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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Very Hard Workers for God

The formal writings of Plato and Aristotle inform us about knowledge. After their deaths, people learned that Plato and Aristotle are as different as night and day. For this reason, Neo-platonism could not reconcile their ideas. One of their greatest differences occurs with the symbol, providence, which means " to provide divine guidance, care, and power to guide human destiny." Aristotle’s writings do not provide for providence, but Plato does.

Today, their differences impact the thoughts and behaviors of people who live in the Western world. However, most people do not know that their differences on providence have split the people in the Western world into believers and nonbelievers in God.

My research, on a monotheistic God, shows that the development of human life is consistent with God in many ways. This research also shows that some believers in God work very hard to find these consistencies. For instance, I found that Moses, Plato, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, Leibniz, and Cantor are some major workers for God. They are also are major producers of many ideas that are consistent with God. I organized my book around these major workers so that the reader can see the developing nature of God’s providence. Fortunately, I found a scientific proof of God, which clarifies the nature of a monotheistic God considerably. This proof and clarification allowed me to add new ideas to those ideas found by these hard workers for God.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Ugly English Language, I

Whenever I say that the English language is ugly, most Americans are shocked and respond to me quickly. But, the English language became the USA language only by one vote. The other candidate was the German language. In this blog, I try to show that the English language was not the best choice. The 1920 discovery, which says that sense-data are primarily symbolic, tells us that the English language was a bad choice from the standpoints of science and avoiding the legislation of arbitrary laws.

In the 1600s, it was almost impossible for a German to reason using the German language. Even Gottfried Leibniz (1646-1716) had to turn to French or Latin. However, in the 1700, it took only about 100 years for the outcast Germans to rule the realm of intellectual commerce. (See Introduction, "The Theory of the German Word Order from the Renaissance to the Present" by Aldo Scaglione). But, you will be fooled. if you do not connect the 15th century writings of Nicholas of Cusa to this German progress and Leibniz’s writings.

The linguist progress in Germany in the 1700s was made possible by Leibniz and the royalty of Germany, Austria, and Russia who wanted to educate the masses of their nations. Interestingly, 200 years later, Hitler will think wrongly that the blond and blue-eyed Germans evolved as the first superior humans. Apparently, Hitler was lured to Darwin’s godless evolutionary theory. Fortunately, the US founders thought the right way in the Declaration of Independence by saying that ‘all men are created equal.’ Today, this saying was changed to ‘all men have equal choices.’’ This new saying of our godless economists is a typical example of why I say that the English language is ugly.

In the 15th century, the German, Nicholas of Cusa, gives us a reason why the English language is ugly. Cusa said that if Aristotle had been attentive, "he would have spared us and himself great labor; surely he would have handed down the hidden truth by means of words which are simple, very clear, and very sparse. For he would not have had need either of an elaborate logic or the difficult art of definition..." (In Ch. 19 of "God as Not-other" by Cusa) The English language thus became ugly also because England’s philosophers and scientists are Aristotle followers.

I was born and raised in a German town in Pennsylvania. My mind is thus influenced by the German language and German customs. I believe that my mind is organized geometrically. This means that my mind is not organized using Aristotelian categories and logic, which dominate the English language. In school, I thus did not do well in language courses. But, I did well in mathematics and science.

Accordingly, I do not conceive the world’s realities as an Aristotelian mind will. Further, my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God" has been criticized because I use short words and sentences and do not write as some elite Americans write. Certainly, my German and geometrical mind do not fit exactly with the English language. But, my mind, writings, and speeches fit close enough to allow me to be a highly productive person in science throughout my career. In fact, my geometrical mind allowed me to function effectively in both the hard and soft sciences.

If a second language becomes a requirement in high schools, the German language should be that second language. Since the German language seems to be the most powerful language in the world today, the English language must be reformed by removing all Aristotelian categories and logic. Further, the Spanish language should not be elevated in the USA. Instead, the Spanish language must be forced to fade away quickly.

Monday, May 28, 2007

On the Blind Watchmaker, a Book by Richard Dawkins

The dialogue below between Todd Fulmer and me occurred in the Comments section where talk about my book review of Dawkins’ book on the "Blind Watchmaker." A blind watchmaker is Dawkins’ way to speak of a godless world and darwin’t evolutionary theory. My dialogue with Fulmer explains why the Declaration of Independence was removed wrongly from the body of US laws by the US Supreme Court.. My words also show how the nonbelievers in God began to gain control of the USA following the assassination of Abe Lincoln.

George Shollenberger begins the dialogue by saying:: Good points Mr. Reynolds. But atheists have no excuses for not reading the Declaration of Independence and its mandate to build the USA under God.

My book, The First Scientific Proof of God, is new and different. But religions will understand this newness soon. I do not think that religion will be able to avoid science much longer. The work of Pope Benedict, for instance, is moving the Catholic Church into science quickly. So, the atheists also have no excuse for not staying up with the progress of science.

Response to me by Todd Fulmer: In response to this comment: "But atheists have no excuses for not reading the Declaration of Independence and its mandate to build the USA under God." I would say you need to familiarize yourself with Article 11 of the Treaty of Tripoli (1797), which was unanimously approved by the Senate, and makes clear in no uncertain terms that the Founding Fathers intended the U.S. to be a secular nation:

"Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries."

My response to Tod Fuller:, Thanks for stopping off here to give me this important information. But, my argument is not on secularism. The separation of Church and State is necessary. But God and Church are two different concepts. A church, mosque, or temple is the practice of their specific theory of God. Any philosopher would agree with that theory and practice are different concepts. The theory of God is a question posed by man. The question is, 'Does God exist or not?' Man created the field of theology(not a church, mosque, or temple) to answer this question for man.

My argument is that the Declaration of Independence says that our nation will assume that God exists until government has proven that God does not exist. The Declaration does not say that nation will assume that God does not exist until the government proves that God does exist. US citizens, who want to live without God, must force government to prove that God does not exist. But, at the same time, Us citizens, who want to live with God, must force government to prove that God exists.

So, the government should be forced to serve both groups. However, I have proved that God does exist in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. I did the job that the government did not do. Government was thus unfair ever since the federal government entered into research and development (R&D) in the early years of the 20th century. Soon, it began to gave atheists an unbelievable amount of money to prove that God does not exist. They have failed. At the same time, government did not give a nickel to theists so they could prove that God exists.

The problem is that the different meanings of secularism and theology are not understood by people.

I had to become a scientist/theologian and spend my own money to prove the existence of God.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

To Be, Or Not to Be, — That Is the Question

The phrase "to be, or not to be" comes from Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Act III, scene I. The popular interpretation of these words is that it is a debate on suicide. Hamlets rather impersonally considers the attractions of death ("not to be"), which he likens to a sleep, over life ("to be"), whose pain seems unavoidable. But in the end he notes that the fear of possible suffering in the afterlife "that we know not of" (as opposed to the known evil that is life) tends to stop human beings from actively ending their existence.

As seen in the phrase --- to be or not to be --- the mind is using logical reasoning, in that, ‘to be’ is one extreme and ‘not to be’ is the other extreme of a pair of opposites. This phrase is Aristotelian, in that, ‘not to be’ is the contrary of ‘to be.’ Plato opens our minds by transforming this phrase into the phrase — to be and not to be. This transformation changes the term ‘not to be’ to the negative of ‘to be.’ With this change ‘not to be’ merely becomes something different. This change does not destroy logical reasoning. It merely lifts our minds above logical reasoning. Let me present an example of using Plato’s negative.

