Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Divisibles Made By God, III (and the Vibrations of Divisibles)

When God creates an infinite number of finite indivisibles and connects each finite indivisible to all other finite indivisibles, Anaxagoras, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, Kant, Hegel, et al would say ' each thing is in each thing.' However, this saying of these great thinkers do not mean that things are inside other things. Thus, none of God's created things are containers. The saying 'each thing is in each thing''received it real meaning only after modern science developed 'functional relations.' Today, this saying means that God and all created things are related functionally and thus have unique purposes. So God and all created things form a continuum and one very complex world.

In Bk. III, Ch.1 of "On Learned Ignorance," Nicholas of Cusa says that this continuum contains genera, species, and actual divisible things are numbered so that no created thing can be equal to another thing. So, one created thing can be greater or less than any other created thing. Since God is absolute maximum and absolute minimum, created things must exist between a finite maximum and finite minimum and cannot become God. Here is proof that Jesus Christ or any other prophet cannot become God. Nor can created things reach an absolute maximum or absolute minimum is genera or species. So, the ancestral theory in evolutionary theory is false.

Since the function of each created thing affects all other things and all created things are in motion, orderly and harmonious vibrations will be found associated with all created things. For instance, drop a stone in a lake and watch the waves appear in the water. Here we see that waves are associated with every created thing. These waves were noticed by Louis de Broglie.. (click) So the things that God created is a Symphony." That such music exist is the focus of a book on The Symphony of Life' by Donald Hatch Andrews. This out-of-print book should be republished by a good publisher.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Divisibles Made By God, II (and Infinite Number of Parts In All Created Things)

On the subject of 'divisibles' in my last blog, I showed how an infinite God creates all things for the universe by contracting some of his personal essential attributes. When God contracts these essential attributes by finitude and plurality, opposing attributes appears in in the universe. For example, I showed that when God creates an infinite number of finite divisible things, an infinite number of finite indivisibles had appeared and are embodied for the purpose of forming a universe of all functional things. Each of these functional things thus has infinite number of finite indivisible parts.

An example is a foot ruler that has twelve inches. If we sense the first inch, we conclude that a foot ruler has eleven other inches. Now ask yourself, 'How many parts exist in each inch?' We can count the number of parts in this inch with mathematics ,by dividing an inch into two half inch parts. Then, if we divide these two half inch parts, we see four quarter inch parts. If this mathematical procedure continues, smaller and smaller parts appears. Since the number of parts in an inch increases continually, the number parts in an inch cannot be counted because the number parts are infinite. Thus, all finite divisible things in the universe are created by God with of an infinite number of different finite indivisibles.

Galileo also came to this same conclusion long ago. (See Ch. 6 of " Galileo Galilei, his life and his works" by Raymond J. Seeger.) All divisible things in the universe are made by God with finite indivisibles that function differently. Galileo seems to have known that Nicholas of Cusa discovered the 'absolute minimum' and 'absolute maximum' are attributes of God. With God , zero is not a number because absolute minimum is an attribute of God. Thus, when Albert Einstein said that the universe has a zero (in time), he must have concluded that zero means 'beginning.' If the universe has a beginning, it must have a logical end. Einstein's timing of the universe was a mental error. Clearly, Einstein assumed wrongly that God is inactive and thus exists as the god of deism.

This discussion explains why materialism, atheism, and Darwinism are failing.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Divisibles Made By God, I (and a World of Finite Indivisibles and Divisibles)

In my blogs dated 11/28/89, 12/30/09, and 12.1/09, I discuss how attributes of our infinite God can be connected logically to the attributes of the finite things that God created in the universe we live. One example is the attribute indivisible of God . This attribute of God can be connected logically to the attribute divisible, which is found in every finite thing that scientists investigate in the universe. Since other attributes of God can be connected to other attributes of finite thing in the universe, I can explains how God creates all things we find in the universe. Let me show how God created all humans us and all other things. This is my pic of God.

