Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Friday, September 29, 2006

How Do We Know When God Is Among Us?

In the last two blogs, I discussed signs and symbols and their use. Here, I continue this discussion by showing that we can determine whether God is among us. We can make such a determination only because we can distinguish symbols from signs. Christians say that God appeared among us as Jesus Christ more than 2000 years ago. Since I conclude that the teachings of Jesus are divine, I argue that these teachings are of God. Further, Christians expect a second coming of Jesus Christ based on the verses found in Matthew, Ch. 24. This expectation would be fulfilled when the sun darkens and the world dies; when people are judged by God; and when people are sentenced either into Heaven or Hell. Since the ancients did not distinguish symbols from signs, I argue that this chapter of Matthew has been misinterpreted, propagated to us moderns and is misleading us.

One cannot expect God to appear in our world as a human and viewed as a pure human. This view would reduce God to an ordinary human being. If God appears in our world, He must be both God and human. To reject this duality would transform a theist or panentheist into a deist. If you accept this duality, you must also accept the eternal partnership of a monotheistic God Hi creation and recognize the need for eternal appearances of God to our world to teach us His wisdom. I mention the eternal appearances of God because godly people cannot allow their minds to become divided. All beliefs related to God must be consistent. And, this is why our symbols must be also consistent

Our physicists found hundreds of laws of physics using only six fundamental symbols: electrical charge, temperature, mass, length, time, and angle. In the teachings of God, we must also find a small number of fundamental symbols that express hundreds of laws of God

In Part IIb of The First Scientific Proof of God, Lloyd Graham lists sixteen Godlike persons. All of them were crucified. I believe that Jesus Christ was crucified because His new and turbulent teachings are divine and were not understood by the religious leaders of His time. To detect God’s appearances, the repeated use of fundamental symbols should be found in the teaching of God. The teaching should be consistent and be new and turbulent. One sign of consistency is God’s prolific use of metaphors and their alignment to kinds of audiences. In Matthew, Ch. 24, Jesus asks us to learn these symbols. There, He says, ‘Watch, therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.‘

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The World’s Scientists have Led the People Away from Symbolism and Monotheism and to Many Different Theologies

Yesterday, I showed that signs and symbols are different. Symbols give us access to godly matters whereas signs are limited to communication among all animals. I believe that Nicholas of Cusa was the first to recognize the uniqueness of symbols. Nicholas opens his first book saying, ‘Therefore, every inquiry proceeds by means of comparative relation, whether an easy or difficult one. Hence, the infinite, qua infinite, is unknown, for it escapes all comparative relation.’ Thus, Cusa recognized that finite things can be compared with each other but cannot be compared with a monotheistic God, who is one and infinite. He found that such a god is the ‘coincidence of all opposites.’ This means that a monotheistic God enfolds all created things and unfolds them through opposing symbols according to His Intelligent Design. It is thus through symbols that we get to know God better and better as time passes. Although Cusa found this symbolism in the 15th century nothing would happen in science until the 1920s when a widely accepted group of linguistics discovered that sensual data are primarily symbolic. These linguists made a major discovery because they found that our senses are the instruments of new symbols that guide our minds to God though the discovery of the laws of Nature that God placed in the universe with His Intelliegen Design. Earlier, St. Paul taught this symbolism in Rom. 1:20.

Today’s scientists are unaware of these events and mislead people throughout the world. Do anthropologists recognize that we walk upright so that our vocal tracts can develop symbolic languages to know God better? Since atheism is dominating all sciences today, I doubt that anthropologists think this way. Most scientists do not recognize the development of symbols from 1440 to the 1920s. Instead, many mathematicians and scientists have returned to Aristotle’s logic because they do not develop symbols and reject God. Yet, in the 14th century Aristotle logic was found to be impotent with respect to knowing God. How can one know God better if logicians become the evaluators of all new knowledge? With Aristotle’s logic, finite things and relations in the universe have no God and no Intelligent Design. The logicians of today are already replacing God and God’s Intelligent Design with the Big bang theory. This theory states that all finite things and all finite relations come from one finite thing. Yet, this statement is illogical.

We need to correct and develop symbols. In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I use and discuss many symbols. I show that a symbolic language can unify science and theology. I also say that a single religion can never be attained because God, the universe, and life have no end. So, it was correct for the Constitution to prevent a particular religion from being established. But, it was incorrect for the US Supreme Court to prevent government from working on proofs of God and propagating them. Authorizing government to prove the Big Bang theory seems unfair. Funding this theory by government is also wasteful because this theory has a contradiction.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

God and Man Communications

My research on God, the universe, and life have been centered on the work of Moses, Plato, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, Gottfried Leibniz, and Georg Cantor over the last 25 years. But, to understand panentheism and the Western world shift from ancient thinking to our modern ways of thinking, one must study Nicholas of Cusa and his first book, On Learned Ignorance. In this book, one learns that Nicholas became the first modern thinker by 1440. This honor is confirmed if one learns that US scientists did not discuss the complicated subject of symbolism at Columbia and Harvard University until the 1950s.

Today, most people still do not know what is meant by the terms ‘symbolic languages’ and ‘sign languages.’ Signs have precise meanings and are used by all animals to communicate. For instance, the position of the tail of a deer is a sign that communicates danger; dogs use barking signs for different reasons; a red light is a sign that tells humans to stop; people talk to each other with word-signs; and scientists communicate scientific ideas to each other with number-signs. However, precise meanings of symbols are difficult to determine because God must be included in a symbolic language. Nicholas was the first to realize that divine matters are opened to us only through symbols (Book I, Ch. 11.). He is saying that God and man can have no communications without symbols. I believe that the lack of developing symbols is causing people to turn to atheism.

