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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Theological Science and Self-Knowledge, VIII

Self-knowledge has been the subject of this website over the last eight blogs. In these blogs, I have concentrated on this subject because it is the subject (1) of Jesus Christ in the 1945 Gospel of Thomas and (2) of Friedrich Hegel in his Phenomenology of Spirit. These two views give me an ancient and modern view of self-knowledge. These blogs also allowed me to compare the teaching of Jesus Christ on evilness in the New Testament at Mark 7:15-23 and my earlier research on crime at the US Department of Justice.

However, these blogs caused me to conclude that the human mind is a thing created by God and is not epiphenomenon of the brain as atheistic scientists say. So, the US government has a funding problem. Should it continue to fund atheistic brain research or should it change brain research and start mind research? My blogs indicate that atheistic brain research is wasteful.

What is the origin of government funding problems? The answer to this question is clear. For instance, more and more scientists are telling the people of the world that our world and planet are created. Even the US founders knew this fact and mandated that the USA become a nation under God. All US government funding problems arise because it tries to function without God and the fact that this world, this planet, and the human mind have been created. When government functions this way, almost every government-funded research project will turn into waste. I see this waste as the origin of today’s economic, science, and moral problems.

When I retired from the US Department of Justice, I had a chance to discuss the US crime problem with Attorney General Reno. She was very interested. Today, I can describe in detail the root cause of all crimes and all evilness on this planet.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Theological Science and Self-Knowledge, VII

In this blog, I continue to discuss self-knowledge and show that Darwin’s evolutionary theory and all atheistic learning theories are false and must be removed from all schools throughout the world. I cite the opening statement in paragraph 13 of the Preface of Friedrich Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit. Here Hegel describes the birth of a Spirit from Mother.

"13. While the initial appearance of the new world is, to begin with, only the whole is veiled in its simplicity, or the general foundation of the whole, the wealth of previous existence is still presence to consciousness in memory."

When a person dies and passes on, Hegel’s statement is saying that the Spirit has lost its relation to its body Spirits and the mind Spirit has been reduced to simplicity. Using my symbolic language, when the mind Spirit has become separated from its body Spirits, the mind Spirit becomes simple by becoming a ‘spiritual atom.’ Since all spiritual atoms perceive continually, the reduction of mind Spirit to simplicity will contain new human imaginations that were developed by a person before death occurred. All body Spirits also change to spiritual atoms. But, this return is a slow process and contains no new imaginations. When new human being is conceived by some Father and Mother, a mind Spirit becomes related to its necessary body Spirits again.

Wholes, when veiled in simplicity, have become known as gestalt. So, the perceptions of a mind Spirit continues in a new body of body Spirits. This mind Spirit contains gestalten from its past lives. Some mothers do not wait for the birth of a new person. By talking to an unborn baby, mother is teaching realities to some linguistic wholes. After a child is born, the mind of a child will develop by making new gestalten. They are made by naming objects and identifying their attributes. At about four years, a new child will seek scientific understandings of the objects by asking ‘why’ kind of questions. So, parents must work with a maturing child as much as possible. This is the process of self-knowledge.

The development of mind Spirits any other way will produce evil-minded Spirits. Such Spirits are known as criminals. Thus, Darwin’s evolutionary theory and current learning theories might be the origin of many crimes.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Theological Science and Self-Knowledge, VI

In yesterday’s blog, one learns that a new world theory is emerging. It is very different from the Big Bang world theory described by today’s modern physical scientists and the old world theory that has been described for a long time with the scriptures of the Western world religions. Only Far East religions, the New Age movement, and the New Thought movement are somewhat aligned to the emerging new world theory described by Leibniz’s Monadology, Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit, and my scientific proof of God.

So, unless world leaders open their minds to today’s different world theories, I expect new and different social problems to develop worldwide for centuries. And if leaders do not open their minds to these world theories, the development of man’s self-knowledge will be impeded considerably and the freedom of all people will decrease. So, let me discuss some of the important highlights of the new world theory.

The new world theory began to emerge in the 15th century with the work of Nicholas of Cusa in Germany. Since there is no mediator between God and man in the new world theory, the Vatican and the Inquisition became immediate enemies. So, the new theory became a German theory and was developed by Kepler, Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, and Marx. Since self-knowledge has no mediator between God and man, the creation of a Russian nation without a monarch or mediator was expected when the Marxists created the Soviet Union and maintained the Eastern Christians, who disagreed with the Western Christians on the substance of Jesus Christ.

All things in the new world theory are formed by perceiving and immortal Spirits. A perceiving Spirit imagines a tree, for example. For instance, when you see a tree and close your eyes, you imagine the tree. All of these Spirits are created by God. At death, a Spirit remains in motion and becomes the organizing principle of a new body for its new function. So, a Spirit will perceive things continually while it grows in a womb, when it is born, and when it becomes a new member of a different family and culture. So, the continuity of family and social interactions are important to a perceiving Spirit.

Accordingly, wars, human conflicts, different morals, different cultures, etc. could create a perceiving shock to a Spirit. I believe that such a shock is the cause of all suicides. This shock would also be the root cause of suicide bombing in the Middle East.

Only if world leaders open their minds can the new world theory become a reality and eliminate such perceiving shocks.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Theological Science and Self-Knowledge, V

Paragraph 11 and the opening of paragraph 12 in the Preface of the Phenomenology of Spirit by Friedrich Hegel are interesting. He believes that the life of man and the life of the universe are never completed. He says,

"11. Besides, it is not difficult to see that ours [means our many lives] is a birth-time and a period of transition to a new era. Spirit has broken with the world it has hitherto inhabited and imagined, and is of a mind to submerge it in the past, and in the labor of its own transformation. Spirit is indeed never at rest but always engaged in moving forward. But just as the first breath drawn by a child after its long, quiet nourishment breaks the gradualness of merely quantitative growth --- there is a qualitative leap and the child is born — so likewise the Spirit in its formation matures slowly and quietly into its new shape, dissolving bit by bit the structure of its previous world, whose tottering state is only hinted at by isolated symptoms. The frivolity and boredom which unsettle the established order, the vague foreboding of something, there are the heralds of approaching change. The gradual crumbling that left unaltered the fact of the whole is cut short by the sunburst which in one flash, illuminates the features of the new world.
12. But this new world is no more a complete actuality than a new-born child; ...."

