Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Path from Atheism to Spiritualism

The arguments against God by the atheists have slowed the progress of man for almost sixty years. The atheistic arguments began to grow in the 1960s in the USA after Madelyn Murray O'Hair convinced the U.S. Supreme Court that prayers must be removed from the public schools.

Since the materialiststs could not prove God's nonexistence, they became natural friends of the atheists in the 1960s. And since the Jewish God is inactive, the Jewish scientists would also  become friends of the materialists in the 1960s. So. beginning in the 1960s, two very different sciences began to develop on planet earth.  However, only one science is possible --- either the Laws of Nature or God With an Intelligent Design.

I say that the U.S. Supreme Cour ruling in favor of atheism was a major error because human prayers can communicate public and private thoughts to an active God. So, when an active God creates only one universe, only one spiritual form of science is necessary.

But the arguments of the atheists amd materialists are becoming weaker as time passes. For instnce, materialists cannot prove scientifically that God does not exist. Nor can materialists prove the Big Bang theory; pove the particle theories; prove the multiple universe theories; prove Einstein's warped space theory; and prove fusion energy production.

Thus, it is time for all nations to reject atheism.  It is also time to limit materialism to nonliving things.  It is now time to develop spiritualism.  This development must use the active God.  And the religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam must teach an active, rather than inactive, God.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Misuse of 'Laws of Nature' by Atheists and Materialists

In yesterday's blog, one learns that physical scientists develop words that reveal truths and can predict future events of things in motion. These physical words are lawful and are known as 'laws of nature.'(click)

The atheists and materialists go further.  They reject God and say that their words can also predict the future events of humans because all humans are mechanical things in motion and thus follow 'laws of nature.'

So, the atheists and materialists say that an abortion is predictable; a divorce is predictable; a highway death is predictable; the use of drugs is predictable; a war is predictable; terrorism is predictable; a crime is predictable; etc.  If the predictions were true, they could be viewed as 'laws of nature.'  However, these predictions are false because all human laws come from God and do not come from Nature.

As seen, the words of atheists and materialists are destroying every nation in the world by applying 'laws of nature' to the life of all humans.  To stop this destruction, the thoughts of atheism and materialism must be corrected.  If they cannot be corected, they should be quieted by every nation.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Development of Words By Scintists Are Ungodly

The development of words by physical scientists are the best that have been developed by the field of science. Physical words are developed when laws of nature are found. Only six physical qualities --- electric charge, temperature, mass. length, time duration, and angle --- reveal hundreds of physical laws.(click)

In the field of science, words are also developed by human scientists.(click) But I do not believe that these developments will ever be useful because God is not being considered by many human scientists. When God is considered by a human scientist, only the inactive God is considered.  Unfortunately, when the inactive God is applied to the human sciences, all human beings become mechanisms. As mechanisms, humans lose the freedom that God gave them.

An example of the human sciences under God is 'The Reason Project.' This project was founded by Sam Harris, a Jew. (click) This project is developing knowledge of the brain. In this project, the human mind is assumed to be epiphenomena of the brain. So, my indivisible/divisible system is rejected. But this project gives a human being only one life. With only one life, the concepts of war, terrorism, and crime become real. This project is also developing human rights based on secular values.

As seen, many words in the field of science represent falsities.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Meaning of the Word 'Freedom'

In yesterday's blog, I say that the words 'finite' and 'infinite' are not  related logically.  Nor can they compared with similarities. So, an infinite thing cannot be known and cannot be proven as nonexistent. However, Nicholas of Cusa found two words that identify a greatest thing. These two words are 'maximum' and 'minimum.' Since the meanings of these two words never change, the greatest thing can be used to help us develop other unchanging words of an infinite thing.

In my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God, I say that God, who is the only infinite thing, originates all finite things. Since God is free to choose the Intelligent Design of all finite things, God's freedom is maximum and minimum. Since God's freedom is absolute, the freedom of all finite things are relative and are not absolute.

