Scientific Proof of God, A New and Modern Bible, and Coexisting Relations of God and the Universe

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, VI

When Abraham rejected pantheism and its idolatry, he had to conclude that God does not destroy itself in order to form other things. Thus, we know that Abraham knew that God had to be indivisible and the kind of God who can create other things out of his own essence without destroying himself. Plato confirmed these thoughts of Abraham in his Parmenides’s Dialogue. In this dialogue, Plato found that ‘One’ has no parts but exists with others.

At Plato’s time, many people knew that pantheism was false, that monotheism is true, that a monotheistic God is both one and infinite, that a monotheistic God coexists with others, and that these others exist in a lower world (the universe). Accordingly, the lower world was always developing and will continue to develop endlessly based on God’s intelligent design.

The current situation on monotheism is not good because Western religions are not teaching details about and our sciences are investigating our universe based on the assumption that God does not exist. The current situation explains why many different conflicts exist among the people who live now.

I present my thoughts on some monotheistic consistent and inconsistent details below.

--A personal God is inconsistent.
--God and man communication is inconsistent but God and man information exchange is consistence.
--Land and natural resource ownership is inconsistent.
--God’s blessings of persons and nation are inconsistent.
--God intervention into our problems is inconsistent.
--God produces miracles is inconsistent.
--God rewards and punishes people is inconsistent.
--Karma is inconsistent.
--The statement ‘God and our lower world do not end’ is consistent .
--UFOs are consistent.
--Life after death and reincarnation are consistent but a Heaven after life is inconsistent.
--Irreducible complexities in our lower world are consistent.
--Coexisting opposites in our lower world are consistent.
--God’s intelligent design of our lower world is consistent.
--God and the lower world are logically related is consistent.
--Spiritual atoms, which produce all things in the lower world, are consistent.
--Today's sciences are inconsistent.

I expect that these consistencies and inconsistencies will be proven scientifically eventually.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, V

Outside of the field of religion, inconsistences in our thoughts about monotheism will be found in other fields of thought. These inconsistences indicate that monotheism might be fading and that all living things will lose their godly rights. If this occurs, life will be governed by arbitrary rights. So, it is important for all people to make life consistent with monotheism. Inconsistences in monotheism by the U.S. government are presented below.

The founders of the USA included many statements in the Declaration of Independence that are consistent with monotheism. However, the Declaration of Independence was not accepted by the U.S. Supreme Court as part of the body of U.S. laws. This action of the Court was wrong because the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence identify the authority to build a nation under God. The remaining words in the Declaration identify a second and different authority. These words authorize war against England. So, the U.S. Supreme Court is slowly removing monotheism from the USA. In 1967, this Court continued to destroy monotheism when it supported the atheism of Madelyn Murray O/Hair. So, the U.S. Supreme Court has changed the USA from a nation under monotheism into a godless nation.

The executive and legislative branch of the U.S. government acted similar to the judicial branch. After the Lincoln administration, the legislative branch became a two-party political system that debates political rights rather than godly rights. On the other hand, the executive branch has reduced itself to two purposes: (1) military security and (2) economic security, which is a fight between rich/poor economics. The rich economy is guided by trickle-down money flow and the poor economy is guided by trickle-up money flow.

Obviously, after the assassination of Abe Lincoln, the U.S. government never thought about building a nation under monotheism.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, IV

The ancient philosophers were not very successful in their inquiries to define a monotheistic God. Job, Plato, Dionysius, Hermes, Jesus Christ, et al, for instance, could only say that ‘God is nothing, yet is all,’ and that God is unnameable and beyond all knowledge. Modern philosophers made similar statements. For instance, Nicholas of Cusa says that the infinite qua infinite is incomprehensible, cannot be compared with any finite thing in our world, and is the absolute maximum (the greatest) and absolute minimum (the least).

However, religious leaders say that they are successful. For instance, Joseph Smith of the Mormon Church says that Jesus’ gained the infinite knowledge. Further, the leaders of Judaism, Christianity and Islam say that their scriptures are the words of God. More specific, Jews also say their Messiah will appear in our world. And Christians also say that God has already appeared in our world as Jesus Christ. And Muslims say that prophets are divine and speak for God through scriptures. The Vatican and other Christian also say that our world will end after Jesus returns. The Vatican also says that evolution theory is true. However, I say that all of these sayings are inconsistent with a monotheistic God.

Although a monotheistic God is not comprehensible, rational thinking can open a path of understanding. This path allows man to gain understandings about God and the intelligent design that God uses to create life and infrastructures that support life in our lower world. These understandings can be found with scientific truths. Thus, I say that theological science, which unifies the fields of ‘theology’ and ‘science,’ is the only path of gaining these understandings.

