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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXXI (A Nation Under God, XVII)

In my last blog, I show that capitalists have changed the USA from ‘a nation under God’ to ‘a godless nation’’ after the Civil War by creating a rich class, a middle class, and a poor class. This rich class of capitalists appeared in period known as the Gilded Age. (click) During WWI, the middle class emerged with the tycoons, pioneers, and entrepreneurs.

As the 20th century was ending, the Federal Reserve System (FRS) reported on the distribution of the wealth among U.S. households in 1963 and compared that distribution with similar distributions in the years 1983, 1989, and 1992, which are the years of Presidents Reagan and Bush. In general, the distribution of wealth varies in that 1% of the households hold 1/3 ±3% of the nation’s wealth, that 9% of the households hold another 1/3 ±3% of this wealth, and that 90% of the households hold another 1/3 ±3% of this wealth.

I discuss this FRS report on pages 52-53 of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. This report shows that the trickle-down economic policy of Presidents Reagan and Bush reduces the wealth in 90% of the households, increases the wealth in 9% of the households, and holds steady the wealth in 1% of the households.

As seen, the development of economic classes after the Civil War led an unequal distribution of wealth in the USA. This unequal distribution is rationalized based on evolutionary theory and its learning theory. This learning theory rationalizes that genes produce different humans such as tycoons, pioneers, and entrepreneurs. I reject evolutionary theory and its learning theory because I have proven God’s existence scientifically and thus believe that ‘all Men are created equal.’ If all humans develop self-knowledge, all people will develop very similar minds. With self-knowledge, the difference between humans will be found mostly in their bodies.

So, when the USA was founded as a nation under God in 1776, it became an ungodly nation when (1) the Civil War ended; (2) Darwin’s book on the origin of the species came to the USA in 1859 to destroy Lincoln, (3) Darwin’s evolutionary theory was installed in the American educational systems, and (4) the development of self-knowledge was hidden from man.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXX (A Nation Under God, XVI)

The White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court of the U.S. government changed the USA significantly, from ‘a nation under God’ to a ‘possible ungodly nation,’ after the assassination of Abe Lincoln. Lincoln’s death changed the Union significantly because the U.S. economy was changed from the American System of economics to the British System of economics. (Click)

These two significant changes caused two other changes. First, they increased the wealth of a very small number of people. By developing this small concentration of wealth another significant change occurred because it changed a small number of people from natural ‘self-knowledge developers’ into unnatural ‘capitalists’ and changed the other natural ‘self-knowledge developers’ into unnatural ‘capitalistic labor.’

These four changes are significant because they violate the following statements of the Declaration of Independence: (1) all Men are created equal and (2) all Men are entitled with the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

In 1967, the U.S. government changed the USA significantly again when it removed prayer from the public schools. This change reduces the communication between God and man. This change also reduces man’s natural development of self-knowledge, especially when prayer of a person is expressed to others.

Essentially, these significant changes eliminated completely the development of self-knowledge in the USA. Although self-knowledge was taught by Jesus Christ, self-knowledge is needed not only to teach Christians. Self-knowledge is a necessary development of the people in any nation.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXIX (A Nation Under God, XV)

After a few holidays, I want to return to the subject of abortion again. In this blog, I focus on the use of abortions for stem cell research.

On life, the Catholic Church says that human life begins at conception. Some scientists thus say that the embryo is a human being. But other scientists say that the embryo is not a human being.

What is conception? I view conception as a whole, which has an uncountable number of parts. Such a whole is a holistic whole or a thing made by God. This thing forms when a sperm, egg, and spiritual atom become one and form a human being. (On pages 210-220 of ‘The First Scientific Proof of God,’ I discuss the spiritual atom.)

The togetherness of the sperm, egg, and spiritual atom occurs in the body of a female human. However, the things we find everywhere are not containers that can be filled with things as a glass can be filled with water. Thus, the sperm, egg, and spiritual atom are things that become functionally related.

