Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, May 31, 2013

236.27 The Hidden Infrastructurs of the Little Gods

The U.S. Declaration of Independence (DOI) is telling the world that God created all Little Gods  equal. So, yesterday I showed that God makes a universe by controlling all immortal indivisible things in relative space and time. Thus, absolute concepts, for example, freedom, will be found only in God. So, Locke's social contract is natural because Locke raises the levels of freedom for all Little Gods as much as possible.  To raise the freedom of every little Gods, Locke eliminates the rulers.

Unfortunately, the freedom of all Little Gods is not raised by Adam Smith's free enterprise economic system. This economy makes rulers and a few Little Gods become very wealthy. At the same time, many Little Gods will become poor and could develop mental ills. Essentially, a free enterprise economy is creating problems for God's work, just like Syria's Assad is creating problems for God and his Little Gods.

To raise the freedom of every Little God, we must work with God and the Intelligent Design of God's universe. For example, we must study the universe that God made. Also, we must study the infrastructures that God made for all Little Gods. In these hidden infrastructures, I expect to find the equality of all Little Gods. I think that all nations might be ready for Henry Clay's American System (click) and Henry C. Carey's The Unity of Law. (click)

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

236.26 Building Equal Little Gods

When Ben Franklin spoke about the immorality of the human soul in his autobiography, he was teaching his grandson that God, all human souls, and all other immortal things co-exist. Here, Ben was teaching Anaxagoras' theory: everything-in-everything and no beginning and no ending. (click)

So, when Little Gods die, only God knows when a human soul will be reborn and receive a new body from a Father and Mother. This is why I have said often that the chicken always comes before the egg. Thus, when Jesus died on a cross, he was not resurrected. Only God  knew when Jesus was reborn and received a new body from Joseph and Mary. And when Jesus received a new body, Joseph and Mary could not say who their baby is. They could only name their baby, But Jesus could not receive a new body without the sexual relation of Joseph and Mary.  Obviously, many religious teachings must be improved.

When a Man and Woman want a baby, only God can sense the souls that exist in the dark matter of the universe and surround the sperms of every men.  Babies become persons when souls become related to these sperms and cause the development of a soul-body thing.  God knows all persons  because time does pass, Time passes because God's work continues forever in order  to develop the universe with the help of the Little Gods. Those Little Gods, who say that they have only one life and then go to heaven, are wrong.

So, the development of wealth for children is not the purpose of families.  The purpose of families is to make many equal Little Gods.  Going to colleges and universities in order to become wealthy will only produce people who expect to go to heaven.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

236.25 The Co-existence of God and the Little Gods

In yesterday's blog, Gottfried Leibniz said that space and time are purely relative and that orderly co-existences and successions exist.  So, God and  Little Gods form orderly co-existences and successions. Accordingly, co-existences and successions, such as angels, archangels, or a man named Gabriel do not exist.

So, when Ben Franklin said in his autobiography  that immortal human souls exist, Ben rejected all beings in between a one and infinite God and all Little Gods and all other finite things.

So, when I looked at the evening sky and saw many stars many years ago, I concluded that all finite things and an infinite thing coexist. I came to the conclusion that these 'things' have always co-existed and will always co-exist. Based on my conclusions on co-existences, I wrote my first book on The First Scientific Proof of God.  My second book on A New and Modern Holy Bible brings God and the Little Gods into our world.

The concepts of co-existences and successions are shocking the  minds of physical scientists because their logical minds do not recognize the co-existence of opposites such as 'God and Little Gods.'  They think wrongly because some concepts in this world  are both/and opposites rather than either/or opposites.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

236.24 All Little Gods Must Make Thoughts and Nations Equal

Today, I say that the minds of Little Gods must be very similar as time passes.  Otherwise,  Little Gods will develop mental and national problems. Thus, I can also say that all 'thoughts' of the Little Gods and all 'nations' must become very similar on the least and great planets that God is making. Jesus taught the importance of thoughts (or commandments) and nations at Matt. 5:19.  Accordingly, nations and Little Gods cannot own any minerals because they must be shared equally among all Little Gods.

The world wide development of a deductive economy and the development of a free world market led to competition among nations and forced many little Gods and nations to become unequal and unfriendly. But competition was a major theological error of thought of Little Gods because deism and theism are false. The only truth will be found only in a panentheistic God and His universe that never ends.

The above sayings about thoughts and nations are consistent with the  concepts of  'space' and 'time' that was defined properly by Gottfried Leibniz in his Correspondence with Samuel Clark, a disciple of Isaac Newton. (click)  Leibniz says, I held space to be something purely relative, like time: space being an order of  co-existences as time is an order of successions.

To make space and time, God makes an infinite number of active (living) and passive (nonliving) souls. Then, God gives these active and passive souls a body for a limited period of time. When the period comes to an end, God will give them a new body either immediately or a little later. But I conclude that 'a little later' means a consistent succession of each soul.

