaration of Independence (DOI) authorizes the 'Laws of Nature and of Nature's God. The Laws of Nature authorizes many sciences and the Laws of Nature's God authorize many theologies. So, the DOI authorizes Congress to make scientific laws and theological laws.

I believe that it is time for the USA and other nations to make one religion because science and  religion can be unified --- science, with a scientific method of proof  and theology, with a theological method of proof.  I suggest this togetherness in my latest book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible with the Intelligent Design of An Active God.' I  suggest this unity because I also proved that deism is a false theology and that atheism is a false science.

GOD and UNIVERSE are coming together nicely but at the cost of killing and hurting Little Gods.

Friday, April 26, 2013

229. The Boston Bombing Was An Unnatural Behavior of the Little Gods

Words of the mother of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appeared yesterday on CNN. As a mother, her words are natural because she is trying to save both sons.

Since Tamerlan is dead, panentheism will save the soul of Tamerlan in the dark matter and Tamerlan's body will decay and become part of the universe.  On the other hand, Dzhokhar will enter the U.S. justice system, where he will be put to death.  At death, panentheism will save Dzhokhar's soul in the dark matter and his body will also decay and become part of the universe.

As seen, the behaviors of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar in Boston's marathon were wrong.  But their wrong behaviors were caused by Muhammad's brother and the families in which God put them. So, the Boston bombing was caused by many Little Gods and Boston's bombing was allowed by God because all Little Gods are free to act in different ways.

Could the Boston bombing be avoided by the Little Gods? I say yes, if all Little Gods accept panentheism and rejects deism and atheism.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

228. Bombings Can Be Prevented

The Boston bombing was an act of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. In my blog yesterday, I show that their act was influenced most deeply by the mind of Muhammad's brother. Was Tamerlan's mind influenced when he went to Russia, where he saw his parents and met Muslims? Whether Tamerlan's mind was influenced by Russian Muslims or Muslims in other nations is unknown.

Accordingly, the U.S. government must act to protect the U.S. citizens against Islam and other false religious acts.  The first step of protection should inform Muslim's, Jews, and Christians that their teachings of deism is outdated. The second step of protection should inform Americans that atheism is false.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

227. A Deeper Cause of the Boston Bombing

The Boston bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, did not know that the Jewish, Christian and Muslim theories of deism are false, that atheism is also a false theory,  and that  panentheism is the only true theory of God and universe.  Thus, as children, who grew up in a family, they had became potential fathers of a new family.  But Tamerlan and Dzhokhar will not experience the natural life that God gives to all children because Tamerlan died and Dzhokhar will be put to death by justice.

When Tamerlan and Dzhokhar were born through their Father and Mother, God had given the souls of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar new bodies. When these souls received these new bodies, they didn't know that they had many other lives. When these new bodies were received, God also gave them the mental potentials to become Little Gods on planet earth. But everything went wrong for them.

Everything went wrong for many Little Gods because Muhammad's brother followed the deism of the Jews in the Old Testament. Muhammad's brother make Muhammad a divine Little God and then made the Qur'an.  Muhammad's brother made an error because Muhammad had been a follower of Nestorius, who had become a follower of the panentheism of Jesus. So, I say that the Old and New Testaments have always been different enough to distinguish completely the deism of the Jews from the panentheism of Jesus. This difference is why the Jews wanted the death of Jesus and got this death from the Pontus Pilate

So, a deeper cause of the Boston bombing exists.  This cause cannot be maintained because other unnatural deaths like the Boston bombing will occur. Thus , all nations must get together to end this ignorant cause.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

226.A Cause of the Boston Bombing

After one week, the cause of the Boston bombing is still unclear.  But officials are now saying that the bomb suspects were driven by religion. I agree that religion did influence the Boston bombing.  But I also say that all world religions are teaching many falsities.

I learned that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev developed the Boston bombing after Tamerlan attended the Islamic Society of the Boston mosque in Cambridge. At this mosque in January, Tamerlan challenged the speaker on the sameness and difference of Mohammed and Martin Luther King. Tamerlan told the speaker that 'you are a Kafir.' (Kafir means infidel).(click) Tamerlan's statement to this speaker was wrong because many religious teachings are flawed. I identify these flaws in my research on my Google blogs and in my book on  'A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design Of An Active God.'(click)

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar expected to die and go to God's heaven. But my research says that God and the universe had no beginning and has no end.  So, God has no heaven in which a person can expect to go.  The panentheism of Anaxagoras and Plato and the teachings of pamentheism by Jesus and Muhammed will deny all such expectations. As seen, panentheism appeared long ago.