This path of understanding was found during the Renaissance. It became known as the two-step scientific method of proof. Step one is ‘discovery’ and deals with empirical data. Step two is ‘demonstration’ and deals with a theory that explains the empirical data. The step two is the metaphysical or spiritual process that deals with the God’s intelligent design. Unfortunately, the atheists, logicians, and today’s scientists are trying to destroy this two-step method of scientific proof.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, III

Monotheism destroyed pantheism and idolatry through the thoughts of Abraham. For pantheism to be true, God had to be a whole that could be divided into parts. A pantheistic God must thus destroy itself by transforming itself into parts. But only something finite can be divided into parts. So, pantheism is true only if God is a finite thing that is divisible.

To reject pantheism, Abraham had to view God as an indivisible thing. Thus, Abraham’s God is not finite. To reject pantheism, Abraham had to promote a God who is not finite and has no parts. In time, many Jews spoke of God as ‘Infinite One.’

Eventually, the symbol ‘infinite’ was given a meaning. Ancient philosophers spoke of ‘infinite’ as a thing that can be divided endlessly (or divided infinitely). In time, infinite was given other meanings. Nicholas of Cusa referred to ‘infinite’ as the opposite of ‘finite.’ And Georg Cantor used ‘infinite’ in mathematics to distinguish God from mathematical infinities. Today, I speak of ‘infinite’ as Plato’s negative of ‘not-finite.’

With the appearance of Jesus Christ, some Jews became followers of Jesus. But other strong Jewish followers of Abraham’s ‘infinite God’ did not accept Jesus as Lord because this would be a return to pantheism.

Obviously, Jews and Christians have differences that must be discussed and corrected. The Jewish monotheism is correct. But the Christian dualism is incorrect because a monotheistic God cannot be a dualistic God. However, Jews should not expect a Messiah because this expectation would be a return to pantheism and idolatry. And Christians should not expect a return of Jesus Christ because this would cause the reincarnation theory of monotheism to eliminate its consistence.

Over the years, religions have a tendency to promote new ideas without assuring that an idea is consistent with monotheism. All ideas must stand on the single foundation of God. If this foundation is not held, arbitrariness gains a new foundation of irrationality for man. Today, U.S. sciences have left the foundation of God and are developing a new foundation of irrationality. This could be a disaster for the people of the USA.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thjoughts About Monotheism, II

In yesterday’s blog, I show that a monotheistic God is connected necessarily and logically to the lower world that he creates and where humans live. Thus, I can say that other worlds, beyond God’s higher world and our lower world, do not exist. Therefore, things, such as Satan, devils, demons, angels, etc., do not exist.

Jews and Christians will disagree with my removal of a celestial or mediating world between God’s higher world and our lower world. I connect God directly to our world using the Christian Trinity.

Hebrew cabalistic mysticism speaks of the Sephiroth. It has nine worlds in a celestial world, which is beyond our lower world. The Sephiroth has a tenth world in which an unnameable and monotheistic God exists. The Christians, Saint Dionysius and Saint Paul, spoke of nine angelic hierarchies. These nine hierarchies are divided into three groups that represent the three Persons of the Christian Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Christians thus say that God exists in a world beyond the nine angelic hierarchies. These angles are spiritual things. But these theories lead to more religious mysteries than to scientific truths.

In order to unify theology and science, I had to reject both the celestial world of the Jewish Sephiroth and the nine angelic hierarchies in the Christian celestial world. In order to unify theology and science, I also accepted Nicholas of Cusa’s new scientific version of the Christian Trinity. I present this scientific version of the Trinity in Part IAB and Part IV of my book, The First Scientific Proof of God.

To eliminate the celestial world and connect God scientifically to a lower world, God and this lower world must have something in common. In my book, I call these common things ‘spiritual atoms.’ They are immortal and connect God to our world. In God, the spiritual atoms are trinitarian in nature, ‘One-Equality-Union.’ But in our lower world, an infinite God and spiritual atoms form a finite universe. In our finite world, spiritual atoms will be very different. In our world, they become independent Spirits when the One-Equality-Union is contracted and forms a universe of ‘many-inequalities-related’ things. Since each Spirit is always in each Spirit, a Spirit is in another Spirit in a functional way so that it is that Spirit. Needless to say, the universe is quite complex. But this universe never ends because only God can destroy the spiritual atoms.

If theology and science are unified, we can understand God. Without their unification, we cannot understand God or the universe and life in any nation will always be confused and without any real happiness.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Theological Science* Reveals Theological Inconsistences in Our Thoughts About Monotheism, I

If the people of a nation do not unify ‘theology’ and ‘science,’ human thoughts, about a monotheistic God and about a world in which humans live, will be inconsistent and irrational. This statement is true because a monotheistic God is connected necessarily and logically to the world in which humans live. So, what-is-in-God cannot exist in our world and what-is-in-our-world cannot exist in God.