To create things in the universe, an infinite God must first contract his own indivisibility, which means that God is a whole that has no parts. To contract his own indivisibility, God adds the concepts finitude and plurality to the intelligent design of the universe. This contraction process thus form an infinite number of different and purposive finite indivisibles. Like God, these finite indivisibles also do not have any any parts. So, the first things that God creates are an infinite number of different finite indivisible things. One group of these different indivisible things is 'all human souls.'

When these finite indivisibles are created, God connects each finite indivisible to all other finite indivisibles. These connections embody each finite indivisibles so that each finite indivisible becomes a unique finite divisible and is thus able to function for all finite indivisibles in different ways. By embodying each finite indivisible, a single universe has been created by God. As seen, the universe is not a container. Instead, the universe an infinite number of different finite things that are functionally relates to each other. Essentially, the universe is filled with independent functional things that are dependent on each other. Here, we see an another pair of opposites that guide our holistic universe. Since all embodied things are divisible, they have an an infinite number of parts. These embodied things can thus be sensed because they have phenomena.

At this time, my thoughts about the creation is generalized. For instance, when all finite indivisibles become functionally related to each other, they must be energized. This energy might be created by God by contracting his own impulse function to an infinite number of finite impulse energies. These finite energy impulses would give natural motions to each embodied finite indivisible. These motions satisfy Einstein's famous equation (E =MC2). Thus, each embodied finite indivisible holds an infinity number of harmonious vibrations. Each embodied finite indivisible is thus a geometrical object that consumes space and exists in time because the their position in the universe changes continually in natural way.

I expect that my theory of God and the creation will change the field of medical care throughout the world.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why USA Relations With China Must Eliminate Christianity

Today's relations between China and the USA can be maintained only if the thoughts of the people of China are understood. To understand the Chinese people, I use Gottfried Leibniz's monograph on the 'Discourse on the Natural Theology of the Chinese ).' This is the 4th Monograph of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy at the University of Hawaii. The 1977 translators are Henry Rosemont, Jr. and Daniel J. Cook.

To Leibniz, intelligence in China has developed in three era -- (1) the era of the sage kings (29th through the 12th centuries, B,C.); (2) the era of Confucius (6th through the 3rd centuries, B.C.); and (3) the neo-Confucianism and its criticism of Buddhism and Taoism(beginning in the 11th century), A.D.) Leibniz's monograph was based on data from the 13th century journals of Marco Polo and his brothers and from five Catholic Church missionaries. A major missionary was Claudio Grimaldi (1638-1712. He had scientific skills and met Leibniz in Rome in 1689. Six years after this meeting, Leibniz would finalize his New System and monadology that would destroy the materialism of Isaac Newton.

Based on the data from the missionaries, Leibniz concluded that the mathematics and philosophy are consistent with the Western world. One difference is dialectical thinking. Yin and Yang guide much of Chinese dialectical thinking. My work is thus consistent with the Chinese because all opposites (opposing concepts) guide my dialectical thinking, my website, and my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' So, Leibniz warns nations against not making friends with China. He says, '... when the Chinese will have learnt from us what they wish to know they will close their doors to us.' Isn't China copying many of our thoughts free today?

The relational problem between the USA and China today is very clear. Christians are not wanted in China. China has a God but has no Son of God, as Christians have. One will also find no Son of God in the New System and monadology of Leibniz. Thus, Leibniz did not agree with those missionaries who thought that Christianity should be imposed onto the people in China. If the USA wants to become friends with the Chinese, Christianity must be removed from the talks.

I agree with Leibniz about the non-existence of a Son of God. I say that the Christian Son of God is a false teaching. My research continues to conclude that Jesus Christ was murdered even though he was one of our greatest scientist and moralist. In the future, more great humans will appear.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Are the Modern Christian Leaders Becoming Warmongers?

The teachings of Jesus Christ are not taught properly by Western Christian churches. In this blog, I hope to show that the Western Christians churches are outdated, are dishonest, and are the root causes of all recent U.S. wars. First, I provide important information on the Old Testament. (click)

The Old Testament was constructed by Jews between the 12th and the 2nd century BC. I conclude that the developments of the the Old Testament stopped in the 2nd century because the very new and different Greek writings of Plato and Aristotle had become available in the 3rd century. Thus, I conclude that Plato and Aristotle influenced the translations of the Old Testaments to other nations. For instance, the Greek translation of the Old Testament became known as the Septuagint. This translation was used by those early Christian who were Greek speakers. The writings of John and Paul in the New Testament seem to be based on the Septuagint. Accordingly, it is clear that the work of Plato and Aristotle influenced the development of the Septuagint.