In Part IIc of The First Scientific Proof of God, I discuss the God-man communication problem. There, I identify three ways that God and man communicate. To determine God-man communications, we must develop specific information. This information is constructed with precise meanings of those symbols that define all of the laws of nature and nature’s God. These two sets of laws are expressed by the Declaration of Independence. Thus, when the US Supreme Court denies the Declaration of Independence in the body of US laws, the Court prevents the development of symbols and blocks our communications with God.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Research Is Needed Continually in All Fields of Thought

I was 76 years old in 2005 and concluded that my 25-year research effort on God, the universe, and life must be reported. A manuscript was prepared, submitted, and discussed with the publisher on the 14th of April in 2006. Three days later, I had a heart attack and had open heart surgery the next day. The surgeon told me that my heart stopped and almost took me. Ten days later, I was home and the galley was there. Since my energy was too low to edit the text, I took time to correct the graphics, index, tables, etc. In late June, my research was published as The First Scientific Proof of God. In early July, I was back in the hospital so the surgeon could open my right carotid artery. But, I was happy because my research was being reported.

My research concludes that research on God, the universe, and life must continue and has no end. Thus, I reject religious fundamentalism, the godless world of mathematicians and physical scientists, and the evolutionary theory of biologists. I also reject deism and polytheism. Thus, I have ended my research effort as a panentheist. However, the flow of ideas never stops. They continue to emerge and might be considered in future research. Below, I discuss one.

Since mediation does not exist in between God and all created things in my creation theory, I think that human angels are part of God’s Intelligent Design. Thus, I agree with the New Age on angels. I conclude that angels assure us that God’s wisdom is detected and propagated so that man is living in the future at all times. In my book, I suggest a unique way to detect the appearance of God in our world. I think that angels are normal humans whose intelligence has risen to those levels of thought that can detect God’s appearances. For this reason, I believe that Jesus Christ was teaching about angels when speaking of the ‘Son of man’ in the Bible at Chapter 24 of Matthew. So, future researchers might want to consider the possibility of real angels.

Monday, September 25, 2006

God Has No Language Except When He Appears in our World

If God is monotheistic, it is true that God is one and infinite, has no parts, and has no discursive languages such as those languages we create and use for different purposes. Further, if God is monotheistic, it is also true that God has no oppositions such as the Devil, Satan, and demons. Without oppositions, it is also true that nothing exists in between God and all created things. Thus, God and the universe are the only existing things in the world.

Beyond the nonbelievers in God, three beliefs in God exist --- deism, theism, and panentheism. A deist believes that God is not active in created things. A theist believes that God is active in everything in the universe. A panentheist adds to theism by also believing that all created things are images of God, similar to the way ducklings are images of the Mother Duck in the picture. I am a panentheist but also believe that God and the universe are endless and are thus eternal partners.

Since a monotheistic God has no discursive language, my research concluded that a God, who gives freedom, must be active and must be active to teach wisdom to freedom-seeking human audiences using a discursive language. Without theses teachings, man’s knowledge could not become wiser and wiser. To teach divine wisdom, I conclude that God must appear in a human body to teach human audiences wise living and wise sciences. I conclude that divine teachings are unique teachings and can be found only in the New Testament in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

My research concluded that an active and monotheistic God can communicate to humans only by appearing in our world as both creator and creature. But, how does an infinite God come into a finite world like ours? My answer came after I discovered that all things in the universe are images of God and are formed out of spiritual atoms. My decision to use spiritual atoms in my modern creation theory thus answers the old question: what makes it possible for a monotheistic God to function as both creator and creature?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

A Message to Readers on the Methodology I Use on This Blog

This blog has its origin on a project I was assigned in 1977 at the US Department of Justice. The project was to measure the performance of the National Institute of Justice, a typical government agency. I found that the absolute performance of the Institute was impossible to determine. But, its relative performance, for instance, by comparing current year performances with the performance of the past year, could be a way to measure yearly performances. The inability to measure performance absolutely caused me to investigate similar questioins. Accordingly, I looked deeper into the crime problem. Then, in 1988, I found that the cause of crime is our mind. More specifically, the cause of crime is the symbolic languages we create and use daily.

I discuss this finding in my recent book on ‘‘The First Scientific Proof of God’’ in Part IIa. Discovering the cause of crime caused me to discover other findings. One finding is the first scientific proof of God (in Part I, Chapter 1). And, the second finding was my discovery of the connection between God and the universe using language symbols (see Part IIa). From these basic findings, I developed a modern creation theory, which has spiritual atoms. This modern creation is found in Part IV.

The First Scientific Proof of God is thus a comprehensive book that uses the fundamental findings above to develop other conclusions. For instance, a conclusion is made that man, in general, is currently on a path to Hell, a level of declining consciousness. So this book presents a system of my thoughts about God, the universe, and life and a conclusion about the current status of man.

This book represents my thoughts and the thoughts of other personalities, who I cite. Thus, I do not say ‘‘it is my opinion that’’ before each statement. All statements are mine. So, I might sound opinionated at times. But, I am open-minded. I state my opinions, quote the personalities I use, and give my response to current events that relate to The First Scientific Proof of God.

More on President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela

In the early 1970s, I joined the National Institute of Justice, US Department of Justice to solve the rising crime rate. Shortly, I was asked to represent the US Department of Justice at a White House meeting on President Nixon’s domestic initiatives. At this meeting, perhaps ten initiatives were discussed. I remember four. One was the development of fusion energy to overcome the oil depletion problem. The second would develop the underground beneath our cities, towns, forests, roads, etc. For instance, sewage, water, energy (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.), electricity, and a distribution system of food and products would function at different underground levels. Trucks would thus be removed from all highways. The third would change the US workers to a four-day work week. And, the fourth would increase protein in the American diet. These presidential initiatives impressed me.

Soon, Nixon was forced by black Americans to reduce the space project. Their argument was that people cannot eat space satellites and spacecrafts. Today, we know that going into space had positive effects on all fields of thought. These effects lifted the thoughts of Americans to higher levels, just as Jesus Christ said such a project would. However, reducing the space project caused many layoffs. Many mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and technicians became unemployed. Families were broken and many murders and suicides occurred. With the reduction of this project, the intellectual level of the USA was reduced.