To prevent any more bombings, the U.S.Congress must recognize the laws in the Declaration of Independence.  Further, religions must teach that deism is false and that panentheism is true.  Furthermore, science must teach that atheism is false. If Islam does not teach the falsity of deism, the life of Americans must be protected against Islam.

Monday, April 22, 2013

225.Deism and Atheism Must Be Destroyed

The histories and definitions of panentheism, deism, and atheism are unknown theologies.  So, unless these theologies become known,  the Little Gods cannot unify the nations of this planet or improve their social lives.

When Gottfried Leibniz studied the theology of the Chinese for the Vatican, Leibniz  found the coexistences known as yin and yang. These two coexistences told Leibniz that the Chinese God is panenthestic and is neither deistic nor atheistic.(click) 

When Leibniz informed the Vatican about the  Little Gods of China, the Vatican could not unify Christian nations with China because the early Christian leaders had rejected Gnosticism in the 2nd century.  These early leaders also did not know thet the teachings of Jesus were scientific and moral and that Jesus' teachings were about the theology of panentheism.

It is never too late to make changes in this world. The Vatican and the Protestant and Catholic churches must change by destroying deism and atheism and installing panentheism into Christianity.  At the same time, all nations must consider panentheism.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

224.A Theology of the Future: The New Learnings of Jews, Christians, and Muslims

I believe that the Jews might soon learn about the panentheistic God of Anaagoras and Plato.  So, if the Jews learn and accept this panentheistic God,  Jews must reject deism. Now, if the Jews also learn that Einstein's universe of time = 0 is false, all Jews must learn that it is impossible, in the one and panentheistic God-Universe, for the universe to have a beginning and end. Thus, all Jews can come to the conclusion that Jesus was a scientist and was the first teacher of the 'one and panentheistic God-Universe.' If Jews accept Jesus as a scientist, I say that the Jews will become great Little Gods.

Now if the Jews learn and accept the one and panentheistic God-Universe, the Christians could learn that Jesus was a Little God and that Jesus was a scientist and the first teacher of the 'one and panentheistic God-Universe.'  But Christians must also learn that it was not possible for Jesus to be the Son of God in the one and panentheistic God-Universe. If the Christians learn these  truths, all Christians could also become great Little Gods.

Finally, if Muslims learn and accept the one and panentheistic God-Universe, the Muslims must reject deism. With this rejection, Muslims must also learn that it is impossible, in the one and panentheistic God-Universe, for the universe to have a beginning and end. If Muslims learn these truths, the Christians could also become great Little Gods.

If the above learnings are followed by Jews, Christians, and Muslims, I conclude that one religion will develop and world peace will be just around the corner.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

223. What is the Reason for the Boston Bombing?

The Boston bombing came to the end last evening in Watertown when Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a medical student of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was caught by the police. (click) His brother, Tamerlan, was killed earlier.(click)

However, no one knows why these two Little Gods caused the Boston bombing.  The most popular reasons are foreign terrorism or developing wars.  Since these two reasons are produced over long time periods, I search for sudden or self-interest reasons in the minds of a small number of Little Gods. My interest is in atheism and how it can cause sudden or self-interest acts.

Today, only a small number of atheists exist because the Declaration of Independence (DOI) says that the USA is a nation under God. Some of these young atheistic Little Gods develop the belief that God does not exist.  This belief can develop in young students in colleges and universities because colleges and universities do not teach theology. Theology is about the theory of God and is not about the practice (or religion) of a theory of God. Since many MIT students and medical doctors have become atheists, the cause of the Boston bombing should be found in the mind of Tsarnaev.

I conclude that the U.S. Congress has thrown the DOI away, saying that the DOI has no laws. So, if the Boston bombing has numerous causes, the U.S. Congress will become a partial cause of the Boston bombing.

