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Friday, February 29, 2008

More on Sam Harris and Neurology

In their research on neurological beliefs, Harris et al are assuming that statements can be classified perfectly so they can be identified as either true or false. This perfection has been achieved only in the physical sciences when it found physical laws. But, this perfection and physical science apply only to nonliving things. This perfection has never achieved in living things. I say that this perfection will never be achieved on living things because God exists and is creating nonliving and living things.

So, I believe that Harris et al will never be able to prove that a law will be found on the relations between neurons and human behaviors and human beliefs. So, if this research project is funded by the US government, the governmental funding of Harris et al research is taxpayer waste. In general, I say that ‘life science’ researchers are fools to follow the research paths of the physical sciences.

Below are the Editor’s excellent comments on Harris et al research.

This Editorial of the American Neurological Association (Published by Wiley) highlights the article, "A Neurology of Belief " by Oliver Sacks, MD, FRCP and Joy Hirsch, PhD, Columbia University Medical Center. This article discusses the research of Harris et al on neurological beliefs: This Editorial summarizes this article as follows:

1. That Harris’ enhances our understanding of a uniquely human cognitive ability to distinguish the true from the untrue.

2. That Harris supports "Spinoza’s conjecture that the mere comprehension of a statement entails the tacit acceptance of its being true," an almost reflexive, if provisional, assent, to be followed by a more deliberate weighing and assessment. Human beings, in other words, are wired to "accept appearances as reality until they prove otherwise." This seems to us to ring true.

3. That Harris finds that all reactions of assent or acceptance (or belief, if one prefers) are neurophysiologically identical, whether propositional judgments are made in the highly charged realm of ethical or religious issues or the seemingly neutral realm of arithmetical statements.

4. That if Harris’ results can be duplicated, Harris et al. will have made a fascinating discovery.

5. But are there different kinds of belief? Is belief in a simple statement whose truth can be checked (such as"Jesus spoke 2,467 words in the New Testament") comparable to forms of belief which we call "faith" or conviction, where assent is given to transcendent propositions which lie beyond the realm of evidence (such as belief in a soul, a god, heaven or hell)?

6. These are all questions for future research, and one hopes that such questions will now be addressed by Harris et al., as well as by other researchers. Harris and his colleagues have set up an original and elegant series of experiments, and that they have achieved such clearcut results represents a brilliant beginning to what we hope will be a whole series of ever deeper and more probing studies on the neurology of belief, a crucial aspect of human behavior and identity which has, until now, been beyond the reach of neuroscience.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sam Harris on Neurology

Sam Harris has informed us of his recent interim research on "A Neurology of Belief.' (click)" Harri's is the author of "The End of Faith"(click). His general theory is atheism. He newest Internet project is "The Reason Project." (click)

His research results must be reviewed and challenged continuously, especially before our politicians are sold on his false ideas. His major ignorance is his belief that absolute truths and absolute falsities exist outside of God. All created things contain only relative truths and falsities because all created things have a beginning, middle, and end. As long as atheists avoid my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God" (click), they will remain ignorant about God, the universe, and life.

So, challenge the atheists when they make false claims.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Economics, Medical Care, the Clintons (Bill and Hillary) and Other Presidential Candidates

In yesterday's blog, I said that a government-controlled medical system would fail. I say these words because such a system is socialistic, atheistic and works against the develop the human mind, which is a Spirit. The US economy, which is spoken of as laissez-faire capitalism by economics, also impedes the development of the human mind because this economy requires no national human goals.. Laissez-faire capitalism is promoted two ways. One way is to increase economic activity through business and industry. This is accomplished by funding the rich class hoping that these funds would trickle-down to the poor class. Thia way is also known as the supply-side economy. The other way is to fund unemployed citizens with public work jobs. This way is also known as the trickle-up economy.

Former President Clinton's administration followed the Reagan/ Bush administrations. These two administrations increased the federal debt when they used the trickle-down (or supply side) economy. This economy depends on the performance of the rich class. However, this economy did not work as I show on page 53 of my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God (click)."

When President Clinton entered the White House in 1993, he used the trickle-up economy. This is the Keynesian economy that President Roosevelt used to overcome the deep depression produced by the laissez-faire capitalism of President Hoover in the 1930. Clinton’s trickle-up economy did work and reduced the debt of the US government to zero. President George W. Bush also used the trickle-down economy. But, the National Debt has risen again as shown below.

If Hillary Clinton becomes the next US president, we can expect Hillary to follow Bill's thoughts and will install the trickle-up economy. Bu,t, Hillary can be expected to build a a government-controlled medical system. However, without national human goals, the trickle-up economy and the government-controlled medical system will not work long because these two economies activities will not promote the development of the human mind. We can only guess what economy and medical care system will be used by the other presidential candidates.

The proper development of the human mind is possible only in a nation under God. This statement is true because believers and nonbelievers have different views of the universe. The USA became a nation under God in 1776 because God was authorized in the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence. In the Declaration, the statement about the Laws of Nature and Nature's God is critical.. While both believers and nonbelievers seek the Laws of Nature only the believers are seeking the Laws of Nature';s God.

To seek the Laws of Nature's God, a believer must accept the proof that God exists because an infinite God must be the origin of all created thing in the universe. But, the believer must also accept the fact that a monotheistic God is incomprehensible. Thus, a believer can only develop an understanding of God. This understanding develops as a believer seeks Laws of Nature's God. To seek the Laws of Nature's God, one must develop knowledge about the things that God created. Knowing such things was suggested in the Bible by Paul at Rom. 1:20.

Since gaining knowledge of God's created things is a difficult task and can never be completed, , the development of the human mind requires that the people of a nation organize and live under national goals. So, the US laissez-faire capitalism must be reformed to include national human goals. In Part IV, Ch. of my book, I suggest that all nations follow the USA in developing this new form of capitalism under God. This goal-oriented, laissez-faire capitalism is the only economy today that will cause the proper and continuous development of the human mind. It is this only method of developing a beautiful world and happiness for all people

The new US president should open the oval office with a fireside talk with the people so that people are informed that the USA is a nation under God.

The Cause-Effect Principle

This principle is not well understood today, especially by those scientists who do not understand and believe in God. The cause-effect principle applies only to nonliving things that exist in a finite world. This principle does not apply to God. Nor does it apply to living things that exist in a finite world. When used to develop knowledge of nonliving things in a finite world, the cause-effect principle can predict physical events in the future.

In the kingdom of the lower animals, the cause-effect principle can help to make close predictions of the future events of the lower animals. But, this principle can mislead man, as today’s problem of using bees proves. When used to predict future human events, the principle of cause-effect is a total failure. This is why government would fail its people if it operates a government-controlled medical system.