Today, the Eastern Christian Church still uses the Septuagint in its untranslated form. Of interest to us is that Eastern Christians told Nicholas of Cusa and other Western Christians about the Plato's writings, which had been lost for over a thousand of years after Aristotle's logical reasoning was selected by the Roman Church. So, the relations between the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Septuagint, and Plato are clear and can be proven with ease. It is also clear why the socislistic Russian nations do not force the Eastern Christians out.

But let's ask Christians why they do not have any facts about Jesus Christ for his first thirty years. I did my own research on the scientific teachings of Jesus Christ. I conclude that Jesus learned in Greece what he knew as a mature person. The writings of St. John, St. Paul, and the Gospel of Thomas clearly show that Jesus Christ was a very good prophet but was neither God nor the Son of God as modern Christians say.

Unfortunately, only Christians, who are trained in science, can understand this blog. However, it is important that this blog be debated because I conclude that all recent wars have been caused by the ignorance of today's Christians. Sending children to wars today, only to be killed for the purpose of preserving the stubborn thoughts of Christian leaders, is nonsense.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

As new truths are found by man about a monotheistic God and the universe God, nations must change the way their people think and behave. For instance, a change must be made on the meaning of the U.S. holiday, December 25. At this time, this date represents the birthday of Jesus Christ, who is worshipped only by Christians. Since State and Church are separated by the U.S. Constitution, Christmas Day can be viewed as an illegal holiday in the USA.

Following the Old testament, the ancient Christians thought that God (the Messiah) could comie to our finite world. Today, we know that God is infinite and cannot appear in our world. The ancient Christians also thought that God is God and man and that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and rose from the dead. They also thought that that Jusus is divine, is a Savior and Lord, and is the only begotten Son of God. Today, we know that Jesus Christ is a created like all human beings are created. History tells us that the Christian, Nestorian (386-451 AD), led to Nestorianism, which rejects this Roman Church belief and saying. (click) This same history also tells us that Muhammad became a follower of Nestorian. Here, we find the origin of Islam and today's wars between Muslims and Christian/Jewish nations.

Nestorianism says that Jesus Christ was a created person, just as all other humans are created by God. Today, the modern scientists, such as Galileo and Leibniz, agree with Nestorianism. So modern scientists say that the ancient Roman Church was wrong. Today's Christians are thus worshipping a person as well as God. It is time for religions to update their scriptures.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Albert Einstein's God

One can understand the God of Albert Einstein best if one knows the difference between the religious concepts (1) atheism, (2) deism, and (3) theism. These three concepts can be found in any good dictionary.

First, atheism denies the existence of God. Second, deism accepts the existence of God who does not interfere with the laws of nature. Finally, theism accepts the existence of God who is immanent in the world. Deism and theism differ because the deist says that God is not active whereas the theist says that God is active. Einstein turns out to be a deist. Thus he thought that the universe had a beginning and has an end and is a machine that follows the scientific laws of nature. Essentially, Einstein removed freedom and living things from his world.

During the ancient period, religions thought that God's immanence in the world was through a spirit. So the ancients thought that man contained God's spirit and that God inspired man through this spirit. These inspirations are found mostly in the Old Testament. Today, God's immanence in the world is achieved only by Leibniz's monads and God's Intelligent Design of the universe. In Leibniz's monadology, God is active and intervenes into living things with his moral laws. God does not intervene into nonliving things. These nonliving things obey the laws of nature. In the Declaration of Independence, the founders of the USA expressed these two laws as Laws of Nature and Nature's God. As seen, theism does not remove freedom and living things from the world.