After Nixon resigned, inflation increased. President Ford failed to stop this increase with his WIN button (Whip Inflation Now). And, under President Carter, inflation rose to the double-digit level. Obviously, the incidents of the 1970s have gone into history as a major economic failure. Today, the US economy is still in deep trouble.

When President Chavez talks down to our president and tries to buy black American friends with free oil, I detect a hidden motive. I hope black Americans recall the bad argument they made in the 1970s on the space program. Useful projects, but not ’handout or stay busy’ projects, are the kind of projects that Jesus Christ would initiate if He were here today. So, if President Chavez wants to build a communistic nation in North America, as well as in South America, then I recommend that black Americans follow Christ, not Chavez. And, please recognize that the materialism in a communistic nation is very different than the materialism in a free nation.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Healthy Ideas That Flow into the Minds of Western World People

In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I discuss many teachings of Jesus Christ because His teachings can be connected to the scientific Trinity, which in turn can be connected to the emergence of the modern period and modern science.This connection cannot be understood immediately by non-scientists. So, use a scientist to help you. Accordingly, I assert that Jesus Christ is the cause of the modern period and modern science. Further, I assert that the healthy ideas that are entering our modern minds have their origin only in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

These healthy ideas began with Jesus Christ, entered into the minds of humans who studied the teachings of Jesus, and were then passed onto the new generations through books, sermons, etc. Jesus taught people of His time about this continuum of ideas when He taught about living water in the Bible (John, Chapter 4). So, the wisdom of God is flowing continually into the life that God created. But, I do not believe that Jews, Christians, and Muslims are aware of the continuous and endless flow of ideas from God through Christ..

At John 14:12, Jesus Christ tells us that after He returns to the Father, we will do the work He did and do greater work than He did. But, the greater work, of which Jesus speaks, is not possible without developing new ideas that create ‘human knowledge.’ We obtain this knowledge by going to schools. However, the teachings of Jews, Christians, and Muslims are inconsistent with the teaching of Christ on living water and a monotheistic God. When Jesus teaches living water, teaches the greater work we will do, and teaches that we will be born again (at John 3.3), He is teaching reincarnation. Reincarnation is thus a healthy idea for all workers. Unfortunately, the idea of reincarnation is not entering the minds of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Without this idea, Jesus says that they cannot see the kingdom of God. I believe that those people who allow Christ’s ideas to enter their mind are very comforting.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Clash Between Pope Benedict XVI and the Muslims

The clash between the Pope and the Muslims on the subject of ‘using a sword’ would have never occurred if all religions would recognize the human problem of language. For instance, the meanings of the symbols used in our languages are imperfect and are not like a monotheistic God, who is perfect in all ways. Thus, the meanings of words used by humans and the meanings of the words found in scriptures are imperfect. Further, religions must be careful when they teach ancient scriptural material because the languages we use today are improved and are more perfect than the languages used by ancient people. Many language problems emerge when words are formed imperfectly using logical reasoning. For instance, the logical opposites, good and evil, can cause wars and recently caused linguistic wars between Venezuela ’s President Chavez and President Bush. Yet, no one can define these two words perfectly.

Bishop Nicholas of Cusa of the 15th century tells us that Muhammad was a Nester Christian. This is why Muhammad viewed Jesus Christ as a prophet and followed the teachings of Jesus Christ. What did Jesus teach about using a sword?

Jesus spoke of a ‘sword’ two different ways. In the Bible and at Matt.10:34 he says, ’Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.’ This sword is a ‘spiritual sword’ and divides the ideas of our minds into what I call ‘healthy ideas’ and ‘sickly ideas.’ Thus, Jesus uses a spiritual sword to divide people’s minds into believers and nonbelievers. Then, at Matt 26:52, and in response to the use of a ‘physical sword’ to cut off a person’s ear, Jesus spoke of a physical sword this way: ‘....for all that take the sword shall perish with the sword.’

Clearly, Jesus Christ spoke against the use of a physical force and speaks favorably about the use of a spiritual force to teach new believers about God. The spiritual force that Jesus was teaching is new knowledge — about God, the creation, and the life that God gave to things in the creation. However, my research in ‘The First Scientific Proof of God’ on the teachings of Jesus concludes that Jesus was more than a prophet. This research concludes that God must appear in our world and did appear as Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

From an American to President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela

In the General Assembly of the United Nations today, you charged President Bush with being the Devil who favors materialism. This charge is ignorant, untrue, and ungodly. The charge is ignorant because the Devil is a thing that is absolute evilness. The absolute level of evilness cannot exist in our finite world. So, President Bush was called a thing that does not exist in the universe anywhere. The charge is also untrue because the Devil is used by people who still believe that the opposing terms, good and evil, separate God and our world. The truth is that God and our world are separated by the terms, infinite and finite. God is infinite, and all things in the universe are finite. Finally, this charge is ungodly because no thing in the world God can be absolutely evil.

I believe that the Spanish linguistics should correct the symbolic languages of their field of religion.

Let me give three Cheers for President Bush because US materialism is making life better for all people throughout the world. Sure, we make mistakes but we also fix them. Essentially, President Chavez is silently criticizing the US space program, which built a vast industrial sector and gave the world unbelievable sciences and technologies in all fields of thought. I am tired of hearing foreign presidents to blame the US for their own political and economic problems.

Venezuelans, get the books out and study, study, and study. And, work with Americans in their search for the truth about God.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sickly Ideas in the Minds of US Economic Workers

The US economy, which is a free market, has a bartering subsystem and a laissez-faire subsystem. The laissez-faire system uses money and is thus operated much like the Monopoly game children play. In Monopoly, the bank gives an equal amount of money to the players, the play begins, a player wins, and the game ends. In a laissez-faire economy, banks and jobs give money to the players, who seek the given money to satisfy their wants, needs, desires, greed happiness, etc.