Take the phrase --- to be a Christian. Plato’s negative would generate the phrase --- not to be a Christian. The generated phrase is merely something different. Now, change ‘not to be a Christian’ into something positive. Let me choose this positive thing, ‘to be a US citizen.’ With this choice, the phrase, to be a Christian, and the phrase, to be a US citizen, become a relationship that humans created because of their freedom. With Plato, really new positives in the universe can be found. And, if Plato’s negative is used again, the double negation will reveal God. Logical reasoning does not have this ability. So, the mind has a power that is higher than logical reasoning.

Now, let me show how to relate the phrase, to be a Christian, to the phrase, to be a US citizen. In my book, I discuss the Christian term ‘forgiveness.’ Forgiveness begins with the admission by a person who did something wrong or false. If the person admits, the Christian forgives that person. In my book, I also discuss freedom and its origin. My scientific proof of God says that God is the origin of all finite things in the universe. But, I also say that God’s freedom is absolute. Since our freedom is relative, rather than absolute, our freedom comes from the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, as identified in the Declaration of Independence. So, it is through laws that man becomes free. Accordingly, ‘to be a US citizen’ every US citizen must always be seeking new laws that increase their freedom. Otherwise, the USA would become a nation of bandits and irrational humans.

Currently, I have been debating with four reviewers of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. I believe that their reviews are wrong and false. As a Christian, forgiveness is a possibility. And, as a US citizen, I also want to save or even increase the freedom of all other US authors from such wrongs and falsities. As a good citizen, one should test US laws to determine whether a law has been violated. As seen, Plato’s negative opens the mind to new realities. But his negative also creates new laws and increases our freedom.

Clearly, the work of the world’s logicians must be limited by law. Further, this blog’s teaching could be very helpful to unify Eastern and Western Christianity.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

In the USA, Atheism Is Only 2 % of the Population

In my newspaper today, Associated Press reports that a book, by atheist and Essayist Christopher Hitchens, is selling good. The article says that these good sales reveal the intensity of atheism over faith. This article also discusses an 2005 AP-Ipos poll, which reported that only 2 percent of the US respondents say that they do not believe in God. This 2 percent goes up to 14 percent if one includes those believers who have no religion.

The title of Hitchens' book is 'God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything." I challenge Hitchens and Sam Harris to see my proof of God in my book, 'The First Scientific Proof of God.' There these two atheists will leann that God is the greatest because God's true infinity has now been found. Indeed, these two men are living in the past.

The New Generations of Scientists in the USA Are Building Lost Cultures

Have you noticed that new technologies appear in the USA but that the appearance of new sciences is declining? Since there is a reason for everything, there is a reason for the declining science. I conclude that this decline came with the removal of God from our nation by the federal government. This removal was made possible when the Supreme Court removed the Declaration of Independence from the founding body of US laws. With this removal, the Supreme Court became the root cause of the declining US field of science. This root cause has many effects. For instance, without new energy sciences, the price of gasoline is rising with nothing to limit this rise. But, I ask deeper questions. For instance, I ask, ‘Are foreign nations under God separating themselves quietly from the USA?'

The Supreme Court action to remove God from the US government has caused the rise of atheism, primarily in the field of science. This rise of atheism should have been expected because the federal government cannot give money to godly research projects after the Supreme Court removed God from the federal government. Thus, federally funded research has been flowing primarily to godless scientific projects. Here is the cause of increased atheism. I say that this flow of federal money was high enough to eliminate all poverty in the USA. But, what has been produced by this flow of money? It has produced three useless atheistic theories. These three theories have created three new atheistic cultures of scientists. Clearly, concerned Americans must begin to ask their federal politicians some big questions. I never believed that the US government would be able to transform the question, --- what is rational under God --- into a political system of irrationalities such as ‘what is political right’ and ‘what is political wrong. But, it did.

The three useless US theories are as follows: (1) evolutionary theory, (2) big bang theory, and (3) string theory. Evolution theory came from Charles Darwin in 1859. The modern version of the big bang theory came from George Gamow and colleagues in the 1940s, and (3) string theories came in the 1980s from Michael Green of Queen Mary College, London, and John Schwarz of the California Institute of Technology.

Interestingly, all three theories, which have been very costly to the taxpayers, have never been proved and no proofs are even expected. So, the development of these three theories has the effect of adding three new religions to the USA. Isn’t it time to eliminate the flow of taxpayer funds to atheistic research projects? My scientific proof of God says that atheism will never produce any provable theory. So, why should the US government fund research projects that will never be proven?

These theories have side effects because they are also creating three new US subcultures. Don’t subcultures divide a nation? Unfortunately, the minds of the people of a new subculture become closed. When this happens, such people do not even want to hear new ideas. Subcultures can thus decrease the production of new sciences. This human behavior is dangerous for any nation because a closed-minded person is no different from the mind of a smoker who cannot quit. I have been experiencing the negative effects of a subculture of close- minded evolutionists. They do not want to hear about any newness that would expose the falsity of evolutionary theory. So, they do not want to hear about my scientific proof of God. This proof shows that the above three theories are false.

Government action must be taken immediately to correct this wasteful flow of taxpayer money. Or is the USA for sale as the pic signifies?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Field of Physics Is Failing Again

Most US citizens do not know that the field of physics seeks and gets billions of dollars from the US government only because they do not use the word God in their research reports. But, other fields of thought also do not use the word God in their reports. So, they can also get this free money from the taxpayers. What made these sweet arrangements possible? The answer is simple. Government, specifically the US Supreme Court, made this flow of money possible when it decided that the Declaration of Independence was not part of the body of US laws. This Supreme Court error is still unknown to Congress and the President. So, government agencies, such as the National Science Foundation, and these fields of thought have formed a quiet partnership that can use taxpayer monies at will. And, they can use this money without even producing something useful for US citizens. This ‘government/all fields of thought complex’ is worse than the ‘military/industrial complex’ that was identified by President Eisenhower.

When the field of physics learned that a chemical atom can be split into smaller and smaller parts, they did not like what they found --- that the true atoms were not there. So, they decided to fabricate the true atom. This atom is called a ‘string.’ But, this fabricated atom exists only in the minds of physicists. Thus, the reality of an atom is only a guess. However, I knew that the string is not the true atom soon after I heard about the string theory. I knew the string is not the true atom because its one dimenitional lenght is still divisible. The true atom is actually indivisible, So, for the last 30 years, string theorists and government agencies have been having a good and long party. Now they have a hangover and want to pass their hangover over to the taxpayers. This new and unlawful government/physics complex was made possible when government removed God from itself. Thus, while most people in the USA believe in God and I worked hard to prove scientifically that God exists, this new complex can operate as long as its members say, 'I reject God.' The Union of the USA has indeed become very irrational!!!!!!

To learn more about this new failure in the field of physicists, read the new book by Lee Smolin, "The Trouble With Physics." This failure has many impacts. One will be Darwin's evolutionary theory, which depends totally on the field of physics. Smolin wants the school of physics to return to basic ides about space, time, and the quantum world. I do not agree fully with Smolin on the ideas of space and time because space is God-made, in His Intelligent Design of the universe, whereas time is man-made. But, increasing research on the idea of a quantum world is excellent. Bernard Haisch, in his book on "The God Theory,' also suggests more research on quantum mechanics. If quantum mechanics is developed and aligned to Leibniz's true atoms, which is his monadology and which I apply in my book, I believe that a new and real school of physics will redevelop. When will physicists recognize God and His activities in the universe? The unshaken proof of God's existence is found in my book. This proof is a new opportunity for those string theorsts who are losing interests in strings.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is It True to Say, ‘A Theory Can Never Be Proven?'