If the oneness of the sperm/egg/spirit atom is removed from a female about nine months after conception, a new human being will enter the universe. If the oneness of the sperm/egg/spiritual atom is removed from a female prior to the nine-month period, the oneness of the sperm/egg will enter the universe, if frozen, and the spiritual atom will be freed. Thus, when God created the best of all worlds, it was necessary that all spiritual atoms could be freed so they could not be destroyed by ignorance.

So, stem cell research and its supporters must answer the question: ‘Is it moral to terminate the development of a child in a woman so that stem cell research can proceed? If this question cannot be answered by stem cell researchers, they must develop alternatives. They must ask, ‘ Is there another alternative so that stem cell research can proceed?’ One possible alternative is to develop the best togetherness between a sperm and an egg. This togetherness might inform us how to make medical procedures that can, for example, form a new leg, a heart, a finger, a lung, etc. for any needy person.

Stem cell research is very inviting. But I say that it must walk forward with moral philosophy and natural philosophy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXVIII (A Nation Under God, XIV)

To live in a nation under God, all people and their representatives in Congress must adapt to new discoveries that man is finding about God and the world that God created. For instance, the 15th century discovery of Nicholas of Cusa that a monotheistic God is absolutely maximum and absolutely minimum is still unknown to most people of the USA and their representatives in Congress. Thus, when the U.S. government adapts to new discoveries, it is always ‘too late.’

Yesterday, President Obama announced a new and brilliant way for the justice system to prevent any further crime by captured terrorists who were involved in the 9/11 NYC event. I understand that President Obama will ask Congress to make a new law to add to the body of US laws. This new law can be expected to spread throughout other nations. Based on my experience at the U.S. Department of Justice, this law will become the first law that prevents crime for the duration of life of any international criminal. The new law would raise the USA to a higher moral standard since it eliminates the use of torture.

The newest Bush administration is charged with torture to force admissions of crime so that terrorists are jailed for long periods lawfully --- essentially to throw the key away. However, the democratic jailing and subsequent correction of the terrorists would also not be effective because the causes of crimes in the U.S. government are known only statistically.

In the late 1980s and during the oldest Bush administration, I was working at the National Institute of Justice. There, I reported the origin of all crimes. But political parties do not allow the propagation of new findings of a government worker. In my report, I say that all crimes originate in man’s mind from the result of flawed symbolic languages. My report was consistent with the thoughts of Dr. Robert Heath, a Chairman at the University of Houston. The university submitted a grant application but it was not funded. After I retired, I found that Jesus Christ would have confirmed my report if he was living today. (See Mark 7:18-23) So, the U.S. government missed a big breakthrough.

Heath is a follower of the works of Kenneth Burke, even though Burke’s work on the 1930 depression was rejected by the Hoover administration. This administration made sure that Burke could not propagate his research in economics. Heath published a book on Burke entitled, ‘Realism and Relativism; A Perspective on Kenneth Burke.’ I often wonder why our governments do not use Burke’s work.

I suggest that President Obama and Congress use (1) the work of Heath and (2) Burke’s five-factor analytical method of motives in the book, "Kenneth Burke: A Grammar of Motives.’ With the Heath/Burke work, the motives of terrorists can be identified and the new crime prevention law will be a good one.

My experience in government and my research after retirement tell me that the U.S. government is not ‘forming a more perfect Union’ as the Constitution mandates.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXVII (A Nation Under God, XIII)

In a nation under God, the people usually speak of God as a thing. And people usually speak about the acts of God as created things. At this time, we know that God is an incomprehensible thing. We also know that we can sense many things in the universe and develop explanations about them. But, are we able to know all of things exactly?

Nicholas of Cusa answered this question when he found that human knowledge cannot become maximum because what is absolutely maximum is also absolutely minimum. [See Bk. I, Ch. 4 of Cusa’s writing ‘On Learned Ignorance.’ Click] When he made this finding, Cusa found that a monotheistic God is One and that God unifies real opposites. For instance, God unifies ‘what is completed’ with ‘what is uncompleted.’ Here, God is the completed thing and God’s created world is the uncompleted thing.