I conclude that the income differences of current military Little Gods must be repeated in the income of all other Little Gods.


Monday, May 27, 2013

236.23 Why the Minds of the Little Gods Must be Similar

When the U.S. government concluded that the Declaration of Independence (DOI) has no laws, many American Little Gods rejected all self-evident Truths, such as 'all Men are created equal.' By rejecting this truth, these American Little Gods made a nation of unequal Little Gods.

One can observe these inequalities in all fifty States in the USA.  In these States, some Little Gods are reborn in a rich family of a Father and Mother. By being born in rich family, these Little Gods are able to attend a college or university.  But all other Little Gods are born in poor families and will not be able to attend a college or university.

In his writing on Monadology, Gottfried Leibniz tells us that immortal human souls can perceive and that this soul can unify perceptions (click)  Thus, co-existents (unity/diversity) applies to human souls at all times. So, when a Little God  dies and is reborn by God, the mind of this Little God could be under-developed, normal, or over-developed. With unequal Little Gods, I say that rebirths of Little Gods will lead to mental problems such as down syndrome. (click)

While some Little Gods believe that wealth in a nation should be based only on economics, I say that wealth of all Little Gods must be equal so that the minds of all Little Gods are always very similar.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

236.22 The Little Gods of the USA Can Create a Religion

The USA must make corrections in its social contract democracy. These corrections are necessary to distinguish the private sector of Locke's Society from the public sector of Locke's Government. These corrections must be made by the Little Gods of the United States of America.

The Little Gods of the United States of America must identify Locke's Society, which is the Declaration of Independence (DOI). Further, the Little Gods must identify the five laws of the private sector. These laws exist in the first two paragraphs of the DOI.

But these Little Gods must also identify Locke's Government, which is the Constitution. Further, the Little Gods must identify the laws of the public sector. These laws exist in the Constitution and its amendments.

Once these small corrections are made, it is time make one new major change in the DOI. This change would identify, in more detail, the Law of Nature and of Nature's God.  In more detail, the 'law of nature' means the universe that an active God is making endlessly. And 'of nature's God' means panentheistic.

Based on this new major change, the USA can make a new religion, which must be established  by amending Amendment I of the Constitution. This  first religion would have three major founders: Anaxagoras-Plato-Jesus. This new religion is very different because current religions can think abour morals but can't think scientifically above logic.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

236.21 An Ugly History of the Little Gods in the USA

A new history of the Little Gods had started in Greece with the God of Anaxagoras. (click)  Parmenides challenged this Greek. (click) But Plato agreed with this new Greek theory because he showed that 'one' cannot exist without 'other' things. So, if God is 'one' and exists, then Little Gods must also exist.

The coexistent of God and Little Gods led to the development of the rulers, which are the kings and the pharaohs, and the development of the ruled, which are the Little Gods. The history of the rulers and the ruled has never worked happily.

Plato developed the Republic. Its ruler is a 'philosopher-king' or an idealist. This idealist is a Little God who must identify higher and higher ideas. Since the Republic can't be completed, futuristic ideas must always be sought. Alexander the Great followed Plato Republic and freed many Little Gods from rulers.

After Plato died, Jesus was young when he went to Greece to learn the God of Anaxagoras and the higher ideas of Plato. Jesus called Plato's ideas 'living water.' Most of the teachings of Jesus were about God and higher ideas. But after Jesus was murdered, the Gnostic teachings of Jesus' disciples were not powerful enough to build Jesus' system. Instead, the logic of Aristotle became too powerful for fifteen centuries. So, Jesus' scientific teachings on higher ideas were lost

But in the 18th century, the logic of Aristotle had been weakened and some Little Gods began to use metaphysics to identify higher ideas.  The major Little Gods  of these higher ideas are Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler, Galileo, Leibniz, and Locke. Then, in1776, the USA was founded, primarily by Ben Franklin. The social contract theory of Locke was installed in the USA in order to eliminate all rulers.

To eliminate all rulers in th USA, the Declaration of Independence (DOI) identified Locke's Society. The Society consists of all Little Gods, who become the ruler. And, the Constitution identifies Locke's Government.  The Government consists of some Little Gods, who must develop higher ideas.

Unfortunately, some Little Gods of the USA have destroyed Locke's social contract. Thus, in the USA new rulers have returned quietly.

Friday, May 24, 2013

236.20 Unnatural Effects of the Little Gods Wii Casus Actions of God

Many Little Gods do not know that God gives them a new life after their death. They don't know this act of God because deism or theism are still taught by religions.  If these Little Gods study my new book, A New And Modern  Holy Bible With The Intelligent Design Of An Active God, they will learn the true nature of  panentheism, which was taught by Jesus but was not taught by his disciples.