In your analyses and conclysions of the cause of the Boston bombing, remember that Jesus teaches, at Mark 7;2,  that evils come from within all the minds of Little God, that is, from your own mind or from the minds of other Little Gods

Friday, April 19, 2013

222 Religons Must Decide

In the Old Testament at Gen. 2:2, I said yesterday that Moses told us that God rested on the seventh day. I say that Jews must now review this saying of Moses and must decide whether deism or panentheism is correct because both cannot be right. If panentheism is accepted by the Jews and many other Little Gods, the life of humans will change drastically.

Islam must also check its scripture on Moses saying because after Muhammad died, his brother made the Qur'an, with the help of some Jews. We also know that Muhammad was a follower of Nestorius and Jesus. This means that Muhammad was a follower of panentheism because I found that Jesus was a teacher of panentheism to many Jews.

As I have said often, scriptures are not written by God.  Instead, all scriptures are being made by Little Gods. So, scriptures and other books must be reviewed continually because the meaning of symbols are never perfect and can only be improved.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

221.Reinterpret the Old Testament

In the  Old Testament of the Jew at Gen 1:31, Gen 2.1, and Gen. 2.2,  Moses said that God finished the heavens and the earth on the sixth day, that God ended his work on the seventh day, and that God rested on the seventh day.  The words of Moses can be interpreted two different ways This proves that scriptures are not perfect and are not made by God.

One group of Jewish Little Gods say the following statement: God rests and does no more work. This group thus says that God made the heaven and the earth and is merely watching the heavens and earths come to an end. This group  accepts deism, a God that is inactive. Deism is said to have a universe that had a beginning and has an end.

A second group of Jewish Little Gods says the following statement:  God rests before doing more work. This group is saying that God has always made heavens and earths and always will continue to make heavens and earths  This group will accept panentheism, a God that is active and governs an Intelligent Design of the universe Panentheism is said to a universe that had no beginning and has no end.

I encourage all atheists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and all other worshippers to become Little Gods of the panentheistic God.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

220. The Death Periods of Little Gods

When a Little God dies, my theory says that the Little God's soul is disconnected from its body and becomes connected to all of the indivisibles that God made. These indivisible souls are immortal and form the 'dark matter' that all astronauts see when they go into space.

But after the soul of this Little God dies and becomes disconnected from its body, my theory says that the soul of this Little God becomes a 'potential soul' of a new body in the universe. Since God is an active Intelligent Designer of the universe, my theory says that the life of all potential souls is determined only by this Intelligent Designer.  So, potential souls could remain in the dark matter for short or long periods.

The monadology of Gottfried Leibniz says that a potential soul can perceive (sense) when it is in dark matter.  So, when a potential soul is put into a body of a human, the soul of that human is able to perceive (sense) and reason. So, my theory on the periods of potential souls says that reason will produce short periods of dark matter.

I conclude that criminal acts, wars,  and logic of human life will produce the longest periods of dark matter. Justice will certainly be changed.

Monday, April 15, 2013

219. Founding Documents Must Be Interpreted Precisely

When the founders made the USA with the Declaration of Independence (DOI), the DOI did not only make the war against England.  The founders also named the USA as 'The United States of Americs' and then defined the States as 'one People,' to which the Law of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them. The founders also said: We hold thess Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Clearly, the U.S. government has not obeyed the laws of the DOI. To say that the DOI has no laws is either an error of thought or a criminal act.

For instance, in the DOI, the phrase 'one People' means 'a nation with a varying number of people.'   And, in the DOI, the statement 'all Men are created equal'  means 'a nation with a varying number of equal people.  The phrase 'all Men' is identical to the phrase 'one People.' In these comparisons, I conclude that Ben Franklin madeg sure that the DOI would be interpreted precisely at all times.

Apparently, many Little Gods of the USA have not interpreted the founding documents properly.  Instead, they have led the 'one people' away from God and led them into the godless deductive economy. When Margaret Thatcher died recently, I researched her history. With President Reagan, they had lots of interaction because both preferred  deductive economies. If a nation is under an active God, an inductive economy must be used.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

218. England and the Problem of the English Language

Yesterday, I spoke of the fall of the USA. I believe that this fall is possible because the minds of many Americans no longer think like the minds of the U.S. founders, who decided to separate the American colonists from England. In 1766, the minds of the American colonists were already depending on Ben Franklin to grasp, in Europe,  the monads of Gottfried Leibniz and the social contract theory of John Locke. Thus, a pre-established harmony of all Little Gods was accepted in 1766 and only had to be learned.