In Part IIb of my book (The First Scientific Proof of God) I connect God’s completeness with the uncompleteness of our created world by using logic. Thus, I agree with Cusa that God does unify some opposing symbols that we have developed in our languages.

Since each thing is in each thing and each thing is different and functions differently, I conclude that man cannot become God, identical twins do not exit, and artificial intelligence cannot be produced in a machine. Machines can only help man doing his or her work.

Since we cannot know any thing exactly, we do not know exactly what happens in an abortion process or what happens when living things are frozen.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXVI (A Nation Under God, XII)

Apparently, many vaccines are manufactured from cell components of aborted children. One vaccine is manufactured to treat people who get shingles later in life. I had shingles about five years ago and was told by my doctor that nothing can be done. In time my shingles went away without a vaccine. Is the use of vaccines from aborted children a procedure that the people of the USA want? If so, then the USA will become a godless nation.

To prevent atheists from building any nation into a godless nation with mechanisms, I want to teach God’s medical researchers how to build godly nations with God-made (or holistic) wholes and without abortions. To understand God-made wholes, one must trace the history of these holistic wholes into ancient Greece. I found the holistic whole first in the work of Nicholas of Cusa in his book "On Learned Ignorance" (at Bk. II, Ch. 5). There, Cusa expresses the nature of all things very differently saying that 'each thing in each thing.' Cusa traces this expression to Anaxagoras (500 B.C. 420 B.C.), who was before Plato and had spoken about mind (Nous). (Click) I found that Cusa’s expression was also taught by Jesus Christ (e.g., John 14:19). Cusa’s expression is also found in Immanuel Kant’s "Critique of Pure Reason.’ In the Preface to Second Edition, Kant speaks of an 'organized body’ in which‘ ‘every member exists for each other and all for the sake of each.

Thus, when God created things, he did not build things in time or create one by one. An infinite God is timeless and thus creates things ‘all at once.’ So, when I identified the spiritual atoms in Part IV of The First Scientific Proof of God,’ I concluded that God creates all things differently and creates them all at once. Accordingly, God’s intelligent design connects all spiritual atoms to each other so that ‘each spiritual atom is in each spiritual atom,’ So, when spiritual atoms unfold from God and is based on God’s intelligent design, the spiritual atoms will form ‘each different thing in each different thing.’

In ancient Greece, the symbol ‘in’ doesn’t identify a ‘container’ such as a glass that can be filled with water. Today, the word ‘in’ means that a functional relation’ has been formed. However, functional relations were not developed until modern science emerged and was separated from religions. So the field of religion has impeded the development of holism for a long time period.

If medical research does not think holistically, how can they make safe vaccines for people?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXV (A Nation Under God, XI)

Human choices are not absolutely free in a nation under God. Only God’s freedom is absolute. Human freedom is thus a variable that begins at a minimum level, such as slavery, and can change to higher levels of freedom. These higher levels of freedom are obtained only by laws. So abortion became a free choice by Congress and was ruled favorable by the U. S. Supreme Court in the Roe V. Wade case.

However, the congressional action and court ruling on abortion has been outdated by developments of new scientific evidence about a monotheistic God. And we also have new evidence about the universe that God created. For instance, evidence indicated that the universe has no end and that the immortal soul of all humans will continue life after death forever. However, our lives do not continue in Heaven because our bodies are finite and cannot exist in the infinite world of God. Thus, our lives can continue only on planet earth or on some other planet. This new evidence is outdating the developments of religions and their scriptures. This new evidence is now destroying evolution theory.

The new evidence confirms the existence of our irreducible, immortal souls. Simply stated, man cannot create or destroy a soul. Thus, abortion cannot destroy a child’s soul. Only the body formed for the child’s soul can be destroyed. Nor can the act of suicide destroy a person’s soul. Giving life to all humans is thus an important act of God.

People in a nation under God must make as many right choices as possible. Aborting a child lacks reasoning and is no different from transforming a town or city into a ghetto, making a war, or making poor cultures in third-world nations. Poor choices are born out of poor reasoning because only God chooses where our next lives will begin.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXIV (A Nation Under God, X)

In a Nation under God, all people must become trained in the scientific methods of thought. This is necessary because all truths are found only through scientific thinking. This necessity was known long ago but was not important enough for some religious leaders to teach.