Panentheism has many different effects on every Little God, especially after wars and terrorism develop. Wars and terrorism can develop very strange, unnatural or unwanted effects of the Little Gods. Since God can see all of these effects through any single Little God, I say that long term wars and terrorism and other unnatural acts can expect an interaction from God.

For example, many terrorizing Little Gods do not realize that a dead terrorizing Little God will likely be reborn in the nation that is being terrorized and might be killed by the terrorizing nation. In other words, 'terrorizing will kill terrorists.' To save all Little Gods, 'problem solving' is better than wars and terrorism.

As you can see, panentheism is revealing more information about God than deism and theism has been able to develop with the symbols of scriptures.  Panentheism reveals more information about God because science is more powerful with the symbols of metaphysics.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

236.19 Recovering the USA

When President Lincoln was assassinated, the  Declaration of Independence (DOI) became lawless. But 'going West' would also become lawless. Many movies in Hollywood show this  ugly lawlessness. Some of these movies show how some lawless Little Gods also become absolutely free. But absolute freedom will be found only in God.

With a lawless DOI, Locke's private sector (or Society) was eliminated by some American Little Gods. Thus, Locke's  public sector (or Government) was maintained.  However, without Locke's Society, Locke's Government  gained power, especially in Washington. This excessive  power made Congress and the White House non-functional. When Locke's Society was eliminated, the minds of many U.S. Little Gods did not learn that Locke's private sector became powerless.

Although  President Lincoln encouraged many Little Gods to go West as homesteaders, I don't believe that the West would have ever become lawless and ever become absolutely free.

I say that recovering the laws of the DOI is the only way to recovery the USA. I also say that a democracy can be made only with Locke's social contract theory.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

236.18 Why The Litle Gods In America Are Lost

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence (DOI) defined Locke's social contract theory as  Society and Government. The Society was defined as 'one People' of the United States of America under God. And Government was defined as the Second Continental Congress. In 1787, Locke's Government was redefined by the Constitution. Then, after Ben Franklin died in 1790, Locke's social contract was discussed mostly by Alexander Hamilton, who promoted only national finances.

To maintain Locke's social contract, Henry Clay promoted the American System. (click) And President Lincoln used the DOI law --- that 'all Men are created equal' to eliminate slavery. To build the American System, Henry C.  Carey, the economic advisor of Lincoln, wrote the book, 'The Unity of Law.' (click) This book would have turned the United States into a nation of national laws. But Stats rights began to grow.

After Lincoln's assassination, Locke's social contract began to fade away and 'individual freedom' and 'State rights' began to grow. This growth led to an economy called the 'free world market.' However, this economy separated the  Republicans and Democrats. Republicans want international economic competitions. But Democrats want national laws, such as more individual health care and education.

The U.S.  Republicans and Democrats have now halted completely the development of Locke's social contract in America. So, the Little Gods in the USA are lost and cannot find God.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

236.17 How Capitalism Works For All Little Gods

When U.S. lawyers said that the Declaration of Independence has no laws, they changed the founding documents of the USA, in general. But they also changed the American thoughts and the  English language. For example, they changed the thoughts of Americans minds by changing the symbol 'freedom' from a 'relative thought' to an 'absolute thought.'  But the lawyers did not tell Americans that God is absolute.

So, when Americans think about their freedoms today, Locke would say that a 'free man' can get only as much freedom as other humans will give this man. In his alternative to these freedoms, Locke says that a Society and Government can be made.  I agree with Locke's alternative because an absolute freedom will be found only in God.

On a freedom, I say that some Little Gods of our nations have extended their freedoms into free markets too far.  I believe that these extensions went too far because these Little Gods were told by many religions that humans have only one life. I say that these religious teachings about humans are wrong because religious leaders will not move their minds out of logic and move their minds upwardly and into metaphysical thinking.

If capitalism can make a free market, capitalism can make many other things.  In Oklahoma recently, tornadoes destroyed many homes and killed many parents and children.  I say that capitalism could have stopped these tornadoes and saved these Little Gods. It is time to use capitalism only properly for all little Gods

Monday, May 20, 2013

236.16 All of God's Children Are Reborn Wrongly

Today, parents are developing children for the best universe that God is making continually. Ben Franklin said that these children come from invisible immortal souls of God and become equal when God gives them visible lives. Ben says in the Declaration of Independence (DOI) that God created all Men equal.

But lawyers say that the DOI has no laws.  However, when I interpret the DOI scientifically, five laws were found. Unfortunately, after lawyers misinterpreted the DOI, the USA began to change. With changes, the 'one People' or 'United States' became unequal. This inequality led to wealth differences.  These differences made the USA fall backward to the ruler/ruled political system; destroyed Locke's social contract theory; and turned the USA away from Ben Franklin's definition of a democracy.