England sought a free world trade system rather than a togetherness of all Little Gods. So, after the USA was separated in 1776, England returned to the USA in 1812 to get cotton. But new southern industries, freed slaves, and a Civil War was the agenda of Lincoln. But in 1859, a new book on evolutionary theory came from Darwin.  Soon after Darwin's book came the free enterprise  theory of England's Adam Smith. Smith's economy would destroy the American System of Economy.(click)

When subjects like world trade, evolution, free enterprise, etc. are found in two different nations, such as England and the USA, the same language will became the law of both nations.  But these two laws do not mean that two nations can develop a perfect language.

The U.S. government made the English language the law. This is OK.  But the English language has many problems. For instance, the English language has given Americans the following changes: (1) world trade instead of Locke's socialism; (2) evolution instead of an active God; and (3) free enterprise instead an inductive economy. The world trade does not work together for the Little gods.  The evolutionary theory is false. And, a free enterprise economy make the Little Gods unequal. The English language has given Americans dirt, such as deism, Higgs boson, and Newton's world.

The poor minds of Americans are coming from within, as Jesus says. Thus, American thoughts  and the English language are within.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

217. The Fall of the USA.

To make a democracy under God , a social contract theory must be installed. To install the social contract theory, two laws are required, the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and the Constitution. These two laws are necessary because all democracies under God have Little Gods that function in private or public sectors.

The USA made a democracy under God. This democracy installed the social contract theory of England's John Locke, which is described in  The Second Treatise of Government. Below I show how the USA was made.

On July 4, 1776, the USA  became a new nation. It was named 'The United States of America.' The  first law was made by the First Continental Congress and was called the DOI. This law has two paragraphs of laws and authorized Locke's private Society. Locke's Society was identified  by Ben Franklin scientifically as 'one People.' The remaining laws of the DOI authorized the war against England. Then, in 1787, the second law was made by the Second Continental Congress.  These laws were is called the Constitution and authorizes Locke's public Government.

After Ben Franklin died and President Lincoln was assassinated, the USA changed quickly.  Today, the U.S. is losing its democracy. It has lost its God when it lost its DOI. Now its beginning to lose its Lockean Society and Government. With these important losses, the USA could lose its science, mathematics, and its world leadership.

I conclude that many U.S. Little Gods do not know God or do not believe in God.

Friday, April 12, 2013

216. Moving the USA Forward

Yesterday, I showed that the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and the Constitution form two separate laws. The laws of the DOI are found in the first two paragraphs of the DOI. Further, 'The Second Treatise of Government(click) by John Locke limits the freedom of Little Gods and guides them because the colonists chose Lock's social contract theory (click) to build the U.S. nation under God. 

Ben Franklin died in 1790.  Soon after he died, the one People of the USA began to divide. (This 'one People' was defined by Ben in the first statement of the DOI.) This division was forced by colonists that were like British traders, who were interested mostly in world trade. These U.S.traders have never been interested in building the USA and the infrastructures that secure all Little Gods.  In 1861, President Lincoln tried to unify the nation under one God. But he was murdered.

In 2009 and 2013, President Obama is following President Lincoln by trying to move the USA forward in different ways. Since the GOP is interested mostly in world trade, the GOP will try to stop Obama. Since I prove that God exist, I say that GOP should become interested in a nation that is godly. I also prove that all Little Gods are equal and will be reborn endlessly. Thus, I suggest that the GOP clean their dirty minds on the subject free trading. All nations need infrastructures that secure all Little Gods. The Little Gods cannot live only on shipping goods and services.

But the forward motion of the USA is hard to find. For intance, in 963, the U.S. Supreme Court became a criminal organization, after its members declared that school-sponsored Bible reading in public schools is unconstitutional. Since all written material contain some scientific statements, this declaration of the Supreme Court was wrong. Teachings different theories of God are very important in any school, if the best meanings of words are also given.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

215. The Lives of Unequal Little Gods

I say that God created all Little Gods in His image. I also say that God created all Little Gods  equal. In the U.S. Declaration of Independence (DOI), the founders said that all Men are created equal. The phrase 'all Men' is identical to the phrase  'all Little Gods.' So, my statement about all Little Gods is not different than the statement of the DOI.