England’s Richard Dawkins supports the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin. I reject Dawkins' book and Darwin's theory because I believe in God and know that a belief in evolutionary theory is inconsistent with a belief in God.

However, evolutionists are trying to save evolutionary theory from its defeat by the theory of God. One way they try to save Darwin’s theory is to say ‘a theory can never be proven because it can be disproved.’ Such a statement is made by B. Anderson in my review of Dawkins’ book titled ‘The Blind Watchmaker. Click. Scroll down to Dawkins’ book and click on Comment. Then, scroll down to "B Anderson.’ There, Anderson says,

"Dear George, All scientists know that a theory can NEVER be proven. It can only be disproved. I will not critique your education or your experience as a scientist, however reading every piece of literature written by so-called scientists about topics of religion, global warming, medicine, etc. takes a tremendous amount of time. Thus, most of us choose carefully what we will spend our time on. A statement like "...evolutionary theory, which is a theory that is waiting to find its first proof" is tremendously telling. I will read your book and your blog if I have time. But it is pretty far down on my list. "

Anderson has a beautiful and open mind. This kind of mind is hard to find today in the USA. However, my scientific proof of God, once proven, can never be disproved. Anderson’s statement contains only a half-truth. It is true only about theories about things in the universe. When God is added to the world with the universe, one learns that God would never change and would be the same God for all people forever.

So, once God has been proven by many people, the proof of God never changes Only theories about God’s universe will change. This is why I teach that the universe is changing from one phase to the next phase, just as the integer numbers go from 1 to 2, 3, 4, ...etc. And, just no highest integer exists, the universe has no highest phase. This is why I say that spirits never die. Only their bodies die and only because of aging.

So, I urge you to evaluate my scientific proof of God. This is a simple proof from God, who Nicholas of Cusa called ‘the Simple One.’ If you were to study the subjects in my book, you must purchase many books. Your studies would also take 25 yearsa, the time it took me. The works of Plato and Nicholas of Cuse would require long studies. One problem in this study is that you must remove your Aristotle MINDSET from your brain and then you must reorganize your brain into a Platonic MINDSET. My book speeds and simplifies your great task. So, get a copy now before my works are also lost, as Plato's and Cusa's works were lost for 2000 years and 500 years respectively. I conclude that the early reviewers of my book did not really review my book because it would take too much time time. So, they offered the only review they could ... dishonorably. The pic is a sign of what you can expect if you do not open my book to its simplicities.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Logicians and the English Language Are Hiding God From US

In his Sophist dialogue (at 257b) Plato says, When we speak of that which is not, it seems that we do not mean something contrary to what exists but only something that is different. This statement clarifies the meaning of the word ‘not’ and gives our minds a new mental ability known as negation or the negative. This statement distinguishes this new mental ability from logical reasoning and the logic developed by Aristotle. However, because Aristotle’s logic became dominant in the Western world, Plato’s statement never entered the languages of the Western world. For this reason, Western world logicians and Western world languages, such as the English language, are hiding God from people. Good news though. Plato's negative led to the negative theology of Nicholas of Cusa, about which most Americans are ignorant. I teach this negative theology in Part IIa of my book.

I have tried to inform people about Plato’s negative ever since my book, The First Scientific Proof of God, went on sale. For instance, I failed to teach Plato’s negative to the mathematicians and scientists associated with the Instead, I was defamed. For example, they said that I am an old cranky man with dementia and am not intelligent enough to write a book. Yet, my book, once read, will become one of the most important books on the subjects of God and the human mind in the Western world. Today, my book is virtually unknown.

Thus, the minds of Western world citizens are missing the mental ability that God gave us and that Plato discovered. This missing mental ability can be explained by looking at today’s meanings of the words not and negative in a good dictionary. These current dictionary meanings will lead our minds only to logical reasoning. But, higher positives cannot be found with logic. Since our mathematicians and scientists are unaware of Plato’s discovery and do not consider God because of this unawareness, the development of new mathematics and sciences are becoming rare. Are human conflicts, wars, terrorism, crime, drug use, etc. the result of not developing this missing mental ability? I say yes. In fact, the lack of developing Plato’s, increases the use of logical thinking, could be the cause of cancer and other diseases. More and more doctors are saying that negative thinking is not a healthy mind.

The logicians associated with did not understand me when I told them that the human mind must raise itself above logical reasoning to find higher ideas and to find closer views of God. I told them that opposites (or contraries) can coexist and that such opposites are governed by both/and logic rather than either/or logic. They did not understand me and never developed an interest in what I was teaching. Their interest was merely to encourage people not to by my book and not accept my proof of God.

Logicians do not seem to understand higher ideas. For instance, they do not seem to understand that the pair of opposites, one/many, can coexist and form a higher idea we call ‘a whole.’ Nor do they seem to understand that many things originate from one thing we named God. Further, they do not seem to understand other higher ideas, for instance, that the medical pair of opposites, mind/body, coexist and form a ‘one/many relation.’ Furthermore, they do not seem to understand that the pair of opposites permanence/change expose many different higher ideas such as the coexistence of God/Universe. For similar reasons, they might not understand the coexistence of socialism/freedom in a political system. They don’t seem to know about Plato’s negative because our English language and dictionaries are flawed due to Aristotle’s logic. Thus, instead of developing mathematics to explain the difference between the pair of opposites, competence and incompetence, logicians would probably use words, such as very, very, very, ... to give a middle region of thought for these opposites.

The pic shows a typical brain. It is an organ used by our minds. Below, I show that the mind must make a choice to think logically or dialectically. Dialectical thoughts seek new ideas about God and the universe. Since this choice is not made by the brain, the mind-brain relation is organized by the principle of the mind, not the brain. When we use Plato’s negative, we begin by finding something positive in the universe. Then, when we negate this positive, we have two choices. If the mind chooses to turn back to this positive or to some other positive in the universe, the mind is using logical reasoning. However, if the mind chooses to turn upwardly, the mind has moved beyond logic and has turned to a higher positive thing or the highest thing, which is the origin of all positive things in the universe. This highest thing is God!!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A George Shollenberger Report to All Christians

The book by Sam Harris, The End of Faith, the book by Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, and the Big Bang theory are forming a kind of terrorism against Christianity and other religions. These two books and theory promote godless ideas. Harris would build a major political party for the atheists. Dawkins would build a new educational power to teach every US child the godless and false evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin. This teaching would convert many children to atheists. And, the Big Bang theory, an atheistic theory, would make human life a purposeless machine. Without purposes, a huge drug and sex culture will develop as never seen before. This is the future of our children unless a new political power is built to limit the power of this ‘godless political movement.’ I believe that three actions are needed to build this new political power.

First, the Supreme Court must bring the Declaration of Independence into the body of the US laws. It was in this body on July 4, 1776 but was removed by lawyers who did not understand Locke’s social contract. Don’t all contracts have at least two parties? Certainly. The founders identified one party as the people and the second party as government. (Note. Locke’s term society is thus changed to the people.) To define the people, the founders prepared the Declaration of Independence first. Then, to define government, they prepared the Constitution.

So, the Supreme Court must act immediately to correct this awful error. With this correction, ‘the people’ becomes something permanent whereas ‘government’ is allowed to change (be amended). In this social contract, sovereignty lies in ‘the people.’ As seen, a social contract has two opposing and coexisting social units, society and government. Both units struggle with each other to maintain their existence. Clearly, this social contract forms a true free nation. Unfortunately, the USA has never been a really free nation.