It is clear that Einstein's God is wrong. His work on cosmology is also wrong because a created universe has no beginning or end. Since God is absolute maximum and absolute minimum, zero (time = 0) cannot be a number. Finally, his general relative theory on spacetime cannot be expected to be proven ever. But his equation, E = mc2, and his special space relativity must be honored.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Reincarnation Is Consistent With a Monotheistic God

Materialists and theists believe that life after death does not exist. This belief is consistence with the death of all things in the universe. Thus, when a physical thing dies, such as a rain gutter, it rusts, falls apart, and does not receive a new life.

Western religious teachings about life after death has been very stable for many years. This teaching says that one can earn an eternal life after death with God by having faith in God and/or by doing good works. But this teaching was challenged after Copernicus and Galileo showed that the stars in the evening sky move. For many years religions were told that God does not exist among the stars. But this ancient teaching hasn't changed. No matter where God exists, Western religions still teach that an eternal life with God exists.

On page 6 of my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God," I show that the origin of all finite thing in the universe must be an infinite thing. Since God is incomprehensible, when seeking this origin, I discovered that one of God's attributes is 'infinite.' With this proof about God, I discovered that finite things cannot exist in God's world. So the religious teaching of an eternal life after death with Go is false because God's infinity is logically opposed to our finitude.

Leibniz's monads can be created or destroyed only by God. Consistency means that a person's life continues after death. This continuation is known as reincarnation. So, I suggest the study of Leibniz's "Monadology."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Love and Its Origin

Love is a widely accepted concept among humans and is sensed among the lower animals and plants. But love has been a difficult concept to define. (click) Further, the origin of love has never been proven by believers in God or by materialists, who say that living things come from nonliving things. In this blog, I will show that love is a relativistic concept. I will also prove its origin.

I say that love is a variable that can grow or fade away. Thus, the true meaning of love never becomes maximum or minimum for people who believe in God and know that God is both absolute maximum and absolute minimum. So love comes in degrees or fades away in degrees. However,when a person says 'I love you,' the meaning of love will be raised to the absolute maximum. This saying cannot be understood exactly because it can raise a question in the mind of the other person. Lifting concepts upwardly so they express absolute maximums, show us that the English language can develop serious communication problems among humans. Other love statements should be developed so that exact truths are expressed.

In materialism, love must have its origin in a Big Bang explosion of a physical particle. I ask materialists to prove this origin. In spiritualism, love must come from God. I prove this origin below.

All things in the universe have their origin in God. So love must have its origin also in God. However, since God is one, God can create only by contracting His essence in a orderly manner to produce the best universe. In my book, I say that God contracts His One, Equality, Union, Infinite, and Indivisible attributes. By using logic, these attributes of God become the following attributes in the universe: many, inequalities, relations, finites, and divisibles. In my website, I added the logical attributes, Independence (God) and dependence (universe). I apply this logic to Gottfried Leibniz's New Science and Monadology that destroys Newton's billiard ball universe. When I considered the concept 'love,' I concluded that God included love in things in the universe when He embodied all monads. But this love is not found in all monads. Love seems to be found only in independent living things that are dependent on each other in nations. In the Bible, love is expressed as 'brotherly love.'

Unless materialists can prove that love has other origins, all nations should reform so that all people will depend each other.

The Human Mind - Two Different Views, IV

If God exists, it is clear that the human mind is not epiphenomena of brain. Instead, the human mind must be a Leibniz monad. When embodied, the human mind is a Leibnizian monad that perceives and can unify and understand perceptions. So, when a Leibnizian human mind is embodied, the brain functions as an organ for the mind. Although we cannot count these Leibnizian minds, God knows them and everything you do.

What happens when a Leibnizian human mind is embodied? In his book on 'Idiota de Mente (The Layman:About Mind), Abaris Books, (Thanslation by Clyde Lee Miller), Nicholas of Cusa says that, when embodied, the human mind becomes the human soul. As a soul, mind functions by measuring and conceiving things with symbols. So, the development of good symbolic languages in a nation will determine exactly the degree of goodness and progress of that nation.

In most nations and in the USA, the continued development of good national symbolic languages have not been occurring (for forty decades in the USA) because many U.S. human souls are measuring and conceiving things wrongly. This development is based on the wrong belief --- that mind is epiphenomena of the brain. So, unless the U.S. change the way they think, the future of the USA does not look good.