So, when President Lincoln was assassinated, it is clear that a few number of Little Gods wanted Lincoln killed because they wanted to become unequal Little Gods. These unequal Little Gods violated the DOI but were not charged with any crime. So, these unequal little Gods became quiet criminals. We can be glad that they eventually died. But all Little Gods are reborn by God. But  reborn Little Gods don't know theit behavior of their last life.

When I began to hunt for 'unequal criminal Little Gods,' I wrote to John D. Rockefeller, IV, the Senator of West Virginia. The Senator said, 'The DOI is not considered law in the same sense that the Constitution is considered law.' These words of  the Senator said that the 'Society' and 'Government' of John Locke's two social contract laws were reduced to 'Government' by lawyers. Essentially, I conclude  that the DOI laws were been tossed away by powerful Little Gods . So, these powerful Little Gods got away with their murder of Lincoln.

The elimination of DOI laws has created many new and unequal Little Gods. But these new Little Gods have become criminals because they are violating the law of the DOI.  One law of the DOI says that 'all Men are created equal.' Many Little Gods must be charged with this violation of this law.

After Lincoln was murdered, the development of Lincoln's inductive economy was terminated and the deductive economy was installed. Based on the deductive economy, many unequal Little Gods appeared. If the DOI laws become real, many unequal Little Gods could be jailed.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

214. Capitalism and Socialism, the Scientific Differences

When I presented the true meaning of human freedom yesterday, I was telling the people of all nations that they do not know enough science and the way truths of concepts are proven, such as the concept of freedom. Without the continual teaching of science, I say that a nation will fall into parts and dictators.

So, when economists and politicians say that the people have absolute freedom and absolute self-interests, they try to  sell (1) deductive economy; (2) atheism; (3) a God that has a heaven; or (4) the physical sciences because they do not talk about inductive economies.

Those economists and politicians, who try to sell the four alternatives above, are usually conservatists who say that capitalism and socialism are opposite concepts.  However, Plato teaches concepts differently in his Sophist dialogue at 257b. With Plato, socialism becomes something different than capitalism or that capitalism becomes something different than socialism.  When the minds of conservatives use 'opposites,' they become stuck in logic and cannot deal with capitalism and socialism.

If one uses Plato rather than logic the difference between capitalism and socialism becomes very clear.  Capitalism thus uses deductive economics and the self-interest of all Little Gods. On the other hand, socialism thus uses inductive economics and the common-interests of all Little Gods. So, I say that capitalism is wrong and that socialism is correct because all Little Gods are focused on the Intelligent Design of an active God.

I conclude that the conservatives, the GOP, the Democrats, the U.S. Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court do not understand the differences of the inactive and active nature of God

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

213. The True Meaning of Human Freedom

When Plato wrote about the ugly languages of the Sophists in Athens, he told them that 'that which is not' does not mean something is contrary to what exists, but is something that is different. Many people today still do not understand the meaning of the word  'not' in national languages.  So when I looked at the evening sky and saw many stars, I concluded that all the stars are finite and originate from something that is 'not- finite.'

I named this not-finite thing 'God' and was able to also say that God is one and infinite. (click) Other people have also spoke about God.  They have said that God is the greatest thing, the perfect thing, and the absolute thing. Nicholas of Cusa also spoke about God and found that God has a Maximum. Since God is always Maximum , Cusa found also that God is also the Absolute Minimum. Some Little Gods are thus learning new information about God everyday.

Today, I will teach the freedom of God and the freedom of the Little Gods. Since God is Absolute in all different ways, the freedom of God also  Absolute.  Since God made every Little God, the freedom of the Little Gods is not Absolute.  So, the freedom of the Little Gods is limited by God's Absolute freedom. Cusa says that God put 'possibilities' in the minds of the Little Gods. These possibilities are unlimited.  But only good possibilities are free and are unlimited.  Examples are singing, cooking, baseball playing, sciences, etc. On the other hand, bad possibilities are not free.  Examples are deductive economics, crime, racism, shooters, war machines, etc.