The words above by Hegel on Spirits are in agreement with the Monadology of Gottfried Leibniz, the spiritual atoms in my book, and my reincarnation theory.

If all humans are eternal self-knowing Spirits, today’s organizations and governments must be reformed drastically. For instance, all nations must become very similar because the works of a Spirit in the stage of a good nation makes no sense if that person is returned to the stage of a bad nation.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Theological Science and Self Knowledge, IV

The history of self-knowledge goes back to the first humans, who Moses named Adam and Eve in the Genesis of the Old Testament. But, Moses thought wrongly that gaining knowledge was the cause of evilness. Thus, Moses made an error when he said that Adam and Eve became evil when they sought knowledge (ate) from the Tree of Knowledge. Fortunately, Moses’ error was corrected by Jesus Christ who taught self-knowledge. So, errors can be expected when people develop self-knowledge. If an error in thoughts has been identified, I teach in my book that the person who made the error must admit the error. Once the error is admitted, other people must forgive that person. This method increases brotherly love.

The fields of science and religion do not seem to understand self-knowledge. Today, physical scientists believe that all errors can be removed from man’s thoughts and that knowledge about the universe can be completed. Yet, they made an error by saying that a finite energetic thing is the origin of all other finite energetic things. This error is a contradiction. The origin of all finite things must be an infinite thing. But, the energy of that infinite thing isn’t finite. Today, logicians agree with Kant that logic is completed. Yet, I have argued with logicians on this website and say that logic is not completed. And religions express beliefs that religious leaders and scriptures are infallible. Yet, they made an error in imprisoning Galileo. They also misinterpret scriptures cast scriptures wrongly into concrete.

All fields of thought must recognize regularly that current knowledge might be false, whether knowledge is the result of self-knowledge of the knowledge of an organization. The history of man tells us that more falsities are found than truths because completed thoughts are difficult to find. Completed laws of physics, for instance, were very hard to find. They became easier to find after modern science emerged and developed the two-step scientific method of proof.

It should be obvious to world leaders that self-knowledge must be taught and promoted by all nations.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Theological Science and Self Knowledge, III

Every person has developed some form of self-knowledge. But, a person might not recognize his or her development of self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is not recognized if one’s thoughts are not organized properly where it has become common sense. In this blog, I show that self-knowledge is common sense and applied to all walks of life. A person is thus never more important than another person. Further, as your personal self-knowledge becomes organized, you might conclude that God did create all humans equal, as the US founders say in the Declaration of Independence.

Because I did not agree with many religious teachings, I turned away from Christianity, but not God, as a young person. As time passed, I was changing and raised many questions relative to truths. In my search for truths, I became alienated from myself because I was negating my past thoughts. When I circled back with new thoughts, I had developed a new Spirit with new ideas. Friedrich Hegel would say that this circle is only one ‘moment’ in one’s spiritual life. (See Phenomenology of Spirit by Hegel) Technically, such a moment would (1) sense the certainties of an object, (2) perceive these certainties by developing concepts, and (3) gain an understanding of these concepts with symbolic statements. I experienced such a moment when I thought and gained an understanding of the statement ‘all finite things are originated by an infinite thing’ in my book on page 6.

Since I believe that a Spirit cannot be destroyed, I believe that Spirits are reincarnated after the death of its embodiment. If the life of a Spirit thus has no end, a Spirit will have the experience of developing new and different moments every new life.

Interestingly, many US scientists are only developing physical knowledge today. Thus, they do not develop self-knowledge. They develop physical knowledge because they believe that the universe comes to an end and has no God.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Theological Science and Self Knowledge, II

In yesterday’s blog, I say that self-knowledge is a gift from God to all humans. Yet, most people in the world today are not free to develop their self-knowledge potentials. This development does not exist because our international leaders do not understand God and this gift.

Today, many US citizens say that the USA is a free country. However, these citizens overstate the freedom of humans because they do not understand that they are enslaved to many flawed systems such as dysfunctional governments, economies, schools, politics, social interactions, false sciences, ... etc. Saying that the USA is the best nation in the world is not the solution to the absence of universal self-knowledge in the USA.

In the USA, the colonists became free from England in 1776. But, Us citizens are enslaved to each other and are not overcoming this strange form of slavery. For instance, many US women are enslaved by molesting men who are not developing self-knowledge. And many US men are enslaved by greedy CEOs who are not developing self-knowledge.

Developing self-knowledge must become an interest of every human who seeks real freedom. Unfortunately, the only work I know about on the subject of self-knowledge is my own general work on this website and in my book on the scientific proof of God, the work of the movement of Lyndon LaRouche on economics and other sciences, the very detailed work of Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) on the phenomenology of spirit, and today’s Hegelian followers.

If self-knowledge is not developed worldwide, I predict that man will fall into deeper and stranger forms of slavery. The personal interest of each human being must be displayed on a natural stage so that people can feel and experience the personal self-knowledge of every human.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Theological Science and Self-Knowledge, I

The Gospel of Thomas tells us that the New and Old Testaments can mislead people. This gospel was found among the documents discovered in 1945 at the city of Nag Hammadi, Egypt. It reveals no miracles, reveals no fulfillment of a prophecy and announces no apocalyptic kingdom. Instead, Jesus teaches his ‘living water’ from the bubbling spring of God’s wisdom. Based on my research on the New Testament and the Gospel of Thomas, I conclude that one of the most important teachings of Jesus Christ was ‘self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge is a special potential that God gave to humans. This potential is received by every human as a ‘reasonable mind.’ Technically, this reasonable mind is a conscious thing-in-itself. As a conscious thing, it is able to measure and develop knowledge about all other things in the universe. Although a reasonable mind cannot know God, it is able to understand God better and better as consciousness increases.