Second, religions must unify themselves so that they all teach the same truths about a monotheistic God. Today, religions are selling their own ideas instead of teaching truths. A monotheistic God is certainly great. But, God’s rationality is also perfect. Thus, selling irrational ideas do not teach any truths about God. For instance, selling the idea that our world will end soon has no rational or scriptural base. In my book on The First Scientific Proof of God, I prove that God and the Universe were always together. Thus, without a beginning, God and the Universe can have no ending. So, our ability to reason tells us that the interpretations of the concepts Alpha and Omega (in Ch. 1, verse 8) in The Revelation of St. John the Divine in the Bible has been wrong for a long time and that the divinity of St. John might be false. My book also proves that life exists after death. But, how God gives us afterlife is unknown. No scripture or science can explain the afterlife process.

Third, my book above describes the major history of man’s effort to know a monotheistic God. This subject of man has indeed been very difficult. The subject of a monotheistic God has also made it difficult for man to know the universe in which we live and in which God appears as creator and creature (human). But, these difficulties cannot be hidden by those people who only comfort the body of other people every Sunday. A monotheistic God is pure and is pure reasoning. So, we must continuously comfort the mind by purifying our reasoning ability.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

A George Shollenberger Report to All Scientists Worldwide

The time is coming when people must decide whether they believe in God or not. This decision is becoming increasingly necessary because the world’s population, poverty, disease, and ignorance are growing. These growths are leading to international conflicts and wars over national resources and economies. Those people who sit on the fence between these two decisions are also increasing. Those who stand there are the atheists. Some of them will believe in God, not because scriptures say, but only if God’s existence is proven. A second group of atheists says that God’s existence can never be proven. They are atheistic scientists and evolutionists who believe in the Big Bang and evolutionary theories.

About eleven months ago I offered a scientific proof of God in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. Only the atheistic scientists and evolutionists are rejecting this proof. They are the atheists who say that God cannot be proven. The purpose of this report is to explain to all scientists that a belief in God is the only rational decision.

I argue that the Big Bang theory is false. My argument is based on the logical statement, ‘that all finite things in the universe must originate in an infinite qua infinite thing’. It is thus a contradiction to say that all finite things can be originated by a finite thing. If all finite things in the universe come from an exploding thing, the origin of the exploding thing must still be an infinite qua infinite thing. Clearly, the only infinite qua infinite thing is God. The Big Bang theory is a creation theory that its followers are trying to reduce. It is thus false. God’s creation is an open system and has no beginning or end. Further, if it is true, the Big Bang theory would have to produce living things out of nonliving things. Such a production process has never been found or ever observed. So, both the Big Bang and evolutionary theories are false. But, their falsities could heve been expected because the field of physics and its string theory are falling apart. The physicists do not know the origin of the physical laws. But they would get a hint if they sought knowledge of God by taking a look at my scientific proof of God.

For millions of years, man had the hunch that God exists. This hunch turned into formal records of man’s ideas about God and observations about the universe that God made. These records became known as scriptures. I reject the idea that these scriptures were dictated by God because God has no discursive ‘talk language.’ But, my analysis of the New Testament is different because I conclude that the teachings of Jesus Christ are of divine origin. Further research informed me that an infinite God creates a universe that has no end and thus must appear in our world at specific phases. Thus, all people are always reborn after death. How God designed this reincarnation process is unknown. Since I concluded that God cannot talk with us, I did learn that God and every person exchange information.

The error of the atheists with respect to my scientific proof of God is their demand to limit all human thought to logical reasoning. Thus, they are viewing the world as a machine. Their error emerges from their ignorance of a monotheistic God. A monotheistic God has no discursive talk language. To understand God, we must develop symbolic languages in all sciences, just as physicists developed physical laws. The symbols begin in our minds as new ideas where they are only objects of our minds. They do not merely represent objects in the things we find in the universe. With our ability to perceive, symbols give us the ability to conceive God’s design of the universe. With precise meanings of symbols, we can conceive God’s design accurately. It is thus clear that God made our minds so that we can rise above logical reasoning to prove God, increase our understanding of Him, and conceive new ideas about the universe forever. I lifted my mind above logic to find that God exists and is the origin of all finite things.

Clearly, it is time for the real scientists to stand up and be counted. It is also time to remove the Big Bang and evolutionary theories from the minds of our students. These theories can be replaced by the latest theories about God and the Universe. It is also time to unify the churches, temples, and mosques socially.

For more information about me, see blog 'Who Is George Shollenberger?' (April 13, 2007).

Friday, May 18, 2007

Three Reviews of My Book and My Comments on the Internet Book Store

Three reviews of my book appeared on the Internet book store in the late days of the month of May 2007. I made comments on them. Click If you click on "see all my review," you will learn that they have little experience as book reviewers. One of them, bookjunky, has the most reviews -- four. Compare them with my 55 book reviews. Click I could, but will not, improve my Amazon review rank by removing the reviews of those atheistic books that I reviewed. As seen, I have helped many buyers. These buyers had no difficulty in reading my reviews. So, the reviewer's claim about my writing skills are false.

As seen, the first three reviews of my book are from atheists. The intention to stop the sales of my book over the last nine months is very clear.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

A George Shollenberger Report to the Field of Religion in the USA

The field of religion might be unaware of two new events that will have major impacts on all US religions. One event is a breakthrough in the fields of religion. This breakthrough increases knowledge of God and God’s creation significantly. The second event is a rising force in the USA that would reduce the field of religion significantly. However, the rising opposition appears to violate Amendment I of the Constitution and lowers the rights of religions to develop new religious ideas freely.

The breakthrough unifies the fields of theology and science. It will fill the pews, unify different religions, and transform churches, temples, and mosques into beautiful spiritual/social unites. This breakthrough can be expected to spread throughout the world and create a kind of peace that simultaneously prevents war.

The unification brings God and His creation together as a single world. Although God and His creation were never separated, we have never understood how they work together. Today, we have a scientific proof of God. And, we can explain how God and His creation are connected. Now, we know that God and His creation have always been together. Knowing that have always been together, we now also know that this single world has no end. So, we are now certain that life never ends. This new knowledge also has a great history since it is connected to the teachings of great personalities such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, Constantine, Nicholas of Cusa, Gottfried Leibniz, and Georg Cantor.

The breakthrough does not answer those deeper questions such as ‘how does God give us life after death. This answer must wait for new research results. But, I believe that the answer is close. The breakthrough does tell us other knowledge, for instance, that God is intervening into our lives, that God does appear in our world, and that God and humans exchange information. This new and beautiful world is discussed in my book, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God. Interestingly, the breakthrough is already moving into the future where it will connect to the quantum mechanic discussed by Bernard Haisch in his new book, The God Theory. And, I expect this quantum mechanic to connect to the vibration theories on strings and the New Thought program of the Unity Church.

After my book was published, only weeks passed before evolutionists began to attack my character by saying that my brain damage in 1993 could not produce a readable book. I disagreed and told them to read it. They refused and have continued this attack for over nine months. Over the last week or so, they added three different book reviews of my book on As expected these reviews are negative and still focus on the assassination of my character. They do not discuss the breakthroughs. So, it is clear that their reviews have a hidden purpose.

I conclude that the attacks of these evolutionists violate Amendment I of the US Constitution. Amendment I says that government cannot establish a religion because this would reduce the rights of all other religions. So, the US Constitution protects the freedom of all religions as well as separating religions from government. When I conducted research and wrote this book, I joined the field of religion. When these evolutionists acted to prevent me from serving people in the field of religion, I say that the evolutionists have violated the Constitution and reduced my rights and the rights of all US religions.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Opposing Forces That Hope to Stop the Development of the God-Universe System

The development of the God-Universe System encountered opposing forces soon after its birth. After Abraham identified monotheism, polytheism degenerated, and the work of Moses on the creation began. So, opposing forces will not appear until the works of Plato turns Socrates’ negatives into positives.