The laissez-faire economy has no single winner, as Monopoly has. Instead, it has winners and losers. The winners become rich and can satisfy many wants whereas the losers are poor and cannot even satisfy many needs. Most winners rationalize their riches saying, ‘This is the way it works.’ Interestingly, all people in the US economy have many sickly ideas because a laissez-faire economy is highly inconsistent with God. As Jesus Christ teaches at Mark 7:23, sickly ideas defile us. These sickly ideas are causing many social and immigrant problems.

The US economy is producing many sickly ideas that are imbedded in the national economic language. A few examples of imbedded sickly ideas are as follows: (1) land-owning is necessary; (2) money supply must be governed by inflation and unemployment, and (3) unemployment is thus necessary, and (4) full-employment is not possible. The laissez-faire economy is inconsistent with God simply because God created all men equal. Under God, there cannot be economic winners and losers. Clearly, the US government must mix more socialism into the US democracy. For instance, more national economic goals are needed.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Absence of Brotherly-love in the USA

Yesterday, I said that all human minds contain ideas. Healthy and sickly ideas establish motives and acts. But, sickly ideas can establish mental illnesses and illegal acts. For example, tomorrow a man will be executed using an electric chair in Nashville, TN. In 1997, this man shot his four children, could not find his wife and her boyfriend, but soon turned himself in. Three new ideas entered the mind of this man. First, he rationalized the sickly idea of killing his children. Second, he rationalized the sickly idea of possibly killing his wife and her boyfriend. Last, he rationalized the healthy idea of turning himself in.

In a nation under God, all people have personal and social responsibilities to God. Each person is thus responsible for their own ungodly acts and ungodly acts that affect other people negatively. But, as the man above experienced, he could not prevent sickly ideas from entering his mind. The truth is that we cannot always prevent them, especially when it is natural for people to disagree on the same idea and when our symbolic languages contain flaws naturally and cannot express our ideas precisely.

Because of the inability of man to govern his ideas perfectly, it seems that society (e. g., the USA) has many responsibilities to its members and that the functions of ‘security and justice’ are not the only natural responsibilities that a government of a free nation has to its people. When the US government made laws favorable to laissez-faire thinking and policies, it walked away from God and destroyed the national idea of brotherly-love. Without fusing the idea of brotherly-love into the mind of all Americans, the US can only build a nation of bandits and criminals. Clearly, many Americans are atheists.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Is the Human Species Becoming Mentally Ill?

The US National Institute of Mental Health is unable to determine whether a human is mentally ill because God is not considered in this decision. Like all other governmental agencies, the US Supreme Court has separated the Institute from God. This separation causes the Institute to view the mind and the brain as an identity and causes mentally ill patients to be treated with physical pills, fluids, electrical shocks, etc. If God is not separated from the Institute, the identity of mind and brain becomes an error, mind becomes a spiritual thing, brain becomes an organ of the mind, and mind and brain should be treated differently.

As a follower of Plato, I say that the mind contains only ideas. Ideas are formed by individuals and cultures. The human mind can contain healthy ideas and sick ideas. Sick ideas can be formed by the mind itself or by the minds of other people. And, they can also be treated and made healthy by the mind itself or by the minds of other people. For instance, stable ideas of a culture can treat sick ideas. Criminal activities are caused by sick ideas. Since a criminal can be treated by removing the sick ideas, crime can be eliminated. But, I reject insanity as a mental state because all ideas in a person cannot be sick simultaneously.

Cultures can also develop mental illnesses. For instance, in a nation under God, atheism is a mental illness. And, poverty and rich classes are mental illnesses under God. Germany developed a mental illness and started WWII. The cause of WWII was slavery, the reparations forced onto Germany following WWI. Terrorism and wars are also mental illnesses and have causes that no one is willing to admit. Many economists and business persons have sick economic ideas. Older people today, those who have developed self-knowledge for years, are beginning to conclude that more sick ideas are entering the young people today compared to 50 years ago. The drug problem is only one cause of this change. Is this a sign of increased mental illness at the specie level?

To recognize the mind and its true nature, the separation between God and all people must be removed.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Scientific Trinity

This is a continuation of yesterday's posting on The Trinity. In the 15th century, a Christian, Bishop Nicholas of Cusa, developed the first step that would be needed to connect a monotheistic God to life and the finite universe that can make life possible. This initial step would transform the Christian Trinity, which was taught by Jesus Christ at John 10:30, into a science. He took this step by transforming the symbols of this trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) into the scientific symbols (one, equality, and union). This step is shown in Part IIa of my book on The First Scientific Proof of God. There, I show that the three symbols, one, equality, and union, are the first three words that one must use if God is to be included in our scientific languages. This requirement is like voicing the first three integers with the symbols one, two, and three.

It took almost 600 years before I would find the second step. I present this step also in Part IIa. In the second step, I generate three new symbols. They are many, difference, and relation and are extracted logically from the first step symbols --- one, equality, and union. These three new symbols account for all things to be found in the universe. These six symbols are found only in the human mind. There, they allow our minds to connect God with His Intelligent Design and His creation.

These two steps, while separated greatly in time, can be expected to unify all religions and all sciences in the world. And, one can expect all nonbelievers to reconsider their decisions to reject God. Since these two steps clear the path to develop the one and true religion, the teachings of all religions must be restudied so that teachings are consistent with the new scientific Trinity.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The Ancient Trinity

Two religions, Hinduism and Christianity, have given meaning to a religious concept that has been popularized as The Trinity. Hindus call this concept the ‘Three-in-One’ God because they believe that Brahman is Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver), and Shiva (Destroyer). All Christians, except the Unitarians and Universalists, call this concept the ‘Three-in-One and One-in Three’ God because they believe that Christ is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Jews and Muslims do not believe that The Trinity represents monotheism. But, only Muslims call Christians infidels. Does ‘The Trinity’ represent monotheism? Are believers in the Trinity infidels? I answer ‘yes’ to the first question in my book on The First Scientific Proof of God and answer the second question below.