In the ancient period, Jesus Christ was the most advanced teacher in science. At his time, he taught many different sciences and taught that all people must develop ‘self knowledge.’ (See the Gospel of Thomas) Unfortunately, the religious leaders of his time murdered Jesus for teaching his new ideas. In the modern period, many religious leaders still do not like the development of self knowledge.

In yesterday’s blog. I argue that abortion is murder. There is a scientific reason for this argument. Let me discuss the self knowledge that I developed on the subject of abortion.

In a created world, only things exist. Each thing is thus a holistic whole that has an uncountable number of parts. Since all created things function, when things come together, higher functional things will appear. The sperms of a male human being thus have an uncountable number of functional things. And the eggs of a female human also have an uncountable number of different functional things. Now, when a sperm and egg come together, a higher functional thing will appear. This higher thing is a human being. The sperm and egg come together because a third thing was added to the sperm and egg. This third thing is the soul of a specific human.

As seen, a man and woman do not create a new person when they have sex. Their act of sex merely gives life to the soul of a third person. Abortion is thus murder.

Unfortunately, the Mechanists and Atheists would not accept this argument because they do not understand things or holism. However, Norma McCorvey, who fought for abortion on Roe v. Wade, has now changed her mind.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXIII (A Nation Under God, IX)

The USA began as a nation under God and has been transformed into a nation of bandits, greedy people, and many atheists. This transformation is very noticeable because, after the assassination of Abe Lincoln, the U.S. government no longer followed the Constitution in order to form a more perfect Union. Instead, the nation became a nation in which ‘one is against all other.’ The USA became this kind of nation mostly as a result of a non futuristic economic policy known as the free market economy.

I conclude that the above transformation of life in the USA was influenced greatly by religious scriptures and those religious leaders who taught that scriptures are inspired by God. This teaching is a religious error that separated all modern sciences from all theologies in the modern age. Today, all modern sciences are ‘stuck in the mud’ because they are not considering God in their thoughts. In order to form a more perfect Union and return life in the USA back to God, I am unifying all sciences to the single theology of monotheism. In my website, I speak of this togetherness as ‘theological science.’ I link a handful of important books to this new way of building science.

Theological science produces very clear truths. For instance, theological science says that abortion is murder because a human soul becomes fully embodied at conception. Accordingly, the concepts of tri semesters are false. Thus, I urge President Obama to take action to stop all abortions. I also urge President Obama not to bring Kathleen Sebelius into the Obama administration.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXXII (A Nation Under God, VIII)

Living in a nation under God is not identical in every nation. Life in nations is different because people reject God and other people believe in God, but view God and His creation differently. Yet, if God exists, God is the same for all people, dogs, birds, etc. and all created things by God are images of God because God creates all things from his self.

To make life more similar in all nations, I have proven God’s existence with two different lines of scientific reasoning. So, I am proving that atheism is false. In time, I thus expect all people to accept God. To make life even more similar, I am developing a new field of thought. I call it ‘theological science’ and am developing it by unifying the thoughts in the field of theology and the thoughts in the field of science.

From 6/5/08 to 12/25/08, I posted 115 blogs on this new field of thought. In the blog dated 11/18/08, I posted my second scientific proof of God. Further, the blogs, from 12/9/08 to 12/25/08, show that many teachings of Jesus Christ are in agreement with my new theological science. Furthermore, from 12/26/08 to 1/16/09, I posted other related blogs. These blogs identify some of today’s teachings that are inconsistent with theological science.

On the blog dated 10/11/08 and as an independent voter, I informed my readers that I will vote for Barrack Obama because his thoughts are consistent with the development of my theological science. I also concluded that the thoughts of John McCain and the Republican party are inconsistent with my new theological science. After Obama became president, I began to help the new president to remake America with the blog dated 1/23/09.