By destroying the DOI, the life of God's children in the USA has changed. For example, a new born child in the USA will become a member of either a rich family, a middle class family, or a poor family. Thus, 90% of the children in the USA will live in a poor family and 10% of the other children will live in wealthy families.  Since inheritances work the same way in the USA, 90% of the children in the USA never receive any inheritances. But 10% of children will receive large inheritances. These different lives are unnatural and ungodly.

Little Gods, which believe in only one life, might not care about the lives they receive.  But those Little Gods, which have accepted panentheism, must act to stop these differences. It is time to stop a few Little Gods to hold most of the wealth of any nation.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

236.15 Securing All Little Gods Properly

The Little Gods are not machines, as atheists say.  God exists and acts.

God is One and is acting continually. We can sense the oneness of God because many indivisible things are created by God so that these indivisibles could form many divisible bodies for the universe. For example, as I said earlier, a chicken's soul will be made by God  before the chicken's egg can be made.  So, after a chicken or a Little God die, God gives the chicken and a Little God a new body. Thus, only God knows who is the chicken or who is Little God.

When God created many indivisibles, He added perceiving abilities to some indivisibles. For instance,  God gave some perceiving abilities to the chickens. But God gave no perceiving abilities to iron and gold.  However, God gave lots of perceiving abilities to every Little God. So, when God gives many Little Gods to Fathers and Mothers, the abortion of many Little Gods is a massive act against God and any godly nation.

In order to secure the Little Gods properly, the development of children, the requirements of Father and Mother, and the last phase of the life of  Little Gods, must change.

Friday, May 17, 2013

236.14 Abortion Is An Act Against God

Believers of deism and theism say that they go to heaven after they die. This theory of the life of Little Gods comes from a dream that St. John experienced. To report this dream, John wrote 'The Revelation' in the New Testament. I reject this theory because heavens exist only in the evening skies of the universe.  Furthermore, God is one or infinite. Finite things cannot become a  part of one God or an infinite God.

The panentheisic God, which was taught by Jesus,  says the souls of all Little Gods are immortal and receive new bodies after they die. Thus, when Father and Mother act sexually, an immortal soul will become related to this sexual act and a new person will appear in nine months.

Now, Mother has four possible sexual acts. First, she can take a pill that denies the relation between the immoral soul and the sexual act. Second, she can allow the immortal soul to become related to the sexual act.  Third, she can allow the immortal soul to become related to the sexual act and give the new child to another Little God. Fourth,  she can destroy the new child before the ninth month comes. I conclude that the fourth alternative is ungodly because God is making all new children.

I say that God made many immortal souls. I also say that God made many bodies. Little Gods,, animals, and plants also make bodies.  But God-made bodies are very different than the bodies we make.  We can count the parts in the bodies that we make.  But we can't count the parts in the bodies that God makes.

So, when a Father and Mother have a sex act that relates an immortal soul, God is making a new person.  To destroy a new child is to destroy the work of God.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

236.13 Why Equal Nations Are Necessary

I say that all nations must become equal because we are reborn by God in different nations. But many Little Gods do not believe that all nations must be equal and do not believe that we are reborn by God in different nations after death.

Most of these Little Gods are Jews, Christians, or Muslims because they are not changing their belief in deism or theism.  Also, they are not learning about panentheism. But as I said before, a panentheistic God was defined first by Anaxagoras, was confirmed scientifically first by Plato; and was taught first by Jesus to the Jewish people about their new life in a universe that has no end.

If  one studies Chapter 24 of Matthew in the New Testament, one will learn that Jesus also taught the death of the sun. So, the planet on which we live will die.  Since I say that Little Gods are reborn by God continually, all Little Gods will have many experiences before our planet dies. Some of these experiences will be good.  But other experiences could be terrible. Some terrible experiences have already occurred --- the recent experience in Japan and the recent U.S. experiences in New Orleans and New Jersey.

If nations do not become equal and panentheism is never accepted, I say that  terrible experiences will occur at different places on our planet. These experiences will grow as time passes. But at Matt. 5:19 Jesus says that great planets exist. Isn't it time to make nations equal so that we can find these great planets?

The assumption that all Little Gods have only one life is wrong. It is also wrong to build competing nations and wars.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

236.12 Little Gods Are Developers Forever and Must Always Build Equal Nations and Families

When godly thoughts entered into the minds of Little Gods, pantheism, deism and theism developed and created many religions. These godly thoughts led to Kings and small social groups.  Then, these groups expanded and led to nations.  Some nations would develop war machines to maintain them . But in the 20th century, the space program found that our planet is not flat. This new evidence about planets led to the development of a few permanent democracies and a few permanent space research nations, such as Russia and the USA..