Early in my research on The Trinity, I concluded that The Trinity was developed initially by Hindus and Christians. Further, I also concluded, because a monotheistic God is one and infinite in all ways, that these two religions developed The Trinity as a linguistic tool for people to increase their understanding of God. So, the six symbols found in their two trinities represent only what they knew at the time they initially expressed them.

As my research on The Trinity continued, I concluded that The Trinity is a very powerful scientific tool that can search for truths about God, the universe, and life similar to the ways scientists search for truths regularly. It is thus incorrect to call The Trinity as a tool of infidels. The earlier versions of the Hindus and Christians were merely not scientific. To improve The Trinity, all religions had to wait for the appearance of modern science before a scientific version of The Trinity would appear. I present the first scientific version of The Trinity in my new book on the proof of God. To improve The Trinity, I replace the old symbols used by the Hindus and Christianity with scientific symbols. The new symbols explain how our monotheistic God connects His infinite world to our finite world. This beautiful connection of symbols will be comforting to all people and all religions. With the new Trinity, science will change and a new life will come to humans.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

‘One’ is the Most Important Symbol in Our Languages

Our lives have been determind primarily by the meaning of the word "one.' Until all fields of thought required the use of the word ‘one’ to tell the truth, life was more confused than rational. For instance, this is why religions say that God is one, why accountants start counting with one, why mathematicians form all integers with one, and why atheists argue that God does not exist Yet, Hegel argued that the word 'one' has two meanings.

First, there is a one that has no parts. This one is God and represents one truth. And, the second one has parts. Today, most people call the second one a whole or system. This one is a multiplicity and is found only in the universe where they are related and represent all relative truths. I believe that Hegel extracted these two meanings from Plato’s Parmenides dialogue, which begins at 137c.

Using logical categories to define concepts, as Aristotle did, Plato says that one is not many. It thus has no parts and is not a whole because a part can be only a part of a whole. Without parts, the one has no beginning, end, or middle, has no motion or rest, has nothing to do with time and is not limited in any way. Using logical categories, he thus concludes that ‘one’ has no being and in no sense is (141e).

To make ‘one’ a real symbol in our symbolic languages, Plato rejects Aristotle’s method of defining concepts and creates an hypothesis. His hypothesis asserts that ‘one is.’ He then determines the consequences of this methodological shift. At 160b, he concludes the consequence and says, ‘Thus, if there is a one, the one is both all things and nothing, whatsoever, alike with reference to itself and to the others.’ In the very next sentence, he says, ‘We have to consider what follows if the one is not. In 166, he says,’If there is no one, there is nothing at all.

Plato is thus saying that without a monotheistic God, the word one is unreal and neither God nor the universe exist. Since mathematics and all fields of science need the real one to make their symbolic languages more precise, the oneness of God is the true path to all human knowledge and truths. Plato shows that atheists recognize only half of the world and thus vagely because they do use only the second 'one.'

This work of Plato explains why the Roman Church wrongly chose Aristotle's logical methodology over Plato's scientific methodology on God and the universe and the Roman Church maintained Aristotle's method until the 14th century, when Eastern Christians introduced Plato to Western Christians. This poor choice of the Roman Church and later choices of many Jews, Christians and Muslims, must make corrections to their religious teaching and symbolic language teachings.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Life Sciences: The Opening Issue

Atheistic mathematicians and scientists view life differently than those mathematicians and scientists who believe in God. One difference is that nonbelievers view life as something made possible by Nature whereas believers view life as something that God made possible. This difference is significance because Nature is viewed by atheists as something “finite” whereas God is viewed by theists as something “infinite.” What made life possible, Nature or God?

The difference between nonbelievers and believers became clearer when both agree that Nature is “finite.” Since the believers have a maker of Nature and the nonbelievers could not say that Nature existed always, the atheists had to find a thing that made Nature. So, it is a fact that both the nonbelievers and believers need a ‘maker theory.’ The believers say that the maker of Nature is “an infinite God. “ On the other hand, the nonbelievers say that the maker of Nature is “a high energy physical particle.’ So, the battleground between believers and nonbelievers is formed by two distinct ‘maker theories ”— the theory of God and the theory of a high energy physical particle or Big Bang theory. Who is right?

The two questions above need to be answered before the division between believers and nonbelievers can be eliminated in the USA. However, the battlefield between believers and nonbelievers is unfair and is controlled by the nonbelievers. This injustice is caused by atheistic judges in the US Supreme Court. Not until after the assassination of Lincoln was the Declaration of Independence removed from the US body of laws. Until Lincoln’s assassination, State and theory of God were never separated. The atheistic judges separated State and the theory of God by ruling that the theory of God is establishing a religion, which is unconstitutional according to Amendment I. These judges thus removed the Declaration of Independence from the US body of laws. With this removal, government can fund the Big Bang theory but cannot fund the theory of God. Thus, these two questions cannot be answered by science. Unless the Declaration of Independence becomes a part of the US body of laws, the theory of God and the Big Bang theories will always be a political issue. Here is the origin of the unfair battleground between believers and nonbelievers.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Misinterpretations of God and the Bible

Jewish, Christian, and Muslim misinterpretations of God and the Bible are causing today’s wars, terrorism, and the 9/11 event in NYC. One major cause is the belief of all three religions that people have only one life. At some time, God judges people, ends the universe, and places all people either in Heaven or Hell. This belief emerged when ancient people thought that God, Heaven, and Hell exist among the unmoving stars we see in the evening sky. Today, science knows that Heaven and Hell are fictitious worlds. We now know that a monotheistic God exists in a world beyond our finite world. This is a world in which no finite thing can exist. Accordingly, God created our world very differently compared to the world we imagine today. In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, I investigate the Intelligent Design of a monotheistic God and present a new and modern creation theory. The difference between the monotheistic God of a modern scientist and the thoughts of ancient and Middle Age people are becoming very different as time passes.