Atheists promote Darwin’s evolutionary theory as an alternative to accepting God. Thus, they use the cause-effect principle to link past human events to present human events and future human events. Many liberals tend to agree with evolutionary theory and say that cultural changes are explained by the cause-effect principle.

However, if a person accepts God, this person lives only in the future as a goal seeker. In Ch. 4, Part IV of my book, "The First Scientific Proof of God (click)," I say that nations must become goal-seeking nations so that past evils in a nation do not become the cause the future life of its people. When human life in a nation is not determined by goals, that nation will develop property-owning slave masters.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Way Not to Develop Knowledge About a Monotheistic God

In the blog yesterday, I discussed how to develop knowledge about a monotheistic God. In this blog I show how not to develop knowledge about a monotheistic God. Many people make errors in developing knowledge about a monotheistic God because they do not realize that a monotheistic God is incomprehensible. We can know that God exists. But, that is all we can know. But, we can understand God by knowing what God is thinking about. We can gain this understanding two ways: (1) by examining God’s creations and (2) by detecting the appearance of the Son of God in our world and by listening and recording his teachings. I show how we can detect the appearance of the Son of God in pages 144–150 of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God (click).

The Old Testament can cause problems in developing knowledge of God’s thoughts because the writings in these scriptures seem to say that God is talking to the scribes. God cannot talk to us unless the Son of God appears in our world. So, it is false that God can dictate to, or inspire, the Old Testament scribes. Furthermore, the idea that God gave land to the Jews is also false. Comparted to our modern view of a monotheistic God, the ancient scribes of the Old Testament had a very different understanding of a monotheistic God.

The New Testament has fewer problems in developing knowledge of God’s thoughts because these scriptures have evidence that the teachings of Jesus Christ have a divine origin. I discuss the divinity of Jesus Christ in my book on pages 150-160. But, the selected scriptures for the New Testament by the early Christians have problems because they try to connect the New Testament to the Old Testament. This attempted connection degrades the teachings of Jesus Christ and supports the false idea of a ‘personal God.’ Further, by not including the Gospel of Thomas, the early Christians degrade the New Testament, Furthermore, including the dream of St. John The Divine (see The Revelation) also degrades the teachings of Jesus Christ. For instance, the symbols, Alpha and Omega (beginning and ending), are found only among created things.

Since the Son of God is incarnated and reincarnated, we can assume that all created things are incarnated and reincarnated. So, increasing our understanding of God’s thoughts is a continuous process that has no end.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Way Humans Develop Knowledge About a Monotheistic God

God’s knowledge is different from human knowledge. This is why God’s knowing is called ‘wisdom.’ Human knowledge belongs to all humans. Our knowledge can never be completed, to the point where human knowledge could be called ‘all human knowledge.’ Some religions equate all human knowledge to God’s wisdom. This equation is an error and is thus un true. I reject the teaching of Joseph Smith and the Mormon scriptures because Smith says that Jesus Christ attained all human knowledge and thus became God. This is impossible. The Son of God is God. God appears in our world as the Son of God.

If we examine a thing made by a person, we can determine the thoughts that were necessary to make that thing. By doing this examination, we are getting into the mind of that person. When God creates a thing, we can examine that thing and determine the necessary thoughts that created the thing. By doing this examination, we are following the teaching of Paul at Rom. 1:20 and are gaining an understanding about the mind of God. But, humans can examine God’s created things forever without gaining all knowledge of all things that God creates.

Today, many people are followers of God. However, since they have developed very little knowledge about God's mind, not many of them follow the teaching of Paul. So, they live as best as possible and hope God to send them to Dante’s Paradise after death. But, 'The Divine Comedy’ by Dante was written long before modern science emerged. With modern science, humans are increasing our knowledge of the things God has already created. Below, are some essentials that have been already been found about God's mind as a result of ancient thoughts and modern science: God's mind is also spoken of as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Christianity. All essentials of God's mind below are thus absolute.

o Creator, Infinite, One, Equality, Union, Son of God, Maximum, Minimum.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Western World and the Son of God, IV

This 4th blog on the Son of God discusses the impact of a monotheistic God and the necessity of God to have an essential Son of God. First, the teachings of Judaism and Islam should be challenged by its members because the Son of God is real and is essential to a monotheistic God. Second, the teachings of Christian churches should be challenged by their congregations on the following teachings: (1) soul school theory, (2) theories on judgements, rewards, and punishments of man by God, (3) ‘born again’ life after death theory, and (4) eschatological theories about the end of the universe. This challenge is necessary because these Christian teachings are inconsistent with the Son of God.

The Son of God impacts the people of the Unites States and its government considerably because the USA is a nation under God as seen in is founding documents of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. Under God, the basic principles of the two-party system of the USA must now be challenged system because the current US laissez-faire capitalism (or free market economy) must be changed to a goal seeking economy. The US free market economy must be reformed drastically so that it is focused primarily on achieving national goals that serve all US citizens. Further, the US government can no longer operate without considering a monotheistic God in both its ordinary decisions and research decisions. It must accept the most widely-accepted and debated theories on a monotheistic God of US theologians and scientists.

As modern theology and science progress, more new findings about a monotheistic God can be expected. So, in every nation, the people and its government must prepare for this continuous progress. The question people must ask and answer every day is, "How long can a political system and the rich class of any nation continue to hide God from its people?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Western World and the Son of God, III

Modern science can say that finite things exist. I also say that these finite things originate in infinite thing or God. Thus modern science can say that a monotheistic God is a creator. As a creator, God must act to generate other things. The human mind can recognize this generation when the Christian Trinity is formed with symbols. The generation of the Trinity was recognized first in the 4th century using the symbols as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Using scientific symbols, Nicholas of Cusa expressed the Christianity Trinity as One-Equality-Union. These scientific symbols and their meanings produce the highest human knowledge we have of a completed monotheistic God.

Further, the generation of things by God must be the creation of finite things. So, what comes from God through the Trinity is contracted by plurality, finitude, and relation. So, all created things are logically opposed to the Christian Trinity. Created things are thus descrived with the opposing symbols, Many-Different-Relations. So, what is created is one universe, which consists of many different and related things.

Cusa says that the universe is formed by a continuum of genera, species, and individuals. (See Bk. II, Ch.1 of Cusa’s "On Learned Ignorance." The Son of God appears in the universe as an individual in the human species and animal genus. But, how does the Son of God become an individual in the human species?

Since all created things are divisible, they must have a beginning and end. Because of their divisibility, birth, and death, I concluded that many different and related irreducible, indivisible, and immortal things must exist before any divisible things exist. In Part IV of The First Scientific Proof of God (click), I called these indivisible things ‘spiritual atoms.’ In time, I concluded that these spiritual atoms are the irreducible monads identified by Gottfried Leibniz. (See Schrecker, Paul and Schrecker, Anne Martin (Translators, 1965), Leibniz: Monadology and Other Philosophical Essays, Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill.)