The human mind is formed from our national symbolic language. Thus, if our national language becomes worse, our minds get worse. Since feedback exists in the relations between mind and language, good languages will cause people to spiral upwardly whereas bad languages will cause people to spiral downwardly. Since God creates all monads and knows all monads, God knows each person's thoughts and behaviors. So, life after death seems to have only two possible paths --- upwardly or downwardly. I believe that Jesus teaches this human pattern of thought and behavior at Matt. 10:34 and uses the word 'sword.'

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Human Mind - Two Different views, III

The two views of the human mind distinguish the materialists from the spiritualists, nonbelievers from believers, and the Big Bang universe from Leibniz's created monads. These two views also distinguish the mechanistic wholes of atheists from the wholes made by God.. In this blog, I focus on these two different wholes. The pic is a whole of a living thing made by God.

Atheists say that a mechanistic whole is equal to the sum of its parts. Its parts are thus countable. For instance, take you home computer apart. You will be able to count the number of parts. But each part is a smaller whole that can be divided into smaller parts. Atheists are smashing the proton into smaller and smaller parts in hopes of finding an indivisible physical thing that has no parts. If such a thing is found, the Big Bang universe would be correct. Humans would not have souls because God would not exist.

On ther other hand, God-made wholes called monads. like God, the monads have no parts. God also makes wholes that have functional parts. These functional parts are all functionally related indivisible monads. Since these indivisible monads are infinite in number, they are not countable.

In Ch. 6, p. of 'Galileo Galilei, His Life and Work' by R. J. Seeger Galileo tells us that a geometrical line can be extended only with an infinite number of empty spaces and that gold is made up of an infinite number of indivisible parts. The monads thus seem to function much like geometrical points and the real numbers in mathematics

For those scientists who accept God, I conclude that scientific progress will successful with research on monads and investigating those monadic functional relations that man is able to know. I say this because God's personal active functions seem to be are hidden and cannot be known, as Nicholas of Cusa taught.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Human Mind - Two Different Views, II

When five atheists submitted Amazon reviews of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, their reviews told potential buyers that my brain is confused because I do not produce normal mental epiphenomena in my brain. For instance, one of these atheists said 'George Shollenberger manages to break the record of the number of non-sequiturs per page and to present it as a proof of the existence of God. So be warned: this book lacks everything that is commonly considered to be essential to any proof: logic, scientific rigor and common sense."

Such words can come only from different atheistic persons such as logicians, evolutionists, medical doctors, psychologists, materialists, etc. Such atheists believe that all human are machines, which are known only with logical reasoning. Thus, they believe that human behaviors can be predicted. These atheists also expect to produce artificial humans since they also believe that humans come from nonliving things. But predictions mean that humans are not free and are not independent things. The rejection of God is thus normal for the atheist. But atheists have a deep mental problem. Their minds are ignorant of symbolic languages. For instance, they are ignorant of Plato's negative, which allowed me to already find six attributes of God that connects God to the universe logically where He functions.

This ignorance is also noticed when an natheist says that all symbol have exact meanings. However, exact meanings of symbols can be found only in the physical sciences where the meanings of symbols are determined by proven physical laws. This is why physical laws are widely accepted. However, only theoretical laws have been found among living things. To find and prove laws among living things might not not be possible if man is free and independent and if God is able to intervene into all things.

Readers can be thankful that my book has been filled with non sequiturs. With my words, humans are free and independent My words also prove that God exists and intervenes.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Human Mind - Two Different Views, I

Today, two different views of the human mind exist. In one view, materialists logicians, evolutionists, and other theists say that the human mind is a part of the brain and is called 'epiphenomena.' of the brain. Since they say that all things in the universe are mechanisms, the universe comes to an end. Since some religions (e.g., Catholic Church) say that the universe comes to an end, they must believe that the human mind is epiphenomena of the brain.