A second major cause is our flawed symbolic languages. These flaws are causing linguistic problems among these three religions. Two flaws have divided Muslims from Jews and Christian. One dividing flaw is a logical problem and involves the contrary words ‘good and evil.’ Muslims say, ‘God does not love the evil doers.’ These two opposing words cannot be defined by anyone using logic. Different human behaviors form a continuum. A continuum eliminates the good/evil logic in moral philosophy. Christ teaches this moral continuum at Mark 7:21,22. So, contrary to this Muslim saying, God always loves all people and hopes that we educate all people to become highly moral. This moral education is a major social problem because the political systems of today are highly ignorant.

The second dividing flaw is formed by Muslim statements that reject the Christian Trinity. Muslims say, ‘Unbelievers are those that say, God is one of three.’ They say that this is not God. They also say that if God is one of three, then God has an actual Son. In Part IIb of The First Scientific Poof of God, I show that the Christian Trinity does not mean that three gods exist and that God has an actual Son. There, I also show that the Trinity is the most precise scientific tool that is guiding the human mind to the Intelligent Design of a monotheistic God.

Unless the people of the world do not develop a single symbolic language, world peace will never come. Further, the symbolic language of science is too far ahead of most people. So a world educational system must be developed so that knowledge differences among people are not too great. Thus, there are immediate political solutions to terrorism and war. Please inform your friends and political representatives of this message.

Monday, September 11, 2006

How I Interpret the New Testament of the Bible

This posting continues yesterday’s discussion on the teaching of Jesus Christ in the New Testament of the Bible. As I said yesterday, the teachings of Jesus are of a divine origin. This means that the presence of Jesus Christ in our world was the presence of a one and infinite God in our world. Only spiritual atoms and a new creation theory are able to recognize the eternal need for this presence. I divided the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament into two audiences. One audience would be called the blue collar audiences of the Jewish culture, as we would call them today. The second audience would be the intellectual leaders of the Jewish and Greek culture. The writings of Paul, John, and Thomas represent Jesus’ scientific teachings whereas the other writers in the New Testament represent moral teachings.

To blue collar audiences, Jesus used the literal language of the audiences because these teachings apply mostly to morals or rights. In the US Declaration of Independence, the founders identified moral philosophy with the Laws of Nature’s God. To intellectual audiences, Jesus used a metaphoric language because these teachings apply mostly to science and technical audiences. In the US Declaration of Independence, the founders identified natural philosophy to the Laws of Nature. So, the founders aligned the founding of the USA to Jesus Christ rather than to Christianity. To the founders, Christianity had too many divisions and not enough natural philosophers.

The interpretations of scriptures have not considered the fact that all sensual data found in written materials are symbolic. This was not know until the 1920s. So, perfect interpretations of ancient scriptures are not possible. This fact should draw all national leaders together to identify and solve this linguistic problem.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Evidence of God

False religious teachings can hide the evidence of God. For instance, to teach people to fear God and to teach that God punishes, hides the truth about God. Thus, instead of teaching the need for new knowledge, religions teach that God punished Adam and Eve, that God judges people and puts them either in Heaven or Hell, and that people should kill for God. These teachings are opposed to a monotheistic God, who is both one and absolutely infinite.

If God, the universe, and life are eternal partners, as I prove, the development of knowledge is necessary for humans forever. So, why would God punish Adam and Eve for gaining new knowledge, put people into Heaven when they haven’t developed any new knowledge, and expect man to kill each other when people are needed desperately to develop knowledge? The importance of knowledge in God’s Intelligent Design caused me to study the development of knowledge over millions of years. Much of this study is presented in Part I of my book on The First Scientific Proof of God. Then, when I studied the teachings of Jesus Christ, I found that God, through Himself as creator and creature, gives us wisdom in steps forever, which allows us to develop knowledge forever.

The results of my studies of Jesus Christ are found in Part IIb of my new book, The First Scientific Proof of God. In general, I discovered that the teachings of Jesus on knowledge are too new and too turbulent to be treated as a linear continuation of man’s past development of knowledge. The teachings of Jesus Christ are massive and nonlinear and caused a massive shock change in man’s subsequent knowledge development. This shock change in knowledge is a singularity and is similar to a sonic boom of a high speed airplane. Since this shock change is not ordinary and a monotheistic God must appear in our world to guide life, I conclude that the teachings of Jesus are of a divine origin. Jesus Christ’s teachings are thus sensual evidence of God.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Natural Infinities: Evidence of Determinate Infinities

Infinity is the name that all mathematicians and scientists give to the mind and its ability to imagine or conceive. This infinity is something incomplete, is indeterminate, and is represented by an unending sequence of determinate things. An example is the sequence of integers (1, 2, 3, 4, ... etc.). It is unending because it has no highest integer. Georg Cantor called this infinity the non-genuine or bad infinity.

But, some mathematicians and scientists agree with Cantor and say that completed or determinate infinities also exist. Cantor called them genuine infinities in general and transfinite numbers in mathematics. In the universe, these determinate infinities are known as natural infinities or singularities. Beyond these natural infinities or singularities, one finds God’s absolute infinite. Thus, God exists, is infinite, is completed, and is self-defined.

Some examples of natural infinities are electrons and black holes. (See "Bridges to Infinity; The Human Side of Mathematics" by Michael Guillen.). However, I believe that the spiritual atoms I am presenting in my book on my modern creation theory will reveal many new singularities that have existed always but have been hiding from us. But, science must consider the set of spiritual atoms, their subsets, and their dominant spiritual atoms before these singularities will be identified. I expect new research to prove that all living things are also singularities.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cantorian Set Theory and Transfinite Numbers

Yesterday, I said that non-Euclidean geometries, Georg Cantor’s set theory, and Kurt Godel’’s incomplete theorem had turned mathematicians away from the idea that the universe is godless, has an end, and thus that mathematics can be completed with either/or logic. Are today’s mathematicians still turning away from this idea? My answer is ‘no’ because many mathematicians of today are supporting godless projects such as the Big Bang and string theories of the physicists, the evolutionary theory of biologists, and the theories of those life scientists who reject spirit in the body of man.