At this time, I conclude that the free market economy, free trade, gold-based money systems, and the current U.S. educational system are inconsistent with my theological science. To be inconsistent with theological science is equivalent to being inconsistent with God.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXX (A Nation Under God, VI)

This 80th blog on Remaking America seems endless. But this series of blogs will soon come to an end. I will end this series when I remove President Obama’s pic and move my thoughts into a new series of blogs on a different subject.

For your information, this Remaking America series of blogs did not lure many comments. However, I expected this kind of behavior because most people do not like to express their political thoughts to others in a public forum.

I chose to express my political thoughts to other people in this website because the fields of theology and science are entering a new phase of thought where they are being unified by me and then linked by me to the field of politics in a nation under God, the United States of America.

I will continue the Rebuilding America series tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXIX (A Nation Under God, V)

On January 20, 2009, the USA started to change under the administration of President Obama and his supporting Congress and Supreme Court. Most people do not know the nature of change but have an idea that economic activities will be one of the major changes. If so, I conclude that the economic change will not be successful unless the U.S. economy is changed from the British System of Economics (or free market) to the American System of Economics.

To help you understand these two different economies, I suggest that all families get together occasionally in order to study the British and American System of Economics. (Click)

For many reasons, I conclude that the USA and all other nations must replace the British System with the American System. With this change, every nation will use its own money system rather than valuing money with standards such as gold. Trading among nations will thus occur by treaty agreements as I suggested in Part IV of my book.

Most of my reasons for international changes are centered on man’s development and use of symbolic languages and the problems that every nation has to manage their national language. All symbolic languages contain flaws and are found in every national symbolic language. All ideologies are thus only personal perspectives of reality. Ideologies are not real. Thus, debates among nations of differing symbolic languages are hard to construct. Often, such debates are not possible and can lead to war unnecessarily. Until a single world symbolic language develops, nations must learn to live in harmony based on well defined treaties.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXVIII (A Nation Under God, IV)

Yesterday’s blog indicates that the U.S. government has divided the people of the USA into economic classes with the U.S. economic system. This economic system was borrowed from England’s Adam Smith. American economists speak of Adam Smith’s economy as the ‘free market economy.’ But, I say that these classes and free market economy will eventually destroy the founding documents and the Union.

Henry Carey (1793-1879) was the economic advisor of Abe Lincoln. In his book on 'The Unity of Law,' he challenges the economy of Adam Smith and compares it with the German economic theory of Eugene Duhring and his successor of the University of Berlin, Frederich List. (click) Further, in the Introduction of his book on ‘A Grammar of Motives,’ Kenneth Burke quotes the following words of Duhring:

’We should never forget that our whole economic, political, ant intellectual development has as its presupposition a state of things which slavery was a necessity as it was universally recognized. In this sense we are entitled to say: Without the slavery of antiquity, no modern socialism.’
Duhring’s modern socialism is not a Society with a planning Government. A Society with a planning Government is known as communism. Modern socialism is a UNITY OF FORCE as Carey says on the first page of his Preface. In the USA, this unity of force comes from the unity of laws that unify John Locke’s Society and self-governing Government in the USA.

No nation can install a free market economy or a similar economy and never change it. Our sun will eventually darken. Yet, our knowledge about this darkening is only beginning. Maintaining some kind of economy that rejects socialism is a highly irrational thought. Thus, when Republicans charge President Obama with socialism, they show their absence of study about the history of man and man’s possible futures.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXVII (A Nation Under God, III)

Human life might have existed for 4.4 million years. Thus, before any nation existed, people lived alone for a long time. This is when human freedom was at its maximum degree. However, when the human population began to increase, personal security was becoming necessary. As the need for security increased, people sought security from landowners. This form of security caused human freedom to decrease and made many people slaves. Today, the enslaving landowners are known as kings and dictators. Then, in order to increase human freedom, new political systems appeared. One of them would appear in 1776 in America.