Today, many people say that their freedom is absolute. However, a person can make such a statement only if this person rejects God. Such a person can thus accept ideas such as free enterprise; free market economy; free speech, free press; etc.(click)  In any nation under God, all freedoms must be challenged and become related freedoms rather than absolute freedoms.(Limiting Freedoms)  To not challenge today's absolute freedoms is to build a nation of bandits.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Going From Finite To Infinity?

Etymology is the study of the history of words. (click) Although words have developed by man for over four million years, the meanings of words can never become perfect because a word must be defined by other words.This is wha a scripture or a book of science about the universe can never be completed. 

When Plato and Aristotle studied words, they learned how our minds define words. Aristotle learned that mind can form logically related words that define ideas.  But Plato learned that mind can rise above logically related words in order to develop reasoned words that define higher and higher ideas. In his Sophist at 257b, Plato separates himself from Aristotle saying, "When we speak of ‘that which is not,’ it seems that we do not mean something contrary to what exists but only something that is different."

Today, the minds of atheists and materialists can develop logical related words but cannot develop reasoning words. For instance, their minds can develop finite things but their minds cannot develop a reasoned infinite thing.  My mind reasons and says that all finite things come from an unknown thing, which has an infinite number of attributes that cannot be exhausted. My mind reasons that 'all finite things cannot come form a Big Bang thing.' My mind says that a Big Bang thing is finite and forms a logical contradiction.

To go from finite to infinite is not possible.  In his book on  'Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences,'  Galileo says that there is no infinite circle; no infinite sphere; no infinite body; and no infinite surface. Beyond all finite things is only an unknown thing .  Science is unable to prove or disprove this unknown thing. As seen,  logic will not compare or measure finite and infinite.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Although God Is Incomprehensive, the Attributes of God are Knowable

In other blogs, I have said that man-made things are countable and that God-made things are uncountable. Thus, God-made and man-made wholes are very different.  For example, an auto can be taken apart. Then, the parts can be counted and a finite number of parts will be found  But all God-made things cannot be counted because all God-made things have an infinite number of parts.

To understand God-made things, I suggest the study of two books by Nicholas of Cusa and Galileo. Cusa's book on "De Docta  Ignorantia"can be read on the website of Dr. Jasper Hopkins. (click).  The major interest is Book I.   Galileo's book on "Dialogues Concerning Tw New Sciences" can be purchased on for about $12. The major interest is First Day.

Cusa's book will lift up the human mind on the subject of God and the universe. Galileo's book will teach the wholes that God made for the universe with indivisibles and divisibles.  In my book on "The First Scientific Proof of God'" I connect God to all things in the universe through the attributes of God.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jesus Christ, Who Is Called the 'Only Son of God,' is False

Our universe, which was created by a panentheistic God, was not known first by our modern scientists.  Jesus Christ knew that many suns and planets exist and spoke of all suns and their planets in the New Testament at Matt. 5:19.  At this verse, Jesus spoke of all suns and planets and identified the 'least kingdom of heaven' and all other sun-planet system as the  'great kingdoms of heaven.'  Jesus also knew that sun-planet systems die, just as we die, and spoke of the death of our sun-planet system in Chapter 24 of Matthew.

Jesus never spoke about a 'greatest kingdom' of heaven.' Had Jesus spoke of the greatest kingdom of heaven, Jesus would believe that God lives in a sun-planet system like we do.  Accordingly, Jesus was a regular human being and will never know the panentheistic God who created the universe.  So, it is wrong for Christianity to teach that Jesus Christ is the only Son of God.

All things in the universe are finite.  In my book on, 'The First Scientific Proof of God,'  I say that all finite things originate from an infinite thing. Although finite things cannot be compared with an infinite thing, I say that an infinite God can be connected to all finite things.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The End of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the End of Judgment Day

Today, May 22, 2011 came without the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and without the Judgment Day.  In my blogs, I said that these two events would not happen because Christian creeds are false.  Isn't it time for Christian leaders and U.S. political and economic leaders to teach truths to Christians and U.S. citizens so all of them can develop the natural life that God gave them?