The group of mathematicians who support such theories rejects God because they say that the word ‘infinite’ is a verb and that infinities are uncompleted things. But, another group of mathematicians says that some infinities are nouns and are thus completed things. Since this group says that God is one and infinite, they say that God is completed, absolutely infinite, and beyond all finite and infinities. This other group follows the set theory and transfinite numbers of Georg Cantor. This group will find that my first scientific proof of God is consistent with Cantor’s set theory and transfinite numbers.

My use of spiritual atoms in my creation theory (in Part IV of my book) is an application of Centurion set theory and transfinite numbers. I thus assert that God’s Intelligent Design has a set of immortal spiritual atoms, which form subsets or things. All of these things are images of God. In my book, I ask all mathematicians and scientists in the world to turn away from the idea of a godless world and consider this Intelligent Design of God so that world peace might be established for the first time.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Math Anxiety

In the 18th century, the great German mathematician, Leonhard Euler confronted the eminent French scholar and atheist, Denis Diderot, saying a + bn/n = X, therefore, God exists. Diderot was intimidated into silence because the mathematicians of that time thought that the capacity of mathematics was unlimited, infallible, and could define all truths logically. (bn means b to the nth)

Clearly, the math anxiety of Diderot might have been experienced by some logicians who rejected ruthlessly Georg Cantor’s research on set theory and his transfinite numbers. However, other logicians would say later that Cantor’s discovery is one of the greatest in the field of mathematics. I conclude that some of today’s mathematicians are rejecting my scientific proof of God, without even reviewing the method of proof. Instead, they say that I violate logic.

However some mathematicians do not get math anxiety because they came to realize that we live in a complex, local, and an unending world. This real world became clearer to these mathematicians after non-Euclidean geometries and Kurt Godel’s 1931 incomplete theorem on mathematics were discovered. Today’s mathematical use of the calculus, continuity, set theory, natural infinities, probability theory, statistics, etc. confirms the change of mathematicians away from a limitless and infallible mathematics that rely on Aristotles 'either/or' logic. When are the physical scientists and evolutionary theorists going to make the same change?

I believe that my scientific proof of God will be accepted by those mathematicians and scientists who do not get any anxiety because they believe that the universe has no end and thus has a necessary god. I also believe that the ‘both/and' logic, which I use in my proof of God, will soon be used by life scientists every day.

0000 A public message to commentators, simon and Jenifer, and readers of this blog 0000

Christians find it easy to believe because they follow the words of Jesus Christ as best as they can. But, in my book, I make it much easier for nonbelievers to become believers and non-Christians to become Christians.

I make it mush easier because I am a scientist and found that that Jesus Christ is of divine origin who matured as a scientist. Thus, my interpretations of the teachings of Jesus Christ are new and very different. A scientist thus gets much more out of Jesus than non-scientists when they read my book.

So, if simon and jenifer are atheistic scientists, they will become shocked when they read my book. But, if they are atheists, are not scientists, and do not read my book, their lives will become a mental struggle that gets harder and harder as life passes on.

With this blog, I am teaching material for people who are not scientists so they can understand the teachings of Jesus and my book better. At the same time I am trying to indtroduce scientific atheists to Jesus Christ.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What Is Science?

Many people do not understand science. Usually, these people believe that science is a course one takes at high school to get a diploma and a job. Often, science is not taken by a student because it is thought to be too hard. Yet, too few students know that science is the only known path to find proven truths. Two groups of students take science. One group is formed of believers in God. They take science partly because they accept personal and social responsibilities to God. The second group is formed of nonbelievers, who accept no responsibilities to God.

In the work place, one thus expects to find these two groups of workers. Obviously, one also expects these groups to have different work motives. However, in the work place, the people in the believer group are divided because their motives divide. The work motives of the believer group divide because some people believe that life has no end because after death they believe that God puts them into spiritual places known as Heaven or Hell. However, many believers are changing and are accepting the theory of reincarnation. This means that Heaven and Hell are only different levels of human consciousness. Reincarnation says that life is continuous and has no end. As seen, the first group of believers is similar to the group of nonbelievers, who also believe that they have only one life in the universe.

My scientific proof of God says that reincarnation is consistent with a loving God. This mens that God does not punish. It also means that science is the most important course a believer can take in high school. This final statement tells one ''what science really is.'

Monday, September 04, 2006

Are Atheists Smarter?

Yesterday, I showed that a group of atheists have made a major error in reasoning by limiting reasoning to ‘either/or’ logic. In the 14th century, mathematicians and scientists had already known that either/or logic blinds one to God, God’s Intelligent Design, and the spiritual world where the true atoms of the universe will be found. So, Aristotle’s science, which was based on either/or logic, was removed from Scholasticism. This removal led to the search for higher forms of reasoning. Earlier, Plato had already spoken of higher ideas arguing that an ‘intelligent’ level of thinking exists above ‘rational’ thinking. Plato uncovered his intelligent level by unifying opposing ideas. Today. His intelligent level of reasoning is called ‘both/and’ logic. This intelligent level of thought allows opposing concepts to coexist. For example, the opposing concepts, one-many, coexist in every whole that have parts.

The primary atheists, who are making this error, are mathematicians, physical scientists, and evolutionists. This error does not affect physical scientists because Plato’s intelligent level of thought applies only to living things. However, since most life scientists and biologists have allowed themselves to be lured to the thoughts of the physical scientists, the life sciences are making this error. This is a terrible situation because the life sciences cannot see God, God’s Intelligent Design, and the truths about all living things. Without truths about living things, we cannot solve our major health problems such as cancer, AIDS, and Diabetes.