The second view of the human mind is discovered by Nicholas of Cusa. And Gottfried Leibniz incorporated this view of the human mind into the 'all is one' theory of the universe. In Leibniz's 'all is one' theory, God's mind is contracted and produces an infinite number of minds that Leibniz calls monads. Among this infinity of minds are an infinite number of human minds. These human minds are different from all other minds because they can measure all things that God creates and are the only minds that can reason. Only those people who say that the universe is eternal will agree with this second view of the human mind.

All high performance writers over the last 2500 years have taught the 'all is one' theory. Since Jesus Christ taught the 'all is one' theory, I ask, "Why do Christians and Muslims say that a created universe comes to an end?"

The Ugly English Language and Its Promotion by Atheists, Logicians, Evolutionists, Materialists and The Reason Project

The writings of Nicholas of Cusa reveal problems we have with the English language. These problems were detected first by Immanuel Kant who tried to unify the thoughts of the empiricists in England and the rationalists on the Continent. Kant's failure slowed the field of philosophy until Friedrich Hegel began to think dialectically and many linguists of the 1920s concluded that sense data are primarily symbolic. But in the 15th century Cusa already knew the problem of symbols and used the certainty of mathematics to explain truths.

St. Paul' suggestion in Rom. 1:20 will place us on better path of thought that is necessary to help correct any national language. However, the writings on the subject of 'all is one' by Anaxagorax, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, Galileo, Leibniz, Kant, and Hegel will correct any national language immediately.

Some people do not accept God and the ‘all is one’ teaching. They are atheists, logicians, evolutionists, materialists, and supporters of The reason Project.. Their minds need to be opened to the two steps above.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Leibniz's Universe, III

Newton 's universe has a discontinuous God who creates the universe and then pulls out. The Newton universe is a mechanical thing that comes to an end. This universe is taught by the Catholic church, Protestant churches, Jewish synagogues, and Muslim mosques. Materialists also teach this universe but say that it was created by a Big Bang thing. Opposed to this mechanical universe is Leibniz's universe that has an active God who created the universe but also guides the universe forever. In this blog, I discuss Leibniz's active God.

Leibniz views God as necessary being. He says, ' Thus God is the only primitive unit or the only original simple substance, of which all the created or derivative monads are the products, born, so to speak, every moment by continual fulgurations from the divinity, and limited by the capacities of creatures, to which limitation is essential.' Leibniz is thus saying that God acts continually after he creates the monads and organizes them into one universe.

Leibniz says that when a monad influences another monad, the influence is an intervention of God's reasoning into the universe. God can intervene into the universe because all monads are mirrors of the universe. The intervention of God into the universe means that the universe is not a mechanism, which comes to an end. Instead, Leibniz's universe is guided by God forever and has no end.

The above religions and materialists are unable to recognize an active God because they are not identifying God's attributes, as Paul suggested in Rom. 1:20. By knowing only a few attributes of God, one can begin to connect God to the attributes of created things and the monads.

Monads are created by God when God contracts some of His perfect attributes. These contracted attributes form an infinite number of different monads that have a different purpose or function in the universe. Since the attributes of the monads are not perfect, the monads form imperfect things such as clouds, trees, dogs, humans, etc. Thus when God intervenes, He causes changes in the monads so the universe is always the best universe.

I often say that the Declaration of Independence is an important document because it connects God's perfect attribute of Independence to all U.S. citizens who must depend on each other to build the best nation. Today, the USA and all other nations are lost.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Leibniz's Universe, II

The infinite number of Leibniz's monads can be represented by Georg Cantor's first number class, N1. This first class is the aggregate of the finite whole numbers 1, 2, 3, .......v... The set of all monads are thus said to be denumerable because they are equivalent to the set of integers. This first number class is followed by Cantor's second number class, N2. This second number class contains all rational and irrational numbers. The set of all rational and irrational numbers is not denumerable because these numbers are not countable and produce continua of geometrical things.

So, after God acts to create the indivisible monads, God acts to creates all divisible/geometrical things by relating the monads to each other. Since all independent monads depend on each other, each monad is 'in' all other monads. This means that each monad is functionally related to all other monads. This is the initial state of Leibniz's universe and is what astronauts and materialists calls 'dark matter.'