The Son of God thus becomes an individual in the human species because the Son of God is an immortal spiritual atom

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Again, the US National Institutes of Health Shows Its Impotence in Science

Although the National Institutes if Health has displayed its potence in mechanical medical cares such as surgery, it continues to display its impotency in almost other subjects of medical care. This impotence exists because its researchers, and the colleges and universities that work for them, assume that the universe has no God. This godless view focuses thought on processes. The correct view of the universe has a God and focuses on things. The science of processes and the science of things are as different as night and day.

Today, the Associated Press reported that US cancer deaths are up. The 2005 cancer death rate increased to 184 out of 100,000 after a 2% decrease in 2003 and 2004. President Bush hailed the 2003 and 2004 decreases saying that federally funded research was making strides against cancer. I challenge President Bush's explanation.

On August 2, 2007, I sent letters to President Bush, Senator Rockeffeller (WV) and Senator Byrd (WV) telling them that US science is failing because US sciences have turned to atheism. I stiil have not received a response. This is how our terrible US government works.

I sent two other and related letters. to Bush, Rocvkefeller, and Byrd. showing that the USA is a nation under God. No responses. I also sent these three letters to Justice Roberts at the US Supreme Court. No response were received from Roberts. I sent the three letters also to Rep. Capito (WV). From her I got three response letters. One of her letters described her detailed efforts for God. Her effort is how a godly government should work.

Now, if an atheist sends a letter to anyone in the government in support of atheism, the government answer can only say, "the USA is a nation under God."

The Western World and the Son of God, II

The Son of God, who is united absolutely with an infinite God, can appear in our finite world. But, the appearance of the Son of God is a necessary event. The appearance of Son of God is necessary because the knowledge of man is not sufficient to guide living things alone in a world that has no end. As I say often, man cannot complete the knowledge about a created universe. So, the purpose of the Son of God is to fill in this gap of human knowledge. The Son of God fills this gap by informing us of the futures of the creation. With this information from the Son of God, we are able to establish goals, which can be aligned to futures described by the Son of God.

In Ch. 24 of Matthew, Jesus Christ provides important information about the future death of our sun. Since the sun will not die for about two billion years, the Son of God told us about this future event long before it occurs. Since Son of God told us about this future, he expects us to make goals that prepare us for the sun’s death. Jesus also told us that our sons (Son of man) must save people from the sun’s death, just as Noah made a boat to save all living things from the future flood of the Tigris/Euphrates. So, our sons must build spacecrafts that can transport people from planet earth to a new and young planet. Our sons have achieved the first goal when they landed on the moon in the 1960s. These astronauts are the angels that Jesus spoke of in Ch, 24 of Matthew.

My interpretation of Ch. 24 of Matthew will send a shock wave through the minds of religious people because they expect to be judged and given either a beautiful and eternal life in Heaven or an ugly and eternal life in Hell. But, this reward or punish form of life is not what Jesus Christ is teaching in Ch. 24 of Matthew. The information that Jesus provides tells us that the beautiful or ugly life is created only by us. Thus, the beautiful life Jesus speaks of comes with human goals. I show how this beautiful life is created by man in Part IV of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. (Click) On the other hand, man creates the ugly life when goals are not made. For example, today’s US laissez-fair capitalism creates an ugly life because it has no national goals.

In the next blog, I will discuss how the Son of God appears in our world.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Western World and the Son of God, I

Speaking only about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, only Christianity says that a monotheistic God has a Son. Nicholas of Cusa was the first theologian who would try to understand scientifically that God has a Son by necessity. Cusa develops this understanding in Book I, Chapter 8 of his book, On Learned Ignorance. There, he uses the symbol One to represent God just as Plato also uses the symbol One to represent God in his Parmenides.

Note. A monotheistic God cannot be multiplied like the number one is multiplied into new and different numbers such as two, three, four, ...etc. To multiply the oneness of a monotheistic God, the nature of God does not change. So, if one multiplies God, the symbol One will generate new symbols such as Once, Equality, Identical, etc. Among these new symbols, Cusa uses the symbol Equality because a plurality of different qualities in our world can come only from Equality.

Now we can see how things are generated in the world in which we live and how things are generated in the world of God. In our finite world, multiplication proceeds from a father to a son. Thus, in our world, the nature of all finite things has permanence but also change. But, in God’s world, the nature (or substance) of God does not change. Thus, in God’s world, multiplication proceeds from the Father and Son So, In God’s world, the Father is represented by the symbol One and the Son is represented by Equality (of One). Then, Cusa forms the Christian Trinity by unifying the Father and Son, of God’s world, with the symbol Union. The symbols One, Equality, and Union thus converts the Christian trianity into a science.

So, there is a Son of God. Tomorrow, I will use science to show how the Son of God can appear in our world. The information in this blog is also found in more detail in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. (click)

I do agree with those Christians who call the Union the Holy Spirit. But I do not agree with those Christians who equate the Holy Ghost to the Holy Spirit.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Western World, the Bible, and Matthew Ch. 24 in the New Testament

Interpreting scriptures or any documents of any kind are difficult because human word languages are not precise as mathematical statements are. However, if the written material is by a single teacher or writer, one can do a better interpretation because the material can be unified or be made consistent. The New Testament is thus more simple to interpret because the material is produced either by Jesus Christ or a few of his followers.

So, my book, The First Scientific Proof of God (click), is focused on the teachings of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. My interpretation of the New Testament concludes that Jesus was a clever communicator and must be interpreted as speech with metaphors. For instance, when speaking to workers, Jesus used work metaphors. But, when speaking to thinkers, Jesus uses general metaphors. I found his teachings to be new, consistent, and clear. I also conclude that his teachings will communicate to humans for millenniums. For this reason, I conclude that the teaching of Jesus Christ has a divine origin and purpose.

Those people who have a belief that Jesus Christ is coming soon, in order to judge people and save them because the world is ending, have interpreted this saying based on no science at all. But, one can interpret this same saying based only on science. With science, I conclude that our sun has lived less than 50% of its completed life. So, several billion years of life on the planet earth are still possible. So, I conclude that Jesus Christ might appear on planet earth many times before the sun darkens so that he, who is the contracted maximum individual, can teach us newer goals.

But, if people on planet earth did not learn how to travel from planet earth to another liveable planet by the time that the sun darkens, I say that well trained Sons of man, who are space astronauts rather than angels, so that earthlings will not weep and gnash their teeth from the darkening of the sun. This is a modern way that Noah would have saved all living things from the floods of the Tigris/ Euphrates rivers.