Since a reasonable mind must be embodied, it cannot be embodied the same way. Different embodiments will cause humans to have different interests. For instance, male and female humans have different interests because their bodies are very different. Such differences also cause reasonable minds to develop self-knowledge differently. For instance, one human might have developed interests in mathematics whereas another human might have developed interests in dialectics. These two humans will develop a different view of the same tree, stone, person, flower, mountain, etc. So, no single interest can dominate human knowledge.

When physicists say that they will complete knowledge of the universe soon, I conclude that they have developed interests only in power and the domination of the life of all humans.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Theological Science and the Kingdom of Physical Science

Book reviews at tell me that physical scientists are seeking thought power by rejecting books that accept God. In the USA, I observed this greed for power in the 1950s when physicists sought power over the thoughts of chemists at colleges and universities. Then, in 1967, friends of physical scientists, the atheists, sought thought power and received it from the US Supreme Court. Today, the school of physics has already gained thought power over poor performing fields of thought such as natural science, evolution, biology, psychology, sociology, and medical care. So, the kingdom of the school of physics has been growing.

I think that this new power is not healthy for any nation. I think this way because it is clear that the field of physics is not performing as promoted years ago. Further, its new partners are also failing, And, many medical patients say that the medical system is becoming dangerous.

There is a reason for the low performance of the field of physics and the failures of its new partners. The reason is their rejection of God. But today, the rejection of God has become an irrational thought. Such an irrational thought will be found mostly in those people who do not follow the general thoughts of progressive humans. These people are unaware that the human mind is a thing-in-itself that can become conscious of all other things-in-themselves that God created. Progressive humans become increasingly conscious ever since man appeared on this planet. Those humans who do not pay attention to the work of progressive humans, which I call the ‘big thinkers’, will always express unusual or highly irrational thoughts.

I believe that the thoughts of today’s physical scientists and atheists are becoming increasingly irrational. For instance, our physical scientists do not want to know things and their attributes. Without developing knowledge of the different things we observe in the universe, we are not developing healthy nations.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More on Theological Science and Mind

Last Sunday evening, I watched the TV program, America’s Got Talent. A man sang a song ‘You Lift Me Up.’ This man had a brain damage in an accident and had to work for eleven years to recover his abilities to speak and sing. However, I believe that he recovered his brain damage by demanding the wholeness of his mind and body to produce new brain cells.

His brain damage was more serious than the brain damage I had in 1993 due to a carotid artery blockage. After a speech therapist told me that my brain damage caused me to become negative and passive. I started to exercise my brain with positive demands. I worked for more than two years and recovered most of my speech ability by demanding my brain to work. I demanded this work of my brain by playing a computer game that would exercise my senses (motions) and reason (mental decisions), faster and faster. I conclude that exercising my senses and reason caused the wholeness of my mind and body to develop new speech cells in the brain. Those people, who have experienced this same brain damage and remained negative, have usually passed on quickly Today, as a diabetic patient, I use my feet more often to increase the flow of blood to my feet.

However, when this man began to sing, the audience, almost immediately negated his performance loudly. Then, something strange happened to every person in the audience. The whole audience suddenly changed and expressed loud cheers of positive support for the man. I conclude that the independent feelings of the singing man were communicated to the independent minds of every person in the audience where they appeared as independent feelings. Even I was tearing. I expect that this transfer of feelings among people should also occur in Las Vegas when the man appears again in a contest there.

Based on the above events of two brain recoveries and the transfer of feelings among people through a song, I ask any physical scientist to explain these brain recoveries and feelings using laws of physics.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Theological Science and Mind

Today, many scientists, most logicians, most biologists and medical doctors, and all atheists, evolutionists, and naturalists believe that the mind is a shadow or epiphenomenon of the brain. These people also believe that humans are mechanisms, whose wholeness is equal to the sum of its parts. They say that humans originate from purely physical matter, even though they have never found any physical matter.

The number of such people add up to be about 10 % of all people in the world. So, 90% of the people in the world reject these beliefs. Yet, the 10% ers continue to practice their beliefs in many nations, often with considerable government funds. If one wants to know the cause of today’s world problems, the causes will be found among the promotion of the beliefs of these 10% ers.

The theory that the mind is a shadow of the brain has an opposing theory. The opposing theory says that mind is a thing-in-itself and is only one of many other things-in-themselves. As a thing-in-itself himself, God created all other things-in-themselves differently in the image of himself. God created the human mind as a very special thing-in-itself because our minds have the same potential to become conscious about all other created things-in-themselves in the universe. In the Bible at Rom. 1:20, St. Paul recognized the knowledge potentials of our mind. The different potentials of our minds were also taught by Jesus Christ, who taught self-knowledge to his audiences.

While Nicholas of Cusa, Kant, et al conclude that our minds cannot develop complete knowledge about God, they conclude that we can gain good understandings about God. Hegel went further and concluded that man can develop completed thoughts in our minds about some created things-in-themselves. Further, I conclude that Georg Cantor’s transfinite numbers, which are not being developed by our mathematicians, will recognize things-in-themselves that are currently being hidden by our finite number systems. In other words, alternatives to the thing- in-itself we call ‘oil’ might be found in other forms of energetic things-in-themselves.

For some reasons, the10% ers do not seem to understand the nature of things-in-themselves. Perhaps, our scientific courses in our colleges and universities are outdated and need to be updated.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Theological Science and Sense Certainty, II

The existence of a thing, such as God, a sun, a human being, an atom bomb, etc., cannot be known with one or more sensual statements. The world is more complex than our empiricists say.