I say that many bad possibilities of God will be found in the minds of Little Gods today. I say that many bad possibilities exist in the Little Gods because they do not know the active God that I teach in my new book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design Of An Active God.' (click) I conclude that today's economies and war machines are the most ugly possibilities that will be found in the minds of the Little Gods.

When the U.S. politicians said that the Declarations of Independences has no laws, they lied to the people of the USA.

Monday, April 08, 2013

212. Socialism For All Little Gods

In my latest book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design Of An Active God,'  I say that God had enfolded all indivisibles and unfolded all of them. These indivisibles are immortal and are consisted of all Little Gods, all animals, all plants, and all nonliving physical things. Then, the active God, who will form the best universe, causes the principle of least action that relates each indivisible to all indivisibles differently. These different relations form things such as human Little Gods, chicken eggs, orchids, gold things, etc. Today, we know that many of these Little Gods exist and live in different nations on this planet.

Unfortunately, many of the Little Gods on this planet became unfriendly after the number of Little Gods increased and formed nations. I say that this friendship was lost after money was formed, deductive economies appeared, and war machines were made.

Since the sun of every planet will eventually burn out, life on all planet is limited.  Jesus gave us this information in Ch. 24 of Matthew in the New Testament. So, friendship in all nations must be rebuilt in the minds of all Little Gods because many Little Gods must search for new planets on which to live before our planet begins to darken..

The togetherness of the Little Gods in all nations must grow immediately because infrastructures of safety for the homes of all little Gods are also necessary.  The togetherness must thus destroy all deductive economies and replace them with inductive economies.

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Sunday, April 07, 2013

211. Solving Mental Illness and Depression Problems

Last Friday, Pastor Rick Warren's son, Matthew, committed suicide. Warren, the pastor of Saddleback Valley Community Church, said that this death was caused by mental illness and depression. Warren said that Matthew made the following statement to him:  'Dad I know I'm going to heaven.' Why can't I just die and end this pain?'

Today, my new book, A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design Of An Active God' says that God exists, that God has no heaven, that heavens  exist only in the universe, and that all Little Gods are reborn endlessly in the universe after they die.

If Pastor Warren informed my new scientific information to Matthew, Matthew's statement above could not have been made and Matthew would still be alive. Further, Matthew's mental illness and depression would have never developed.

If other people are developing mental illness and depression, my new scientific information should be taught immediately to these patients. It is time to make religious changes.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

210. We Must Destroy All Deductive Economies

My new book on 'A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design Of An Active God' is beginning to expose more and more national problems every day. (click). (click)  My latest problem is the deductive economies, which seem to exist in every nation.

A deductive economy is a self-interest activity of Little Gods and atheists, who produce and trade goods and services. Since these Little Gods and atheists believe that they have only one life, they seek as much wealth as they can in order (1) to have a great life, (2) to send their children to colleges and universities, and (3) to give inheritances to their children. Why are children given inheritanves whan only God knows where each child is?

When I found that all Little Gods are reborn in the universe by God after their death, I concluded that all deductive economies, atheism, deism, and inheritances must be eliminated from this planet. And I say that all college and university admission scams must be fixed. (See the Fight inequality: College admission scam by Syndicated Columnist, Scott Rasmussen) (click)

Since only God knows where the Little Gods are at all times,  the deductive economy must be replaced by the inductive economy so that all Little Gods receive equalities. It is now clear that the deductive economies are the causes of all wars.

Friday, April 05, 2013

209. A New Justice System

As new commandments grow in the new world of an active God and His universe, the lives of Little Gods change for the good of all little Gods.  One new change is the absence of identities in the universe.  This means that no two things in the universe are twins or do not have common bloodlines. An example of twins or bloodlines is the concept 'primogeniture.' This mental error was caused by Darwin's evolutionary theory and its followers, such as Hitler.

All mental errors will thus be found in the minds of all Little Gods. At Mark 7:23, Jesus had taught us about mental errors. He said that these evil things come from within, and defile us. So, Jesus is saying that we can develop the minds of every Little God properly.

However, most political leaders in our nation do not know how the human mind works and how evil things can defile humans. I say that justice can eliminate all evil things by full employment, by teaching the human mind, by reborning all evil  criminals, by eliminating all guns, and by closing all jails and prisons. The reborning process will reduce greatly the number of criminal lawyers. I believe that the reborning process will eliminate most criminality worldwide.