Since pantheism, deism, and theism have been destroyed recently by panentheism, the permanent  democracy are becoming natural. But today, some nations still have 'rulers' and 'ruled Little Gods.' These ruling nations are now highly outdated because a panentheistic God does not make nations or families. The new panentheistic God only creates Little Gods and infrastructures for the Little Gods.  These Little Gods and their infrastructures will grow in numbers forever

So, when a Little God dies, a panentheistic God will give that Little God a new life in a Father and Mother.  This Father and Mother can be living in any nation.  For example, when President Reagan died, no one knows where God places this Little God. As a child, Father, and Mother, a new family will form in order to care for this child. Since war machines are children killers, all nations and families must become equal, for example, by eliminating world competition.

Since God might place Little Gods into North Korea and Syria, these two outdated nations must be changed.

Monday, May 13, 2013

236.11 Governments of All Nations Must Be Abolished and Re Instituted

Before becoming a new nation, on July 1, 1776, England's 13 colonists made a resolution This resolution was named the Lee Resolution and contained three parts: a declaration of independence:  the formation of foreign alliances to win independence; and 'a plan of confederation' to create a 'viable nation' from the 13 States after independence. Clearly, the plan of confederation was following John Locke's social contract.

Then, on July 4, 1776,  the viable nation did not became the 'Thirteen States of America.' It became the 'United States of America.' The founders knew that a viable nation would grow. This growth was great because the 'United States of America' has 50 states. Thus, when the U.S. government is changed, only the United States of America can abolish it and re institute it. I conclude that the U.S. government must be changed because it is outdated.

I also conclude that all governments on this planet are 'stuck in the mud.' Nations are degenerating intellectually, politically, economically, linguistically, and theologically. New thoughts are important again because I recently learned that all humans are reborn after death. Today's changes in nations can no longer be made with money, wars, and rulers. Only new infrastructures will serve humans on this planet.

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

236.10 The Majority in the U.S. Government Must Be Destroyed Immediately

In 1952, John Locke's writing on 'The Second Treatise of Government,' was presented by Thomas P. Peardon at Columbia University.  I want to show you how Locke made 'The Social Contract,' which begins on p xv of Peardon's Introduction, .

In Locke's use of the social contract there are at least four conspicuous features. In the first place, he used it so to preserve natural freedom as most as possible. Men surrender only the right of enforcing the law of nature. All other rights they retain as fully as before. Moreover, since men are by nature free, independent, and equal, the contract must be unanimous. Those who wish to remain in the state of nature are presented to do so. Thus, Locke hoped, government would be both limited in its power and based firmly on consent.
He was careful, secondly, as Hobbes had been for a different reason, to exclude rulers from the contract. The agreement is between free individuals, not between rulers and ruled. ...  
Now the social contract, properly speaking, can be drawn up only once.  Here is the consent of later generations to be obtained? To meet this difficult, Locke thought sometimes, perhaps, of formal ceremonies reminiscent of initiation among primitive people and of some episodes that were to occur in the  French Revolution of 1789. But he relied most on 'tacit consent.' This is given when individuals on reaching maturity continue to accept the protection and benefits of an organized government instead of withdrawing to other communities or to the open spaces of the New World. Plainly  this is not a very realistic resolution of the difficulty. For men are not so free in their movements or loyalties as this would imply. 
A fourth feature of Locke's use of the social contract was majority  rule.  The decisions of a going community cannot depend upon unanimity For this reason, Locke sensibly assumed that the majority would rule once the social contract was entered upon. But in what sense are the free and equal minority really governed by consent when they must bow to the will of the majority? How are they to be protected against a tyranny of the majority?  There is a difficulty here which is not resolved merely by saying that that consented to majority at the time of the social contract. Such consent could soon become a very unequal thing. Lock slides over this difficulty 
Some uncertainty in Locke's use of the contact arises out of the setting-up of the institutions of government. Locke was one of the first writers to recognize the distinction between society and government
When the U.S. founders made the Declaration of Independence in 1776. they made Locke's society  and made Locke's  government with the Second Continental Congress. Then, in 1787,  Locke's society abolished the Second Continental Congress and re instituted Locke's government with the Constitution. The tyranny of the majority in the USA has developed. out of ignorance.  Now it is time to overcome this ignorance.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

236.9 Abolishing the U.S. Congress and Reinstituting a New Congress

When I found five distinct laws in the U.S. Declaration of Independence (DOI), I proved scientifically that the DOI does have laws.  These five laws exist in the private sector and are related to the laws in the Constitution of  the public sector. However, the five laws of the DOI and the laws of the Constitution were not related by the U.S. Congress after President Lincoln was assassinated. Instead, the U.S. Congress said that the DOI has no laws and that the DOI is not related to the laws of the Constitution.

After the assassination of President Lincoln, U.S. laws and arbitrary Rights were determined only by political parties.  Slowly, two major political parties developed.  These two parties determine most U.S. laws and arbitrary Rights.