For instance, when a hot thing is sensed, one can only make the following statement: in a hot thing, what is not-hot is the hot thing. In this true statement, Plato’s negative (or negation) distinguishes a thing from its attributes. Contrary to the atheistic belief that our world can be known completely with empirical data, a supersensible world does exist beyond the world of appearances.

US physical scientists were unaware of Plato’s negative when they made an atom bomb during WWII. Two atom bombs stopped the war between Japan and the USA. But, a Cold War developed between the Soviet Union and the USA. This war caused the Soviet Union and the USA to make more atom bombs. More recently, North Korea was making atom bombs. North Korea must be thanked for not developing such bombs.

When an atom bomb is made, sensible nuclear material must be removed from the Uranium material used to make an atom bomb. The removed sensible material is waste, but also emits radiation for a long time. This radiation is dangerous to life. Now, Iran also wants to make more of these ugly atom bombs. It is clear that the world’s nuclear bomb experts are showing us that they are not experts at all.

Can’t the leaders of the USA, Russia, Iran, and other national leaders stop this human dumbness? Apparently, the people of State of Nevada are refusing to dump this dangerous nuclear waste in the mountains of Nevada. I doubt that the people in any nation will approve this dumping?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Theological Science and Sense Certainty, I

In yesterday’s blog, Nicholas of Cusa tells us that we will always remain ignorant about some things in this world. This is true because our sensual data and reasoning are limited by the symbolic languages we develop and use. For instance, as temperatures increase, we develop and use symbols such as cold, cool, warm, hot, ... etc. or symbols such as -10 degrees, 32 degrees, 212 degrees, ... etc. But, but we are not able to complete a set of all symbols.

In a similar manner, Plato said that we can go from ideas to higher ideas but cannot know the highest idea. Cusa’s thoughts expanded rapidly after the Eastern Christians gave a copy of Plato’s writings to him. Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, Cantor, and many other thinkers knew about the incompleteness of symbols.

However, people in the field of physical science do not seem to understand the philosophy of symbolism. They also do not seem to be aware of the discovery of many linguists in the 1920s. These independent discoveries say that ‘sense data are primarily symbolic.’ (See "Philosophy in a New Key" by Susanne Langer)

On ‘sense certainty’, I refer to A. V. Miller’s translation of ‘Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit" at pages 58-67. Hegel says that the sense certainty of a ‘sensuous This’ cannot be reached by language (p. 66), which belongs to consciousness. He also says that sense certainty does not govern universal truths. Hegel says that sense certainly only wants to apprehend ‘the This.’ Apprehending ‘any This’ will require other kind of thoughts, beyond the sensual, by the mind.

The field of physics has developed perceptions about 'This'" and 'That' by finding symbols that represent the dimensions of the things they have perceived. They also found that these symbols relate to each other lawfully. However, these physical symbols cannot be completed. Thus, one can ask, "Why are physical scientists and logicians rejecting metaphysics and believe that the universe comes to an end?" Further, no such physical symbols and no such physical laws have ever been found in any life science. Thus, one can ask, "Why are life scientists following the physical scientists?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Theological Science Urges Physical Scientists to Return to God

Since many physical scientists are rejecting God today, the new science, theological science, must urge these skeptics to return their scientific, mathematical, logical, epistemological, and philosophical thoughts to God. Although, I believe that the Inquisition was the major reason why physical scientists eventually turned away from God, below I identify two facts that are also influencing the skeptics wrongly.

The burning of Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) at the stake and the imprisonment of Galileo (1564–1642) caused early modern scientists to quietly reject God. But, the 1979 appearance of a 1440 book by Bishop Nicholas of Cusa was too late to tell our 1970 scientists that man’s knowledge can never be completed. Yet today, the skeptics expect the physical scientists to complete knowledge about ‘everything’ in the universe soon!!!

If man’s knowledge cannot be completed, one must conclude that not ‘everything’ that exists can be sensed by man. So, when today’s atheistic scientists say that God does not exist because God cannot be sensed, they do not realize that they have merely expressed a fact. Thus, the rejection of metaphysics by the skeptics seems to have created a major error in the field of physical science.

The 1440 book by Cusa has the title On Learned Ignorance. In this book, Cusa tells us that we must learn what we cannot know. Since God cannot be known by us, we must investigate the things that God created so that we can at least understand God. I urge scientists to study the teaching of Cusa. My book, especially Part IIa, discusses many of Cusa’s teachings.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Theological Science and Its New Morality

Theological science, if accepted by a nation, would change the moral standards because it will deal with God, the life sciences, and the physical sciences. God would be viewed as the origin of all things. The life sciences would deal with all living things, which include all humans, all lower animals, and all plants, which include trees. And the physical sciences would deal with all nonliving things, which include all physical things and all chemical things.

In the 1950s, most scientists and mathematicians were still considering God in their thoughts. Even in the 1960s, the astronauts still spoke of God when they circled earth and eventually landed on the moon. But, in the 1960s, the youth of the USA began to change morally. First, they built a drug culture that consists yet today. Then, they began to reject God after the US Supreme Court agreed with those atheists who want to stop school praying.

By the 1970s, the youth in the field of physics began to follow this immoral change. They increased their power over the fields of chemistry, mathematics, and the life sciences. In the 1970s, the youth of the field of entertainment and Hollywood also began to amplify this immoral change. Today, the same aging physical scientists and entertainers say that there is no God. They also say that all living things are purely physical things and that all things in the universe are only mechanisms.

If you believe that love, hate, crime, and all human behaviors are purely physical processes, you have drifted into atheism and are supporting the moral change that began in the 1970s. But, if you believe that God exists, that Darwin’s evolutionary theory is false, and that you are free, spiritual, and not mechanical, you should investigate the new moralities in new science, which I call ‘theological science.’