To study divisible/geometrical things, materialists reject God and view the universe as a container for all things. The container is a spacetime structure. Since spacetime has a beginning and end, the universe had a beginning with a Big Bang explosion and has an end with a heat death. Since proved scientifically that God exists of this belief, I rejected the universe of materialism and accepted Leibniz's universe.

Since all independent monads are functionally related to each other and depend on each other, Leibniz's universe is not a container. For this reason, Leibniz defines space as the order of co-existences and time as an order of successation. The universe had no beginning because the monads were always one in God. The universe also has no end because God is eternal. Thus, there is no end to the monads unless God destroys them. Since all monads can change internally, all monads exist in Leibniz's space and pass into new successations as internal changes are made.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Leibniz's Universe, I

The universe proposed by the field of physics is known as the Big Bang theory. Biologists add Darwin's evolutionary theory to this physical theory. At this time, our physicists have not found anyway to construct their universe. To my knowledge, the only alternative to these physical/biological theories was offered by Gottfried Leibniz three hundred years ago. In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I presented a general view of Leibniz's universe as an alternative to the Big Bang theory. In this blog, I show in more detail how Leibniz constructed the universe with monads.

In my book, I call Leibniz's monads spiritual atoms because I want to speak of the monads as Spirits or spiritual atoms. With this change, I can also speak of God as the Holy Spirit, who is the creator of all Spirits. Philosophically, the Holy Spirit and all created Spirits are substances that have predicates. The Holy Spirit and all created Spirits are thus 'independent things' that have attributes. However, the independence of the Holy Spirit is absolute. Later, I show why the independence of all created spirits is relativistic.

In God, all possible Spirits are enfolded as 'one.' In God, these possible Spirits can thus be modeled with a single geometrical point. All possible Spirits are unfolded and are distinguished from each other and God when the 'one' is contracted by finitude and plurality. This contraction process is an act of God that unfolds all actual Spirits. All actual Spirits are modeled differently. Their model is a set of different geometrical points that are infinite in number. Note. Actual Spirits can be created and destroyed only by God. Since God is eternal, all actual Spirits are immortal.

Inside each created Spirit we find an organization as if it is like a godly machine. Each created Spirit is also organized differently. All created Spirits can be called irreducible complexities because they are organized by contracted essential attributes of God. Since the universe is always in motion, each created Spirit will change continually. Since nothing outside of a created Spirit can change it, each created Spirit must possess a principle of change. Each created Spirit must have a unity within a plurality. This plurality is formed by passing states of change. Each created Spirit can produce changes by perceiving these passing states. By perceiving, a Spirit can change. But, the independence of all created Spirits is relativistic and is limited by our perceiving ability.

Since the universe is not a container, each created Spirit depends on the natural changes of all other Spirits. For example, we depend on the rain gutters of our homes, that is, that they do not rust for many years. And we depend on all other Spirits to drive safely and behave.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Recovering the USA From Our Highly Irrational Damages

When I finalized my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God," I had conducted research of the work of Gottfried Leibniz and had decided to include his work on monads in my thoughts permanently. I only changed the word 'monad' to 'spiritual atom' to distinguish the monad from the physical atom of physicists. In my book, I told the reader that the spiritual atoms are indivisible and immortal. The indivisible spiritual atom form every divisible things that form the universe.

After my book was published, I knew that I had to teach my book because it is new and very different compared to the thoughts on the universe held by our materialists. So, to help my teaching, I continued my research. Eventually, I began to do research on the history of the founding of the USA and the contents of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and the Constitution. Eventually, I wrote a letter to Senator Rockefeller and told him that the Declaration of Independence is more than an authority to go to war against England. But the Senator told me that our lawyers do not view the DOI as a law. The lawyers are wrong as I show below.

My research says that the first two paragraphs of the DOI defines the USA, in general, as a nation under God. My research also says that the DOI and the Constitution form the social contract theory developed by England's John Locke. Locke's social contract has two distinct parts. One part is Society. It was named in the DOI as The United States of America. The other part is Government. It has become known as a representative government. This two-party social contract in the USA is the self-government developed by the ancient Jews.