It is time for believers in God to use science to develop the self knowledge taught by Jesus Christ.

More Killings By the US National Institutes of Health

On TV last evening, 60 Minutes reported more patient killings as a result of the atheistic practices of the US National Institutes of Health. Like my blog yesterday on Type II diabetes, apparently Bayer Corporation has developed a drug for patients who must undergo bypass heart surgery. To save costs of using blood transfusions, since used, this TV report said that this very expensive drug has killed 2000 patients every month.

Without even doing any reasearh on this drug, I believe that this drug might produce dirty negatives when added to humn blood. Such dirty negatives could produce foreign bodies due to the side effects of the drug. Unless the US National Institutes of Health changes its view of the universe from the atheistic view to the godly view, the killing rate of medical patients can be expected to increase continually.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Godless Research by the US National Institutes of Health

Recently, the US Nati onal Institutes of Health reported that its huge study of Type II diabetes failed. Failure of the National Institues can be expected because the US governmnet does not allow US funded researchers to use God and a created universe.

If God and a created universe is used in research, one must treat God as a unity of all true opposites and the universe as a whole of man different, independent, and related things. If a godless universe is used in research, the focus is on processes of change. The difference between godly research and godless researchis is thus as different as night and day.

It it thus expected that this National Institutes of Health research on diabetes killed many patients unnecessarily.

The Disorderly Rise of the Western World Out of Man’s Natural Ignorance

Since most Christians have not studied Plato’s negative, the theological work of Nicholas of Cusa, and the philosophical work of Friedrich Hegel, I conclude that members of the religions or Judaism and Islam have also not studied these three works. So, I recommend that members of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam study these three works and communicate them to all new generations. My book on The First Scientific Proof of God (click) is a summary of the works of Plato and Nicholas of Cusa. I also summarize the work of Hegel on this website. As a Christian, in my book I also brought the New Testament scripture into science and the modern world. I recommend that Judaism and Islam also bring their scriptures into science and the modern world.

Based on my modern research on God and God’s created universe, it is clear that no member of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, or any person in the world, can ever become an infidel because a monotheistic God gives gifts when created but does not reward or punish already created humans. Thus, I conclude that killing a human for infidelity is a major error of man. This error was natural during and before the Middle Ages. But, this error is no longer natural at all because the modern science of the Western world has lifted Westerners out of this past natural ignorance.

However, many people in the Western world are rising out of this past natural ignorance too slowly. This disorderly rise has occurred because some Western nations have progressed faster than other nations. So, a heavy dose of diplomacy, rather than war, terrorism, free trading, and bloodlines, is necessary to eliminate this disorderly rise of human intelligence.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Religions Must Create Social Units

In yesterday’s blog I said that scriptures must become scientific. If religions do not make this change, they would have to become increasingly political in order to save their religious beliefs from the increasing ignorance and power of politicians and atheism. In this blog, I suggest that all religions unify themselves into social units that function in all towns, cities, and nations. I made a similar suggestion to the Mormon church almost four years ago. My suggestion on 9/25/04 is supported by a majority, by 19 of 32 votes so far. (click) [Search for my book review on "Farewell to Eden: Coming to Terms with Mononism and Science."]

The first activity of the social uni unit must create a political activity that would cause the US Congress to form a Directorate of Theology in the National Science Foundation, a unit of the US government. This Directorate must be funded so that its power is equal to the power of all current sciences in the Foundation. Simultaneously, the social unit must create another political activity that would cause the US Congress and the US Supreme Court to define and distinguish ‘the theory of God’ from ‘the practice of a theology.’’ The theory of God would be defined as a ‘science’ and the practice of a theology would be defined as a ‘religion.’

As a science, the theory of God could not be separated from the people of the USA and the US government. As a religion, the practice of a theology could also not be separated from the people of the USA and the US government. Without separation, the creativity of the people of the USA and the US government becomes a reality. With separation, US creativity is impeded. Only Amendment I of the Constitution, which prevents the US government from making laws that establish any religion, is maintained.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Scriptures Must Become Scientific

Yesterday I discussed the current misinterpretation of the message of Jesus Christ in Ch. 24 of Matthew of the Bible by Christian churches. However, this misinterpretation is only one example of the problem of teaching falsities by the three big Western World religions. This problem must be solved immediately because I conclude that this religious problem is the root cause of the lack of development of the human mind and thus all wars, terrorism, evils, and social conflicts in the modern world.

Before I retired from the US Department of Justice on the US crime problem, I came to the conclusion that the root cause of crime is the lack of development of the human mind and the flaws of the symbolic languages used by the mind. Before retiring, I received support from Houston University and convinced the Seattle Police Department and Seattle’s educators to use the Socratic method for thinking and talking in schools.

After retiring, I opened a study of the Bible. The research results are included in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. (click) At Mark 7:15-23, I discovered that Jesus Christ says that evils come from within and defile the man. Thus, Jesus Christ taught the root cause of crime almost 2000 years ago!!! So, Christ’s ancient teaching on the cause of evils is confirmed by my modern research on crime. But, Christianity is not teaching this important truth. Nor does Christianity teach the development of mind, which is the ‘within’ thing.

I also studied the Gospel of Thomas, which is not part of the Bible. In this gospel, Christ’s audience is intelligent and very different from his other audiences. To this audience, Christ reveals no miracles, no fulfillment of prophesies, no apocalyptic end of our world, and dies for no one’s sin. It is clear that Christ teaches differently depending on the audience.

Apparently, the interpretations and teachings of scripture by Christianity are problematic. This Christian problem can be corrected by applying the scientific proof to the New Testament. Other religions must also apply their scriptures to the scientific method of proof. It seems time to reform and modernize the field of religion.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Teaching of the Sun’s Darkening by Jesus Christ

The teaching of Jesus Christ in Ch. 24 of Matthew of the Bible tells us the real life of man. It is not true that people die and wait for Christ to come a second time so they can be judged and placed either into Heaven or Hell. This childlike belief is the result of the early thoughts of people whose minds were still highly irrational. A religion or nation that teaches such a childlike belief is not developing and does not understand knowledge and its growth. Such a religion is also not responsive to the biblical teaching of Saint Paul at Rom. 1:20.

When creating things out of nothing, God must manifest himself in the created things by contracting his single essence. We do not know this essence. But, we are able to develop knowledge about God’s essence by responding to the Rom. 1:20 teaching of Paul. But, it is clear that God’s creation must be a whole formed of many different and related things. Thus, God creates one universe of things without vacuums. It is clear that the universe has living things. And it is clear that some created things have no life and thus form an infrastructure for life. I discussed this infrastructure in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. (click)

In Ch. 24 of Matthew, Christ was teaching that the sun and earth form an infrastructure for life. But, he also taught that this infrastructure would pass away when the sun darkens. Today, scientists know that the sun dies. But, the people at the time of Christ did not know this fact. But, this fact about the sun was not known until modern science emerged. The Christian error that I discussed in yesterday’s blog was natural because the knowledge of the death of our sun was hidden from religions by our developing minds.