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Theological Science: Policies of Colleges and Universities

The new science, which I call ‘theological science,’ is a science only for people who believe that God created the world in which we live. Only atheists maintain the opposing science today. However, if people think clearly about the science of atheism and its negatives, only a few people will conclude that life under atheism is desirable and safe.

Theological science is developing but is not being practiced widely yet because atheism is dominating the sciences taught at colleges and universities. The new science is not taught there yet because potential students are told that the college or university is ‘nonsectarian.’ Nonsectarian is a symbol that means ‘religions are not taught at the college or university.’ This symbol agrees with governmental policy, which separates Religion from State. This symbol does not apply to God. The symbol that applies to God is ‘theology.’ Theology, the study of God, can produce many different theologies. These different theologies are ‘practiced’ by religions.

Thus, theologies can be taught and developed at colleges and universities without violating any laws or governmental policies on the separation of Religion and State. So, all colleges and universities must open their policies with respect to God and the teachings of theologies. Without new college and university policies on theological science, the new science will not develop.

With theological science, the future of any nation looks excellent. But, with atheistic science, I believe that any nation can degenerate and become a third-world nation. Policymakers should realize that foreigners do have free access to the Internet and my blogs on theological science.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Theological Science and Immortality, II

In yesterday’s blog on immortality, theological science is telling us that life exists after death. Since God is the only perfected and completed thing, all created things are seeking perfection continually but can never achieve completion. This modern view of a monotheistic God has many consequences.

For instance, theological science says that a celestial world or mediators do not exist in between God and any created spiritual atom. Theological science is thus saying that re-embodying a spirit occurs immediately at death. For this reason, in my book I accepted Leibniz’s belief that a reincarnating seeding process exists. Accordingly, beyond being able to perceive, I conclude that a spiritual atom has a seeding process that reincarnates any spirit at death. Obviously, a spiritual is very complex and cannot be reduced below the atomic level set by God.

The immediate process of re-embodying a spirit after death is telling me that religious teachings about a new life in Heaven are false. This means that a human should expect a new life only on planet earth or some other planet. Thus, a person should not expect to see a dead spouse, parents, and other family members after one passes on. It is now very clear that the life and thoughts of human spirits on planet earth must be reformed considerably. I will deal with some reformations in the blogs that follow.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Theological Science and Immortality, I

Immortality is an unknown subject. The atheists believe that life after death is not true. But, they cannot prove their belief. All believers in God say that life exists after death. These beliefs range from a new life in Heaven, a new life on this planet, a new life on another planet, and a new life as a member in a non human species. I conclude that Gottfried Leibniz has offered the best thoughts so far on immortality. His thoughts on immortality are found in his Monadology. I discuss the Monadology in my book and also extend his thoughts.

Like the concepts of freedom and morality, immortality is another concept that can be originated only by a creator God. So, if God does not exist, the atheists are correct to say that humans have no life after death.

To extend the Monadology of Leibniz, I develop the concept of a ‘spiritual atom.’ Spiritual atoms are indivisible and immortal things. A finite infinity of spiritual atoms is created by God. They are connected to each other for the sake of each other. So, each spiritual atom functions differently for all other spiritual atoms. These different functions cause the existence of a finite infinity of ‘divisible’ things such as all humans, all stones, all physical particles, metals, dust, planets and suns, all lower animals, and all trees, grasses, bushes, and flowers. So, the universe created by God is a world of ‘ embodied spirits.

A finite infinity of embodied spirits functions as a first beginning-middle-end, functions as a second beginning-middle-end, functions as a third beginning-middle-end, ... etc. Thus, a process consisting of a beginning, middle, and end will continue forever for every spiritual atom. So, if you have fish for dinner tonight, you can’t destroy or murder the embodied spiritual fish you ate. The fish and you are specific functions of God for the sake of a single universe that God created. Thus, the fish will be re-embodied (re-birth) immediately to form a new function natural to all fishes This is why every human has continuous personal and social responsibilities. Obviously, nothing dies in God’s universe.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Theological Science, Freedom, and Morality

Those people who are rejecting God do not realize that they are rejecting their own freedom because a godless world consists of mechanisms that have no freedom. Thus, if freedom exists, it can be received only from God. So, when the founders of the USA included the ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God in the Declaration of Independence, they were beginning to build a nation under God.

What is freedom? The freedom that humans receive from God is a property of each living thing. As humans, we can gain some knowledge about human freedom by sensing the acts of people. But, sensed data will not develop complete knowledge about freedom because all acts of a human cannot be known. But, we can increase our knowledge of freedom if we use reason to learn the Laws of Nature’s God. These laws were included in the Declaration of Independence and are ‘good laws’ because they reflect the goodness of God, who is not evil. To find ‘good laws,’ we must become ‘little creators,’ who become like God.

When governments make laws that reduce man’s evilness, a government and its people become godly. Thus, it is through the laws made by government that the people of a nation increase their freedom. As seen, the symbol ‘freedom’ is a property of us. However, our freedom is ‘relative’ and must be measured against man’s slavery. Thus, freedom is not ‘absolute.’ Many people believe wrongly that their freedom is absolute.

Since the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament are the first laws that man made to increase human freedom, such laws should be displayed on public grounds so that future generations understand how we gained freedom and increased our knowledge of God. Preventing or removing such displays today is an evil human act and is also against the founding principles of the USA.

Finally, if US citizen say (1) that the universe has its origin in a Big Bang physical particle and (2) that Nature is the origin of all living things, they believe that the USA should develop these theories, that the USA should become a godless nation, and that the founding documents of the USA should be amended. But, if these citizens are wrong, why is the US government funding these godless theories and why are our high schools, colleges, and universities teaching these godless theories?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Theological Science Prevents Human Conflicts and Wars

If a nation does not use theological science and continues to use the current godless science of the school of physics, human conflicts will continue to grow worldwide and wars will become a normal event. This scenario is certain because godless ideas can produce arbitrary laws and arbitrary governments, just as the arbitrary government of England created arbitrary laws in America prior to 1776. Only the US Revolutionary War could correct the godless acts of the British government.