Clearly, the colonists wanted to create a self-government. But the colonists reasoned their creativity. First, they developed a Society of independent spiritual atoms. Simultaneously, they developed a Government dependent on all spiritual atomss. God created creatures and the universe the same way. First, God developed a Set of independent spiritual atoms. And simultaneously, God developed a Universe dependent on all spiritual atoms.

As seen, the founders of the USA were following God as suggested by Gottfried Leibniz. It is time to recover the highly irrational damages that we have caused.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How The United States of America Is Being Destroyed

In yesterday's blog, I show that God's absolute independence is the origin of all divisible things in the universe. These divisible things are organized things of all kinds and include organized of people we call nations. So, when the founders of the USA prepared the Declaration of Independence to organize the colonists, they were guided by the work of God and His intelligent design.

Unfortunately, after the founders passed on, The United States of America began to change in negative ways. As time passed, some people turned away from God. Other people not only turned away from God but lost some of their morals and developed evil and criminal behaviors. By turning away from God, the USA became an organization that no longer expects people to 'depend' on each other. With this loss of 'dependence,' all people in the USA automatically lost the 'independence' they received from God. This double loss is an example of how coexisting opposites function in a human mind.
Below, I show some of the causal factors of change. I also identify the American presidents who tried to turn this ugly change around.

Change, Cause, and Effect

1.Change: The development of a private national government (lobbyists and a middle/rich classes): Cause: First owners of initial businesses and industries and first owners of shipping for purpose of free trade grow without limit or regulation. Effect: National wealth begins to accumulate in fewer and fewer people.

2.Change: The removal of prayers from public schools and a ruling in favor of abortion by the Supreme Court. Cause: The rise of atheism. Effect: Religions lose many members and the morality of the people degenerates.

3. Change: The fields of mathematics and science turn away from God. Cause: Most mathematicians and scientists cannot find God. Effect: The worldwide ranking of U.S. mathematics and science is lowered drastically.

American Presidents

1. President Abraham Lincoln: Saved the Declaration of Independence and the Union against the Southern States with the Civil War.

2. President Franklin D. Roosevelt: Saved the Union from the 1930 depression and wars against Japan and Germany.

3. President John F. Kennedy: Saved the Union against the Cold War with the Moon Landing program.

4. President Richard Nixon: Tried to save the Union with the first major social initiatives.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Indivisibles, III

The purpose of the U. S. Declaration of Independence can be understood only if if one knows the history of indivisibles. It is obvious that U.S. lawyers and the judges of U.S. Supreme Court do not know this history. Their lack of knowledge explains the ugly error that they have made about the legal position of the Declaration of Independence. This error gave powers to the U.S. government that Locke's social contract denies. As a result of this error, they have weakened the power of the 'one People' while simultaneously removing the independence of each U.S. citizen. The Declaration of Independence is a comprehensive law of the USA. It was not merely an authority to go to war against England.

Only if one studies the history of indivisibles can one identify the purpose our founders had in mind when they preparing the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 and have it printed the next day. So, let me describe this history.

When man searches and finds for phenomena in the things that God created as St. Paul taught at Rom. 1:20, man's knowledge of God's Intelligent Design of the universe has increased. However, finding this knowledge can never be completed because God's attributes are infinite in number. So, making such searches will never end.

In my latest searches for phenomena in things of the universe, five phenomena were found. In the search today a sixth phenomenon found in all divisible things in the universe. This phenomenon is described as 'dependence.' This phenomenon is found in all divisible things because they have parts that work together. So, each part can be said to depend on each other. Dependence is also found among people. For instance, the earliest small social units and the later larger social units in Greece (e.g., Sparta) were organizations of people who depended on each other.

When dependence is negated, like other phenomena have been negated, the word 'independence' appears in our minds where we treat it as another attribute of God. Like all other attributes of of God, God must contract His independence by finitude in order for the 'contracted independence' to be 'in' any indivisible things before they actually become divisible things. So, before any divisible things can appear in the universe with a body, God must makes all 'indivisibles' that are also 'independent.' Thus, our founders were aware of exactly what they were doing. It is unfortunate that many Americans do not understand what this nation is all about.