So, in the USA, the only important events that occurred yesterday was that more U.S. citizens were born and more U.S. citizens passed on. Today, we know what will occur to the new babies for the rest of their lives.  But we don't know what will happen to the citizens who passed on yesterday and what will happen to the new babies when they also pass on. Thus, in the USA, it is time for all religious leaders and U.S. political and economic leaders to determine what happens to all U.S. citizens when they pass on. Leaders in other nations must also make these determinations.

My research says that a person does not die when he or she passes on.  When a person passes on, I say that the soul becomes part of the dark stuff of the universe. There, a new body is received for the soul from God.  Since God knows the exact development of all souls, a person will be reborn on a new planet or on the same planet, where the soul died. So, if a person is reborn on planet earth, he or she will be reborn in any nation in which people live today. So a person who died in the USA could be reborn in Africa.

Obviously, on planet earth, it is time to develop the equality of man and world peace.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Christian Creeds and All Religions Are Out-dated

The early creed of the Christian belief is known as The Apostles' Creed. (click) This creed identifies three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The Nicene Creed was developed in 325 A.D. and was finalized in 381A.D. (click) The Nicene Creed identifies three persons as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Accordingly, both creeds identify God as a trinitarian thing.

In the 15th century, Christian creeds were challenged by Bishop Nicholas of Cusa of Germany. For instance, Cusa found that God is absolutely maximum; that maximum is one; that oneness is trine; and that God is One, Equality of One, and Union.(See Cusa's book 'On Learned Ignorance' Ch,4-9). When Cusa found that God is One, Equality, and Union, he didn't find God.  Instead, Cusa found three attributes of an 'incomprehensive active God.' Thus, the Christian statement --- God is a trinitarian thing --- is false.

In my 2006 book on "The First Scientific proof of God,' I use these three attributes to connect God to the universe logically. Thus, God's One is connected to all things in the universe; God's Equality is connected to all inequalities in the universe and God's Union is connected to all relations in the universe. I have found other attributes of God and have connected them to the universe. Thus, a single world, with God and a universe, exists.  This world had no beginning and has no end.

I conclude that religions must consider my new work and the old work of Nicholas of Cusa.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Judment Day Is False

If  you look into that sky during the day, you will see a blue sky where clouds do not exist. Then, if you look into the sky in the evening, you will see our moon, starlight, an occasional falling star, and dark stuff.  The dark stuff contains an infinite number of indivisible things that God made. We can't see what is behind the dark stuff because we can't leave our universe of indivisible and divisible things.

When you were created by God, you became one of this infinite number of indivisibles that formed you and other things into  divisible things. Then, when you die, all of the indivisibles that formed you will lose their relationships and become dark stuff where they begin to form new divisible things.  In this system, I do not recognize tomorrow's Judgment Day or a Son of God. But I do recognize that a higher being was necessary to make these indivisible and divisible things.

So, until I die, I will continue to teach people that all scriptures are man-made and cannot guide the life of people.  Instead, I say that we must guide ourselves because God made indivisible humans, who were given godly abilities.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Falsity of The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Has a Major Nagative Impact on Human Life

The origin of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ comes from The Nicene Creed.  This creed began to develop by Christianity in 325 A.D. and became final in 381 A.D. (click)  Twelve articles were included in the Nicene Creed.(See articles)  Article 12 is The Second Coming, or Judgment Day. 

As I said yesterday, The Second Coming or Judgment Day' is false. This falsity has a major negative impact on societies and nations.  It causes the children, parents, and governmental leaders of many nations to be ill-advised about God, the universe, development of life, education, work, death, and rebirth.  Instead of receiving correct advice about the true life of humans, many people throughout the world are merely getting by, getting rich, selling bodiesliving on drugspulling death plugs, etc.

All religions are producing falsities.  In the USA, it is time for 'the people' to force Congress to separate the field of theology from the field of religion so that the people of the USA and the U.S. government will have a real active God.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

This Saturday, on May 21, 2011, many Christians say that Jesus Christ will come again.(click) As a scientist, who studies scriptures and the progress of modern  science, I reject this coming.

This event is based on words in the New Testament at Matt. 24:35-37. These words say:

  • (35) Heaven  and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.
  • (36) But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.
  • (37) But as the days of No'e were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
I conclude that this event is based on poor interpretations of the New Testament and the lack of considerations of modern science.