To create these positives, Plato rejected Aristotle’s categorical reasoning. He also limited Aristotle’s logical reasoning. With this rejection and limitation, Plato’s mind begins to move upwardly and above logic toward God’s wisdom. There, he found a new field of thought and called it ‘the intelligible.’ There, he also found the God-Universe System and named it Being and Becoming. In his Parmenides, Plato shows his new domain of thought. There, he shows that God must exist by proving (1) that One alone is false, (2) that if One is, it has others, and (3) that nothing exists if One does not exist. Since the God-Universe System is an open system and has no end, freedom is a basic human need. Plato recognized this natural need and taught Alexander the Great, who would free the people in many nations. However, the enemies of the God-Universe had Plato exiled to Egypt and Alexander the Great was poisoned. Some say that the logician and chemist, Aristotle, poisoned Alexander. Aristotle had a motive because he saw man as a social animal. He also associated with people who liked to rule people.

Next, the teachings of Jesus Christ were mostly about the God-Universe System. He also teaches that the universe has no end. But, his teachings led to oppositions. These oppositions led to his death on the Cross. Of course, no one knows who really murdered him. But, this is the way an enemy of the God-Universe System thinks and behaves.

Moving on, against many enemies, Constantine introduced the first Trinity in 325 AD. The Trinity is found only in the minds of people who rises above logic in order to think in the domain of intelligence. Constantine did not move the Church to Rome. Instead, his followers formed and became known as the Eastern Christians. Interestingly, they are Platonists. So, they are credited with introducing Plato to the Western Christians during the Renaissance. But, the Eastern Christians were chased out of Istanbul and finally had to move north, to Moscow.

Next, the works of Bishop Nicholas of Cusa bring an unbelievable number of new ideas to the God-Universe System, too many to discuss here. I mention only his 1440 book, On Learned Ignorance. In this book he shows that the universe has no center. Certainly, Galileo knew about Cusa because both were associated with the Padua University. So, when Galileo said that the earth is not the center of the universe and was imprisoned by the Roman Church, who was Galileo quoting, Copernicus (1473-1543) or Cusa (1401-1464)? Cusa shows that the God-Universe System is eternal and has no end. This eternity would probably disturb any Pope who teaches that the universe comes to an end.

Since the work of Cusa is huge and complex to understand, it was natural for his works to die in the Roman Church. However, his works are reappearing more than 500 years later in the USA through the American Cusanus Society. This society seems to be associated with the Roman Catholic Church. Now I ask, how can any Christian church reject the God-Universe System when they do not even know Nicholas and his great works on the God-Universe System? Today, it seems as though the Roman Catholic Church is the only Christian church that is supporting the development of the God-Universe System.

Moving on, Gottfried Leibniz was one of history’s greatest thinkers. He was known as a ‘walking encyclopedia.’ Since all of the works of Leibniz are focused on the God-Universe System, Leibniz was both feared and loved by scientists and mathematicians. Newton feared his intelligence. The British empiricists feared his intelligence. And the English Crown feared him politically. Yet, Leibniz died as a pauper. However, his followers could not propagate his works because Leibniz’s work on Monadology was too difficult to understand. I give his monads life in my book.

Next, the works of Georg Cantor produce the new numbers called the transfinite numbers. The God-Universe System would not develop properly without his new numbers. Yet, his transfinite numbers are not even being developed by our mathematicians. Again, logicians rejected Cantor’s work. Under stress from the logicians, he became a very sick man. Yet, mathematicians finally admitted that Cantor’s work is one of the greatest accomplishments in the field of mathematics.

Finally, atheists, logicians, and scientists associated with Darwin’s evolution theory, the American Museum of Natural History (NYC), and the scientists and mathematicians associated with the ScienceBlogs website are trying to destroy the God-Universe System. They are doing this by assassinating my character without even evaluating my work. Recently, they continued this assassiation by entering negative reviews of my books on As my website shows, they began this activity within weeks after my book was published. To date, this destruction has been successful. My work consists of the first scientific proof of God, thescientific connection of God to the universe, and the use of Leibniz's monads as spiritual atoms of the universe. I also unify the fields of science and theology, show the root cause of crime, reinterpret some teachings of Jesus Christ, and organize Christ's teachings into a system.

Since the opposing forces against my works on the God-Universe System are growing in the USA, it is possible that my work on the God-Universe System will become lost, just as the works of Plato and Cusa were lost. This means that atheists will be able to weaken all religions politically and theologically. In June, I will become 78 years old and time is running out.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A History of the God-Universe System

The God-Universe System is hardly known today. Yet, this system has been developing for more than three thousand years ago. So, I decided to describe this system in a book after I found the first scientific proof of God. I believe I made an error when I titled the book as "The First Scientific Proof of God." I should have titled it as "A History of the God-Universe System." If I ever make a second edition, I will certainly use the God-Universe title. To correct this error immediately, I will describe the God-Universe system using blogs in this website.

The God-Universe System began to emerge with the work of Abraham. I conclude that his work was augmented primarily by the new works of Moses, Plato, Jesus Christ, Constantine, Nicholas of Cusa, Gottfried Leibniz, and Georg Cantor. My work is the latest work that will augment the works of these personalities. Certainly, other names can be added to this list. However, I view the works of these personalities as significant contributions to the development of the God-Universe system. Further, I argue that the works of these personalities are not arbitrary works. Instead, I say that these works are (1) necessary work, (2) godly works, and (3) being influenced by God in different ways. For instance, I know that my contributions are highly influenced by the divine teachings of Jesus Christ.

The God-Universe System replaced polytheism, a belief that God created all things in the universe by placing Himself in each thing. So, polytheists thought that God actually transformed Himself into the Universe. This polytheistic thought was rejected by Abraham. With Abraham, God and the Universe coexist (exist together) and the God-Universe System is born.

Following Abraham, the work of Moses is centered on God’s creation of the universe. His work is found in the Genesis of the Old Testament. The work of Plato is centered on the God-Universe System as a Being and Becoming union. Being is God and Becoming is the Universe. His work is found in his Timaeus dialogue. The work of Jesus Christ is that of a teacher and deals with many new ideas about God and the Universe. The work of Constantine is centered on God as a Trinity. The work of Nicholas of Cusa is centered on (1) incomprehensive truths, (2) negative theology, (3) God as an ‘identity’ and Universe as ‘difference, and. (4) symbolism. The work of Leibniz is centered on the Universe as a set of spiritual atoms and bodies in motion, which are understood by the infinitesimal calculus. The work of Cantor is centered on God as an absolute infinity and the Universe as set of finite infinities counted by transfinite numbers. My work is centered on (1) the scientific proof of God, (2) the unification of God and the Universe scientifically and with a single symbolic language, and (3) the unification of all people and all nations.
The pic above represents the future of people and how they can work together to build knowledge of the God-Universe System. In the next blog, I will describe those negative forces that have tried to stop the development of this system.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The First Scientific Proof of God Has Surprises

My proof of God using the famous ‘scientific method of proof’ has surprises. These surprises show that my proof is inconsistent with some religious teachings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I begin by saying that my proof of God also proves that God’s monotheism is true. These two proofs give one a new view of God and the universe and also questions some current interpretations of scriptures. Since a monotheistic God can have no oppositions such as Satan, I conclude that a celestial world in between God and created things in the universe does not exist. This conclusion tells me that God is always touching all things in the universe spiritually. This spiritual touch will be understood if one understands the spiritual atoms that I use in my modern theory of God’s creation.