The necessary/logical difference between God’s higher world and our lower world has been known for a long time by those writers who used a negative theology. These writers give God a name by adding the word ‘not’ to words that we use to describe things in our lower world. This is why I use the word not-finite to speak of God as the origin of our lower world. Unfortunately, these differences between God’s higher world and our lower world are still unknown by most people because they are held by religious leaders as mysteries.

It is time for religions to open the minds of their people by discussing such mysteries. This means that all religions must unify their theology with all sciences.

For instance, when Jesus Christ did not reappear after his murder, Christians began to record the teachings of Jesus in the first century. Unfortunately, these recorded words became known as The Word (of God). Although the teaching of Jesus was of a divine origin, God has no words as we have developed and use in our lower world. A monotheistic God is one and thus has only one word to communicate to us. We know this Word as the intelligent design of our lower world. This Word was described at John 1:1. The Word of God is no longer a mystery.

Other subjects will follow.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, XV

A belief that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, but is not God, will make your belief in monotheism stronger. Further, a belief in monotheism will strengthen your belief in the existence of our lower world and that it has no end. Furthermore, a belief in monotheism will strengthen your belief that your work will be greater than the work of Jesus. And your belief in after life and reincarnation will make your belief in monotheism stronger.

The beliefs above are examples of how faith in God is increased and how your faith in God’s intelligent design of our lower world is increased. So, faith is not a static phenomenon ot feeling. Faith is variable that increases or decreases. But faith never increases to an absolute maximum or decrease to an absolute minimal because only God is Absolute. These examples also show that different beliefs about a monotheistic God and about our lives are orderly and consistent.

But if one rejects God, as many U.S. people have, life will never be orderly and consistent. Instead, life will always be disorderly and arbitrarily. The working systems in the USA, for instance, are showing great disorder and arbitrariness because the leaders in these systems have become ungodly.

A good example of such leaders are U.S. logicians and scientists. The logicians are trying to bring order into the life sciences with logical reasoning and non sequiturs. And physical scientists and trying to bring order into our lower world by trying to prove that our world has an end. They will not win this nonsense.

Life without a belief in God cannot create a happy life.

A message to my eight grandchildren (Jamie, Mike, Kristen, Brig, Cassidy, Steven, John, and Jack) on Christmas 2008.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, XIV

I believe that theological science had its beginning with Abraham’s rejection of pantheism and idolatry and his acceptance of monotheism. But at Abraham’s time, the symbols ‘theology’ and ‘science’ had not appeared yet. I also believe that the development of theological science and monotheism had major peaks during the teachings of Plato, Jesus Christ, Nicholas fo Cusa, Gottfried. Leibniz and Georg Cantor.

I have traced the unification of the fields of theology and science from its beginning with the monotheism of Abraham and its developments in the Old Testament, Plato and Aristotle, Jesus Christ, Nicholas of Cusa, Galileo Galilie, Gottfried Leibniz, and Georg Cantor. Over the last two years, I decided to include the writings of Friedrich Hegel on his Phenomenology of Spirit in this trace.

I conclude that the fields of theology and science were separated by a faction of modern scientists who have rejected God because they never connected the thoughts of Galileo and thoughts of Nicholas of Cusa. I conclude that this separation caused the beginning of atheism in the USA and in all U. S. sciences. In Chapter II of his book, ‘The Crime of Galileo,’ Giorgio de Santillana connects Galileo’s thoughts to God’s absolute maximum and minimum found by Nicholas of Cusa and to earlier thoughts on the ‘void’ in the Old Testament at Job 26:7. Further, in Chapter 6 of his book, ‘ Galileo Galilie, His Life and His Works,’ Raymond J. Seeger connects Galileo thoughts on the continuum and indivisibles to the earlier thoughts of Nicholas of Cusa

The earlier thoughts on the void by Job were perfected when Cusa sought the maximum of knowledge in Book I, Chapter 4 of his book, ‘On Learned Ignorance.’ Cusa found that absolute maximum is also absolute minimum. Since absolute maximum and absolute minimum is one, they are attributes of a monotheistic God. Our lower world thus exists in between God’s higher world, which is God’s maximum world and God’s minimum world. Our lower world always existed and never ends.

The void or absolute minimum of our lower world tells us that the temperature of the matter in our world can never reach zero. So, when our physicists lower the temperature of different physical matter, with quantum mechanics they can expect to find new and useful emergents, such as superconductors, forever because the zero temperature is an attribute of God.

I hope that Barack Obama and his administration read this blog because the USA must change. The USA is not lost. Some of our citizens have only lost their God.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, XIII

Theological science is a new science and is the science of a monotheistic God and God’s intelligent design of the lower world in which we live. Since only one God exists, only one theory of God and only one religion can exist. Unfortunately, today’s religious leaders think differently saying that only their scripture expresses the true theory of God and the true religion.