In verse 35, the statement 'heaven and earth shall pass away' means that the heaven and earth shall pass away only when our sun darkens.  The sun is not expected to darken for several billion years. On the other statement, 'but no words shall not pass away;' some words of Jesus Christ will not pass away because some words of Jesus are very true and will be held long by the minds of humans.

Verse 36 is correct because only God knows exactly when the sun will become dark matter.  Verse 27 could be wrong if space research is continued by NASA and locates planets on which humans can live.

I conclude that Jesus Christ lived many times before and after he was crucified. Only God knows where persons live. Humans will never know the history of their life because all humans receive a new body after every death. So, we will never know whether Jesus is standing next to us.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heaven. What Is it?

Yesterday, Fox News reported that "Physicist Stephen Hawking Says There Is No Heaven."(click)  Hawking also says that there is no heaven or afterlife for our broken-down minds. Hawking is from England, where evolutionary theory, logical reasoning, and empiricism guide the minds of British citizens wrongly. (click)

For many people, thee word 'heaven' means a place for good beings. These people strengthen the word 'heaven' by relating its meaning logically to the word 'hell,' which is a place for bad being.  Both meanings are wrong.

Jesus Christ taught the meaning of 'heaven' correctly in Matt. 5:19. There, Jesus informs us that 'a least kingdom of heaven' exists and that many  'great kingdoms of heaven' exist. As seen, he is telling us that many different heavens exist because humans are able to live on different planets and see different signs that come from the stars of the evening sky.

In Chapter 24 of Matthew, Jesus gives an example of the current heaven on which we live now. At Matt. 24:29 Jesus also tells us what will happen eventually when our sun begins to die and planet earth will fall into the sun.  When our sun begins to die, Jesus tells us that  '... the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.'

If we only continue to live the way we do today, we are in deep trouble.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Alternatives to Capitalism, Wars, Terroism, and Crime

In my blogs. I show that God made an infinite number of indivisibles. Some indivisibles form the souls of all humans. My blogs also show that God's Intelligent Design makes divisibles from the indivisibles. I also show that indivisibles and divisibles never exist in Heaven or Hell. As humans, we always live on least or greater planets, as Jesus Christ taught at Matt. 5:19.

At some time in the future, humans will no longer be able to live on planet earth because planet earth will die and fall into the hot sun where planet earth becomes fuel for the sun.  So, in the future, all people on planet earth must be taken to a new and young planet. Jesus Christ told us about this future in Chapter 24 of Matthew. Unfortunately, we do not know when the people must be moved to another planet.  Recently, NASA found that planets exist. We must now learn how to hunt for new and young planets.

As seen above, capitalism, war, terrorism, and crime are activities that are opposed to the work of God and the necessary and peaceful work of all humans.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Indivisibles and Infinitesimals

The indivisibles make things that are wholes with parts whereas infinitesimals are mathematical models of the wholes with its parts.  Since atheists, materialists, and doctors  do not understand God-made wholes, our bodies are not cared for corrctly by doctors. .

The concept 'indivisible' appeared for the first time as the word 'indivision' in the 15th century in the book 'On Learned Ignorance' by Nicholas of Cusa.(See Book I, Ch. Ten)  The word indivision was used by Cusa to show that the greatest  Oneness, which is God, and is not other than indivision, distinctness, and union. If God contracts His Oneness by plurality and finitude, a Universe of finite things appear.

The work of Cusa on indivisibles was known by Galileo because, in the 16th century, the book by Galileo on 'Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences' appeared. (click)  In this book, Galileo uses 'indivisibles' to extend all of the divisible bodies that God created for the Universe.

In the 17th century, Gottfried Leibniz developed the indivisibles.  He called them indivisibks the 'true atoms.'  In his work on indivisibles, Leibniz says that the Greeks developed monads in which some were active entelcchies. In his work, Leibniz also develops the infinitesimal calculus, which is used in all high schools today.