As, the minds of these two parties grew, their brains became filled with logical concepts such as conservative/liberal, capitalism/socialism, rich/poor, republican/democrat, etc.. This logic closed the minds of Americans and reduced the U.S. metaphysical work on the laws of nature of nature's God, the second law of the DOI.

To reconnect the DOI and the Constitution, the above logical relations must be eliminated.  This reconnection is accomplished by the fifth law of the DOI. This law will abolish part or all of the U.S. government. I believe that the U.S. Congress must be abolished completely so that it can be re instituted only with scientists because laws and Rights can be found only in the panentheistic God and His Universe.

Friday, May 10, 2013

236.8 Give Life to the U.S.Decleration of Independence

In yesterday's blog, I say that a democracy cannot be made with a Constitution  Instead, two different founding documents are needed to make a democracy that would have a private and public sector.  John Locke knew these two sectors and identified them as Society and Government. I conclude that other social theories will fail to produce any democracy. (click)  Further, no one can expect capitalism to make democracies. Only socialism can make democracies

In my State of West Virginia, two senators worked in the U.S. Congress for many years. Sen. Robert Byrd held the Constitution daily in his back pocket. And in a letter to me,  Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV said these words.  'While the Declaration of Independence is not considered law in the same sense that the Constitution is considered law, through our nation's history, it has been looked upon by the Supreme Court in order to frame the historical content of legal and constitutional issues.'

These two senators were in Congress for long periods but never understood how the USA democracy must work. They never saw the Declaration of Independence (DOI) as the private sector and never saw the Constitution as the public sector. 

Since the U.S. Congress said that the DOI had no laws, the Congress would never see the potentials of the American System of economics.  Instead, Congress would see the British System of Economics and its godless performances.  And Congress would never see the potential 'equalities of Men.' Instead, Congress would only see the  'inequalities of Men.  Without the DOI, most of the 'one People' would become poor.

The DOI must have a permanent life for all Little Gods, all families, all towns, cities, and nations.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

236.7 The U.S. Government Must Be Abolished By the One People

Government says that U.S, Declaration of Independence (DOI) has no laws.  I say that the DOI has laws in the first and second paragraph of the DOI.

In the first paragraph, the first law says that 'one People' will dissolve the Political Bonds, which connected them with another. A second law is also found in the first paragraph.  The second law says that 'one People' will assume among the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent Respect to the  Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the Separation.

Thus, the first law disconnects the 'one People' from England.  And, the second law connects the 'one People' to laws of nature and nature's God. The second law is developmental. Thus, it has two parts. The first part develops all scientific and moral laws of nature. The second part develops understandings of nature's panentheistic God.

In the second paragraph of the DOI, more laws are found. The third law says that all Men, in 'one People,' are created equal. The fourth law says all Men, in 'one People,' are endowed by their creator with unalienable Rights, such as Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. But a fifth law exists.  This law is the law of governments, which are instituted among Men. Thus, government can be abolished and instituted. But governmnets cannot abolish or re inistate themselves. This is why the DOI had the fifth law.

American lawyers, U.S. Congress, U.S. Presidents, and the Supreme Court say that the DOI has no laws. These sayings are wrong, as I  show above. They say that the DOI has no law because they seem to be unaware of Locke's two-part social contract theory, which the colonists knew and loved. Locke's two-party system has a Society (private sector) and Government (public sector). So, only the DOI and the Constitution can form the USA as founded.

Govermental sayings have changed the meaning of the 'one People' and have also changed the equality of the Little Gods  I say that the U.S. government must be abolished and re instituted with a more perfect government and better linguistic symbols.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

236.6 Political Science Is Not a Science in the USA

In my blogs, I have presented metaphysical truths about a panentheistic God and have proven that deism, theism, and atheism are false. After I proved the panentheistic God, I developed concept's such as the Little Gods, God's Intelligent Design of the universe, national democracies, and developed some other concepts such as freedom, self-interests, and common-interests. Essentially, my blogs are scientific and moral in order to understand God and His Universe

To compare my scientific work on God and His Universe with political science, I went to Google and typed 'political science' and got USA information. (click). At the (click), I was told that the field of political science consists of (1) political theories, (2) comparative politics, (3) public administration, (4) international relations, and (5) public law. Essentially, Google info tells me that the field of political science does not consider any God or any Universe. So, I conclude that the field of political science in the USA can't produce any truths or morals about God and His Universe.

I say that the USA was changed by politics soon after Ben Franklin, the only real scientist, passed on.  The first political changes would authorize slavery,  destroy the concept of  'one People' in the DOI,  destroy the national nation under God in the Constitution, and authorize rights to the States.  The final political changes would destroy the DOI, authorize self-interests, deductive economies, and war machines.