In 1776, the American colonists decided to separate from the dictates of England. This separation was made by installing one of these new political systems, the system that John Locke developed and called a ‘social contract.’ This contract has two parties. One party is ‘Society,’ which was named ‘The United States of America’ in the Declaration of Independence. The other party is a self-governing ‘Government.’ It is defined by the Constitution and agrees to secure the Society. In order to increase human freedom to a maximum level, Government must make laws in its Congress and must be signed by its President. These general laws were identified in the Declaration of Independence as the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. Further, a Bill of Rights for the Society and the Government was added in 1791 in the Constitution.

I conclude that this social contract was developing through the Lincoln administration. But after Lincoln, the further development of the Society and Government became disorderly and disharmonious. For instance, Society became greedy and many of its people became godless. As part of the Society was turning away from God, Government had already become godless. Further, Government was limiting its security of the Society to defenses of wars, national economics, criminal justice, and social security. But it was developing a very rich class and large poor class.

Essentially, the Society and Government have destroyed the social contract created by our founders in 1776. They are returning the freedom of Americans to a new lower level and are destroying the self-governing aspect of Government.

However, the Society and Government of the USA are currently in the process of dividing and destroying our whole nation. This division and destruction are underway already because Government does not know that its funding is turning the USA into a godless nation by funding ungodly, or atheistic, sciences and providing no funds for godly sciences.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXVI (A Nation Under God, II)

In his book on ‘A Grammar of Motives,’ Kenneth Burke found that the possible human motives are infinite in number. His work thus reveals many forces that reduce human motives to mechanical motives. If these forces continue to grow, the human soul will be eliminated and the USA will be destroyed as a nation under God. If this occurs many U.S. citizens will become slaves.

A basic force originates these many forces. This basic force is the unity of the fields of mathematics and science. This unity of mathematical and scientific thoughts cause mechanical forces in all life sciences. If these forces are not stopped, all humans will be reduced to machines, which make all human motives logical motives. If this reduction is maintained, the drama of human life created by God will be reduced to a mechanical drama.

Although this basic force and many life sciences are highly flawed today, this basic flaw began to develop this mechanical drama in the 1830s with South Carolina’s politician, John C. Calhoun, after he concluded that humans are property. Ever since Darwin’s evolutionary theory came to the USA in 1859, such a property became an enemy of President Lincoln and became a continuous political debate after Lincoln was assassinated.

For instance, the idea that humans are property was amplified by the German mathematician, J. P. Morgan. As one of the Big Families, he wanted to own all U.S. industries and its labor. Fortunately, President Teddy Roosevelt refused this request. But, in the 1930s, the number of human motives was reduced to zero by President Hoover when he said that the 1929 economic depression will recover itself and without human help.

The Hoover saying was confirmed when the U.S. Supreme Court rejected God and removed prayer from public schools in 1967. In the early 1970s, the Hoover saying was confirmed again when most physical and life scientists rejected God saying that all things in the universe are mechanical.

Today, the people of the USA must decide whether they are machines or not. They must act if they believe in God. If they do not believe in God or do not act, slavery in the USA will continue to grow without a limit.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXV (A Nation Under God, I)

In my personal research on the founding documents of the USA, I have reported on this website and to the U.S. government that the USA was founded as a nation under God.

In my research, I found that the field of law has misinterpreted the founder’s documents. I conclude that this interpretation is turning the U.S. government away from God, even though the Preamble of the Constitution mandates the U.S. government ‘to form a more perfect Union.’ To form a more perfect Union, this constitutional mandate requires a standard to measure the perfections of the Union. Only God is this standard of perfection. Accordingly, I find that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution state that the USA is founded as a nation under God.

In my research, I also found that the economic courses at all U.S. colleges and universities are promoting ungodly economic theories that are turning the U.S. government and ‘the people’ away from God.

In the works of Kenneth Burke on ‘A Grammar of Motives,’ one finds that human motives are complex and cannot be explained by empirical sciences or Darwin’s evolution theory, as atheists say. So atheism is not a proof that God does not exist.