Now look at the book 'A Source Book In Mathematics"' by David Eugene Smith.  This book includes the paper 'On the Hypotheses Which Lie At he Foundations of Geometry' by Bernhard Riemann. In the footnote on page 425 says that 'geometry ought to start from the infinitesimal, and depend upon integration for statements about finite lengths, areas, or volume. This requires, inter alis, the replacement of the straight line by the geodesic:' ...

In 1997, K. D. Stroyan posted his latest book on 'Mathematical Background: Foundations of Infinitesimal Calculus. Stroyan tells high school students that 'We want you to reason with mathematics.'  He also says that the pointwise approach most books give to the theory of derivatives spoils the subject. The result of the pointwise approach is that instructors feel they have to either be dishonest with students or disclaim good intuitive approximations. This is sad because it makes a clear subject seem obscure. This book shows how to bridge the gap between intuition and technical rigor.

Unless the U.S. government rejects atheism and materialism and opens the thoughts of the persons above, the USA will continue to degenerate in many ways.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Parenting in the United States

In the USA, social class, wealth, and income determine the ways children are developed by their parents. (click) But in the Declaration of Independence (DOI), the founders said that 'all Men are created equal.' Since the children of the USA are not developed equally by their parents, it is clear that the U.S. government and the parents of children are not obeying the  'Laws of Nature's God.'  This law is found in in the DOI and is thus a permanent law in the U.S. body of laws.

How can 'the People' of the USA and the U.S. government care for all children unequally? Since all things in the universe are divisible and thus have parts, all of these divisible things had to come from indivisible things, which can  come only from a one infinite thing called God. So, God did create all children equal.

Since God created boys and girls, the human created indivisibles made by God come in two species, male and female. Thus, gay rights are unlawful and do not come from God. Nor can boys create girls.  Men are not walking around with women in their penis.  Evolutionary theory is false and it is tome for people to think about this world. .  

Google Maintenance

Google closed websites for several days for mainainenance. I willl restart my blogging effort today.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Purpose of Public Schools

Yesterday, I mentioned the concepts 'Sons of God' and 'Sons of man.'  To me, these two concepts identify the effort of God, who produce indivisibles, and the effort of two godly humans, a human male and a human female.  These two humans produce a body for the indivisible person that God has made by bringing together a sperm of the male and the womb of the female.  This effort of the male and female is a godly effort that produces no bloodlines and no evaluttionary action.

In families, only two parents are needed to produce life for an indivisible person. The parents exist for the purpose of loving and building indivisible children. who were made by God  Thus, all people in the world begin as indivisibles.  Then, they become embodied, receive parents, grow, learn, work, die, receive a new body at a new place, and develop a life there.  As this process continues, the new place becomes greater and greater, as Jesus says at  Matt. 5:19..

Since all parents have become specialized as they have aged, parents are not able to build children properly. Thus, the parents of children are only able to love their children.  Accordingly, building and loving children must be distinguished so that every child is loved properly and built properly. Since parents cannot build their children properly  'public schools' are necessary so all children can develop a great life with other children.  On the other hand, parents are necessary so that all children can be loves and love others.

Public schooling and parenting must change. And private schools must be eliminated.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Developing Greater Symbolic Languages

I helped to build the spacecraft that took John Glenn into orbit around planet earth in the early 1960s. To save space in this spacecraft,  I converted the telemetry system from analog to digital. This conversion was important because many digital systems exist today.  Unfortunately, I had been developing diabetes and eventually decided to join the U.S. government in 1971 to help it solve the U.S. crime problem.

Soon after I joined the U.S. government, I represented the Department of Justice at the White House to learn the new social programs of President Nixon. WOW! There, I heard about the four day work week; the increased production of proteins for all citizens; the building of an underground system for water, electricity, trucking, etc. But Nixon was forced out of office and these great social programs were lost. At Justice, I developed many new things for police.  But before I retired in 1994, I discovered the cause of crime.

I say that all crime originates in our minds. I discovered that all criminal minds are caused by poor symbolic languages. Our minds begin to develop as a baby.  As we age, our minds becomes greater and greater. However, our mind will not develop to the greatest level because the greatest mind is found only in God where it is known by us as 'wisdom.'  But our minds can become greater because our mind is greater than the mind of all lower animals. Our mind is greater than the minds of the lower animals because we can count things and can develop mathematics.  Lower animals are unable to develop our form of mind.