The founders of the USA knew that godless nations do not work. So, they created the USA as a nation under God. But, after the assassination of Lincoln, the US judicial system has turned the USA more and more into a godless nation.

This judicial error exists only because I conclude that our lawyers and judges are ignorant of (1) the philosophy of symbolism; (2) the 1920 discovery of many linguists that sense data are primarily symbolic; and (3) the negative impacts of using the godless science developed by the field of physics in the USA today.

Thus, I conclude that our lawyers and judges do not know that the symbols ‘theology’ and ‘religion’ have different meanings because philosophers had given different meanings to the symbols ‘theory’ and ‘practice.’ To a philosopher, theology means the study of God. Many different theories of God can emerge from the field of theology. On the other hand, religion means the practice of theologies. So, many different religions can exist in the world for the same God. So, it was right for the founders to separate State and Religion. But, it is wrong for judges to separate State and God when the US founders did not separate the USA from God.

Thus, I conclude that our lawyers and judges are not interpreting the US Declaration of Independence correctly. I argue that the Declaration is not merely an authorization for the Revolutionary War. I say that the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence also authorize the USA to become a Union under the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. These two laws prevent the development of arbitrary laws by the US government.

Our lawyers and judges must rethink their field of thought because they are doing consider damage to the people of the USA. Unless the judicial branch of the US government changes immediately, I predict that the general morals of the US culture will continue to degenerate.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Theological Science and the Thoughts of Ernst Cassirer

Ernst Cassirer (1874 -1945) is famous for his work on the philosophy of symbolism. (click) His major writing is found in his three-volume book, Philosophy of Symbolic Forms. He studied the writings of Nicholas of Cusa and agreed that the actual world cannot be known. But, by using precisely defined (and related) symbols, Cassirer says that man can develop realities by perceiving and reasoning. Cassirer was one of many linguists who concluded in the 1920s that sense data are primarily symbolic. Thus, Cassirer would chuckle at those scientists and mathematicians who say that knowledge about the universe can be completed.

Before Cassirer died, in 1943 he wrote a paper about the debate between Newton and Leibniz. In this debate, Samuel Clark, a theologian, would represent Newton. The 1943 paper was published in The Philosophical Review, 52. (click) In this paper, Cassirer discusses the differences between Newton and Leibniz on the subjects --- mathematical calculus, space, and time. Leibniz’s infinitesimal calculus and Newton’s fluxions were found to be correct, even though the infinitesimal calculus became more popular. However, the meanings of space and time of Newton and Leibniz were different at the time of the debate. To Newton, the concepts space and time become absolutes. On the other hand, Leibniz says that space is the ‘order of coexistences;’ and time is the ‘order of successions.’

When Einstein announced his relativity theory in 1905, Newton’s meanings of space and time were destroyed. But, Leibniz’s meanings of space and time were not accepted in 1905 by the physicists and are still not being considered in 2008.

My 2006 book on a scientific proof of God applies Leibniz’s Monadology, which is a world of spirits and Leibniz’s meanings of space and time.

How long are the people of the USA going to accept the godless world proposed by the school of physics and the immoral human behaviors that go with a godless world?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Does Space and Time Mean in the Theological Sciences?

Space and time are two absolute properties that Isaac Newton included in the physical universe he made. These absolutes are beyond sense experience. Newton was widely accepted by Western world scientists until Albert Einstein found his relativity theory. Today, physicists are trying to recover Newtonianism by developing a four dimensional universe by unifying the three-dimensional space with time. The physicists are also seeking the fundamental matter of the universe by smashing atomic particles. With free physical particles, they expect to make living things out of them. They seek the origin of these free particles in the Big Bang theory.

Since the Big Bang theory cannot be proven, finding free physical particles is necessary to indicate that God does not exist. The physical sciences are thus in no better position to promote their beliefs than are those people who believe that humans are free spirits and that God created these spirits. These two different views were well known by the founders of the USA when they formed a nation under God in the Declaration of Independence and confirmed this decision in the Constitution. So, the purpose of the work of our particle physicists seems to be opposed to the laws of the United States.

My scientific proof of God supports the decision of the founders to build a nation under God. But, I also conclude that Ben Franklin was instrumental in bringing Leibnizianism and the concepts ‘world of spirits’ and ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God’ to the US founding decisions.
In a world of spirits, Leibniz says that space becomes the ‘order of all spirits’ and time becomes the ‘order of the succession of each spirit.’ With space and time, we see the life and immortality of every spirit. These meanings also confirm the intelligent abilities of the human mind.

With a world of spirits, man has hopes. But, with the physical sciences, man has no hopes at all.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Theological Science and a New Important 300-year Story

The history of science cannot be completed without the final thoughts of Gottfried Leibniz. His final thoughts generated a very important 300-year story that will involve personalities such as Christian Wolff, Alexander Baumgarten, Emanuel Swedenborg, Immanuel Kant, England’s Queen Anne, Anne’ grandmother, Sophia, of the House of Hanover, John Locke, Isaac Newton, Ben Franklin, Friedrich Hegel, Karl Marx, and Albert Einstein.

This important story began with a new world theory, which is found in his Monadology. This world theory describes a world of spirits. Because of my scientific proof of God, I reignited this world of spirits in my book by applying Leibniz’s Monadology. I begin to develop this world of spirits with a finite infinity of related spiritual atoms. These atoms form all finite things that God creates. In the Bible at Rom. 1:20, St. Paul says that we can know these finite things.