I conclude that the U.S. government and ‘the people’ must investigate the above misinterpretation of the field of law. They must also investigate the promotions of ungodly economic systems and the overstated beliefs of atheists and evolutionists. There seems to be a growing force to turn the USA into an ungodly nation.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXIV (Economies for the USA, VI)

Yesterday’s blog shows that the U.S. government is not forming a more perfect Union, as mandated in the Preamble of the Constitution. I conclude that only six presidents, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Nixon, and Clinton, have tried to improve the Union in different ways. I conclude that President Obama will also try to improve the Union in different ways. However, I conclude that President Lincoln went further by trying to return the U.S. government to the founding documents. But I believe that President Obama will try to return both ‘the people’ and the U.S. government to the founding documents.

What causes the USA to turn away from the founding documents? I conclude that the field of law turned the U.S. government away from the founding documents first by misinterpreting the Declaration of Independence. This founding document is more than as authority to go to war against England. The first two paragraphs of the ‘Declaration’ have nothing to do with a war authority. These two paragraphs define the ‘Society’ identified by John Locke in his social contract. This definition of ‘Society’ distinguishes ‘the people’ from Locke’s self-governing ‘Government.’

The above misinterpretation of the field of law caused the U.S. government to turn U.S. economic policies away from the American System of economics. The American System requires the continued development of new sciences and technologies. The American System thus produces productivity increases (lower prices) for ‘the people.’

The rejection of the American System caused the U.S. government to turn the U.S. economy policy to the British System of economies. The popular name of the British System is laissez-faire (or a free market). The British System requires the continued development of price inflation (or higher prices) for those people who are capitalists.

When the U.S. government turned away from the Society (defined by the Declaration of Independence) and also turned away from the American System of economy, the USA became a nation of ‘bandits and slaves’ instead of a nation under God.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXIII (Economies for the USA, V)

The development of the USA (or Union) and the development of the U.S. economy have never been in harmony because the Union was never developed based on the desired goals of ‘the people.’ So the Union and the U.S. economy developed randomly and without rational thinking. Below, I show the random development of the Union.

To maintain the Union after July 4, 1776, the colonists had to prepare for war with England. During this quiet period, the Second Continental Congress became the U.S. government. As godly persons, the members of Congress tried to obtain peace. But they had no success. The Revolutionary War started and ended on January 14, 1785 with the Treaty of Paris. The Second Continental Congress maintained government until the Constitution was ratified in 1788. Then, George Washington became the first President in 1789. Like other colonists, he conducted farm research at Mt. Vernon to feed the people of the Union at lower costs. So the development of new sciences and technologies was a major policy of the new self-governing nation.

To support this policy, financial order and credit had to be established. The First Bank of the United States was thus proposed by Alexander Hamilton. It was opened in 1791 and closed in 1811. However, increased inflation, due to the influx of foreign specie, and the War of 1812 led Second Bank of the United States. It was opened in 1816 by President Madison. Its period was also twenty years.

But, the development of lower cost productions became a problem when John Adams became president. As president, he wanted to stop the growth of a rich class. Accordingly, he became an ant-federalist. The third president, Thomas Jefferson thought that the Union could become a nation of farms. Thus, he sided with Adams.

The nation’s free traders and Southern plantation owners viewed the Union as a producing and trading nation. They opened another developmental problem --- cheap labor with slavery. However, President Lincoln disagreed with slavery saying that the Declaration of Independence does not mean that only English Men are created equal. Although President Lincoln saved the Union with the Civil War, the further development of the Union was stopped when Lincoln was assassinated.

After Lincoln, presidential attempts to develop the Union in the 1860s have been limited to President Roosevelt’s fight against inflation and unemployment and creating social security in the 1930s, President Kennedy’s 196o space programs, President Nixon’s 1970 social initiatives, President Clinton’s 1990 governmental debt reductions, and President Obama’s 2009 infrastructures.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXII (Economies for the USA, IV)

In the USA, usury has become a major error in the development of a free nation under God. Many of these errors are developed by atheism. For instance, atheists view money as the end (or purpose) of life because they don’t believe in God. Atheistic scientists also view humans as machines and explain life completely with logical reasoning and the cause/effect principle. Thus, an atheistic scientist will view money as the ‘effect’ of some ‘cause.’ Further, in a profit-making company, profit is thus the cause of all monetary effects that are in excess of all costs. Profit is thus a form of usury. Furthermore, for bankers, atheistic mathematicians created a new form of usury called ‘swaps.’