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Thursday, April 04, 2013

208. Ten More Commandments

As I said earlier, the chicken comes before the egg because all indivisibles come before all of the divisible things of the universe. So, physicists must be incorrect to say that space, time, and mass are independent concepts and that the universe began in time at t = 0. Thus, this universe is expected tol end at some future finite time.

In my book, 'A New and Modern Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design Of An Active God,' 
(click), (click)  I am thus correct to say as follows: (1) that God and the universe always existed; (2) that Little Gods always existed; that Little Gods always dies; and that all Little Gods are always reborn after death.

 So, today I can now identify ten more commandments to the Commandments of Moses by correcting some the outdated behaviors of the earlier Little Gods. These new commandments are as follow:
(1) eliminate all deductive economies,
(2) destroy all war machines,
(3) destroy all shooting guns,
(4) prevent same-sex marriages,
(5) prevent unequal wealth,
(6) develop full employment,
(7) empty all prisons,
(8) correct the teaching of Jesus,
(9) eliminate racism, and
(10) unite natural science and political science with religion.

Other commandments will appear as time passes.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

207. Stopping War Machines

My recent newspaper reported that Syria's military is murdering six thousand of Little Gods every month. Doesn't this military operation know that some of these murdered Syrian Little Gods had lived in other nations when they died and were reborn as children in Syria. To save the lives of reborn Little Gods, all world military operations on this planet must stop. So, it is time for Syria's leader to learn how and why God created Little Gods on this planet.

I conclude that the first permanent military operation  emerged from the first free deductive economy at Athens, Greece.  But at that time, the Little Gods did not know much about the universe. Even these early Little Gods did not even respond to Jesus' teaching at Matt. Ch. 24 that the sun will darken.  Today, the deductive economies continue, as if Jesus said nothing at all.

It is time to destroy all deductive economies.  Then, the inductive economies must be installed in every nation.  If inductive economies are not built, wars will not stop and God's Little Gods will be murdered continually by war machines. If inductive economies are made, the Little Gods will be saved, all nations will work together, and our trip to planet Mars will be a step 'forward' to life on other planets.  (deductive vs. inductive)     

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

206. Problems In The Continuum

The continuum of God and the universe means that many new changes are necessary. A major change is the continual rebirths of Little Gods after they have died. But the history of rebirths lured many different names. For example, the Greeks spoke of monads; Jesus spoke of least and great kingdoms of heaven at Matt. 5:19; Gottfried Leibniz spoke true atoms in his Monadology; and Ben Franklin spoke of immortal souls of humans in his autobiography. In these examples, all of these Little Gods say that all rebirths come from an active God.

Unfortunately, most Little Gods were taught long ago that they could be reborn in God's heaven if they behave properly. However, this teaching is rejected today by any panentheistic person because all heavens are said to exist only in the evening skies of the universe. If panentheism is correct, major problems on rebirths must be solved.

One major problem for all Little Gods is living in one nation and being reborn in a different nation. Another major problem is living in a good family and being reborn in a bad family. Yet , another major problem is having a healthy body and receiving a sickly body when reborn.  Thus, many rebirth problems exist.

Monday, April 01, 2013

205. The Continuum of God and the Universe

When an infinite number of indivisibles come from God to create the universe, all indivisibles  become related to each other. Each indivisible will thus become functionally related to all other indivisibles.

Since some of these indivisibles are Little Gods, each Little God has an important function in the universe. So committing crimes, making wars, developing racism, developing children improperly, etc. are unnatural functions. The thinking of atheists and believers in deism is also unnatural.

I continue to say that God and the universe had no beginning and have no end because God and the universe always coexisted.  As a mathematician, Karl Gauss found that God and the universe can continue with continuous fractions. (click)

A Big Bang is unnecessary. A least action principle could make indivisibles form the universe. A very popular geometry is the Golden Section.  Below are some examples.

Golden Section in general (click)
Golden section in nature (click)
Golden Section of faces (click)
Golden Sector of architectrue (click)
Golden Section of  art (click)
Golden Section of photographs(click)
Golden Section of spirals (click)

The Golden Section can be used to change all nations from the deductive economy to the inductive economy. Money exchangers have built the deductive economy and have become either atheists or deists.

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