In yesterday’s blog, I show that the government of an advancing nation under God cannot receive the common rights of its people and secure these people equally if its people practice the theory of God differently. Because of these different religious practices, the USA has become a failure because these different religions fight for a President, Judges, and Congresspersons so they can force their religious practices onto all other citizens. If the USA is to advance, I assert that ‘theological science’ must become the science and theology of every U.S. citizen.

While I gave theological science its name, the fields of science and theology were always unified after Abraham destroyed pantheism and idolatry and replaced them with a monotheistic God. However, these religions are destroying monotheism today with their ‘scriptural wars.’ These wars are just like the ‘military wars’ between nations and their political leaders and the ‘economic wars’ between modern nations and their business and industrial leaders. Wars cannot serve people. Wars are created only by people who give power to religious leaders, political leaders and economic leaders.

For thousands of years Christians have been giving power to religious leaders by lifting the Bible and Jesus Christ to the level of God. Jews and Muslims have also given power to religious leaders with their scriptures. These empowerments are human errors. While I say that the scientific and theological teachings of Jesus Christ are of a divine origin, other humans have also developed scientific and theological teachings that I say are new and turbulent and are thus of a divine origin.

Two divine examples are the teachings of Nicholas of Cusa and Gottfried Leibniz. Yet, the Catholic and Protestant church leaders never accepted or taught their works. Only recently has the Catholic church decided to consider the work of Nicholas of Cusa. But the Vatican supports evolution theory, a belief that is inconsistent with a monotheistic God.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, XII

If one opens a good encyclopedia and becomes familiar with the ancient theology of the Roman Church, the new 15th century negative theology of Bishop Nicholas of Cusa, and the Reformation with its German theology of Martin Luther, and its Switzerland theology of Huldrych Zwingli, one could learn how and why Christianity would divide the people of the USA.

Further, in any good encyclopedia one should learn that self knowledge and the negative theology of Cusa were never taught by Christianity. Instead one might learn that Christianity creates fear in people and teaches them how to behave so they go to Heaven after the world ends. Luther, for instance, taught that the world would end during his life. But the end of the world never came. Other Christians made the same prediction. But all such predictions were also false.

How long will the USA accept Christian predictions? Certainly, the people of any advancing nation cannot accept poor predictions of any kind. Further, how can an advancing nation advance with citizens who live in fear and do not develop self knowledge? The institutions of any advanced nation do not accept fear and citizens who do not develop knowledge. So, these Christian teachings are unwanted by any advancing nation.

In the USA, my theological theology concludes that such Christian teachings are also unwanted. Let me explain why. In the USA, all citizens must give some of their godly rights to their government in exchange for securing them. Since the USA is a nation under God, the citizens and the U.S. government must have the same God, otherwise the U.S. government would have to secure citizens unequally. Further, if different theories of God exist, the U.S. government would have to secure citizens unequally.

Thus, all citizens in the USA must also have the same God and the same theory of God. The U.S. government and our religions will practice the theory of God differently. Government practices will likely be to ‘advance scientific proofs of God.’ On the other hand, religious practices will likely be to ‘increase social interactions and brotherly love.’

In this blog, the above history of Christianity is showing that Christians are following religious leaders rather than the teachings of Jesus Christ. The history of the U.S. government is also troublesome because some U.S. citizens are secured medically whereas other citizens are not. This is strange because all citizens give equal rights to the U. S. government.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, XI

In my tenth blog on Jesus Christ, I show that the Son of God means ‘all humans.’ Since God gave every human being the ability to become wise, many writers speak of all humans as ‘little gods.’ To speak of humans as ‘little gods’ is appropriate because Nicholas of Cusa says that the human mind can measure all things that God created. So, as Paul said at Rom. 1:20, all humans are not without excuse of knowing everything that God created. It is clear that Paul knew about the teaching of self-knowledge by Jesus Christ.

I conclude that Jesus Christ was a ‘little god’ but cannot be called Lord as many Christians believe. Accordingly, I say that worshiping Jesus Christ or any other human being, instead of God, is an incorrect human behavior.

However, I say that the teachings of Jesus Christ are of a divine origin. (See Part IIb, Ch. 3 in my book.) I make this statement because I conclude that some human ideas are new and turbulent. I define a new idea as one that has never been heard before. And I define a turbulent idea as a new idea that generates many other new ideas. Since new and turbulent ideas are found among humans, I conclude that developments of self-knowledge by humans appear in different degrees. Thus, I conclude that a great poet, a great singer, a great philosopher, a great golfer, a great plumber, a great mother, a great leader, etc. are not born with greatness as evolutionists would say. For this reason, I assert that all humans self develop.