All humans are both Sons of God and Sons of man. So, Jesus Christ cannot be called the only Son of God, as Christians say. As the Son of man, Jesus Christ said that our minds are defiled by our own minds in Ch. 7 of St. Mark.  Thus, to stop the development of criminals, we must change the developments of the minds of all children.

Twelve years after I retired from the U.S. government, I wrote the book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' On page 6, I prove that God is the origin of all finite things.  And on pages 160 -165, I show that Jesus Christ knew the origin of crimes over 2000 years ago. Atheists. logicians, materialists, and evolutionists challenged my book. But they had no success. Interestingly, an attorney of Microsoft Corporation contacted me.  He discussed my analog to digital conversion. I told hin that I did not want to share my discoveries with the riches that Bill Gates made with his digital systm.

In June this year, I will be 82 years old.  Today,  I conclude that the symbolic languages of all nations are highly flawed.  Here is the cause of all wars, terrorism, racism, and crime. Since I also conclude that the minds of the Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party members, and Supreme Court justices are flawed badly by the symbolic languages of the fields of theology, religion, and science, I believe that it is time for the U.S. government to correct itself mentally so that 'the People' will change their own minds.

Monday, May 09, 2011

The Never Ending Problems of Theology, Religion, and Science

The fields of theology and religion learned to talk to each other when scriptures appeared. But these fields have never learned to talk to the field of science.  Nor has science learned to talk to the fields of theology and religion. So, in 2000, the unification of theology and science was finally sought by the Templeton Foundation Press, who issued the Science &Theology News. Unfortunately, this newspaper was costly and had to be terminated on July 31, 2006. .

Theology, religion, and science have basic human communication problems.  These communications problems are as follows: (1) theologians do not debate their three basic theologies --- atheism, deism, and theism--- with religions and scientists; (2) religious leaders do not debate their theology with theologians and science because they believe that their scripture is the word of God;  and today's scientists do not debate science with theologians and religious leaders because they do not believe that God exists.

For theologians, I have identified these three basic theologies.  For religious leaders, I have told them many times that scriptures are man-made, not God-made, documents.  And, I have told scientists that all finite things come only from an infinite thing and that God's non-existence cannot be proven by science.  But theologians, religious leaders, and scientists will not act.

This lack of action halts progress in every nation and extends wars, terrorism, and crime.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Teachings of the Western Religions About God and the Universe are Troublesome.

Although the number of atheists is small, the believers are not being taught correctly about God and the universe by religions. Because of  poor teaching, the teachings of religion and atheism today are still the root causes of wars, terrorism, and crime.

Today, all teachings come from atheism, deism, and theism.  Atheism teaches that God does not exist; deism teaches that God exists, is inactive, and created a materialistic ending universe; and theism teaches that God exists, is active, and created an endless universe. In the Western world Judaism and Islam teach deism.  Christianity teaches some deism and some theism. I say that the teachings of deism by Judaism and Islam are wrong. I say that teaching of deism and theism by Christianity confuse the minds of Christians.

Unless Western world religions change their teachings, wars, terrorism, and crime will continue until the true God is widely accepted.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

The U.S. Governmnet Must Rise Above Science

When Nicholas of Cusa discovered the indivisibles, as a Cardinal of the Roman Church, he was imprisoned. Others were burned at the stake. So Cusa's indivisibles were hidden from the people. Then, when Galileo discovered Cusa's indivisibles, he used them to develop new truths about God-made wholes. These wholes were also hidden from the people by the imprisonment of Galileo.

Then, in the late 1600s, Gottfried Leibniz found the indivisibles of Cusa and Galileo.  He called them 'true atoms' and 'monads.' With the indivisibles, Leibniz rejected Newton's billiard-ball universe immediately. Leibniz also developed the infinitesimal calculus and developed an important paper on monads.  Unfortunately, only Leibniz's infinitesimal calculus was accepted by our high schools, colleges, and universities. Newton's Universe was thus widely accepted until Albert Einstein rejected Newton's Universe in 1905. So, the universe of Leibniz was never considered. 