So, when religions cast a scripture into concrete, they show their ignorance of God and God’s creation. Theologians and religions must unify themselves with science immediately because the current separation is causing wars, terrorism, evils and social conflicts.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Christian Error

In yesterday’s blog, I spoke of a Christian error related to the concept people know as ‘Son of God.’ This error was hidden for fifteen centuries until the theological work of Nicholas of Cusa appeared in the 15th century. With Cusa’s work, I was able to identify a Christian error in my 2006 book, ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’(click)

This Christian error began to emerge with the words of Christ at John 10:30. There he says, "I and my Father are one. " In the 4th century, at the Council of Nicaea, different views of Jesus were expressed as follows: (1) Jesus is a created angel who is other than the God who made all things; (2) Jesus is inferior to God; (3) Jesus does and says only what God willed; (4) Jesus is a separate substance compared to the substance of God; (5) Jesus is not equal to the one true and only God; (6) Jesus is a creature; (7) Jesus is the Son who is next to the Father; and (8) Jesus is different from God. It was clear at the Council that Christ was created.

Today, many people view God as an infinite thing-in-itself, who unites opposites such as ‘uncreated’ and ‘created’ and manifests himself in his own finite universe. Since God creates a world that never ends, the created universe is the best of all possibilities. Thus, God must appear in our endless world as the Son of God to guide and teach. So, God is both uncreated and created.

But, bad interpretations of Christ’s message in Ch. 24 of Matthew deny the real life of man. Today, many Christians no longer hang onto the passive nature of the human Spirit because they accept Christ’s teaching of personal development and self-knowledge. They are the Christians who are making new and advanced studies of God and the universe. Yet, many other Christians still hang onto the life of the early Christians today, as if personal development and self-knowledge are unnecessary. They expect only one life on planet earth; view life on earth as a soul school; hold faith alone in God; want to be saved by Christ; expect to go to Heaven after death; view Christ as both the Son of God and the Son of man; and expect only a second coming of Christ. These expectations, holds, wants, and views collectively form a Christian error that I sensed years ago. Any believer in God should never live on faith alone. Knowledge is necessary in any nation under God.

This major Christian error should be corrected because any drastically wrong living on this planet is not healthy for any nation.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Western World and Christ, the Son of God

In my 2/03/08 blog, I review the three big religions of the Western world and mention that Christians believe that Christ is the Son of God. In this review, I said that it is possible that Christ is the Son of God. In today’s blog I discuss this possibility, which depends on today’s theory of a monotheistic God as defined by modern science.

The view of a monotheistic God today is different compared to the view of ancient people. The ancients viewed God as a creator who lived among the seemingly unmoving stars we see in the evening sky. Today, we know that this ancient view was wrong because the evening stars are merely other suns. So, when Christians speak of a Son of God, they must realize that a monotheistic God, that is, the Father, lives in an infinite world eternally. However, this modern view of a monotheistic God does not mean that the concept of a Son of God is false.

Nicholas of Cusa maintains the concept of the Son of God with a new scientific concept he calls the ‘contracted maximum individual’ in his"On Learned Ignorance, Bk. III, Ch. 4, 5. Cusa says that the appearance of Christ was the appearance of the ‘contracted maximum individual’ in our finite world. This appearance means that Christ is both God and man. But, Cusa’s development of the concept of the Son of God did not have the scientific tools that I have today. In my book, The First Scientific Proof of God (click), I complete Cusa’s development of the Son of God in Part IIb. It is aligned to our new knowledge of a monotheistic God, who can manifest himself contractedly and maximally.

This form of manifestation by God requires the development of self-knowledge and requires people to go beyond the ancient scriptures. The manifestation of God also destroys Darwin’s evolutionary theory. With my modern version of the Son of God, the unification of theology, religion, and science is just a matter of time. Thus, there is no room for atheism in any nation.

But, Christianity is not exactly on the true path to God. I will discuss this error tommorrow.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Western World Religions Must Go Beyond Scriptures

In my 2/03/08 blog, I suggest theologians and religions unify with the field of science. If this does not occur, I say that war, terrorism, evilness, and social conflicts will continue an make life miserable for most people. I make this suggestion because the content of all scriptures are limited because scriptures are constructed out of imperfect and incomplete symbolic languages. To live on scriptures alone will never be enough. Most theologians know this truth and continue to develop new knowledge. Religious leaders must follow these advancing theologians. And members and families of temples, churches, and mosques must also learn from these advancing theologians.

In the 15th century, a new theologian was born in Germany and left us advanced thoughts that go well beyond the scriptures he used to become a theologian. His name is Nicholas of Cusa and became a Bishop of the Roman Church. Although Cusa is widely accepted as the first modern philosopher, I go further and say that he is also the first modern scientist. So, his work unifies the fields of theology, religion, and science. As a scientist, I studied his work and summarize it in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God..(click) I also add important advances to his work.

In his work, Cusa goes well beyond the Bible. He also became a scientist for many reasons. For instance, he converted the Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed of Christianity into a science in Book I, Ch. 8 of his first book, On Learned Ignorance. With this conversion hee shatters all traditional notions of philosophy with his ontology of identity (of God) and ontology of difference. (of the universe). Since the science of ‘relations’ was unknown at Cusa’s time, I was able to determine how the ontology of identity and ontology of difference are united to form a single world that had no beginning and has no end.

Since science is saying that God created an endless world, life after death is certain. But, the life after death is a reincarnation process, not a life either in Heaven or Hell. Since the process of new life is still unknown and remain unknown forever, making planet earth beautiful everywhere for all Men must be a high priority for every nation.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Is US Science Leading the USA into Communism?

In my 2/03/08 blog, I discuss the use of the double negative by Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx. There, I show that Hegel and Marx obtain different results when they use the double negative.

Hegel’s double negative applies to God and the universe. The use of the double negative by Hegel on God is identical to Nicholas of Cusa’s double negative. (For Cusa’s double negative, see Hopkins, Jasper, "Nicholas of Cusa’s Metaphysics of Contraction," Minneapolis: Arthur Banning Press, 1983, Ch. 1.) When applied to God and using Cusa’s double negative, one can say, ‘the universe is not God.’ But, one cannot say, ‘God is not the world.’ To know all positive things in the universe, one must negate all negatives in the universe. Hegel applies the single negative to all developments in the universe.