In the Sept. 11, 2006 issue of Newsweek, Jerry Adler identifies other atheists in his article on ‘The New Naysayers.’ Three naysayers claim that atheists are smarter. How can atheists be smarter when their minds are closed by ‘either/or’ logic?.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

How Mathematicians, Logicians, Physical Scientists, and Evolutionists Reject God and Lure Life Scientists and Your Children into their Camp of Thought

Recently, my scientific proof of God has been challenged ruthlessly by atheists. Obviously, these atheists will not review this proof of God as other scientist will. Instead, they hope to destroy this proof so they can maintain control of all human thoughts that do not conform to their lines of reasoning. Over the last few days their comments ( in the August 30, 2006 posting) have exposed a flaw in their minds to me. This flaw explains why they act ruthlessly and why they promote atheism worldwide, even though they are no longer productive with respect to new sciences and technologies. I conclude that the rise of atheism will explain why some medical problems are not being solved. This rise might also explain tough world problems such as poverty and terrorism.

The minds of the atheists are flawed by limiting the logic they will accept. They use the ‘either/or’ logic. An example of this logic is the pair of opposing concepts, one and many. An atheist says that one and many cannot coexist. Yet, they speak of one whole that has many parts. Life scientists must use an additional form of logic called the ‘both/and’ logic. The atheist would not accept this logic. For instance, if a life scientist states that both one and many coexist, the atheist says that this statement is false. By rejecting the ‘both/and‘ logic, the atheist cannot recognize God and cannot distinguish life from non life or wholes from parts. My proof of God unifies the concepts, infinite and finite. I thus say that an infinite God does not vanish after our finite universe has been created. The atheists say that God does not exist because infinite and finite cannot coexist. It is thus clear that people become atheists when they reject the ‘both/and’ logic and God.

A life scientist cannot conduct research on life without both logics because the opposing concepts we use to study life are dynamic and are never maximally different. Two concepts must be maximally different to form an ‘either/or’ logic. For instance, socialism and democracy are political systems that differ but are never maximally different. President Clinton and England’s Tony Blair recognized the ‘both/and’ logic in these two political systems. So, they worked together and eventually spoke of a ‘Third Way’ so that socialism and democracy can coexist in the same nation. The atheists would not accept this kind of political thought because they follow the physical scientists who reject God and wrongly say that life comes from nonliving things.

Life scientists must separate themselves from the atheists. And, parents of school children must destroy all forms of atheism in the schools. When the atheists want to control the way all people think, it is about time to take action. I discuss the ‘either/or’ and ‘both/and’ logics in Part I, Chapter 6 of ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ Hopefully, these theists admit this error so all sciences can be corrected.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Message to President Bush, the US Congress, and all Federal Judges

I found that the federal government has made a very serious error in serving ‘the people’ of the USA. This error also affects US foreign affairs. The error excludes the Declaration of Independence from the body of US laws and misinterprets Amendment I of the Constitution. The initial effect of this error was to remove God from the US government. Recent effects of this error authorize the American Civil Liberty Union ( ACLU) to use the US Courts to remove God from the US government aggressively and remove God from all public grounds and all public schools.

The error about the Declaration of Independence is discussed on page 45 of my new book on The First Scientific Proof of God. Misinterpretations of Amendment I are discussed on pages 9, 10, and 161 of the same book.

The Declaration of Independence creates a nation under God. At the same time it does not specify any religion. This is why Amendment I was made. However, court interpretations of Amendment I removes God as well as all religions. These interpretations are expanding Amendment I further than its authorization. These interpretations are occurring because God is an object whereas a religion is a specific way of worshiping God. Further, based on my scientific proof of God, God becomes a subject of science. Thus, it is appropriate for a government of, by, and for the people to search for knowledge of God. Such governmental searches for true knowledge can be conducted without becoming a religion. Furthermore, displaying new knowledge of God on public grounds and teaching school students about new knowledge of God teaches God, not a religion.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Ideas for Consideration by Religions and Sciences

Although the field of religion is far ahead of the field of science on knowledge of God, I have concluded that the field of religion is far behind science on knowledge of the universe. Beside trying to catch up to each other ‘s progress, my discovery of the scientific proof of God must also be considered during these catch up efforts.

Religions fell behind science because religions did not realize that all scriptures are formed out of flawed symbolic languages. This is why scientists would not accept prophets and scriptures dictated by God. On the other hand, science fell behind religion because science did not realize that all finite things in the universe had to have an infinite creator. This is why religious leaders would not accept the godless universe proposed by today’s physical scientists.

On prophesying, I conclude that all prophets have been ordinary people who produced brilliant ideas about God and the universe. Since man seems to have appeared about 4.4 million years ago, these brilliant ideas did not emerge until writing appeared about 5000 years ago and after symbolic languages and scriptures began to develop.

To help religion and science catch up to each other, I offer the following new ideas:
1 God is absolutely infinite. This means that God exists beyond all finite positive phenomena in the universe and all of their negations.
2. A world of angels, fallen angels, Satan, Devil, demons, etc. in between God and the universe does not exist. The infinite gap, which distinguishes the infinite world of God from the finite world of the universe, is bridged spiritually by using immortal spiritual atoms.
3. God does not live in time. All time in the universe is thus man-made. Thus, a science of local laws of physics and local laws of life seems to exist. But, we have very little knowledge of the cosmos.
4. The universe has no beginning or end.
5. The universe is formed out of immortal spiritual atoms. They form all living and nonliving things. This is how God creates and explains why the universe is endless.
6. The universe is an Intelligent Design of God and His wisdom. Since the universe has no end, God’s wisdom and the universe can never be known completely by us.
7. All living and nonliving things continue in new lives after death.
8. Heaven and Hell are different levels of human consciousness and are not places in which people will live after death. Reincarnation is a necessary theory of the universe.
9. God appears in our world as a human in order to transfer new wisdom to us. I show why Jesus must be considered as the appearance of God. Such appearances are made possible only with spiritual atoms.

I discuss these new ideas in more detail in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God.