Over one hundred years have now passed since Einstein rejected Newton's Universe. We are now in the year 2011 and the U.S. scientists have still not found the truths about universe. But I say that the universe cannot be fully known by man. Thus, scientists must always open their minds to new truths such as Galileo's indivisibles and the monadology of Leibniz. U.S. scientists do not consider these new truths because they say that God does not exist.

However, science is unable to prove that God does not exist. Science cannot make this proof because 'non-existents' cannot be proven by the 'scientific method of proof.'  Since the scientific method of proof is unable to prove non-existences, the U.S. government must rise above science so that new truthss, such as the indivisibles, can be valued.

Accordingly, the U.S.  government must overcome the power of atheism and materialism in the USA. Other nations should consider the same action.

Friday, May 06, 2011

We Must Learn the Things That God Makes

In yesterday's blog, I distinguish man's knowledge from God's wisdom. In this blog, I prove scientifically that God's wisdom is very different than the knowledge that man develops now.

Both God and man are able to make things.  The things that God and man make are scientific and are known as wholes, which are made with parts. But God and man make different wholes. For example, man makes automobiles. The parts of an automobile can be counted because an automobile is equal to the sum of its parts. However, the wholes made by God are very complex because all of God's wholes have an infinite number of parts. Thus, the parts that God uses to make wholes are not countable.

In his 'Dialogue Concerning Two New Sciences,' Galileo deals with the wholes that God makes.  On page 120 of my book on 'The First Scientific Proof of God,' Galileo says that the concepts equal, greater, and less are applicable only to finite quantities.

Galileo concludes that God's wholes are very different than man's wholes.  He says that God's wholes involve a  continuous build up of an unlimitedly infinite number of indivisibles. Thus, when God makes divisible things for the universe, God uses the indivisibles that He has made.  Since all divisible things that God make are images of Him, rather then being related lawfully to Him scientifically, we must first learn the indivisibles that God have made. I have found some of them already.

Unfortunately, atheists, materialists, and many medical doctors do not believe in God.  Thus, they are unable to increase man's knowledge of the divisible things that God has made. I believe that human health problems will continue to increase as long as God is being rejected. I do not believe that the cause of major health care problems such as cancer will be found until all sciences and doctors accept God.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Absolute Knowledge of God and the Relative Knowledge of Man

Atheists and materialists believe that human knowledge can increase and become maximum. I reject this belief and explain my rejection  below.

In the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa expanded Anselm's work on the 'greatest' thing. I conclude that Anselm's work expanded the thoughts of Jesus Christ on the concepts of 'least' and 'great' in Matt. 5:19.  To add to the thoughts of Jesus Christ and Anselm, Cusa found that the maximum of a greatest thing does not change (in not a variable). Things in our world can thus be absolute (is permanent) or relative (changes). Cusa also found that the greatest thing is absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum.  So,the universe exists in between the absolute maximum and absolute minimum of the greatest thing, which I call God.

A greatest thing that creates has knowledge. The knowledge of the greatest thing is higher than the knowledge that can be developed by humans. Since the maximum knowledge of a greatest thing cannot be compared with the relative knowledge of man, the maximum knowledge of the greatest thing has been called 'wisdom'  by most people

The atheists and materialists only understand the relative knowledge of man.  The wisdom of God will not be found in their minds.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

God and the Universe Are One/many, etc..

If God is permanent and the universe is changing, then one can say that the universe came from God and His Intelligent Design. I made this simple 'if/then' statement after I observed the evening sky and saw many finite things, and conluded that all of these finite things originated in an infinite thing.(click and see page 6) In the book 'On Learned Ignornce,'

Cusa shows us that the greatest thing is Maximum and is God. He also shows us the the Maximum is one. Cusa tells us that Pythagoras found that 'one' is trine. Cusa shows that a 'Naximum one' is trine and is one, equality, and union. (click and go to Bk.I, Ch. six and seven of Cusa's book 'On Learned Ignorance')

Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1465) did not live long enough to participate in the statiics and dynamics of modern science. Unfortunately, the early modern scientists did not study Cusa's work.  Thus, the trine concept -- one, equality, and union-- was lost until Galileo found Cusa's indivisibles and showed that all extended bodies have an infinite number of parts.