After the death of Leibniz in 1716, the concept of a world of spirits became an interest to Wolff, Baumgarten, Swedenborg, Kant, Hegel, Queen Anne, Sophia, and Franklin, who was only in contact with members of the French and German scientific societies. These contacts indicate that Franklin was not of interest in the Newtonian science, which dominated discussions in England’s Royal Society. But, history tells us that Western world physicists would continue to develop Newton’s thoughts on the universe, space, and time until Einstein relativity theory of space was announced in 1905. However, Leibniz had said that the concepts of space and time belong to logic, not to physics. So, today’s physicists disagree with Leibniz concepts of space and time. Who is right?

I conclude that Ben Franklin’s contacts with French and German scientists caused the words "Laws of Nature and Nature’s God" to be included in the US Declaration of Independence. The Laws of Nature are found primarily by scientists whereas Laws of Nature’s God are morals, which are found by all humans.

Of interest to every US citizen today is that most US scientists are saying that ‘Laws of Nature’s God’ do not exist because God does not exist. However, my scientific proof of God and the above followers of Leibniz say that God does exist. Who is right?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Theological Science and Logic, IV

The ontological argument has been used in the past to connect God and the universe. For instance, Plato used the logical opposites, being and becoming, to connect God and universe. Aristotle also used the opposites, unmoving and moving, to connect them. And Anselm also used the logical opposites, perfect and imperfect, to connect them.

In the 15th century, Nicholas of Cusa uses many logical opposites to connect God and the universe. Two powerful logical opposites are not-other/other and actual possibility/possible actuality. Nicholas also used the geometrical circle to connect God and the universe. In the circle, the circle’s center and circumference represent God whereas the space in between the center and circumference represents the universe.

More recently, people in the field of mathematics are using opposing functions to connect God to the universe. The function that represents God is the impulse function. (click) The Dirac delta function produces the impulse function, which is zero everywhere except at t=0. The impulse function is shown 'click' website.

The universe is connected to God by contracting the impulse function, by plurality and finitude. Due to contraction, a plurality of finite functions is formed based on God’s intelligent design. Contraction can be understood by realizing that God can also be represented by an infinite geometrical line and that every finite line in the universe is participating in this infinite line differently. Curvatures can be given to lines in the universe by forcing both end points of any finite line to become closer. The connection of a typical finite function to God is shown in the pic on the right.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Theological Science and Logic, III

Kant criticized Leibniz’s belief that ontology and the study of beings could prove the existence of God by logic alone. I must reject Kant’s criticism because I use logic to (1) prove the existence of God, (2) distinguish God from the universe precisely, and (3) connect God to the universe permanently.

In my proof, I say that ‘all finite things are originated by an infinite thing.’ (See p. 6 of my book.) This proof relates all finite things logically to one infinite thing. In the one infinite thing, all finite things and their attributes must thus be denied. And in all finite things, one infinite thing and its attributes must also be denied. In my proof of God, the concepts, infinite and finite, coexist necessarily. Thus, these two concepts have always been together. Otherwise, the meanings of these different things could not be differentiated by our symbolic languages.

In the Second Preface to Second Edition of his book on Critique of Pure Reason (translation by Norman Kemp Smith, p. 17), Kant says, ‘... that to the present day this logic has not been able to advance a single step, and is thus to all appearance is a completed body of doctrine.’ Thus, we must reject this Kantian statement and continue the development of the science of logic.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Theological Science and Logic, II

In yesterday’s blog, I said that I developed a rare dual career in physical science and human science. This career began in the early 1950s and ended when I retired in 1994 from the US Department of Justice and my research interest turned to the field of theology. This nearly sixty years of research has produced major achievements in the physical and human sciences. And my book, with its proof of God, will eventually be recognized as a major achievement. So, my history is prepared to challenge current dogmas in the physical sciences, the human sciences, and the theologies.

Kant’s dogma that logic is complete and the related thoughts of US logicians were challenged in the blog yesterday. Today, I challenge those physical scientists and life scientists who agree with these logicians and say that human science cannot be distinguished from the physical science. Thus, they are saying that living things have their origin in nonliving physical things. Based on this ridiculous saying, life scientists and their practitioners have reduced a human being to a mechanism. This reduction of man to a mechanism is murder because it is killing many medical patients.

From 1971 to 1994, I conducted research on the human problem of crime. As a physical scientist, I interacted with many different life scientists (e.g., sociologists, psychologists, etc.). During these twenty-three years, at no time did I hear an announcement that a law of humans had been found, for instance, as physical scientists often announce the finding of new laws of physics. I heard only announcements of statistical data about humans.

While logicians and physical scientists like Kant’s statement that logic is completed, they do not like Kant’s thoughts on the concepts of God, Freedom, Morality, and Immortality. But, as I said yesterday, logic is not completed because logic, if completed, would produce necessary ‘laws of humans.’ As Kant says, the phenomena of independent humans can be sensed. But, the cause of this independently generated phenomena can only be judged.

When the founders of the USA included the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God in the Declaration of Independence, they said that all humans are independent and must be judged so that all US laws increase the freedom of all US citizens. Arbitrary US laws would thus decrease the freedom of every US citizen.

It is time for the US government to correct the thinking of the National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Science, US physical scientists, and US life scientists.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Theological Science and Logic, I

About a month after my book was published and I opened this website, logicians, scientists and, mathematicians to assassinate my character on their websites and in comments on my website. I was unfamiliar with the purpose of their behaviors until I learned that they are atheists and denying my scientific proof of God any way they can. This interaction went on for over a year and I never changed my position on my proof. So, I continued to teach my book because their unfair book reviews at Internet book store were discouraging the interests of potential book buyers.

These character assassinations did not change my position about God because I was one of a few US researchers who developed a dual research career, in the physical science and the human sciences. With this dual career, I knew that they lack research experience in the human sciences. Without this experience, they make many silly assumptions and theories. For instance, they assume that physical matter underlies all nonliving and living things, that the world is a mechanism that wears out and comes to an end, that logic is completed, and that mathematics will soon be completed. None of these assumptions are proven. With these assumptions, they reject God, Freedom, Morality, and Immortality.