The self development of humans has political implications. For instance, if humans self develop, it is clear that a free market (or laissez-faire) economy impedes self-development and would be irrational and slave-making. As a nation under God, the great leaders in the USA are not appearing often enough.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, X

My ninth blog on Jesus Christ shows that Christianity has a major problem because some of its teachings either are false or have contradictions. However, I conclude that Judaism and Islam also have such problems. For instance, Jews expect God to appear in our lower world. Such an appearance is not possible because a monotheistic God is infinite. And Muslims say that the language in the Qur an is the language of a monotheistic God. This is not possible because the language of a monotheistic God is infinite and cannot be comprehended by us. Thus, it is time for Jews, Christians, and Muslims to discuss and identify their wrong teachings.

When Abraham found that God is monotheistic and infinite, he destroyed idolatry. But the Jews, Christians and Muslims never thought much about the impact of a such a different God. Today, Jews are waiting for God to appear. On the other hand, Christians are no longer waiting because they believe that God appeared as Jesus Christ. And Muslims can’t wait for God. Instead, some Muslims tie explosives around their body, kill people, and expect to go to Heaven immediately. I say that it is impossible for a monotheistic God to appear in our lower world, And I say that it is impossible for any human to appear in the world of a monotheistic God.

When Christians developed the Trinity in 325 AD, the ‘Son of God’ became a clear idea. However, the Eastern Christians concluded that Jesus Christ was the Son of God and was not God. This is when Christians divided and developed the Eastern and Western Christian churches. The Western Church went to Rome. Today, the major Eastern Church is in Moscow. Christianity works in Russia because self knowledge and socialism is consistent practices there.

I say that the ‘Son of God’is a concept that represents ‘all humans.’ The Son of God thus distinguishes 'all humans' from 'all lower animals.' All lower animals (dogs, bees, birds, camels, etc.) are able to build sign languages so they can communicate with each other. On the other hand, human can build symbolic languages, which has two purposes. First, like the lower animals, humans use symbolic languages to communicate with each other. Second, humans use symbolic languages to build self knowledge. For instance, self knowledge had to develop before the USA could land on the moon. Clearly, the teaching of self knowledge by Jesus Christ was very important to everyone on this planet.

By practicing monotheism, the life of a person must be focused on self knowledge. The true life of a person does not include waiting for God to appear. Nor does the true life of a person include a trip to Heaven after death. Nor is the true life of a person include atheism.

It is unfortunate that Western world religions never developed the monotheism of Abraham. For over three thousand years nothing was done by religions or any science. Isn’t it time for monotheism to be developed?

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, IX

When Jesus Christ taught self knowledge and Thomas recorded this teaching in his Gospel, I conclude that the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel According to John, and the writings of Paul connect Jesus to the Greek writing of Plato. In this connection we must also disconnect Jesus Christ from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke and their focus on eschatology, which is the study of the end of our lower world.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus speaks of no miracles, reveals no fulfilment of prophesying, announces no apocalyptic kingdom about to disrupt the world order, and says that a person does not die for sins. Instead, Jesus gives insight on the ‘living water’ from the bubbling spring of wisdom, discounts the value of prophesies and fulfillment, criticizes all end-of-the-world apocalyptic announcements, and offers a way of salvation. (See ‘The Gospel of Thomas’ by Marvin Meyer.)

The words above tell us that two different and opposing Christian teachings are possible. The first one is the current Christian teaching that focuses on Matthew, Mark, Luke, and the Jewish eschatology, which ends our lower world. The second one is a new and future Christian teaching that focuses on John, Paul, Thomas, Plato’s negative. It would reject the Jewish eschatology because it would teach that our lower world has no end.

My new science, theological science, rejects the first and current Christian teaching. However, my new theological science is highly consistent with the new and future Christian teaching. It is clear to me that Christianity is filled with contradictions and false teachings.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, VIII

The teaching of Jesus Christ on the subject of self knowledge will not be found in the Bible because the Christians who assembled the writings for the New Testament did not include the Gospel of Thomas. By not including it in the Bible, the New Testament developed a bad sore similar to a baseball pitcher who developed a y sore arm. Without the Gospel of Tomas, Christians are being misguided by poor teachers. The primary teaching of Thomas is the self knowledge of mind, a kingdom that God created, and common sense. I conclude that the audience of Jesus was very intelligent.

Self knowledge is the essential substance of the ‘self.’ The self is also known as the mind, soul, or spirit. In the Bible at Titus 1:7, Paul identifies some negatives of the self. Being self willed, for instance, is one of these negatives. To be not self willed, that self is never absolutely free. Although people say that the will is absolutely free, most judicial thinkers say that man’s will grows with laws. Two such laws were included in the U.S. Declaration of Independence by our founders. These two laws called ‘Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.’ The Declaration of Independence is thus guiding the development of the self knowledge of every U.S. citizen.