Marx’s double negation applies to the ‘law of development’ in the universe. An example is an evolutionary process. Marx does not apply it to God because he rejected God. (See Howard Selsam and Harry Martel, "Reader in Marxist Philosophy," New York: International Publishers, 1963, ps 133- 137.). However, since the Soviet Union fell, I heard that Russian scientists are restudying Hegel’s work. Perhaps the Eastern Christians are gaining more influence in Russia. Are the Russians returning to God after the failure of Marxism?

The rejection of God by the new US scientists beginning in the 1970s indicates that US science had become aligned to Marxism. Apparently, the new US scientists have rejected God and the Declaration of Independence, which mandates that the USA ibecome a nation under God. Does this new alignment mean that the USA's long fight against communism has turned to its opposite and that the USA is becoming a socialistic nation governed by communists?

I believe it is time for our governmental leaders to investigate this quiet and illegal change in the field of science.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Einstein's Famous Equation

The pic on the right is known as Einstein's famous equation. The letter 'E' means energy. The letter 'm' means mass. And the letter 'c' means the speed of light. ‘E’ and ‘m’ are variables and are thus finite qualities whereas ‘c’ is a finite constant. As seen, Einstein's Equation deals only with a finite world and has nothing to do with the origin of a finite world and the concept of the determinate infinity of God.

Now, if the universe is created by God, it has only things-in-themselves. Thus, all things in God's universe have some amount of energy. Even the photon thus has mass.

Now, our godless astrophysicists say that the origin of all things in the universe come from a physical particle that explodes. The astrophysicists call this theory the Big Bang theory. But this theory has a contradiction.

If all things in the universe are originated by this exploding physical particle, then this exploding physical particle and all other things in the universe must be finite and must obey Einstein's famous equation. Are the Big Bang theorists saying that 'all but one'' finite thing in the universe is originated? This is what the theorists seem to be saying, otherwise the exploding physical particle must have its existence is a world that is not finite. Clearly, the logic of the Big Bang theorists is flawed.

To clear this flaw, one must use Plato's negative. Plato's negative would say that all finite things in the universe originates from a 'not-finite' thing. A not-finite thing is better known in science as an infinite thing.

On page 6 of my book, I say 'all finite things are originated by an infinite thing.' When are the astrophysicists, logicians , and atheists going to think without contradictions and begin to use Plato's negative?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Necessary and Important Actions of All Mature People in the Western World

In my 2/03/08 blog, I show that theology and religion are separated from science in many Western world nations. Accordingly, I suggest that all Western world theologians, religions, scientists and other mature people in the Western world take actions to make changes so that theology, religion, and science become unified. This unification can expect to eliminate wars, terrorism, evils, and social conflicts in the Western world.

These changes must use the two-step scientific method of proof developed in the Renaissance in order to prove all scientific and religious statements and teachings. To use this scientific method of proof, all Western religions and scientists must convert their opinions and scriptural statements into hypotheses, theories, and proofs. These hypotheses and theories will focus only on the acts of God and the things God creates as St. Paul suggests in the Bible at Rom. 1:20.

All hypotheses, theories, and proofs must be distinguished into the following thing categories: (1) the infrastructure things of life and (2) things of life. The infrastructure of things of life will be found only in nonliving things as Laws of Nature, as mentioned in the US Declaration of Independence. These nonliving things are the objects of physical scientists. On the other hand, things of life will be found only in living things as Laws of Nature’s God, also as mentioned in the US Declaration of Independence. These living things are the objects of theologians, religions, and all other life scientists.

I suggest that the USA initiate these changes by inviting other nations as observers or as participants. Once the changes have been made, information should be sent to other nations worldwide.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Western World Mind Is Not Advancing As It Should

My 2/03/08 paper on the unification of theology, religion, and science indicates that the minds of the people of the Western world have not made significant progress since historians agreed that the Middle Ages have ended. This is why no leading nation now exists in the Western world and why wars, poverty, racism, and other social problems continue.

My paper shows that the hopes of advancing the human mind with logical reasoning was overstated by Aristotle and his followers. Unfortunately, Western world logicians, atheists, scientists, Thomas Aquinas, Thomas Jefferson, etc. saw Plato and a mystic and his negative as mystical.

So, as the USA degenerates along with the degenerating Western world mind, I hope you realize that life will not be as good as it was. If you don’t believe what I am saying about the USA, look at the low performance of US school children, the very strange murders that occur in the USA today, and the degeneration of the ideas of the US institutions such as the press and Hollywood. Instead of self developing the human Spirit, the US human Spirit has become followers.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

People Must Unify Theology, Religion, and Science

A USA PROBLEM: The founders of the USA authorized God in the first two paragraphs of the US Declaration of Independence. They also gave meaning to God in the Preamble of the US Constitution when they say that government must form a more perfect Union. These two founding documents define the USA as a free nation under God. Under God, the USA cannot change its founding documents unless God is proven to be false. Clearly, the founders created a very new political experiment in 1776. However, this experiment has changed illegally.

THE CAUSE: It is well known that theology and religion separated from science before the USA was founded. But, theology, religion, and science were unified in the USA by the founding documents. However, US science began to separate from US theology and religion in the 1970s. I say that this separation occurred mostly because Plato’s negative is not used by US scientists. Without Plato’s negative, history tells us that the minds of US citizens can be expected to degenerate to atheism. This degeneration is very noticeable over the last 40 years of US Supreme Court decisions in support of atheism. This paper shows how people can eliminate many evils.

This paper expands the book I published in 2006 on "The First Scientific Proof of God."( It also shows what the atheistic book reviewers of my book on did not know.

I. Important Histories of Theology, Religion, and Science
Many people are unaware of the meanings of theology and religion. Theology is the study of God whereas religions select a theory of God and practice it. However, since a monotheistic God is incomprehensive, all theories offered by a theologian can only be opinions.

Theology and religion appeared long ago when a small number of people created a society. The people in this society became followers of one theologian who developed an accepted belief about God. This ancient theologian is known as a God King. As the number of people grew in the society, other religions emerged. The first wide area religion was polytheism. Its many gods caused people to worship idols, that is, things in the universe. Then, in the early years of the 2nd millennium BC, the Jewish theologian, Abraham, taught a new theology known as monotheism. It led to Judaism and its early people spoke of God as the ‘Infinite One.’

The oldest scripture was written 23,000 years ago. It was found in a French cave. The oldest scripture in the Western world was made in 3200 BC in Egypt. It used hieroglyphics. Then, in the 13th century BC, Moses taught monotheism and developed teachings such as the Ten Commandments. Jews say that Moses wrote the first five books of the Old Testament, which was written during the period 1200 BC to 100 BC. The birth of Jesus Christ added new thoughts to the Old Testament. These new thoughts are found in the New Testament of Christians.