In his "A Grammar of Motives" Kenneth Burke shows us that human life’s motives cannot be explained with logic and the cause/effect principle. Burke rejects this atheistic explanation. His work did predict Hitler’s political motives that led to the Jewish Holocaust. Burke says that human life is a drama and can be explained only with knowledge of human motives. He says that complete statements about human motives will offer some kind of answers to the following five questions:

1. What was done? (act).
2. When or where it was done? (scene)
3. Who dit it? (actor)
4. How it was done? (means)
5. Why? (end or purpose)

If we do not limit human life to logical relations, we move our mind to a higher level of thought where the means and ends coexist. At this higher level of thought, money becomes a means rather than an end. This change eliminates usury and changes the end to a different purpose. This new and godly purpose produces a continuous life, rather than a discrete death, for all humans.

If money is used as a means and all ends are produced for the purposes of human life, all ends can be accumulated and hoarded. If the ends are accumulated and hoarded, the life of all free people will be equal. Since the founders say that all Men are created equal, it is clear that they never authorized usury.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXXI (Economies for the USA, III)

The best economy for a free nation has never been found by anyone. Why such an economy has never been found is explained by the way free people in the USA have been viewing money ever since 1776. Today, the people of all free nations view money as the ‘end’ of all human activities at the workplace.

As an end, money can be accumulated many different ways. For instance, money can be accumulated if one saves some of the money made at the workplace. Or one can become a usurer and lend money to people for a fee. When money is accumulated, hoarded, and lent for a fee, the usurer will become rich. When this occurs, other people must become poor. So when free people view money as an end and also allow usury, a free nation will develop a class of poor people. For this reason, scriptures suggest that usury not be allowed.

If the money in a free nation has developed a rich class and the nation also allows usury, the development of a free nation can be impeded or even fail. For instance, banks have become the major usurers in today’s free nations. To maintain their usurious fees, all banks must avoid disinflation, which is produced by new science and technology.

To avoid disinflation, the U.S. Federal Reserve System can increase or decrease the national inflation and unemployment rates merely by changing its usurious fees. Essentially, the usurious fees of the Federal Reserve System and today’s private banks limit the development of education, new science and technology, and knowledge about God and His universe.

Obviously, the development of a rich class in a free nation returns a free nation to a new form of slavery. It is also clear that the wealth of a free nation cannot be measured in money.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Remaking America by George Shollenberger, Idea XXXXXXX (Economies for the USA, II)

Americans do not yet know how to build a free nation under God. I conclude that we have had no success because too many citizens are unfamiliar with John Locke’s social contract and how its self-government secures the Union. Many citizens also seem to be unaware of the implications of God and the ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’ The Laws of Nature are ‘true’ scientific laws whereas the Laws of Nature’s God are ‘right’ morals. Both of these laws are found in the Declaration of Independence. In God, these laws are unified as one law that produces the best of all worlds by God.

Since our founders studied Locke’s social contract and the implication of the above two laws, the beginning and the early developments of the USA began as experiments. But after 233 years, I conclude that the development of the USA is still experimental, has no clear path of development, and is not futuristic. Today, I say that the USA behaves like a highly irrational machine and does not behave as a Union of Spirits under God.

The USA has not been successful because most of its people no longer consider God in their deliberations anymore. Because God is not being considered by U.S. scientists, they seek only atheistic Laws of Nature. These laws are aligned to the Big Bang/evolution theories. Moralists also seek only atheistic Laws of Nature’s God. These laws are based on history and are aligned to ‘what is politically right or politically wrong.’ Both atheistic laws are sought based on the cause/effect principle and thus lead people to seek political power and money because this principle turns the USA into a power and money machine. Such a machine provides us with any freedom.

To become successful, the USA must turn all seeking efforts in the Union toward God’s Laws of Nature and God’s moral laws. If this does not occur, the USA can be expected to fall, just as history. This history tells me that the best U.S. economy has not yet been found.