Obviously, the U.S. political and economic systems are consistent with people who have negatives of the self. But this means that these two systems are inconsistent with the self knowledge taught by Jesus. Accordingly, I believe that the USA is becoming a nation of slaves and the kind of people who do not develop self knowledge. To change the USA and align the USA to its founding principles, the U.S. must become a social democracy based on national goals.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, VII

The writings of St. Paul are closely aligned to the teachings of Jesus Christ. For instance, at Chapter 12 of Romans, Paul tells us that we must love each other because, in God, we are one. Our founders knew that when many people organize, they form a Union, even though each member has developed different talents (or offices). Using today’s political languages, the founders of the USA created a social democracy in which each citizen has personal and social responsibilities and express their brotherly love for others at all times.

Unfortunately, the U.S. free market economy has failed to develop the U.S. as social democracy with its personal and social responsibilities and brotherly love. This failure is confirmed almost every evening on TV news. This news is telling us about banking and stock market greed and huge CEO paychecks, child molestations, murders, business and industrial failures, government bailouts, increased unemployment, etc. This news is not the teaching of Jesus Christ. And this news tells us that the USA no longer the founded nation under God.

This failure belongs to the field of economics. This failure exists because most economists view social democracy wrongly saying that it is identical to the socialism of Russia. Social democracy is not communism, which has a central planning organization. A social democracy has national goals, but has no national plans. In a nation that has goals, the plans become alternative ways that goals can be achieved by ‘the people’ of the USA, through individuals and organizations. In Part IV, Ch. 4 of my book, I refer to these different ways as objectives.

Goals give a social democracy an essential change agent known as ‘the future.’ Without futures, a nation is living only in the present. Since what-is-in-the-present is always becoming what-is-in-the-past, theological science says that, if man has no future, man is always on a path to Hell.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Atheist's Debate Scientific Proofs

In the comment section of yesterday's blog, I allowed the comment of Nick Asuc, Newton because it is an example of how atheists contribute negatively to the field of science. Without citing any of my words in that blog or without reading my book, his comment is trying to convince the reader by assassinating my character and abilities. This is the way atheists expect to win the debates between believers and nonbelievers.

Ever since I published my book in 2006, the atheists have never defeated my scientific proof of God. They only try to assassinate the characters of believers.

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, VII

Jesus Christ taught the origin of man’s evilness. (See Mark 7:15-23.) He referred to this origin as a thing ‘within’ us. This thing is the human mind or Spirit. It is not the brain, as atheists and evolutionists say. Since atheism is dividing the people of the USA, which is a nation under God, Jesus would say that atheism is an evil thing within and defiles man. Apparently, those Americans who cannot develop self knowledge of God’s existence are doomed to become atheists. This is unfortunate because the USA would become a much better nation if all people believed in God. With a common belief, people recognize the same human rights and do not require continuous debates on what is political right or wrong. It is clear to me that melting pot cultures come from irrational thinking.

As a scientist I developed self knowledge by developing consistent truths. With truths, I developed two scientific proofs of God’s existence. The first proof is described in my book, The First Scientific Proof of God. My second proof of God is described in my 11/18/08 blog. Unless one develops consistent truths, I do know not how a person can reject God or do right consistently.

Atheists say that believers and nonbelievers can live in the same nation. I do not agree with this saying. In the same nation, in time different cultures will develop and conflicts and a war will occur. Interestingly, I conclude that some nation’s believe that believers and non believers cannot live on the same planet. I say that believers and non believers better learn how to live together long before the sun begins to darken and earthlings must find a new planet on which to live.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, VI

In my previous blog, I showed that the believers and non believers in the USA are unable to produce a winner in the debates on the subject of God’s existence or nonexistence. So, in the Western world today, winning believers and their laws will be found only in the Islamic nations and Israel. In the USA, the believers and non believers must become politically active to achieve laws that favor their side.

If one studies the history of the USA, one will learn that the power of non believers began to grow slowly after Abe Lincoln was assassinated. The non believers had very little power at Abe’s time because he secured ‘the people’ against those people who believed in slavery and secured ‘the people’ against proponents of the godless laissez-faire economic system. Today, only President Kennedy would follow Abe to secure ‘the people’ against godlessness.

The failure of the U.S. economy today is clearly explained by the absence of presidential leaders like Abe and JFK. They would reject Republican party ideas such as small government and they would reject Democratic party ideas such as labor unions.

The present situation of a nation is always important. But the future of a nation is also important. Bankers, CEO’s, universities, etc. cannot guide the people of a nation into the future. For instance, banks know how to make loans to people who need a car, home, farm seed, etc. Today’s bank bailouts prove that our bankers are unable to guide a nation.

The future of ‘the people’ is the responsibility only of a representative government of, by, and for ‘the people. Thus, ‘the people’ must reject ideas such as small government, free enterprise, laissez-faire economics, and labor unions. The same old stuff will not work. Only national goals will move a nation forward.