The greatness of a true monotheistic God is seen when one learns that God and the universe have always been one, always coexist, and will coexist forever. This means that God-universe exists as a unity, that this unity has permanence (God) but also has phase changes (universe) and that both have no end. So, Moses was correct to speak about the creation using the symbol ‘day.’ To Moses, day one meant ‘phase one’ or the oneness of the ‘God-universe.’ Thus, the second day meant ‘phase two’ and the twoness of the God-universe. After phase six, Moses recognized ‘phase seven’ as a shift in the nature of God’s creating effort. Today, we might view ‘phase seven’ as the maintenance or adjustment phase. Since these phases have no end, we must conclude that God and the creation had no beginning. Thus, I conclude that God is always working on some phase of the universe. We can now see that time is something created by man’s mind. This intelligent creation by man is important because time helps man to find signs about the universe. These signs are needed as Jesus Christ taught in Matthew, Ch. 24 of the New Testament.

In that chapter of Matthew, Jesus informs us that the sun darkens. Why did Jesus give us this information? Clearly, Jesus did not tell us that He will return only a second time in order to save some people and take them into the final creation phase, which consist of a paradise for some people and a hell for other people. In the same chapter, Jesus tells us that we must know the meanings of signs. These signs are the laws of the stars and give man knowledge just as an olive tree knows the seasons. I conclude that Jesus taught the darkening of the sun so that we will learn that all life must eventually end on earth. Today, science knows that life on earth could last for a few billions years. So, I conclude that humans will not be leaving this earth soon. The pic is our buttery sun that feeds us.

Since the scientific proof of God informs me that God must appear in our world as a teacher, I conclude that God’s work in phase seven will beautify the universe, save us from the darkening of suns, and give us life after death. Further, if one understands how the spiritual atoms work together, one can conclude quickly that God can intervene into the laws of nature without changing them. Since the world of today is becoming ugly, I conclude that God’s intervention into this ugliness is already at work.

A special message is sent here to Judaism and Islam because the monotheism of God confirms the Christian Trinity. However, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit must be transformed into a scientific structure. This was accomplished in the 15th century by Nicholas of Cusa. I make use of Nicholas’ transformation so that I can connect God scientifically to the universe. This connection was necessary so that I was able to unify God and the universe rationally. As seen, some mysteries of the past are being eliminated.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Pattern of Sales of My Book

I have been watching the sales of my book since last fall on Its sales rank today had a similar pattern it had last fall. This pattern changes every three weeks. Its rank thus moves from 70-90 thousands to over a million every three weeks. When thinking about this regular pattern and knowing my book, I speculate that the study of my book has been very difficult for a single person and that groups of people are studying it. However, I believe a single person can study my book if that person understands the nature of symbolic languages. Thus, a single student will be helped if they read my discussion of symbolic languages beginning on my blog dated 2/23/07. This beginning has 11 blogs and ends with a final blog on 3/14/07

The Difference Between Me, the Darwinian Biologists, and the Biochemical Biologists

In the second paragraph the Preface of Darwin’s Black Box, the author and biochemist, Michael J. Behe, says: ’Yet understanding how something works is not the same as understanding how it came to be. For instance, I was able to find the first scientific proof of God because I sought the origin of ‘all finite things’ in the universe. On the other hand, the Darwinian biologists say that all living things have their origin in nonliving matter. However, in the mid-1950s, biochemical biologists distinguished themselves from the Darwinian biologists saying that life is a molecular phenomena and act as the nuts, bolts, and pulleys of biological systems. But, they do not know the origin of the molecules.

The biochemists seem to making more progress. But, the Darwinian biologists do not seem to be doing anything useful for people. Biochemists are helping people by identifying new molecular systems. For instance, five biochemists discovered what is called ‘glyconutrients’ and Mannatech of Texas distributes it to people. Glyconutrients solve the problems of sick people and prevent sickness by correcting the communications between cells by interacting with the carbohydrates we eat. The performance of the glyconutrients is unbelievable. I also found other hi-tech stuff such as Microhydrin and HydraCel from Royal Body Care of Texas. So what are the Darwinian biologists doing for people?

Biochemists do not know the origin of their molecules. But, I can tell them that their origin is known by me. They will be found in the spiritual atoms I use in the modern creation theory I describe in my book. They are found in God’s Intelligent Design and thus come from God. In the pic, the person is using an electron microscope. This microscope cannot see my spiritual atoms. But, as this microscope is improved, our biochemists will get closer and closer to my spiritual atoms. But, they will never see them because they would be seeing God. As one can see, an endless universe is unbelievably beautiful.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The George Shollenberger Report to ‘The People’ of the USA on the Debates Between the Theory of Creation and the Theory of Evolution

The debates on the theory of creation and the theory of evolution are spread throughout the States of the USA and among governors, legislators, educators, and parents. In Washington, three groups of leaders discuss these theories. One group consists of believers in creation. They reject evolution. The second group consists of atheists who accept evolution. The third group consists of believers in creation who also accept evolution. The third group seems to be guided by the Catholic Church. Shollenberger argues for creation and says that creation cannot coexist with evolution scientifically.

In the late 1990s, a debate on these two theories was conducted by the National Academy of Science. A report was issued in 1999. I conclude that this report was biased because the report has twenty-nine pages on evolutionary theory but only one page on creation theory. Apparently, this 15-member debating group had only one defender of creation. The report of the Academy supports the teaching of evolution in public high schools.

Unfortunately, the defender of creation was defending only one specific interpretation of the Genesis in the Bible. This interpretation says that the creation began about 4000 years ago. Shollenberger rejects this interpretation saying that the creation of generations of heavens and earths must have taken billions of years before the first rain came. ( See Gen. 2:4-5). So, at least two biblical interpretations of Moses’ creation theory exist. But, other creation theories exist. Plato proposed a third creation theory. (Timaeus) And, Nicholas of Cusa proposed a fourth creation theory in the 15th century (On Learned Ignorance). Today, scientific proofs of God also exist. A scientific proof of God says that a creation theory exists. One of these proofs of God is found in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. This scientific proof is a general proof of God and applies all created things. Other scientific proofs use particular created things such as the brain or photon. (Use Google or Yahoo and search on ‘scientific proof of God.’)

Now, I show why the theory of evolution is not a science. I use the work of Charles Darwin as reported in ‘The Origin of the Species’ (1859) and ‘The Descent of Man’ (1874). Darwin says that the origin of all species is found in ancestors. Thus, he says that humans and apes have the same ancestor. Today, evolutionists say that these ancestors come from nonliving things. Then, physicists say that all nonliving things come from a single thing, which is a physical particle in the Big Bang theory. However, the ancestors of the species have never been found. Nor has any scientist shown that nonliving things can create living ancestors and species. Further, the Big Bang theory is not proven and also has a contradiction, as I point out in my book. Should the theory of evolution be taught? Shollenberger says no, even if the creation theories and scientific proofs of God are taught.

A review of Darwin’s work on the descent of man raises a major scientific problem because Darwin’s science classifies all species. When he classifies them, he classifies humans as an animal. This classification scheme allows Darwin to connect man and apes rationally so they have the same ancestor. With Darwin, the difference between an ape and man is simply a gradual change from ape to man. In Book III of his book On Learned Ignorance, Cusa shows that all species can be distinguished perfectly and infinitely on a single continuum. Only the Intelligent Design of a perfect God can construct such a continuum.

However, why did he classify species? History answers this question. History tells us that categorical reasoning came from Aristotle and his logically created meanings. This is the way Aristotle could understand the world. Clearly, Darwin’s evolutionary science was derived from Aristotle’s categorical reasoning and his logical reasoning to define concepts. One can quickly conclude that Darwin aligned his thoughts to Aristotle. We can see this alignment when Darwin uses Aristotle’s saying ‘that man is a social animal.’ Darwin’s alignment to Aristotle is expected because Aristotelean scientists and empiricists were controlling the English language and the English mind during his time. Darwin and Karl Marx aligned their thoughts when both say that socialism is the highest development of man.