Let me focus on logic and the law of contradiction. A logician, for instance, says that a sequitur is an inference that follows from the premises. Thus, they say that a non sequitur is an inference that does not follow from the premises. Since my thinking rises above logic to prove God, they say that my proof is a non sequitur and my book is filled with non sequiturs and should not be purchased.

US logicians want to change the national languages so that all humans become identical to the Mr. Spock of the Star Wars TV program. Logicians must give authors their freedom, leave the ‘talking languages’ to humans, and limit their logical thinking to ‘scientific languages.’
I argue that logic is incomplete and will never be completed. For instance, logicians do not understand that many opposing concepts coexist or mix and do not lead to a contradiction. For instance, the concepts ‘finite’ and ‘infinite’ coexist. They are found to coexist, when we talk about the universe(finite) and God (infinite). Concepts mix when ‘hot’ water and ‘cold’ water flow together when taking a shower. The different coexisting temperatures left logic and became scientific when scientists made a numbered thermometer. Further, the concepts ‘beginning’ and ‘ending’ can have middle concepts or cannot have middle concepts. If they have no middle concepts, they are called excluded middle opposites. The concepts ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ must always coexist. The concepts ‘true’ and ‘false’ can have middle concepts or have no middle concepts.

When Kant assumed that logic is completed, he used Aristotle’s categories and failed to unify empiricism and rationalism. But, his logic made him a friend of today’s logicians. However, the logicians tossed him away when Kant included metaphysics, God, Freedom, Morality, and Immortality in his thoughts and did not reject them.

US logicians must expand the development of logic. But this expansion must be guided by theological science.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Theological Science and the Impact on Life If Theological Science Wins a Debate Against Physical Science

In yesterday’s blog, I discussed the impact on life if the godless physical science wins the debate against its opposing godly science, which I call theological science. In today’s blog, I discuss the resulting life if theological science wins the debate.

I recently had a very nice discussion with a mathematical physicist who offered an initial comment as ‘quantum_flux (QF)’ on my June 14, 2008 blog titled "Theological Science and Spiritual Atoms.’ QT’s thoughts are expressed at QT’s website. (click) As seen, QT says, ‘... mathematics is infallible, and sorry, but there can't be more than 1 infallible thing.’ This statement tells us that a second completed thing does not exist because mathematics is a thing and can be completed. So, a completed God does not exist in the mind of QT and many other mathematicians.

Theological science opposes QT’s saying, in that, mathematics will never be completed because a completed God does exists, as I show in my scientific proof of God. So, the difference between physical science and theological science is very clear.

Thus, it is time for people to decide in favor of theological science. In the USA, the people have already decided in 1776 in favor of God. So, the people of th USA can move forward to develop theological science and limit physical science to its godly purpose of developing knowledge about the physical things that God created. At the same time, the US government must persuade other nations to develop theological science so that the same treaty is made among all nations, as I recommended in my book.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Theological Science, Physical Science, and the Impact on Life If Physical Science Wins Today’s World Debate

Today, science is beginning to take control all forms of life. Accordingly, the method of doing science and identifying truths is being debated at the world level between people who believe in God and people who reject God.

In the USA, this debate is being identified by me as ‘the new debate between theological science and physical science.’ I identify this debate this way because my new scientific proof of God has lifted this kind of debate above the past debates between scriptural data and scientific data. Essentially, my new scientific proof of God lifts the earlier debate to a higher level of thought where the physical sciences seek scientific proofs and theological science seeks scientific and moral proofs.

In this blog, I focus on the world impact, as if the physical sciences are already winning. Actually, I believe the physical science has gone ahead after the US self government (of, by, and for the people) moved toward a totalitarian government after the Lincoln assassination.

In any nation, if physical science wins, people will be told by their government that the world has no God and that the world will come to an end, as the physical sciences predict based on objective knowledge. You will also be told by government that (1) you came from the ape species, (2) all living species came from physical matter, and (3) you have no soul. You will be told that you are a mechanism that learns but does not think. Since no freedom can exist in a mechanism, you will be told that you are not free and could be born as a criminal, a whore, a slave, or a person who has some other undesirable trait. Since you have no freedom, you will be told by government that you have no rights, that all laws will be arbitrary, and that government will assign the work they must do. This is the totalitarian state of government and a state of slavery.

All of these events will occur because God has been rejected by too many people. But, these events will not happen in any nation if theological science wins this debate.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Theological Science Reveals How God Guides Man

In the first two paragraphs of the US Declaration of Independence, the US founders mandated that the United States of America (USA) become a nation under God. In this specific authorization, the founders say that every human being is entitled to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. The Laws of Nature govern the contents and acts of all things created by God. On the other hand, the Laws Nature’s God must represent the contents of God.

People have never made Laws of Nature. But, people have become familiar with some Laws of Nature’s God when people concluded that God is good and made moral laws that represent the goodness of God. The first human maker of moral laws is thought to be Hammurabi (2000-1600 B.C.) So, I conclude that a monotheistic God is guiding man by giving man the abilities to know God’s created things and the laws that govern them. However, by knowing created things, the morality of human will increase and extend our knowledge of the Laws of Nature’s God.

In the USA, a non believer does not seek knowledge about the Laws of Nature’s God but seeks knowledge about the Laws of Nature. Also in the USA, a believer seeks knowledge about the Laws of Nature, as St Paul suggests in the Bible at Rom. 1:20. But, the believer also increases knowledge about the Laws of Nature’s God by seeking the Laws of Nature mandated by our founders.

Thus, the believers say that ‘higher laws’ exist beyond the Laws of Nature. On the other hand, the non believers say that the Laws of Nature have no higher laws. To the non believer, the Laws of Nature represent Nature. But, what is the origin of Nature?