I recovered Cusa's trine one --- one, equality, and union by connecting them to the universe logically in my book.(click and see Part IIb) .  These connections become (1) One/many; (2) Equality/inequalities; and (3) Union/relatives. These connections are the first scientific truths that were found by man about God's Intelligent Design.

The capitalized concepts belong to God in His higher world whereas the uncapitalized concepts belong to a lower world, the universe.  I have found three other connections: (4) Infinite/finite; (5) Indivisible/divisibles; and (6) Independent. dependents. Man should be able to find an ininite number of connections between God and the universe.  These connections tell us that our lives are eternal.

It is time for atheists and materialists to open their minds.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Deaths of Osma bib Laden and the Future Death of Communism

Osma bin Laden is now dead.  But when he was still living, he led his followers into communism, which has no God, and also into Islam, which has the inactive God of the Jews.  So, the mind of Osma bin Laden confused himself and his followers.  Apparently, oil money, not truths, controlled the minds of bin Laden and his followers.

The death of bin Laden this week was an important event because we can now expect communism to die because atheists are losing their debates with me and many other believers in God. The deaths of bin Laden and communism will thus cause the people on this planet to ask themselves two questions, 'Is God active?' or 'Is God inactive?'  Only truths, not wars and terrorism, will answer these questions.

Fortunately, these two questions seem to be asked by a new group of international people. (click) My scientific proof of an active God is being considering by this group.

Monday, May 02, 2011

How to Develop a Faith in God

When Abraham rejected pantheism (idolatry), the worship of physical objects stopped and the Jews made immediate connections  to God. These early connections are found in words of the Old Testament. Then, when the Greek, Anaxagoras, found that 'each thing is in each thing,' a single world of functional things was found. Then, through Plato, Jesus Christ described this single world in detail in the New Testament.  Today, we know that this single world has an infinite God and has an infinite number of finite Creatures.

Most collages and universities do not teach any attachments that connect God to all Creatures.  So, if your child goes to a college or university, your child will not learn that God is unknown. But if your child learns that God is unknown, your child must be taught why God cannot be known.  By learning why God cannot be known will force your child to conclude that God exists because humans can never prove that God does not exist. Your child's conclusion creates a faith in God in his or her mind..

Today, materialists reject God because they say that human knowledge can be completed.  This means that knowledge will become absolutely maximum.  But in the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa found that the absolute maximum is also absolute minimum. Only God is absolute maximum and absolute minimum.  See Cusa  'On Learned Ignorance, Bk. I, Ch. Four ' (click).  Thus, materialists are faithless and lost.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

World Peace, Equality of Man, etc.

In 2006, I found that God exists and that God is active.  With this finding, 'world peace' and the 'equality of man' have become more possible than ever before.  I notice that these new possibilities have increased the number of people in foreign nations who read my blogging on God and His Intelligent Design. I also notice that these new possibilities are affecting the Middle East, where people are replacing dictators with new democracies. I even notice that these possibilities are affecting the USA, where Democrats are trying to replace the stable ideas of the Republicans with dynamic progressive ideas.

World peace and the equality of man become very important to a person when this person accepts life after death After accepting an active God and accepting the idea of life after death, I concluded that building competing nations and companies on any planet earth is a poor idea because it is inconsistent with an active God.

When a person has worked hard for a competitive company, retired, and then passed on, would God's Intelligent Design reborn this person on planet earth and place this birth in a poor nation in Africa? Since rebirths are not predictable, they must be unfair when all nations differ greatly and do not form 'one world.'.

God's Intelligent Design is not studied by many U.S. citizens.  Since God's Intelligent Design cannot be studied by government workers, the U.S. government has been reduced to an 'organization of arbitrariness.'  This is what happened in England. God's Intelligent Design is open to my mind because natural ideas appear when I don't expect them. To me, arbitrariness is a path only to freedom.