Jesus taught 'self knowledge.' But no human can know everything. Thus, specializing and working together is the self knowledge taught by Jesus. His teaching will produce the only real wealth of a nation.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ,V

Yesterday, I showed that from God’s standpoint, time does not exist. Thus, any time we speak of in our world, we must remember that time is man-made subject and is usually made by scientists for the purpose of gaining scientific laws about our lower world.

Beginning in the 1970s, our physical scientists began to reject the existence of God. And many life scientists agreed with them. With this rejection of God, the physical scientists made their own ‘god’ and ‘time.’ Their god is a physical thing that explodes and destroyed itself for the sake of producing everything we find in the lower world. This physical god has been given the attribute of time (t) and thus begins at t = 0. This god also has a time clock because the lower world has an end, t = last time.

If the rejection of God by the physical scientists is true, then the daily behavior and futuristic ideas of these scientific Americans must have changed drastically compared to the colonists and founders of the USA, who expected to build a new free nation under God. However, opposing facts are now on the top of the table and are ready for debate.

The rejection of God’s existence has never been proven scientifically. Yet, I have proven scientifically that God does exist. Unfortunately, the physical scientists are unable to debate my scientific proof of God because they must work, as I did, twenty-five long years to study the works of many humans who contributed to my development of a scientific proof of God.

So, I say that it is impossible today for one to enter a real debate between believers and non believers. I came to this conclusion when I debated the scientists at the Baptist Church, U.S. logicians, and many atheists for the past two years. Further, the debates between Sam Harris and religious leaders have developed no winner.

Unfortunately, the inability for Americans to have real debates between believers and non believers is having negative effects on the US government, the people, the different U.S. politics, and the U. S economy. I will discuss these effects tomorrow.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, IV

Yesterday, I showed that Jesus taught Plato’s Parmenides when he said that the Father and I are one (John 10:30). With these words, Jesus taught the Jews of his time that God’s higher world and our lower world are separated but also unified. I show how they are unified in my book on ‘The First Scientific Proof of God.’ Thus, the higher and lower worlds have always been one thing.

Today, many religions say that our world was created ‘after’ God decided what to create. By making such a statement, these religions are also saying that God existed ‘before’ the creation. This religious statement is thus inconsistent with the teaching of Jesus and Plato. God did not require ‘time’ to decide what will be created. Just as God is necessary being for the lower world, our lower world is also necessary being for God. Our necessary lower world is the best of all possible lower worlds.

This religious error occurs because humans use the same words they use to talk about our daily life to talk about God. Opposites such as ‘before’ and ‘after’ are opposites not found in God’s world because a monotheistic God is one and unifies all opposites. Since a monotheistic God is incomprehensible, we cannot know the higher world thoughts of God by using the words we use each day in our lower world.

When we say that the higher world and lower world form one thing and say that God is eternal, from God’s standpoint in his world, this one thing has no Beginning or End. However, from our standpoint in the lower world, we must conclude that we have a beginning and end because we know that we are born and eventually die. Yet, from God’s standpoint, we have no Beginning or End. To make common sense about these two complex viewpoints, any rational human being must propose an after life process. Today, this process is known as reincarnation.

I conclude that such a proposal was made by a faction of the ancient Christians. These Christians eventually became known as the Cathars. (Click and scroll down) They settled in France where the Inquisitors burned many at the stack. On the teaching of Jesus about‘after life,’ I conclude that the Cathars raised the whole body of Jesus Christ by moving the remains of Jesus in the cave quietly to a hidden burial place. The reincarnation of the Cathars became a proposal in this website and in my book.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, III

In yesterday’s blog, I said that I had to study the European effort on the new structure of God and the world for twenty-five years. This study was long because I had to study many fields of thoughts and scriptures. Since other people will not be able to complete such a study faster, I decided to help other people by self-publishing"The First Scientific Proof of God’ and by opened this website to teach.

My study concluded that Jesus is not God. He was just another human being who was murdered because his teachings were too new. But he became a great thinker and communicator of his time. In the thirty years that we have no knowledge of Jesus, I conclude that he lived mostly in Greece where he could study the Greek works of Plato, Aristotle, and others. But many of Jesus' teaching are beyond the works of Plato et al. So, like many other great thinkers, I conclude that the Spirit of Jesus developed abnormally. This development explains his brilliant mental and communication abilities to teach new ideas that the Jews never heard before. At John 14:12, Jesus tells us that his knowledge is not completed. Unfortunately, the new ideas of Jesus led to the belief that Jesus is God. Jesus’ ideas also gave the Mormon, Joseph Smith, the wrong belief that Jesus’ knowledge was completed. The Eastern Christian Church is developing the correct belief about Jesus.