If the USA does not return to the founding documents, does not accept the panentheistic God, or does save the Little Gods, the world atheists, criminals, and the U.S. war machines will grow. Now, I doubt that the U.S. Congress ever had a God.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

236,5 Proof that Freedom and Self-interests Are False Concepts

Yesterday, three lost women were found in a home of Cleveland.  Three men stole them. This event shows that the mental ideas of freedom and self-interest are falsities in the human minds of the Little Gods. Justice for the three missing women must be maximized so that God can act naturally on the minds of the violators.

236.4 Pure Self-interest and Pure Common-interest Nations Do Not Exist Long

When the USA became a nation on July 4, 1776, the nation became 'one People.' This scientific oneness of People was added to the Declaration of Independence  (DOI) by Ben Franklin and John Adams before the DOI was signed by the representatives of the thirteen colonists. This nation was also a social contract theory of John Locke. So, on July 4, 1776,  the USA was not a nation of 'self-interest' people. 

Somehow the USA was changed in the 19th century, from a nation of 'one People' to a nation of 'self-interest people.'  I conclude that the USA was changed after President Lincoln was assassinated.  In a letter, Senator Rockefeller informed me that the nation was changed because American lawyers say that the DOI contains no laws. These American lawyers are wrong because 'one People' and 'self-interest people' have different meanings.

Since the USA began as a nation of 'one people' on July 4, 1776,  I say that the USA and Russia are very similar nations because they have common-interests and self-interests.  Accordingly, I conclude the following existing and non-existing nations: (1) that common and sell-interest nations exist and have a God; (2) that self-interest nations do not exist and have no God; and (3)  that common-interest nations do not exist and have no God.

The USA and Russia must bring God into the life of their Little Gods so that all nations on planet earth can become democracies.

Monday, May 06, 2013

236.3 When Will People Understand the Problems of the Little Gods?

Human freedom exists in deism, theism and atheism but does not exist in panentheism. Human freedom is found in deism and theism because Adam and Eve were free to take from the tree of knowledge.  In panentheism, God is free. But freedom is not found in the Little Gods because new knowledge is always necessary in a universe that has no end.

Today, two different nations, the USA and Russia, develop the meaning of freedom logically. The USA freedom is unlimited  and the Russian freedom is limited.  The unlimited freedom in the USA comes from the self-interests of its people.  And,, the limited freedom in Russia is limited by the common-interests of its people.

As time passes, I expect panentheism to defeat deism, theism, and atheism. While panentheism is  defeating these three false theories, I conclude that the self-interests of the people of nations and the common-interests of the people of nations must turn their thoughts to the panentheistic God so that the life of all Little Gods will be equal.

If nations do not make Little Gods equal, as I suggest, the rebirths of happy Little Gods can become very sad. To develop a thought that your Mother, Father, or grand parents might be reborn in a poor nation is a new kind of shock.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

236.2. All Little Gods Must Beome Equal

The development of panetheism by Anaxagoras, Plato, and Jesus opposed the development of deism and theism.  But this opposition failed when the New Testament was made by Jesus' disciples and connected many teachings of Jesus to the Old Testament. So, after Jesus' death, panentheism died and did not reappear until the 18th century. (click)

But by the 18th century, many very different nations had developed. With these differences, the lives of the Little Gods became unequal. In the USA, the Little Gods also became unequal, even though the U.S. Congress would violate the law of the Declaration of Independence (DOI):   that all Men are created equal. This is a law of a panentheistic God because God makes all Little God equal by giving them an infinite number of possibilities in their souls.

Since our sun will eventually die, all Little Gods must become equal in every nation immediately. We cannot wait until the sun begins its death. We must learn how the universe works now. If we learn how the universe works, the infrastructure of all Little Gods will also become equal. Each life of a Little God will be greater and greater.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

236.1 The Lives of the Little Gods Are in Question.

Anaxagoras, Plato, and Jesus are the first developers of panentheism, With panentheism, a new religion becomes possible.  If a new religion appears, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other religions will fade away.  If a new religion occurs, I also say that the congregation of this new religion will grow without limit and only one religion will finally exist on this planet. I say that a single religion will appear because science is showing that panentheism is true and that deism, theism, and atheism are falsities.

So, as time passes, each Little God must become increasingly aware of how a panentheistic God is making the universe and filling it with Little Gods.

When a Little God becomes intelligent about panentheism and an active God, this Little God will know that he or she will not go to God's heaven after death because heavens are found only in the sky of a planet where Little Gods live. So, an intelligent Little God knows that God gives he or she a new body after death. However, this Little God also knows that he or she will receive a new body from a Father and Mother of any nation because God does not make nations.

Thus, when a Little God dies, this Little God has no knowledge of where he or she will receive a new body. Accordingly, some Little Gods will receive a new body in a good nation, such as the USA.  But other Little Gods will receive a new body in bad nations, such as Syria or North Korea.