The illiterate theologian, Mohammad, made a third scripture in the 7th century AD. He says that he received messages during dreams from the angel named Gabriel. The scripture of Islam was studied by Nicholas of Cusa. He was a 15th century bishop in the Roman Church. His study says that Mohammad was a Nester Christian. After Mohammad’s death, Cusa says that crafty Jews approached Alis, who had become the owner of the writings of Muhammad. These Jews persuaded Alis to elevate himself to a prophet. They added passages so that Muhammad would also be viewed as a prophet. This modified scripture was aligned closely to the Old Testament and became known as the Qur’an. This scripture led to Islam.

Jews say that the words in the Old Testament are inspired by God. This means that God dictated to the scribes through the Holy Spirit. I reject this dictation because a monotheistic God’s language, if he has one, is not a discursive language like we use. Christians say that Jesus Christ appeared as the Son of God. This saying implies that the teachings of Jesus are of a divine origin. I conclude that this appearance is possible but is still unknown scientifically. Muslims say that the language in the Qur’an is the language of God. Again, I reject this saying because the language of a monotheistic God cannot be discursive.

In my research, I reject the existence of a celestial world that some people propose in between God and our finite world. So, I conclude that angels, demons, devils, Satan, ... etc. are illusions of the mind of some people. My research indicates that Western religions have developed good thoughts about God and the universe and have reported them in scriptures. However, theologians and religions do not prove the sayings in their scriptures as scientists prove their thoughts and theories.

In the 2nd century AD, Christians began to divide into the Eastern and Western Christians. This division was caused by the different writings of Plato and Aristotle. The Eastern Christians will follow Plato and Western Christians will follow Aristotle. After the deaths of Plato and Aristotle, people would try to unify Plato and Aristotle. But, they failed. Eventually, the administration of Western Christians moved to Rome. The Eastern Christians stayed at Constantinople and many are found in Moscow, Russia today.

Like the history if theology and religion, the history of science is dynamic. Formal science begins with the writings of Plato and Aristotle in the 4th century BC. Artists express their differences by showing them walking and talking. Plato is pointing upwardly with one finger whereas all of Aristotle’s fingers point forward. Plato’s finger means that he seeks transcendental ideas whereas Aristotle fingers mean that he seeks ideas only about the universe.

Plato’s higher ideas were applied immediately by Alexander-the-Great to improve human life and free slaves. Aristotle’s logic was applied immediately by Euclid to develop geometry. For instance, Euclid’s geometry says that "parallel lines do not intersect." But, in the 19th century, non Euclidian geometries appear. For instance, spherical geometry says that the parallel time zones on planet earth do intersect, at the North and South poles. So, flaws of logic emerged long ago. Cicero applied logic to make poor laws for the Roman Empire. And the Roman Church applied logic to make poor religious laws. Later, Galileo, a scientist, would reveal a religious problem when he said that the earth is not at the center of the universe. With this challenge of religion, Galileo was ruled as a heretic and was imprisoned.

I argue that the use of logic can cause mental problems. I conclude that the Roman mind was degenerating by logic because cultures outside of the Roman Empire were developing new technologies. Clearly, the degeneration of the Roman mind caused the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century. But, the Eastern Empire (the Byzantine Empire) did not fall until 1453.
The Italian Renaissance saved the Western Christians. It was during the Renaissance that the Eastern Christians gave Western Christians copies of Plato’s writings. The great historian, Ernst Cassirer, says that one can understand the Renaissance only if one knows the work of Nicholas of Cusa. In his book "On Learned Ignorance," Cusa says, "the more we know what we cannot know, the more we will learn." For instance, we have learned that a monotheistic God is incomprehensible. Although we can’t know God, we can know the things that God created. Today, religions fight amongst each other as if they know everything about God. The different religions in Iraq are examples of such irrational fights.

Following Plato, Cusa rejects positive theologies. Instead, he develops a new theology known as ‘negative theology.’ He also transformed the early Christian Trinity --- Father, Son and, Holy Ghost --- into a science. This new science expressed the Christian Trinity as "ONE, EQUALITY (of ONE), and UNION." Using this scientific Trinity and logic, I found that the universe also has a Trinity and is expressed with the opposing words--- MANY, DIFFERENT, and RELATED.

Unifying theology, religion, and science will be difficult because theologians and religions do not admit their errors freely. The first religious error was admitted when Pope John Paul apologized for Galileo’s imprisonment. Scientists differ because they admit errors freely. This difference arises because the ancient theologians and religions thought that God made their scripture. Scriptures are made by people, not God. So people must review the religious statement that scriptures contain words of God.

In his book on "Critique of Pure Reason"Immanuel Kant tried to unify theology, religion, and science by trying to unify empiricists and rationalists. He tried to unify Plato’s higher ideas with Aristotle’s logical categories. He failed and philosophy became quiet until the 1920s when linguists discovered that "empirical data are primarily symbolic." Unfortunately, US scientists are still not using this important scientific discovery.

Instead of applying Plato’s work, US science is applying Aristotle’s logic. By the 1970s, logical reasoning led most scientists into atheism. Today, atheism is supported by the US Supreme Court after it decided in favor of Madelyn O’Hair’s effort in 1967 to remove school prayers. With Aristotle’s logic and Supreme Court decisions in favor of atheism, godless physical theories and godless biological theories have filled US TV channels and schools. But, I predict that these fancy theories will fail. So, instead of building a nation under God, US science, the US Supreme Court, and the American Civil Liberty Union are turning the USA into a godless nation.

II. The Power of Plato's Writings and How to Use Plato's Negative
The writing by Plato on Parmenides is important. Many teachings in the New Testament align to Parmenides. In this writing, Plato investigates the word ‘one.’ This investigation concludes that a monotheistic God has no existence alone. Thus, a monotheistic God must create things. This togetherness means that God and the things in the universe form a single world. Further, since a monotheistic God has no cause, this single world had no beginning and will have no end. Parmenides will challenge the thoughts of every theologian, religion, and scientist.

An equally important writing of Plato is his negative. Nicholas of Cusa used Plato’s negative to develop his negative theology. Plato’s negative is found in the Sophist at 257b. There, Plato says, When we speak of ‘that which is not,’ it seems that we do not mean something contrary to what exists but only something that is different.

Plato’s negative is found in every new born child. When feeding a baby, watch the baby turn his or here head side to side. This occurs when the baby has eaten enough food or does not like the food. If eaten enough, the baby gives a sign. The sign is made with side-to-side motions of the baby’s face. In science, this mental sign is made with the word ‘not.’ The word ‘not’ moves the mind from one positive thought to a different positive thought. For instance, when thinking about the word ‘finite,’ the word ‘not’ can move the mind to the word ‘not-finite.’ In today’s dictionaries, not-finite is written as ‘infinite.’ So, the word ‘not’ is able to move the mind from the word ‘finite’ to the word ‘infinite.’ I use Plato’s negative in my book when I say that ‘all finite things are originated by an infinite thing.