Aristotle’s categorical reasoning and logic were rejected by scientists in Paris before the Renaissance. They were replaced with the idea of continuity. Continuity led to Descartes’ analytical geometry in France and to Leibniz’s infinitesimal calculus in Germany. Continuity also led to functional relations in mathematics. At Darwin’s time, Aristotle was still an idol in England and the English language and the English mind began to degenerate because facts, facts, facts, ... will destroy any culture. To develop a true science continua must be used. For instance, temperature became a true science when temperature’s logically created categories such as hot, warm, cold, cool, and tepid were dropped and a numbered continuum of temperature was developed and led to the thermometer.

Darwin also says that knowledge can also be categorized. He thus says that the interval between man and apes is filled with numberless gradations of knowledge. So, Darwin’s science would say that we can identify all human knowledge, all ape knowledge, all beaver knowledge, all flee knowledge, etc., all human instincts, all ape instincts ..., all human memories, all ape memories, ... etc. This implies that knowledge has an end. I see no end to anything in the universe. To logically categorize nature is not science and should not be taught in any school.

By the early 1700s, the debates between the empiricists and rationalists began. By 1776 many European people had left their lands to build a free nation under God in America. In America, these people already knew that it is through moral laws that man frees himself. They placed moral laws in the Declaration of Independence along with the ‘laws of nature.’ They called these moral laws the ‘law of nature’s God.’ Did the early colonists from England know what was coming in England with the philosophy and logic of Aristotle and the ungodly social categories that England would develop?

Darwin says that moral senses differ between man and the lower animals. In Ch. 4 of Descent of Man, Darwin says that a huge difference exists between man and the lower animals on the general category of ‘moral sense.’ I say that this difference cannot be measured. My research says that a creator God must appears in the universe. This necessary appearance will not cause the knowledge of apes, beavers, bacteria, etc. to increase. Only man’s knowledge will grow because only man can communicate linguistically with the appearing God.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This Website No Longer Accepts Comments From 'Anonymous'

Thanks, George

Monday, May 07, 2007

The George Shollenberger Report to the US Government on the Root Cause of the Division of People Worldwide

Recently, I completed four reports to believers on my defense of God. All of them should be read to learn how divided Americans are becoming. This fifth report is for the US government and discusses the root cause that divides people throughout the world. At first, I thought that the division of people is caused by the beliefs and disbeliefs in God. But, after I found a scientific proof of God and published this proof in a book on June 2006 titled The First Scientific Proof of God,’ I concluded that the root cause, which is dividing people, had to be found in other phenomena or ideas.

Today, some people hold the idea that the universe has an end. For this reason, some mathematicians and scientists say respectively that mathematics can be completed and that science has an end. They also say that life has an end. Mathematical physicists say that an ultimate mathematical equation can be found to explain the end of our purely physical universe. Thus, reductionism, completeness, and maximum entropy influence their minds. Some religions agree that the universe has an end. But, these religions believe that life exists after death, in either Heaven or Hell. But, this report is not about any religion. However, it is about God and our theories about God. God and theories about God are constitutional subjects of the US government. These subjects are also mandated subjects of government by the Declaration of Independence, which I prove is the highest law in the USA. Yes, the US Supreme Court did make two major errors.

Beyond my scientific proof of God, my book also unifies science and theology. Recently, I decided to name this unity as a spiritual science. A spiritual science will question many current scientific ideas. In my book, I say that the universe and life have no ends. Thus, I say that the universe and life cannot be completed. However, my research on a monotheistic God is completed and thus perfect. Accordingly, I conclude that all people on this planet are being divided by the false idea that the universe can be completed. This false idea is thus the origin of atheism.

Mathematics and science have been telling us for a long time that a completed universe is false. Some examples follow. For instance, the infinitesimal calculus of Gottfried Leibniz has been applied to solve many human problems by mathematicians and scientists over the last 400 years. Solving problems with the infinite calculus do not lead to completions. The geometrical parabola, for instance, has no end. But we can use it with its first principle, the differential, and its mathematical law. Further, the integers 1, 2, 3, ... cannot be completed. This series of integers has no highest integer and requires only a first principle, the first integer, and the law. This law says: add the integer ‘1' to the last integer to identify the next integer. Also, look at the Fibonacci series, which is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, ... This series distinguishes certain plants. This series is also incomplete. This series has no end. It begins with a first principle, the number 1. The numbers grow based on a law that says: add the last two numbers to identify the next number. Georg Cantor found the law that generates all rational numbers, 1,2,1/2, 1/3, 2/2, ... He also found the continuum of numbers by finding a higher infinity. This higher infinity is the set of all irrational numbers.

Going beyond numbers, in the 1920s, independent researchers found that sense-data are primarily symbolic. This means that sense-data cannot be completed. Thus, the different qualities of the universe cannot be completed. In 1931, Kurt GÓdel said that the axiomatic method or deductive reasoning cannot develop a totality of true propositions. This statement is known as the ‘incompleteness theorem.’ Thus, logic cannot be used to complete any ultimate equation of the universe. So, the histories of mathematics and science are telling us that the universe has no end.

The spiritual science that I have been developing uses the monads developed by Leibniz. In my book, I refer to his monads as spiritual atoms. The spiritual atoms become the atoms of the universe. According to Leibniz, some of these atoms are dominating atoms. The dominating atoms have the first principle of all things found in the universe. Since God is the origin of all things in the universe, one can say that God is the Principle of all principles. Here, we see that a scientific proof of God must always be true because God is the only absolute truth. All truths we find in the universe are relativistic. So, a scientific proof of a thing in the universe can always be improved. Do the prime numbers and Riemann’s hypothesis identify these dominating first principles? I don’t know.

All spiritual atoms in the universe thus have a first principle and a specific law. This law governs the organizational aspects of the bodies formed by these atoms. For instance, a piece of steel has a first principle and its body functions according to a physical law of steel. Such a law is found in God’s Intelligent Design of the universe. Each human also has a first principle. We call it the soul. The body of a human is governed also by a physical law of humans. This law is also found in God’s Intelligent Design. However, the spiritual atom (or soul) of a human is not governed by a physical law. It is governed by a spiritual law, This law is specific to humans because God gave all humans responsibilities ( personal and social) that can be determined only with human knowledge. This is why humans are the only species that can build knowledge. This spiritual law is a set of moral laws that we must find. Thus, it is only through such moral laws that humans increase their freedom. Here we see that a person’s freedom is not absolute. The development of one of these moral laws is found in the Preamble of the US Constitution. It states, ‘... in order to make a more perfect Union.’

The US government cannot merely read and file this report. It must act is the security of the US is to be maintained. Finding the root cause that divided people means that all governments should act morally and develop a universal peace treaty among all nations. The wealth of a nation will depend only on such treaties I suggest how some of these changes might be made in my book. I ask readers of this report to inform their representatives in Washington about this important report. This report shows that the Iraq War can be won.

Friday, May 04, 2007

A Fourth Report to Believers on My Defense of God

I argue that my scientific proof of God, my unification of science and theology, my spiritual atoms, and my initial development of a single symbolic language that connects God to all things in the universe will change the world well beyond our current imaginations. Further, I argue that the US Declaration of Independence is the highest law of the USA and that the two laws, Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, are the second highest laws. Furthermore, I argue that evolutionary theory is false.