If the Little Gods do not turn bad nations into good nations and do not accept panentheism, the lives of all Little Gods are not improving. But if the Little Gods begin to turn bad nations into good nations and accept pantheism, the lives of all Little Gods are improving.

So, the future of the lives of all Little Gods today are in question.

Friday, May 03, 2013

235. A Confused History of Theologies

In yesterday's blog, I defined theism, deism, and atheism from a good Collegiate dictionary. I also spoke about the new theology called panentheism, which is used in the development of democracies like the USA.(click)

Unfortunately, panentheism is thought to be a recent theology. (click) But panentheism is an old theology.  It began with Anaxagoras in 500 B.C. Then it was confirmed by Plato in his Parmenides Dialogue. In the Neo-platonism of Greece, panentheism became ready to be taught and was first taught to Jews by Jesus. However, many Jews rejected panentheism. Nestorius taught panentheism and Muhammad became a follower of Nestorius and Jesus..But Muhammad's brother and some crafty Jews rejected panentheism. This is why Muslims say wrongly that Christians are infidels.

Unfortunately, Jews never learned the teachings of panentheism by Jesus because most Jews would fight for deism. And, only a few disciples of Jesus could learn parts of the panentheism that Jesus taugh. Furthermore, Gnosticism was rejected in the 2nd century by Bishop Irenaeus. This rejection hid Jesus' scientific teachings of panentheism.  So, by the 4th century, Christians would believe in three different theologies --- theism, deism, and the Trinitarian God of the Nicene Creed.

It is clear that many Jews had accepted the theology of deism and rejected Jesus' panentheism. It is also clear that Muhammad's brother made a very big error by accepting the theology of deism, when Muhammad died and had been developing panentheism. But Christians have become unclear because they accept a theology of God and a theology of Jesus. They seem to say that two Gods exist.  But panentheism must be very careful.  For instance, we can say that God is inactive and active or that God is infinite and the universe is finite. We must use opposites when we study the relations of God to the universe. Only one God exists.

Today, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are teaching false theologies. These false theologies are causing nations to become godless. These godless nations seem to be staying away from the murders in Syria and the slavery in North Korea.  God knows this godlessness and will act.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

234. Big Changes for the United States ef America

Now that deism and atheism has been proven to be false in my books and blogs, panentheism is the only theology that can now be authorized in a democracy on this planet and can be taken to other planets where Little Gods could already be using panentheism.

When the USA became a nation under God on July 4, 1776,  theology, which is a theory of God, was spoken briefly:  (1) as a perfect creator; (2) as having laws of nature; (3) as self-evident truths;   (4) as endowed with rights; and (5) as making no law respecting an establishment of religion. (See the Declaration of Independence (DOI) and the Constitution.)

As time passed, theism, deism, and atheism were authorized by the U.S. government. Theism means a belief that god or gods exist. Deism means to deny the interference of the creator and the laws of the universe. And atheism means a disbelief in the existence of deity. Since I prove scientifically that God exists, atheism must be removed from the USA.  Since I prove panentheism scientifically, deism must also be removed from the USA.

But other changes can now be made in the USA and other nations, if atheism and deism are rejected forever. For instance, the USA can now establish a panentheistic religion, the only true religion that began with Anaxagoras, Plato and Jesus. It is very clear that the above changes are scientific and are necessary.The U.S Congress and President Obama have a big jpb ahead.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

233. Some Examples of the Scientific Teachings of Jesus

When I learned that Bishop Irenaeus rejected Gnosticism and turned Christianity away from science, I concluded that Christianity is unable to develop a true religion. So, I began my own studies of the New Testament to determine the scientific teachings of Jesus.

When I started to study the New Testament, I learned that most of Jesus' disciples are natural or basic students, that Jesus was their teacher, and that the disciples made errors in the New Testament because students cannot become a teacher of a book instantly. So, the New Testament does have errors.  I conclude that Matthew, John, Paul, and the Gospel of Thomas will be the highest students. Below are some examples of the scientific teachings of Jesus.

At Matt. 5:19, Jesus teaches how our mind works  to develop scientific and moral truths. These truths are called commandments. In this verse, Jesus also says that our minds can appear on least-to-great planets, which are 'kingdoms of heaven.' At Mark 7-15-23, Jesus also says that our minds can be defiled from within our bodies. Crimes thus come within. At Matt. 10:30 Jesus says that the hair of your head are all numbered. This means that everything in the universe is numbered and that God is not numbered at all because God is one. At John 4:7-14, Jesus separates the physical and spiritual mind by using physical water and living water. At John 14:12, Jesus says that we will do greater works that he did.  At John 14:28 Jesus says that God is greater than him. Thus, Jesus is not the Son of God.  But at The Revelation at John 1:8,  John said that the world has a beginning and end.  This saying is false.

Religions must work with scientists.  The scientists must open their minds in evaluations and should not be a member of the religion to be evaluated.