I also use a double negative. To use a double negative, the human mind uses the word ‘not’ twice to move the mind from the word ‘finite’ upwardly to the word ‘not-not-finite.’ This new word is higher than the words, not-finite and finite. This highest word is the scientific name of a monotheistic God, who unifies all opposites.

Plato’s negative, which appeared in the 4th century BC, was hidden from the Western world. Instead of using Plato’s negative, Western Christians were separated from the Eastern Christians and many good Western scientists who were burned at the stake as heretics. A second separation occurred when the Roman Church was divided into Catholic and Protestant churches. This separation occurred in the 16th century and became known as the Reformation.

Although Cusa’s writings did not appear in the USA until 1979, Plato’s negative began to develop in Germany in the 18th century by Friedrich Hegel. Hegel’s use of Plato’s negative led to a huge following in Europe and some small groups in the USA. Karl Marx became a follower of Hegel and built the Soviet Union. However, the Soviet Union fell in the late 1980s because the Soviet scientists, like the US scientists, did not use Plato’s negative. The fall of the Soviet Union, and the failure of US science beginning in the 1970s, are caused by not using Plato’s negative.

Hegel and Marx also used the double negation to identify the stuff that underlies all changing things. Hegel says that this stuff is the unchanging God. Marx, who was a follower of Heraclitus, rejected God. But, Marx thought that the revolution of labor against the rich is the only permanence found in the universe. Without God, Marx and US scientists try to build a one-sided world with logic alone. I say that they will fail.

Those who accept a monotheistic God must recognize that an infinite God has only one essential quality. This one quality of God is also infinite and thus cannot be understood with any human language. Thus, in order to create anything, God must contract this single quality by plurality, finitude and, relation. Through this contraction process we learn how God ‘s creates.

By contracting God’s one essential quality, all created things receive both essential qualities and unessential qualities. Essential qualities are necessary qualities. For instance, it is necessary for humans to walk upright so they are able to develop the vocal tract and a talking language. On the other hand, unessential qualities are contingent qualities. For instance, it is not necessary that humans walk upright in order to eat. However, contingent essentials also give every created thing independence. The essential and non essential qualities are mentioned by our founders in the Declaration of Independence as Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Thus, the first two paragraphs in the US Declaration of Independence are very important to every US citizen.

Today, we know that a monotheistic God creates things that are independent. Thus, both Hegel and Marx would agree with the following teaching of St. Paul at Rom. 1:20: "For the invisible of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse." Thus, every thing is a thing-in-itself and has a purpose. Positive qualities thus exist is every created thing. So, when Plato’s negative is used, the positive qualitative content of a thing is distinguished from the positive qualitative content of all other things. So, every thing-in-itself has many godly negatives because they identify all other things in the universe. Thus, it is with our knowledge of the things-in-themselves that we learn about God’s Intelligent Design of the universe.

Today, US astrophysicists say that a Big Bang explosion is the origin of all things in the universe. Hegel and Marx would agree that all things in the universe have an origin. To Hegel, God is the origin of all things. But, since Marx and US scientists reject God, they say that the origin of all things in the universe is ‘matter.’ But, Marxists and US scientists have never found this matter. Today, US scientists speak of dark matter but never speak of God.

When Plato’s negative is not used, scientists are creating dangerous waste products. I call these wastes ‘dirty negatives.’ For instance, US scientists created dirty atom bombs in the 1940s to stop Japan’s war. But, these dirty bombs produced waste. This waste emits dangerous radiation. Further, other dirty bombs were created during the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union after WWII. Unfortunately, no one knows how to destroy this dangerous waste material. So, I do not believe that more nuclear energy systems should be made. Instead, fusion energy, which is clean energy and has no dirty negatives, should be developed.

Man is forming many other dirty negatives. For instance, pharmaceutical companies are producing pills that cause side effects in a patient. Further, dirty negatives are being dumped into our good drinking water systems. Furthermore, when people make false statements, dirty negatives can enter the mind of people and cause mental illness. Perhaps, the world’s logicians are producing the most dirty negatives when they apply sequiturs to all sciences. Technically, hoarding is a waste product. And depleting natural resources is a waste product. Apparently, man’s creation of dirty negatives is a new form of evilness that must be stopped. The negatives produced by God’s creation are good negatives. People must develop negatives properly if they want to learn how to stop wars, terrorism, evils, and human conflicts.

III. Two Views of the Human Mind
The way we view the human mind can cause mental problems and other dirty negatives. Tody two basic views of the human mind exist. The first view is held by naturalists and other atheists. To them, mind is needed so that people can survive a lifetime. So, just as lower animals learn how to survive from their predators, this view says that mind learns. For instance, man can learn by trial and error. The second view is held by believers in God. To them, mind is needed so that people can survive eternally. So, the reincarnation of man is natural in this view.

The first mind is physical and is part of the brain. It forms images of sensations collected by the senses and can reason logically. These images must be structured with symbols. Today, symbolic laws of nature have been found for nonliving things. So, some sense certainties exist. However, sense certainties have never been found for living things. Nor have scientists made living things from nonliving things. So this view of mind has no way of explaining life. It also seems to be impotent on subjects such as atoms and cosmology.

The second mind is metaphysical or spiritual. It is thus a created and independent thing-in-itself that uses Plato’s negative. This mind can sense,. reasons many ways, conceives, and becomes an image of the thing being measured. In order to survive eternally, this mind searches for the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God mentioned by the US founders in the Declaration of Independence. As man’s knowledge of these natural and moral laws increase, sense certainties also increase. This mind can produce truths about nonliving things and increasing degrees of truths about life.

IV. Conclusions
I conclude that a common way of developing truths by all fields of thought was found during the Renaissance. This way is known as the two-step scientific method of proof. With this method, new scientific proofs can be expressed with symbolic languages so the proof express either an exact truth, with logic, or a higher truth, with Plato’s higher ideas. Finding truths is thus an endless effort of man. This effort means that people must develop a form of brotherly love that produces a basic form of happiness for all men.

I also conclude that people can learn errors from history. But, to develop true knowledge, I conclude that people must believe in God, must view the mind as a spiritual thing, and must use Plato’s negative. The unification of theology, religion, and science is thus possible. The Big Bang theory and Darwin’s evolutionary theory must end. If theology, religion, and science are not unified, I conclude that wars, terrorism, evils, and human conflicts will be natural human events.

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