Scriptures are important. The Bible combines the ideas of great thinkers whose thoughts appear in the Old and New Testaments. But the Bible and Qur an do not contain words of God. God can exchanges information with us but cannot communicate with us as we do with each other. Scriptures are only history books that record the ideas of great thinkers. These great thinkers can be called ‘prophets’ or ‘little gods’ because their ideas are predictive or as I say in my book, appear to be of a divine origin.

Western Christians must open their minds to the life of Jesus in Greece. A few ideas might help. At John 10:30, Jesus says, ‘I and my Father are one.’ In his Parmenides, Plato (427-347 BC) shows that ‘one’ without ‘others’ has no existence. If one applies the concept ‘one’ to a monotheistic God, God and his infinite world was never without a lower world. At John 14:20, Jesus says,’At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.’ These words repeat the words of Anaxagoras (500-428 BC): each thing is in each thing.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, II

My rejections of Christian misinterpretations of the teaching of Jesus Christ are centered on the infinity of God. God’s infinity was unknown to the ancient Christians until the 15th century. Before the 15th century, Christians thought that God lived in Heaven among the unmoving stars that could be seen in the evening. So, prior to the 15th century, Christians made bad conclusions about the stars and held the false belief that only one world exists.

When the true infinity of God was found in Europe in the 15th century by Bishop Nicholas of Cusa, many scientific Christians became modern scientists and began to restructure God and the world. But these different Christians were unable to spread their restructuring efforts in Europe because their efforts challenged the infallibility of the Roman Church. Unfortunately, this European effort would not find its way into the USA until 1979, when I became one of the early students of this European effort.

However, this 1979 event was too late because the U.S. Supreme Court began to support atheism in 1967 when it removed prayer in public schools. Then, by the 1970s, many U.S. scientists were turning to atheism.

As a student of this European effort, it took me twenty-five years to become comfortable enough to write a book, The First Scientific Proof of God, in 2006 and develop a new science that I named ‘theological science.’ The atheists challenged my book immediately. Christians accepted the atheists!!!!

Before the 2008 presidential election, in 2006 I knew that the atheistic science was failing in the USA. In 2007, I told the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of this failure. They had no response. Today, after the 2008 presidential election, the U.S. economic system has started to fall because many bankers and business organizers have also become atheists. Now, I ask, "Will the Christian, Barack Obama, recognize the real USA problem?"
* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Theological Science*and Jesus Christ, I

Theological science is revealing new truths to me every day. Recently, theological science revealed The Second Scientific Proof of God. This proof can be added to The First Scientific Proof of God. In this blog, I will use theological science to investigate God as Jesus Christ.

Two thousand years ago, Christians said that God appeared in our world as a human being known as Jesus Christ. Based on the New Testament, these Christians also said that Jesus Christ will appear a second time in order to raise all Christians so they can live forever with God in a place called Heaven. These ancient Christians say that their sayings are confirmed by the writings that God placed in the Old testament through scribes.

I was born and raised as a Christian. But like many, many other Christians in the 20th century, I rejected these ancient Christian sayings. As a scientist, I could no longer accept some of these ancient sayings because they are inconsistent with a modern science such as ‘theological science.’ But, many non scientists can also no longer accept some of these sayings as we begin the 21st century. The rejection of some Christian teachings in the 20th and 21stcenturies were expected just as Abraham’s rejection of idolatry and the American rejection of kings were expected. We must always expect changes.

As a Christian, I have only rejected Christian interpretations of some teachings of Jesus Christ. In my future blogs I will discuss why some Christians teaching should be rejected.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Theological Science* and the Life Sciences

On several past blogs, I made the statement that the life sciences have not found their first scientific law yet. I made this statement because today’s life sciences have changed and follow atheism and the new field of physical sciences that began in the 1970s after atheism gained U.S. Supreme Court in 1967. In this change, the life scientists began to view human wholes as mechanisms. In such a whole, the whole is the sum of its parts.

I have changed my position about the life sciences because I found a scientific law in the field of economics, which is one of many life sciences. This law unifies the concepts ‘profit’ and ‘loss’ and creates a higher related concept known as ‘income.’ The opposites, profit and loss, are related logically and thus conform to the thought known as ‘thesis-antithesis-synthesis.’

Since profits and losses can be counted, income is a man-made thing that can be improved by producing more profits with fewer and fewer losses. Man cannot make a perfect income, that is, by producing profits without losses. Only an infinite God can produce profits without losses. Thus, a national economy is never fixed or obeys a law of nature, as Herbert Hoover thought and many economists and mathematicians believe today. This finding is more evidence that atheism is false.

With this new finding, the meaning of the symbols ‘sequitur’ and ‘non sequitur,’ which are used by logicians, must be limited to opposites that do not coexist and have different meanings.

* Theological science unifies scientific thoughts with people’s thoughts about God.