Beyond these arguments, I say that my spiritual atoms are the atoms of the universe and form all things in the universe. The work of Bernard Haisch, in his book on The God Theory, explains how God’s infinite light is transformed into finite light, which functions for all things in the universe. This transformation is a quantum mechanic. Currently, this quantum is known as a photon and has no mass. His new photon will have mass and a spirit-body (or particle-wave) structure. Other functional spiritual atoms will be contracted from God’s light with quantum mechanics so that all things in the universe will have spirit-body structures.

In the USA, some mathematicians and scientists are supporting Darwin’s evolutionary theory. They say that I write irrationally and am too old to offer a scientific proof of God. Since evolutionary theory is a godless theory, they refuse to evaluate my scientific proof of God. On the other hand, believing mathematicians and scientists might be reviewing and evaluating scientific proofs of God but not in any coordinated form, to my knowledge. I believe that this kind of proofs are important and require coordination by our government. Foreign nations have access to all US books via the Internet book stores. Are they evaluating scientific proofs of God? I do not know.

In the USA, I argue that all sciences are stuck in the mud and are no longer progressive. Only the physical sciences can be said to be slightly progressive. Yes, new technologies, such as better musical instruments, better movies, better homes, better cars, and better medical care, are appearing. However, negatives also exist, such as medical care with side effects, uncontrolled inflation, increasing land costs, a vanishing middle class, high gasoline prices, new and strange crimes, continuing drug abuse, increased divorce rates, and the inability to cure cancer. But, I expect that US physical sciences will be able to produce only small breakthroughs anymore. The physical sciences must change by rejecting reductionism and hunting for Georg Cantor’s transfinite numbers and the irreducible complexities that God put in the universe to provide a permanent infrastructure for life everywhere.

Unfortunately, the life sciences have produced more pseudosciences than real sciences. These pseudosciences are appearing because the thoughts of many life scientists are linked tightly to the physical sciences and thus seek only Laws of Nature. So, I argue that the life sciences must change drastically by also finding Laws of Natures’s God and developing spirit-body relations. Without these change, I expect the USA consciousness to degenerate. With this degeneration, I expect the States to divide and develop separate cultures.

Interested readers of this report should inform their representatives in Washington and their new political candidates about this important report

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Third Report to Believers on My Defense of God

During my interaction with the ScienceBlogs and Good Math, Bad Math websites, I learned some important facts about evolutionary theory and how these blogs are promoting evolutionary theory to people as a reality. Since evolutionary theory is not a reality, these facts could be helpful to parents, educators, legislators, and judges.

First, an evolutionist is not a physical scientist who must take lots of mathematics and real science classes. Evolutionists are biologists who probably took a biology class in high school so that he or she could dissect frogs. Thus, most evolutionists never become real scientists who have the necessary mathematical skills to do real science. They are unfamiliar with the basic principles of science and are unable to understand the spiritual science that I use in my book. Those biologists who attain PhD levels can become biological research scientists. However, even these biologists will not be able to understand the spiritual science that I use because they do not consider spirits in their research. This is why medical research is developing medicines that have killer side effects and why health problems, such as cancer and diabetes, are not being solved.

My spiritual science begins with God. God is defined with three precisely defined symbols. These three symbols must then lead to other symbols that define the whole universe. In my book, I identify the first three symbols in the universe. I also identified other precise symbols in the universe. A single and endless symbolic language is proposed.

The ignorance of evolutionists about a spiritual science can be seen in the review of my book by Mark Chu-Carroll, the blogger of the Good Math, Bad Math website. His followers urged him to do a review because they could not review my spiritual science. But his review was a failure. His review was called lousy in one comment. But, this poor review was expected by me because he could not understand my spiritual science when I tried to explain this new science to him and his followers. I could not retrain them via the Internet.

Instead of learning the new spiritual science, the evolutionists decided to destroy the new science by assassinating my character. These assassinations can be seen in the blogs created by Carroll. See my blog dated May 1, 2007. This assassination continues in Carroll’s book review when he copies text from my book and makes changes to the text. What was Carroll’s intent?

The spiritual science found in my book is a real science. A real science cannot be developed with the highly flawed English language and with books written with a poetic-style as Richard Dawkins uses. The evolutionists expected me to write this way. Never would I write this way to describe a real science. Evolutionists think this way because evolutionary theory is a religion, not a science. This is why they do not understand a spiritual science, the scientific method of proof, and symbols. This is also why evolutionary theory will eventually fail.

In my book, I discuss Darwin’s evolutionary theory. I conclude that his research was not intended to be godless.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Second Report to Believers on My Defense of God

Yesterday, in my first report to believers on my defense of God, I was informing ‘the people’ of the USA that the American Museum of Natural History might be more than a museum. It seems also to be a political power for installing the evolutionary theory into the minds of Americans primarily by installing it into high schools. Over the last nine months, I also learned that the ScienceBlogs website works with this museum to oppose all proofs of God.

Further, I do not mind oppositions to my opinions. This is what free speech is all about. But, I believe that assassinating the characters of writers, a seemingly permanent behavior of the members of the ScienceBlogs website, is an immoral human behavior. In fact, I believe that such assassinations are no different than the assassination of Abe Lincoln. So, I believe that it is time to moralize the US Internet with new laws. Remember, it is through laws that humans moralize themselves.

The scientific proof of God in any book is a very important human event. It is not just another proof of something in the universe by a scientist. A scientific proof of God is a proof that God exists and is the only thing who could have created all things we have found, or will ever find, in the universe. In my studies, I learned that the power of a monotheistic God is awesome and that God’s power is beyond the many different forms of energy that we have found and use. Thus, there is no resource limits in the universe. So, I conclude that all people on planet earth or any other planet are already in God’s paradise. And, I also conclude that one will never leave this paradise.

Today, the highest priority of the people in all nations is to feed and help each other. But, the highest priority below that priority is to review and evaluate continually the proofs of God that are being offered in our book stores. These proofs, if accepted, are like new scriptures and connect new ideas to the scriptures we are using and interpreting. A widely accepted scientific proof of God will cause the godless evolutionary theory to be rejected.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Report to Believers on My Defense of God

My 25 years of research on the historical flow of ideas among people led to new truths about a monotheistic God. These truths strengthened and did not weaken man’s belief in God. This research also led to a new proof of God. This research and the new proof are described in a new book titled ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ The new book became available in late June 2006.

On June 9, I opened a Google website. From June 27-29, I suggested that the fields of religion, economics, medical care, and education restudy their works with respect to the new proof of God. And, in July 6, I made the same suggestion to the field of mathematics. The only response to my suggestions began in July 2006 from Mark Chu-Carroll, a mathematician who is the blogger of the Good Math, Bad Math blog. (Click) Another response came in August. 2006. (Click)

Carroll’s blog is part of a website known as ScienceBlogs. (Click) In time, I learned that Science Blogs is defending evolutionary theory, which is a godless theory centered in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. This museum was established in 1869, ten years after Charles Darwin’s book on the Origin of the Species was published.

In March of 2007, Carrol begins to add four new responses. (Click) ; (Click) ; (Click) ; and (Click) The fourth response was a review of my book. The book review was followed by Ed Brayton, a free lance writer. (Click) He presents me with a Robert O'brien trophy as just another crank who thinks that a proof of God has been found. Carroll now thinks that my cranky behavior and abnormal writing skills be included in the evolutionary theory study of the denialism of cranks. (Click)

As you can see, the ScienceBlogs is an organization of scientists and mathematicians who say that our brains come from nature, not God, and determine our behaviors. Yet, about 85% of Americans believe in God and that the mind, not the brain, determines our behaviors.